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Hattiesburg. Miss., Monday, December l, 1902
No. 3
ol. IV.
In the Death of Mrs. Y.
^ B. Boyd.
The Murder-Couple Moved to Crys
tal Springs From Tangipohoa.
Remains to Be Taken to Tangi
pahoa For Burial.
Crystal Springs, Nov. 30. — Highly
sensational developments have been
brought out today by the coronet s
jury, empaneled by Judge Slay to in
quire into the cause of the death of
Mrs. Y. B. Boyd.
Mrs. Boyd died last night, after a
violent illness of about a week. Her
physician, Dr. J. M. Dampeer, sus
pected from the first that she had
been poisoned, and, upon his informa
tion, Y. B. Boyd, her husband, was
arrested soon after the death of his
Dr. Dampeer testified that in his
opinion she had died from the effects
of some corrosive poison, and stated
that yesterday evening, knowing
that she had only a few honrs to live,
he asked her to tell him if she had
taken the poison with suicidal in
tent, and she delcared with great sol
emnity that she had not knowingly
taken any poison, but that she firmly
believed that some one had given it
She told Dr. Dampeer that
to her.
she took the last dose of a preparation
he had prescribed for her for dyspepsia
on last Monday and that about half
an hour later she was seized with
nausea and vomiting, and had been
very-sick since then.
The evidence of Dr. Dampeer was
corroborated as to the symptoms of
poisoning y Dr. R. E Jones, his part
Messrs. W. R. McCluney and Wil
' liam T. Tierry, both of the city Drug
Company, testified that, they had sold
Mrs. Boyd, on the 22nd inst., a. box of
rough on rats.
Boyd and his wife were natives of
Tangipahoa and have lived here for
several months, engaged in the candy
and fruit business. They appeared to
live happily until the appearance
upon the Reenc of a fascinating yonng
married woman, Mrs. Susie Artman,
wife of a baker, who lived next door
to the Boyds. The intimacy between
Boyd and Mrs. Artman soon became
common talk upon the streets, and the
I culmination of ths sad story was
reached last night upon the deathbed
I of Mrs. Boyd.
The coroner's jury, after careful
consideration of the evidence, ren
dered their verdict that she came to
her death by poison, and that the
poison was administered by her hus
band, Y. B. Boyd, and recommend
that an autopsy be held.
The remains of Mrs. Boyd will be
taken to Tangipahoa for burial. Boyd
will be taken to Hazlehurst, where
he will be kept iu jail until Tuesday
next, when he will be brought here
for preliminary trial.
Whitecappers Still Declare That
Negroes Shall Not Own Land.
Special to the Dally Progrcsa
Liberty, Dec. 1.—The labor trouble
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r ,: '
in Amite county continues at an
acnte stage. The whitecappers, other
wise known as the "farmers' club,
remain steadfast in the declaration
that the negro should not be allowed to
own laud, and as a consequence many
negroes are moving out of the county,
while labor agents from other coun
ties, and some sections of Louisiana
are offering extra inducements for the
negro families to move to their re
spective localities. It appears that
the hostile element in Amite county
does not want to get rid of the negro
but desire to improve illegally restric
tions, and as a result they are getting
rid of their labor without desiring to
do so. Considerable feeling has been
engendered over the matter, and the
perpetration of outrages is feared,
When the Officer Nabbed Him —
That's Garner's Story.
Special to the Daily Progress.
Jackson, Dec. 1.—Tom Garner, the
negro desperado and murderer was
returned to the penitentiary Saturday
after an absence of several weeks, has
been placed at work with the force of
convicts engaged in grading at the
new eapitol building.
Garner talks freely about his escape
from the Rankin farm, and be tells
the prison authorities that he expected
to come back every day, -in fact, that
he was making his preparations to
take the train to Jackson when Mar
shal Lee of Mc-Comb City invaded his
house and sinlge-lianded took him
into custody. Garner was hid in a
closet when the officer found him.
The captor was paid the statutory re
ward of #50 and the additional reward
of $100 offered by Governor Longino.
A Large Delegation En Route to
Tupelo to Attend Same.
Special to the Daily Progress.
Tupelo, Dec. 1 .—A large number
of Methodist clergymen and lay dele
gates are now enronte to Tupelo to
attend the session of the North Mis
sissippi Conference, which convenes
Wednesday with Bishop J. S. Key
presiding. The session will last five
or six days, and Bishop Key will con
vene the session of the Mississippi
Conference at Natchez on the 10th of
December. No subjects -of great im
portance, except the statutory prohi
bition movement, is to be discussed
at either session, and the meetings
will he devoted chiefly to routine bus
Negroes of the Delta More Pros
perous Than Heretofore.
Special to the Daily Progress.
Jackson, Dec. 1.—The report comes
from the delta that the negroes iu
that section have enjoyed nnusnal
prosperity this year, and that as a
result of the good crops, many of
them are literally wallowing in the
"ready cash. Few of the delta ne
groes are in debt, and many of them
yet have cotton in the fields, while it
is nothing uncommon for a darkey to
go to town and purchase bank stock
with his earnings of the year.
place on earth where the negro
is no
is in better condition than in the
delta, or where they are more satisfied
with their wordly position.
Captured and Must Answer for the
Crime Charged With.
Special to the Daily Progress.
Collins, Dec. 1.—Joe Brown, the
negro who is accused of murdering
Harwell Rodgers at Collins, on the
Gulf and Ship Island road, several
months ago, has been capured at Wil
liamsburg and returned to the scene of
his supposed crime,
to await the action of the Covington*
county grand jury.
He will be held
Not to Be Kicked Off, But Turned
Over to Officers.
Special to the Daily Progress.
Jackson, Dec. 1.—The negro hobo
is coming for his share of attention
from the railroads on which he rides
without the fromality of getting a
ticket, and several of the systems in
the state have issued orders to their
trainmen to adopt a new method by
turning the hobo over to the authori
ties of the next town and file an affi
davit against him for trespassing.
It is believed that this method will be
more effective than kicking the hobo
from the train.
A Coon That Does Not Look Like
All Other Coons.
Special to the Daily Progress.
Jackson, Dec. 1.—Blanch McAlpin,
a citizen of Newton county, has found
a new kind of coon that is quite a
curiosity. The animal is of ordinary
size, and in ervery respect resembles
the ordinary raccoon except that the
color of the skin is a very pale yellow,
and at a short distance appears almost
white. The tail is marked with a
shade of yellow somewhat different
than that of the rest of the body.
The skin of the animal, when killed,
measured forty-two inches from tip
to tip.
Negligence of Their Duties is Being
Looked After by Supervisors.
Special to the Daily Progress.
Brandon, Dee. 1.-—There is a de
cided manifestation among boards of
supervisors to enforce a stricter atten
tion to duty from the county superin
tendents of education, many of whom
display an almost criminal neglect of
the affairs of their office.
The Cook case in this county, re
cently disposed of by the state board
of education, lias served to call atten
tion to the negligence of county super
visors, and it is expected to have a
good effect among those officials.
Will Hold Their Next Annual Meet
ing at Biloxi.
Special to the Daily Progress.
Biloxi, Dec. 1.—The Masonic grand
bodies of Mississippi will hold their
annual sessions next year at Biloxi,
commencing on the 16th of February.
The sessions will be held in the fed
eral building, which has been offered
for the purpose by Judge Niles, and
federal court term will be held
during Masonic week. The Masonic
bodies have enjoyed the usual amount
of growth during the year.
And All Because the Board Did
Not Comply With the Law.
Special to the Daily Progrees.
Hazlehurst, Dec. 1.—Copiah county
is having trouble with her convict la
bor contractor. Several years ago the
board of supervisors entered into a
contract with a man named H. H. Bar
low to work the county convicts, and
at the expiration of the term the con
tract was again awarded him without
preadvertising, which is in violation
of the law. Two years later he was
again given the contract without fol
lowing the statutory formality, and
now the board is unable to collect a
cent from him, or get a settlement of
any kind for fines due the county. A
suit will probably be filed.
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Van^ successfully 6
.printed in plain type and so arranged
| that any one can understand them,
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Notice to'Advertisers.
These rates can be s^en at the office 1 y
any one applying for space in the paper.
The8e rate e will be adhered to strictly,
thaa treating all alike. These rates
»ppiy to display advertisements o ily,
The rates for locals published along
with pure reading matter, are higher,
beta, live cent. per fine for e.ch ib»r
tion * L 00 * 1 * couie higher because they
occupy better positions and gives the
advertiser better results.
Yazoo City Comes to the Front
With Forty Guesses.
Special to the Dally Progress.
Yazoo City, Dec. 1. — Forty-seven
members of the Yazoo City cotton ex
change have made guesses on the size
of the cotton crop for 1902-3, and the
average of their estimates is 10,695,*
322 bales.
The highest estimate is
11,250.000 hales, and the lowest 9,901,
251 bales. LaBt year the average of
the guesses by the members of the
Yazoo City exchange was within a
few thousand bales of the actual crop.
On the Plea That He Has Been an
Exemplary Citizen—in the Pen.
Special to the Dally Progress.
Jackson, Dec. 1.—Governor Lon
gino has been petitioned by the citi
zens of Coahoma county to grant a
pardon to Rielmrd Jones,, n convict
now serving a life term for murder.
Several grounds are set forth why the
pardon should be granted. Jones was
gent up iu 1S95, and has made a model
prisoner during his six years of ser
The Mortgage Has Been Cancelled
by the Delivery ot the Bonds.
Special to the Dally Progress.
Jackson, Dec. 1.—The mortgage on
the Gulf and Ship Island railroad lias
been cancelled by the delivery of the
bonds issued iu favor of the Colonial
Trust Company of New York. A few
months*ago the road, through its pres
ident Capaiu Jones, borrowed one-half
million dollars to be used iu improve
ment work, and a mortgage was given
until bonds for the sum could be is
sued. The bonds are payable iu 1906.
At Grenada and Will Be in Session
Three Days.
Special to the Daily Progress.
Grenada, Dec. 1.—The grand
lodge of negro Masons in Mississippi
will convene in regular annual session
at Grenada Tuesday mourning, and
the meeting will last three days.
Among the imi>ortant subjects to be
considered is the erection of a Masonic
temple at some place in the state yet
to be selected. A fund of about 110,*
000 has already been raised for this
purpose. Rev. E. W. Lampton of
Greenville, one of the best known ne
groes in the south, is the grand
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Notice is hereby given to all persons
having claims against the estate of
Sterling B. Rich that letters testa
mentary were issued to the under
signed by the clerk of the chancery
court of Perty county on the 24th day
of November, 1902, and the failure to
probate and register said claims within
one year from the said date will for
ever* bar said claims.
Anna E. Rich,
nov24 wbly3t
Contest Notice.
Department of the Interior, United
States Land Office, Jackson, Mississippi,
Septemper 22, 1902.
A sufficient contest affidavit having
been filed in this office by William Har
rison, of Beaumont, Miss., contestant,
against J ackson series homestead entry
No. 35237, made April 17, 1900, for n hf
ne qr section 21 and nw qr nw qr sec
tion 22, township 3, range 9 west, by
Elisha Worsham, contestee, in which it
is alleged he is well acquainted with the
tract of land embraced in the said entry
and knows the present condition of the
same; also that said Elisha Wotsham
Dever lived on said land and has not
complied with the law as to residence
and cultivation, neither has he placed
any improvements on said tract, and
that said alleged absence from said land
was not due to his employment in the
Army. Navy or Marine Corps of the
United States as a private soldier, officer,
seaman or marine, during the war with
Spaiu, or during any other war in which
the United States may be engaged, said
parties are heieby notified to appear, re
spond and offer evidence touching said
allegation at 10 o'clock a. m. on Noyem
▼ember 18, 1902 before T. J. Mixon,
clerk circuit coart in and for the county
of Perry, at his office in Augusta, Miss.,
and that final hearing will be held at
10:00 o'clock a. m. on November 28,
1902 before the Register and Receiver
at the United States Land Office in
Jackson, Mississippi.
The said contestant having, in a prop -
er affidavit, filed September 22, 1902, aes
forth facts which show that after da *
diligence personal service of this notice
can not be made, it is hereby ordered
aud directed that such notice be given
by due and proper pnblication.
octl0*5wks) Fred W. Collins, Register.
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