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What It Costs to Defend the
America's Cup.
Whem tli* lartroadoiial Rmm Arm
sail'd t*e IkltesM Will H**a*»*at
About * 460 , 000 —Con station
bia, the Trial Ysehts, »taa4
of the Cap
For *130w00©"l>ef«»«e
May Coat *60<M>00.
Occasional Inquiries are made by
thoughtful citizens regarding the cost
of challenging and defending the
America's cup, but the answers receiv
ed are always unsatisfactory, says the
New York Herald. The conclusion la
that the expense must be enormous,
but as it is impossible to obtain any
thing like accurate figures the subject
is generally dropped.
On the ere of the international match
of t h1fl year it may be Interesting to
refer to this important point and at
the same time to place the public in
possession of a few facts that will give
them a good Idea of the amounts of
money that are expended in trying tb
capture the old yachting trophy and
In the efforts made by the New York
Yacht club to defend it
The planning and building of a cup
challenger or defender involve much
time and labor and necessarily the out
lay of large sums of money,
signer and bis corps of assistants are
the first that must be met Mr. Fife,
for the challenging parties, and Cap
tain Nat Herreshoff, for the defend
ants, for instance, are men who place
a high value upon their services, and,
as the owners of the yachts are liberal
marked degree, opening negotia
The de
to &
tions with a view to the building of a
cup yacht mean* a fee that in some
other profession would be looked upon
as staggering in it* proportions.
With the designer at work the build
ers In time are consulted, and with ar
rangements satisfactory in this wise
materials must be considered, then the
riggers kept In mind, as well as the
sail makers, while finally the sklp
and crew are secured. Money Is
required by all these, and much of it.
Even after a vessel 1* completed and
placed In commission alterations and
repair* are required frequently at
times, while docking thfe craft for
cleaning and smoothing purposes
means large additional sums.
The rather startling statement was
made by Sir Thomas Lipton four years
ago that the mere cost of the Sham
rock I. was between $400,000 and $500,*
000, while the expense of bringing the
vessel across the ocean and that of her
officers and crew were extra.
big lot to pay for the vessel,
seems a
but Sir Thomas should b« the best
authority on the subject of the cost of
the yacht
If be expended a sum approaching
half a million dollars four years ago
for his challenging yacht the money
the present trip 1 b coating him must be
far in excess of the figures named. The
Lipton fleet now here Is proof of that
It Is easy to believe that the Shamrock
III. cost quite as much to bnild as the
Shamrock I., and it 1* quite sure the
bringing over of three crews, those of
the Shamrocks and of the tender
Cminer, must stand him in a bigger
amount than the single crew of four
years ago and the additional assistance
he obtained in the United States.
So, if $550,000 or more represented
the challenger's outlay the first attempt
he made upon the America's cup, it
can safely be estimated that something
In the neighborhood of $600,000 will be
required to foot the bills at home and
here incidental to his third trial to
win the old trophy.
With the amount that it costs the de
fending side, however, the Interest 1#
By the time the
more widespread,
yachts are called to sail the first race
for the cup the Reliance, selected to
defend it, will have cost, one way and
another, $435,000 or more. That la a
staggering amount to contemplate, but
when everything is cleared up at the
end of the season It may be $450,000.
In addition to this sum, there must
be considered that In placing In com
mission the Constitution her running
expenses reached from $65,000 to $70,
000, while the Columbia has cost Mr. J.
Plerpont Morgan $45,000 or possibly
$55,000. These figures will therefore
show that the defense of the cup this
year will approach the very reapectable
amount of $675,000 or $600,000.
The building and rigging of the Re
liance cost a fortune. The yacht's con
struction required the best of work
men, while all the standing and run
ning rigging was expressly made, and
her canvas occupied the attention of a
large body of sail makers for months.
The Reliance has possibly a hundred
different sails, and $15,000 or so will
represent the cost of a suit. In this
particular the Constitution and the Co
lumbia have not been so expensive.
The tenders Park City and Satelllts
are said to have been purchased by
Mr. E. D. Morgan and Mr. August Bel
mont respectively, but they are valu
able assets and need not be seriously
considered In this financial summary.
The tender Sunbeam Is chartered, and
there can be no return from her, but
Sir Thomas' tender Crulzer will be
valuable after the match.
With a crew of about fifty-five on the
Reliance and a crew on the tender Sun
beam t h er e are many men to be looked
after daily. The yachts' sailors are
paid big wages—$35 a month or more—
and there is a scale of prize money ar
ranged by Mr. Iselin so liberal that a
Reliance man, if tat la saying, will end
the season with a tidy amount to his
Racing crews cost prodigiously to
feed, as they are > men In the best of
health, while their work naturally
gives them excellent appetites. There
art quite aa many stewards and cooks
looking after tbs wal
tut at Ml
4pa the atnqpr* and crew of the K:
ance and theta awn ship as are found
In a'goodstted. City hotel.
AH cbal^ea in the yacht's fittings, all
aJStrationfl or repairs to rigging and
spars, are paid for extra, while the
docking bills are very large. The
•490,000 or more that the Beliance will
coat must not be Included In any way
with the New York Yacht club's ex
penditures In arranging for the races.
The nine men who own the defender
will bear the burden of that vessel's
expenses, but the syndicate does not
meet the personal bills of Mr. Iselin,
the managing owner.
It may coat the club $25,000 or more
to see that the match is properly sailed
and the challenging vessel receives all
that is due her, while the amount in
cidentally expended by the public that
it may witness the races need not now
be thought of.
Abyssinian Monarch to Make His
Own Coin.
King Menelek of Abyssinia is getting
along in the world. First he thrashed
the Mahdist*. Then he drove the Ital
ians out of his kingdom. Then he wel
comed the diplomats of European na
tions, playing one against another.
Now he Is to have a mint, says the
New York World. What an advance
this means may be realized from the
fact that Abyssinia until recently has
been getting along with cubes of rock
■alt for cash. A small amount of coin
minted In France has of late been in
circulation. Now the king will make
his own. Consul Masterson of Aden
reports that he has saved up 110,230
pouuds of gold for the purpose.
There are 400 tons of mint machin
ery. It was Bold by a Stettin concern
and was landed at Djibouti, East Af
rica, with a competent mechanic to set
It up. The machinery will be transport
ed by rail to New Harrar, about 150
miles, the end of the road. Thence it
will be transported by caravan to the
capital, Addit Abeba, the caravan Jour
ney occupying more than a month.
It la Like a Ricker Except That
Ginger Ale la Used.
Nearly every summer some new drink
Is Invented and becomes popular in the
bars over the country, but so far this
season none of several new decoctions
that were started out as the summer's
fad In the drinking line has obtained a
lasting popularity, says the Kansas
City Star. In Virginia, the home of the
mint Julep, an effort was made to supers
Bede this favorite drink. The new bev
erage was practically the same as the
min t julep, except that It contained cu
raeoa, a cordial. But the new drink
didn't prove popular. Curaeoa, howev
er, Is largely used this summer to flavor
About the only new drink called for
at the leading hotels In Kansas City Is
the "gin buck." This is quite popular.
It Is composed of the juice of half a
lime, a Jigger of dry gin, and then the
glass Is filled up with ginger ale. The
gin buck" differs from the rtckey only
In the use of ginger ale Instead of wa
Dr. Thobarn Says *■ Christian Land
It Will Eclipse Pusan India.
The missionary Institute at Chautau
qua, N. Y., held its final sessions theoth
er day. says the Philadelphia Press. An
address was given by Dr. A. B. Leon
ard, corresponding secretary of the
missionary society of the Methodist
Episcopal church, on "The Vision of
the Field." Dr. G. Stanley Hall spoke
on "Missionary Work and the Train
ing of Missionaries." In the evening
Dr. James R. Thoburu, Jr., pastor of
the Cavalry church of Allegheny, gave
an illustrated lecture on "India." He
"Already many of the nations which
sought to despoil her of her wealth
are seeking to make reparation by car
rying in all the advantages of Chris
tian civilization. The bloodiest battles
are over, but her conflicts are not en
tirely done. There Is a great contest
now on. It is the struggle between cul
ture and Ignorance, between faith and
superstition. I believe Christian India
will be a far more wonderful land than
was pagan India.'
The Cup Defender.
Our gallant yacht Reliance
Has nobly borne the test;
Of all the Yankee racers
She's speediest and best
In breezes strong and fickle.
In smooth and choppy seas,
Bhe met her friendly rivals
And vanquished them with ease.
She met the old Columbia.
The yacht with twice won fame.
But that once stanch defender
Was never in the game.
Tjhe speedy Constitution
\Vas also left behind
In rushing and In drifting
On seas of every kind.
And now the swift Reliance
Is chosen to defend
The trophy that bold Lipton
From us desires to rend,
▲gainst the latest Shamrock
Our newest yacht wUl race.
And both, as we're believing,
Will set a lively pace.
We've heard a lot of boasting
About the r
We know Sir
r To
on boat;
m regards her
The fastest Yacht afloat,
^ut just the same the spirits
Of Yanks go soaring up,
ind all are sure that Shamrock
Will fall to lift the cup.
The time la fast approaching
For test of every claim,
And soon the rival racers
WiU make their bid for fame.
We on the swift Reliance
Our hopes of triumph pin.
But 1st there be no favors,
__2 _ir the best boat win.
•Theodore H. Bales In Pittsburg Chren*
Largest Off Ship.
The largest oil ship in the world, fiM
Narragansett, was recently launched tn
the Clyde. She will hold 10,000 toon
of oil, which can he discharged at tbs
pttef nttfl
For the Fiscal Year Beginning October First,
1902, and Ending October First,
10UQ 20
921 00
219 00
376 31
4614 04
Oct. 1. 1903. To balance on hand Oct. 1, 1903.
Oct. 7, 1902. To county, one-half expense of smallpox account.
Feb 6, 1903. To Wirt'Adams, back tax on banks.
Jnlv 10. 1903, Loan from banks to pay current expenses.
June 21, 1903. To county, one-half expense ot smallpox account. .
July 10, 1903. To loan for payment of current expenses.
Sept 30, 1903. To taxes collected for fiscal year by marshal.
To fines collected by marshal for fiscal year.
Sept 30, "
Total... .
Oct 3 02 By cash paid, warrants for month...
Nov 2 02 By cash paid, warrants for month .
Dec 1 02 By cash paid, warrants for month.
Jan 5 03 By cash paid, warrants fer month.
Feb 2 03 By cash paid, warrants for month.
March 1 03 ' Bv cash paid, warrants for month. .
April 15 03 By cash paid, warrants for month.
May 8 03 By cash paid, wnrrauts for month.
June 7 03 By cash paid, warrants for month.
July 5 93 By cash paid, warrants for m mth.
Aug 2 03 By cash paid, warrants for month .
Sept 6 03 Bv cash paid, warrant.- for mouth.
Sept 6 o3 By cash paid treasurer, com. for fiscal year.
Sept. 30 03 By balance . .
1044 12
1482 91
1316 23
1616 03
4205 55
648 27
592 87
846 27
661 93
822 54
887 15
654 00
200 41
160 07
14618 36
Oct 1, 02 To balance on hand Oct 1, 1902.. ..
Sept 30, 03 To F B Woodley, for tuition non-resident students
fiscal year.
Sept 30, 08 To W Q Cole, state distribution.
Mch 1, 03 To E B George, error in com.
Sept 1. 03 To loan from banks by committee.
Sept 80, 03 To B M Moffett, taxes for fiscal year.
Sept 30. 03 To T E Batson, sheriff, for polls fiscal year.
July 10, 08 To loan from banks by committee.
Sept 80, 08 By cash paid teachers for fiscal year.
Sept 30. 03 By cash paid sundry warrants fiscal year.
Seyt 30, 03 By cash paid treasurer, com.
Balance on hand .
<580 48
682 70
1780 19
1 10
138 35
4618 76
1092 22
894 35
9794 10
7637 16
1899 34
171 48
86 18
9794 10
7421 73
92 25
20 60
122 82
282 00
To balance on hand Oct 1, 1902
Oct 1, 02
Nov 19, 02 To W T Roberts, car of brick.
Dec 81, 02 To B C Hemphill, brick sold to Jackson & Bolton
To B C Hemphill, sale brick and wheelbarrows.
Mch 9, 03 To loan cemetery fnnd. .
Jan 27, 03
7889 20
Total. .
Sept 30, 03 By cash paid sundry warrants fiscal year
Sept 30. 08 By cash paid treasurer, com, fiscal year..
Balance on hand.
7884 89
4 19
7889 20
$550 (,0
701 00
936 HO
412 50
412 50
4066 63
330 20
Oct 1 02 To balance on hand Oct 1st 1902. . .
Nov 1 02 To City for hydrant rear quarter ending Oct 15th 1902.
Jan 5 03 To J no Kamper for Fourth street water main .
March 1 08 To City fer hydrant rents.
.one 1 03 To City for fire hydrant recta. .
Sept 108 To water rent for fiscal year.
Sept 80 03 To Burke Jones Sale of old pipe.
Oct 1 02 By t ash p'aid warrants for month.-.-.
Nov 2 02 By cash paid warrants for month.
Dec 2 02 By cash,paid warrants for month.
Jan 1 03 By cash paid warrants for month.
Feb 11>3 By cash paid warrants for month.~.
Mch 1 03 By cash paid warrants for mout i.—.
Apr 1 03 By cash paid warrants for mouth.- .
May 5 03 Bv cash paid warrants for month.
June 2 03 By cash paid warrants for month....
July 7 03 By cash paid warrants for month.-.
Aug 4 03 By cash paid warrants for month.
Sep 1 03 By cash paid warrants ;or month.—.
Sep 30 03 By cash paid Treasurer com for fiscal year.
Sep 30 03 By balance .....
Total ..
7469 43
702 94
456 19
1030 93
326 74
173 50
1131 48
271 91
619 54
700 88
316 73
362 68
449 28
80 85
845 78
7469 43
343 22
655 98
Oct 1 02 To balance on band Oct let 1902 . . . ....
To rents report'd by B M Moffett Marshall tor hiscal year
Sep 30 03
999 20
aep 30 03 By cash-paid Treasurer com for fiscal year.
Sep 30 03 By cash" paid sundry warrants for fiscal year
Sep 30 03 By ; balance .
889 97
100 09
999 20
Oct 1 02 To balance on hand Oct. 1, 1902.7 ' Yi" 'A ' "i .
Sept 30 02 To B M Moffett, Marshal, taxes reported for fiscal year..
1559 28
3080 05
4639 33
Sept 30 03 By cash paid, interest on bonds for for fiscal year ending
Sept 30 03 By cash paid treasurer, com. for fiscal year.
Sept 30 03 By balance.
4559 00
72 29
4639 33
bond sinking fund.
Oct 1 02 To balance on hand Oct. 1, 1902 ...........
Sept 30 03 To B M Moffett, taxes reported for fiscal year ending
Sept. 30, 1908..
1752 23
6161 10
7903 33
Sept 1 03 By cash, redemption of City Hall bond* from 1 to 19. in
Sep SO* 8 By ca°h paid, treasurer's com. for fiscal year.
Sept 30 08' By balance.
1900 00
144 48
5868 85
l n9 To balance on hand Oct. 1,1902.•• •••••■
Sept 30 03 To B M Moffett, privilege tax reported for fiscal year...
Sent 30 03 By cash paid, sundry warrants for fiscal year
s£t 80 01 By*cash paid treasurer, com. for fiscal y ear..
Sept 30 By balance.
Total . "
816 37
11*1 23
1437 00
1398 00
12 16
27 44
1437 60
July 16 03 To Nat
7 2i
17000 00
107 00
Bank Commerce, premium on bond*.
17114 21
1767 0$
171 00
15175 55
oa i'iQ Rv cash paid, warrants for fiscal * - • * * *
%gt£S By cash paid, treasurer'* com. for fiscal year
Sept 30 By balance.
17114 91
OcL 1, 02 To balance on hand —---"""tarnad .
May I. 03 To T M Fuller demurrag* ^ ^"/oVlieai'year'.
Sept 30, 03 ^ Toltaxe* reported by B M Monet* rer bmw j
... $ »5 2Q
15 80
._ 3078 06
mw 58
f 800 00
S*pt SO, 08 By cash paid treasurer com. tscal ysar
Sept 30, 03 By balance .-...
7* 41
1M §0
8188 68
$ 063 81
Oct 1, 02 To balance rn hand..
Dec 11, 02 To B M Moffett for street wood .
Mch 3, 03 To B M Moffett dog tax
May 5, 03 To B M Moffett dog tax.
sept 1. 08 To loan from banks by committee .
Sept 30, 03 To B >i Moffett street tax for fiscal year
Total ..-.-.
4 12
5 78
16 30
192 26
1458 70
Sept 80. 03 By cash psid sundry warrants for fiscal year
Sept 8o. 03 By eash paid treasurer commission .. .
By balance .
2410 18
2393 26
26 96
19 96
$2441 18
$968 36
200 00
769 48
Oct 1,02 To balance on hand . ..
June 15, 02 To loan from gener d improvement fond
Sept 80, 03 To K M Moffett taxes tor fiscal year
Sept 30 03 By cash paid treasurer committee for fiscal year
Sept 30, 03 By cash paid -nndry w irrants for ti-cul year .
Sept 30, 03 By balance...
Total .
Oct 1, 02 To balance on hand ..
July 15, 03 To NatiOual Hank of Commerce sale.
1, 02 To B M Moffett taxes foi fiscal year
$19:18 03
I 18 00
427 45
1492 58
1938 68
$98 25
3o< 000
772 21
3*70 46
$282 00
... 1500 30
46 09
2090 07
Mch 1. 08 By loan school bull ling fund
Sept 30, 03 By cash paid sundry wurrrnts for fi-cal ve*r
Sept 30, 03 By cash paid treasurer com. for riscal year
By Balance.
38'0 48
Oct 1, 02 To balance on hand
. Oct 1 03 By balance
Oct 1, 03 To ca6h from all sources for fiscal year
Oct 1, 03 By cash paid for fiscal year.. .
Oct 1, 00 By balance .
88208 44
$88208 44
67141 67
26066 77
83208 44
Dated October 5th 1897 6 per cent bonds
Dated Jane 1st 1898 6 per cent bonds
Datei September loth 1903 5 per cent bonds
Dated November 1st 1901 5 per cent bonds
Dated Jnne 1st 1902 5 per cent bond*
Dated Jnlj 15th 1903 5 per cent bonds
$ 2000 00
27U)0 00
30o00 00
11500 00
20000 00
Series "A"
«. C "
106500 00
Giveo under my hand this 16th day of October 1903.
A. Fairly.
Clerk of Hattiesburg.
Cloaks and Jackets
See our line of ladies
Cloaks and JACKET^'
before you buy, vve have a nice
line ana our prices are RIGHT,
we have also a nice line of
Duck and
Hightower & Crawford.
118 Front Street. Hattiesburg, Mississippi.
Carries the largest varieties and lowest
prices ever seen in this city.
Also Special Agent for Nunnally's Candies
'Call and See The Display.
Oct. 21 till Jan 5
Buy your
Harness and Vehicles
From the
They have the Large-t Stock in the South and they sell «t Low
Prices and on very Liberal Terms. Write them for Catalogue and
Prices and they will please you.
A Dollar's Worth of Indemnity for Every
Dollar of Premium.
tutions, and you need not expect th. in to pay vour los- unless
Mi thev are legally liable They may, and do often, pav los-es
which they could Kuccessfn ly resist in the courts, but YOU have no
right to presume that you would get your money if YOUR c utracts are
not properly drawn or if yun violate any of the expresN conditions of your
policies - h'nce it is jnst as important to you to know the AGENT with
whom you place yonr business as it ii to know the solvency of the COM
PANY' assuming the risk.* • • \
Sind Occident Insurance
Fire, Life
W. L. ELLIS' Agency.
Ground Floor Next to Postoffice.

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