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®hr tfophh Signal.
n\ om au li. joii.nstoS
Tcrmi: Two Dollar* per annum, in
advance. Advertisement* inserted at
oue ilollur |mt square, ten line* or le**,
for the tln*t iusertion, and titty cent*
each coutiuuaucc.
Train* on the Chicago, St. lands
and New Orleans Kailtond, ure due at
lln/lelnirst us follow * :
ftjGoiug North—No. 1.2:35 p. in. Nl».
3711.2 |*. ui. No. 7. 2:20 p. m. No. !•*!.
ti:Ot> a. ui.
Going South-No. 2. 12:510 n. in. No.
4. 5:03 a. m. No . B 1:07 p. m, No. 11
B:40 p. ui.
County Ofllceri.
T J. nargrave, , £•
E. A. Kav, DepyBhertO.
J. M. Loan*,
J. 11. Norman, Chancery Clark.
E W. Brown, Circuit Clek.
W. L. Aina worth, Trennurer.
F. U J. Tarry, Asm»*or.
A. F. Kilpatrick, Surveyor.
Suparnjor*.—Charner Price, Beat I.
W.F. Prtc*.
F. M. Bulkiu, W**11
J. B. Jones, Beat 4.
. M .Tones, Beni
•lu*tic«e of the reace. Beat T.-J. K.
Oro' me. Mayor ami Hi offloio J. P; Q. D.
Isowt*t J* II. JciJnnf Cog*Ublet T*
Uroome. .
Boat No, ••*.—r. P. Trawick. ''. B. Swil
lev. Constable O. F. Trawick
"Beat No. :i-B. F. Kufktn, W. C. Smith.
Constable, J. \V. Pnubar.
lt<*at 4—J. XV. Ciews, 8. 0. Jenkins.
Constable. W.J. Butler, Jr.
Beat .Y—John Terry, J. C. Davis. Con
stable, Ik F. Guv ties.
llitflelmrat Corporation. Mayor, J
K Croontc; Clerk, II Loel»: Treasurer,
It K Ainsworth: Ahlernten, K 11 wheel
ar, J M Noruiuii, I N Llli*. G 1> Lowe.
llazlchnr*t Lod*». A F X A M, meets 1st
Friday night in each month. Oflloen*: r
M Warrell. W M; A Mei geld J S D; L tt
Brown, J D; D K Coor, 8 A T.
Knights * 1 Honor Boards 21 and 4‘.h M-m
ds> t»4 lit • m each month. OtTJcera.—F. (1
Peyton, Dieta’ot; T J IVnn, t D; I rank
Moni-on, Asst-Die*; J M Normal', Bop; C
M Bank-toe, l'iu lb p.
II izlehttrst Council HK», American |
Legion ol Honor, meet let ami j
:ui Tue-da\ ot* each month at Hall, j
OlHcer*: L C Williamson, Commamler:
], F Linlsong. Vice Com; T It Hirtl-j
song. Orator; L It Harris. Cast ( out;
Chits Hiller, Sec’y: W It Cook. Collec
tor: \V W Cotik. Treasurer; A F
it'.ickley, Chaplain; It F Johnson,
Guide; S .1 .lidinson, war; Charner l*i ice
Sent Frank Klot/. L F Birdsong, L
C Williamson, Tiustee*; IMs A I
ltucklct. 1> W Joucs, Med Examiners.
l’rMl'j'tfrun Ch I'ch—He* ^ D Bii’K
ham, Paster- Servico* on 1-t. 2d. anil l'It
brndtry* at 11 a n«. Sunday Soho.I at IkJ’J
a, m. J W A*slo»on, .SuporinUu l«i t,
l'raY'T Mooting T re*d*y T p. iu.
lUptilt C>»nrch.—Eld*r A. A. Lomu,
p.i.r. r, Service, on liud. and Atli. Mind»j'a
at It *. m., V.d > i>. BL Sttwhj ,11001, at
0 :tt> a. m L L. Brittain, superintendent,
l'ltypr Mpp'iaj, Wednesday, 7 p m.
M«*ilio»l'*t churrh. Kev w G Mill
■apa. Pastor. Services every Sunday
nt II. a iu. and 7. p ni. Sunday School.
atlkBO, aiu. Itw Millsap*. Superiti
teudwut. 1‘raver luceiing Thursday,
7, p ui.
fcipUmpnl church, 1 pi on H Ho\t
d«*n. ltd*tor, Service, on third Sun
day ui 11. a ni.
Crystal Springs Directory (
Crvatal Spring* l\»rporation--»tayor.
A .1 Sturgis; Town t'lcik. C A Head, j
Treasurer, w C Wilkinson; Aldermen,
V I. Terr ell, " (’ wilkilianit, K A llur
riaon.C A Head, Hoard of Mayor nnd
Aldermen meet aeeoiid nud fourth
Monday of each mouth.
K of 11. 1420, meet 1 at anti 3tl Mou
lin V nights of each month. Ofllcenii
T Green. Past Diet; D S llureli. Dicta
tor; l M Kagan, V Diet; C A Head.!
Asst Diet; I. M Danipcer, Treat*; J U
Ferguson, Kent; J J Llli*. Hu hep;
A J Miller. Chaplain; K K McShaue,
Guide; H K Jordan, Guard; G GiUoo,
Kuiglits of 1*}thins.
Crystal Springs Lodge No 21. meets
every second and fourth Friday a of
each month, nt Castle Hall.
Ofliccis; C U Smith. Fast Chancel
lor; K It Minns Cluincelln r Comman
der; J W Hailey, Vice Chancellor; G A
Newton. Prelate; W (’ Wilkinson, M
of K;N II Ahy, ni of Fntul K of H S;
C W C«H»k. m at A; I Herkson, loner
Guanl; K 1 Stackhouse, Outer Giuml;
Section No 4<H. Endowment Hank. U
p Willing. President; * C wilkiuaou.
Sect’) nnd Treasurer.
Crystal Spring* Presbyterian Clumb
- He*v C A Munroe, Pastor. Services
everv Sunday at 11 a in, and 7 p in.
buuday School at 0:30 a iu. Prayer
meeting. Thursday, 7 p nw J M New
on. superintendent.
Baptist Church,—Khler A. d. Mil
ler, l'nstor. Services 1st and 3rd Sab
bath* in each month, II, a in, 7, pm.
btindnv School, at !•, a in, 1*. S. lturch,
^Superintendent. Prayer Meeting, ev
ery Tuesday evening.
Methodist Church.—Bev W B Bow
la, Pastor. l*reaehing every Sabbath
at 11. a ni, ond 7. p hi, Sunday
School, P, a m, J U Fergiwaon, Super
inteudeut. Prayer Meeting, every
Wednesday evening at 7, p u.
Having had the misfortune to be
burned out, anti wishing to Mart my
business again, I dcsire^all those in
debted to me to cotno forward at ouce
a ml nettle their debts of houor.
Gko. Tomihcu,
Hazlchurst, A/arcb 10, lW2-3-3t.
i iTtt.ui ms,
Hnzldiurat, ... llisateftippi,
U, r. willing, J. 8, 4*itou
irULf.Ye f lllTCW,
Hiulchurat, - • • .MJsaiaalppl.
Uuduc** communication* uiHr« ..«d
to them at Hiulehurat or Cryatal
SpriuRK, will receive prompt attention.
Hazlclmrst, • - - Mississippi.
Office near Court House.
Jf .Y. MtLEER,
1 Hn/lebur*t, ... Mississippi.
0. 6. UvUtU.
Hazlehurst, • • • Mississippi.
Ilazlelmrst, . . - Mississippi.
If. If. Mayra, Jr.
Ila/Ieliurst, ... Mississippi
i»*. ir.(.oH7.r,
llnrlelmrst, • • Mississippi.
Office in tsar room of Mayors* office
IntiMing. Special attention given to
If. B. .Ttaye*.
llnzleliuret, ... MiMianippi.
r. k o»tw. . o. b. o»tu,Ji.
Oalit St OniiH,
Ilu/lehurot, > • * MlMiMippi.
OlTlew up stain* over Williamson'*
Dim: Store.
Hr. C. If*. Purneli,
Hazleliurat, • • • MiuiMippi.
£ IV* Gordou.
Hazleliurat,' - • • Min*i<o>ippi.
House, Sion and IUoot Paintkr,
Glazku, Kalsouinf.r, Pait.rHanoki:.
All order* left at Mesar*. Wall A
Wood’* Shop, willin' attended to.
Livery Stable
Hazlehurst, Misc.
Will sell, trado or hiro, tho
finest horses and mules
the country affords.
Any one wanting
a fine horse,
or mulo,
can got a bar
gain by calling. I
will soil to you
at your own prico. Also
kcop the latest styles of Bug
gios, Hacks, Carriages, and
Spring wagons, of all kinds
and descriptions.
But conio right along.
L. M. BoWman.
JIaslehurtt Mitt,
Gun and Lock Smith and Ra
pa irrr * t Clock*, Watches and Sew
in g Machines. Makes finger rings
and mends all kinds of jewelrj.
STIjc fStmcHprawcnrf.
Th* Niw OaLBANH Pbmocrat and Naw
Ohlians Tmr«, Consouoatbd
D rerun Kit 1, 1881.
A representative newspaper most
find its way into business establish*
ments and to every fireside aronnd
which cluster* even the most ordina
ry intelligence. Is there any tjnee
tion in the triads of the people living
in the Southwestern ami Gulf States,
that the Tixds-Dkmocuat is that pa
por; that it embodies all of the ele
ments and possesses all tie qualities
that they can reasonably expect to
find in a favorite journal.
The ontorpriso, push and progross
of the Now Orleans Democrat du
ring tho past eighteen months have
become proverbial. No journal pub
lished in tho South has made such
progress in tho samo period of time.
Tho New Orleans Times has been for
many years recognized ss one of the
loading journals in the country. The
consolidated issno, Tub Times-Dkmo
crat, will embody tho host elements,
the highost virtues of both. It will
simply he, without question, the
ideal paper of the business man, the
tnecbahic, planter, farmer, the family
and the pooplo of all classes and
couditious. It is waste of tiino to
enumerate tho excellencies of its is
sues. Ii is tho embodiment of tho
modern newspaper. Every depart
ment iu it bus boon raised to the
highest standard. The Daily or the
Weekly Timi s-Democrat should
roach every place of business and
overy home iu tho Southwestern and
Tho Lulwcription rates for the Dai
ly, arc as follows, payable iu ad
! vanco:
Quo year, (every day.).112 00
Six rnontln. C 00
The rates for the Weekly, aro as
Ohe year, (Saturdays).$1 CO
Six months. 70
Tho Weekly is never less than 12 !
pag-'s iu siz", and is really the best
aud cheapest weekly paper published.
For 1882, and
Hand-B>*ck or Gexeuai. Exfoliation.
An elegant work of 120 pages, 8$
ADA incurs In oUo, pilutvU >-*
tiuied book paper, illustrated
tbroughoat with most beautiful en
gravings; and containing, besides
all the information pertaining to the
calendar, sia'istical and general in
formation on various subjects, and
orpecially upon tbo political and civ-,
il divisions, population, names of:
ofliciuls, Stato and muocipul: re
cords of post elections, railroads, ge
ological formations, etc., of the
States of Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas
Tennessoo, Mississippi, Alabama
and Florida, will bo mailed free,
postage prepaid, to every subscriber
of tbo Daily or Weekly Timcs-Domo
Send remittances in rogiRtorcd
letter, postal order or draft, at our
Addross all communications to
Tiib Tuies-Demociut.
New Orleans, La.
t^-Tiii Corun Sional,
and tbo Weekly Tinea-Democrat
for nearly tbo prico of oni .*®rt
We will send tbo Copiah Siuxal
and tbo Weekly TimebDkuocuat
(now recognised us tbo best news,
commercial and family paper pub
lished south of the Ohio river), for
oue your for tbo sum of f2 50. The
Democrat's Illustrated Almanac for
1882, und Hand-Book of General
Information, will be mailed to
club subscribers froo of charge, pos
tage prepaid. The club rate applios
only to subscribora who pay in ud
Hacks, Phaetons,
Any one wanting
Would do well to call and examine
tbe largo stock wo boro on band,
and will be found in the
back lot of Johnson A
Son, or Meek's old
stand. We can soil you
from 10 to 15 per cont. cheaper
than you can get them from any one
else. Also HARNESS for sale.

Hazlehurot Fob. 24 1682—8m.
Magnolias are blooming in Hands
The Mississippi Press Association
meets in Natchez the 7th of June.
This is the Seventh instead of the
Sixth District. _
The fine of fifty to ono hundred
dollars for selling Oleomargarine un
der any other name.
Brookhaven is having walking
* A Chinaman was naturalised at
Philadelphia tho olhor day.
Gen. Grant is visiting the Presi
dent at the Whits House.
K ate Sothern has boon pardoned
by Colquitt.
Aberdocn b«s thirtoon artcaiau
Last year California shipped wool
to the valne of $7,000,000.
Tho aoa ahora watering places aro
being put in good order for summer
■ 1 ~
Rankin county is iu trouble about
the mud dogs, and Starkvillc has an
epidemic of burglars.
Col. Hookor was very highly com
plimented on bis able address against
the Chiucso Bill.
A now papor published in New Or
loaus is called Capital and Labor.
The name exploits itself.
No moro filling up holes in panell
ed coin. Ponalty $3,000 or three
years imprisonment, or both if the
courts sayn so.
Br<>wu county, Texas, has tho
youngest telegraph operator proba
bly in tho world; a littlo girl nino
years old.
Mooroo McOInrg, Esq, ono of tbo
editors of the Vaidcn Nucleus, 1uih
severed bin connoctiou with the pa
per, ano will give bis attention to tbo
practice of law.
Tbo packet, Golden City, on route
jrotu Now uriOADB to Cincinnati, was
burned at tbo Memphis wharf on the
30th of March—between 20 and 30
lives woro lost Out of twenty-three
ladies on board, only two wore savod.
Ono of the watchmen let his lamp
fall among a lot of juto causing the
Another Case of smallpox has de
veloped in onr city. Tho pationt is
a man who entno to onr city by tho
Cannon on Thursday morning. He
was appar ontly well when he got off
tho boat here, and tho disease has
sinco devolopcd itsslf. Arrangements
have been mado by Health Officer
Ingo to send him to tho quarantine
hospital, where also will be sont
Nelson Davis and his wife. Tho
former convalescing from an attack
of the small pox, while the latter is
suffering with varioloid, contracted
while nnrsing her husband.—Natch
ez Democrat.
Columbus Dispatch: The Clarion
will uot probably pay any attention
to our request, but wo would just
like to know upon what political
priuciplo it suggests that ax-Gov.
Alcorn be sent to Congress, provided
Chalmers will not be a candidate.—
Tho Clarion suggests that the people
(of course white people) lay aside
politics and send Alcorn to Wash
ington, in a spirit of liberality. We
would make a suggestion more par
tisan, but at tho same timo more sen
sible, politically; Let tho Democrat
io party, whatever the complexion of
the district ,norainate a straight
oat Domocrat for Congress, throw
the mock sentimentality of liberality
to the dogs, and elect thoir man if
they can.
Gen. M. C. Meigs, late quarter
master General of tho army,has been
making somo novel experiment* with
archers, with a view to introduce
the primitive bow and arrow as a
part of the paraphernalia of tho fire
department of cities. The experi
ments mado dovelop tho feet that
thero ia no difficulty in throwing an
arrow, with tho end of a lino attach
ed, clear over tho flagstaff, about
eighty foot high. ^ ith a little prac
tice, any fireman will be able to
throw the end of » line into a win
dow eoventy-ilve foot »bovo tbepavo
ment, or throw a small ball of twine
us high as the Washington monu
ment. 8uch twiuc will hold the
weight oI one hundred foot of rope,
largo enough to support a lou.—Ob*
Laws of
AN ACT to authorize the Board ol
Supervisors of the sevoral coun
ties in the State of Mississippi, to
insure thoir public building*,
Skctiok 1. Be it enacted by the
Legislature of the State of Mississ
ippi, That the presidont of the Board
of Supervisors of ti:o several coun
ties in tho Stato of Mississippi, when
thereunto authorized by laid board,
be and he is hereby authorized and
empowered to insure such of the
publio buildings in thoir respective
counties as in tho judgment of said
board may seem proper, and that
said board issue tboir warrants there,
for payable out of the treasury of
said county.
Sec. 2. Ho it further enacted, That
this net take effect and be in force
from and after its passage.
Approved, February 21, 1882.
AN ACT to aid in the suppression
of the traffic in stolon iced cotton.
Section 1, Bo it enacted bj the
Legislature of the Stato of Mississ
ippi, That hcrcsiftcr nil persons, mer
chants, gin owners or ethers who
shall buy' or barter for seed cotton
shall bo required to keep a written
record or register of tho same, sta
ting tberoin the name of tbo party
from whom bought, the date of the
purchase, tho quantity bought, and
where said to have been grown, and
such record to be subject to public
inspection at all reasonable times.
Sec. 2. Bj tt'furlhir enacted, That
any one who shall fail to keep the
record as required in the preceding
section, or to tnr.ko entries therein,
or who shall fail to allow the samo
to bo inspected as required by the
said section, shall be deemed guilty
of a misdemeanor, and shall, cu con
viction before any court having ju
risdiction be puuiahed by fine not
to exceed two hundred dollars, or
imprisonment in tbo eounty jail not
to cxcood tbroo months, or by both
such fine and imprisonment, at the
discretion of tho court.
Sec. 0. Be it further enactod, That
this act shall tako effect and bo iu
,» ■«».. <•«*•— • — t'—
Approved, February 25, 2882.
AN ACT to provide a contingent fund
for tho State Hoard of Health,
for quarantine and other purpo*cs.
Section 1. Be it enacted by the
Legislature of tbo State of Mississ
ippi, That for tho purposes defined
iu sections oightoen; niuetcen twen
ty-one and twenty-three of an act
approvod Maroh 4,1880, entitled, ‘An
Act to amend the statutes in regard
t° boards of health,’’ ihe sum of forty
five thousand dollars, annually, is
hereby appropriated, said aunual
appropriation to remain in forco un
til repealed; tbo warrants for said
appropriation to be issued iu the
mode, and tho appropria’ioa to be
expended ou tho terms and condi
tions and for tho purposes prescribed
in sections eighteen, nineteen, twen*
ty-ono aud twenty-three of said act.
Site. 2. Bo it further onacted,
That all aota and parts of acts in
conflict with this act are hereby re
pealed, and that this act tuke effect
aud be in force from and after ita
Approved, February 27,1882,
AN ACT to amend the Homestead
Lawa of this Slate.
Sectiok 1. Bo it enacted by the
Legislature of the State of Mississ
ippi, That every citiion of*this State
male or femalo, being a householder
and having a family, shall be enti
tled to hold exempt from seizure or
sale under execution or attachment,
Ihe land and buildings owned and
oocnpied as a residence by anch
debtor; provided, the quantity of
land shall not exceed one hundred
and sixty acres, nor the value there
of, inclusive of improvements, the
sum of two thousand dollars.
Sic. 2. Be it further onacted,
That this act take fffeot and be in
force from and after its passage.
Approved, March 9,1882.
AN ACT to authorize tax-payer* to
fine on certain official bond*.
Sbctiojc 1. Bo it enacted by the
Legislature of the State of Misisa*
ippi, That any tax-payor of any coun
ty in this State shall be and is here
by authorizod and empowered to sue
in his own name, for tho use and
bonefitofthe county iu which he
pays taxon, upon tho official bond ol
any member of tho board of super
visors of liis county, boroluforo or
hereafter givon for any breach of
such bond resulting in injury or dam*
sge to the coonly, and the tax payer
thus sueing shall be responsible per
sonally for all costs incurred; and no
suit which has been, or may be bore
after brought by any tax-payer as
aforesaid, shall be abated or dis
missed for want of authority in such
tax-payer to sue, on such official
Sac. 2. Bo it further enacted, That
all acts in conflict with this act are
hereby repealed, and that this act
take effect xnd be in forco from and
after its passage.
Approved, February 27, 1882.
Advice to V Boy.
There, bob, quit kicking the table
leg, brash back yoar hair, and tuko
that scat by tbe window while I givo
yon a little advice. Yon wish to bo
come famous and to be known as
Billie the Terror of Kenosha, or tbe
Boy Aveogor. Now this is not prac
ticable outside of books. To be sure
you have read of boys becoming
bloodthirsty villians, in velvet pants
and top boots, in marvelously short
time, but as a rule tbe boys who
start out to duplicate thoso yellow
covered fellows, bring ap in some
isolated jail and instead of velvet
pants thoy aro adorned in real life
with ragged overalls, with tho vitul«
worn oat sitting around in lonely
places waiting for tho leantifnl mai
den to come and fall in lovo with
them as they do iu tbe book. But 1
have found a way for you to gratify
yonr long cherished desires. I want
yon to atm yourself with a double
edged grammar and a self-cocking
arithmetic and skulk down to the
scbool-bouse Monday bright and ear
ly. When school culls, conconl your
self behind your book, and wheuever
you see an opportunity jump onto a
difficult problem and probe it through
and through. After yon havo to all
appearances, mast**rod it, turn it up
fiido down and mako it provo itself.
By the time yon have followed this
npa conple of months you will begin
nil r\t IIva ratnMAU
crave and will bo looked upon as
I Tho Startler, or tho Boy Mathemati
cian. By tho end of tbe torin you i
will be pointed out to admiring spec-.
tutors as Tho Donblo n Etry Wonder j
of the Seventh Ward School
Yon think now that this will satis
fy you, bat it will not. Oh the con
trary, it will only spur yon on to
attempt still more difficult achiev
meuta. An nuoontrollablo dosire to
graduate will take possession of yon
and before yon realise it, you will bo
standing beforo a hall fall of poople
with a valedictory in one hand and *
cold sweat in the other, trying to
carry off tho honors of commence
ment day. Thus yoa will go on step
by step, until yonr friends would
hardly recognizo tho little Willie
Brown of to-day in the Red Headed
Professor of Poughkeepsie who will
be teaching a dead language with
one hand while he pulls an astrono
mical constellation to pieces with the
other, twenty years from now. Of
course yon will live longer than you
would if you had bocome famous as
The Dashing Highwayman of Oeo
nomowoc, but you will die in good
time, full of years and gout, and the
great dailios w ill devote half a col
umn under some Qilt Edge Tonic
advertisement to yonr obituary no
tioe, and aome enterprising cigs*
manufacfactnrcr wiil name a brand
of cigars after yon, and you will be
mourned as The Bald Headed Phil*
osopher of tho Nineteenth Century.
There, that is all this time. Now
run out and tie this ciu Co the tail
of that liver colorod dog that wo
shut up in the amoke-house this
morning, end turn him down this
street by the sitting-room window,
while 1 get on my spocs and seo if it
affects a dog the itmc as it did fifty
years ago.—P. Miller-in Peck's Ban.
A Mean Husband.
St, James' Gazette: Many of the
singularities of tho Jewish question
in Russia are due to the autonomy in
some respeota enjoyed by the Jewish
communities there. For example,
they have their own marriage laws
the marriage laws of the Talmud,
that is, and of the anoient Hebrews.
In accordance with these laws di
vorce is a tery easy matter. Hus
band and wife have but to egreo to
separate attended before the Rabbi
and the thing isdono; the ceremony
consisting solely in tho handing ol
“bill of divorce’1 to the woman.
Under tbo circumstance! strange
things somctimos occur. A fovf
mouths ago a young Jewish girl, an
orphan, armed ip OJessa, intending
as maDj yonng Jewesses do, to ob
tain a situation as assistant bonne
keeper in a Jewish family.' Wbiio
looking for a place, she was reoomen
ded to stay Vith a respectable mid
dle aged married woman, whose
young hatband was away for a few
weeks. Tbo middle aged Jewess
soon found horoolf into the confidence
of her guest, and asoSttained tha t
the young girl would have a dowry
of COO rubles wbenorer she married.
Thereupon aho formed a whole design
Sho persuaded tho girl to marry, in
stead of going into sorvice, promis
ing to procure a suitable husband;
an undertaking not uncommon
among Jews. Wliou hof Jbusbaudft**
returned from bis journey she impart
ed to him her plan. He was kto di
vorce her, marry tho yonng Jewess,
■ecuro her CO) rubles, and, theu di
vorcing the now bride, rotnrn to bis
first sponsc. Aflor »oeing4tb/prom
ised bride, tbo hatband sgreod. Tha
divorce was given; the marriage took
place; and thou tho husband, per-V
fec'Iy content with his new paituer;
refused to divorco l.or. Furious at
thia breach of promiso, the. divorced
wife summoned him boforo the Chief
Rabbi, Schabackcr. Uo, however,
pronounced the divorco binding and
and the marrirge valid. But as a
solatium he decidedjthat the dinap
pointed woman was entitled to a
commission of twenty-five rubles, or
5 per cent of tho dowry, for having
acted as scbad-jheu,’ or marriage
Women Wanted.
Wyoming’s want is woraon. Wo
w&ut women hero, partially to oven
up tlio population and partially] t<»
marry. Our territory i* suffering
more now for choice stylos of young
and middle-aged women than for
an} thing else. Wo need tlum in all
department* ot industry whers
women may bo ernployod, and also
in our homes And by our firesides.
There aro hundreds of lonely mon id
Wyoming who are doing well financi
ally and who would wdlingly-rnsb
into matrimony if thoro were enough
matrimony to go around. It is the
eaddest featnro of our wide Western
country at present. The ovor popu
lated East, where ay^ung man may
pay for ice-croam or oysters for threo
girls at a time, ongbt to contribntd
«r n* -y-w* rn tnJ*
desolate land, whore thero is
only one woman to five or six men,
and where life is a hollow mocW fy.
We sometimes wi*h that nature
had designed us for a hired girt in
stead of an editor so that.'we could
have been independent, lu this
conotry “a hired girl’' is only another
name for affluence and financial sta
Twenty-five dollar* per month and
board make the poor, cringing editor
green with envy. And yet there
are not enough girls in this country
to do half the work. A man lives
oat half his days and at last secured
a wife, only to find that the latter
part of his caroer will be devoted to
securing a servant girl for her:
It's tough,
Life is too brief to be trilled
away in this manner. One friend of
oars who has been reared in luxdry
baa been withont a girl for two mon
ths, and although be has offered all
kinds of inducements, he has been
compelled to make the beds and do
tbo chamber .work, while his wife
did tho washing and cooked the
Let tho man who noyer tried it,
rise at 6 o'clock, dross five childre d
in tho subdued light of early morn
ing, then cook breakfast, eat it go
down town for a omplo of months,
and bo will allow tbe girl that will
work for him the nse of his upright
piano and take her with him to thb
theater. Why, it has arrived at
snch a stage here in Laramine that
when a man asks one of his neigh
bors if be knows of a servant girl
that bo can got, the mob turns loose
at him and laughs at him till he
wishes he was dead.
It is an uncommon occnrenco for
a girl to come West, work at regular
wsgos two or three ^Kars, and tbed
os an heiress, marry a bloated capi
talist aud settle down.
It is a horrible fact that unless
something is dona to prevent thti
centralisation of capital among the
sorvant girls of Wyoming, a rttoln
tion cannot be avoided.
Thera is not a man within tho
tonnd of onr voice that will not ad
mit wi'h tears in his ryM and both
Htinpondor tattoos troinberling and
tottering to tboir vory foundation,
that snch is tho case.—Biomorang;
The Stafha and Timci-Demoerfl
for $2 10 per amnia.

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