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Farmers May Form a
to Control Prices of All
Sorts of Farm Products
Associated Press.
Indianapolis, Ind., October 22.—
With the object of creating a "trust"
which will absolutely control the
prices of all the agricultural products
of the country, delegates from 38
states, representing a present member
- ship of 300,000 farmers, assembled in
Indianapolis today for the fifth an
nual convention of the American So
ciety of Equity. Already the society
has succeeded in greatly raising the
price of tobacco and other minor pro
ducts, and plans will be completed at
the present meeting to extend its in
fluence over all commodities raised
on the farm and in the orchard and
garden. Great gains have been made
in the last year and the officers of
the organization are now predicting
that within a year one million active
farmers in the central west will be
banded together in an offensive and
defensive warfare for higher prices.
The time of the convention, which
will last four days, will be devoted
largely to transacting the business of
the organization. Aside from the an
nual report of President J. A.„Everitt,
the convention will not listen to any
set speeches. No practical politicians,
singing the praises of the "horny
handed sons of toil," and with an
eye out for votes, will appear before
the convention. The meeting will be
strictly a business one. The members
of the American Society of Equity are
"on the make."
that will put money in their pockets
—not platitudes.
In his annual address, J. A. Everitt,
president and founder of the society,
will recommend the establishment of
a marketing system for the society,
They want plans
Hattiesburg Heights Proper
H. A. Camp's Plan to Sell
9/7 lots fronting on street car line and running back not to exceed four
blocks, size 50 by 150 to 60 by 200.
Each lot sold on thirty equal payments, price running from $150.00 up to
no interest and ho taxes.
$ l ,000.00 each;
In case oj death, all payments due at that time will be cancelled and lot deed
ed free of incumbrance, provided the payment of all payments due have been made.
IV arranty deed and abstract of title wiU be furnished with each lot.
Any lot purchased that is not satisfactoryivill be changed for any lot in the
property that is unsold, by allowing credit on the to
ready paid-in, or if a more valuable lot is selected, b
changed for the amount al
paying the difference.
No person allowed to purchase more than ten Aots in his
or her name.
New school house located in the center of this property.
Street railway built through this property.
This property is closer to the center of Hattiesburg than any oth&r subdivision
(It costs you nothing to look at this property, it is a pleasure for us to shoi
it to you )
Address all communications to
Hattiesburg, Miss., or call and see himj
whereby its members may dispose of
their products direct to the
ers in the large cities, thus eliminat
ing middlemen. Up to this time the
efforts of the society have been large
ly directed toward education and or
ganization, and it Is now said to be
in a position to Install a machine for
marketing that will bring home to
members the material benefits that
such a plan promises.
"The present convention will be
the most important and noteworthy
gathering of the agricultural interests
of the nation ever held," declared
President Everitt. "We are now in
a position to bring to the farmers of
the contrary, It is our intention to
open the eyes of all of them. By se
curing better prices for the growers
of farm products it does not mean
that the consumer will have to
advanced prices for his supplies. On
the contrary, it is our intetnion to
eliminate some of the toll-gates that
now stand between the producer and
the consumer. The middlemen are
now getting more than they are en
titled to. Our society intends to di
vide some of the middlemen's profit
in an equitable manner between the
producer and the consumer."
The plan of the society is to control
the supply of agricultural products in
the hands of the first owners and
hold it until the price demanded is
paid. Up to this time the most ag
gressive work has been done in sec
tions of the country producing large
ly of a certain crop, as in the tobacco
growing districts of Kentucky, Ten
nessee and Virginia. There the so
ciety is in almost absolute control,
and the tobacco "trust" is forced to
pay the price asked. The plan has
also been worked successfully by the
Farmers' union of the South In con
trolling the cotton crop.
At the present meeting minimum
selling prices will be established on
all farm products and the members
will then pledge themselves to hold
their stores until the market price
reaches the coveted figure. Already
the society has established commis
sion houses In St. Louis and Kansas
City and the wheat growers of the
southwest are patronizing them liber
ally. Through the society's agency,
members of the organization who are
not In a position financially to hold
their crops until the price advances
to the official figure are enabled to
store their grain In the society's
warehouses and have money advanced
to them within 20 per cent, of the
current market price. It Is the Inten
tion of the society to open such com
mission houses In all of the large mar
kets of the country.
The Indications are that J. A. Ever
ltt, the Indlanapoljs man who founded
the society, will be re-elected to the
presidency at the annual election to
be held Friday.
Today'B session was devoted largely
to the presentation of the reports of
the national secretary, treasurer, di
rector of organization and board of
directors. The reports of the various
affiliated departments including those
of the tobacco growers, fruit and pro
duce, grain gowers, peanut growers
and essential oil producers, will be
read tomorrow. The state officers
will also report progress in their sec
tions. President Everitt will deliver
his aldress Thursday,
growers' department will hold its an
nual meeting Friday.
The grain
The ballots to be usel in the general
election next month was made np by
the board of election commissioners
several days ago and is now in the
hands of the printers, the Hattiesburg
Printing Co. The ballot will contain
48 names of candidates and will be
gotten up in the usual style.
Representatives From All South Mis
sissippi Counties Will Be Asked to
Be There as a Central Point for
Their Fight.
Daily News Special.
Jackson, Miss., October 22.—It is
probable that the conference of legis
lators-elect from the southern coun
ties of Mississippi to be called for
the purpose of outlining the campaign
to secure a larger representation for
that section in the lawmaking body
will be held at Hattiesburg instead
of Jackson, as originally planned.
The date and place for the meeting
will be named within the next few
days, and the senators and representa
tives of all counties south of the Ala
bama and Vicksburg road will be re
quested to attend. Hattiesburg will
probably be named as the place of
meeting, owing to the fact that it is in
the center of the territory at interest.
Plans for the conference are being
arranged by Hon. Theo. Bilbo, senator
elect from the Second District, and
who will be one of the leaders in the
fight for a new legislative apportion
Both 'Phones
Day, 227—Night, 470.
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WA T 7~/£~S &Ut7C, M.'SS.
Telephone Manager Has a Mysterious
Visitor, But the Clew Which He Di
vulged Proved to Be Another Cold
Trail—Mystery Deepens.
The place of concealment of the
copper wires recently Btolen from the
Cumberland Telephone company,
mains a secret though there are a
number of theories as to who got them,
where they are and all about
Monday afternoon as the manage)
was seated in his office trying to
revolve some scheme into his mind
by which he could catch the rogues
he had a very mysterious visitor who
desired a private audience with the
representative of the company.
The audience was granted, and
when the two were closeted alone the
mysterious one said that he knew a
party who knew where the stolen wire
was hurried and gave the manager
the name of the party who possessed
the much coveted Information.
Later the manager called upon the
second man and asked If he knew
where the property was concealed and
the party said that he did not know
anything about the wire but he knew
where a lot of brass which had been
removed from freight and passenger
cars was buried but as the manager
was not out to hunt up railroad prop
erty he did not worry further along
this trail.
Up to the present time there has
been no tangible clues
though ato ne time It was thought
that they had the righ ttrail only to
learn that such was not the case.
Many theories have been advanced
in regard to the matter, some suggest
ing that the wires might have been
cut by parties who desired to cripple
the service and with no intention of
stealing them, but the absence of that
large amount of wire would indicate
that they were after the copper.
FOR SALE—One lot of old newspap
ers, at this office, 16c per hundred,
while tfloy last.
District Attorney McLaurln is a
painstaking and conscientious prose
cuting attorney, one of whom the dis
trict justly feels proud, and the action
he is taking in enforcing the law to
the letter will be commended by all
law abiding citizens.
Yesterday at an early hour he filled
two very important papers with the
clerk of the circuit court which will
more forcibly than ever demonstrate
that he is a fearless and conscientious
One of the papers is a quo warranto
process to oust the Yellow Pine Liter
ary and Amusement Company from
the city of Hattiesburg and his rea
sons are plainly stated, conscise and
to the point.
He charges the said company with
having begun the sale of liquor in
their club rooms on May 1, In \ lola
tion of the state, county, and national
government as well as in violation
of their charter.
That he will prove the charges goes
without the saying as he is no doubt
Six cases occupied the attention of
the police court yesterday morning
when time was called and were dis
posed of as follows:
W. G. Stevens, charged with
sault and battery, fined 50 cents.
Effie Swift, charged with
and battery, sentenced to 30 days in
F. O. Franklin, convicted of em
bezzlement, turned over to the county.
Louise Moore, charged with assault
and battery, discharged.
Velma McIntosh, convicted of as
sault and battery, fined $10.
Fannie Thomas, charged with tres
passing, discharged.

The wandering Mexicans who were
arrested several days ago as suspi
cious characters were not tried yes
thoroughly armed with all the
sary proof.
The other important paper filed is
a civil action against Pauline Miller,
a denizen of the under world, and her
two sureties, and the state asks for
$300 damages In lieu of the just
ment of a forfeit of $201.
The case is a very complicated
and in many features sensational in
the extreme. Pauline Miller
•victed upon a very serious charge and
fined $200 April, 1906, but the fine
remitted conditional that she reform
and give two sureties, good and
was con
that she would live up to her obliga
She furnished the sureties, two
staid citizens of this city, and
her way rejoicing, but only to
again and with this fall the district
attorney claims
come. for
In his declaration he claims that
they have refused to pay the amount
and in view of the necessity for a suit
the commonwealth of Mississippi aBks
for damages in the amount of $300.
ApM -V-V sureties be
the original fine. "—'
terday afternoon, but still remain in
jail awaiting a hearing before Judge
J. W. Bolton, which will be
them in a few days on a charge of va
grancy, though there is a great deal
of doubt as to whether this charge
can be sustained. Pedra Renda can
speak English so as to be understood
and claims that they were employed
at Collins before coming here and
were in search of work when they
were arrested. -
Victor Chicou
other victim, still Insists that he
not speak or understand
a word of
It was first thought that
they were implicated in the telephone
wire steal but it has developed that
they wer not or at least suspicion has
ceased to point in their direction.
Epley's Specials
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A Good Home on
Williams Street.
5-room house on corner lot, $250
cash, balance $26 per month.
Two lots on Mamie street, between
Fifth and Sixth avenues, $400 cash,
balance $50 per month. No interest.
A good 8-room house on ivew Or
leans street, all modern conveniences
$4,500. i

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