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. i
Need a Tonic
There are ti
needs a tonic
When that time
to take—Card l
posed of pure|y
mes in every woman's life when she
to help her over the hard places,
comes to you, you know what tonic
the woman's tonic. Cardui is corn
vegetable ingredients, which act
gently yet surqly, on the weakened womanly organs,
and helps build, them back to strength and health.
It has benefited thousands and thousands of weak,
ailing women in its past half century of wonderful
success, and it wilt do the same for you.
You can't mak$ a mistake in taking
The Woman's Tonic
Miss Amelia Wilson, R. F. D. No. 4, Alma, Ark.,
says: "1 think Cardui is the greatest medicine on earth,
for women. Before 1 began to take Cardui, 1 was
so weak and nervous, and had such awful dizzy
spells and a poor appetite. Now I feel as well and
as strong as I ever did, and can eat most anything.
Begin taking Cardui today. Sold by all dealers.
Has Helped Thousands^
McLain, a well known
; f this county, died Wed
fat his homo two miles
»ssiitli, after an illness of
.sod has been a resident of
I et ion for some time. JTe
i member of Iho Baptist
•h of Kossuth, and was fin
glit character, held in high
arm by his many acquaintan
ces. lie was in tin* prime of man
hood. not having reached the age
of do years, and his numerous
friends regret to hear of his de
lie is survived by his widow
and several relatives with many
friends throughout Alcorn coun
ty. Funeral services were con
ducted this afternoon at 1 :30
o'clock by his pastor. Rev. Wil
banks, and his body laid to rest
in Shiloh cemetery.
• : lay's > < If.
Allen, president of
Alb Properties and the
Telephone Co., ac
bv Aubrey Meadows,
chief clerk, * will leave Sunday
night for Knoxville, Tenu., to at
tend the meeting of the Southern
States Independent Telephone
Association, which convenes there
Tuesday, May 23, for a two days'
\\. A. Grant, auditor of the
'ompany, with headquarters in
his eitv, will join them there, and
>th Messrs. Allen and Grant will
ntribute to the program with
■H-rs in regard to the use of
die program will be given at
Stratford Hotel, and a social
ure of the convention will be
elaborate banquet to be ten
lid the telephonists.
2 Weekly issues—$1.00.
Will cure Rheumatism, »Neu
ralgia. Headaches, Cramps, Colic
Sprains, Bruises, Cuts, Burns, Old
Sores,* Tetter, Ring-Worm, Ec
zema, etc. Antiseptic Anodyne,
-qsed internally or externally. 25c
W A dollar a rjjn-h aoes not go
far enough after it gets into the
telephone company's treasury to
■satisfy the manager who has to
pay the upkeep and operating ex
penses on a big rural line system,
and keeps a little small change to
hand over to stockholders mice
m six months. He has to cut loo
many corners, and run too many
chances of getting '•caught shm-t
of a bank balance by a sleet
storm or a kw suit.
Twelve dollars a year is too low
for farmers' line service on the
average system, with the quality
and cost improved as it has been
in the last few years. It is time
to start after tliig rate. The farm
ers can afford to pay more—why
should not they be induced to rec
ognize value received!
Of course we know what the
farmers do when it is proposed to
raise the telephone rate. But can
this go on foreverf What is the
best way tojget Uis thing into
better shape if Some have done it
already.—Telephony. (The Inde
pendent Telephone Journal.
The hosts of admiring friends
of B. A. Grant, tender their most
profound sympathy in the death
of his grandmother, Mrs. S. W
at !
o'clock at
late hornt
, o
A vc.,
d h
id been ill for
time. Mr. Grant has only recent
ly returned from Jackson, where
he attended her bedside, and it
has been evident for tin* past few
days that she could not survive.
She was one of the best known
residents of Jackson, and counted
her friends by her acquaintances.
Deceased was 84 year old.
Mr. Grant is laving this after
noon to attend the funeral and
burial service.
J. S. Price, of Okolona, was in
Corinth today on business.
S. II. Adams, of Athens, Texas,
is among the visitors in Corinth.
Dr. Z. L. Weatherford, of Red
Bay, Ala., visited in Corinth to
J. W. Poggett, of Kossuth, is
spending the afternoon here on
O. I). Perkins, of Savannah,
Tenn.. is among the visitors in
Corinth today.
bliss Kenneth Fa riss, of Savan
nah, Tenn., visited friends in the
city Wednesday.
J. D. Furtick and son, J. D. Jr.,
of Rienzi, are among the visitors
in Corinth today.
Frank A. Tubbs, of Mammoth
Springs, Ark., was among the
business visitors in Corinth to
W. T. Sheets, of Jackson, Ten
nessee, is transacting business in
Corinth todav, a guest of R. M.
Prof. Gates of Jackson, Tenn.,
will direct the singing in the
prayer meeting at Tate Street
Baptist church tonight. The pub
lic is invited.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Y. Harris and
son, II. Y., Jr. of St. Petersburg,
Fla. will arrive this evening to
be guests of their parents, Mr.
and Mrs. M. P. Russell.
J. Will Gray, of Seltner, Tenn.,
sheriff of McNairy county, is
spending the day here to take
charge of a prisoner wanted in
Selmer for selling whiskey.
The many friends of Mr., and
Mrs. Paul Simonetti are .congrat
ulating them upon the birth of a
fine daughter, Wednesday, May
Mrs. J. JR. Loekman and little
granddaughter, Elizabeth Book
man, of Selmer, Tenn., have re
turned home after a visit with
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Lock in West
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A Good Family Cough Syrup
Can be made by mixing Pine-Tar,
Aconite, sugar, Hyoscyamus, sas
safras, pepermint, ipecac, rhub
arb, mandrake, capsicum, muri
ate ammonia, honey and glycer
ine. It is pleasant, healing and
soothing, raises the phlegm, and
gives almost instant relief. For
convenience of those who prefer
not to fuss, it is supplied ready
made in 25c bottles under name of
Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey. Can
be had at your druggist. Insist
on getting Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar
Hocey and see that the formula
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r0A * •
Booth Lowrev was among the
distingbished visitors in Corinth]
was a
Tackson, is in
lays on business.
twbridge, of Weir,
Tih-Corinth Wednes
ïby h o ■ ' pending
^ with irièids iu West
J/IT Vfadley, of Red Bay, Ala.,
is a-*-.*-: g the visitors in Corinth
Mi. B. Menzies, of Meridian,
was among the visitors in Corinth
last night
Miss Dora Johnson of Chewal
. . .
la, Tenn., visited in the city yes
terday afternoon.
R. L. Turner left yesterday af
ternoon to spend a few days with
relatives in Memphis.
Miss Yirgie Tays, of Booneville
is spending the week-end in Cor
inth, a guest of Miss Mildred
ir 'u t XT i tit
Mrs. P. \\. Holman and babv'l
.. .I n, , -Y
oi Alcorn, alter spending a short
1 , m
time here, has gone to Guvs, Ten-!
*--,W c '
nessee, to visit relatives.
Mrs. Telia Potts, who has been]
tlie guest of relatives and friends
in Corinth, left today on her re
turn to her home in West Point.
J. I). Ba
has been
of her
Airs. J.
is this
s ter day
Mrs. C. C. Cupples left this af
ternoon in her auto for Shiloh
Park to meet Mrs. Hardy Nash,
who has been spending several
da.' s "if-b relatives and friends at
Saltillo, Tenu.
Mrs. Alex Archer and two sons,
Harold and John Amos, of Guys,
Tenn., spent yesterday afternoon
in Corinth, leaving on the after
noon train for Dallas, Texas, to
spend a few weeks with relatives.
Mrs. R. W. Hindman, who has
been spending some time in Flor
ence, Ala., arrived in the city yes
terday afternoon to be located in
Corinth, having accepted a posi
tion as matron at the Waldron
The many admiring friends of
Mrs. I. J. Seharif and children,
who have been here on an extend
ed stay with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Abe Rubel, will regret very
much to learn that she is return-}
in g to Memphis on Friday to
make her home.
Thos. E. Gates, of Jackson,
Tenn., formerly making his head
quarters here while engaged in
singing for Corinthians, arrived
in the city this morning from
Cullman, Ala., and is a guest at
Tate Street Baptist Parsonage,
lie will sing at prayer service at
Tate Street church tonight.
Visitors are retnmirdfejh T rom
Birmingham, where they Æ Sj y Kd
the Annual Coi federate Reunion.
They report a splendid time, and
fine weather except Tuesday,
when rain interfered in some de
gree to the ceremonies o f the
veterans, however, all Corinthians
who attended state that it was
one of the largest attended reun
ions and one of the best programs
they have ever witnessed.
Affairs at the court house to
day reminds us of the old fash
ioned way of setting a "Dutch
Supper," and the most perfect
silence prevails, except in the
chamber of "checkers," where
there is eternally something do
mg. This is a very quiet season
with county officials, though the
usual routine is transacted and
officers keep busy, but nothing of
a news nature is transpiring.
The dredge boat that lias been
at work on Snake Creek, tweney
two miles northeast of Corinth,
located in Hardin and McNairy
counties, is being loaded today,
preparatory to shipping. It will
be brought here Monday and re
turned to the Tupelo Dredging
Co., at Tupelo, which concern had
the contract for digging Snake
Creek Canal, one of the largest
canals in that section. The ca
nal is 14 miles long.
The new sheds on the property
of Abe Rubel & Co., are nearing
completion, and are being fitted
up in first class condition, en
hancing to considerable extent
the appearance of the property.
The new sheds are being ereeted
to accommodate the auto deliv
eries, and will also be used as a
warehouse for the wholesale de
partment. The solid Jboard fence
along the west side, on Filmore
street is being converted into a
neat and attractive sign for the
s clî the Republican
ting aimlessly at
h for a Moses" to
I of the wilderness
and despair. So far no
one nas been found who comes
anywhere near filling the bill.
Bobsrvelt and Hughes and the
*5. vor re* an..nig the rank and file
of the R : evhean voters, but
neither \»f seem to fill the
I bill. R > Republicans want a
j man who can bag the solid Ger
ma i vote, and Roosevelt has said
such bitter things against Ger
many that he is objectionable on
this score as well as having made
exceedingly bitter enemies by
splitting the party in 1912, and
j for the party to take him up
would mean a surrender to an
absolute one-man boss. Justice
1I "" hes of the Supreme Court
G Jr,-.._ Ä _ il *__;
ripped up" so many things and
hurt his business so much when
Governor of New York, that the
party leaders are afraid of him.
Republican loaders are trying
to bring about a combination of
circumstances which will enable
them to nominate Elihu Root, as
he is their real candidate, that the
trust-controlled party, desires to
place in the White House, because
. , < ,
he can serve the trust so skill
n ,, -, , • ,• u ,, ,
j fully and artistically that the
*, - n » „ . " . , •
; people will not get on to his
I R ,, ,-i • -,
' wily ways until his work is
done, and a rule of the trusts has
become complete and absolute,
The Republicans have been
very much perplexed to find a
speech," as it is called, at
Chicago Convention. The
estions have traveled all the
from the two extremes of
Senator Lodge of Massachusetts,
to James R. Mann, the Republi
can leader in the House of Rep
resentatives. James R. Mann
stands for the hyphenated Amei
policy whereby when Ameri
j mur'd
by f1 ' A D,
would sa v thar
ness sailing o?
and it serves
Cabott Lodere
on the
high seas
rd marines, he
^ u had no busi
Aermany's ocean
. right." Henry
stands for the
stalwart American principle.
Well, whoever they get for the
"keynoting" will have a hard
time to make a funeral dirge
sound like a battle cry.
Friday's Daily.
Jesse Sweat, originally from
Bethel Springs, Tenn., was cap
tured in Corinth on Wednesday
jUght and held here awaiting the
I county.
arrival of Sheriff Will Gray of
McNairy county, who arrived
yesterday and returned to Sel
mer in the afternoon with his
Sweat was charged with boot
legging in McNairy, and having
been released on bond some time
ago, he moved away from that
ft is stated th t he has
been working in Tishou ngo and
Alcorn «cuntlew when Sheriff
Gray readied à -= here to
take charge o'i ffp m. and he re
turned home with his prisoner
yesterday afternoon.
T. Etheridge of Quanah, Texas,
and George and Ben Etheridge
of Bethel Springs, Tenn., are
among the visitors in Corinth,
guests in the home of their sister
and cousin, Mrs. T. T. Lain.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Holland
and their sister, Miss Grace, of
Red Sulphur Springs, Tenn., who
1 have been spending a few days
with Corinth relatives and
friends, have returned home
They were accompanied by Miss
Lucy Candler, who will be their
guest for several days.
Negotiations are being made,
so it is learned for a party of
school pupils from Jackson, Ten
nessee, to make a trip to Corinth,
transferring here and go via au
to to Shiloh National Park to
spend the day. The matter is
: being taken up with the B. M. C.
and as soon as matters material
ize, rates secured, etc., public an
nouncement will be made.
Corinth Lodge No. 116, F. & A. M., reg
ular communication 1st Friday night of
each month.
Barney Trice Council, No. 48, Royal
and Select Masters, regular convocation 3d
Friday night of each month.
Corinth Royal Arch Chapter No. 76,
regular convocation 2nd Friday night of
each month.
Mary Savery Commandery, No. 14,
Knights Templar, regular conclave, 4th
Friday night of each month.
Corinth Chapter, No. 27, Order of East
ern Star, regular meetings 2nd and 4th
Tuesdays of each month.
fl» QoMm That Does Not Affect The Head
Because of its tonic and laxative effect. LAXA
TIVE BROMO QUININE it better than ordinary
Quinine and does not cause nervousness nor
ringing in head. Remember the fall name and i
took for the signature of E. W. GROVE. 25c. 1
*8 DfilLI
r .. jght of Laurel, vis
in Corinth today.
J. B. Butler is on a business
trip to Memphis.
R. G. Stain of Tupelo, was in
Corinth yesterday.
T. B. Haynes of Iuka, was a
visitor here last night.
A. P. Ricots from Arizona, will
be at Burris' for a short time.
J. W. Wright of Trimble, Ten
nessee, is a visitor in the city to
A. L. 0'Bryant of Okolona, is
among the business visitors here
Mrs. E. A. Bevel! is spending a
few days in Bethel Springs, Ten
J. L. Meeks, of Guys, Tenn.,
was among the visitors here yes
terday. „
Airs. C. M. Priest, of Paducah,
Kv., is the guest of her sister,
Mrs. AY. T. Rook.
Airs. AY. T. Rook is spending
few days in Jackson, Tenn., the
guest of relatives.
Aliss Gertrude C. Childrenn of
Chalybeate, was among the visit
ors in Corinth today.
Aliss Effie Alecklenberger is
spending a few days in Memphis,
the guest of friends.
Airs. Lillie Hurley, of Chewal
'la, Tenn., has been the guest of
Airs. J. R. Stevens this week.
Airs. L. L. Alartindale, of Che
walla, Tenn., was a visitor here
yesterday afternoon shopping.
Airs. AI. L. Carmen and baby of
Selmer, Tenn., spent Thursday
■afternoon in Corinth shopping.
Airs. J. R. Hurley, of Chewalla,
Tenn., visited in cue city Thurs
day a guest of Airs. W. G. Sewell.
Airs. C. A. Dickey and child
ren are spending a few days with
'relatives and friends in Boone
Aliss Dora Johnson has return
ed to her home in Chewalla, Ten
nessee, after spending a few days
'here shopping.
Airs. A. I). Coughlin of Jack
son, Tenn., is the guest of her
son, C. C. Coughlin and family
on Franklin street.
Airs. C. C. Coughlin and daugh
ter, little Aliss Alary Burnett,
have returned from a few days
visit in Jackson, Tenn.
Aliss Beulah Clements of Grand
Junction, Tenu., who has been vis
iting her brother. Oswald Clem
ents, has returned home.
An auto party, Ah', and Airs. E.
J. Green and daughter, of Rienzi,
arrived in the city this morning
and are spending the day here.
Airs. Carlisle Browder, of Sel
mer, Tenn., spent the afternoon
in Corinth Thursday, while on
her return from a visit in Alem
Airs. Georgia Fuller and chil
dren, who have been guests of
her mother, Airs. E. A. Bevill,
have returned to their home in
Jackson, Tenn. ,
Air. and Airs. Thomas New
comb returned last night from a
two weeks' delightful visit with
Prof, and Ahs. B. P. Shumpert
in Brookhaven.
Airs. Ed. Wardlow and Aliss
Lessie Tipler, of Pocahontas,
Tenu., have been guests of Airs.
Wardlow 's sister, Airs. John B.
Aleeks this week.
J. 0. Knighton returned last
night from Booneville, where he
has been engaged in plastering
the interior of a two-story brick
building for I)r, Sutherland.
Jack Rook, of Union City, Ten
nessee, has been here on an ex
tended visit with his aunt. Airs.
W. T. Rook, expects to leave Sat
urday on his return home»
Air. and Airs. E. E. AleGhee
made a visit to Memphis Thurs
day, making the trip in one of
his Buiek roadsters, Air. McGhee
was delivering to a purchaser.
ATr. and Airs. L. W. Timlake are
rejoicing over the arrival of a
fine daughter in their home on
Thursday, Alay 18. Their many
friends are showering them with
Airs. E. AI. Oliver, of Holly
Springs, is the guest of her
daughter, Airs. C. A. Turner. Airs.
Oliver has many friends here who
are always glad to welcome her
on her return visits to Corinth.
Airs. E. Shippy of Alempliis, is
the guest of her father and!
mother, John Aldridge and wife,
the home of Air. and Airs. W.
C. Aleeks. Airs. Shippy 's hus-1
band will join her soon to remain
few days.

The days of the visit of Dr. and
Airs. S. H. C. Bürgin, of Dallas,
Texas, the latter form; ny known
better throughout this city as
■ Aliss Elizabeui Kilpatrick, have
j been marked with those pleasures
which shall brighten the coming
yea is when they leave for their
western home, and will only re
call the scenes and those familiar
to them.
Several pretty comi limeuts
have been tendered both Dr. Bür
gin and his bride, in the way of
social entertainments, auto
drives, etc., but one of special
beauty and appreciation was the
handsome presentation of the
"fellows," the Young Alen's Bi
ble Class of the First Alethodist
church, who claimed "Aliss Bess"
as their teacher for many years,
and whose faithful and efficient
service could never be blotted
from their memory.
As a token of love and friend
ship, devotion and appreciation
of her valuable service to that
class at all times, a handsome
chest of silver was presented to
The presentation was made by
Alayur Benj. R. Wai finer, and a
happy response by Airs. Bürgin,
expressing the feeling of both the
donors and the recipient, and it
was a real pleasure to this class
to present to "Aliss Bess" this
gift of friendship, and slie, in re
turn, whose heart is full of appre
ciation tendered her heartfelt
thanks for the handsome present.
Thi-cfav'* Daily. .
Johnnie Williams, son of W.
E. Williams, an employe of the
Weaver ALfg. Co., tried out a
brand new target Wednesday af
ternoon, and accidently shot Ter
rel Holtsford, 9-year old son of
Contractor J. P. Holtsford, inflict
ing an ugly wound in his temple
'just a little to the right of his
right eye.
The Williams lad, about 12
years old, residing on Tate Si.,
had been seeking a new traget for
some time. His father objected
to buying one but another party
had just reached the Williams
house and had presented him
with a target, and he was pro
ceeding to try his luck.
Aeidently the target was dis
charged, and the bullet struck
the Holtsford lad in the right tern
pie, and while the wound is pain
ful and will require some little
time to heal, it is thought that
nothing serious will develop, and
it is hoped that the little fellow
will get along nicely.
His right eye narrowly escaped
being pierced with the shot.
Thursday's Daily.
Among the distinguished visit
ors to transfer in Corinth is Dr.
Jno. R. Peeples, of the Kentucky
Conference, who has headquar
ters in Winchester, Ky., who will
arrive in Corinth Friday or Sat
urday from the Confederate re
union at Birmingham, to spend a
few days with his daughter, Aliss
Adeline Peeples, the new deacon
ess at the Young Woman's Co
Operative Home.
Dr. Peeples has a very inter
esting story regarding the Battle
of Shiloh, and The Corinthian
and all others who have already
grown to love Aliss Peeples,
anxiousljy await the coming esn
her father, when we shall hear
the story of his interests in war
time. It was half century ago. Dr.
Peeples was a soldier, fighting for
the Southern cause. He was tak
en ill and unable to fight, but the
booming of the cannon, excited
his desire to be taken to the scene
of war, and through the kindness
of some one, whose name is not
known, whom he would be very
pleased to meet during his visit
here, he was removed to Shiloh,
and being yet unable to fight, he
administered to the sick and
wounded. At the close of the bat
tie be was permitted to rise an
iron-gray horse belonging to one
of the soldiers, and through a
hard rain, returned safely to
Corinth. He is very anxious to
meet as many of the old soldiers
as possible during his visit to
Miss Hazel Beemer left this
morning to spend a few days in
, Booneville, where she will be the
guest of friends while attending
the commencement exercises of
the Booneville school.
No. 666
Thw U • prercriptioft prepared especially
Fwe or lix doaea will break any cate, and
ix taken then aa a tonic the Fever will oot
return. It acta on the liver better than
Calomel and doea not gripe or sicken. 25c

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