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to the Citizens of Corinth and the Sur
rounding Country.
Now the spring trade may well be
bousiciered at an end. I look ahead
and s ee the wondrous possibilities that
lie stretched out before me in the sum
mer trade, for the simple reason that
when the Mississippi river stops enjoy
ing high life and the cloudy, rainy
season past, and if the suu will only
begin to shine brightly you will soon
find how your clothing looks cheap,
und shabby, and consequently giving
orders for new ones, and in order to be
fully equiped for the ensuing time it
v. iil be well for us to spend a little
time in consideration of the impor
tance you will find for excellent work,
perfect fitting garments and low
prices is bound to be favorable with
the majority that believe in home in
dustry and local patronage, and time
spent in a little study of this sort is
Car from being misspent, but will re
realize the fact that it makes all the
difference between high-class traite
a ad the lowest from the Tailors stand
point. The advance of the ninteenth
gaining the experience und
Century and practical Tailor to the
iront explains how important it is to
study these details which will enable
you to save money, worry and trouble
<" getting a perfect fitting garment
B.v this motto I stand alone and defy
any pretended or "Hanky Hanky"
competition, and that I may fairly be
»cd for a little feeling of pride
6 a feeling of the importance and
nity of m3' profession,
As I come from tailor and cutting
academy with a first class diploma of
merit for cutting all kind of garments.
I already feel with Carlyle that the
"Scissors" are venerable
for ever.
and that the tailor is the true his
torian of the human race from the
beginning of time and will continue
.'J ail the time. The Tailor and His
torian go hand and hand,
black race have no history and never
will without the Tailor to give each
aa individuality.
The naked warriors are a multitude,
Let the Tailor step in and
he at once gives the number of his
men their strength, height and ability,
lie makes a general's outfit and in
steps the general a mere creature with
the pride of a turkey cock,
begin to wave, his tongue to
instruct, to cammand, to lead t
L.u-y or disgrace. And it is tlic
throughout all stages of society until
a'., last we feel that, but for the tailor
>peiety could not exist, that it is by
hi power the "two legged straddling"
animal is transformed into
member of soci
The naked
a rabble.
His arms
wag* to
0 vic
ît useful
a peer of realm
eu a king.
Then by your
meut have I just because to
pride in my
took its start in the Gardvn of Eden
ve read in Genets II r, V
bnto them alio and to his
own j .tdg
* eel a
calling, a proies sior, which
wuen, as
and XXL
wife did the Lord God l.v lkc coats of
skin and clothe them.
Respectfu'il y
L. Wentz.
international Tay
Repiescmting Due '
loriug Compa-jy.
Konseal Headache Wafers,
the guaranteed Headache cure,
will relieve headache in ten
minutes. Contains nothing in
jurious, Price 10c. box.
Walker Drug Co.
Few Appreciate the
to which the Ex
pectant Mother is
exposed and the
foreboding with!» Ï
which she looks til
forward to the >
hour of woman's J
severest trial. All I
effort should be |
made to smooth [{
these rugged I
places in life's //
pathway for her.
"Mother's Friend
allays Nervousness, and so assists
Nature that the change goes for
ward in an easy manner, without
such violent protest in the way of
Nausea, Headache, Etc. Gloomy
forebodings, yield to cheerful and
hopeful anticipations—she passes
through the ordeal quickly and
without pain—is left strong and
vigorous and enabled to joyously
perform the high and holy duties
now devolved upon her. Safety
to life of both is assured by the
use of "Mother's Friend," and
the time of recovery shortened.
"1 know one tody, tha mother ot three children,
who differed greatly in the birth ct each, who
bottle of ' Mother's Friand ' oi m<
before her toorth conflncmcmt.pnd was relieved
«uielciy. All agree that their Ir.bor wee shorter
end teee palatal." John G. Folulll, Macon,Ua.
led free, containing valuable information
voluntary teellmonlaU.
VK MtAonciD ftcsoLA-roM co.ATuurra.aa
obtained a
rjurrcD-AN locAZRgftSK
I Town News.
Picnics ai'e ripening fast.
For Job Printing, telephone 34.
Get your paints and oils at R. Hen
Tomorrow at the C. P. Church regu
lar communion servides will be held.
Dearly beloved, don't get excited
about a "boom" in Corinth, its only a
few harmless lot sales.
Don't fail to call and see thé elegant
line of new shirt-waists, just received
at Bass, Meeks Johusey's.
The Christian Endeavor Society of
the C. P. Church will indulge in a pic
nic at Stevenson Hill to-day
The railroad porters who convey the
mail pouches to and from the post
office seem to still possess that "tired
You get about all there is going in
today's Corinthiau. There is local news
matter on four pages of this issue.
There are few dull spring days in
Corinth. The merchants are having a
satisfactory business and the trades in
the variou lines are busy.
Beaty, the $1.00 photographer, is in
Corinth; tent near the George House.
The song entitled "I have to Patron
ize 'Em Because They Owe me," is
sung a few times too many in Corinth.
Give it a rest, and give legitimate
business a chance.
For Paints, White Lead and Oil, we
are headquarters.
C. II. Walker Duuct Co.
The new combination glass show
cases and counters recently placed in
the C. 11. Walker Drug Co.'s store, cor
ner Waldron and Filmore streets, make
a decided improvement, and classes
this as one ot the handsomest drug
stores in the State.
ICeelen's Extracts, strongest made,
for sale by T. K. Jones.
The wife of T. D. Davis, of Juliett,
this county, died this week, after a
lingering illness of abouta year, aged
72 years. She was a noble, Christian
woman, beloved by a large circle of
friends, in the eommuuily in which she
lived f.-or so long a time.
Be aty's Gallery for fine cabinet pho
tos; six for $1.00.
r Yhe Corinth military boys, Capt. W.
D. Browning in command, are having
rncatings at night and practicing the
manual of arms. The State laws make
it a misdomeana to miss regular drill
meetings, unless a vivid excuse is
Go to C. C. Dalton for nice Dried
Apples and Peaches, Krout, Pickles
and Canned Goods.
Mrs. R. Henderson, one of the dele
gates to the State W. C. T. U. Conven
tion, at Meridian, returned this week,
after a pleasant trip. The officers
elected for the ensuing year are as fol
lows: Mrs. M. B. Curlee of Corinth,
re-elected president; Miss Madge
Montgomery of Meridian, correspond
ing secretary; Mrs. Anna B. Harper of
Fayette, recording secretary; Mrs. L.
I. Mount, of Vicksburg, treasurer.
The Convention next year will be held
in Yazoo City.
If you want the best cultivator to be
had see Bynum's.
Additional local news on first and
fifth pages.
No Cripe
When you take Hood's Pills. The big, old-fash
ioned, sugar-coated pills, which tear you all to
pieces, are not in it with Hood's. Easy to take
and easy to operate, is true
of Hood's Pills, which are
up to date in every respect.
Safe, certain and sure. All
druggists. 25c. C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.
The only Tills to take with* Hood's Sarsaparilla.
! üo to Texas s
in Comfort
There's no u«e In miking
the trip a hard one when 'w
you can just
in comfort.
The Cotton Belt Route
well go
Free Reclining Chair Cars

are models of comfort
andeaae. You've a com- w*
fortable bed at night and V
a pleasant and easy rest* V
ing place during the day. w"
You won't have to worry ▼
j- about changing cars ▼
either, for they run
through from Memphis 2
■ to the principal points in ?
WÊ Texas without change. 2
V Besides, chair cars, com* ?
r fortable day coaches and T
Pullman Sleepers run J
through on all trains. "
Absolutely the only line
operating such a fine ser
vice between Memphis
and Texas.
a a
If You ire Going to More
to Arkansas or
write for our descriptive
Uta.). *h«y
yon find a good
pises S Irrst*
S MW S MtStttW i
The Cat "Write-Up."
Thursday morning a picture of a cat
smoking a cigarette and riding a bi
cycle was hung up in the first grade
of the Corinth Graded School,
and the pupils were asked to write
about it. llelow is one of the stories,
given exactly as it was written, by
Earnest Ellis. Earnest, began the term
without the knowledge of a letter in
the alphabet, and this composition is
printed from his own handwriting and
composition :
Once there was a queer little eat.
was a funny little cat, too.
was white and black,
very pretty cat i think,
riding on a bicycle. The eat bas a cap
on his head. He is also smoking a
eegar. He lias five cegars with him,
but whop he dropped four of Jiis
gars, and lie will cry about it. The
cat did not go to school where they
teaehed them to not to smoke. Don't
you wish the poor cat would stop
smoking cegars? It will kill him.
And it will make his lungs blak as they
can be. And it makes him not notice
his teacher in school when he goes.
And it will help him not to grow big
and fat like all the other cats,
will all get big and lieve hi mi a little
bitty fellow.
Ilis coat
But it was a
The cat is
It is a sight to look at Graham &
Hendrix's line of negligee and white
Beaty's cabinet photos are "out of
sight. Six fine ones for $1.00.
You Should Attend.
The Christian Endeavor Society of
the Christian church of this city are
to be congratulated in advance of the
lecture next Tuesday night, for from
all over the State where their lecturer
has been, the audiences have been
large, and the press voluminous in
their praises. Nearly every one we
have talked with is going, and those
that attend will be entertained, for the
lecture is enlightening and laughable.
Ileaty, the photographer, will leave
Corinth soon. See his work.
The latest improved Ice
Cream Freezers
Go to Graham & Hendrix's
to buy Embroideries cheap.
at R. T.
Cheapest and best photographs on
earth at Beaty's.
Umbrella's and Parasols,
attractive line
The most
ever brought to the
Graham & Hendrix.
To have fine horses, cows
and hogs, use the International
Stock Powders. A sure cure
tor hog cholera,,, Try it. For
sale by D. J. Hyrioman.
Brown's Antiseptic, the nev
er failing remedy for cuts and
sprains, at C. H. Walker Drug
Co., Corinth, Miss.
Old newspapers, 25 for 5 cents, for
sale at the Corinthian office.
Ten lots in the Tyson end of Young's
Addition were sold Tuesday evening,
by II. E. Reynolds, to the following
parties: G. W. Kimmofîs, lot 39, $50.00;
J. J. Bell, lots 37 and 38, $50.00; Jessie
Parker, lots40 and 41, $02.00; Dr. Johns,
lot 42, $21.00; John Westbrooks, lots
43 and 44, $82.00; Dr. Johns, lot 45,
$31,00; Dr. Taylor, lot 40, $24.00.
Buy an extra good cedar bucket of
R. T. Bynum.
Call at M. Byrnes and see his new
ice-cream freezers.
Henderson keeps the most complete
line of fresh drugs.
Merchants' trimmed hats a specialty
at Mrs. T. D. Rambo's.
Try the Atwood suspender, the best
made. For Sale only by J. C. Price.
We'handlewhe Douglass Shoe.
.. i -At T. K. Jones.
Buy y.our MAtting of Bass, Meeks &
Sweet Grätiges, 25 cents a dozen, at
/T. K. Jones'.
The best brand of Hams, Breakfast
Bacon, at C. C. Dalton's.
He's the highest type of fashion
his toes.
From his collar
There's a most artistic passion
In the way he wears his clothes,
How his tie his taste expresses!
How that nobbflsuit he fills'!
And how faultlessly he dresses—
Hut he never pays his bills ! ! !
■ dation of good health. That is why
Hood's Sarsaparilla, the One True
Blood Purifier, gives HEALTH*
Wonderful are the cures accomplished by
Hood's Sarsaparilla and yet it is only because
Hood's Sarsaparilla, the one true blood purifier,
makes pure, rich, h ealthy, l ife-giving blood.
Hood's Pills lor the liver and bowels, act
easily, yet promptly and efficiently. 25c.
Caveats, and Trade-Marl^ obtained and all Pati
ent business conducted foe MODEfUTC Fee«.
Ouït Office is OrrostV u. s. patent office
ana we can secure patebt in less time than those
mmote from Washington. ■'
Seat model, drawing or photo, with dmcrip
We adviae, if patentable or not, freaof
' U —tent la «cored.
Obtain Patenta," with
durp. Onriaeaotdne ti
fata Ad lines
I Corinth Churches. |
^oa»»«eeeof»:#.<M««>'»w«88eeo0 oeosèeeees«
Methodist Church Services.
Tomorrow at the Methodist church
the usual Sabbath services will be held
—Sunday Set ool at 9:30 a. m.; preach
ing by the pastor, Dr. Sullivan, at 11
a. m. and 7:30 p. m.; Epworth Deague
meeting at 4 p. in.
At the C. P. Church.
Services at the Cumberland Presby
terian church tomorrow as follows:
Sermon at 11 o!elock a. m., and 7:45 p.
m., by the pastor, Rev. J. W. Dishman.
Junior C. E. Society at 3 p. m.; Senior
C. E. Society at 0:45 p. m.
At the Baptist Church, Tomorrow.
9:30 a. m—Sunday School.
Candler, jr., superintendent.
11 a. m.—Sermon by pastor. Text,
1 Cor. 6:19, 20.
3 p. m.—Young People's meeting.
4 p. m.—Sun Beam's meeting.
7:45 p. m—Sermon by pastor. Text,
Heb. 9:23, 24.
Strangei-s and young people specially
E. S.
The W. C. T. Union will meet in the
Methodist church tomorrow afternoon
at 3 o'clock.
To be Held on the 29th and 30th of May
at Sardis church, 9 miles southwest of Iuka
1. Should Every Baptist Church
Have a Pastor?— J. C. Hughes, J. Sin
2. Advantage of Strict Discipline.—
W. L. Norman, L. R. Burress.
3. Can We Take a Collection so as
to Develop the Spirit of Giving for the
Spread of the Gospel.—J. O., Looney,
J. W. Lovelace.
4. Will the Heathen be Saved With
out the Gospel?.— W. II. Phelps, E. S.
Candler, Jr.
5. What is the Mission of a New
Testament Church?— W. D. Page, R.
J. Jennings.
6. Importance of Sabbath School
Work.—J. A. Looney, E. S. Candler,
Jr., W. D. Robinson.
Black-and-tan terrier; answers to
name of "Max;" weighs about twenty
pounds; had on leather collar fastened
with small brass lock. Liberal reward
will be paid for his return or informa
tion leading to his recovery
April :
R. Y. Barnhill.
We are still in the lead on
fine cigaas and tobaccos. Rosa
Concha, the choice 5c. cigar.
... C. H. Walker Drug Co
Remember, J. C. Price cuts the price
on everything in the Dry Goods line.
T he only True Blood Purifier
prominently in the public eye to
day is Hood's Sarsaparilla. Therefore
get Hood's and ONLY HOOD'S.
The cream of the market, the choicest pickings, the best stylos and the finest; lor the money,
a combination that is hard to beat. Ever since We have been in business, we have had btt
idea, which is to carry the best line of everything we handle. In Straw Hats, at prices raj
from 10c. to 75c. and $1.00, and from there on up, there isn't a thing that we haven't got tha
would have. See the point? We can suit all kinds, classes, conditions and purses. With!
hats there's another line that goes right with it. When one is put on, the other usually fol
Than which no house has a better line, or is able to give you as good values for the money,
lins starts at 25 cents and jumps by easy stages of a quarter of a dollar to 50e.. 75c. and
and from there on to the much finer grades. The stock was never so large and select, or I
so valuable for the money. Have you selected your
For the Summer yet? If ever good taste wçs displayed in the selection ot an assortment of
Shirts, we claim none, has ever been better than ours this season. To see them is to want
and to want them is to buy them. They speak for themselves. Limited space forbids us
ing at length of the magnificent stock of
Clothing • and • Curnishing © 0oo<
of all kinds that we have for your inspection, but if you will call we shall
glad of the opportunity to show you through.
See the latest
■I . '
: CTE 1S
» '
' s Si
Co 1 *
You will not complain of the price, once you know the quality. We all
cheaper shoes, which are guaranteed. See all of them and then take your ehe
Bass, Meeks & Johns'
Engines,Boilers, Cris
Complete Power p|
Equipped for
Saw Mills, Cotton
r.; : ;
b- . Ü
and Welter ftO!
Shops and Offices: Görinth, Miss,, and Memphis, tenri
All kinds of
The best makes of
Wagons and Farm Implements,
Tis a feat to fit feet
and we do it I
ifi ?
' 1
Spring Styles
.We are most forcibly demonstrating' the suj
riority of our Spring stock in quality and variety of stylj
Our Shoes are coming in, the most elegant grades, from a
narrowest to the widest. Fitting and pleasing everyone.]
.We desire to emphasize the fact that we del
.it a pleasure to show our wonderful collection of
Perfect Fitting Footwear.
.You will find; and at once appreciate the 0
omy and the superiority of our styles.
ur line of fine
— is the best to be
"found in N'o r t li
'have these goods in
a special cabinet.
. A
We still "do business at the old stand'' in the wa
HI serving our
^ cigars, etc.
customers with best confectioneries, In
Come and see for THE BEST on the mar

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