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When the Tempest Comes
tVI.-n the I
Willi l.i th
An- ,
il-f-o* * way.
V r th* wlr.it» tn «*•
mu»« rnar'.h to M» «».urn* that â*y'.
n Is)
1 ■- »tay;
•1 tl.i
» .
Kte M
•• V'/'J k««.
A Ma I
Vi >
. 1
JIA/V/Ü) j
#yj.4XTTXvy j
tv«. t>r in 'j su r. Pun Co )
lng at tny hotel lu Buf ;
A man of marked Individuality j
Ito was
help me
tall and
I could not
slender build
of ,'i ; ;
le, white
.Ink complexion. I
about sixty years
;efl him to
Over our after dimer cigars, wo
got Into
the h<
eipinHy well on matters of pro
tnrest and of ancient
On local,
iv< nation, In the office III j
1 fi
ent In- I
nd modern hla
xdo economic rpics
ws that were both
novel nud suRgeatlvo
fonces were pr< Kjmnt
tlori. and h< intlllatful with kindly
and genuin® humor.
After half m
His short sen
with informa
'm ronversatlon
v\> hsiiKwd
* M Barron Monk Hoi
I i
gentleman before
•oemed stranrely fs
had never met the
th«* name
I couldn't
al I tar
got over V •« Idea that I had beard it
in sumo t nun' ' tion
The mitt day Mr llowann proposed
a walk, and I r« rwiily asNont«»d. Wo
walked up Main »trc<rt f'»r Home «11»
im ' I fiMi
wiiii broken by Mr HowHon, who »aid:
"I never have come to Buffalo with*
gU tl [ I I
adventure that Im fell
it nuniirkabl,
o In Ibis city,
when I wu i\i
clown by tho water
front, alone. I wan watching the mn
Jestlc How of Niitr.irn, its It swept si
lently iil« i ■. when suddenly I wan
m l/e I heil I imI by two tall, pow
d, bound and bundled
Into a row linkt , In w hich my raptors
took mo over to tho i'anadlan aide—
tinta' ! ut bank
Im,, I w p 0l0
been employed
to Fort Erie
"Arrived there, I «us Informed that
1 bad been urn Med
robbery tn l#ondon.
It wu» alleged, I had h
a» ftHHlstant «nshler. 1
Informed that my
auch a nnnio as DawkinH! Tho thing
wan Impossible, on th«» face of It.
"But it wn» In vain that I declared
n»y Identity, and prnt<*Hted my !nm>
c«»nco. TI»o men know me perfectly
well, they averred. They could not
be in I »la ken In me
"From'Fort Erie, despite all my pro
test», entreaths and threats, 1 w
flurried «>ff t«» Toroutp. Fr<
th«>ugh I begg«»d for an opportunity of
laying my co»«v before the American
Consul, 1 wns tak«»n t
hurri«*d alnxiid a boat bound for l.lv
"When I came up for my prelimi
nary examination at Bow Street po
lice court U was t«> be greeted by a
to renin of laughter from tho wltm»sst'ft
for the prosecution laughter directed
at tho dotoctlvcs, fur the prosecution
Inimodlstoly perceived that I «us not
tho 'Thomas Dawkins' whom they
une wn» Thomas
Imagine any man having
Montreal, nud
"WVU, Mr, that laugh
a« the only
compensation 1 «»ver got for the iu
dignity and Inconvenience t
ba«l been subjected.
r then set at liberty; and to
my threats of vengeance for abduc
which 1
7 /G
, t
tlon the detective* retorted that It
would he best for me to get out of
tho country os quickly as possible, or.
they assured tin If 1 », isn't a crim
Inal, thiy would very soon make me
one "
"A most remarkable and distress
Ing experience," 1 observed. "But
did you not appeal to the American
Embassy in l.omlou for redress?'
"No, sir." Mr. Howson replied. "I
ara* young and Inexperienced; and I
It was on my return voy
a'ter ft pause,
A man of marked individuality of
did sot.
ace." be Continued.
in 'j su r. Pun Co )
"Uial I ltnhlhed that pas
sea wlileli led mo
a profession.
'On my ui
•ded In at
.n for the
to adopt tho navy
val In Ne
Y. uk I snr
nyaelf to a man
many years I
id myself ln a position of rc
blllty and hotior.
"Hut one day off tie
French coast
red which was tho
an Incident
f my almndii
» seafaring
life, and saying farewell forever to
nil the dreams of fame,
been so dear to mo
"Ten miles out
espied a small rowl
hi«h had
from I lav
»at ln which was
V fl pT'
"Well, who
w»» Dai
I a woman, making signals
; Wi,lf " f 7
Hi ft herVotiH and almost hysterical
, '" n ' ll,1 ' >n ' t ' 1 "' ' 1 a ! ... to
N ' w Yorl<; an< l thither wo took her.
if distress
ered u boat and
j n,> #'**"! f«»itune to i.s.-ui* her
" U ,H ,l ,miü >tor > : but 1 ,l,M ,l °^
! ,,ia ' < ' all, "' rclpro, nt.-d the nf
b-.tU.n »Ith whirl, she Inspired me;
I 3,ul on ° ,,r arrhal ln N,,w Vork wc
us the most beautiful youn«,
Ifldy ! had ev«*r B« , «»n. Hho
was Klveu
nies», will)
rnaku the
Into tho car« of tho st,
(11,1 all li
her p,
er to
"Next morning our fair guest
»ought me out nud told me her story.
A Polish lady of royal bleed, «lies,»
family hnd lived In Purls for many
years, her name «as Carltra I.udov
Itiskl. Driven to d< spernth n tiy tho
Importunities of her parents, who In
sulted her upon her marrying n
wealthy but profligate neble, nan of
Bohemia, for the purpose ef rehabili
tating their abattoir.1 fortunes, Car
lira tied from Paris, and, reaching tho
roast, ensl herself upon tho merry of
Providence, putting out to s- alone,
In the small boat, from which it
were married ln th«
tutetest possible
1 at tune gave up the ««-a.
n to the Joys of a homo
to sottie d<
I life ashore.
"Bui, alas! my happiness
Within two month»
mnrnA ^*'
: leaving me
vas short
Csrlt/a sickened and died,
lonely, heart broken
j By this tim«* wo h.nl reached Niag
> ara str«»®t, by various cuts and turn
to me. While
listening to
stories I had b« «*n thinking about his
nd 1 asked him iu a casual
y companion » strange
nrt of
"Pardon mo. Mr. Howson; but you
ar«' not ot German d« 8« ent?"
' N", sir," he replied. "Why do you
"Well, I don't kno
v. exactly; but
j * thought yours might bo an Angli
ei-tctl foi tn «if an old German oatni."
"Uh, I see! 1 limt Intended to toll
you that Howson Is not
family name,
attaining my majority
"It came about In this way: When
1 «as a boy. other boys, after listen
ing to my conversation for a while,
would *a> 'Oh. >es, yon remind me
of Larron Monk Howson!' 1 could
never And out who this Howson «a*
»hom 1 so strongly resembled, but 1
concluded that he must have been a
F'ly my
1 merely adopted it on
gnat man; and as I did not Bke my
own name. 1 determined to adept hla"
"You »ere quite right in teng so."
1 remarked. "You remind nv, also
of the gentleman whose name you
adopted, but in the German they spell
'"Daron Munchausen'."
"Well, «ho «as Huron Munchausen,
anyway?" was the naive query.
In his own line," I answered, "he
»us the greatest man that ever
, lived", and I politely declined, for the
j time being, to satisfy the gratleman
| further iu regard to bla llAalrioua
i namesake.
That right I IcirtiM from th* ho
tel clerk, who bad seen me with How
eon act! took an opportunity of ask
ing me If "the old man had been
throwing It loto me,' that he anl
Mr. Howson came from the same '
'mall city tn Pennsylvania, where the
latter was
In the
imp <,>>-( as floorwalker
0 < r rK> * * ,,,re ln * '*
» had been with the firm
pi»' e.
ever since he left school, when a bor.
I didn't want to be hard on th® o! j
man; but 1 thought a
h i n #
flT rr J .. a * . * #l l * ! , 1 i? '
< n' I harwL'i ti «h* T. u* r> *
Mr h Jilt r " h Vf .
Mr. Howson, which read a* fob,
broad him
> ou -
' !>enr Sir—In reply to your Inquiry j
concerning the German celebrity, Bar
on Munchausen, I beg to inforn
that his reputation
stands suprern«
over that of any man in everyday Ilf
or in the world of fiction, as that • f
easing an incomparable f •
Ing his hearers with
Incredulity.—Yours." etc.
one p<.
f «ilty for fnp|.
Earlier Maturity and C-eater We.(jet
Secured in P ants Thus Treated.
It Is now tc
1 yeara since the Danish
ho etherized and
hi* cond
ri-sted as
-hat I ,
that while In
discover. I
lon could l <3
effectively as by
lying naturally donnant through tho
Exiierlmental work along this line,
recently conducted
at the Vermont
uproars to iiidl*
hod may be ti--d
' 0.11 men ially for ,ho forcing of early |
spring e: s. Jus, as It has lue,, I
o a limited '•'C-nt In the control ol
the blooming of Easter lilies. i
«'tperlrnent Mat!«>n,
cato that this
Homo rhubarb root» which
rcre dug
1 to freeze wer«
■i bur about the mlrldls |
In tho fall and alio
put In a cool
of December iin.l allowed tc
gradually. Half of tho root' wore sulw I
thertxed for fot tyn (
hour-T In an air tight box. using ethef |
cntlmeters to I
m , n
pi ,nts ,
and it was found that tbe ether-treated
plants uniformly gave larger yields
In some li-i-aii-es as high as »0 P .-r
7. ..77'':
« nt "am *.uly duritM ;
;;.7„ , 7V ,n ! ';..
urai rosi' ' ' ' ' 1
In early yield* the relative fault*
iil.'hliut. the an r.u--- of at:,!..,
other-treated p'lns l.t hr* ». •* np r < • *it j
for Ihe first picking ' SC per rent
.id and neue than 25 per ent fof
later picking*.
The quickening of the vital procers' 1
«•s ropultinR from th«» ether-treating of j
the durn i nuL_pluiiA'T_pciul-U4M»4*-*
ed Increase in the Wright of the prod-]
uct, as wuJl as Inducing early ma
nt the rate of ten cubic
a cubic foot of
Treatiie-nt i
conduct«»«! on difTi'nijt lots at
o to four weeks.
were then gi
%it h untreated
intervals of
Such plants
nnjunctbm »
A More Attractive Subject.
snowy day Eugene
Cowles praised the winters of Egypt.
"You sail tn Icy weather," h*» said,
"and In a few dnvs the Azores ar®
reached, and fr
of bananas and
the mild nlrs of May float to you.
"Then you enter the Mediterranean
and It gi
Tho sea and sky
sun more splendid, the air sweeter
and purer.
"Finally you reach Cairo, with its
picturesque coloring and its
oils hot«*ls—its hotels where every
one In the world who can afford it
I goes for nt least one winter,
j "The odd characters that one meet*
I In Cairo!
"Iu the cafe nt Shepenrd's hotel 1
c«» saw two I.tondon costermongers,
"They s
On n
■ IT these islnmls
connut s and dates
« armer.
nil buttons
nml perfumery, ntni snt down neuf
me at a
" 'Who
iggered In,
table beside a banana palm»
wu/ Pharaoh. 11111?'" whltf t
» first hoarsely.
pored th«
" Never mind.' the other answered
'Here's the bill o' fare.' "
The Guest.
• <*t to b®.
•ihn 1 ®pr
Iles l gave to him,
m«Im I said.
• 1
W Ide
l air th
O. ! labored night and day,
Eagerly to pnivo
Tills Ï did for l ove
. k
I.ove ho 'o*'k my
As bis rightful «1
uM not laugh,
e\ov\ mood —
8l\ I v m«u
This U
e did f
Think that l i
;• d.
le fold.
Smile up«'
Sin« e 1.
o is
y guest.
Could th«»\ look Int «■» my henrt
Well l know they'd nay;
••\\ rt hires
Bid him go aw
h. h:» ;
U himself—
Put though ex
He has son
Y*'t l suffer him
He In at 111
y In 1
f grace
m> KUi'i
in Now
Orleans Ttmes
More Than the Girl Could Stand.
Arthur Stringer, «hose short stor
ies and novels are so well known.
considering certain alterations in »
manuscript which an editor had sug
Res tod to him. and was talking the
matter over »ith his wife the othei
morning, tn tho midst of their
versatton one of their maids
Irish girl only recently landed —
passed through the room Mr. String
cr »»s at that moment saying In his
most serious tones:
"I guess t'U kill Mr. McToole."
; The maid fled and has not beer
j »een since: and now Mrs. Strlnget
Marnes her husband for the loss of ar
■ excellent servant and deplores th«
. fact that the missing girl doubtless
| thinks him a murderer.
"It 1* doubtful If the Orinoco conn- ]
try will be properly opened up during !
nt g- neratlon unless a radl- 1
cal change of administration takes
place," writes a South American trar- ;
, \? r . "it, population today la heller- !
<d to he actually le:ts than It was
hourly four c^niuri«*» ago
The In- 1
»-.Unrit» In such t> ar of the Vene
and hl* gov-mrr.ent that he
follow the small
* r wat,rwa y B of fhe CM*na region or I
ta L e overland trips through tho virgin ,
r *ther than use the broad high
wa F ^ ;:it * 8 his rightful heritage from
count!-** ancestors. This disappear
ance of the Indian has greatly imped
ed the gathering
frequently prefen t
of rubber, tonka |
• ir h and other natural products, and
- -nri- Immigration Is not encouraged
nnd continuous revolutions have scat
j ,
Tier a project on
at '' -S-I a colony
* 11 : n tin I in - and Gen. |
: 1 I' * - e y to favor It; but
■ ns a-'-ert that this Is ;
I (lcliti rs. no' tie
col miration. !
, ... i
this -
was amazed at -
-ndltlon of the country.
- I or killed the settlers of Euro
and mixed descent It would
■ m that the country Is steadllv rot
iizradln g
•( an
f I!o
a chance
"1 sailed 200
the primeval
g! -I lit
Interesting relics from tho frigate
Pon--Jtution. the proposal by Secre
( aI y ,,f t | lt , Sivy Bonaparte to destroy
wMch was f. at. .1 by vigorous pro
• ... •. -- of J. A.
M urphey of l'hlla-lelphla. They are
i he logbook and ledger kept during
I he command of Commodore Charles
Stewart, says tho Philadelphia Led
It was the Intercession of the Miss
es Stewart of Philadelphia, descend
ants of tho commodore, that
tuoRt Instrumental In creating a sen
tlme v» Jor tho preservation of the
old h»
Ttie -honk emhrnoes the period
from fiecemher, 1813, to May, 1815,
including some of tho most Important
naval U'tles of Um wai of im 2 . it
• tndw „„iiiMv
that rf Commodore Stewart himself.
" in a ">»«•* «>«*
tcr-of-fart stylo tho thrilling; Incidents
!i: " : ,h "
ore Intel li>c stories la th* recital
0 *J?* ° f , ' be ,
' ' r ' ' n,s *'' r ° !
° mr, ' rs aru * nion . a «d is an account of ;
"» »> to W- *>'«- H* I
"''V 7 Angn * "• ,so:! '
offlcer ' of th
Constitution at that j
Hunters find tho mosquitoes a ter
jiarts of northern Scandl
writes: "Th<* warmth of
From nose to tall, from hoof
to withers, their unfortunate bodies
ritti what might be taken
at a casual glance for gray blanket
clothing, but w hich is really a textile
mass of seething insect life, so closely
set that you could not anywhere put
your finger on the bare hide.
rlble pest in
navi a. One
the sun is rousing our deadly enemies,
the mosquitos, into active warfare.
Attacked as wo are by a few score of
viciously plplns skirmishers from the
mighty host, we have before advanc
ing to look to the Joints of our har
ness nml don our gantlets; then in
descending the long slope toward our
bivouac the scores of tho foe are grad
ually multiplied to hundreds, the hun
dreds to thousands, the thousands to
myriads, till we are at length envel
oped in a
The hors-s are a distressing
are covered
game of cards.
ThlR Hfo Is hot
Which morts.
Pat h Muiflb-s. «
And « ach a
tils havo to learn ;
•tits und «1* .ils Ui« pat k.
trump doth turn.
high card to the top.
tliish of trumps.
pome bring
And oth
hand quit
e hold «
While other®
s •
practiced hand,
with care.
Some shuffi® "1th a
And I'm k the «aids
w they ar
So they k
Where all the 1
of rogue®.
do th«' du»»
Thu 1 » fools a
While rog«
And he is v*
*nch «>th
wise hui'
« eta d< fe
out the
•me thro
play ins.
Some play th« vi• ••
Hut many play the
ntll the gi
they count u
Tbe v
•dn to
the ten.
; kna\e.
some play for fun—
dly fa —
8.1m' .
I And so
1 out
their gain.
s pc
: •
• >r love.
«•' pi
When h
And t'>
N«' tl- •
III be
rts are
! ■
sure rules t
kvtk cur joy
•sy bower.
i> s
A remarkable pamphlet on the sub
Ject of retrogression of memory or
thinking backward has Just been pub
lished by Col. Rochas, a former di
rector of the Polytechnic ithe French
WoolwlchL who U endeavoring «•
the iruih of the theory of incar
He has hypnotized a number
of persons and made them believe
they were ten. thirty and even fifty
younger than their actual ages,
Some remarkable experiments were
made with a woman of 35. who was
hypnotized, and to whom it was sug
gested that her age was gradually
diminishing. While in the hypnotic
state she described Incidents in her
life that occurred when she was 20.
She told of her confirmation at the
age of 14. and described her theft of
a half-penny from her grandfather.
] Between San Fernando and Ciudad I
! Bolivar, which are about the name
1 distance apart os are Mlnneapolla and
St. Louis, It Is estimated that there
; are fewer than 1,000 permanent set
! tiers, spart from the Inhabitants of
Calcars and one or two other small
1 villages.
moreorer, lire among auch wretched
surrounding® that one wonders that
they find life endurable.
Most of these settlers,
I evidence of modern progress that I
, witnessed during the entire trip was
a windmill and of the various craft
se sighted not one was propelled by
The only
"Yet the natural wealth and fertll
| lty of this region are boundless. The
cattle of the llanos, as is well known,
yield the finest hides that the shoe
should employ a fleet of steamers.
During my visit to that town, how
ever, the cattle Industry was so de
| pressed that animals on the hoof
brouaht only fr>. The rubber forests
; of the upper Orinoco are as yet al
most untouched, except on the mar
eins of the streams, and the valuable
! balata rubber, which Is comparatively !
i , , , , ,
- m w to commerce. Is found at various
- points from tho delta to tho LUa !
manufacturer can prcrctire, and with
cheap river freights the traffic In
hldr-s from San F> rnando alone
Commodore, Charles ,
Stewart; lieutenants. James R. Cald- j
well, Michael B. Carroll and Joshua I. 1
Maxwell; midshipman, Clement Bid
dle, and sailing master, Alexander C.
Harrison. The name of Dr. Samuel
R. Marshall also appears.
The lMK)k is an example of old
fashioned thoroughness. It Is hand
ruled in rod ink with the precision of
a lithograph. The entries are in bold,
clear script, as legible as if they had
been written yesterday.
Iu contrast with the luxurious clr
eumstances of an officer of a modem
man-o'-war Is the entry against LleuL
Caldwel1 He ev1deatl J r had recourse
to 0 alo P<' hp8, . from which at tho
P re8 " nt rtay tho ^'"»ary seaman only
18 *"*?, out '', lttl Nothing and other
' ' Khl "" 8, ', m ' r 'J 11 ' h «V'"f "
Advance of Slops Lient. Caldwell
is charged on the dates Jan. 31, and
July U, UO«, With « l«l.ty OM«» and
it had ».0«, ur.****** mmm
to prw»ant the old rwoords to some ajv
propriate hUtorieai taty. in Mew
" r lh " fu " l ' n! ' 1 'r-nsMes will
probably become it sol f a national mu
seum. he now thinks that their most
appropriate resting place will be on
the old vessel.
"For such small creatures mos
quitoes exhibit an astonishing amount
of character and diabolical Intelli
gence. They dash through smoke,
creep under veil or wristband like a
ferret into a rabbit hole and when
they can neither dash nor creep will
hide their time with the cunning of a
red Indian. We wore stout dogskin
gloves, articles with which they could
have had no previous acquaintance,
and yet they would follow each other
by hundreds In single file up and
down the seams, trying every stitch,
in the hope of detecting a flaw."
And the same writer concludes:
"The problem presents itself. Why
are these vermin so horribly blood
thirsty and so perfectly formed for
sucking blood? It is one of tho great
mysteries of nature. On the uuiuhabit
ed stretches of Einmark they must as
a rule exist on vegetable diet, the
chances of blood so rarely occurs."
\\ «* slnx we da
. sw«*f t vers«*« make,
* remain® at top
t t
And whilt- one truim
Our game ® a holiday.
Whe., diamond.*« cha
The phi ye
to crown the top
stake their gold.
ire bet and won
ng and old.
An<l heavy sums
By gamblers y<
Doth watch
vith eager eye.
Ib w he may ®«-e h'.s neighbor's cards.
And beat them
ch his game
the sly.
When clubs a
On o
For bit
mp*. look out for war,
s always come
held 1
Then lives
Th.-* .b'g® of wa
staked. Instead of gold,
re freed
. and we se®
That club® have eot the lead.
e of ad. Is when the spado
, Is turned by hand of Time.
He always rb-als the closing game
ry age and clime.
«bar count
t*er how much ?ach man wins,
uch each
Or bo
The spnd' will finish up the game
And dig the "-amblers 1 grave.
— New Oilcans Ttmes-DemocraL
; Gradually she relapsed Into baby lan
guage. and at last her words became
: unintelligible, and she could only
1 ***"*••
j Co " R ^ cl )* 8 Tt ! nt on wlth hl * 1 ne »
| name was j ean Bourdon, and that sh«
; was a villager. Col. Rochas caused in
! qutries to be made, and found that a
| man 0 f tha{ name jj ad || ve q j n tlle
village the woman mentioned as far
I back as 1S12. After three-quarters of
an hour's further questioning the
; woman replied in the voice of an old
i woman called Carterot.
j Experiments were also made with
two other women, and both gradually
! grew more childish tn mind and voice
until they relapsed Into the speech
j and the actions of babyhood.— London
The cost of living in this country
lor the eight years to July 1. IMi.
according to Dam's Index Number,
states that New York Times,
has ri e sa 36.7 per cent.; that Is.
wholesale prices represen t ing. In due
relation to per capita consumption,
the cost of breadstuff*, meats dairy
and garden products, and other food
clothing metals and m!scellanecea|
products like lumber, glass, paint»!
and drugs have risen since 1S9T from
72.455 to 98.312. The prices of many
hundred commodities, embracing prac
tically all the necessities of life, are
Included In this ror-imning
FITS permanent iv «»ure«l. No fits or n<*rvou<
nest ®ft*»r first day s
NarveRestorer, ft- cn%!t«»tti
Dr. B. H.Ki.mi, Ltd. Ml Arch «*t .,l»hila,Pa.
As trade
enough gold out of the * *rth.
of I>r. Khn»«'s lîr-at
ad treat
*un-l*. toerc la net
Things to Remember.
Thai prudent j«»ople and good bu«i
less in-'n take every precaution tttf
„hon lea'» expected. Vl.i* tai u 3
pr-rents Anal lUnMter. and is the first
requisite for The home »nd the bnsi
less man That in this portion of she
South there is no more successful and
ÎJ* er ootn ! llln - v 'hop The Mississippi
" 0In " Insurance l ornpany. which is
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Pi® resources, and tins jiaui ont mil
;i(m , of dollM> in fll0 s ^ ttth- Agk lU#
! igent iu yonr town.
Mr. Carnegie wishes he were n tiny
igain among the melon patches. But.
if his wish could be granted, svhat 1
then would become of the library in
j dustry? asks the Baltimore American,
Taylor's Ctmrok*-« ltem^dy of Hw»*M Onuj
and ilullen Is Natur®'» areat remedy—Cur* I '
Coughs, Colds, Croup and Constipation,
and all throat and lung troubles. At drug,
fists, Afo., 5(k\ h' 1 ~\ 00 pv«r bottla,
Sheet Iron can now he rolled so .
thin that It takea 15,000 sheets to
make a single Hch In thlrkneas.
( »(»rrh Lmimim
reacli the seat ol tt»e dise,
blood or coustitutiouAi «li.-e'iitst»,
to cure it you must lukt* »uteri __
liall's Caturru Pure is taXon Interualiv, auti
" Uh directly ou th«* blood m\ \ mucoussurface
llall'« C®twrn i ure k* not a quack m«Hli«-ine.
It wii» Ltreecrlbevl by one of the i -i |>liysi
ciau» iu this country lor yenr*. hjuI is u reg
ular prescription. It in compoi-«*d of tbe
test tonic* kuotfu, oorubiued \>iiu th** J.t^t
blood purine rs, act tug dire, tiv ,, u lb#* mu
cou» surfaccn. Tu« porfect com»»iriftuon of
the two ingredients what produces such
wonderful rwuIts iu curing cuturru. bead
lor testimonials, free
they cannot
« utarrh is a
d in order
r. J. I'uisiv A ( ..
, Trip«., Toledo, O.
Bold by druggists, pnee 75.-.
lake Hall's Fu
ly Bill® lor constination
Ons reasaii why there are so few
J100.000 men od the pny rolls H< flint
there are too many follows ready to
I do twieo the work for half the money,
asserts the Wnshington Post.
With Irritating tikla Hu
— finir
tu fWll Out—\W'<»u«I«*rfnl Unult
From Cutlcura Heiuc-dle».
"About the latter j*art of July my whole
body began to itch. I did not take much
notic® .kf it at tiret, but it began'to get
wora® mil the time, and then 1 began to
get uneasy and tried all kinds of batAs and
other remedies that ''tre recommended
for skin humors, bu- I became worse all
th® tuna. My hair began to fall «rut and
my ®r®lp it®h«d all the time. Especially
«t night, ju» f as soon as 1 would get in
bed and get warm, my whole body
begin to itch, and my finger nail® would
keep it irritated, and it
fore I could not rest night or day. A
friend oekeil Pip to try the ( uticura lieme
die®, and I did. a®d the tirât application
helped m® wondjgftiLy. For about four
weeks I would Ifife* a hot bath every night
and then apply th® Cuticura Ointment to
my whole body, and «. kept getting better,
and by the time 1 used four boxes of Cu
ticura I wa« entirely cured and my hair
■topped falling c it. D. E. Blankenship,
319 N. Del. bt., Indiana] olis, Ind. Oct.
27. 1905."
not long be
Greeting the worst nna mnmng irr,
host of It is the charm possessed by
the man with the genius of sqpcess,
tvows the Louisville □erald.
Car®« Can«
tr, Hlood Poleou and Rite®*
If you hnv® blood poison producing erup
tions, pimples, ulcer®, swollen glands,
bump® and linings, burning, Itching skin,
copper-colored spots or ia»h on the skin,
mucous patches in mouth or throat, falling
hair, bon® pains, old rheumatism or foul
catarrh, take Botanic Blood Balm (B. B. B.)
It kills the poison in th® blood; soon all
»ores, eruptions heal, hard swellings sub
•ide, acnes and f«ains stop and a perfect
U mad® ®X the worst eases of Blood
For cancer, tumor®, swelling®, eatin
son»«, ugly ulcers, persistent pimple® of ,
kinds, take B. B. B. It dretroys the «'on^er
poison in the Mood, heals cancer of all
kinds, cures the worst humors or suppur
ating swelling®. Thousands cured by
B. after all else fails. B. B. B. composed
of pur® botanic Ingredients. Improve®
the digegti'/n, mak*-s the blood pure and
rich, stop® the awful itching and all sharp,
•ho«iting pains. Thoroughly
thirty years. Druggists, tl per large bot
tle. with oompket
. B.
tested for
directions for hom®
Sample fro® and prepaid by writing
Blood Balm Co., Atlanta (la. Daacrib®
trouble and fr*»® medical advia® also *tnl
Id sealed letter.
The Atlanta Constitution says: Ab
important phase of the rural invasion
of the telephone has been Its per
ceptible effect on the value of lands.
It is of record that two or threw
years after the establishment of lines
through the country districts th*
prices of lands begin to rise rapidly;
Immigrants come ln with greater free
dom; hamlets develop into towns;
crossroads develop into hamlets—and
In the meantime quotations for wild
and Improved lands are steadily ad
vancing. The thing is, of course, coo
new as yet to permit any broadcast
prophecy in this direction, but th*
healthful trend ts already appal«
Even with steel-tipped snow shovel*
selling for twenty-nine cents aplecq,
the average householder finds it cheep*
er to hire somebody to ahorcl off his
walk, observe* the Boehm Globe.

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