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I **vr
_ , #v*»t . 11
tin i'h' s
Aik! «m
And ft
I hft,
t* to her
rv (irrryf Util b
Momie* of *b« r*
I envy r
That m.
A nd ei
IU lil i^i
e* b
nl Cl
■ for h
«rv tree
Meet b
'f her
■*tti mono ben
!.. ;
And silver
And in tb
«r lotê
IN ■
I only auk to g
AU «hat ».er
—Hwirr V
to her.
it to h
o hi
h*ar< • IfNkif t
IHke. in The < «titurv.
I rruüOöotJüoo unr
gg Uomcstic Finesse.
and only child
A* llarklow 's
She wa* the spoil
of a doting moth»
e wedding, I
best ti, a I
many of his confidences about Ml»«
he married her.
Bonier* be for
was deeply In love, but knew that »he
was a «peculation; ns risky as she
was fan
Their difference», so far a* f knew,
begun two or Ihr#« weeks before the
wedding day. He wished to spend
the honeymoon In Devonshire, nnd
she ai Wlndemere, I said 1 wa* aa
tonlsbed Hist he could urgii« auch a
point with lil* bride, eypeclally as she
f the lake district. At
the railway «talion, just before they
»tailed, I again mentioned the mut
so fond
"Sorry you're not going lo Tot
quay," I »aid. playfully.
"That sail right," said he. ''That's
qubp »II right, between ourselves."
Then, with a «mile, ho Joined tils
wile In the train, nnd I was left won
dering. moderately, why It should he
right "between ourselves."
Soon »tier their return from the
lakes I dined with them, and obtained
a little more food for thought.
• "Mr. Iteyson." said Mr* llarklow.
apropos of nothing. "Isn't it ridicu
lous of Jim to want a rat?"
I looked at llarklow fur Inform:).
"Isn't II unreasonable of mv wife,
Iteyson, to conceive auch a sudden
aversion to cats'.'" said he, smiling
"Surely. Mr*, llarklow," 1 said, "I
remember a beautiful Persligu nnd
two or throe morn cat» at llenUiatde
Jin, Rer ninth's • restdeiwu
"That lisa nothing to do with It,"
reputed Mr*. Hatklow, with «.*» ador
able to** of tbo head "I »hsn i we
one here, not pvan to *plea«o Jim."
llarklow sighed ns If he were nl
toady used to nintrliiioiilal affliction
"My only worry," lie said, "1» to
know which I like beat, Persian or
"IF* bis fun. Mr* Barklow," 1
*nld. "You don't know him us 1 do."
I auppna« I could have said nothing
more exasperating In a alx-weeks
"If It'* Ills fun." she cried, with
■corn, "I'm glad my Benno of humor
1* feeble. I think well changn the
subject, Jtm. Hut, onee for all. I've
had enough eats at home "
"Wo certainly will not quarrel
about thum yet," said Barklow, a»
grave as an undertaker. "I'll put J
them off for nix months "
"Six year»—eternity!" exclaimed
Mrs. Barklow. "Atnl this Is. I
think, turbot, Mr He.vson ''
When we were alone I rallied Bark
low about the cats; but he would
have non« of It
"Hush"' he said, "?>) tales oui of
■rhool, even to you let."
*<f * .
Several week* lifer the llarklow«
Changed their housemaid; and again
I dined wit lx them. The new girl
waited at table, and I w as greatly tm
pretsed with her attractions. She had
a KUhllnia complex ion; and. (hough
ahy, movod with remarkable grace.
"What do you think ot lier, Mr.
Reison?" Mrs. Barklow whispered
eagerly, after her first appparanee.
"Isn't she sweet? She'* from a
"Clumsy young foal—that's what
ahd Is," growled Barklow
"Break« things. 1 presume""
"Not a «Ingle »Oh. yes, you must
go to the concert, Mr. Iteyson, you
must, Indeed
The girl was resumed after an In
terval, and though 1 don't care for
flieh topics of talk. I fell curious
about Hnrklow's
dice toward so
Accountable preju
0\ dim u your. g
we see with different ey> But.
pretty or not, I hope ahe'll soon dis
e hers«» nnff b-av I '
That was enough about th« ho'-v>
maid She is still with them, ami a j
pattern to other housemaids. I don't
choose to ask Barklow If marriage ;
with a pretty wife had blinded Net
lo beauty In others But if It were
as an extraordinary change.
■ks wore on, and Mr». BarkltV»
M, '"' Mm a
8h« wa*
•I tell ray wife. Mr. Iteyson." he
said, "that it's the greatost mistake
to engage pretty
Rogers I» pretty."
"Sh» iO, Jim," protested Mi Bark
Not that I
sr vu lit
so it

lue reused In glol'ï
■Ult« of fai
lit«, evidently. Vulied her.
almost a platant advertise
Ix-t Her smiles and erfetincs w
all of that finished, matronly kind
wbi< b 8t -, , dc.ùgm d I
art/ U> pei »und» sing!« wuimeu that J
arid demeanor.
■nit-u'.vof the
they ar# deplorably out of It In Rn»
tn«r no rosti to command them, wort ]
for them, and stand between then
and the greater trouble« of Ilf«.
And no* one day I met Mr* Hark
low'» mother, and received from her
a bint that «be might «oon be glvtriv |
up her beautiful home to live wilt
the llarklow». If not a positive bint, {
It wa* emphatically an aaplratlon. 1
Ag*ln I dined with my good j
friend«, and again I wa» confused by;
wliat aeenied to mo the abnormal
development of Barklow aa a mar-J
ried man
He told me with an air of cheerful;
anticipation, of 1.1« desire to weleonto'
the lady a« a permanent resident.
won*. Jim."
cried Mr* llarklow. "Mr. Ileyaon.j
It me that—that!
bUtbuod and wife urn heat alone, I
inefeii, II.In* their own live«? Main-'
ma la a darling, but 1 can't under-1
«land Jim wishing her to »hare our i
"Only," raid
You are
en I
don't you
Bark low, "if uh»* H*r»w?!f wi»h»« It.
fan» y ah«* do* 4 *,
«ou know, *
! " said Mr*.
llarklow. Impatiently. "Hut ilmt<„.
doesn't make It ,»ny the more " I
" Monstrous! "
Hmld belief that It wna Ibu word she i
"Oh, come, Iteyson!" said llark-i
low. reprovingly.
"Ol com
KKi-Hled, with
n I
"Monstrous Is not at nil the word,!
ill) Mr* llarklow. Icily. 1
Mr. Keysn
"Hui I will not have II, -III
will only estrange tuamma and me If
you encourage her ''
"Well," said llarklow. "we'll aee
how thing* go Anyhow, It'* not a
step to be rushed. I* It, Joseph?"
Joseph was the I
low patted the del
yet another of the Incongruities «,r :
the domestic life that Mrs llarklow
Hark •
'* head.
admitted Jmepli Into Hie h
a bachot
, llarklow had d
ill over
(He pi
us Amy Homer», didn't like dogs.
Mr*, llarklow
* i
•rills day,
,. over Hie wine, llnrkl
enlightened my Ignorance. !
about lo return to the motliei
I w
hen he stopped m
"Don't, old chap," lie said "It's!
lung,irons It'» the very thing Amy
t il ruiner all the time.
in law problem,
mooted It.
Hit II
ourselves, I'm
It would be an awful life with
an who wasn't worth It.
But - di
you un u or wt a tut?
11 In smile, it h i$<
comptai** revolution,
one's row In the way that muH» one
bent," ho observed
1 louve it to nihor» lo decide how
fur he is wise us u husbund, und how
fnr merely Mt»lfl»h us u man.- Loudou
nodded, wa* u
"On» must hno

r '*^22
o ?//^7//7//
and '
oj furious
1 .
1 j
vf j
years Is the life of the average
Cuba grow» twenty-pound cabbage ,
The report of a cannon has been
heard HO miles.
J beads,
A man generally weighs most at '
Ills fortieth year.
The first postal card was aped on
its way In 18Ï0,
one-fifth aa
Wood yields about
tmirh heat as coal.
A motor manufacturing concern, of
Vienna, haa offered a prize or »200
for a device by which the speed of
hu automobile may be kept down to
fifteen tulles sn hour.
ln Nottingham, England, K00
representing soma!
. ;
There are at present In the médirai
school* ot France ÎS20 French and !
gl» foreign students. !
The word "A "libers" I» from the ]
Holland Jonkheer English, .''young
The official b fikUMve
school children,
Î00 families, are fed at restaurants.!
at a cost of about four cents a meal, j
enactment fixing the name "Yonkers
took place March t. 1788, when the
of «ho twenty 1
de -erlbod towns comprising tha coun
t.v of Westchester, \ •
territory hovunie on«
— — _
Since 1903 then? • «.
port* of live caltl«% ufrom
v . Ill • «*•><!!«! " />«■ foot
yul-mouth disease, but the Imports
j ,,f fro, a beef from that country
amounted last year to 402.047,633 j
; pound«, valued at *29.6*6,S33.
In INS«, when Theodore Boose
v.ji — ' Be- Republican candldatr
fof Mayor of New York, he received j
tj-s lowest vote,cast 60.110- whil*
> nomine« who was elected, re-,
,.f fuel, which Is nowhere found ln
i sufficient quantity.
Greece has great wealth .
I «rais, but they are mostly exported
i In a crude state, because of the lack'

. . . .n
J sin, Iowa, Texas and Missouri.
cetved 90.552 vote*.
Bills to tax bachelor# were intro-'him
For the

j ,,j
When I
little child.
It *pi
I didn'l v.
d your
A eh# r
*#j hard
5 d <r

Ip *«"
t *
ot in rn
[.pi* h
!» AIM,
im U'a»l n% '
would I
> I* Is
H » mine."
timed the table* ami began
tl reply
u niy'a
n, dented
ly's best man,
which she, ii
d to ;i
IIS' d
'This I» my
nty na;i silent,
! ha in
mi," In
Philadelphia Record,
Erwin's mother had been very
■atefiil to teach him to ho very kind
io run
ning In to his mother, exclaiming
eagerly, "Oh, mother. I'm sure you
he Cl
will like Hie utile girl vh
Ctl a nice little
kind to nnlrnals,''
: !n
girl, mother
'■Him looks like a nice little gill.''
raid Erwin's mother, "and 1 think I
mid *i
I -lull like her.
But how I« id)« kind
i to animals
"Well." exclaimed Erwin, "wo hail
chestnuts Just
o worm in
nil she
! some
! V M . 1 ,
[ dldn t
! oil.
one, nnd
Philadelphia IL.-c
This little hoy, attending Sunday
1 Dtnodl for the flrat Uni", tvn» g
ImppKK.'d by the teacher and the
On return
ing home Ills mother questioned him
In regard to what was Halil and what
I'" lullst learn for hi* next lesson.
! larger boys of Hie clam
The child, lu a frank, open
aliflut God nnd love, and ti Indy
named Eve, and how she gave an ap
ple t"i n man called Adam, who nev
er gave her a hit." The mother, to
: lend him on. »aid "Who whs Eve?"
"Why. matoma. ehe «at Mrs, Eve
Add in, a friend of God's, who kept
■ house tn « garden." Philadelphia
1 Record.
say, re
van all
u It
As I work a* special delivery boy
fn the postolflcc, I thought you would
like to learn about It. My duty Is to
deliver special delivery letters and
Every day there arc
dl hont proper
Great care should he taken In wrlt
Ing ad dresse» plainly and putting
your name and address In the corner.
Millions of letters go to the Dead
Letter Office yearly on account of
f plain addresses. At Christ
maa time there was a general rush at
the pontoffice. Thousands of poat
cards came daily, with about two
hundred packages I slink on about
S 1 u worth of t'tsmps every day. The
money order system Is a good way of
sending money, and all valuables
should be sent by registered met).—
Clarence Randall, In the New York
Hazel McMullen Is a good horse
woman, and to that fact, probably,
several people owe their lives. As
driving is one of her chief pleasures,
presented her
her father recently
with a spirited horse, which unfor.
Innately took
"Hate Its splrltedne»« on« day when
Us young mistress bad taken a friend
to drive,
A fire In the centre of the town
occasion to demon
wade the occasion additionally luop
The principal street of the
is» fall of people, and a num
her of motor ears stood side by tide.
with barely enough room between
Hum for a vehlrle to pass. That the
r- !| l driver guided her runaway ln
tween two of these ears, without a
collision, and without running down
a pedestrian, is sufficient proof of
her horsemanship.
tance beyon^Ais a railway brtdg.-. and
the girl ry^t that If they reached
Hib It \ probably m- m death
to both hcrVlf and her friend. Kneel
Ing down and putting all her strength
into the effort, she pulled the horse
truck which had
The shock
K hs sudden halt throw her out. but
lout Injury.—Bee ltlve.
At the foot of a hill a short dis
! thought you would like to hear
! '•• « - <n «. >' • >'* > ■
don t know wliat a ««on cat is Ours j
is yellow and lit.! ! Hr t> about four !
Inches bus ail over his body, '*'« j
hair on his legs looks Ilk- little rant - ]
«loons and the hair around his neck i
is just like a muff We have it r.n ;
old black cat. too and we rail him
Niger, and the coon cat's name j
Rag*, rerha.-» you thick Ea-ts a[

and got
,1f. so that !» the reason w called
, have an old rocking
tffd Morris chair. The
against a heavy
halted by the roadside.
, , «.. : .
* and the Mor
Each He* In til*
. but at
both lb- In one chair,
coon ,.<t* an- very com»
• v ar leautlful -Catli
rocking chair I« I
rl* chair Is Niger
rhalr In the daytln
iw n
W her 1
Vickery, In the New York Trl
bird called
a brilliant scarlet
f tltfs. with iilacl^nulH feath*rn li*
in* well adapted ;
iny par*
Old World
Pb oonlcopterti
ThU bird li
»Mere it
!,rt 11,1 *
•"< '* ' " nd ' eT l
j 1« ■ a
■ ' 1 ! .' h * :
* ,
htllt like If
ad in K
h Of i» <
M>ak<-llk<- in
11 curiously »
r.ovcnrfi with tru
Ingo <an fly well, and live
The exi
r two or I hi
an run abo
The IIu
l:i flocks
ar« white, their j
>. and the young ;
it quite early.
•d la from five lo
g | x
feet high.
The Amerli
I* Iin Inhabitant of North America.
if Ils relative,
it ruber)
It builds a pot like nest. Its color in t
much the same an that
It la <
The flantlngoex belong to the orrlet
AilBcn a and ar of the gooae tribe
They have a hatilt of standing on on<
b'g. like many other stllt-leggia
birds Philip Schult/., in the Brook
li u Hugh*.
x feet high
cr's mother hud been mamng !
u flower garden on the sunny side of j
Hie house, just where nil flower gar -1
.!.d..'. M bâlhër.r'H. , ;î'nôn»amï !
v. llow daisies .. planted Mother j
bad told Hester how the spring rains
if poppy
und, and how
he little seeds
'ed and thrust
prepared th" t
the mill would kee|
until they apr
their pate green head* up through
th- black earth, to grow and grow
Into beautiful plant*, as told by Her
Ihn I! Stavcrt. In the Children's Mag
Hester begged a few seeds ami a|
place In the garden for her own flow
er bed; and mother lovingly watched
her little girl a* she raked the soft
dirt and patted It with her little fat
bands to make It ready for the a*eds.
Hester thought it most as much fun
a« making mud plea, to dig the ahai
tciw IrenAb-*, wlhlub, uUu. ware, not
very straight, and sprinkle the tiny |
reeds 111 them.
a zi no
It did not seem to
or three
fall into
matter a lilt to her that twi
sunflower seeds happened ti
the poppy row. Fancy the great vel
vety stalk* of the sturdy sunflower
lug beside the slender, falry-ltke
npplcs !
Every morning for several day*
Every morning for several day*
after the planting Heater would hur
ry annual to the side of the house
and search lier garden for the first
sign of u tender green shoot,
seemed to the anxious gnrdemjr as
If the seeds would never sprout. One
day the fat little fingers dug down
Into the soft, warm earth and pulled
tinby plant that was al
out of the
most ready to come
g ion nd.
See what you have
Put me hack In
bed, naughty child, or I'll
"Oh, ob!
done!" cried the Utile plant.
It s cold out here!
my warm
to death!'
llrster was so frightened that she
made n round hole with her chubby
thumb and stack the baby plant into
All day long she
ere hushing and raring;
for the plant baby Just ns mother ;
care.l for little sister. Hester Knew
that Dew Fairies werereal. because
she hud felt them kh* Iwr • ;
mils when she played i • B !
f0 "C«me. see all the little green
ot the ground,''
It in a hurry.
seemed lo hear the tender sprout cry
ing with the cold, and when she went
to iiod at night she dreamed that the!
Dew Fairies
after tea.
Next morning when she went out I
to the garden mother was there be-;
heads peeping out
called mother,
lilt to plant that someone has dis
turbed It looks very weak and pale,
and If It lives I am afraid It will be
a little cripple."
Hester's chin quivered and great
"But here Is a poor
big tears splashed -down the front of
Oh, you dear little plant baby, «
•1 dldu't mean to hurt|
hor clean frock.
she cried.
vmi, and I'U take good care of you
vvery day If you will only live—and,
1,1 TU^Hrote?'« mother, who knew!
i" hUt th lC fiow*ra° were* 1 growTng l °t ôok
how the flowers were growuip, uk h
I •• nit to oiei in her arms and icenttv
her little girl in n< r » r,u ® B,,u
lold her that the earth children must
not itUii-tYre with Nrire'S^^H
that they must help to make tha;
worl(1 peauttful and not destroy the
> ■ ; ,-i\ firing thing
j p ) nn t baby liTed because of
! j;,< s ter's care; cud perhaps tile Dew
j Fairies bad something to do with it;
- ] UM At any rate. It kept on growing
i an d getting stronger every day In
; 0 f its crooked stalk, until it
bu rei into bloom and was loadeJ with
j gorgeous red popples.
a[ --—--- _
,v sj
mont A statue of the discoverer will
b- àn veiled with w.v'"° sV at» cere
monies. , eW tW s "
- \uftY " eCT (
Ground* for Reversal Were That the
Hear Their Sentence Reversed
by Supreme Court.
Indictment* Were Not Properly
hound mid Defendant* Were
Denied Challenge*.
The eases of the
Jackaon. Tenn
eight night riders, six of whom were
charged I
Rankin, at Walnut I-og. on Reelfoot,
Lake, Oct. 19 last, were reversed by
the supreme court Saturday and were
remanded for new trial,
under the death nontence,
with the murder of Capt. Quentin
T he sly men who were under the i
, l( , a!h sentence, are Garrett Johnson, i
alleged leader of the night riders' or-I,
ganlzatlon In Obion county, Arthur
Cloar. Fred Pinion, 8am Applewhite,
Tld Burton and Itoy Ransom. The
other two, Hud dorrls and Bob Huff
man, were convicted of murder In the
second degree.
The opinion in the case was dellv-,
cd by Special Justice Henry A. Craft,
of Memphis, appointed in the stead of
Justice M, M. Nelli.
In reversing the ease he assigned
two principal rea-ions:
The first was that the grand Jury
which found the indictments against
the alleged night riders was not se
lceted In a proper manner. The grand
Jury w aB aelectod out of'a panel liant
c d by Judge J. E. Jones, the trial
Judge, whereas the law provides that
i.he panel must be chosen by at least
three member* of the county court.
ti,„ -„„„„a . . whinh
the | rlBl co " rt uphuld the state's eon
b!ntl ° n tbat the defendants
WHTi ' on *y e Dtit, e d *° th '' le K al »"■
her of challenges, twenfy-four, which
would apply If one man wa* on trial.
When uatice Craft concluded his
opinion, a atom, of applause broke
versai wuh based, was that the state
did not allow the defendants a suffi
cient number of challenges. The eight
were tried on a Joint indictment and
out In the court room, but was quick-1
ly stilled by Marshal Deeming and hla
deputies. T.ho prisoners will be taken]
back to Union City nnd an effort will
be made to secure their release on
hail, ponding a second trial of their
On the night of October 19, 1908,
Capt. Quentin Rankin and Col. R. Z.
Taylor were taken from the hotel at
Walnut Log on the bank of Reelfoot
Lake by the night riders, the former
waa fflingen ntm then snot, to death,
and t.be latter escaped by almost a
and t.be latter escaped by almost a
miracle. •
The cripie itself and the subse
quent. events of the campaign against
th night rldrs of Obion county by the
state troops, the sensational
which resulted in six of the defend
ants receiving the death sentence nnd
the other two, twenty years in the
penitentiary, form a chapter in the
criminal history of the state never be
fore equalled. It attracted attention
throughout the entire country and its
details ate still well remembered,
Diverse conditions prevailed in
Obion county, the scene of the night ]
rider depredations, as a result of the j
decision of the supreme court at
Jackson of the appeal of those con
victed as leaders of t.he elan, ln Union
City, among the residents sympathy
has largely been with the prosecution
and as a matter of course the decis
Ion caused no elation. Among those
of Reelfoot Lake, the home of the
principals, It was dllfereut. From !
(he countryside friends of the accused j
men came to Union City by the scores j
Those most active ln the prosecu
; t j on cons |,j Pr the situation now such
M ma y again assume a serious phase,
That , t w ,„ be difficult, probably im-,
; pog8lble> t0 BC cure a Jury to again :
! bpBr the cases is conceded, and as ;
yet no decision has been reached by
the representatives of the state as to
! the future plans. An Immediate trial
»« other cases of a similar nature
pending, however, is not looked for.
and learned of the reversal of the
tower court with a cheer.
Kaiser Will Take His
Summer Trip.
Berlin.—In spite of the Internal
political situation. Emperor William
has decided to take his customary
« gummer crulge , ln ,, ort f lern wate«, !
wh|eh „ WM recent , T repnrte d he !
I would forego There Is nothing in the
; situation that he 'cannot d*al wlt.h
^^XTLlunJÏL'kTng of'swe*
den at Sassnitz, where the two mon
.... . _ __ .
archs will Inaugurate p new steam
. . .. . . 0 .
»hip line between Sweden and Uer-J
town with his d aughter.
«Drop * Nickel or the Fire Depart
ment Cannot Be railed."
{ Trenton, N J.— 1 The lack of a nlck
p] ^ ' lnto a telephone slot and
the obstinacy of an exchange girl cost
Oscar F Niedt. once councilman of
| ^ 10 o'clock, and fastened
j to a telephone booth in the nelghb-
; hood to summon a Are engine.
i Being told to drop a nickel into tha
slot he discovered he had none,
_ _
A D. Mitre received Black Hand
j letter at Selma, and ran away from
Silver I.inlng to the (loud Scon bj
Government Hlatl-ticta»*.
Washington—The «liver lining of
the cloud« of bustne»* depression that
darkened the Industrial sky I* about
*» that the govern, ,.t
say during the month of Mav. The
statisticians* review of the lnterna
tlonal commerce of the United States
during that month, as shown by a
bulletin of the Department of Com
I erce and Labor, has an optimistic
While the volume of live stock and
grain movements was below that for
M*y of the l/eeedlng two years, and
there appeared also a slight check in
the upward trend of the coal and
, amber , raffk . t the transportation.
manufacturing and building actlvl
t) „ are reported as Improved,
The coke output and shipments
showed a continuous improvement
ln an *wer to the larger demand of
bp iron furnaces. Increased takings
, )f „»„o,, and woo , we re Interpreted
Indicating a greater activity ln the
textile Industry, while larger ship
ments of boots and shoes from the
chief distributing centers served the
statisticians as index of more regular
Industrial employment.
) The building activity in the larger
j cities of the country was reported as
! unusually heavy.
\ adopted at the meeting of members
1 °« the New England Shoe and Ix-ath
: r ' r Associât ton and others interest *1
j their meeting declaring that the
! president of the New England Shoe
„.land Leather Association set before
the senate and the house the views
of the New England boot, shoe and
leather industries and request a com
mittee to wait upon President Taft,
to impress their disapproval of the
clause in the new tariff bill which
takes hides off the free list, to the
\ end that his Influence may he se
Ncw England Industries l'car Beef
Trust Monopoly.
Boston.—Resolutions were were
J Pur ^ ln favor ° f su(,b rl«htrul de
te™«nn'">n ol the matter as shall re
m °. V * V*"' hardB t hl P and ln J U8tlc0
and curb a monopoly.
] Suits Filed Against Texas Oil Cor
Jackson, Mias.—Charging that the
Texas Company and Gulf Refining
Company, two Texas corporations,
are subsidiary branches of the Stand
ard Oil Company, that both have vio
lated the anti-trust laws of Missis
sippi. and asking for penalties ag
; gregatlng $11 .oeo.ono an*( perpetual
Injunctions restraining the concerns
from further operations in this com
monwealth, proceedings were filed in
the chancery court of Harrison coun
Union Company Indicted.
Cincinnati.—The grand Jury re
turned indictments against, the West
ern Union Telegraph Company and
Bingham Moorehead,, the latter be
Ing charged with running a bucket
shop and the former with aiding and
abetting by the leasing of wires for
the transmission of Information and
moneys. The Indictment of the West
ern Union is an innovation In the
fight of County Prosecutor Hunt to
rid Cincinnati of ucket shops.
Gould Remembers Couidhonse
New York.—Mrs. Katherine Clem
mons Gould, who was granted a de
cree of separation from Howard
Gould, has presented to various
attendants around the courthouse
w ho extended courtesies to her valu
able presents. An elevator attend
ant in whose car she rode four times
during the trial has received a gold
mounted amber cigar holder in a
gold case bearing the inscription:
"With many thanks from Mrs. How
ard Gould."
Would Deprive Ben Franklin i ' Hon
or Long Credited.
Paris.—France has declined to re
cognize Benjamin Franklin as the
inventor of the lightning rod, claim
ing that the honor belongs to a
French physician named Jacques de
Romo,a who ln 1760 ' two years
for, ' Franklin announced a means of
Present Fa.l.eres h.s accepted the
Presidency of a committee formed to
erect a monument to Romois as the
, , , , ,
real inventor of the lightning rod.
were Injured severely when a cry of
"fire" caused a iianlc In Krcss'3
five and ten cent store, while the
K-c-gc cmv.rn was ha^g IU opc,
Ing in a new location The five story
building was literally jammed with
people, principally women and chic
The Frencu
diverting lightning.
Academy of Science in 7 64 recognized
RoMos' claim to priority and now
The Higgins Company, of Beau
mont - Purchased a $25,000 interest
' n ,be Oullett Oil Company of Spider,
Shoppers Stampede When Some One
Cries "Fire."
Detroit.—Half a dozen women
Happening* of the Week Briefly
Told—The Latest News
From the Capital
For the fiacal year ended June 30,
government disbursements exceeded
government receipts $60,811,550.
Tb« debate in the Senate over the
income and corporation tax may con
tinue a month or more.
Ten per cent of the government
clerks may be affected by President
Taft'a "weeding outt" order.
The Department of Agriculture
will facilitate the importation "f jaiSj
tie from Honduras. 1
process is causing great uneasiness
among the employes of the Depart
i ment of Commerce and Labor.
The Senate finance commltee's sub
| committee on tobacco decided to pro
hlblt coupons In tobacco and snufr
j Packages.
I Orville Wright made three success
! ful flights in his new aeroplane at
| bon Myer, remaining in the air
about twenty-two minutes all told.
On the final vote on the corpora
amendment. the Senate
adopted the measure 60 to 11. many
of the Democrats voting with the
Surgeon General Wyman is work
ing out a plan at the suggestion of
out' useless clerks in the government
President Taft, to consolidate all of
tile government health bureaus.
Protest against the effort to pre
vent the use of coupons to stimulate
the tobacco trade was made by rep
resentatives of the so-called tobacco
trust before a subcommittee of the
senate finance committee.
Senator Cummins spoke on the In
come tax amendment from the time
the senate session opened until short
ly before the senate adjourned and
defended the Income tax as the most
Just of all taxes.
Thorough investigation will be
made by the state department, both
here and in Honduras, into the
charges affecting Consul William E.
Alger, who recently was transferred
from Tegucigalpa to Puerto Cortez.
Preliminary work has begun at
Panama otf the locks of the isthmian
canal. By the end of the summer
construction in force will commence
on those important adjuncts to the
| tlon tax
great waterway.
Demand on Guatemala for a thor
ough investigation into the killing of
William Wright, a negro American
clftsen. who was clubbed almost to
death and then lynched in Gaütemala
last December, has been made by
American Minister William Helmke
at Guatemala City.
Republican members of the finance
committee of the senate have agred
upon a genial advance in the tobac
co schedule of the administration ,
part of the tariff bill. The increase
on cut and plug tobacco And cigars
and cigaretts amounts to abqut 20
per cent over the House rates.
Income and corporation tax ques
tions wero discussed in the Senate.
Among those who spoke were Sena
tor Root, of New York, who advocat
ed the corporation afid opposed the
income tax; Senator Borah, of Idaho,
who took opposite sides with Mr.
Root, and Senator Owen and Senator
Clapp, who favored the income tax
Twenty-three vacancies have
curred among the offleers of the
United States Navy during the fiscal
year which ended July 1st. Seventeen
more must be created either by vol
untary or compulsory retirement in
order to comply with the law which
requires forty annually above the
grade of Junior lieutenant.
Petitions for rehearing on the
charge against them ocfotne pmtnnn
charge against them of contempt of
the United States Supreme Court .«
were received by the clerk of JjÉj
court from Sheriff J. F. Shipp.
Jeremiah Gibson and Lhthei^V Jr
Hams, three Tennesseeans, s^L „S
of having failed in their duty
vent a lynching.
Charged with using the United
States mails for lottery purposes, pro
prietors of three Chinese shops were
arrested. In each of the places a
large amount of gambling parapher
nalia was found. The raids on the
places were made by Postoffice In
spectors Keene and Barclay, assisted
by about a dozen members of the lo
cal detective and police force.
For the first time in American a
belicoptre, a heavier, than air type
ot flying machine which depends on
atrial screws for its lifting powers,
has successful)- lifted itself with an
rperat.o>\ A machine built by J.
Newton Williams, of Derby, Conn,
an.! F.nlle Beniner, of this city, lift
ed Sir WH'lan,* from the ground on
three occassion3.
The commitee appointed by Secre
tary Wilson, composed of Dr. A. D.
Melvin, of the Bureau of Animal In
dustry, and Geo. P. McCabe, solic
itor of the department, which inves
tigated the charges of J. F. Harms
that the Federal meat inspection ser
vice at East St. Louis was "rotten
and a farce." reported that the In
spectors there were honest men and
performing their duties efficiently
and that no meat had been passed
which was unfit for numan food.

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