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W. W. BX riTT.lditer.
One ropy, one year $t AO
One ropy. */.r month* ! tilt
One ropy, three ni»nth* .AO
ihuwkUhi IIim*aI Aral #1
lark wKr^iiml Nnarrinai .... .74
rltrrt* an A«ir h|>« Aral In* r
iMti rt|^i,ai nlr> mu«t l< i«al Nr ml
»HII. ArwM k MfBa*. |*tarf A.* i.nkt,
of MHrfMl U t»or Wnk roMf immim |*U»ln
I}, »«N»f INflr raNHfll HIM I |*aa»| ..R.a*,
M^»kltsM HIKkfcd HKNNKTT.
liwIrkuM. Ml—
,%'otttt to t mnOiOott •
Tl# A4|o«Ink n«lr» knr Urn »i|.*f*f<-.| U»
Mm* prvaa >4 Al»4**tlH*i Mnlrwk caiaUUl.
Urf|»at>J |n t *.rra|*l\ «Hk lU m
AlMkflirNy i«nl|ilaln f*4 Wflf ml Ik*
IrNt <>4Ur. $14, f..f Cowili i4<i«. fin,
fcf |U«| <4na. |l Ji,i MlfliifW • ill !»•
o*«*l* for « ili|r*«tl* »fln mn**uiiaiiiHiii.
II \7i riH HSr Al lil iT |A Iwtt.
IfA.VMf N.f r##v ro.VAA N »•
Tl 9*K.
For Stale Treasurer,
w v pmmw
of Carroll.
For Coitgrraa—Sixth I lift net,
For the Ijegmlatnrr,
Be. H A. It on 11 ii,
(.*•>« W. Miller.
For Sheriff,
\\. W. COOK
For Chancery Cl< rk,
For Circuit Clerk,
K. W. nitOWN.
For Treajmn r,
A J llOhiiKS.
For Amewaor,
For Surveyor,
For Cornier ami Banger,
T l». AIKKN.
mrrni ,Vm. |.
For Su| a*r\ iaor,
For JimtHtv of the Peace.
J. U. G 1(00)1 K.
For OoxMabli',
mrrni ATm f.
For Supervisor.
For Juatmen t4 the Peace,
For Conatahle,
Kmaftrr i'mmtwmtlirr.
T. K Camper, Chairman; J. C.
J oh net on, Horrlary.
ht«tm-t No. 1, John liunning, nr.,
H M Mayen.
Uafnrt No. S, An h. Steele, S. I*.
I tuft net No. S, 11. (j. J>. Br-an, T.
E Millmpa
MsSs No. 4, Dr. O. II. Spence,
J Harriet No. h, Dr. A. Unnfer, J.
H Cot thing
**■!» CtrrwMrr CmmamttUr.
fk» J l (i#nrgr. f bairnian, JaiMn
tl> VarliMH, La., ... I'wtUiiiwM.
k H V.Mmi .... HnMMiHi.
rotB cthkibbwk'mal manurr*.
fcL-WV K Than. Baidvia. A.T Baaaa.
>■4—D H (Mm.. Il#rmaad
WaMkaJL Oraaada
AA TVaai B. K*k#a, AknrcWaa
Urarwriila, J. A. P
m mmu.
SsnrtLhaJr b1.1 cwTbJv c
■auBlal banking Ik# M#a#b k .4 Alu.«kt>
<L4|> iMr rArk. ami Irina* • <> <fwrati.-ri
at all dllin at Ikr Hut# wh<. hmr knanal,
( >•»•« AmJ«rmt»..„ „( tk#ir aiaw
I 1
magaiaa aad will maintain tk#
n|«aiHt at all maa, aa aa
•4 Ik# I'tilled
Wa a## in Ikmr of Ik# ^-“—
af aN rWAwi nf Ik# Mate, of |«ikitr arkmda,
■Awa4 kt adi |iali luatHfi, bat nf^xiaad
«a aakravwpMd nr partiaaa adaiiaialralkin at
Vtol-Tk# Mlnliai <4 uaIt knaaat. fatih
ftf avd mnapru nt m#n 1 a alt 'An. frua
iMkakni in tka jawaal
fatdB Braanaty u» tW adaatnkaminn nf
! thr tioirmiiM nt; Ihr H uarb-s. and
.mnarraaan ■••ora; rr4»-tbwi >4 Ihr* and
mlartr. u> U» «r that afr ration <4, and a air*. t
and rigid Mi mtntahiltt jf >4 ail '4*.-«r» having
I - •a>tr..| • 4 |>iil>li< iimhmti .* rhargrd with it.
Fifth Kwnmal whoim ,4 thr Iryhlahirr
and rr,tn.ti.« .4 vtpenara iu that dr|iar1
lurNl ,4 Ihr tifrrVNnmt . awl •« .if* >I«M r
ihr RnaUkaa party f.w imialrj pi. h-. , ,.n
iMa m^rrl ^ ^
Hittlt -Thr arlrrtion of an *!>k> and itu|var
Hal litdtriarv. and ronftning J.ntg.-. |«
. talftiiM tUai* lHir. lv, at that adlrmpuii
t.» parttran.hip thr Ik m ll al.alf ha rr
Hr truth - |l|«rontii*tiam-r .4 thr rairin..iii
rtil .4 *f«a-ial ami Im-al IrgtaUli. >n, and in
.trad thr maitnimt .4 gi nrral law. umh-r
ahirh haal andpri\atr mt.n-m «dl U lull,
prof. < -trd
Ki^hth- F.nn■Mragmnrnt .4 ggm ultiirr I.,
m uring tin- farm, r ami lah»n r a jnat '.nani
If thrtr loll ami . aptlal. and ht ndfef fnu.i
lnirdwiaiiMii tatati<ni ahirli niu.l mnamur
’ thrir hiM.ih «•
Ninth —Km otiragnmrnt of manufa. tun-,
in fir iiimI-I
Tvnlh Klrialifi of thr .tandanl of ..fR
rial i harm t. r a.. aa to infuar into .-fthial lif.«
thr arnar >4 puhlU d.it. ami .fdnt >4 patri.4
i. m ami intrgnt i, to thr md that aam.iHrirt.
Ua and |Mibitr tuthnir mat hr ini. .1.4
aith tnr iiowal iiiiuriMW and ilgliH) ahirh
a ill inaurv rranr. t and ohadimrv.
Kb-truth \\ r fa 1.0 nnii.odiatr a. lion hi
thr tjrnrral IlmitiiMmt f.w thr nn.tr. ttf.
• 4 thr V.a»i.*ippi riirr h>w land* again.!
ii. iii.dati-n
Building U|< parti win nrv<|>«|H r<
hi bfl'I'Uiai. arming militia la (In*. ..f j»ms*.
• iim.mmIiIiHi.MimI alUmiM* In lake fr.Mii the
the rlrrtimi .4 T«* CullniMi, the
att.-in|H« >1 |t.f iKe V. InMM.Iitaii Poll. •«>
ImII. mII. iu|>u-<I i ••rrupti.Mi .if the Judbiary
hi Ihriur if kinrutii* |«lroHil(r. we de
■mmmm-* a*rr-». "iilr»g»« u|*mi imwaOtutk Mint
liberty. VV bite a* eiidrnev id tb« utU-r in
' a|Me »ty uf . ur prew*t ruler* to admini»t<r
(be »d«'r> I*f the Sinti', are point to the mv.
>4 ronfuei.Mi in whieh the revenue mJmI rv*rt«
I •trail. Mi law* if U*e State Itave hnvna m
*«dird, the neifhlt .4 eitraordt'iari m •
inh* of the l«gtal*lurr IW the l>lun<h r»
awl foIlM* >4 tt»—»rtil*r M-M»ii>n*. and tu the
rvfmulrd »Mr«tm and l.golalive net* wbbb
bate teen by the Supreme Court h, kared
uiuon>tilulioua! and Void.
Tbirteeiitb- That we . <wdi*l!y in. itr the
, V .|e»of all the p.sw»le >4 bulk rwe* to unite
lIpawalt withua In the *ppr an lung car
| ' ■»» in a determined elf. rt to give rwnrea*
U> the foregoing prim ipiea, and ttuia wsurv
to o«r |»wU rilt the lilnaia. if an honrat.
••e« mm mi it.-a! govermnetit. adu.itiMU-r. <1 hv ef
l< lent and r.pet. nt 14b.-era
M'mlr I m -I m Italian tu
! *m authorised by the Hoard of
f 'ontrol ol the MiM>iani|i|n State Fair
Aaaoeiation to tnv11«* the ortiivm ol
the State d range, and the Muster* of
enelt Subordinate (irange, or Ina ae
credited representative, to attend the
neat Anintal State Fair, Novemlwr
Hth to 13th The privilege* of the
' ground* will l*e given to all who wilt
bring proper <redenti.nl* to the Sec
rvtary of the A*m*« lalion. It ia the
( irwirr of the AmonalioM to enliat the
active <<n o|a>ration of the Agrii ultur
; nda ami M.n builim of tin State. It
ia hoped that each delegate from a
(•range will bring anme article for
eihibilion, and give to the manager*
the Irenetit ol their rape nettop, Tin
neat Fair*hoiibl miqhum all previous
exlnbitlona of the priMlinA* of the
aoil and the induatnc* ol our |h'u|iI<',
If cavil will help au'eene i* certain.
J. I.. Power.
Barretary State Fan
W r learn that < 'ork S|»m row Cult h
mg* and Iloix at Conviction* have
been u*mg our name pretty freely
in their *|n*erliew here lately, In ap
mg abune aAer abuse upon na. do
on with it. t We coneider it an honor
to Iw abiiM d by juat nurli npecimrna
of humanity; and would coneider
ourM>lec« eternally di*gra<**d to re
reived a word <4 <t>mm<ndation from
them. What we aay in regard to
them arem* to lie doing some goo.I
1 or else they would nat think of abua
I ing ua. Aa long aa our han<l ia
1 strong enough to wield a pea, we
| will wee it againet them. Pitch in
and abune ua «* much aa yoa pleaae.
We like it, comiag from each a
Tnr Copiah Herald in winding np
an editorial in the iaat inane, aaya:—
"Tina is all \ery ailly j it ia a matter
of no pnlilie moment aa to how any
private fit i sen propose# to mat hia
▼ole." Doctor, Little Hobby «toee
not arem to thing jnat aa yon do in
It hia matter, lie adviaed the negroea
at Hurt on ton to atop trading a cer
tain lolonl man bemuse be had
I the manhood to think for himself
ia the mailer of politics. When .»*y
of you coeld get tba < hance you
give the same advice. The Little
Cock-Sparrow ia not alone in this
advice. •
Au the Democratic papers in the
Sixth Congressional District that are
in fhvorof holding the Congressional
Convention at Haslehnrat, to nomi
mate a candidate lor Congress, sub
jeet to the mil of tba State Kxecu
| five Committee, will please make it
known by saying “I."
Homy wants hia negro follower*
to believe, that should the Democrat
ic |*rty coiue into power, that they
would be put berk into slavery.
Just Mop am b talk aa that Bohhy.
You ka«w that it la fie tar
mmi *$»• frm.
At Cn'latin, r*i» Saturday, the 14th
Hist-; t onvietion* male a
1 ■»|ss'i h to his ‘‘Millud l< rudders” there
assembled, in which he told them
j that he had always turn a Itepuhli
• an. That We had lern elected to
1 office by the hemocrat*, and had ae
is pted the |Misition given him, hut j
, at the time lie was elected hv them
he was a Kepuhliean, and wits still
stnh. Honest Conviction* would j
never have made such a
declaration as tlur above at the time
he was asking the white people of
Copiah for their votes, and now it
should dye his elteck w ith the blush
| of shame, when he well knew that it
would reach the ears of the triend* I
who had, informer days, thought it
an honor to give him their supjtnrt
lor any |sisilion that he might ask.
Hut it set ms that Ih* is lost to ail
sense of shame. He doca not seem
! to rvnicntlw-r that he is now working
against the interest of these friends,
•and that he is making Herculean cf
• fort* to rivet on them the chains ot
a galling an oppressive government.
Oh, to what depths can some men
descend for their own aggrandise I
ment! It seems almost im -rcdible
that we should have men in our
midst w Ito art* willing to oppress and
| degrade the very men who ha 1 up
| hold and honored* them, lint we
have such,aud Honest Conviction* is
a lair *p« i inicn ot the lord.
Honest Convution* went on to
• tell the negroes about the taXcs that
he was itmi|M llyd to coiled Iron*
them uruler the lawa of l*Mht, while
he was Sheriff. He stated that |.e
did not collect said taxes front his
I own tree will, hut that he was forced
to do it by laws wlo< h the f>cuuierata
had passed. We hate nothing to
say in defence of |>ortiOMa ot the
j pamphlet Ads <d |*i’m; but w« have
thi* to *ay,llom-M Conv icflons should
■ hhiIm hitnirll ton plain statenicnt
of fads w hen Ih* i* telling tIm* negroes
al*»ut the laws of IWW. He told the
lo gmen that he had Ihm ii compelled
lofollr< t a |m>I! tax from the negro
women, Thai time and again lit
had made their husbands j*ay it, Ik1
muse the law toin|»elled him to do an.
Now, we < an tell Hottest tVyivictUNI*
• that if bn collected each tax, fie did
it without the mimIik*. uf law. We
ha\i taken rape*lal|Mnn*toexaminc
Ike law* of and we find noth
ing in them which compel* the tax
collector, or any one star to collect
•hi h a |n»|| lax. This Lew uin*i have
originated in the hrmn of Honest
Conviction*, and wan ol Ins own
And, now, in condn*ion, wc a*k
him it lie collected Mtii-il a tax, w hat
he did with the money f |>id he ap
ply it to Ins own |n rsnnal Iwnetit ?
) We don’t think he ever pmd *uc k a
tax into the county treasury.
We advise him, the next time he
makes a statement in regard to the
laws of a few )car* l»e»k,
to examine them first, and then
he will Know better bow to make hi*
remarks in regard to them, and if he
will but *l»ek to the truth during this
; min|Miign, he will have fewer *i«* to
answer lor in the great day of atone
Di D Joum ask* bow about that
twelve-pound Na|«deon?* The gun
haa arrived, and if Dud will just keep
hia cam open he will hear it talk for
itself. In a few days it will In*
helehing forth its thunder notes, and
the sound of it will hs the doom of
Kadicwlom in Copiah county. Hut
it will usver be used ia the manner
that a certain Kadical speaker has in
a round-almat war. asserWd—with
• a
|M>wder and ball. It will Iw fired
with blank cartrige*, and will only
give forth thunder sound* of rejoic
ings of our people over the doom of
• • •
Tas little Cork sparrow in Ins
»|wc«k at Red-bone last .Halunlay,
stated to the negroes that the Htate
of North Carolina had bees under
the control of the Itomorratie party
for two years, ami that at the last
election it had gone 60,000 majority
for the Radicals. Hadn't Bobby het
ter bumiah himself up in regard to
the political history of the country
and then be will not he lend into
such fobs statement* as the shore.
Mas Aswan an Likcolm m given
up as hopelessly inasne. She sits
down silent snd slows in her solita
ry room to keep conifwny with On I
aginary Senators and Ambassadors.
0 • •
In Ilia ap-eeli at Kurloiitnii rru iil
ly l.ittlr Hobby kmi| hr would like
to are a Itrmoeratic negro; and r*»
<|ueated, if there waa one prvarot hr
would riac up and ahow Inmaelf. In
reeponee to thia < till a fine looking
negro man roae up.
• So you are a iHinocrat?" aaid
“Yea, air, 1 am," waa the reply.
“Well," aaiil Rub, “I would Ik*
aahanied to trll it." Ami thru turn
ing t«* Ida crowd hr continued : “My
colored friemla, if | wen* you I
Wouldn't feed thut fellow uny long
rr." (^iik k aa u f1.-i«h euine thr re
ap iiim* : “||y golly, air, they don’t
leol me, I feed almut twenty of
X<>w, llohhy, if some Democrat
had made use of the alsive remarks
in a spec, h, aganmt stum* colored
man, who w as a Kadieal, would not
you and your |>arty have raised a
terrible howl alnuit fraud and intimi
dalion, and have threatened the
white |>eople of old Copiah with
Imyoneta tor violating the Knforce
merit Act? We think you would
llohhy, you would ha\e denounced it
in the most hitter terms ks an out
rage, and have abused your race lor
resorting to such means. If our mer
chants should refuse to credit a ne
gro liecauwe he was a Itadiial, or one
of our farmers should refuse to em
ploy them lui-aiise they were Uadi
it-als, what ahowlyou would send up
i to Washington City, and would up
|*cal to the President for troop* to
force our |ieople to employ a man
who was voting them into irredeema
ble min. Bobby you should lie more
consistent. If you advise negroes to
stop feeding one of their ra«-e because
he is a Democrat, you should a«cord
to the white Democrats the privilege
J of refusing them credit and employ
ment lw*ause they arc KadicaU. You
must not take all the chii ken pie to
llohhy was mistaken in his man
for oner, lie had run across the
w rong individual, lie had poke* I up
a colonel man who had ai cumulated a
little property for himself, and was
able to employ about twenty hands;
and who saw that if the Kadieal par
t\ continued in |s>wer much longer
his property would l*e wasted in the
enormous taxes that they were heap
ing upon our oppressed people, and
had determined to vote |or the |»urty
that promised to administer the af
fairs o| government in an honest and
n n mini real manner.
Ihddiy.the next Ume you ninke a
s|Keeh, and want to find a colored
In nvs rat, first empnre what is hia
standing finaru ially heftier you ad
vise your cohorts to <jait feeding
Kor the present, Hobby, we will
drop you, until we can get at the
foundation of the minor in regard
to the counterfeit money that you
and other Itadn-als have l*een con
nected with, according to *ay so.
As soon as we can find time to ea
amine into it, we shall thoroughly
ventilate you.
iPrmttrrmlif Tirkelmf fdurelN.
For the legislature, A. (’. McNair,
for Sheriff, A. O. Co* ; for < 'hancery
Clerk, J. M. Buckley; for Circuit
Clerk J. II. Stewart; lor Treaaurer
Allen Smith, K«<|; for Assessor, L.
('.Matthews; for Surveyor, Luther
Blue ; for Coroner and Hanger, Han.
Iludnall. The nominees for Sheriff
and the two clerks are the present
iiiramhenta. Mr. McNair ia a young
lawyer, and a son of the late Judge
McNair. The tiidiet ia a good one
apd we hope the people of Lincoln
will rally to the standard in a credit
able manner. They ought to organ
clul>* all over the county and present
a solid front. There is no doubt hut
what the Democrats ran elect their
tieket if they will go to work. Men
of Lincoln, Hally,—Organise at
Tat Copiah Herald takes advant
age of an error that occurred in our
l*per last week, and asks if Cut.
King intends speaking here on the
first day of I>ec*a^r for the pur
poeeof preaching the funeral of the
Democratic party F (Not the Her
aid’s e*act wonts, but conveys the
the meaning it intended.) We will
hare Col. King to speak hers on
that day, in a grand rejoicing over
the downfall of Radicalism in Co
piah County.
“To«> mm H ruin in tins county tor j
cotton," says the Kosciusko Star
JVrf»wft#<r«M Tlrktimf l.tHflm.
The following iH'iwoim wero nomi
nated on the HepuhliraiVtiifeet of
1 drooln: in Ilrookhaven, Ant HrU^
K«r the r«cgi«laturu, R. W. MilJ
mpn; for Hheritf, J. M. Matthew#;
for t'muit I’lerk, W. L. Mitchcl; lor
< 'hanewry t'lerk, O, H. |fc>ugla<M, col
ored ; for Treaoirer, John tiartmaii;
for A«ne«uor, Wiley Korn; for Sur
veyor, John lioon ; for ('nroner and
I lunger, Nathan Jaekaon.
The flirat ticket, however, that waa
nominated, had O. H. Ihiugluan, col
ored. for the la'gialature, defeating
t'a|»!.J. A. liiNtkiiiM. There waa a
giMMl deal of wrnnggling alaint it ami
mm h |ireeeptihle di^aatinfaetioii.
Finally, in order to get another
whaek mI the enndniate for the l**g
i’•lullin’ all the nominees agreou to
resign. Home of them however,
were very reluctant to do so. The
second nominations resulted as above
stated. Maj. Mill*a|»* was not present
nnd it was thought l*y a great many
that he would not accept. If he
doe* not the Kxecative Committee,we
wen* told, would have the right to
supply the vacancy, and in that
event,they will place Capt. Iloslun*
on the ticket for the Legislature.
From what we could learn the color
ed people w eh* not at all satisfied.
Saying the “offh-es arc for the white
men, the vote* for the nigger*.”—
Such is the raaa in almost every
I county ; the white l(c<|ul»licait* want
| the offices leaving the colored |«eople
| to do the voting for their share of
■ the honors.
iAttte H*»a*w «n4 Ala Mr«4A«Mr
*j»e rr A
Little Cik k Sparrow Catching,
made a s|ie«-ch in the nuighliorhood
1 of Joe. i'rtcv’s, at Itedbone, on last
Saturday, in which he appealed to
the prejudices ot the negroes, and n
n»itided them ot the lash that was
raised ovur them at the time thuy
were slaves. .\t this juncture, a
gentleman asked him if lie had
j ever whipjird a negro? floldty said
that he had, and tliat when ho did,
he thirty linted him—and made mo
tion* w ith hiu hand, indicating the
manlier in which lie done it.—
, Hut Bobby is liable to forget what
be wyi As he went on with his
1 liablerlnsh, lie commenced miking
' iilioiit his honesty, etc. lie stated
Bthat lie had never defrauded a man
i out of a cent in his life—(he prolm
My forgotton his attempt to flood
1 the ronutry with ronnterfeit money,
j If In* never defrauded a man out of
a cent it was not his faulty lie fur
tlier said that he had never told a
lie, and had never struck a negro
in Ins life. The little Lilliputian evi
dently must l*e very defleieut in
his upper story, for only a few
moments before be made the state
ment that lie had wli!p|M*d a negro,
and lieanlcs ha t laid it on pretty
heavy—or in other word*, he “tinted
him!” Hobby must surely lie very
absent minded, that lie tauuot re
mernlwr from one moment to anoth
er what he say a.
Ileadviaed the negroes not to be
lieve what Joe. Price should say to
them; and further adviacd them not
to go to Democratic meeting*, and
not to believe what Democrat*
should say to them. Hobby, it seenta
that yon and the balance of your
foilower* are somewhat afraid to let
negroe* hear the truth, and wish to
keep them away from all Democratic
meeting*. Thi* has been the style
of your party ever since its incep
tion. You are afraid far the truth
I to be told to them. For when the
negroe* And out the kind of men
they are following, they will drop
them like “hot potatoes,” and you
will be consigned to eternal oblivion.
He advised the negroes, if they
went to I>cm»crutic meetings, to go
with both ear* unstoppe d, so that
what was told them would go into
one ear and out of the other. We
are glad that Hobby told them to
keep both ear* unstopped, for
when they hear the truth, it will
be the means of changing a great
many from the course they are now
panning. Bobby’* effort* was a very
lame one, and was only jast such as
his small mind is capable of pro
Tut IH‘iuocratic Senatorial ion
uention of Lincoln, Lawrence and
Pike cnuntiee rountine waa held in
Brookhaven iaat Saturday. Mr. R.
II. Thonipeon, of Brookhaven waa
nominated for State Senator. Mr.
Thnm|WM>n » a fining young lawyer,
and we hope he will be elected.
- ■ua.*.—-warn
The Srhmo' (piri'Ua, .It. I.
OtMurf tlm grvaU**« lenfUin of IV
hiti.nl lloimimy, Edmund Burke,
a'MP"M'd ««|» «•« of it* greatest lemon*
. i# ilo**# wogda, *“T*xe* lor ultra
Ption arf like tt»«* Vapor win--It, drawn
! idly Iroto tin* earth, decend* in
tertlllafrfg *Kow<*r*.’’
j Then* i* perhap* no tow n in our
State more dependant for it* pro*
jM-i ity upon it* acknoi* than llaxle
hurwt. We are a* yet deficient in
I mill*, manufacture* and home indu*
i trie* generally. Even of theae the
I introduction dtjx'iid* largely ii|h»ii
1 the ex late nee nr a good ac-hool ay*
item. Of the jwonlf who hav# here
tofon* con*titut«*.f onr population not
lea* than ninety wer pent, hare i*ecn
attracted hither ny the pmwpect of
i edm-aliomtl la« ililiaa. ll they and
| tho*c w ho now remain lu re tor that
' purpose *honid withdraw, the town
would apeedily Iwconie a *a>l *|**cta
rle of empty hoiia. a, waate garden
pat. he*, ami demo ted honicwtead*.
It i« well known tluit we have in
our midat a *mall nuinlwr ol htgote*l
men who are oppo««*d to our, and to
any, free *. hool *yatem. Fortunate
i ly they an* very tew. They eonaiat
of thn*e eia**e*.
The flr*t i* hy nature perverac
and oppowrd to ull prog re**. Then*
are one or two *u« h in almo«t every
conuuunity. ttum am conaiatent
thorough going apecimetia of their
ela**. So tar a* we know them they
an* entitled to the credit of aincerity.
i They love darkne** letter than light
and may n* well Ik* let along. We
have never *een one of thi* ela** con
rinced of hi* error.
Another claw in «property hold
er* to w liotu no public expenditure
seem* worthy antes* itsehiel Iwnetils
are immediate nnd personal to them
i selves. The patriotic ideas of work
ing lor tho public good and of rejoic
ing iu the public prn»|»erity are un
known to them. They have hot
i learned a* niciol* r* ot the body poli
' tie that their own chief goot I lies in
I its pm*|H*rity. Their ideas ol rviig*
I ion do#* not rise above I be getting of
giMsi, nnd d«ie# not include as its
great necessity the doing of it. Am
I my brothers l»eep< r! is tlieir sou
slant sentiment. H’Ara und how will
I it |sty a»r is tin’ lest of every public
measure. This class also is beyond
, tin- ren<-h of argument, except thorn*
ordinary and material consideration*
■ w hieh we do not now projstsc to re
' count.
I The third i lass mimew hat numer
ous, mikI in their own estimation
jmwrrful. would make this like all
' other public beiiefuetions subscrvlent
■ to their private or party ends. The
1 only qitestioii eoncerniug any |sdicv
, in regard to the public sclto-d* is
with them, how will it ctTcct our |>ar>
ty. and how will it effect our interest
and that of our friends. This party
is stronger iu numlM*rsthan the other
i two. Hut it is really weaker than
i either from the alwtence of any inn
' vietion u|m#n which its action i* bas
: e«l, and lieenn-e it is essentially «wp
tiona ami envious. It is also weaker
than either from the repugnance and
condemnation of the public who en
tertains tor if* spirit ami claims a
hearty aversion. In the estimation
of this parly no greater grounds nl
j offence can exist than staves*, if «mly
| the sttcccsa doe* not minister to thsir
prejudices ami dm** not redound to
the furtherance of their schemes. In
fact the nsefuluess of all public and
benevolent enterprise* is tested by
.the simple question “will it help our
The arguments of all the |wrtie*
are the saute that have I wen used
for times immemorial, again* t free
school*. They have been so often
reputed and are now mi little able to
itti|NH«e upon the mimta of voters
that they are kept most in the back
grounds. A ml a new elans ol appeals
founded on prejudices and on inven
tions has taken their place. It ianot
proposed to deal at present with any
of their objection*, hut in a few num
ber# to discuss some of the advant
age* of our municipal school system
ami some of the danger* to w hich it
is liable.
We are certain that when the ease
is laid ftilly belo-e nur tnwnfolh, as
it shall be, every enemy of thn sys
tem w hether open or covert wilt find
that the people have hilt Mttle use Ibr
him. No amount of profusions, am
puctally such as are made on thn eve
of election*, will satisfy. By their
dee<ls shall ye know them. The
eyes of the |ienp|e have followed and
will follow all their actions with the
eloeest scrutiny. All *ueh as cannot
make clear their record may as well
“step down ami out.** The income on
a frw note tenenenla, the immunity
of a few hits of unimproved land, are
not considerations that ran control
the destinies, or that weigh against
the interests of the people. We
have in this municipality the beet
school law in the Mtate, and, with
the exception of the oppiwitlon nam
ed, the best foundation in the Htate
for a truly good school. About the
last thing we woqld permit to stand
in the way of It, would he tho Third
Trrm principle. We intend to main
tain it by Word, deed, and vote of
every true citixen of
H vxi.mi’xsT
Ibtaav ha* aawrtal in one of hi*
Npaeche* that he did not believe that
there aaaan honeat negro Itomoerat.
Hut when he wan naked if there waa
*n boneet whit* Nadieal, he deebtul
to * newer the qneetion.

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