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Mississippi Democrat. (Hazlehurst, Miss.) 1875-1???, November 17, 1875, Image 1

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**.!•» T LI 1 • PBflPIIlT(a
u>l 1_ mizlkih kst, »iss„ ukdmos.uv. novlmhkr 17,1875. NO 89.
if a- r.iii u.*4! \«*»' »iifi: u *»•
L'tfti . r«« »\
V* * OrlpiiB#. Kf. * an ! i hi
nt* Ikiiroatl.
I ,*iita arrlt* at II•*!••»**ir»t am lollow* :
M til J'.ela. *4r* aor b 1 15 a m.
Mtll Train. *«*'«* aoul'i 4 l»> a ni
K\ii«a»1VbTa.N<4a^ MTtb 3:17 v w
I.'Kf naa Train- ***** **'’k 4:11k ■
XXW tXH»K A*. nt.
n FI <♦ ATK I * |.r. .. A s» M.
J W. MFlIttX. T-'r»ray4i t»|«ri*t..r.
i» lire o|» ti at alt Im>ui«.
1'hMrrhi a.
1r*Ti« r» atth iVrabrtermn Ckw I.* • ry
y b) lb. at II bnA. lb t W It. I.i.n{
bam. |«e‘t«*.
Mki.ta-aa »t tbe IU*»t.-« CVinb on lb
>4H, „4 mil l third halikalh' ««f •‘*'h month.
K.». A. A. L-nuat. |»«Mor.
fuino •» tin Mrtho-IH C» i.vh .-wr
*-■ „i * iy. Ilea, i X4 XX m«. paafa*.
r.t N|iii»< ll'tl t' ■■ h wh u
I>;1 SuMiatb in ea< b month. by KbV*
' X, n II ,r| ■*»U.jUi ami ■'
|.y Kbb*r l». I Turn. >
4<4, Habbatk al VI a ii .
|!ml J XI. XYi.rtia mill hi'l'l .1 inr an
4l . , it tlallatla <*n ike bmrtb i»
4 in.) month, at 4 f» m.
\| -«oaIln*n bn -I Vo.
J ml,4 \,- XI •. mm l l,< ''
sa .mi J- n roirmxnwu \
J L. Aai*.Mer’r. *'• "
|l J .in* • R I 1 N
- MiTlV i!' I
J. L. A an. Sec*).
II iKtani i;»T 4 « '• " N I 1 1
tnt^U at.-rv I- <lvt i < »i '• " •'
'III.V Ji M XX K4 X|H. I* r. t.
II. T. |l"*»ii>. >'•
Kaiunta »r I* .
S.. rt. K of I’ NM-eU » I “'i •"»
at alf-lwat artea o’rbn •• l» 1 *>'
o. T. iiowmiM' <
|| J. Ilawtitta, K.of I!. A h.
Tllk CoUl.U Oral.gr mill *»«M r*
IT, «ia*« on tfir I1r«t Mon-l «t«i>f A
ar I (b U'hrr W. J- UK A. Matir
T. M. Aima. Ibwfttf)-_
ll|OiliM -r MT. A'Un.i t.rai.k * • <*
f »ih *ntiir»lay in ra* •> in<eitl.
Xntiorh. (Inrt Saturdat.
Uuilman. third “ .
n.lal S|». <i c* MatwrAaf.
Itay.-u iVrre. third
||. jw a.'ll, f-artb
Itrho'x lh,
l4a|lnuoi, a* . -ml
I’ H.in ^ar I. Hr.t
ft«'Ui«'l. |*aMr«4ay la-fir fourta .U,
Jion .a-bitb*, ^aiartlay bfm ,4. >atat.
Tim I'lutr. Km 'Hi4 KmturvUv.
Ilaalrbiirmt. ■ roi. I ai. 1 * * * *
laH.| rim-k, tbirl !*i lur )ay
Falun ra, ib'iml
(Vtmi'f i’ urt*.
!■>. |tad|i|i» of IIh- I’i*' ilil ( * « f t
Fifth IHmin, • i 1 <
rountfi* «>f I*' >• h. t < ... . .1 1
lj« Mill ^ <|* ll I ' Ml I
•*!>*, C’it mI.11 ' ; H I II *■ ’ * ’ fi.i'l
1! u. A. J M»Lau I> -:r*n V
(’ftjnlit i’i’UhtiJ.
In llaJil**hiir-l( hi the fn IV
April and O t .1- r, ar I •r.t •' rH '•••. •
fVriA.ira* f'nitutu.
In I5il*»«>n, oh tic* '‘'‘I v ’ I i
March ai.d N pM»ih* r. ai l «. in. h
tarn day*.
lAWt' «" fV>««/y.
In M'inlirrito, i>n th«- fourth M I .i r
May and H tiinnlirr, «ikI MMiuti'i *i» day*.
Simp—* ('o«n/y.
In WMlrfllr, on U*< Ar.t M i ' iy ••! I ■
and Daranber, and «**itt*i«w ii day*
rA*ia*>ry ('.urf*.
HufcaduW *>f ih«* (’hn n'orv r.i'irti i Id
within lh« Fifth Judicial Ih*lri. t.
OfthiA <V»*afy.
In Uolrkiint, on the F irtli MmuUi •■(
Mar I'. Juna, HcftUniUr and Uawakw, a I
» Minoru* founty.
At Port GiSa> n.na thn Fourth Wot at v «l
j't tha fourth M.mmL.n of January, April,
July and Octufcar. duu. K. ft. IVytoa,
Jiff •non County.
In Fayvtfn, cm the enrond RotaUr afi< •
th«' ftmH.li Mnod.*y« of January. Ay rtf, JuK
and October. Il<« J II. Ihaaott, fhiUki l
JnUertna C-tHnty.
In Mwirtrela. on th* ftr*f Hominy of Jan
uary, Ai»rtt July andfK-toljar. Hon. ft. 8.
McMillan. Ottammlh r
tStmpu n County.
In WaatrflK on thr ®r*< Moml »y of Janu
ary, April. July and Octuber. Il<>n. K. ft.
Htl >i»r, CUai koaHor.
1 ■" ■
M. F«!*'r A to.,
IN ilrra la
UBOiKUIKH. DRV 0001*4,
CaH.-n IV. i>. hi hilt <.
of Ko In,, ui Hi' ot, , it mt*nn
lit/ 'W'hrlr Rremi tt Shmll Tit «
Hr TVirW.
!t ih. i ■ i-» nn} on iliiri). i . tl". p >
I I ti.nl I. III r man ti -lii r. il
•« **>rti iln- Ka.ti.tnl ywt ty is t<> iH>
! tr -.1 lu^.ir.* th" |h .j !. In Iv7*1. iioi
J f t l1**)- pr-■'(»«<% n**t uj"»ii what
ii".» p . • t «i,*on any poiiti
| *«l llwonr. lat what they have al
ri'»ly <n^c. Th y an* to Ih> tri. -l
M|«m tl" ir h>rt>nlt ami that r.n >>r I i*
ina<l«! up <»t nil their legislation,
i imo | <*mj*% ?! i; <« all tbair of3 i: ’
oomlii.-t, IVoia th. I'r nlc-it '..vu*
j the im«t itptohh* |> » ins l. i '| .1.0
j »h> l.i ln> jnil)(i'.l liy th. ir fruit*. Tl. v
at 'to Im iu. a*;tn* l I.} tl.eir *%«•»!*-..
I liry an> t.i I*. ;trn: (iM I 1*l'oi. tin*
. l.rrr <>l ptil-lir opinion, a •! Ih.'t ar«
to • tan.I la l!.» ,r inm.es m »• or tall l>v
tla'ir guilt. They eauin.l arraign
their op|M>iM.>nta. The challenge t*
1 with aa, ninl it t lor them to clear
lit .r W'11* a*- he*t they n...\ . The
I ml. -tl.. taii.l h< .*>rv tin high . u. t
I "I " ■ j . * j»l. dtar.'. <1 with n n.ulti
til >1 L • t '.‘111.'' Ih v IHIII ..
^*>»Il th. up. I'1, v eanne* l». loml
• the pii*fH . «lli .tl W» Ii < o'.tiil r nltn. Ii*.
j I Im*} .m.not .•■ 4pe tin. Ii.al, an t
I ti. v lire . hit «s| t.» • uin ' r ..ill la
I -arli venliet a* *:x in llioti* of Am* i
tin voter* nut} M-e fit to proiioaiiiv
I III NeV « i.lln 1, I * :*J.
NSi h 'i our <>p|M>•»« nt« Hill not
| ..norc 11 «* p< t. > it!. \ • M. Tin)
h | ui •» ’ !»• . the i iiiiir) I ;•
mailii >1.1 ait. ot I nmlfito
nnee in offiie. Tin t L«\c i.. *<i »u
|*rero p<>w . r ; «r f:" n \< , •. Tin \
: i In a ( ' ll v. ar, h i • * t *in*
< >uii.rv I all a uiili : |i\, . Tl *v
live i i» an I i n« . < ai.iI I- ..nl Ii.,
nit»" Mutiny to i»i I ‘ tl -jui 1 m Ii tt.
of •?<>!!l»i , II"-) hare iiiaMynrMtol
* n i mol ami i >4 • 11in t tc |ilun of
.nUii.al.a- :.n<J exi'f v I’uvo
| imp. **..•. I it lit ion h itl .nit refer* nn' l<
| it*, co'.im on- 1 int* iv r i f tin'
it unity. flu y l.nvo In..i .1 up. n
tlio IN piil Ii. an rial.irate nn I mtt
n 'lyl) <.*ntnv.l *y l«m «t pa|*< t
1'fo.lits. tin- n •‘Hit * t win. Li* t<> pm
yM into the jp» kct* ot piivi y*l
t'. i k r* a' I iritavel !•*.*, H.**1<I r*.
l nl < in p \. tin1 p-opl uml |i*
( arrany tlio iim a n of pi ip rlt
j vain «* They l«nv*» mvi t*'<l uillt
llj.' 1 ' r i tl oil' polit .i t j i* \i r
I intiiim taLL In.. >.'an .. ai‘l ring*
| o| J' ll 1 I p.fll’.-Oi
j At.’, -if i- rr , nl
I Im'H IM'lUil’iil i * p ..Ill-ill a l ,* 111. I
I rr* ami *j*« * alt i . in. .. i I.Vm il
|*i%>t. 'm i than fa* i -vrl*. *. •: v I «. i*
won in an • .|mmI p ri I inti ' *. »ry
of tl.f K puli n'. W lu tin r nalto .a!
or local nil tlM*ir lepHliilkii La. hevjt
i in ta * *»r of t h4«m win' iiihI >rn, joL
U r* ami rin.'master*. They h.,ic
fl>«» L»i the louutty with an irro
(Laiiial.li' icprvr* \. ..mu ii y,
tkho-e evil* m* • qiitvalcnt to nn an
m ill li>.-i* o| laorv than n tenth part
Iol tfu* ii« I cn: ntvtjf* 01 t. <* jirt>
duoing and in 1 «t 'it i.il • !.• < s of th »
! uatiiNi, Tin y hut v wantonly iu
' ereaped the i!X|WB«««of government
until they nre, in n time of nrofnun I
ju aie, tlir. i liiiu* a* mueh an wan
lever known l> ’ >ro their advent to
|H»wur, *u tint4 a :« troii i.txoy
euwtly State I'oxeint n ttUui r thvi *
control, the Pedtml fJovernm 'it |.
by far the ian-l txtmvnptiit And
eontly e.ntabt haunt now existing.
No party in lhi« or n.iy other
country h#* ditn* wo mm h to demor
alir.e (he public ii> the itad.ca! part}
in thi< country. They bate ma le
•ywteinatixeJ vill.any familiar t » Urn
uiiudw of young and old. They have
poiwoned thoWerj -priii ■» of publu
honor, nud by pamjH*rit»g, fostering,
honoring nnd upholding thievua and
rogue* have taken away the reprua< h
of jiolttinal turpitude. When honor
nud honesty are again inula! led
In public p*a«• <*, the ftudu-al dynaa
ty wilt wtand forth upon the tuldetw
of oar history M conspicuous for
nuda< ity and. wlfkwimai,—[New
OriuMH llulieiin.
Knrw h« wri t ■ »w *vi ( f tin
! tigl * id a wd n» •’ |. i■ #f
S4i»I.H'tt .Ithr .Tinny IVmii
.Wh wi n;t j 1|.» ,• of tliint Uv |*wh
'•‘he* a rot into- lory of the !o«- of
; 'l ’ '*1 * In < aj.ture ol (H-i
1 tl’** I’nlon f*>rr«/ *lu*
»■ ' ! 1 w«r, i.ltd <4 h«* 1% 4- Itt
•”» t" hi' family ath*r thirteenyear*
hn<l |»iv«e,| Hn(| t|M. little l*»y had
| grown to Ik*a man. In the flight of
t Inhabitant* Ir tn the hurtling
town itM**t ot the j>eoj»!e burrnfll
4 *wn tin ruilioad ir* t leadingfW*n
[the *>>ath rii ]>nrt of the j*hie, and
took refuge hi the wood* an.I fields
along the route. Soou tin stieel*
were deserted by nil ex<v|>t this lit
lie Ihij , who Itecaiie *e|>amti t| from
hi* Irirnd*. and at la*thi I himself in
:l freight • ur whii h ha<l e-uaju'd the
;* i" mi •-« ntltt-.ition. Amoi.tr tin
I I ii ion •> dd.er* win. soon jK.ur* d into
the t’lty wa* (nfttrwnrds
ti'eneral) ilii kt nloofw-r, of the ftth
tthio I . ' i w I.. • iis tvereii the
hot nil 1 t<."k hi in h. k to «ni iji
w!h re. h| I 1 s youth ul inteltii'enee.
He l» • w.t i <'t, ,t lit\ . rile.
’I >i • I oj stall ul that I is 11 * me Wfti
I . ik J’.< i r, »., ! that h tatberuud
h >.l r w« re n the u liel army, hi*
h rot In r h. ii.o j,. | to lion. Ih'uure
r,: i'd; hut a-all ar ii tor tiiein had
Ia«l< <1, il \\ : I lu*\o ! that tin \ v%oto
dmJ. im lo total out ol July
! Itdoptid the U • V. .»•■ I .11 A U.'ll-1,1 '‘•(J,
-*«•»>t loin i >t 'i, niiuli, when lo wu<
| tu i’ll i .1111 o o| l\ tli« < i.*nerai’s
i !min 1A1I li><> h< . II. Hii< i'lll to
• 1 ' ■ i .i ..n .i j -
pi ttt .il ., Voy'i l * oftleo i
to ’ i h j till .1, 'u (iiljerai, Ik*
. » { »t l'-tl '• t« 111. I « \ .1 t II^I
lO I* t it'1 tin • • twt Ivo or
tlorti i'ii ji r- I never isa oil,
w I •»! oj.j.oi t m*vy . (T. t. <1. o| itiak ii>j»
:< i■( ■ «*:• i h with rv;af.l t> his
|«r i U «’»l f".wi ly, »•» v*o* | all
h r in A • r. d m . • I > lather’* uml
> \< i■** i .tin ■; m I with only this
• i iii'li* him it tur-l a hoj>e!es*
t *» ii •
lie wrote nt»at<d!y to his old
lioni.*, h t the litter nil returned no
on. hsvi' ■: call* 1 l. i tl • m. II.* i (
sorted, trout tim • t • t.m *, a Ivn liso
im lit* in the M |>liis and ollv r
** •.101*111 ] ip ,* I. it they hroityjht
non j.*»n***j nml lr w the day bo
w** tirst tit'o’ii to tl I' .ion camp,
n i'y I* Hide, n )«in* a n, wrapp'd
.11 a- ol I r tij I'me t»• a f rva<hid
to t neklex, until Sat unlay of Inst
I v ■ V. did i. \ . * I I . nr on** tellable
wiih M**fi»nl to lathe* m<>thir or
| tiienii*.
Oi. * i v im/, n year or two ago, {
h' ,H s I’ost* *, m company with
1 F ‘ nd vi • -I rt tli ater in this city
nn*l while t oy wen- li-tni with
inen itnefit |.y the p< rf' <rnia^<*> o| u
paituui.ireom Fan, poster wa* si
hot an I *•* rious ami Isiiij* after
w.list* a ked the • anno Unswtrel:
“I a ii.ail looked so in ml. like niy
too*.In r that it sturts inc to think
_ a#
At'ai'i um night Inut win k young !
i I 'wlfr viiitrl the rarne tlwuU r, and
to In# MiMiialoiHMit Uiemtne ihutu di-!
nn app an «1 on the ftage. Thin time
it made "itch an iinpro*dott on Foa>
teFw min i that he con! I not bleep, |
On Saturday morning of lu*t week ,
I two intorented friend" vi-ml the
theatre, and Joand the comedian ai
luded to at iv in nwl. They (|aentioti
ed him doeoljr; tho imme* of both
Ik in* r and mother corresponded eX
ji.itly, Ion he had no toother. HU
i brother Frank wan lout lie said, when
| a chilli on tin' battle Hold of t’orinlh
land all anarch lor him for thirteen
year* had prove I unavailing, and ho
had finally been given ap ae lead.
Tho hintory of the family w»* that,
related in detail, a* to how after tho
•>eige and burning of the town, they
bad returned to the otliownin Dun
kirk, New \ork, Anally moving to
bli veland, where they have remain
ed ever mimv ; the father* death; tho
now hroken hearted old mother;
.the btrin rlen *»f the only
'll to eirti a living for
' Hiers, and hU Anal
!* " it >•••*■*.«,», the b.ji'xe ; the
J* if •■ajvr 't PaMcra
«t.<! c"' 'hern «ll> -, t'.jjournejr,
•nai.y •*» tin in <*u Shot, to di*Ui>t
j m the ilirtra uni mother at.U
'• *** hiof* l<*r her lo*t chill.
The brother* u < joo* •%>% they were
*b beta ten (lam that they
were In <»UH*m (li»|«ti IkmI a rnenaage
ot go«»' n< w> to their neither in
fleet Ini <t, ami lollowo*! the im-rage
in j«fwm together.—(Cincinnati
t 'oinnai ml
TnB,'i«wt tnpMarnt hm*J hy tb»*
' »rj . 4 b _'g. r; util •» the ncffmcn to
>*« »ir« .iinl re'ain *!ic colore I vote
ha» i* 1. tin. (<»n ..anti) rciterate<l
a M iti 'ii that it tie' I>4 hum ml
niueihl innw into iMiw« r a rain rla\
ery aim I at mu • I*" re < *tahliahe«l.
Tin- K'l r> 1.41.> «*-Tori'll in 11 who ha
iittimlly commit* I their mar tarn for
n<l\ ice 1:1 onlnuiiy allium, to rank
tin him Ivi* in *oli«l array again*! the
whit -* whem vor it inme to voting.
Tht n roc* are learning Letter now,
a* ait. - ln>4i n 111 M. i'-i|>|ii the oth
er la;,. Willi tcjual •! r.gaiiof
truth at I jirol.nl- iity. tie* •uani it
gan* juv en.l. .tvoring t<> ill'l l o
North' in %ot> I- to beiieti thut the
nvi rthr iw ol the |>n nt eorrujit
\«liiiiiii-tration wou!<l give the gov
ernment entirely into ti e haieb- of
mm MHixtrm toil rib I*. \v.e» wm!l
iimie d .iU ly ]in*«< 1 t«> jaluws
|ieaiimiii'i; t'onl* 'lv . I i -, •:u* 1
|>r«*v id'll:; tor lli * p: \ in "it to lorm
er ulax h«»|il**rs • I ?h<* i *11 \ vain
of tin law* f*e*l 1} »'i a t el
« inri'ti i,iali<»:i j < i at the I that
they would ili#*.*t ii]» 01 lie* r p.. !.a
li«*l» i»t the debt cm. n t* 1 in
the |»ri»ii in ion of th • «i\ I war. t >1
i ourm*, n«> iKiwon of common n i -<•
in the North pay* any iilteni'on to
Mich aUu iitica; hut an esteemed
a*. t « xc« l,«oly welt r ' rin' d cr
r'.|»M*<h'' in |. *ni*,ai,a <1 net it
to ex|Hh»e 'in- lul.'it) oi ii- h i it*r^< »,
and uu cannot do holt*. r limn to
•]Uote lit own word* in regard to
“Now, if any of tin a!!e a .mi
wire • nie, would m*t the mo*t ier
iron and ibt.l* in ana for net-wring
-tu li revenge l*e alior.Ud by the in
flation m iwnie ju t m h n he*! in (>ii• >,
which every aeimible man know*
would eventuate in—it it d**ea nut
directly a oi at—ultimate repudia
tion. The Month on the fbredoing
! V j«>ikt lt"uld haye thrown up
its I „t wildly fur William \!h n,
vvl. r« .**, o.i the contrary, it i* a la* t
t’ it t*> * entire .-wrctHin i a unit now,
find wiM I believe, a*, the lb m*n
cratie fWvention in lv7b, « iintt
in 1m.i m (Jett. Oarduii irt the only
Sou then man 1 know of, having
any influence, w ho in in favor of the
Ohio platform. The (barl tmi
New a aud Courier you have alwi*\«
fully i.ndeixlood an«l rated at it**
full value.**
'ii ouitutiui ihc cxiniri iron uni*
eorre»poml#nt’» note to the conaid
ation of »*.ll ad;o> ,ium of ra ; money,
ai d U gihcut t • |MtnJtr it, as it tx
pro»e • the vivWBof the vast majori
to iiiltu. nlial Ihonoi r.»#—the
m»*a kI.j lewd in popular opinion—
throughout the South. Those who
•>ap|»«>^ that the irredeemable nir
nney project hods favor w ith any
large pwiportKM) of the intelligent
•kwMMMi in the Southern Stales, labor
ui,dor u gioat mix lake. They tried
tin* cap* rmert during the Into war.
and the results! an Ik; bought to-day
for nh >ut tvro cent* a bushel.—N. Y.
Bomc of the radical ru-w »|*a|>ert> in
this Slate have flaaated into our fin es
that if the Democratic Conservative
party of the *tata was successful in
thi* election, member* of the lUdieal
party would have to leave the State,
and that the white* would crash the
Mgro s. We will prove otherwise
to them. We are not in favor ol
kicking a foe when we get him down.
Wa only *ay to them, repent of your
sina and help oa to redeem the coun
try from ita impoverished condition.
Trust u*. and we will try to he just
wnd i hantahle to all who an* deeerv*
tug—[Magnolia ID raid.
f*r»*j**rHn Vkrmnak
tmrlmrtnu ■
No community, »ui< Or luilion mu
l*c proMprrotw whiih only produce#
tbe raw maU rial, ami thin hire*
Nome other to mauuibeiurc it. Let*
uum grow the wheat lor hu bread,
|my the freight to a Naw York mill
to make it into flour, and th n loo
freight back again, and act H that
would be profitable to bin. The
j wme i« true of ever} thing t-Ue. Uu
!y that community or acctlon »* pro*
' j roc-which man uftn-t lire* a* well
.»* prodwen mw material. TUo op
erative# in the fa« toriea, being con
•umcra, aUo give home market lor
prodin ta. It wuian nmnulin-tun* nil
we need, the operative* will umi In-re
at home «mh of our prod not* aathey j
now iviwume away off somewhere '
< I <- where we now have to "hip thi*
1 pi'-diKi, and j ay high freight! on it
lo them. \\ hat w lumndi tin in ha *.
| lli.a IIV :*hi bid. d, and (h y are in i
] tarn lied to add thu ddferenoo
11', the pi ,<•»• id tn. g.Hid . tlivy maim-1
1 lai lur.*, a!iip hi I - II hack to m.
i We j..i\ three Ircight", one on raw j
mat i i t), otic on man ihutun I good*
j "• ci I a* k to ua, ion on the I'mJ wo
n l thi in lor the ir workeineu.
* oiuinuint e* which only | inline
j ttnd sell tin* ni'V matt . ul, kuVi< al
| urra»e Huh a l !u.i bmikcu |w
rto . bmii i eumriul j.i ha lion is
I■ iig wibl, ilwy flavn i, but that is
s»* >n a,.d they me t m!h I to
I ly u. I s',iiji I,aid; t‘ •. r m.l*. uuim
lu< .uiv l obl 04 what liny . Id, end
then ll»«y have Icui.aess in hu *ine*>*.
I’i ! i tion l.y home inuau M* turnip
e<|»ul to c ntun 1 n .ik<* hem** nu»r
kei*. tavis Irvinlil*, ui.d k«.«p somo
ihinjf constantly on hand lux* uange
lor money. —{Indiana Farm* .
|>n \V M. Wf.r«x of 'la Mm'ifi
I UInvited a rro|> thi - y :\r. >loii { tin*
work with I is own I ml .I rm < <1
and ^r»thvi\ l on«; bale *>l m, two
Iiundi i d bi sbel* >>f (,n r and 'ea:
a J
"i |-t ft -e fil'd J Mam. In • ,h » d
a lar^ practice. If Ukre i* another
dm tor in the State «»f Mi- i.'..ii>|u
who hurt done more, or even us mat h
we would like him to mml u bis
I ho. f;r»jdi.— {Mugnnl'u 11 lull.
«. ■>„..
A Vcnerublo clergyman, who ul
tended the church ul a younger
brother, was railed by the latter on
bavin*; slept Ihroa^h the nennoti,
and challeng'd to t II what tho Mor
mon wax about. '-What the aermon
wu .about?” ev'dainted ti»e trorient
b! Hum, “why it was nl>out forty
live minute* too lotijf."
Tnt l’hiladi Iphia (l'a.) < oi <inon
Weal'h say*: A redaction ot wu-, <
loliowit tho victory oi tho money
|*>wcr, ai.d in Ohio 10,000 miner*
K" out on a htrike. 'lim e of whom
who voted awuy their own bread
and l>uiter, have learned loo lute
wlm were their friend* ami who
were their anomie c.
'i'llK 11NX> Wi>u A IgU* Hays, It H
ipi* Hionable whether Achilles would
evi r bad spunk enough to go for
Ibctor’* scalp If iiia married life
ha<l been troubled by tho voito ol
a woman yelling at him twenty or
thirty time* n day to come l*oik and
shut the door after him.
A butcher in a recent bankruptcy
ow» put in his claim strongly. Ilv
said that tho bankrupt owed Inin tor
tho very flesh on his bone*. M!t is
no recomrm ndatton for your meat,
seeing how thin my client is," said
the defending counsel.
Ilow is it, I'opa,” said Frederick,
Piimti of Wales, to tbo |hm i that
waa dining with him, “that you, who
are eo hard on king*, am ho complai
sant to BMr* "It Is," replied tho
bant, “U«nu*J I like to pel tho lion
bo.oro his «law* ar« grown.”
A 1’ike* IVaker, writing tow Min
mwsota journal, says the tinners aro
very tnuth discouraged in that ro
giorii they havu to dig through a
•olid rein of silver lour loot thick be
fore they roach the gold.
i* th. Mm*.
Man Ul*>* Am m ti im «1 to iaiiyli ai
woman tor wrtti’-^ in their laf», tm
iiytiiiny tl.i- Habit Jo l,c nn inevitable
attendant i»; tin IvbiMiiug organix.*
tion. The rcaaca why woman wriu
in their lap la g neruily that Uiuy
have no nthcr place to write, at<U
•*u .uiy ti'ixan wLalu heitruai i
hand. Wilting m that way h no.
ouljr im-oi au«i uwl.urd, it i»
i vary tmhau. h>, parti, mo*** wi.vu
•tons npaa ..v .. . i*
lut* a trndui y to incite otic lound
ulioulnereU) it t « rnprv. . ■i the lur.^j*
and other par:* < . iho tci.i (tint
•hould have lull j> av. Aujr woman
who uim'n a |>t n frequently, ivvn
lliou^h it be in yi vatu «orrea|Mm«l
enee alone,alio, i 1 have a de.ik, nr ul
l< a«l ft table, i«• r< >t her arm* on,
and to prevent t. ti. 41 uU»r atoo|> ret
quire*I by writi 1^ i 1 the lap. Betlei
•till would Iks u h '» d> tu whi« it
•dlC could ntuild. J ,11 nnlkllM
eomplntli her wot ii without fatigue
und in a n oru aui . lory in.11.net
than while in uti.u.., d |««iilion
Shu ran lur betU .1 I 1 to ataml
than to Ik ii i ov« r. t. I l*y a little < x
| k‘lie lieu bite would 00a dimOVesT
the ditfi reneu h -twt u the two in tin
Mii|iru\eliie-lit ot In !i physical and
n.enuil condition.
A l*».Ti >ir in- «l r can't under
stand how it i* that her gir!s • an
p i\ cr <|Uvt lor h.ilI a day and not
!«•* I tii\d. and yet, if on of them is
..*Kkd to vvi«!i the di»li««* she r» c he*
for the cant} hor nottt
An old Woman in a r. 1 cl <uk am
eri •*-: ng n field hi vt h All old he
' i I. . ng| e i
transformation took pltvo? Tho
it turned ti» (t«nti In eV h' tu t ,
and the at.Inputted iltms iK-miH1 »
‘ •ailet runner.
it «. > not lot low llm two per
eft |o .ourry In u i.«' bolii
• > , *d. Mdk is good and iMitDiucd
l»gnod, |,UJ lir<3 Uoi good fur
ea« !i otlu r.
NS hat it the ditr< rviic« Mwtssn a
|wrson o > Into for tlie train and u
rhoolniistrum? One tnis-cs tin
train, and the other train* the mr
A Chicago paper h»* tho following
curious notice: “Stunted, a nurse to
take charge of a basket of children
left at tin* i>ftho a short time since .”
A young ludy in Now York who
hud two *udors, engaged herself to
one of them, and then elo]M*d with
the other.
The table which wo* “set iu a
roar ’ hn* I wen presented as an or*
naiiu-iit to the lion*’ cage at the Zoo
logical Hardens.
A secret burns a hole through
some men’s mind.* as ipiiek a* a coal
of Arc would through their pocket*.
■■ !!■ u ♦ ■■ '■■■
A man i* generally tundy to an
swer for hi* courage—especially
when It cau'l answer tor ilaelf.
lie w ho gels angry in disousaloa
w liilo his opponent keep* ecol, hold*
the hot end nf the poker.
Mr* l'aringtnn any* she prefer* the
Venus do Medicine to any atatate
*ho know* of.
In love all men are fool* alike, jest
a* in a dark room they arc all of one
‘Tray keep jour^nl," an the
cockney *|>orU*n»an aud to tko rab
The next tiling to a direct tax on
lying would bo a tax on grave
Ttio moat pompom* noldier ever
known.—Genera! Importance.
li it imrliamciitary when the aye*
and uo«Mate both running If
W hat ie everybody doing at the
Mime time? Growing old.
If you want to bo a “»w«U" of thu
iirHt water, gut Ike dropny.

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