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W. W. BUntXTT, Miter.
suiacsimoH une “
On* ropy, one yeor. $1.50
One ropy, six months 1.00
One copy, ihr** months .50
Om iqiM* (tM tine*) InA inanition flt.Mt
Rat h wlaaquwil inwrtii* .... .74
A J» rrtiaMni iiU iff Aim upon flrat lawn
thia. Muharrlptnn mlM muat ha paiA la aA
»uxa Remit hr aiprcm, P.*t..m.* ..Mcr,
«r wpIfteecA Witer. Write >.*ir aarair plain
1% , aJ*» tout (Hate, count* awl P«ut «ARre,
awl aAJraaa W W. BKNMtTT.
liarlchurat. Miaa.
"»■ ■
Mss MMosthl.
The contact between Hon. ftmler
4r Seal and John II. Lynch, for Con- J
greaa from thia, the fllh Hiatnct, yet
remain* in douht. Nothing d< finite
can he gleaned from the ncwa|«a|>rr»i'
yet a* to which of the two ia elected, j
The report* that we have Been *0 tar
ere conflicting, and non* of them
jftre any certain news in regard to
the content. The protiahihty la, how
ever, that Lynch ia elected by a
email majority—an rumor *aya—hut !
we Jo ainoerely hope that rumor, in
thia in*tatice, m tv he inintaken.
If Lym h i* elected to Congrc** to
represent u» (<*r the next four yearn,
the UmuMTaU in certain portion# of
tho Sixth District should lie ashamed
of the inactive purl they took in the
late ranrimi. Other IlmlritU in
the State, where the Hepuhlimn ma
jorities have been overwhelming,
have, at the last election, acnt their
ablest men to represent them in the
halls of the National I*eg"datnre.—
And here the Sixth IhMrict will have
to he represented l»v a load smelling,
kinkey headed, ignorant negro. It
is gulling in the extreme, after sin h
an overwhelming defeat of Kudiesl
isin in the State, that the Sixth Dis
trict should conn* waging in with
this hybrid specimen of humanity to
represent her in Congress.
mf IVwfi ml Hem.
The dispatches in oar New Orleans
exchanges firing to us the sad news
of the loss o( several vessels at sen.
The city of Wa<s>, hnroed off the
Texas coast, ami all on board— a
large number of pu*n* ngem and tL*
crew-—were lost, either by Iwing
horned or drown*d. The City of
Waco had on hoard 800 cases of jw
trolium oil, in utter defiance of law .
Lightning struck the vessel, setting
it on fire, causing the destruction oi
tlie vessel and the loss of many
Off tbu Californiacoasi.the steamer
Pacific was struck hy a pushing v« «
aid, and all on board were lost save
one, who sustained himself on a sky
light of the lost steamer for time
<Uy«, when he w as picked up hy tho
U. 8. Rev emto ('utter Wolcott.
The liark Toronto was lost during
a gale at sea last month. Tli*
crew consisted of fourteen men, 12
of whom were lost. Two men from
the hark—a white man and a Sjian
ish negro—were picked up after re
maining in the bout for twenty* one
days. The white man was almost
insane, and tl o negro was perfectly
insensible when found.
tirMt. $Jmr. Offrii.
We have been shown a letter from
Messrs. Leigh k Rvane, attorney*
and counselor* at law, of Colanibu*.
Mia*^ which state* th.^t the 4• rand
Jury adjourned on the 11th, having
(ailed to find any indictment against
Lieutenant Governor Davis. They
reported In substance t Thai they
had made diligent inquiries into the
changes brought against the Lieuten
ant Governor, and that the evidence
mas not sufficient to warrant a pre
Inasmuch as the Court, a day or
two previous, charged the Jury that
they should require only evidence
sufficient to make nut a prtaui (>m.i
ease, their action will be tenanted as
a complete vindication of Lieutenant
Governor Davie from the alleged
cl targe of bribery.
The public generally, as well as
the friends of Mr. Davis, will be re
joiced to learn that be has thus been
Iklly a<quitted.—[Jackson Times.
We will bet a nickle that the
Grand Jury was packed for the oc
casion, aa they have been packed in
Warren sad other counties.
W% ask our reader* to look over
the short coming in original matter
thi* week. Having purchased the
inters* of Capt. J. D. Bark, the time
consumed la arrrnging our affair*
haa necessarily thrown us behind,
and curtailed the time that we usual
)y take to get up our editorials. In
the futura the Democrat will he what
k haa heee heretofore.
I turn d.spaal of my interest in
this |M»j«*r to Mr. W. W. Bennett, my
Ibrmer amoclalr, which terminate*
tny ©onnet tb*n with the Mississippi
hrinm nt ; and it affords me mueh
pleasure to announce that my busi
neee relations with Mr. Bennett have
bten botli pleasant and agreeable
throughout, ami I patt with him
very reluetaiitly; and in taking my
leave of the nfllee, I bespeak lor biin
the favorable consideration ol the
people of t’opiah county. e»|»eeMlly,
for thev owe him much lor the in
• e
Alienee his pen wielded in the last
cam|«ign, and for the result of the
recent election J and we believe ll»e
good people ol fopinh will matiio Jt
their nppreciatitin ol Uia effort* by
awanling the hemneral a litieral
support. lie “bearded the lioo In hi"
den,**'and made the he mot rut a ter
mr to the devotees of Radicalism ;
and those who now enjoy the bene
fteial results, canm*t ftul to remember
him a* being instrumental, to snaie
extent for the accomplishment ol the
go."! work.
IO me patronx oi mi* | taper I leel
devoted, uml it prttdufx** within my
ImiMiiti an unp'ra-unt M*n*ulion to
nay that *ad won I at parting Farc
w« II. I leave yon, however, im
pr. * >d with a roti«riuamoMi that I
have endeavored to di*< barge mv
duly faithluliy and honestly, and if,
pen-ham**, I have been dr relief in
any partieiilar, I ho|K‘ you will judge
me U-aicutly and "|wm my ini|M r
ferthtn* by.”
To my friend* and acquaintances
in IIualeliurxt, with whom I hnv<
pa**cii many ph-nxant hoars, I can
nay loudly, that my thought* will ol
ten rarer to tho*c plca*ant moment*
that I have enjoyed in your mid*t.
I’ai tmg i* said to Ik* “*u« h a sweet
sorrowhut if it contain* sw eet
in xx at all, it must In- iu the fond an
ti* ipatmn of meeting again. S i
I go hene** to n**nme editorial con
trol o| the 'Ii»si**ippj t’i.iten, pub
lixbedat It emit haven. I have pur
chu-el the olfre, and will have t >
regenerate that pa|»er hy | urg'ng ii
of Ibidii-ulixin. and converting it ino
n <‘oiixervutive lb-mix ruin- paper.
In coneIaxmn, I mi*** my old hat to
ail, and say good-bye.
J. D. Ill*UK K.
It i« with deep regret that I J>art
with t apt. J. l>. llurke, and wi*h
him uhundunt Mn«w in iii* new lii Id
of lulior. Together we loumicd tin
Mi*«i»»ippi Iboamrat; together w*
have 11>ni|ii< t* I it for t*#ven mouth*,
and it hit* net -r l». > n rnv lot to la
bor with a more plca-ant and genial
gentleman. It * very thing he la
b »i« 1 nr the gi • I oi «>ur p.ip-r and
the mu*' for which it wax l .ttilm ,,
and I urn glad to xay that »be |x»»<*|.I• •
have appreciated our joint ebon* to
build np a go.el Ih'inocrmk- |>a,.i r is
this town, and have given it- a very
lilirral patronage.
The Mivxixxippi Democrat w ill Ik*
eondueted ou tlie ►ante plan that it
ha* been Heretofore, and will battle
for the right* of rnir i t .pie ax long
a* il in in exigence, and if per»ever
ence and economy on our |>.»ii will
do a* 15' good, it will l*o in cxi*u*tM')
for many year* to come. I am young
and w .1, ( . Imil I up or ni\ m If in
! tbi* low n a bu iiu-M that will make
for myself and family an Itoiieet
•upport, and wait the aid oi my
friend* I will become a fixture in
iia*leh«r*t. 1 shall endeavor,io tin
extent of my ability, to make the
Democrat a live newv|io| or, and w iil
keep it* reader* posted in regard to
the enrrent new* of the day. Now,
in conclusion, I a*k the public to give
me a lil>eral share of their |«tron
age. W. W. MEN NETT.
The Clinton (La.) Patriot-Demo
erat cornea to ua this week with a
short article, headed with four cuts
representing individeal* with pack*
on their back*, and the articln reads
a* fallows: “('arpet-hagger*relum
ing home, after the election in Mis
sissippi, on the 2nd mat." The fol
lywing, from the aaine paper, is lop^
ped by one of these pack individuals:
MA. Parker, the late Radical Sheriff
ot Amite county, Mias., leaving the
arenas of his rascality for a more ge
nial and suitable ultma>M And the
following is surmounted by a huge
cotta t “Sacred to the memory of
Radicalism in Miammippi, affection
ately dedicated by the Democrat* of
that State.
Told weather to-day.
AVw .•Vtsslts*j»f»*.
Through the dm of polilWml I title
•II along the line, one sound rea* h« •*
(Wr **r*i clarion-toned alwjvs the
strife and Ihll-lreighted w illi promise
•n«f with peace.
Mississippi i* tmrn again into the
family of tree ami sovereign States.
Alter the hilter travail of her long
night, she ruse in the resistless
strength of dcs|»erstk>ii and,-baking
the shacklea froiu her lair limlut. pan
opiied herself in the right and drove
the oppressor from her soil. Scourged
by tlie patient freemen they deenu-1
hut bondsmen, therr have covered
their hrasen laces ami fled as the
money-changer* from the temple.
f° Ul*» i'i Alalutma, tins is the very
Aaron* n-i that swallow* all else o|
tmal, or ill, the new moaih ha
hrougiii forth; for graven ii|m»h it
we read signs whtcli none ra i tail to
trad with us and to comprehend in
nil their luilnevt of meaning and of
l»op«. For in many things we ar*
one with our sister State. The l .nin .
dary between us is a geographical
■\ mlsd, and no more j an I s n-*
that imaginary line wc h.dd out both
hands to our ransomed -inter w ith *
joy deep and lull a* that whi. h lilted
us when we too rose out ol the night
slid found we were free.
I In* aas. rtiou ot her (iwl )(it«'n
right* l»y M<**i«*ippj ha* signitn amv
tar higher than mere political and
partisan triumph; a wigniiii unce
moral ami practical worth more than
all the rest hc*idc. It ntvaoatirwt
that all the higher moral and mental
a11rihutc* inust and w ill gov ern in
the South; that, aligned Against ciuh
other in any *lniggle to* nil out their
strength, the white ra<e cannot, and
will not brook subjection to the hlaek. j
It homo*, Iwwlde, that tin day ha*!
|>aa»ed w hen unclean Inn!* of prey
may awoop down from abroad and
hit ten UjMin the vital* of the hound
I roMetlma :—that the giant ha* hurst
hi* Itond* and stand* erect and tree.
Hut an. ihi r great po.nl ot thi*
struggle—that w hit h i row ns it* luir
iv'iilt ino-t gracefully i, dn strong
reiutal ol the slumtcr* np>>n our
Soulln ru jatliey. I’eojih and pres*
at the North still echo iainllv .heold
ery of “Ku Klux” ami* -White
l.eaguers/' while a niounleUnk dc
tile* a Hrooklyn pulpit wi,lt fresh
-lilood upon lhe mnrouVle l,M even
the repitlahle press denounce* the
" on gw aal .., i. mi . >i ||. | i
*‘>ln made filixeiia union » u*. for
ti.ti, in i itn.I un 'cniaMt re .illation 01
‘••is. Mississippi eat, |M.int i«> her ro
• ••nl Mow. None run l e found to
•h'ul'l that it ever people had cause
to rise in their wrath ami suite and
*•*} ,'t wa* they. N» grievou* v.u*
lbc*e wrong* *o rt**>gnUod u'r •<!
hy Iter v ile*t d« tractor* . .at hi.M»l
sited and \ lolenec in Mississippi on
election day were di*'<>u iitnuncd
h»ug ago. I et even her *\or*t t ..e
iny, W ho sit* At the In i. i of iter gov
ernment, trusted to lie ' g'**l tanh,
aiid sent Away hi* men* Hunt *.
While tier. H* \ertdge went to t'lu
• ago and In Id the militia underarm*
during el. lion day'/Ante*dolma ., t
hi* .eh flag cohorts ami h me I up
on the plighted faith of f* >ulheru
while men. A* result we rv.. I of i .>
diction m >re pea. . ( ,,f |() r,.a,..
tion h provm alive of *(rt.e. Him I*
a id w !i*te *t«s-.| tog. .her at the p.di.
to ihi-.i.v M'vngth in ihr j« -1>j|
ban! 1 of tlte I •; * 11 >i ; nnd on i< ai .ty
il- r. mu nokiliiitg, n ti.iiiui I ni.ni,
n » rumor* of mum. We a*'. i.,<«
nihiM. slanderer* of tin- pr. |.,
liott thi* ai t. evaugliolt ;lt w . i v
they will not give it to i . ren .era
*’ 1 ! 1 .(,r purlf MfMM
[Mohih l.’t -ter.
1 lie >fAia Fvm. I.a*t Tli arm lay
we v -ieed ihe Slate Fair, at Jmkim
and found \ • t »■ • w in n, »*n antv,
ami very f» »v ir •. <• • < »iii| inn.
Kut we Mipp.t c i te-n til ainunl.i'H c,
and -.parse exit l»iti >n o pro*'i«rt»
was «au** <1 liy dinugnuiMe, rai tv
weather during the timl days of ,.dr
week. The Fair clones to day, l ay
ing been continued from last wt«*k
on account of the weather in
trrlering with the an angr lae 11« that
ln*d Fct fi made.
A cm xt of the “cash on hantl*’ in
(sen. Spinner's office, matle some
time aims-, revealed the fort, th.it $3,
049,(MO of gold ni t It d w as emen d
•• currency at times when gold was
worth two hundred or more, in
greenbacks. By this beat little
dodge half a doarn members of the
Treasury King were enabled to xltane
•8.(M9.(MM) currency among them
selves an I yet aceni to account lor
all the public money tlicy handled.
The rarfiei baggers around Ja« V
aon don’t look quite as gay and hap
py as they did a few weeks agO
The result of the last election scene
to have had a tendency to make
their laces very long. Their day in
Mississippi is tnded, and they
should immediately pack their
carpet hags and have. We
have no use for them here.
Go -Her hum F
The “narrow gauge skirts'* is tbs
western name for 'an.
impemrh .f met.
Am"*, ll»t* imported Governor of
tf isei-aippi, should be impeached im
mediately u|*on the assembling of the
l*gi*latwrv, and if proven guilty of
tbu crimes he is charged with.remov
ed from offic-e. It is notorious that
he has saddled ti|*«n the puhlie a |Mtr
ti*an, corrupt and ineom|ietent Judi
ciary; th.it he has in«ngatcd riots,
and set at beflanc-c the very law* he
is sworn to enlorce; that he ha* en
deavored to bring shout a w ur of
rat es; that he ha* refused to lake any
ste|*s to prevent hi* corrupt appoint
res from stealing puhlm funds, or
when stolen ha* tailed entirely to use
any means to recover the *ame; that
Im ha* endeavor* I to i n ale a stand
ing army in time of profound peace,
and that he ha* tilled every office in
hi* (tower with the most worthies*
ami venal men the State could a fiord.
Therefore In* ought to lie impeach 'd
a* a t on uplor of public im train, a* a
di».tirl>er ot puhiu peace and aconniv
cr at fraud* ami thell* row mi tied on
die puhlie. Hi* attempt to control
flic J udicial otunioa* ot the venerable
f *hief Justice IV\ton, hi* removal of
the voungrr I'ryton for reusing to
render an opinutn in c*tnformity to
hi* wi*h, are alone Mitfleient to *e
eure hi* condemnation. Ad<l to these
the riot* which lie ha* brought about
aid ot which he stand* convicted hv
hi* own testimony ami from hi* own
mouth, ami we have a catalogue of
crime* which call* loudly lor hiiui
mary punishment. We greatly fear
ttiat justice will lie evaded by this
high public criminal, tor we believe
that he Will resign and have the
Slate tor Ala *aehu*«Mt* within a few
week*. j
It will not Mirpri*c u* at any day
to see hi* little “rookery" at I lay St.
leuii* ndv «>rti*, d tor safe. (that i* it
he ha* (>anl for it) ami a notice in the
Radical pa pc i * that fiov. Ames,
worn out w ith hi* (nililic < arc*, ami.
broken in hciillh ha* concluded to
retire* to pri\a. • Inc ami ha* gone !
N " 1111. - l" iltni*! 'To I N*iii«N fiil.
• vpt. J. h. IIowki.i^ mimnamlt r
of the ateam*bip Ihu ilie, whidi iu<
h**t on (lie Pn< ifie ta-enii h lew da\ *
oimv, ami nil on ln>aril nove one man
| ei i lied, wu* a hrolher-iii law ol Mi*.
J* It. r'oii Pavia, and formerly of ihe
t'onfi niatenavv. Tin re were »l> il
two lilllldred pe' -on* aboard of (lie
Pa iiie when «d»e went down.
John |t. Ito mono, lormerly of the
Jaekaon Pilot ha been up|Mnnied
po-1nia o r at \'<t h'lniro, viie, II. II.
Pen**, .removed. iVaau'a honeat
* :ln iiienta |o In a ill in t ^urd to ihe
nliuir-. in MnwiMippi, hr* heen re
warded |»y In* removal from odi.e.
And Ilia* I lie wo Id »a.»,
«t »
A mrrn i lit o< eu - red al Brook
haven lam Pii lav niylil In-lweeii Mr.
J ■ * Si one and Mr. Ike Cope, two
yonn ; men, in w hi* h iin l u, ,* w a.
hoi t:i the iln'h hy the former. The
worn I, though ji'itniil, i* not «..'ri
• • ■.
<*r\n.ii. (iiUNT, brother of the
• - ' n. and lien. !•• icecl,, Pri
\a « S 'eiary liavebtwii imlit ted for
« . •>, li* *»% in w Intkey fraud* in Si.
I. n*i* and ilie mmier i* erealing no
lit e mi. m m 1 \\ a* inytori.
« ov. A ui.* lell Mi">i>w.ippi
fur Ma**.leiiuaell* on the toyhi
of Nov. in >er the ttih. I.i. ni.
I• oT. I hi v i*. «*»!tin I, i - now nur l
ernor if he i* not in jail fur nvlliny
p.< nioiia.
• _ _
I'm (You .mini K\hibi|ion will In'
oj* h -i on (hr l<Mi <1 M :t v i.i . i \ • ,ir
«•••! \v»ll remain < |>« n ovi rv 'lwv .Him
• I » * f\n pled, ittitiI Nu\. m!k*r 10th.
I r.-will hea ixed priceuf 50cenui
a li ',iou in nil U.e building* and
' - round*.
•\ ■ ii.k of rollon raised by Moni
gomrry nnd Son, of Hurriean, Mi*-.,
pin rived a premium of three hundred
dollar* nl the Sf. Loui* Fair. It wa»
jibe I • 'i bale on exhibition from tbi*
Tiik Jack Min Time* nay*: The mi
Inia gune deposited at Clinton, Hol
ton. and Edward* have been brought
in and taken charge of by the Adju
tant General.
Till Vkv*burg //eralj intimate*
that “Id. Got. I lark w ill make a line
presiding o(n« cr of the next Senate,
1 for about thirteen minute*,” but alter
that time—well, wail and see.
Thb New York Herald pula down
a* the political consequence of the
late elections the numlwr of Demo
cratic Presidential electoral Totes
188, Republican 181.
Coax i* so abundant in Missouri
that it ia aelling*fq|r fifteen rents per
bushel. There’s a chance for specu
Regular branch establishment*.—
The HeettU.
Ot the 111 members of the llnu*e
of the Miaaiaaipid legislature there
will he about Wo |>em<M rat* and IA
l(e|uihli<-ana. I.a*t aeaaion the rela
live strength of the parties waa H7
Democrats and 74 Hepuhlieana. At
that time the Senate w a* al*< lajp**l)'
Republican. Thiaaeaaion the IJemo
i rata have nearly, if not quite, a two
third* majority.
The intelligence and virtue of the
Slate have ita destiny in their own
hand* now. and wu doubt not that
the aim will Ik* the promotion of hkr
prosperity. A heavy raaponafhility
r«**t* ii|h'ii the next legislature. A 1
v«*t amount of work ia to Ik* undone. *
Its proceedin''* will luj^vatched and j
criln i*ed closely not only in Missis- f
»ippi, hut beyond her limit*. The
plattorni ot the Democratic party
make* many fair promises, and good
faith and honesty demand that the j
la»t oil* of them ah mid Ik* fumed
out in letter and in spirit. A failure
hi this matter and a t< \v ^rur* ea ill
*ee the a*-eptre ofp*»wer reatorefl to
the unworthy hand* from which it
ha* been snatched.
When* so much ia to he accom
plished it is dificull to aay when* the
work of reformation ahotihl la-gin.
The work of the session should he
well considered and digested hy the
mucihIm ra elect, individualy, in ad
vame, and all neeessury arrange
nienta made for a short, hut active
and effective seaaion.
I.et the hcmiKiatir platform of
1H7A l*v the guide to legislative action
and the jHiwcrof the party in Mis
sissippi i* |K*rjK tuated.—[Hrandon
lirHttm! #• r#«Mf'« AfcrrcA*
(•eiteral ti rant imnle n short
speech at bin Moines, on his late
\\ estern tour, which, even hi* politi
<*l enemies must acknowledge, cm
Inthies miiiihI w is»|«>m amt true states
niaiislii|». Whatever mav Is? his
faults, private ami public, lie is emi
nently no riel on this question.
I hat the I'resilient saw Hi to make
such it • rence, inn public a<hlrv*s is
cvi'l in that it will assume more or
h «'* political prominence in
the near lutiire. Here is the speech
m lull :
“It we hare another contest in the
m nr In.lire oi our national existence
I p edict ihnt the thr illing line will
n *t he 'In mi's ami Ihxon’s, hut Ik*
t»v cii puli ">tisin ami intelligence on
one sale ami sup*miition, amhition
ami i *noivm*e ou the other. On this
•« nlennial year the work of strenifth
eninir th>* Inundation ol the structure
laid bl* our forefathers a liun<ire«l
years n^o. at I., xiu^ton, shoahl he
hes*un. let us nil lalior lor the *ecu
f'lv o| tree speech, pun* morula, un
lettered religion* sentiments, anil
equal ri jhi* ami privileges |or alt
men, im -peefive ol nationality, color
or is li 'ion ; eneoiira'e Tree schools,
and ,' ''ve ih.il not one ilollar up
p»'opi ' i i.In in shall In* npplieil
I*1 the u|'| 11 oi any *. Marian s» hoo|;
•' '1 • IhuI i‘* iher >i«> te nor nation
‘h.'ll siipj n in triK-tion save llioae
where every dul l in the |am| nmv
! ti,-t a • '>niim ,i * I >1 nine at ion, un
iiitX• <t wi*ii atheistic, pn.'aii iir sects*
• in i n liiiii.es. I.oave the matter of
religion to the family altar. Keep
the i hurdi ami Spite f irever scon
rate." 1
KoRr.cav. On Saturday la*t n
I mindn'r of <i>uuty *« ln«il war rent*
hi milling in the aggregate to about
#.ii>ii i|ii!|;»r«, Hi re ilis|».>•>«•.| of which
i' *' i •• l<* luive I wen I i * rgt*. I hv
-O' 1 •' *■ who tiiiimt
; have stolen i».o blank* from the of
ii< • ol >u|M*rinlen<b‘nt Wolf nml af
| llxed tin *rul to them. The victim*
, are so (iir i»« burned : Capital State
[Ua.ik, rjftO; i: •bill'.m \ Steven*.
*»«>; Sm irk, r A S..»». *00. The
i i"r ;i”'' « i. pretty well executed,
jitlii! t bi ‘.III |»J» v i 4 b. .11 liffixcl >11 .
I pit io is were not at llt>i arou*etl.
Captain \\ ill, ciiitnty Superintend
lent, in doing all in hi* p..wer to I'er
, ret out the |M-r}M'lmtor* and bring
lb. in to justice. The warrant Ixmlt
wa* secured by in*crting the band
j through a broken l»nnee ol glass
■ sbovng the spring bolt ami then
breaking open tin* de*k where the
b.H.k and <nl are kept. Two leave*
I <»f tin* hook were taken out, nml iu
doing no, two of the wnraunt* were
j mulilate.l, v. bieh lend* to the belief
tbai no more warrant* art* on the
Mr. UKMiNttw.tr having been elect
ed to Mil a vacancy in the office of
Stale Treasurer, caused by the death
of Mr. Holland, who in 1878 waa
elected to that office lor the term of
lour year*. In* w ill at once .pialify and
enter uitnn the discharge til the tin-'
tie* of (be office. Tb«ttnevpirctl term
to he tllletl I* fVom thi* time until the
lot of January, 1878. Tito pemon*
elected to till lull, or regular official
term*, do not finality until the latof
January.—[Uolly Springa Mouth.
■ - w ■•■■■■
Tiib Louisville Courier-Journal
got tired of receiving election return*
and said that (ieneral Butler wa*
tired of silver spoon and had bought
a gold mine.
W BLia majority over Howe in the
»econd Congressional District ta
about 8,000. Another hump on the
log removed.
r»« mum—•,
The rcault of the •lea-tia.nethrnuirb
oat the country hi* not U'ii e*> un
favorahle to the Dam*" ratio party
a* our onponent^would b*ye u* be
lieve. In New York, Uigclow, the
IKoimm ratio candidate for Secretary
ot State, ha* been elected by 14,000
majority. Wlaconelu ia undoubtedly
Democrat r". In Minnesota there aye
large gain# lor the Democracy.^
Mn»s«chinM-tt* ha* alwaya been a
Itepubliuan State by trom .00,000 to
70.000 majority, whereas her majori
ty this year doe# not eicced 7,000.
Virginia baa elected hy large majori
ties the Demoa raflc caadidatua
throughout the State. Mar; land
radio up her usual Democratic Biajor
itM's, ami elects Curroll (Joverimr,
ami tha* rest of the State ticket.
New Jersey clea ts a It* publican
Legislature a* usual, ami will eln t a
Republican II. S. Senator. l*enn«yl>
vaiiia elects llartranft tJovcrnor and
praduthly the rant of the State ticket
by small maiorftlcw. Tho Democrat
ic majority in Missiaaippi ia Dot leas
than 40,000. A Democratic U. H.
Senator will be elected in the place
of Alcorn.—[Brandon Republican.
A Had AcwdbmT.—A lad named
l(n-linrd Handera, who live* about
four miles from the city, on Mr. Jno.
It. >1. O'Ueily’a place went out into
the yard wiln an old pistol to amply
tbc loads. When he had discharged
every load as he supposed, ha ra
mmed to the house and suid to Mrs.
Thompson, w ho was sitting in the
room, “I am going to shoot you.”
The remark was mude In a jovial
way, and Mr*. Thompson who bad
Iteurd the discharge of the shots in
the yard, and Mppoaed the pistol to
Ik* empty, answered, “All right, go
ahead and shoot.*' Suiting the ac
tion to the word, young Hander* iev
cled his pistol, pulled the trigger and
to hi* astonishment tired, the bull
entering the temple ot Mr*. Thomp
son and killing her almost instantly.
Young Sunders was astonished at the
result of a hat he had intended mere
ly as a joke, and when realising how
terrible had liecti his mistake, his
grief and remorse ran better ho im
agined than described. As soon os
it rouhi he done a messenger was
sent to tin* city in search of a Coro
ner, and Justice Fontaine went out
late in the afternoon to hold the in
quest. He had not returned at the
lime of closing this report, and wa
are therefore, unable to give the ver
dict of the jury. Mrs. Thompson
wa* a sister ol .Seise Steven* ol tin*
city and her tragic death will be se
riously mourned by her many friends.
—{Vicksburg //eraid.
At a called meeting of the Demo
cratic Conservative1 Club ol Hualo
hnrst on Monday night, Nov. Mtb,
D*7.r», it Kim
Hcsolvi d. That thin Club continue
it* organisation, and that we meet on
the la*t Saturday night in each month.
lie**dved, That each mcinlicr pay
monthly due ot ten cent* eai h.
Carried: That the present officer*
continue to preside a* heretofore.
Alter no eloquent address Irom
Col. Cha*. K. Hooker, the Club ad
journed to to meet at the regular
time. 8.J. MOUKIIF.AD, IWt.
J. D. (iBANBKHar, Sec’y.
The late election in Mississippi i*
the silver lining of the cloud, the
harbinger of |*euce sod prosperity.
It Incan* that the people, while and
black, were tired ot turbulence and
misrule. May they richly merit the
gloiiou* victory so heronully won.
—I Patriot-Democrat.
M \ny State* Hava done nobly, but
Mii>*i#ii|i|)i ext t llelh (ht-ui all. Forty
ibotinaml I »«• no»«tntic majority
a|gnin*t a llndiml Mren^th of thirty
tboii>niid iwn year* a|(o, i* not m
bad. Think of that, ye carpet-bag
(fer*, and Weep, fCentral.
•Vur f>mot/*: .%Vm* f.wo4%i:
Henry Levy ha* just irevived an immense
•I nk of the very latest styles of dra*« goods,
heavy goods, shoes, hat*, noiioua, sod in fa< t
alasoat any thing you may waul. Henry
know* what hi* customers naad. and h* haa
salaried a splendid stork, and will tvll them
cheaper than the eke* peat (live bun J* call
before hi* iiamanae stock is disposed of. 4t.
fok isnrsRft
A dwelling house, situated naar Iba court
house. The housa ba* thirtaan rooms, kitch
en and dimer-room. A in* well on the
premise*. Rood garden spot ao:. It will be
told on reasonable term*, or will be rented at
a moderate pnev. For farther particulars
apply to Maa. M. A. Loir.
#'OJ> MAE.
A new residence on eitaosiun street In Ha
ale hurst, ion laming lour rooms, and an try
with Rullerv, garden, wall and stable, with
on* ami one fourth acre* of ground. Also a
farm two mile* areat of ilrown a wails. Fur
farther particulars apply to
W utir E. Twowreow.
A. Ftrctra. Cut*. U. dciun.
A. If welch A Co.,
Dealers la all blade of
Fruit, Filth aid Oysters,
1! Front aud 14 Fulton street*,
Opposite N. 0. St I. 1C.K.E. Depot,
Mew Qrleawa, La.
P»\- p, ,W. ^UENILL,
HA/.I.Kill'RAT, MI HA.
Speelal attention given to dlaeaea* of
women atd children. aprflljr

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