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Mississippi Democrat. (Hazlehurst, Miss.) 1875-1???, December 01, 1875, Image 1

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I»K< kllHKK 1 7»;*
«n mam
Nit OrkBBs Si. «niin ;tml ( in
{ rat# lUtlrtad.
W. Ti>.k I AIII.K
T Hmir-MUai l|..<wl.uitl a* tllaa:
If <11 T*.m. pomp f,mli . IJl. m.
M'M t'iKp l*./a U'i 4 10 p.m.
ks|’n*« Train, t hit north 9:17 p iu
KtpieM Train, fntujr ... 4 rlflf» ».
WTW. CUUK. Af nl.
B. nm^TR Kapwr* Afral.
J. H Rn.TOX Ti,l«|r«| h 0|» r»lt.r.
Onfim »-prn at atl li«*nr«.
fftrr rJkn.
K»*»irr» aUU* rr. *lntfH«n (Amrrh arcry
hablelh. iU It *iVU4. 1U v. W, It. Bint*
haM, factor.
f»> »v». aa at the lU|4id (lmr.li mi tlm
M,a>l amt thiol htliiaiUa of «a ti month.
Hr K. A. U wu. paatm
haavt'na at th« Mrth.i4iat Chunk erery
But* Ur. Bar. J. . M Hihw, pm4..r
kaavu Ka ah ."| t.iip Kill Chunk mi lit
.'Mtkaih mh i»«ail 1>) KM.* tfc.-tt,
aBBi-trn Hiiaf Bat l ath ami natonlar hrfora,
lit ¥ t.h'f I). I. I'ur «r S,»l.|. «tli Mi ImhJ
rnrt Snklmih at • a. a..
J. If h unt mill Im.UI dmu. »r
at <1 liatia mi the ll.urth Mal>l>*'h in
afU It Mouth, »t 4 p. ni
M —--mmm-— -» m- —
lU,l>iW‘-~Hn4i’tiw«< l. l*.<. X" AV, A.*.
F (id SI.-. incU thi S»IhM»\ u
.»ht*i Ji. J. It. FUtm.MlKttKV.
J. Ik Atn. Sa 'jr. W II
(* II Ji'H' mi* It. A. I'luyN, No. *1,
Bteeta ||>e|tr«l n*tur*la\ in earl' month
j. a. m m ii r
J. L Aid. Hor’y.
M« i iHi«-r l m m it . No. 4. F. <>f T.
halt rut' ¥• : <ln» nitfht, i-t Mottulr Halt.
RF.V I ¥ H kh¥*v Plot
U. T. Wcbabu, Por’j.
kfclotlT* (*r Pri III »*. —Ilttrlehumt l-«*l*e
No. * K til P in»to«Hri Frida* <*«nu»t
M h.di » **t imt u'i 1<> k iii tlx* lanii1
11*11 II T HnWAKII, CM’
H. J. '» iwiiu, k of It 4t >.
I'ii i'a^iolv Oroi'ft*' kill IfM nnular
iw> ti*«4.-i tl fr*t Mi.ixlaoif April. Jiiii
and t.' W J lip.A, Master
V. 4 Ai »•**!». Barnury.
• Uit'ii* n ¥ A4mh (inif iihvu
fourth {.all ti. n m out It u.'Hilli
A 'il'A h. flr»l ^alnnUy,
<{nitin ibinl "
rvtl't Mprtnr*. ArM Miml«\
lt» vou I'nirr, llurtl “
Hmm art 11. fnhrth **
Ki ’ nU-tli aiumJ *•
* • wlI nmmi. ret-n'id “
|li lorruant. Pr»l
Bo .#l, Halurdav hi f n- f • ifth ►unit**,
II. i#m4. t.o, Halurta* it. f.-r ttrw Siut Uv.
Pine Itlirtf Oi oi.ixf Hat r>l*y,
livaMi not. iHvni tool !..ur*b r4unkn«,
l^"H! lark, ikti 1 kalunday
Itriwn, third *'
€ '• writ.
Circuit Covrla.
f. keituh of iIn Cin uit Court* ««f the
1'iAli Jiolii i*]^ Iti trb1 iniii|M. •••! «.f il«
rapk Un uit Ju4r*< B«u. A H. Rtlb ud
H'*. A. J. McLouHn. IHatrhi Attorney*
Ckftuik County
la HuaiehuM, mi the third ¥ntnlot of
April and October, and mnthnn thirty day*.
('lotion* I'ouuty.
In Port (liltaon, on tSe tiat ¥ x*Aar in
Man-h aud Np*ubt», and #>«itiniM ei*b
/AWTriKv County.
Ih V.u.tir-etln, (Ml the fourth Morally of
May am* Kovenilwr, mad ('••a tin Bo ait data.
f >>unty.
In <mi Ut« Ant Monday uf Jum
tad Uwviubrr. iyd nuntiittM ata day a.
('\anrrry Court*.
H«*hedule if the Oianurj Court* held
uHUm the fifth Judtrial Ihatrirt.
(o/miA (Vmnty.
la HaiMutd, na tha fourth Monday of
Marrh. June. Hafdeinher and Ihwawnher, and ;
Clobiomr County,
ftt Port Oiheon.on tha fourth Monday el
•n tha fourth Monday uf January, April I
Hon. K. G.' PayliJO, |
Jrfmom 1'oumty.
J* Ean«at Ml tha ■eoond Monday after I
iMtormor (Wy
In Muatiaaltn. an tha Ant Monday of Jan-1
s■* ° h j
Htutfmon County.
la Wari villa, mi tha Amt Monday of Jantl
urj. April. Jali and Oftohr*. Hr* ft ft
Mona, (lunOor.
W*11- ~JI M. Pit ... . . ..
M. Paler A do.,
Hi*Inca la
•prld If.
•If m W AIT
C«Uo* W. P. UVUUK6. Went Hid*
*d Hmdmnd demur, UatUkmH1. j
.Wmthrr |< VrrNlvfhNr.
■T N • H >« RLI
IU VOM. low fetor. mother,
That they 4*1 of yore f
Are yew tired of waittuat.
Jmi'w irviaiydMrt
Bear the (Hliiing portal, mother.
A dll •» noM il Uiu Uhm .
Though you rv aevwuty four.
But we nt trap and rtihle ua, m.rf W
framing o ar aad n w
Urat <«iy oaea that wail thee
* Hi liw other aim re.
Gathered from the hmanlrwl. motto r,
I/««l atiea gone 1*4 •r*.
Now thet wait tin coming.
At Meat ra‘a »4drti door, (
(t UU iuiuitl Mar
1 a New ut T" *■ M"i iiaa ia *g\ r.hTigui a.”
»v Maa a. l. a. (auu>74.)
Yea, almoat M-venty-four. daughter,
And it acenia a Weary ahila
Ahue I *m lamtr-twr
lUaiiiag la hrve'r iwm aiwite.
Bow I ata utd and gray. daughter.
I*Mt ot m# a t"iU*m. wav,
Yet I will a>4 rafuae,
I have not lag to day.
IVer one* are aaitiug fl*r me. liugWr,
In the «ntrM of Jay a)»>VP.
leovr and friend and kindred ;
11welluig la iteeteoiv love.
I am glad t<> he <* venty f nir. d»nght*r,
TV on U apnauiae height:
“though thy day * aa dark ai*l dn-art
“At t toning li atudl tie light
(Grange \ tailor
• Immif, The ttmit rhy.
.4 True Mery.
‘‘Till death do u« juirt. That ia a
*<*!«•»»i*• thought, Annie.”
“Oh! do not talk of death now!”
i rod the hride ot one hour, clinging
lo the strong arm of th. tall, grave
young hu*l>und. aa the earriage roll
ed awiltly toward the dej*oL
He dr* w Imt slender lortu toiler
1 roast an he said :
“Why »«>( darling? Ho yoa not
nclu; whut a ^rka* .long this new
tie of oura i* f
“Ah, no!” aatd aho with an irih
liK»k ; “1 have not Uni a matron
long enough to |Vu* on a aoh-nm la'-e
ami talk of dutioa and i**a|Kinaihili-1
ties,*’ and alio Idled up her Hj*e li|>*
w ith a pretty half 1*011!.
He stooped and alascd thoaechild- 1
•»h lip*, while a slight * lull fell upon 1
hi* mood. Was ah* indeed the “nut ■
tartly" the world pronounced her?
he u*kod hint’s* If, a* they drove on to 1
the ilejMit, w here Harry had taken
tickets lor thvir bridal trip to New
l <»rk and the laik* *.
Annie,the hride, w a* the only tlnld
of a wealthy planter—a petted darl
ing. who had left the In-autilul home
neat, hut hu«i Iwen larvtiilly educated
there by the U »t mastera. She lia<I
seen aomething of that great my«U>
rx } clept aa-ifty ; f**r young ladies iu
the South “coiim* out" very young—
aonn-ol them, in laet having never
been "kept in.” She w aa greatly ad
min <1 ami courted, and lor her light, i
airy way a wa* called the -‘Hut ferny.’1'
XevertheleM. great sober Harry Ail- ‘
vert«*n had been first sttrscb d, then |
riustmt by her witcheries, and was
made “the happiest of men” on this,
eventful day in May that wo see them
entering on that enchanting eysM-h ofj
Ilie, the honeymoon,* ith its concorn
itaut, the bridsltour.
Ah! those Imppy summer days!
Life was one golden dream to these
married lover*. October was deck
ing the forest ia dan and gold when
our wanderers reached Myrtle llsll
where “Welcome Home’* was arched
in letters of living green over the
lofty gate. and Noanded also from s >
hundred dusky throats as Annie
alighted from Hie carriage to he
clashed in her mother's arms. This
had been their first )>artiiig for more
than a few days at a time, and the
mother gated on Annie's tacw to note
the change thiii had taken place;
but the mniehluo eye* siwrklcd Into
her*, the name rosc hml mouth re
turned her kisaas, and the name fairy
form danced sway from her to meet
th« gray-haired gentleman coming
pantingly towards them.
“Papar—dear, dear iwpal*
She wss folded dhwely to his
“My daughter!—my heart's treas
ure !”
Them wss silence (r*r s few aa>
■MiU; than Annie runs tn greet the
many ‘aunties' and ‘undea’ who
crowded around her with th»irhlaek
fimas fairly glistening with joy, while
numerous pieamnnivs roll about oa
the grass, turning somernats and
standing on their woolly |«te* with
jwy, shouting:
“Mb** Anale done iuav aa‘ dere
will lx* htgh old times now tor weeks
Wall, the Happy day* fled all too
MW». Never had Annie [«m*r»l a
merrier w inter, and never had *he
•eemed more gay and tlioughtle**.
“The ‘Butterfly’ atill !** -aid Annie’s
friend*, -baking their wtnr head*, a*
Ibrv watched her laughing fine
ami light dancing figure - lovingly
in -pit* of their fault finding.
Hut the *un*hine wa* wnm to U*
ecliptcd tor the “Butterfly." In the
fX1ng when hi* grand home waa
rioue with bloom and beauty.
*•'!. Hunter, Annie* father, laid
4owa life's rare* and pa«*«*d over
pea-vftilU- to the other aide of the
river, l'he *tmimer wa- a Mil ime
l*» fin* inmate* of Myrtle llall, and
grief pru*»ed on the devoted wife’*
•mail *o Heavily that »he, too, laid
down the burden of lift.
Old (lirietnia-wom*d in vain fcr
the men v time* lie w a- wont to see
in the lofty room* of Annie** home,
lh atli held grim away there, and tb#
pIcHMunt ibamtwr that a-ually wel
comed Christmas w ith wreathe of
waxy mi-letoe and festoon* of aear
let berried holly, now held mourning
badge* for the dear mother awl no*
tren*, “not loaf, bat g«nie Ivfore."
Anuie and her hu-hand nettled
quietly in the large hou*e, and alter
tw•» year-, the gloomy pull of moarn
ing waa lifted from the young wile’a
brow, and ahe wa* crow ned with tlie
holy name of “mother." M\ rtle llall
OIMV Wore hud an heir, and he ruled,
in hi* tiny way, fbom the leant little
durkey that touched hi-dainty robe*
with reverential finger-w hen he waa
earned out on hi* third birth day to
view the a**ctiiti|"i -lavra, to hia
(•mud lather a lt#owned thoar -lavra,
tut thr little hud gave place, on hia
fourth birthday, to a iinmturr Amin*,
who »oo|i l>< < aim the |x t id all.
VV lieu little Annie'- hlue eye- gax
ed on lu r fourth natal day dark mut
tering- wen* heard, and the gather*
ing witi cloud- threatened to bund
over the devoted South. Ilarry Mil
Vertoa’- brow n eye- fla-lted with |«
triotii tire when the find haughty
• halUrnge went forth, and hia own
faithful wife bin Med on hia -word
with trvinlditi/ finger*, balding mm
“t Jod-*|>eed” a- he rode forth at the
head of a -mall baud of determined
* a 1 a A - — — A__A a _ _ .a
worked rapidly tor her lorn! one
fighting d* -iK-rately for a forlorn
hone. The -plondid room* were I**
r» (\ of their ri«-h enrpeta to make
blanket* for tha aoantilv -uiplied
-oUliera, w hile a loom and' -pinning
wheel i.->k the pla«*e of harp and
piano. Willingly did our “Mutter*
fly" deprive herwell of the lux uric*
tow huh-ho had never until uow
lu*en a -Integer: tear up Iter -plen
did enrpeia, aell her rich jewel*, wear
hotuvapuii drvaaea and give up her
lliorough-hied homo* for the uae of
the cavalry.
• a • a a e e
The veam pro by. Annie aiu alone
in her large, lonely houae, wiahing
and longing. That brave heart ta
la-ating warmly tor the abaent one
who <*otnea not. The large planta
tion* are grow n up tu brown atrww
with a few jator mule- graaiitg for
lornly about, w hile the laryc houae
and negro quarter* wear a mournful,
deecrted look. Of the qaondaui
-lave*, hut one (Annie’* <dd our-e)
remain- fhithful to her ; the reel bare
made a grand ru*b foe “freedom."
l*oor erratareel bow much better of
are they nowf
uttic Annie and llarry (who »
now a fin* hoy of twelve) tonne their
mamma amt "Auntie Uerli” to tell
them when papa wil^come hack.
“Soon, now, darling, mamma
hoiieR,” and Annie hide* her f*<w in
the golden lock* of her youageet
horn, to .-onccal her rushing tear*.
She ha* not 'seen her husband for
four year*. The day* pass wearily
on, when one day a one-armed, oue
Iegged man, clad in rusty, tattered
gray, limped alowly up the grand
arenue when* stately carriages were
wont to roll But uow the graveled
walk* arc weed grown, while the
guts* hung loosely on their hinges,
r it Wen yean ago—
"Oh, tiod, it is too muchH and the
Cold cripple sank down on u
en rustic bench, for thought hud
overeoms him.
Ki/teen years ago to-duy he had
ruklttn up thia avenue to carry off
the flower of Ifyvtle Hall and crown
her “wifa." !fow, what had he
brought her? Gray, hairs poverty
and abaitared frame, while one leg
and arm lay buried in the noil of old
Virginia, enriched with the blood of
thousands of brave men.
"O, mamma, see! who M that old
man out there T* and Annie drew her
mother to the window. "Ah! now
lie has taken off ha hat. Us must
he vary old, for his hair m as white
A tjn*m,,liag wised the
elder A inie's heart as ike approached
Ike wlnloar; (lien s wild cry karst
fnna l#t ime. ftbe threw up the
w iniuw andnonmied down the step*
“ft ia kal it Is my darling, «iW at,
law!" and ake foirfy flew toward the
*r+m ***»«*, HtUngew silently an
.U-rtik* liwe. “Oh, Harry! my dar-;
!*»| • my husband!" Hlhe hung on j
hie f.**; tabbing wltk toy. IVIth '
hie ene arm he et rained her te hie
% a ilk !* w* all he could nay.
At last they jrr-w calmer, end he
lilteijjg) heeln-' b
“i/kpainfol faiver of
tr r.„ i»„,
not %| f. t ea you girt me
ao nm #*Vi »»e when I trll you
J kr'ftg nothing bach bat old age and
|*OT«wfy r
“<m, Harry, my husband, do not,
y«m bring me yourself- that which
I hare been longing for for four
ycon*?” leaning her cheek on bia.
lib Voice was t hoked as l.e aaid,'
<lrawing her so rhisely her sunny I
heir mingled with his white locks :j
“fly wife! my sweet comforter!,
It ia worth all 1 hare gone through
to »»-♦»*! so true a heart-welmme."
I dtle Annie had let'll slowly up
prutt/'hing, and now she stood m» m ar
she twit out her hand and nulled her
molier'e drvss gently, whn>|>criiig in
sa uwe-struck tone : *
* Main me, te Mis my |<apa
'fee, darling, this is ps|«. Harry, j
tkiele Annie/'
Anaie, oar child f Come to me.
nui uw wnue natr, the empty
d<%tr and the wooden leg repelled
her, and ah* fchavad:
* Fee are not my pap*. My pap#
lia* not got white hair, and he kaa
two arms like Buddie, for Auntie
llaeh rntd #o.”
Annie’s mouth quivered, hut she
“i'ome here, darling. This is
|**pn; don't yon see how mamma
lovaa him?" and she kissed Harry’s
’•row* whose feature* worked with
1! Aid. as he said:
%eti bit own children shun me.”
Kittle Annie twine up and took his
one hand gently in her two dimpled
1 one#.
“|h>n't cry; it will make mamma
cry, ami -he luis cried an ntueh. I'll
take you for mv papa,” looking up
with a sweet smile.
He st l Ml J»ed and kissed her, then
' mid to his wife :
| “Ami nur hoy—a lters is ho V*
Annie's e)ee filled as -he said hes
itatingly :
“Our ehihl f t)h! llariy, I—1—
he lo—plowing.”
Harry fell hack.
"Burnt / my hoy—my hohy! It
is too hart)!" ami he |ta-Mcd his thiu
Hand arrosa Ins brow, while a moan
struggled np from his heart. Ah!
how it hurt to think of his son, the
heir of all them* hrt-ad hut worthless
lands, should be compelled to toil for
his scanty daily brand.
"barling. do not give way thus.
It is tiod's will, anti we should sub
mit cheerfully.” Ami Annie passed
her slemler fingers through his gray
hair; then, turning to the little girl
standing mournfully near, she said:
“Bun and tell brother to come and
see papa. ’
Annie flew to do her mother's hid
diug, ami presently a flrmly built hut
slsudcr hoy presented himsell with
glowing cheeks and sparkling hmwn
“Mv fatherr
“Mv son!”
That was all; hut two more thank
ful hearts did not boat in all Christen
“Toil, you see, has made a limn of
nur boy, Annie said, aa they all rose
to go in.
“lie certainly has developed rapid
ly. Hut, Annie, 1 cannot let it go
on. He must be educated."
“But how r
The children were walking before
and did aot hear the conversation.
• It . replied Harry, “I
must runt the plantation, and remove
to town, I have learned then’ are
very goo*I public schools in A-,"
a shadow flitted acroea his brow at
the thought that he could not give
his eon a collegiate education. “I/*
he added “tan practice my profes
“And what shall I do V asltly in*
qnired his wife.
“Yoa have tolled enough fn the
last toar years, you must rest
Bhe shook her head.
“The past four years have hut fit
ted me ior work. I coaid not live in
Bo U was settled. The plantation
was rented eat, and the family atov
fa the city of A-, where Hen
ry and Annin were both put to
school. Ae a lawyer, the fether did
aot succeed. Daily his health grew
i feebler and be was perforce, called on
-1-TT-TT-!L -P=
to •«« his loving, faithful and tin art*
A*H wife go oat Into the hard world
and win their bread with her own
tender handa. Tins made the bur
den of life heavier for Harry to Iwar.
At the end ut a year be lay on Ids
death bed. One day he said:
“•Till death wo do part.' Ah I
darling, how true and faithful you
have hwn till than. When we were
Aral married, 1 doubled you would he
strong enough to (tear the bnrdve
Mill death us 4<d part,' hut looking
UcH I nee It M I who have laded, or
I eoetd not leave yon in naeh pover
ty." «*» • »‘«h eaeeiMaJ io in. j
She laid her throbbing hand on like
1 i|w as •!»«) am. we rod t
**l!w»h my hnaliand, M t* flo»Pw de
cree. We will not mnrmnr,” aad aim
stroked bark the wowy hair,
(la the morrow Im< died.
Ill a few month* the widow went
bark to the lonely Myrtle Hall, with
out her children. A kind and rn h
relative had taken tb«m and pul
them in college, promieing to bn a
father la llieui. llarry and Annie!
eagerly eiuhm< od their iippor1uiii-|
tie*, and are now two ahiniug light a. j
Harry la a lawyer of gr.-at atwlitie*
and unimralleletl anetraa, wild*. An
nie, with her gnu vlulund brilliant j
pen, haa drawn an adimriiig world |
around her. Their mother thank*
Uod fiir two auch trea»ure*. and pa ‘
liently w ait* her •Mimmmi* home to
meet the one to whome she bud been
a true, laillilul and luting wile “till!
death them did |mrl,"—[Sunny!
South. i
A touting though somewhat lu
di< rou* «m« occurred ut Baltimore
* fuw 'lay* ago. A Unit twenty years
ago a negro woman was sold from
there to parties “way down South.’’
her father and inotluir remaining on
lha estate from which she teas sold,
and where they still reside. During
the war the old folks lost all trace of
Ilia girl aad had given h«w up Air
loat until witkin a law years, wk«n
they hoard from her in New Orleans.
A low weeks agn they had a latter
from her peotwfaing somi to visit
them, aad ksat that Umo tin* oM
couple want to the a hwrf every time
a boat arrived «>X|>eiiing to meet her,
and showing keen disappointment
l on finding that she hud not yet awe.1
At last, however, they watr reward
ed lor their watching ne a buxom,
comely mulatto waved a handker
cli»et at them from an upproacliine
boat. The old woman shouted, exe
iwted a halt fandango, skipped
around generally, while the old man
stood on hi* head, and the hour ot
jubiee seemed to have come.
lUikWAHO, Pin Backwajui.—
Backward, iiiu backward my skirts
in their flignt, make me small again
just lor to-night; 1 aiu so weary, iny
skirts are so long, sweep the pure- ,
incuts as I walk along, gathering
dirt troiu out of the street, looked at *
by every one that I meet, pin bark
iny skirts, mother, pin 'em back i
Mother, dear mother, the days are .
so warm, and I’m tired oi this drr*s'
tliat I have on; it la so clumsy and 1
don't tit me right, pin it Imck, moth
er, nin it Lack Ugbt , now I am ready, i
dont I look sweet ? smiling on till
that I happen to mbet. I'm in tba
fashion, so that's ail right, pin Imu k
my skirls, mother, pm ’em- bark
There are miiiw peculiar Ikili con-«
naming the distribution of ilia night-,
ingalc lit Kuro|w. It is found as lur
north as Sweden and a* fnr wont an '
Spain and Portugal, and yet it never ’
visit* Scotland, Ireland nr WaJa*. |
From the Itouadaric* limiting its
habitat ia Knglaud, it appear* that
tha bird ia restricted to those por
tions of the country w hich nro cov
ered with secondary or tertiary geo
lngical formations, llcnce it mar
be inferred that the insects on which I
it live* do ant obtain means of *ab
Msteniv where the primary soil pre- (
A cwrnMia *ptso<i* in the railway
station at l.uuoiu, Nebraska the oth
er day, was a MenuoflUe divorce.
Tha man was anxious to go to baktc
ta, and his wife equally anxious to
remain, so, after along argument In
Russian aud tiermau, they sat down
a|M>u the floor, and opening a bag i
containing 14000 in gold, counted it
out, piece by piece, the man taking
on* half and the woman tha other.
They than shook hand* ami separated
the man jumping on tha train for
Californians say they ran Udl mi
Kaetern man as soon aa he uutkua a
purchase. If thera’a two cent*
change corning to him ha want* it. |
What is the difference between a
bail* and a burglar f The balla car
riea taise locks, aud the burglar fhlso
4 .VMtl Term* (WnrfiAip.
m HI oh no,' *i«ln of the room in
i big white oak rtwking eh**'’- Hbc
the. other wJyJjj It?j» ntfle brfritee»tet
fo<'kii»g n,« i riXfinni
bound manning it flic# drift t>y hi*
I tHing le-ojdo; not ||m dog andTa*
k«*U iiu aigh* heat ily ati-i looks W't
»i the w»*t»ip,low »t m \ myrtle
Ire, ; nhe *ighn lightN mid gane* miV
of the uaat windup ut a turnip pat At.
A» i»*4 he mmarkai L, . *
••Thi* I* mighty good weather t#»
pick cotton.** ‘W*
** Ti* that—if w* only had any to
The rocking eon tin tic*.
"WhatS your dog** namaf* •*
“Coony. t it it
Another aigb-tn-okun atdine*,*.
“ Whai la he go.„| Utr r W X?
“What ia who good Ihr ^ anid lul
“Your dug, Chuiij."
“Knr katehin' '|*iaauura"
Sih-new of Itali an hour. #
“Hu l<mk» like a deer dog."
“Who Took* like a deer flog?"
"I *00|iy.”
"He i*—lint Ke** kinder bellpwxcd
in* gittln* old an* *low now. An’he
ain't no ,-nnnt on a r*dd trail.**
In tha quiet ten mmub-a that rn
»ue,l nhe took two UikliM in bar
fiuilt; it wu« a great,gorgeoiuaffair,
lhat quilt wna. Hindu by tii« pattern
'•ailed '• U<»w ol Matron," Shv iairpry
nartimlar about the nomenclature of
her quilt*, and frequently walk* fif
teen minute* to get a new pattern
with a rvailt jvrotty name.
••Vour n\a raisin'many chiefcing*?'
“Forty odd."
Then more rorkiag, and. somehow,
after aw Kilo ihe log rocking* hair and
ihe lillle rooking chair werw jammed
aide by aid*. I don't know how it
it happened. Jt might • have been
rauaed h«r rim* peculiarity in tho
fioor, or f»y the magnetic attraction
one chair hud Ibr the ether; but,
strange to aav tho haakat of work
followed the mile chair! and the lit
tle chair had traveled a* that a* the
Mg owe I i'eony had not moved; he
ley in the aamr place, round aalr<|»,
and he was talking in hi* sleep—that
ia giving faint, irregular hark* at the
possum* he lieheld III hia dream*. Af
ter awhile (he ronvematjon is m
“Ilow many haa yoar toa gnlf*
“How many what I"
“Nign on ton hundred.”
By this time the chairs wa* »«>
do** together that nu king wa- ihh
“The minka luia eat rmxM ail oiira.’'
Then a long aiienca re«|(ita. At
laat kw ohaervea;
“Making quilt*?**
“Ye*," *ho rvtilie*. brightening up.
“I’ve jual tiui*ed a ‘Jloarin' Kugttl of
B raxeel.’ a 'fitting Bun,' and a ‘Na
tion** Pride/, Have ym everaaw ih«*
•Yellow Uoae of ihu l'arary ?*’
More aih nye; thou ho any*;
•|Vi you like cabbage T
•I do that.’
Presently hia hand ia accidental
ly on her*. Bho tinea not know it;
at least, duo* not seem tn ha awnrn
of it. Then alter a half hour spent
in aigk*, coughiag, aud clearing of
lhi<*ut», he suddenly says;
‘I**e a great mint! tn hltr ynn.’
•Wluit you u great mind to bite ino
fox r *
‘Kaae you won't have me.*
Ka*e you ain’t axed mu/
• W ell now, 1 ax you.’
Then now 1 has you.'
Then t'oouy dreum* be hean a
sound of kfnaing.
The next day the young man g&a»
to Tigervllle niter a marriage lt< cii*c.
Wcdneadnr the following Week. No
card*.—( Exchange.
Alwaya be rourtroua. Thetnaxim
wax ujiruTinoat in the mind of tho
la.ijr, who, wlahing to my a lively
thing, exclaimed : t‘Wb»l u» lovely
boy ! Ju»t the linage <4" bin tether!''
kneeling iu simulated euthuMtoon be
»ide tho cradle whore ahe «V]>p<Mcd
the babe wn* nlccping, yhen, to her
raufunion, the rat nyrattg fVom the
rat and cut xhort her eulogtuni
A Washington telegram, mvn tho
“nugar refiner* continue in much
trouble about Secretary firtat* a or
der reducing tho drawbictr.” Hut
u* long aa the Secretary dutnn’t i*
nuo an order reducing the “pullback,”
the ladiea will bo able to get along
—which they couldn’t if It Wa* re
duced auy mote than it i^at present.
“Ha,” nakl little Jimmy, *•! came
very near getting to thu bum! of my
dam to-daur.” “Uow u that, mV
•ouf” /Why,* big word came all
the way down to me, end ft I only
ran HI bate Mmlled ft, f would have
1 gone dour up."
. * «{ *' i* §*, j|( t

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