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The Weekly Corinthian
, 0L XV—WHOLE NO. 166.
CORINTH, MISS., JULY 31, 1897.
6 th. TO , 31 st
is your opportunity
to buy goods
t —AT—
as they close in Corinth to
leave for Oxford on the
st. Instant.
Broad Time-Table.
I, Mobile and. Ohio.
Sound Trains,
louoil Trains.
No. 5.
8 45 a m
No. 1.
9 38, p m,
No. 6,
& 50 a m
No. 2.
5 88,pm,
»8 City, Memphis and Birm
1 i Arrive Tupelo.
ret,mail, east bound ...10:30 a.m
lefAxpress, east bound. 12:46a.m
serlmall, west bound.5:30 prü
Ber, express, west bound.4:10 a. m
Ireigltt, east-bound.6:00 p. m
freigt h. west bound. 11:20 a.m
Memphis & Charleston.
Y Arrive Corinth,
jer. mall, east bouud.
fc'.tûiiil. west bound.
|er, express, east bound..
?er, express, west bound.
1*2:20 r p m
.4:00 p m
.11:42 p m
.. 4:8 am
End to End."
Sencimr June 1. and continuing until
^■31,'1897, the Mempais & Charleston K.
Into effect the following local anil
Tourist ticket rates :
jHiaud all stations to Corinth, inclusive
^^BttoooL'u .. $6.50
JBogfund all stations lo Brownsboro,
to Memphis .$6.50
t ^m \\also be the ratpbetween all stations
^■e present local is higher.
round trip rates.
^Bftndail stations to Tuscuinbia, inclu
I^MhaUanoogn and return.$0.30
^■Oga&ndall stations to Leighton, in
Memphis and retu rn.$0.
limifed for return, todays fro
inth to Florence, 7 days. $1.80, to Oct.
I roni Corinth to Huntsville, 7 days,
ct. 3] . t'i.iti. Should original purehn-s
eu nay limited local round trip Sma
rt tickets desire an extension of
. they can hi
r ■
such extehsion, not to
UUJ8. made upon application to M. &
lueat at destination, uml payment to
ioeut per mile from such destination
: point.
railroad point for Hotel
p. a delightful Summer Resort on the
»par of the Cumberland Mountains,
move sea level 3 1-2 miles from and
t'Huntsville. VV. R. Steele & Co.,
f, proprietors. On application to the
Pt. carriages will he secured within a
Rs arter arrival cif passengers, for the
Piontesann at fixed and moderate
tr a beautiful mountain road.
railroad station for Hailev
luna nml favonte Summer Resort !)
t"- , rb ,V conveyance provt-ed by
f™" a , 1 , 1 -lay trains, at moderate
LnL,'V ,! ' c;l! o ? 10 »Kent carriages
|<-nrc-(l at any lime. W. A. Ellis &
i?L are Proprietors,
liiv , the railroad point ior Look
f kL! 00 wcU known to require de
iUtesengers for the Lookout Moun
■otei - 0 co " Proprietors:
ISA 0 'î (r hostelries, can take
ttelth!! 6 ,°L t 01 tlle mountain, and
»«teiort 6 tW ° lncllnes ' " ccor ''
1 mftîi^ te ï l i or a generation for its
Itua^ „ S » rln **- 'Phere is no ho
■ntao«n or more of good boarding
irtïï ni ! ! y ca i led t0 the feet that
ieNttshv!n t0 n Summer Resort and
ivenwf^ e Centennial, can make
I»1 » ? Wl " lion lhan bv plac
Nasi, rei »"* and making
each having two
Bttmth 1 ' * lorence one. Iuka two.
«St«. . ' J he seven <l".v limited
S rLL N '" ivllle Rre: ■ —
1(1 °, m th , ul , lan< '°Ka $3.40, from
». ana from Iuka $4.15.
W DAILY service,
wast trains.
»(I quieU^ line to all points
»and h 0uth . Mobile, New
Kl ȧDaphis, St. Lonis, Chi
fti" lul - Omaha, and Florida
. L ':nuecUn<r with Mobile
»«P-mes for South Florida,
^»<wul other West India
^pw-XiCo, Central and South
Sleepers v-It Buffet, and
- on nl> trains,
ijnuiis Daily Between St.
s and Mobile.
Freight service in
SU -Slubllain
test ^ for lnf °rmation.iMi
E^^« n t5 anypolnt
August 12 th the Day and Cates' Grove
the Place.
Editor .Corinthian:
Please give notice that the commit
tee of arrangements for the Reunion
to be held at Kossuth on Thursday,
August 12th, have selected the
belonging C. Cates, three-quarters
of a mile èast «*£ Kossuth, just in front
of Mr. John Sharp's residence on the
Whitmore levee route, where there
will be a sufficient supply of drinking
The creek near by affords
plenty of water for stock.
Several able speakers will be invited
to talk to the old veterans. Every
body invited to come, with their bas
kets loaded with good things to eat.
There will be refreshments of differ
ent kinds sold on the grounds for the
benefit of the Encampment. Ail other
stands prohibited.
The comniittee has appointed N. M.
Bynum marshal of the day for that
occasion, that we may have perfect
Db. J. K. .Herman,
R. C. Cates,
J. W. Stevenson - ,
N. M. Bynum,
J. W. Savage.
The report of the late grand jury is
as follows: "We have been in session
five days, have .examined witnesses
and returned twenty-eight indictments
We are gratified to report that a
small per cent of these indictments are
felonies and that with the exception
of one or two localities of our county
there are no grave violations of law.
We have examined the' books of the
county officers and find alliu good con
dition, correctly and neatly kept.
We have examined the jail and find
it in good condition, the prisoners well
fed and cared for.
We have had the poor house examin
ed by a committee of our body and find
it well kept, and our committee advise
us that upon inquiry made of thé pau
pers they believe that they receive ev
ery attention it is practicable to give
them. • The houses are comfortable.
We also examined the pension roll,
and have struck from the list a few
names of parties who have removed or
We found in our investigation sonie
complaint at our boatd of supervisors
for receiving public works which fail
ed to come up to specifications.
We desire to tender our thanks to
Your Honor for ÿour able charge,
which has materially assisted us flur
ing our deliberations, ond to extend to
the District Attorney our thanks for
assistance and courtesies."

Have had nice fains.
Crops looking w'éll.
Gardens all right.
Fruit of all kind has been plentiful,
and demand and supply is about neck
and neelt now.
Two funerals yesterday afternoon,
Mrs. Will Miller, of near Corinth, and
Mrs. J. M. Barry of our neighborhood.
One was buried at 3 o'clock, the other
at 4.
Henry Huff find wife, accompanied
by Mrs. Will lluff, made a visit to
Salem, Sunday.
Drs. Taylor aiid Bishop, of Corinth,
were here Thursday.
Col. J. M. Walker and wife, and Mrs.
Taylor, are visiting relatives in the
Rev. M. H. Horirioll is conducting a
protracted meeting at Westley Chapel
this week.
W. E. Melamroch, of Jackson was
visiting his mother and sisters Sunday.
The Baptist meeting will commence
here Sunday.
Col. J. W. Savage is having some im
provements made on his hoffie this
We regret to learn of the illness of
R. C. Cp'rH
Joe l^ons is haying a new home
Thé True Remedy.
W. M. Repine, editor Tiskilwa (111.)
"Chief." says: "We won't këfep house
without Dr. King's New Disfcijrery for
consumption, coughs and colds,
perimeuted with many others,
got the true remedy until we
used Dr. King's NeW Discovery,
other refliedy ean take its plitce in our
home, its in it we haVe a certain and
sure cure for cough«, colds, whooping
cough, etc." It is Idle to experiment
with other temedies, even if they are
urged on you as just as good as Dr.
They are not
King's New Discovery,
as good, because,,'lhis remedy has a
recorcj pf cures, jjnjl besides is guaran
teed. It never fails to satisfy. Trial
bottles frea at C. H. Walker Drug Co.
Dr. Gilbert visited Verona Tuesday.
J. M. Boone visited Seltner Monday.
Miss Bettie Ijams is visiting in Texas.
Miss Sarah Jones is visiting in Mem
S. B. George is visiting in the Indian
Mrs. J, P. Burge has returned from
her Texas trip.
Mrs. Hugh McAmis is visiting rela
tives in Tupelo.
Miss Ida Moore is visiting the Ten
nessee Centennial.
J. W. Doggett, of Kossuth, was in
the city Wednesday.
Mrs. W. E. Wade was a recent visitor
to Henderson, Tenn.
Miss Lena Hubbard, of Iuka,
visitor here this week.
Rev. J. S. Park is conducting a meet
ing in Pontotoc county.
Hon. Turner Bynum, of Antioch, I
was in the city Monday.
Col. B. C. Stanley, of Memphis, was
a visitor here this week.
Simon and Jake Rubel are visiting
the Tennessee Centennial.
Presley Gerhart is attending a busi
ness collège iu West Point.
Mrs. Fred Hamlin is visiting rela
tives in Honey Grove, Texas.
Rev. J. W. Dishman and wife are iu
Hartsville, Tenn., on a visit.
Henry and John Klyce made a bi
cycle trip to North Alabama this week.
The three Green drummers—Hardy,
Cliff and Chris—were in town Sunday.
Dr. J. M. Mitchell, of McNairy
county, Tenn., was a visitor hero Sat
Miss Mollie Leath, of Savannah,
Tenn., is the guest of Mrs. C. L. Cham
Mrs. M. B. Abbey and Mrs. Mary
Robison are visiting the Tennessee Cen
Rev. W. T. Sullivan officiated at the
Weaver-Alien wedding iu Tupelo,
Hon. L fl. Underwood and R. C.
Cates, Esq., of Kossuth, were here
Abe Rubel, of the firm of Abe Rubel
& Co., is in the East buying fall and
winter goods.
Capt. Geo. R. Parsons has returned
from a visit to his family in Indian
apolis, Indiana.
W. T. Wilson of Eagle, and J. F.
Nelms of Theo, were among those in
the city Saturday.
Miss Inez Eden, of Tupelo, a former
attache of The Corinthian office', is in
the city on a visit.
Rev. P. R. Hoyle of 1'rentiss county
is on a visit to the family of his son
in-law,; T. K. Young.
Whitt Jones, who has been in Hum
boldt, Tenn., for several months, re
turned home this week.
Misses Mary Simmons and Maud
Hooker, of Kossuth, al ; e visitors to
Corinth this week, attending the Bap
tist meeting.
Miss Anna Mansfield of î*os Angelos,
Cal., and Miss Georgia Cartwright of
Memphis, are the guests of Miss Mary
Hill Phillips.
Misses Beatrice Bass and Lucy Sad
1er returned this week from a visit to
Pacahontas, where they spent the
"heated term."
H. W. Watsou has resumed his du
ties as stenographer for the Attains
Machine Co., after a month's recrea
tion in Arkansas.
Thomas Gilbert, operator for the M.
ii O. at East St. Louis, was in the city
this week, visting his parents, Dr. and
Mrs. J. W. Gilbert.
was a
Miss Mary-Bynum, of Booueville,
and Miss Poindexter, of West Point,
were in the City this week, enroute to
Tate Springs, Tenn.
Miss Dora Graham left this week to
visit the Teuhessee Centennial and to
spend several weeks with friends at
Pagleville, Tennessee.
Mr. and MfS, Sam Clark,, pf Rienzi,
were in the city Tuesday, - the latter
eii route to the Indian Territory for a
few weeks' Yisit to relatives.
Capt. C. F. Robison, the leading
spirit of Lamar, Miss., has been in the
city this week, tli'e guest of hi« broth
er-in.law, Maj. G. W. Bynum.
Rev. J. C. Blanton of N'ettletott and
Porter Carothers of Tupelo were here
Monday, returning home froth the
Presbytery at Saulsbury, Tenn.
Mrs. H. M. Williams and children re
turned Tuesday to their home in Lore
, Texas, alter a visit of several weeks
■ ' a
in Corinth, the guest Of Capt. R, Hen
derson and family.
*,Miss Eunice Clark, o i Town Creek,
Ala., arrived in Corinth last Wednea
day morning, and is the guest of S. G.
Burr and family.
Mrs. Ida Sanders of St. Louis, is vis
iting Mr. and Mrs. Sam Sharp.
Mrs. R. E. Nesbitt is on a visit to
relatives and friends in Atheimer, Ark.
Rev. T. W. Raymond, of Holly
Springs, was in the city Thursday
Miss Annie Smith, of La Grange,
Tenn., is the guest of Mrs. Gaither, on
Filmore street.
Miss Lovvrey Hills returned Thurs
day from Chattanooga, after an ab
sence of two weeks, during which time
she visited the Centennial at Nashville.
Walter Potts, who travels for a
Memphis queensware house, was here
this week. He contemplates moving
his family from New Albany to Corinth
about January 1.
Misses Birdie, Pearl and Katherine
Sanders, a trio of bright, pleasant
! young ladies of Jackson, Tenn., were
here this week, the guests of H. C.
Moore, while en route to the Moore
residence north of Corinth,
Mrs. R. C. Armstrong left for her
home in Lewisburg, Tenu., after a
visit of several weeks to the home of
her parents, Mu. and Sirs. D. J. Ilyne
man. Her visits here are always a
source of delight to her Corinthian
Dr. J. H. Estes, an Alcorn county
boy, now of Ashvale, Ark., is on a visit
to relatives southeast of Corinth. He
has a host of friends in this county,
who appreciate his visits anil learn
with pleasure of his continued success
in his Arkansas home.
In the city this week: M. C. Wood
ruff, Hooneville; R. J. Raper, Ken
drick; J. W. Savage, Kossuth; J. R.
Redding. Wenesoga: M. F. Frailey, W.
C. Wood, Warren Smith, Hamburg;
Walter and Ben Powell, West Point;
J. F. Furtick, Albert Clark, Rienzi;
Bruce Alexander, Marietta.
The Bashful Bridegroom.
Durant News.
A bashful .ypung living near
Durant recently got married, and a
few days afterwards he delivered him
self tlHia to a sympathizing friend:
"You don't know how bashful I am,"
he murmured. "The gals just worry
the life out of me. When I stood up
to get married they all giggled, and
when the minister asked me if I'd take
this woman to be my wedded wife, I
said 'purty well, thankee,' and when
he pronounced us man and wife, and
said 'what God had joined together let
no man rip apart,' I broke down, and
bawled. Oh! it was horrible! But
that's nothing to what's to
'Bout 11 o'clock the old man sez, sez
—, your room's head o' the
I was so skeered that when I
he: —
tried to stand up my legs gave away,
and I fell over the dog and got bit in
three places. I waited 'til everybody'll
gone to bed, then crawled up stairs
like a Spoon thief. I was afraid to go
in, so I sat on the stairs and shivered.
It's no lise, sez I, wat's got to be hez to
be, so I tt'k off my clothes in the dark
and shut my eyes. Then I made a
break for the door. I found the bed
and pulled the cover over my head and
laid on the front rail. In the morning
I peeped through my fingers to see if I
could dress aud get out 'fore she woke
up, and hang me if I wasn't in bed
with the old man and woman,
can't go back, I can't," and the poor
thing wept afresh.
Oh, I
Suhday Excursion Rates.
Commencing Sunday, July 11, and
on each and every Sunday thereafter
until and including December 26th,
1897, agents of the Mobile and Ohio
Railroad will sell special round trip
excursion tickets to any aud all points
on the above road within a radius of
100 miles from their stations at rate of
No ticket will be sold for
one fare.
adults at less than 25 cents and for
children at less than 13 cents for the
round trip.
Old Peoplfe.
Old people who require medicine to
regulate the bowels and kidneys will
find the triie remedy in Electric Bit
ters. This medicine does not stimu
late aud contains no Whiskey nor other
intoxicant, but acts as a tonic and al
terative. It acts mildly on the Stom
ach and bowels, adding strength and
gi ving tone to the organs, thereby aid
ing nature in the pefformancc of the
functions. Electric .Bitters is ah ex
cellent appetizer atjd aids digestion.
0|d people find it Jbst exactly what
they need. Price fifty cents aDd tfl.OO
per bottle, at C. II. Walker Drug Co.
We arb having a jaig run on our Hon
duras S&rsaparilla, also on our Celery
Compound. Call at Henderson's abd
try them.
Said in Society.
■ . .V
^ J**.
A merry party of young people
gathered from the wreck of society's
past gayety enough energy to spend
one of the most delightful evenings of
the season under the hospitable roof
of Mrs. Dr. Barnhill. Tucker parties
have become quite the fad recently,
and of course since they are new they
ure enjoyed. Then we pass back to
the old colonial days when stately
dames and dignified squires kept per
fect step to the "Virginia Reel,
party was a success, and Misses Mell
Hilliard, Lucile Duhcqn, Bess Stanley,
Virginia Huggins, Georgia Conrtwright
anil Messrs. Tate Young, Eugene Inge,
Chit's. Meador, Waldo Meador, Bradley
Price and Homer Walker have their
sincerest thanks to offer Mr. Chad and
Miss. Elizabeth Small for a very pleas
ant evening, *
? rSS
m y

OPPOSED to "tucker parties.'
Wants Information.
Will some member or members of
the Emerald Club enlighten an igno
rant "outsider" on the following ques
1. What is Victor Hugo's rank among
2. Who wrote the Declarasion of In
3. What main points does Pope bring
out in his "Essay on MaD?"
4. Who founded the city of Corinth,
5. Can yoti, by experience, say con
scienciously that home reading can
take the place ol school training?
Your reasons. Vice versa
0. Do you think the comprehensive
speculations of Dryden in his poems
excell the minuteness of ovbservation
in Pope's barons.
7. Who was King of France in "The
Reign of Terror?"
8. Is George Elliot the inspiration of
the Emeralds'? Why?
0. By a popular vote, which novel
does the club consider the best of their
10. Which member of the Emerald
club was the originator and author of
the "At norae" days of the ladies of
Corinth, that appeared in the Democrat
some time ago? and why were those
south of the M. & C. Railroad left out
Hoping yon will answer the above
in the next issue of the CohIntuian,
I am
Yours in anticipation,
Daughter of Hon, John M. Allen Married,
A dispatch from Tupelo, dated July
27, says: "At 6:30 o'clock this evening
Miss Georgia May Allen, youngest
daughter bf Congressman John M.
Alien, was xitarried to Robert A. Weaver
of Memphis, Tenn. The ceremony
tvas performed at the home of the
bride by Rev. W. T. J. Sullivan, pastor
of the Methodist church at Corinth.
Miss Allen was a great favorite here
among all claéses. Mr. Weaver is in
the cotton business and is a young
man of fine business qualities and
moral character- Congressman Allen
arrived home from Washington last
night. Among the visitors are Mrs.
Weaver and Miss Weaver, mother and
sister of the groom; Miss Poston, W.
W. Trigg, D. S. Weaver, Memphis;
Vice-President Russell of the Mobile &
Ohio railroad, Mrs. RusseJl and Miss
Russell, Mobile, Ala.
I was so much interested in the ac
curacy and intelligence of the answers
to my last questions concerning Dick
ens, by the Emerald Club, I am en
couraged to ask the following:
When and where was Dickens born - .'
What was his religious belief?
What were his impressions of our
form of government, as compared with
that of England?
Was he ever married and if so to
whom, and when?
In which one of his works does lie
use the nautical quotation—
■'Helm a weather: now lay her close.
* Yvrd
and yard nrm she lies.
Again cried I, Mr. Venus give her tother dose
Man shrouds and grapple, sir, or she flies. T
Apart from Dickens, a mpment.
hear the ladies speaking of Neapolitou
cake and ice cream. Please inform me
why they are called Neapoliton. (Be
careful how you tread along here,
there may be "glass in the shavings.")
Again, please inform me what appli
cation "Emerald" has to a literary as
sociation, and why you so named your
club. The whole club will please
stand up when they answer this last
Told Briefly and Pointedly to Cor
inthian Readers.
The meeting is the thing.
Butter remains a scarce article.
See Chancery Summons in another
Board of Supervisors meet next
(let your paints and oils at R. Hen
Watermelons ain't so many and fine *
this year.
Wesell International Stock Powder's,
T. K. Jones.
See change in Bass, Meeks «fc John
sey's advertisement.
No services in any of the churches
Sunday, except Baptist.
I'rotracted meeting this week at Box
Chapel church, east of Corinth.
Sen-Sen—to purify the breath—can
be found at Henderson's drugstore.
Arrangements are being made to put
up the electric light poles and wires
The social event of the season will
be lhe Soldiers' Reunion at Kossuth,
August 12.
Call àt Henderson's Drugstore and
try his Ramsey's Neuralgia Remedy.
Phone 41.
The colored boys' brass band gave
the business portion of town a sere
nade Saturday night.
See statement showing the condition
of the Tishomingo Savings Institution,
in advertising columns.
Hiawassee is a superior coal, and
costs no more than inferior coal. Ask
your dealer for it.
Corinth has patronized liberally the
Tennessee Centennial, and there are
many who will yet attend.
The pear crop in this section is ex
ceptionally fine. The trees are nearly
all overloaded with fine fruit.
Chas. M. McAmis, of San Antonio,
Texas, lias our thanks for recent inter
esting copies of the San Antonio Ex
Candler's Diarrhoea Remedy, a sure
cure for Diarrhoea and Dysentery, at
Henderson's Drugstore. Try iL Tel
ephone 41.
Mrs. Maggie E. Morgan came home
last Wednesday morning fl-om a brief
visit to her cotisih, Mrs. Rachel Clark,
in Town Creek, Ala.
Once you try Henderson's Liver and
Kidney Pills, you will use no others.
They contain no calomel; 40 pills to
the box. Try them.
The time for the meeting of the
Epworth League has been changed
from Sunday afternoon to Monday
evenings at 8 o'clock.
When you feel dull, stupid and list
less, step in to Henderson's drugstore
and get a box of his Liver and Kidney
Pills; 40 pills in each box—no calomel.
An effort was made recently, by
some of the bachelors of Corinth, to
arouse again au interest in the narrow,
guage, self-inflating 411-ribbed kinder,
garden-hoop-skirt and bustle. It was
only an effort, however. The hpop
and bustle has gone to stay.
Ramsey's Neuralgia and Headache
Remedy. Cures all cases of Neflralgift
aptl Neuralgic Headache. Try It Pre
pared at Henderson's Drugstore. Tel
ephone 41:

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