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The Weekly Corinthian
V0L jv.— WHOLE NO. 171.
Carloads of Stoves. _3
And What Are We Going to do
with them?
At Prices Never Before Equaled.
On Every Stove in the House. This is ab
: solutely True. Come and] See.
Small & El^in.
All kinds of

The best makes of
HI'-Vj liM'l .
Yagons and Farm Irilplemeiits.
~ 11 ■ - ''-F—
*®ai er -
aple and Fancy Groceries
Provisions and Produce.
IKil Better, Eggs, Cheese, Pure Lard, Ham, Shoulders/
a od all kind of Meats a Specialty. Everything Fresh.
will constipation kill? $
BF ln the k'Idnc> l v? S >£? Ilstlpatl011 "lit It exercises curative and tonic, pro
[Jtewhoie s Ts t.,ff'.J ver an< l stomach. Thus bÿ regulating and stimulât- 4$
7 'hong Loaithy C ° rreCts tlld l! ' oul)le > wards off disease and keeps the
; 00 PER BOTTLE. Préparé^ by PRICKLY ASH BITTEKS CO., si. Loni*. A
»vALKER DEIJG CO. Special Agents.
tal he" r unu : sua * circumstarices yes, but ^Ordinarily it is no%
veral j 3use ' s a disease. It is however, the CAUSE of,
ornnt - an 8 er °us diseases, hèfice prudence would suggest its
"ipc removal.
?Pdn L dçyh.t* t tafce."The Weekly Gorin
and doubt no more;
^ard of supervisors.
Allowances of Various Accounts and Oth
er Matters Disposed of at the Septem
ber Meeting—More Gravel Ordered.
The board of supervisors held a two
days' session this week.
The county convicts were ordered to
be worked three or four days on the
Polk levee road.
Three cars of gravel ordered for the
Whitmore levee road were ordered to
be used on the Segrist levee, near Cor
inth, to be handled and placed by the
Three additional cars of gravel
ordered for Hughes lane, the citizens
agreeing to do the hauling. Supervis
or Rodgers voted nay.
The current tax levy for ordinary
county purposes was placed at six
The following accounts were allow
J A George, building bridge_$30 48
J A McNeely, pauper account .. 96 85
$80 of this amount deducted on
payment of land sold to him..
M F Baxter, merchandise.
J H Haynes, lumber.
Rowell & Rambo, lumber. 5 48
Gray & Miller,lumber.
Jurors and witnesses in lunacy
W F Wallace, cost in
J S Dillon, J.P., costs
Shelton & Haynes, lumber .... 37 12
J O. Looney, supt. edneation .. 40 47
Jake Collins, lumber .
J W Haynes & Bro., lumber.... 27 70
Mad. Stafford, coveying pauper 1 00
Toney Porter, same.
J W Felker, repairs on bridge.. 4 00
W L Madden, bnilding bridge.. 64 38
Geo. Briggs, rails for röads _ 1 00
W A Derry berry, inspect, roads 4 00
Clarke & Courts,grand jury d'kt 11 75
J A Tyson, inspecting roads.... 2 00
I L Gammell, rep. on st. 1. fence
J B Perry, nails for road .
D W Rodgers, inspecting roads 2 00
Shelton Ilayues,lumber. 15 75
J A George, lumber
Dr. J S Voyles, prof, services... 10 00
W F Wallace, postage, exp., etc.' 2 85
W B Wilson, feeding prisoners. 90 40
Conveying Mrs. Carter to asy. 34 75
Conveying A. Shoate to asy. 20 50
T E Henry, cost in convict ease 10 75
J F Derryberry, guard convicts 26 00
W B Wilson, 15 cars gravel .... 225 00
C L Archer, costs.
P S Glover, costs .
W B Wilson, serv. in two lunacy
cases .
n os
4 19
34 26
15 00
,5 70
same ...
8 50
8 04
1 00
2 95
11 20
14 Ç0
10 60
Malley Mathis, lumber.
Marshall Jackson, janitor serv.
W W Jobe, inspecting roads....
4 50
,0 00
W A Slaughter, build. Box brdg 190 53
Bob's "10,000" Hotel.
Corinth is to have another Hotel, not
a $10,000 brick cut, as has been pub
lished, but a hanasome and commodi
ous "veneered" building, containing
about thirty-five rooms, aud to cost
about $3,000. R. P. Barnhill has let
the contract for the same and work of
construction will soon begin. It will
be located on the corner south of the
Methodist church, and the graine
residence that now stands theyè will
be rolled further down the block.
Raise the Devil No More. , I
An ordinance has been passed 1 by the
city council prohibiting the ringing of
church bells between tfi'ff hours of 9 p.
m. and 5 a. m. The negroes have been
in the habit of ringing bells before
daylight Sunday mot'ning to call their
church flock to a pi-iyer meeting and
it has become a source of much annoy*
ance to the people. Hereafter bells at
night will be allowed to ring only as
a fire alarm.
Road Making Machine.
Street Commissioner T. A. Burgess
has received his road-making machine
and will soon be demonstrating its
utility and practicability on the streets
of the city. These machines are good
things aud are used in most up-to-date
towns and districts, and it is safe to
say that under Mi\ Burgess' practical
operations its goçd work will soon be
manifest in Corinth.
C. R. Davis has been "on the road"
for severyl days taking orders for
goods from merchants of neighboring
do an immense jobbing business and
sell more goods than . any concern in
North Mississippi, and,
few houses iff the State surpass them
;in the ameunt of goods handled.
: The people * n the ^ffeiiiity of Pleas
ant Hill ctyirfch, near Damon, will give
tee eream supper on Friday night,
',17th inst., at the churcfy, the proceeds
logo toward the repair ot the build
His house, Ahe Rubel & Co.,
indeed, hut
Electric Lights.
At the meeting of the city council
Monday night the subject of electric
lights was discussed. The ordinance
granting the franchise for the use of
the streets, etc., being void by limita
tion, a new and similar ordinance was
re-enated. This ordinance gives to
the electric company, composed of \V.
T. Adams and J. W. Taylor, the use of
the streets for their for twenty-five
years, but the franchise is not exclu
sive. Iu the matter of arc lights for
the business section to be paid for by
the city, the board has under consider
ation the schedule of rates and a spec
ial meeting will be held tonight to de
cide the question. One of the propo
sitions is for a "moonlight service,"
the city to take five lights. It is esti
mated that under this scheme the ser
vice would cost about $425 a year,
as many as ten lights werehvanted the
cost would be about $730 a year.
Thanks to Frof Boydston.
We, the teachers of Alcorn Co., re
cognizing the faithful, earnest ahd
effecient work of thfe conductor, Prof,
Boydston tender to him ouf' thanks
and extend to him our best wishes in
whatever work he may undertake,
Also, recognizing the great work
that is being accomplished by our
County, Supt, Prof, Looney, and ap
preciating his intrest in ns as teachers
tender to him our sincerest thanks and
p light to him our full support in his
enthusiastic endeavor to raise the
standard of our schools and teachers,
The duties of secretary of the insti
tute in enrolling members and assign
ing work being arduous and difficult
the conductor, County Supt, and teach
ers extend a vote of thanks to Miss
Curleo for efficient performance of
those duties.
They Are Warm Members.
The fall edition of the NI t. Mariait
Thirty Y'ear Revival has set in in dead
earnest. The nights are more pleas
ant now.tuad the santified sisters can
shout and "bless my Jesus" in all their
strength and zeal. Tuesday night was
a paralyzer. About fifty were shout
ing at one and the same time and all
seemed to have glory in their souls. It
seemed to be a glorious outpouring of
the spirit—of the devil, and there were
many penitents. They saved souls
that night until about 11 o'clock,
much to the pleasure df numerous tir
ed and sleepy residents in that blessed
and favored portion of town. There
are several fetek persons in that neigh
borhood who are nightly refreshed by
these outbursts of religious enthusi
asm. Along toward the midnight hour
they sh6ut and laugh their way home.
Along the route Tuesday night the
pepple were overjoyed at the fervid
manifestations of the workings of the
spirit. Religion was in the air, and
one, consecrated sister could be heard
above the din: "Go way an' let me
Tone; I'se giad I'se born to die. Bless
my Jesus!" The meeting will proba
bly continue until frost or the police
interferes. As a shout-bister the par
son in charge has no superior.
The Town Cow.
A partial prohibitive ordinance has
been passed against tie town cow.
The law applies to the cow that makes
it her business to roam the business
portion of town, raiding,farmers' wag«
ons and doing mischief generally iff
the business district. Any cow caught
violating this ordinahee will be held
until a $1 fine is paid by the oyiner. It
is a wise and timely ordinance and
will meet with the hearty approval of
every farmer who visits Corinth.
Some Mormon elders have been op
erating in and arolind Corinth recent
ly. In some portions of the State
they are so numerous and so bold in
disseminating their doctrines as to
cause trouble, and frequently they are
rfin out of communities. They are a
cheap class of people aDd exert a per
nicious influence, and they always op
érât^ especially aanong the most igno
rant and benighted classes. If they
would carry awiay with them all their
converts it woqld be a "good riddance
of bad rubbish."
Already some cotton is being receiv
ed at the compress, and that concern
will soon be in active operation,
calculation tit is season is that Corinth
,000 bales
will receive not less than
of cotton, which will place Corinth
among the , important towns in the
State. Those interested in the cotton
business here are wide-awake, pro
gressive business men and possess all
th'ç" capital needed to make business
Lool* out for the largest and-4'best
line of good soever brought to
Corinth, B. Uendersoû*
Told Briefly and Pointedly to Cor
inthian Readers.
You are not so cold as you will be in
the next sixty days. Now we can add
to your comfort very much if you buy
a pair of our cold weather shoes,
sell today so as to seH tomorrow.
Hendrix, Gish & Sanders.
Having associated myself with Hen
drix, Gish & Sanders, 1 will be glad to
see and serve my friends. Yours very
James F. Oisir.
Telephone 34.
Don t get excited.
New cotton is a-coming.
Turnip greens are scarce.
See new Chancery Summons.
The wedding days draw near.
Sweet potatoes are on the market,
Get your paints and oils at R. Hen- |
The water melon crop has about pet
ered out.
Just received—New crop ' sorghum.
D. J. Ilyneman.
Warner's Corsets at Bass, Meeks &
R. T. Bynum has a beautiful line of
granitized ware.
Some people take mightily to
strangers, until taken in.
Old newspapers, 25 for 5 Cents, for
sale at the Corinthian office.
You can get fruit jars, jelly glasses
and rubbers at 11. J. llyneman's.
Two carloads of timothy hay at R.
T. Bynum's, and one carload of hay.
When a man freely admits that his
wife is not stubborn, he can afford to
stop praying.
Some men are like a bass drum—
they make lots of noise, but there's
nothing in them.
A large lot of glassware and queens
wure, lamps, lamp chimneys, lanterns,
etc., at R. T. Bynum's.
It occurs to the Corinthian that a
wholesale grocery-house would find a
successful business in Corinth.
R. T. Bynum has just received a car
load of 2 and 1% lb. bagging. Also a
large lot of.ties. Call and price them.
For Sai.e. —A first-class second-hand
Piano. It will be sold at u great bar
gain) and $50 will buy it. Inquire at
the Corinthian office.
Tile old frame livery stable building
on the corner east of Small <fc Elgin,
has been condemned by the city coun
cil afid ordered torn down.
The people of the Gaines' Chapel
neighborhood enjoyed a successful ice
cream supper Friday night of last
week, realizing $17 for their church.
The 10 months-old daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Will Gookin died Sunday.
Funeral services were conducted by
Dr. Sullivan and the remains interred
in the Henry cemetery.
Smfcll & Elgin have a large adver
tisement in this issue, which of course
you vVill read. They have made large
purÖIiases this season and propose to
rq^ke it interesting to buyers of goods
they handle.
Brakeman & McCord are finding a
lively sale for the brick they made dur
ing the Mtmmer, arid make ahbther
kiln at once. Last week they con
tracted for 80,000 brick.
Visitors to the Tennessee Centennial
will find a very pleasant home while
in Nashville should they stop with
Mrs. Anna Hopkins, 403 Russell street.
Her terms are 50e to $1.50 per day.
For Sale. —A farm 2>i miles south
east of Corinth, containing 36 acres,
good dwelling and other houses, fine
orchard and other improvement. Ap
ply to Joe Engels at W. T. Adams Ma
chine Shop.
W. R. Stinson, formerly of Tiplars
ville, has opened a stock of groceries
in the house corner Tate street and
M. & O. R. R. Adjoining him is the
restaurant and boarding house recent
ly opened by Mr. Medford of Tippah
Notice of Removal. —I have removed
iffy shoe shop to the front room over
Dr. Borroum's drug store, and I ask
the public to call on me, as my prices
will be the least and full satisfaction
guaranteed as iff'my work. I ask your
pasrouage with thankfulness.
J. T. Meeks, of the firm of Bass,
Meeks & Johnsey, has made three
trips to St. Louis with cattle with the
past ten days. He finds a good mar
ket at tills season and reports business
in St. Lccis decidedly lively. Mtjr
ctyants are- buyiDç* larger stocks this
éettaon than ever before known.
No. 1
The State of Mississippi.
To Ilnth Booth:
You are commanded to appear be
fore the Chancery Court of the county
of Alcorn in said State, on the third
Monday of October, A. D., 1897, to de
fend the suit in said court of Car
Booth, wherein you are a defendan.
This 8th day of September, A. D.,
1897. W. F. Wallace, Clk.
No. 1200.
The State of Mississippi.
To Mrs. Sardelia Wannamaker:
Y r ou are commanded to appear before
tiie Chancery Court of the county of
Alcorn in said State, on the third Mon
day of October, A. I)., 1S97 to defend
the suit in said court of George Wan
namaker, wherein you are a defendant.
This 9th day of Sept, A. D. 1897.
W. F. WALLACE, Clerk,
The State of Mississippi.
To Mrs. Ada S. McClellan:
You are commanded io appear before
the Chancery Court of the county of
Alcorn in said State, on the third Mon
day of October, A.1). 1897 to plead, an.
swer or demur to the final account o£
R. \ r . Barnhill, administrator of the
estate of James l 1 '. Small, deceased)
wherein you are a defendant.
This 31st day of August, A.D. 1897.
W. F. WALLACE, Ci.erk.
The State of Mississippi.
To Delie Sanders:
You are commanded to appear before
the Chancery Court of the county of
Alcorn in said State, on the third Mon-;
day of October, A. D. 1897 to defend
the suit in said court of J. C. Sanders,
wherein you are defendant.
This 23th day of August, A. D., 1897:
W. F. WALLACE, Cl. err.
No. 1,195.
The State of Mississippi.
To J. A. Mason, J. P. Mason. Henry
E. Mason, Brmina Gazaway, Win. Ma
son and D. S. Mason:
You are commanded to appear before
the chancery court of the county of
Alcorn, in said State, on the third
Monday Of October, A: D.\ 1897, to do.
fend the suit in said court of L. N.
Mason, wherein you are defendants.
This 27th day of July, A. D., 1897.
W. F. WALLACE, Ci.erk.
No. 1191.
All Kinds of Rough Lumber*
Address them through the Corinth
Postoffice, or leave orders with Joe.
Walker, or M. F. Baxter, Corinth, Miss.
Plans and Specifications Furnished,
Elevations Made,
Bills of Lumber Prepared. Estimates given
and all kinds of architectural work attended
to promptly. Job work done promptly.
Houses Moved and Raised.
MI 88.
R. Y. Baknhill, M. D.,
Res. Telephone 8,
Res. Telephone 59,
Office corner Waldron and Filmore streets.
Telephone 57.
Telegrams and Ion« distance telephone mes
sages attended immediately.
Shortest and quickest line to all points
North and South. Mobile, New
Orleans, Memphis, St. Louis, Chi
cago, St. Paul, Omaha, and Florida
points. Connecting with Mobile
Steamship lines for South Florida,
Havana and other West India
ports, Mexico, Central and South
Pullman palace Sleepers wit BuHet, and
easy riding day coaches on all trains.
Two TDrongli Trains Daily Between St.
Louis and Mobile.
Ut Mississippi and Alabama.
For tickett, rates, time or for information as,
; to best and cheapest way of reaching any point'
North, South, East or West apply to
E E jk)SKY, F A. Mobil«. Ala,
Xj B McCUU-ak, Bocal A4icnt.

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