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The Copiah signal. (Hazlehurst, Miss.) 1882-1883, March 31, 1882, Image 4

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% he yoiiiaii *iqwiU
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Mmvh 31, 18*2 \
1«X«V'W .-isk,' nmmr* m^mmm
The (*niugc—.is Origin Ant!
Sineo the iccont meeting of the
National Gnu ;e ut Washington, and
while the several State Granges in
diflbre it aietionM of the country are
holding tlioir meeting*, a renewal of
public intern t in the organization i*
clearly Manifested, ua.l innuiry id
A Wakened among farmers a ho huve
m t ni* vot i nlisttd iu it iu respect to
its origin, intent n: d character, and
tin* c.u of tho well remembered
(iiuiv;«> u ti-dni* in an extended sec
tion of ti e country. K.flcoU years
ago, the i lea of tho modem agricul
tural Grange w aa ouceivod iu ti.c
brain of in iu lividual iu tho Agricul
Dej arlmeut at Washington, who had
l eou * j < idf.liy commissioned, after
tl.o i h ) of tho war, to travel thro gu ;
the rh u.l.un SlaitH and collect in-;
formath u to bo embodied in the ,
C« njiniisior.er'H animal report.
The i *-..a i*'i«rished w;.» this: Thst !
the great agricultural classes of the !
N r;h r.n.l South could bo induced i
to establish m;c1i cJckl* relations of j
►yiupathy uivl honor n:i noubiy
cl.aricUr :a! tho Masonic brother
hi «!, tho dii'loult work *>f reconcilia
tion between tho tcclioiiS rou’d bo
greatly auisu d. Itwa-ono of the!
ba; | n-! of thoughts uc ! bfti'd on
thi lioadt -t of foundations. For of
« I the \sr: us eaii ngc «*f our peo- I
\ •*. Mgiiculturo Lad ths looiit occaii
tii :i to I *Ur pustiuiia and pnj'tdiecs !
and uss ti.o r« • dic*t nod moat gen
erous to forgive uud forget. X'ur* j
tti 'm- .o, tho irouth was almost eo
*-rtIjr engaged in agriculture, in!
which tL<* gn at West could eympa
ti. .'.o. Th u was tho original motive!
of the (1 range. Out of that imnrdi-1
aUly g’ow the i lea of co-operation.
The tlra: go cculd Le employed iw an
• fioctivo ogiht, also, in briugiug
P' Oj Id in tho Hiimo lt cali ii s cloeor
togetln r, ill cultivating mutual avia*
I athuB. and m furuiehiug a common
i he ci op'rabvo i I^a could be do
ve! : *d int<* i 'jf i.f {!<•> largest indi
vidual • ipi rlaucc, It would help tLi m
to pair!.i • fund, g im» !eni“u»s arid
itnpplir . toaltt*t.f advantage, nav
ii;; tho { fi tits to tht-Li.*e!v*. s. It wr»*
i -1 le.i * %f\<r liii«. however, tl.at tin
t lptc id ovc: t oc ured, 1 y rca«« u of
wen it t*i») l»range evi mua ly took n
t.ov do* rirtore. T’lio great uprising
«*f the ;jiiere of tho West rgaiuut
itioro;*'!) in d its foims will n.»t be
teen f tg .tleii.
i Le r.'v'iu i i rt«o up almost 1:1 a
hody to ditu.u il to form. Tlioy di>
*'.ired t! At t! t>y had 61.flared long
eucm.1*. T»ny ft It tlr.t they hold
to jjv r dually, ar d tlioy tvete
t.i>«)!v<o :<.• < xcrciao it vig<•ro.inly.
’< bn Uiangv v. a » aiieady establish! .1
'* ufy c&si;:!»t I old of it its if by in
i’: net, as t! o ni. s* effectual meant* o! i
Sa'ivg • i’C * • .\ LM Hud inuilltaillilio
their j ositiune. Aa if by magic, the i
t.’rai’go t :• i tip and beenmo mroug .
r.r.d ng^r.; ire, Tho ager.U rho j
et oiosed >u tho work of their
• stn..: *<i f,.|t atniciug!y encour* [
*'’**d. It ?r.;s s»u entirely tio^v ora iu
the cxi'terror./ rhe Grange. And
thu. stnl /. • g ;!» fact of their organ-.
i/. d power, ub:!o smarting under
i!«o rcej lti’tijn of pout g t it* van o s •
as.d deieitalneil to provide ag.ti.int ‘
t^cir repetition, they fell upon certain !
of the txintit;: interest with a fur* ;
‘l et seemed unwilling f.. 11* satinG. d
vri’h tr.y Ih’ii >"les than thr ir dodtuc
tiop. It r ar j n i nisricun uprising of
ft whole cl*«*, goaded by u s«ns« o! j
injustice losg nafTcred, that tilled the 1
usr ws.li its i.uae»t threat? on<l booui- ,
» d to »are little for :lu- multiplication 1
of peri!*.
Thorough Know ledge Kec-!
Tb« r« is riun-y in sheep, bnt it ic :
rot erory man who c m g»-t r.t it. j
Ho who embark:; in the bnrnuo s mnat!
t:»!»y wi'.ii him (koto practical rules
and admin wtor with thu aarno dia
ereiion Liu is found utecssary in ov- j
try auccesohil enterprise. In flock \
management, aaccoa will come on’v i
to him who brings to the l>u.dtiC4s u
practical huowl»dge tf (bo uheep, its
I’ccnliarttiw, its uoccttilu*, itu poai
bilitiet, and wh > eupplimeuta this
I;r.owli dp*» v. itli labor ntnl J ecretiou !
m; necessary hwro ue in other vocu-1
tionj. T:i«} ability to djtout tvidou- ;
cos of nutiuift, Ktul to counteract I
unfavorable tcudoncica, ia worth •
Uinch to tho abepherd; but i t far
greatut video to Lint will bo found
ilut ♦•xp*‘rieac'> and kuowlodgo by j
which ho wilt bo enabled to escape >
• he ucceiily for idimiuatii.g them, j
As a nn-j *rity if :ho unfortunate I
venturi* iu bLecp hnbb mdrj are the
• esnlt cf ignonurre or r»oghet, lla? i
experienced flock znarugi r iscrabled ’
t < pc;ij *■ l!j« r«i, 1. •c.-iug li e '*i*ndbicLM [
to f..b to li.. :ol w» iujzb vs «.o have (
r.clul without his discretion. Men
do not mulortfko inerchr.ndining.or
bat king, or manufacturing, in it«
various bratcluH, until they have
nuj antcU tl cmm-lvvi with aucii of
tho details of\bo propped enterprise
an will enablo them to properly per
form tjbo necessary duties, or at least
to bo ablo to judge wluu tl.cir em
ploye* do ao perform them. No
iu re should the in an who tPrftys to
11 t\ me a d >ek manager expect to
liud a aliort cut to tho front rank,
llu may have money to buy a* good
animal* ao tbo c nutry atfords, and
m.y surround thorn with all the aux
iliaries that Lie iuiMgiuuti<m can do
visa’ bat without skill a* a breeder,
and knowledge of what to do, aud
ho time and manner in which they
bhould be dune, ho will coon 2nd
hiiEBclf dia.auccd ly somo lean ,\3
etimiag competitor, who ha* ptaudtu
over tho paths which bo boa cuaght
to avoid. Hard work audtloao attju
lion aro osoentialH in ruccms in «boop
husbandry; but these ato so euro of
reward that none used herniate to
avautuo them. Shoop will pay well
f r intelligent cure* but thin they
iunet have if disappointment is to be
avoided.—National Liv. block journ
A Word !<# Fnrmrr’a Non*
Fartm r'a ecu* arc quite apt to sup
pose that they can only attain to any
coveted position in life through an
avenue of acme Ir&do or profusion.
They luck about r.nd find tho weal
thy men nearly all belonging to (hour
clttcsoa. They do r.oi stop to con
sider tLst ouly ILo wealthy ones
come to view: that for o\ery ono of
those who hn3 acquired wealth and
distinction, ninety-nine otherj have
failed and disappeared; or havo nev
er risen t> notioe at all. They act
on tho belief that they are the ouly
persons thai’ean bo called into pub
lic life, ignoring tho fact that it iu
the L-aiuiug they got which consti
tutes toe diflbroaeo rathor than the
calling. A farmer of equal learning
and culture with tho lawyer, would
wo Lclieve, find himself iu just a?
good request, with perhaps many
ehanc-s in hia faver. If he allows the
professional turn to wonopolixj wli
tho advantage* r.t the ntart, he mutt
expect t*, fit. 1 himself at a dia.idvau
tng*. all tho '.Tv'} thnegh.—Indepen
Marline a iNrwspnjM'r.
Those who know little of news
paper! or i.fwsjapcr management,
hare a vngno idea that making a
uew.-paprr i- x very ca«y thing, and
an inexpensive undertaking. Tho
uii i;formed iudiridua! hjoi a paper,
tttid ha picks it np, and in moot in
rtt«uc«'e l:ud» it r.o dig* cl dole a thing,
that Lo c .nc!ude3 that it is mere
rolic to run a newspaper. Tho faot
is it takai a vast de »1 * f labor an 1
years of patient labor and fortunes,
to make u uotvpj rper. Many pupers
arc started with grand ideas, and
iuou they end with a grand climax.
N rt long ago a daily paper was n?nr
trd in Halt: men*, and it rr.a giveu
out boforo band that it would be n
grand thing, and n<* it was. It war
a big paper, and several experienced
journalists being employed upon ii
it was a creditable paper, but in %
few weeks it closed its cat ocr, and
the hw-csi inclined ia attempting to ;
supplant old and oidnblishod papers, |
reached over a 1 undrod thouanud
dollars. Material was left, and that1
was all; thepreatigs (list tho inaua- i
g**rs t f tha now paper expected to ,
nj >y, had all departed and It ft in-'
stead, dep'etod pockets, and edi
tor*, printers and pressmen wont ]
hungry to bed, one! tho investor* i
Radiy to their bank accounts. So it
haa been iu many instances, and the
girtdest consolation derived from j
newspaper adventuro must bo when i
one starts with nothing and winds!
up with less, for tho dclioit iu gener
al'j char gain to uotuu ambitious*
priutor or publishor. Tho ago of a
paper ia to u very considerable de
greo its capital, for ago produce**
confidence, and coufidenco iu the
cuso of a newspaper, i*t one Imudrcd
cents on tho dollar, The Cincinnati
Tiuiea-Stxr, iu revioviug this mtb
j'.ci SUVB.
1 u«*ro luig not been a BuecoBsful ef
fort to Blurt a new paper in any of
ihe larger cities daring tho past fivo
years, and we do not believe there
will bo for tho next ten. A company
with a capital of $5U0,000, could not
put a now paper on a puyiug ba-*is
in this city by tho timo tho last dol
lar was expended. A new papor. to j
hoenro u circulation meat be able
to Compete with tho older ones. Sup
pose it be a paper of tho size and j
price of tuc morning papers of this ;
city, this attempt will at the loust j
p ssiblo figure, require an outlay of
|3m0,00U pur annum for running cx-t
penws. A new p-.por expending ;
this MtQi would bear no compereon {
with the old journals in the perfe-j
lion <>t its n»»wa department.4, und
the circulation it would pick up at
tho nUit of peoplo who would tako a
now phpor ou account of tho notcHy
would drop buck to tho old ones as
■ooti i.n the liovcltj had worn off, and
oaeh paper had to stand on its own
merits. If tho paper be smaller
than the morning papers, and there
fore cheaper, the experiment would
be still lefH likely to bo successful,
fur the ninrgin of profits which tho
larger paper had ou its circulation
would bt> so materially reduced an
to cut off tbo Inrgrbt » urco of possi
hlo income. A paper of half tbo
s'zo and at .half tho prico of onr
morning papers wonld sink money
fa: ter Man one at about the same
fli/.e and prica, bacuuse there arc
many exponeea that will bo tho same
whether the paper bo largo or small,
and tvhilo too profit on circulation
is reduced,'.It is not |X20Hil>lo to cor
respondingly rcdaco tho ©xpenaoii
n::d or the enruo timo make a paper
that will commahd usy respect or
1 over bo anything but a losing con
cern. The coot of telegraphing, edi
torial force, local work and the proas
room will bo about tho same for a
paper that sells for lfi cents per
week as for tho one that soils for IH)
eeutn. Tlieeo constitute a largo
part of tho papor. Tho Raring on
the smaller shcot only comes in on
tho coat of tho whito papor ami com
position, and the former fa not likely
th ho an item of great consideration
duriug the first f. w yearn; of-a new
paper. Tho great fact to ho consul
end in starting n paper, fa that ex
cepting tho siuglo item of white pa
per, it coats much more to publish
I the now p#| or that has no patronage
j and no inc )iuo at all than it doe.i t >
publish tho established paper with
! <tu income of $1000 a day to curry it
| along. To tho uuinitiato it looks
i like extravagant talk, but it is never
' the less true, that there is net n na
: tiunal bank in Cincinnati to-day
wealthy enough to start aud success'
j fully outubliuh n n< w daily paper,—
“Tile !N\‘KI‘o.<IiicMIoii,”
Touching the problem of tho “ne
gro (inflation* in the Suntb,’’ which
hi « 1:i hroti\hl the disenaBlon
j of the ttn'i CLinrso immigration bill
j iu t jo l.’ni'id States Smed*, My bate
' ;j i.KT, licit tho t u tt.»y holro it it
j to 1* t it clone. To do ft* mo ad vise
j in tho bt ginning of Hie lexcunruo
• or* ern, lo ricoguizi tlio instance
J bo:• of the in pro; to rmgniz.o ill
I n fi’ily < f 1 ii cm.u citation, and of
: hie ii.ver.mont l»y a power that ,n<'
: earthly Imtuvi Iribttmd can rvi rrttlo,
with ail tho privilege* and rei»p<m«i
' luljtir* of ll o civil and political rights
i that belong to tho uluto race; and
I to mukj tho lcat of iu It then) ir
! rcTtfienble dot roes had b..ra itog*
n;:v.*d ;tn! u ■••.'izeil, and arquiepnid in
without murmur or complaint, at tie*
be/inning, tho Hind half of our wees
• ine*i tho war w >u!u n< m r.hcvo bten
j written. To r.jvivo i!.e agitator uu
•ler urijr protx*, whatever, ia only to
bring on iviv trcithlvu —Clarion
That can’t bn; tho negro question
is not flottled.nnd thonpitc.tion mu*!
go on. "Wo can go with our friend
in “recognizing the existence of the
negro here;” wo r< cognizo that as we
do any other painful reality; we >.l
*o recogn’zu the “reality of his eman
cipation," bu* not that he i» irrevo
cably invested with the politics!
righte that belong to tho white rzea.
There may bo fools along tho line,
from cuo end to tho other—from the
Southern 75 mrbon to tho Northern
Stalwart—from tho Meridian Mercu
ry to Nevada Janen, if you please,
who c.'.n’t aco it co, bat tho troth is
until human nature is remodeled,
there wi!i be pivple along tho lino to
dissent from tho Clarion’* proposi
tion that tho negro iu iuvectcd with
political rights in this country by a
powirthat no earthly human tribu
nal can overrule.
Tho announcement of tho mou
tdrouo proposition at once invites
tho agitation. From the Mercury to
tho Senator from Nevada nil r.lung
tho lino thoro aro, nnd will be, men
to diflpoto (ho proposition that the
negro is clothed by diviuo light with
powor to akin our government and
civilization by his own retrogression
iuto the lovel of the barbarism of tho
negro’* auocstor.—Meridian Moreary
— ■ » ■ ■ ■ ■■
six cm hi ret i in one tirnYc.
Seldom is a sadder tale told than
his, which wo take from tho Cleve
land Herald: "A poculiiarly sad
and touching sceno was enacted at
River aide Cometary. It was the b r
i*l in one grave of nix ohildron; th •
littlo ooiia aud daughters of John
Voudereau, a West Sido butcher, liv
ing at No 52 Bridge street. The
youngest was an infant a little over a
year old, and tho oldest a son of
ninetoou. Thrco woeks ago Mr Von
derau’o family consisted of himself
and wife and seven bright anl hap
py children . That dreaded sennrgp
diphtheria secured a fatal footing in
tho household, ami tho baby was tho
first victim. ThnO oue by oue the
others wt.o sozed by the eicknee
and carried oif, until to-day tho
strekeu parents hare but one child left
to them, a daughtor of sixteen•
The race is one of the most lonchlug
over brought to public notice, and at
tho funeral yesterday the officiating
clergyman, It*:v, William Engleber
ger, of tho United German Church,
eiprmtd to the boi rowing couple
the sentiments of feeling and sympa
thy eutcilaiacd by tho community in
which they lived and arc much re
spected. It was, indeod, sad and
impressive to coo tho coffins lowered
one after another to thoir last rest
ing place, and the groif of the hoart
breken parents was inconsolable.
Slowly tho littlo gathering dispersed,
and tho mournoi* wooded tbeir way
homeward. Those gruvos will long
bo pointo.l oat to tho aighi-roor at
Rivoroido, and tho sad story connect
ed with them bid with a hositati ug
Gan. Grant, it is paid, was a heavy
loser l>y ilio dcclino in Loufovillo &
Naehvillo Railroad slock, and in con
Bcqaonco thereof has allowod sumo of
his n-ten to go to protect Quick!
Whoro is Jolm Logan? This thing
will never do; the country’s trouaa
ry full of gold and Grant’s noten go
iugto prot' Hl! 0 ungrateful ropub
liel Is this elate of things to bo por
mitb^l?—Natchez Democrat,
ilazh'hurat, - - Mlsaimippi.
Wagons, Buggies, Plows, and
all Tunning Tools generally.
Ropairi Gin Stands,
Clean* Rice,
Grinds Corn every Saturday and
all other work done in a
first claw county *hop.
Frank Subat.
Corner T ddlo A Oouker Street*,
j irtt/.lcliuist, - - Miss
-dealer in
{ Wines, Liquor*, Tobacco and C’gar*
| Candida, Fruilc, Grocaiies, etc.
rr.i li<u ard its rcRoncn.
CTThtalee r-aa—<1 eH'dlkba'I far* that tba
#i) I vtv jcrti w (Id!" imi I nh't'i U» brnua
5 ! Uir.l.j to roMact la thn Br«t rjaea fr.ta
tf •«. r.i dtra iorrv-Lt t f tit* Urx. 7aL«oraan
I* vt r nlr vi. i iaiiTMi. Iclallbn**** Uuia oun r.f
I lit* mui lui vtnut XbiT»aar<«M<>^l,enltara
t trn to tba boart, i mm uuouib U)L» organ. bad
In |w> pwtift »’,• I c art:; < ,tj a>< lira a tarV.liM
t)l>V «« for dlvwil- a ra *all M for a
'•.•hunt' b» eaalrt It) lb* ir«nil r.f rwt) maty
rWJ »e amatUnUatad. Xia-allttsll Litotliranon
Ui.l kill UtN la Ut.Ua to •«*» vat at order to a
creator of lata arttal. oml * hen tbit c<*cara it k
lau-'-ae! it f *r It V> r^TaiiJ fulfil tt* odea rfra
ivrUf all obJ'\*U >uel la tJtUUr frota ilia btuod,
let tll.ttU Vo i vnUtrosan, carrrln# alvb It tte
lolton* of vitloa tt eh/'.Jj beta boon ralUred. 1
1 VTIUi t m d u ra r___^C#. 9. f, lit!IVU*’I
Wo>»t Wtaaoolaeie n, PLMPIfl V 1BU
tern lenvui rJJ •{ I , ■ JujJ rHIuHll ft B H
adAa^bo Mina can j r *v^ B BITTERS.I
rtroprnirt— for alto PJXCT ntia raamlt of j era
f amnion a a re* tit* t“.t _, ct iloRr, ananatit
aapi’ ltodtrllll rVlti:. medical raaaarrh
BIOOP to "totoklnl r^riy aud prariloaof Dr.
Utotoann aUJ, v artaUat-rr. amt,
lydwUw/eGl'A,.""Av\ lu auceaaa
• ban ^arffAiy./r .»■ rtn^v tr bararar
baaina faab\W a$*a>naad k nf
loaoftMtbf i-vSL'^iU '\frJ Ito'aalcaan
aooUncallrI ^-Tr^VrfdlUarrfor tu
IL t I t or » JTC <n\rr^J>ld 'ma.lt.
out, to con. J ’ 41/ k W ilTtritoran
vtUtlMuloo 4 niaiibliftj fa tftel data
S££&. ] QnT£RS2 SinKS
BtcbBvoni- ■■ If !’“»«»•*;
r^-^iyn * -vcancst- IfitobTibair
Sutuma ittiDisusuamifl jsaru £
nfflXIa to • '• i'T T1T/n 1 ranae amt
Utaritiivr!». rf ’<uiti.lt. . it waafcaa Um
•are tbalr .rr«_rr, [f arttao.
5K£2S! ; KID HEY51 rtetc-m
tzsdi:!: .stomach S saws
atafadnat'ra j V*-r AND * • Ik **• JJ”1.
to r tltortiu — If Uldnar*.
» *n .IBOWKLS.J i*4®**®,**
■i . ,LT !k Uowala,
1 A la > mild
aO4** tt r^*0aot»
" All 0RUBEI5131,^2
labd la aa
• ad alto,
__l_ . bararaaa,
aadhalaa iiar.ly vaaciabla to lueeapaaka easta
aaadalaS Uu.tawDa Imotftrial raaulla. It la not
oiaiuthd aa a ouro-ail, bat lardaranaaaiato at
Uva errant m*>nti «nnd It la a apaclflo and aa
altLooi) VPUU ll»nraabtatnraallolbar pra
varalLtna. A*a pour drarrtol for It. and a Ira 11 a
fvirtrie1. If uaboaooaaou haml, adiVbatlt ba or
dread fur yaa. 1






•4 ,
r !
• u
v ”i5.,2 nR
ij f>»drr*i
.' £??9*rJ:
To »TJu M'tinnis anil Tat rout.
Tim.*>111 of April, I will at my old
Miami open a Him lot of new and fanli
i«,liable Millinery, late ntylc* in Hail
Good*, lira id*. Seek wear, Fancy Ar
Helen, otc, Cutting, Fitting and all
kind* of Sowing and Dimnmking
done at renaoliable price*. You will
Hnd it to vour advantage to call on nm
and examine uiy etock and price* tir*t
a* I mImII npuro no trouble in giving
eulirtfactiun, ltcnpcctlully,
Mr*, S, J, Linmsld,
Fou Sat.r -IGO acre* of new ground
land on Georgetown road, two inilcn
cunt of Ka/drliumt. Tim land in ren
ted for tho year. T Y Nelson,
Murcb 17 th 188‘J, C-tf
Still iu tho corner Brick Shop, in tho
Undertaker’s] Business.
Yon can got any and all kinds of
BURIAL CASKETS, cnited in price
and quality to all clasfloi Cull on
SAW® 8&T0&AI3
llsudehurst, Miss.
HP“tfhfivinj; Hair Cutting
and &lmuipooning dune aa
cheap as anyone can do it^i
Satisfaction Guaranteed
j. j. w«:ia. j. j. Wood.
llazlfhnnt - - • Mi**it*ippi.
Manufacturers of Buggicj, Wag
| mm and Plows. In tho corner Uiick
| Shop. Tcriua to bait tho times. Or
ders solicited. All work guaranteed.
L. M. Bowman.
lliizl^lnimt J fin#,
Guuu ami Lock Smith and Re
pairer i f Clnka, Watrhca and Sew
ing Machines. MakraCngcr rii gc
and mends all kinds of jewelry.
Coaxta CecancTowa and IUir.aoio
Uryctal S prieg*, - - Micalaeippi
1 Have alwai »i»n l and a full stock ot
| Ditv LOOPS, CROC Elites, HARD
which will he void i n the stunllvat pos
stiblu margin of profit for rash.
! Themeffority cfthoUiooftho human
tody iHh from a dmngment of Iho
L.tTCr( affecting both tho stomach and
b'>%erto. In order to effort a ewr*, 41 it
•MfMinry lo nmom M>n «a«M. Irregu
lar and Hlugglth action of the Botetle,
11 radar ho, Helmets alike Stomach, Bain
in IV Dark and I.oino, tie., Indira* that
IV Liter to at fault, and that nature ra
gulroo aootitaneo to enable this organ to
throve effimpurltiee.
Prlotely Awli lllllcrm aro especially
Compounded for thlt purpetc. They are
mild 4m their action and effective m a
euro; are pleasant to ISt Putt and taken
easily by both children and adultt. Ta
ken according to directions, they are •
i a ft and pleasant cute for Dy npcp*l*»
ucucrnl ucblHty, SZnbltnnl Con*
•tlpatlon, DIsmimiI Kidney*,
etc.,etc. do a niood l*nrMer iVy
are superior to any ether medlehnet
| oloantlng the system thoroughly, and
imparting note life and energy to the in
valid. It lo a medicine and nod mm
Intoxicating beverage.
aii tut iieooitT rci rsititT asi dittoi*
And taV do othOT. THIGH, I LOO per DoUU. •
8k Louis And Ktnui Citr. Xo.
Loss of Appetite, Bo wall ooatlre, Fain in
tha Head, with a dull aenaatlon In the
fcaok pari. Fain under the Shoulder
blade, fUUnsaa after eating, with a dlatn
oil nation to exertion of body or mind,
Irritability of temper. Low eplrlts, with
a feeling of haring neglected aomeduty,
Wearlneaa, Dlaalneaa, Fluttering at tha
Hsart,Dota before the eyee, Yellow Skin*
Headache generally orer tha right era.
Beatleaaness, with fitful dreams, highly
colored Urine, and
TUTTS TILIA are especially adapted ta
auch oeeea, eat dnae etfeota aueh a change
of feeling aa to aatonlah the anlTerer.
Th.y Inrreaaa Uie A|>j».llle, and rana. tha
body to Tehe on rtrah. thua tba ayaiam la
neertahed. and by th.lr Toole A.Uea oa Ibe
DLgeetlre Ornaa Utr.lnr Moot# are pry
duced. l»r1oe a cants Si Morrny It, H. T«
Oaar Ilaia oa tTMiaavaa changed loaOi-near
hi .rx by a alngte application or ihla Dra. Him
teiU a natural color. acta I nalaaUnaoualy. Hold
by Druyyleu, or rant by exprem on racalpt of $1.
ornn, as ki huat arr.. kmw rmmm.
(•r. TVTTI giiriL •> t.U.U* b.lnuta m«X
P»*A> a*«r?a etu Vt e<JM run m manCmf
COP 11
FOR ©sa oo
Per Annum.
Any one desiring a good County Lo
cal Paper, can secure one by
becoming a subscri
ber to the Signal.
JOB 0££I6£
is under the superintendance
of an experienced prin
ter, an&Cwo are
To execute all kinds
of plain and fancy
job Printing:, in
AVo aro prepared to furnish also, at thoshortost notico,
and, in fact, Everything in the lino
of .TOE PRINTING. Call and see ua before
sending your orders away from liOJJE. GIVE

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