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• • • •
I I., October 22.—There
I things that one rune
leling about the world
[trange that one is dlf
telllng of them for fear
n the Information is 1m
that af^K;
fldent abofl
those to whl
parted will think that the truth is be
ing strained a little. In such category
must come the fish market in Hono
lulu to people accustomed to seeing
fish of temperate waters there is no
t^irfprehensoin of the strange forms
that denizens of the deep take on in
those countries where the water is
continually warm
When I first walked down the aisles
of the Honolulu fish market I had to
take a sudden reef in my memory to
see if I had been drinking anything re
cently that would give one queer
visions. I did not exactly see blue
monkeys with green tails, but I saw
sucjv verlgated coloring and such im
possible shapes In fish that I thought
,/tny mind must have become warped
by the climate.
We are so accustomed to having a
certain shape in our minds when fish
are mentioned that we cannot asso
ciate any other shape with the finny
tribe, but that idea received a severe
jolt when I saw a trunk fish lying on
the Counter, looking all tie world like
a grotesque Japanese jewel box.
Imagine a fish about five Inches long,
with square sides and entfc, separated
by sharp corners. At one end a queer
little snout surmounted tp two beady
eyes, and at the other 8 caricature
of a tail, while two little fins adorn
the sides. If your imagination is good
you can see in your mind'seye a trunk
fish. It is not edible, bit when it
-ja taken in the net with ither kinds
sent to market as a curiosity,
it the trunk fish is mid in com
parison with the puppy eel. Take the
most loathsome, slimy an ale that you
can conceive of, and in pace of a
Bnake head put on it the lead of a
new born puppy, ears and all, and
you will have an object thd will fill
you with disgust. Hawaiian eat this
sort of animal with relish.
sort of animal with relish.

I could go on enumeartitg queer
and disgusting fish for some ime, but
there are so many that are eautiful
beyond description that I thiik there


will be more Interesting to yo', What
I considered most beautiful if all I
saw, was a little fish about he size
and shape of the common p^ch of
American waters.
It was Qlicate
pearl in color, Its flesh transucent,
and at intervals were bands 01 blue,
green, yellow and gold, as perfet in
color anl size, as if they had been
laid on with artist's brush. They
looked like the coloring of nest
Dresden china, and ran around the
body in perfect proportion, eqiSdis
tant from each other. There ere
fish entirely blue of color so ran as
to make one dream of summer s
again there were red ones, yebw

The Auditoriun
To-Night and
All Week
10cVaudeville /
Matinee Saturday from 2 to 6.
i Children 5c
Adults 10c
Something Interesting
One nice 5-room Residence and Lot 52Jxl37« close in on Miller Street, for
$1550.00, $150 cash, balance monthly.
One 5-room Residence, close in, for $1100,OOf sold at once. Don,t fail to
see this Bargain. I
One nice Four-room Residence and Lot, on Rby Street, for $900. Terms,
cash $150, balance $20 a month.
Four nice vacant Lots, close in town. Prices .^00 to $250. Terms.
Two Five-room Houses on Tipton Street. Pre $1,160 each. Terms $500
and $25<h cash, and balance $25 a month eai •
■'wo lots on Hardy Street, close in; 50x160 fe> Price $650 each. One
r half cash, balance to snit purchaser.
Nice Residence Lots in any part of the city, I ices from $160 up to $3'000.
One nice Six-room residence and Lot, 210x262 feet, with bam and fruit
trees, on Columbia Street, for $1,900.
Also we have some very nice truck farms fo 'ale, from 4 to 40 acres.
Range from one to three miles. Prices; $58 JO to $3,000.00.
See T. J. B
iberland Phone 615
Dm 5, Blount Building
E'"'" 1 .
ones, black ones, all looking as it
they were hand painted, and as if the
color were so fresh that It would
come off if it were touched. I thought
at first that these were painted china
fish used for signs, and it was only
when I held one in my hands that I
was convinced to the contrary.
On one table lay a lot of cuttle fish,
yunger brothers to the devil fish, and
from which the bone that is put in
canary bird cages comes. Hawalians
prize this fish highly and make
most palatable dish of it by boiling
it in coconut milk. I tasted of this
dish with considerable hesitancy at
first but found it very delicate in
flavoring, and came to the conclusion
that all things are not near so bad as
they look.
Hawaiian waters are noted for their
sharks and the fish market would not
be complete without a few of these
ferocious sea pirates. But the sharks
I saw there were not of the regulation
They were edible, and had a
most peculiar head. Instead of the
head that well ordered fish ought to
have these had heads that extended
out on both sides of the body, much
like a double hammer.
In fact they
were hammer headed sharks. It is
said that some of the finest fillets of
sole that Is served in high priced ho
tels comes from this shark, and those
who pay fancy prices for
know they are getting anything but
the finest fish.
it never
In the old days the natives made a
gala day of market day and brought
in their wares with songs and rejolc
If they caught a peculiar fish
it was the reason for special rejoicing.
Now all this is changed, and Japan
ese do all the fishing, making it a
business in which there is no plea
But the fish market has the
same old charm so far as the peculiar
inhabitants of the
waters are con
cerned, and what is lost in sentiment
is gained in additional varieties of fish
to gaze upon and wonder at.
<♦ •** •*« «*«
.;. .;. <..;. .;. .;. .;. .5.

Associated Press.
New York, October 22.—Among ❖
❖ the important news events for •>
❖ tomorrow are the following: «>
•> Conference on trusts and com- <•
❖ binations, under the auspices of ❖
❖ National Civic
❖ continue
❖ Chicago.
❖ Twenty-llfth annual
federation, will <*
its deliberations in •>
meeting <•
❖ of the Lake Mohonk conference <♦
❖ of Friends of the Indian and <•
❖ Other Dependent People
❖ begin at Mohonk Lake, N. Y.
❖ Executive committee meeting ❖
of the American Association of •>
❖ Farmers' Institute Workers will *
❖ be held in Washington.
❖ •> ❖ <• •> •> •> <• •> •> .j .j,.>
will *

$25,000,000 BOND
Associated Press.
Norfolk, Va., October 22.—A special
meeting of the stockholders of the
Norfolk & Southern Railway company
will be held here tomorrow to act on
a proposition to issue $25,000,000 first
ind refunding mortgage 5 per cent,
inking fund gold bonds and also to
ct on a proposition for the sale of
line" qjt the preferred and common
pck outhe' company and of the pro
ised new bonds. A vote will also
i; taken on a proposition to make
a equipment trust agreement to se
c e an issue of equipment trust bonds
ad to make a collateral trust agree
nnt to secure an issue of collateral
trst agreement to secure an issue of
colteral trust notes.
Jackson, Miss., October 22.—Insur
ance men generally, and agents of
surety companies in particular will be
interested in a case decided by the
supreme court of Mississippi, in which
the insurance commissioner comes out
loser. The case was that of W. Q.
Cole, insurance commissioner vs.
American Surety Company, an appeal
from the Hinds County circuit court
L. Brame, Jr., the young attorney of
this city, who mysteriously disap
peared at Vicksburg a few months
since, as agent for the Surety Com
pany, applied to the commissioner for
license to transact business in Hinds
County, tendering $5 as the fee for
such license. The commissioner de
manded $30 as the fee for privilege,
and Brame declined to pay. He then
instituted mandamus proceedings to
compel the insurance commissioner to
accept the $5 as the legal privilege tax
due in cities of over 2,000 inhabi
tants. The mandamus was granted by
the court below, and the supreme
court affirms that decision. The effect
is that agents for guarantee and sure
ty companies will have to pay a privi
lege tax of only $5 per annum In each
county, whereas heretofore they have
paid $30.
Railroad Commissioner.
The Railroad Commission met today
and found itself confronted with a
large amount of business, a great deal
of which is directed at the telephone
and the telegraph companies. The
commission has numerous letters and
complaints against the Western Union
Telegraph Company for receiving
messages and the pay for their trans
mission, and then sending them
through the mails. One complaint
from Biloxi is to the effect that the
operator there was sent to New Or
leans to help out on account of the
strike, and that it is explained the
business there cannot be handled be
cause of the strike. Superintendent
Associated Press.
New York, October 22.—Lieutenant
Governor Lewis Stuyvesant Chanler
leaves New York today for Atlanta,
where he will deliver an address at
the Georgia state fair. In political
circles this is considered as Chan
ler's first move in his attempt to se
cure the Democratic presidential nom
Associated Press.
Bellefontaine, O., October 22.—
Many prominent charitable workers
and sociological authorities are here
today for the opening of the annual
meeting of the Ohio state conference
of charities and corrections. The ses
sions will extend through four days
and will be addressed by distinguished
speakers of this and other states.
Associated Press.
Fredericton, N. B., October 22.—
Famous Sunday school workers of the
United States and Canada will ad
dress the 25th meeting of the New
Brunswick and Prince Edward Island
Sunday School association, which
opens here this evening and will con
tinue through tomorrow and Thurs
day. Mrs. Bryner of Chicago, will
represent the International Sunday
School association.
Associated Press.
Paris, October 22.—Parliament was
convoked today at the call of the
cabinet and President Fallieres. One
of the first measures to be considered
Is that providing an additional appro
priation for the flood sufferers In the
valleys of the Rhone, Loire and Marne
where recent storms caused great dam
age and much privation, as well as
the loss of many lives.
We get you a position rrce tr you
will Insert your wants In the Dally
News Want Column.
Terhune, of the Western Union, has
wired th ecommission that he cannot
be at the present meeting, and his
case will doubtless be continued.
The Louisville and Nashville 'Rail
road reports that its total receipts
from all sources during the last quar
ter were $317,051.69, the total ex
penses $153,620.28. After paying taxes
and other fixed charges the net rev
enue for the quarter was $24,182.39.
The Meridian Home Telephone
Company reports receipts of $8,718.95,
net revenue $1,918.11.
The Hattiesburg Home Telephone
Company reports total receipts of
$3,782.95, net revenue $490.89.
The Kaupp Lumber Company, of
Shubuta, complains to the commis
sion that though it refuses to take pas
sengers and declines fares tendered,
it cannot keep people off its logging
trains, and wants to know if it can be
held for personal injuries that might
be inflicted.
Supreme Court Decision.
The supreme court today is an ex
haustive decision handed down by
Justice Calhoon, afTIrmed the decision
in the case of Southern Electric Se
curities Company vs. the State, in
which the Securities Company was de
clared to be a trust in the ouster pro
ceedings instituted several weeks
since by District Attorney Thames, oi
Vicksburg. The court declares the Se
curities Company, a foreign corpora
tion cannot vote its stock in this state,
and that it is a trust. The case went
to the supreme court on a demurrer,
and is remanded for further hearing.
Mr. John I. Pierce, surveyor of
Hinds County, and one of the most
prominent young civil engineers in
the state, was married this afternoon
at 2 o'clock to Miss Mary Gillespie,
at the home of the bride's mother on
North State street.
Associated Press.
Enid, Okla., October 22.—The
brightest minds of the femine popu
lation of the new state are congregated
in this city today to participate in the
annual session of Federation of Wom
en's Clubs of Oklahoma and Indian
Territory. Special excursions have
brought a large number of visitors
and they will be entertained in a
handsome manner by the club women
of Enid. Contrary to the impression
obtaining in older states, the women
of Oklahoma do not wear blankets or
"chaw" tobacco, and the program of
the meeting goes to show that they
are fully as "cultured" as those of
other sections of the country.
Associated Press.
Washington, October 22.—Post
masters of the second and third
classes from cities an towns all
the country are assembled in Wash
ington today to attend the annual
meeting of the National Association
of Postmasters. Leave of absence for
not exceeding 15 days has been grant
ed and the Nasbvs for this occasion.
The convention will extend through
three days.
Associated Press.
Harrisburg, Pa., October 22.—With
a speech of welcome by Mayor E. Z.
Gross and a response by President F.
Howard Mason of Buffalo, the first
annual meeting of the Interstate As-
sociation of Commercial Organization
Executives was opened this morning.
Representatives of 200 commercial
organizations in New York, Pennsyl-
vania and New Jersey are in atten
dance. The association was\f°rmed
a year ago In Binghamton, the object
being to develop co-operation among
the officials of the various oOmiuerclal
bodies of the
sessions will centime' through tomor
row and Thursday.
-*T- U —"■»*■-- .
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