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^ ^ . _k ^ ^ _ _ _ .. ^ -— ~ * _’• •«’ »l- .y<* % +m*>
W. W. WCKi:? nmxm. \ uhlan* k is ru* phkk of ijkkjity.
vo|‘ i_HAZLEIUIRST, miss., w i.dnksdav, dkc K>im:R8,i87g. ~ wo. 35.
HA£L£Brit»r nK KMn nn »•>:»
!■ ■ —- ■ ■■■
MM i TOK I*.
New Orleans. Si.! uui* and ( hi

rnfo llailmnd.
Train" afrltrr at HailHiorat a« f.»l»«.aa»:
Mall Troig. going north . I :1ft A. «»..
Mall Train, going *ocfi 1.40 a in
Kaproax Train, going imm'Ii . 3:17 |> «i
Kiproa* Train, going m>uiIi 4 13|> m
« . M'.dNih. \g. nt.
II. ITtlATK Kapraaa Ag.-nt.
J. \V MKI.TOX. T*-I* gra|*h (l4n ralt.r.
OfU«w o|«-n al all Pour*.
hravn k> at Ox- IViMt-rto t’htw ln-nnr
Hal.bath g lloVUi I4e*. W l». King- I
liant. part**.
Sravirr- al tin- hn)gi*t t'hur.h on tin
inmd and thin! Said. <li» of «a< It month.
Re* A. A. Jenna*, paaini.
ttgatraoaa at tin- Metlualiat t’hur* h * \*-r*
hunda*. Rev. J .hi 11 t*in- pa-tor.
hiavH't* at ^pr.ng Hi! t'lnin-h <nt tin
ftrat rinhkath ft • i.. h ir •'iil». I>* KM«*r r*. • «tt.
and. vaty third • vld.e'ti an.i **Hl..r.tM> laf .n-, |
t»y Klder !• I. I*nr • r ^»l»l*»ilt !*■ ti<~>l
e* ry t*aU*utl< at H a. U .
Kn J V I* m u» vitl hold di* no' ir
vi e# at 4».»l..«tm ■ n* U*- f ■ • lit s»l ' • *4* in
cavlt moi.il , at 4 p in
*«/•»# Mr*.
llanoai. !l*/.l* !mr*t lo-lf No •• \
y »snl A M ami ill** Km k .lurdai in
M'h rw'mU .1 It h i »l» I r. V l*M«i;4 .
J. I Ak v '1
A. It. JniiKMi H. A t ha pi or, N . M.
IiiwU thr fret >aturd •% n a- V n nth.
J I. Ann, Sw't.
II trtriit ««r N*> 4. K. 4T
inn b n\ MhihIu iui(IiI. »l \i»*«>iin Hail.
KK\ J M. k\ hhM>. IV .1.
<1. T Ho* i*.n, *n y
K »klM ■ • oi |*v i un - II , 1 !. .- t I _
No. 6, h of |* mi i t. i t r\ hri-la* i imnn
at half nn t ■•«on ...I. .h. in thr ••.an.
Hall <». T ilttW \lll», t. t
H J H mu*, h oi U. A H.
Titie O'Hllt Oruhup will li.’l I n-vul.tr
lu«a'tikr> WlL'ti.* M.. April, Jl|l»
amlVA i dr r W. .1 »tK A. M •t.*r,
T M * l mid, * .*rri«ry.
(itivoii II. H t<U"i« trranga im-t«
fourth haturln in <-a> ii uionlii.
Antl.H I . I. ' .II.: Irl,
Vuiln in, third
n>til ‘'tiHiip. KM Sii'irilur,
llaimi »S. rl* third
II-jm r. 'I. fourth
Ki-Ii-.'h (I- * ioial
tialluu.n, •«• ond
R«auri(iirl. frri **
Hrth« l, - at-inlay la f.rr fourth Hun-lay.
11-ini •' lutto. Saturdai la f..n fret Kuinlay.
IAih- lilt iff. Sre-ond *'i.t(tnla_\.
Hash hurat. va-oiid and four’ll Saturday.,
I >o»i|r n»k, thinl Mimlt)
Fnnnrre, third *•
(Vrrtiif i’ltmrlA.
K< li<-liilr* of thr firruit 4’ourta of thr
Fifth •>ml -u.1 lh«tri<4 mni|y.ia«a| of tin
r •uiitn . of t'o|.iah, t’la ‘arrtir, J. tT.-ra.io, I
I.••T.-ii.a and Si.n|Mi n. lion. I'rial. Mill
>a|o, t in nit Jn U;. Hon V. II Stilra and
lion. A. J. M< lauinn. Ih.tri.-t Attorn**)*.
lYpink f’nwufy
In UarlobtiMta on thr third Monday .*1 j
April and tK. ioS.-r, an*l ronlmii** thirty d -1 > ,
f VrttAoflK fv.|<»fy.
III Port tiihaoii, on tin* fret Monday in
Maoli t >.d S< pt. iiikat, and i -nitimi.
ta.ii da y a.
/. irrrm.y fV#**fy.
In M •i.ti.-rllo <>n the fourth Monday of
May -ind ISovrmhrr, Mid remtutur ait data I
( <>unty.
In W<*»trlt1r, on the first Monday nt June 1
and I hu umber, and .-xilioue ait days.
i'toimtry fWrfa.
Sohelule of tin- ni»iM*ry ('mirtr held i
within the Fifth Jiahdi! hotru-t.
(VyrntA County.
In Hulrhurd, <>n the Fourth Monday of i
Mar h, June, fUydainlwr and IJenembet. and
CUikutfnr County,
At Fort G4baoa,on thn Fourth Mtuulay a I ,
rM the fourth Honda* of January. April,
Jwly and Odnh*. Awn. K U. IVyV.ii.
Jrfmon County.
In Pnyatta, i« th* ammi Monday after
the fourth M.x.day. of January, April July
and Oitufcar. lion. J. It. Uniaa. C'haiwel
L*itermer County.
In Montiudlo, <ai the tint Monday wf Jan
uary April, July and October lion fl. H
H. Millan. OwanUur.
Htmpntm County.
In Wwtrlll*. us the fieri Monday of Jaau
»ry. April. July and th-tober. lion. R. N.
ft tone, Uhmcwltur.
-»■ ■ 11 .. ■ I
ytn Fuler d €!©.»
lH-alert In
GltOlKKtErt, I>RY OOOI*.
rms bf*t or booth a hijokh,
con on r P HVatrr.x, Wr*t hj,
«4 Radrnad Attnut, HmUkurtt
I *
A. Kit ii h. Cm a* II Kthih'I.
A. I’im'IcIi A ( oM
IVmI«t» iu all kind* of
Fmil. Fish an* I Ot*lrr»,
II Knml tihl II Kiih.*i
OIHTKU I *KI1 »T. CAl.I.lori: ST,
N o. St L. A C 1C 1C
S«** OrCaitA Ia
ftrfxdL/nirtn, M>
at <11 l*>ur». a lt<|in>ra >«rxl
r'-*r* la>tl<« and tmllrmi'H will Mini m\
r^U irant neatly filled u|i juliil-ttni.
II A /. I. KIII II S T. III S 8..
UKm ii; in
Tbe latmt iiiij.r..v,-,| and n>. •«! Mili-Unlial
u»ikiii|; mnl hnuiiir tlmn uf Mirt<>u* kir»|.,
alii« ti aid .1.1 a* < |i.-a|> a* ||m \ t-an In
ItMUk'lil I'U-VMnfi
4\rf/ it tut tj'iimim thr <r ^rftrntnt
OM *|.>ve« r< |Mire.J ..n mwiMaUr t« m.#
In »|. r, aim, in tinware, mat oil, lani|*an<l
lituiw. Maiiuf.u turvr of ini, <o|>|n r anti
t iron wart<. li-ftii*; ami gntu ring done
to order
i nii.lit Or.*rn.'t, l.oti.Mia, aid a threat va
riety of arti. lea for ante t heap toi null.
S,tU*!,uium ijKiniHtfil .« all triiH*
<tlVR MK A t'Al.L
wlJOlr- f llAH IIA AH.
’ I
tti< for (iiturut f’omutit
ritm M• rrhiiht*.
No- -U ('arundeld »t.. New Orlnana, la
Here pi ctfitlv a* licit conalgninetitsuf
i'wtto.i, hujfar, U I iur«. Kiev *ii«J oilier
pr.aluee, a* wtll a* or.lera tor Hajmlng.
Tie* ami nil kiiolaol j(<>t»la aid niMilw
Hu are pr. pa led to mil ttiw.l Mom. i
rU . mi.I win n tnwaawrj, wh. re pro
ilnee i« aiiipuetl. •I.ij.in r« are at hlierlv to i
ilrvw on ii*. tiirotiifli liilUof In.hngor rtnlr. .#.|
re. etpt* for aa n.nri. a* eiO |« i nftaMua
or t».Mfkl.ea<t ..f near, w lien *orh i. .imutun.
her. .1, the lalum Ini*. |n.i.I abi'ti pnaluor i»
•••hi. IIi^'ieat market prim * will he .t.tain. .|
ft.r all patl.Me (old Prompt ail'I courte.ni*
attmrtiihi Kiet u to all buiimai entrusted to
their rare. awpth I j
OUT hotel,
Corner Comp end Tommon street*. near
('anal el met. New Orleans.
Till* lintel Is centrally located, aide en
trance brinf only a low loot from Canal
•tract; Ticket office Now UrkaM. St
I .onto end t'-feb ■ lUiiroad I ompeay ;!
Itllnoi.Oniial It jilmad <‘u«B|>any: and!
New Orb ana. Mobile and Texas llallmad
I otupany. jnat opposite Hsffsye . becked '
to all points. I*rices to suit tl>o limes ;
Liberal reduction for boon) by tin week 1
or UHintli. Tito frlomls of Mr. U*eor f
Hlocate, lorutc ly of Jackson, Mbalaaipid
will find blm af (be City Hotel.
Iiealer la
iiAZi.F.m »t<r. mis*.
11 If beat market prlrt paid bar rountry
ffdiirn. a|«l41y
P»V' pi jPuRNMLL,
Ppedal attention ftoen te disease* If
women and children aprtMy
SMND In your order, m Job Work.
Tbe Mlwiaatppi It.mucrsl Jok ON
He* Utompleie In ooory particular,
and Job work will bo oxorutod In tho
vary beat manner, at Now Or leone prVca
ItHpvrlmitl Cirrtlmr.
The State Auditor has sent the lid
low mg circular letter to all Tax Col
li-* torn hi the State;
Orru i A i orroa |*i ui.ic Aorot mtm, I
Jatkmoh, Mimm.. Not. 29, |*7.V |
To- Tax 4 ttiln tor — (>«»ty:
Kia--Various r>io*oriM exist why
damages should not, if they <-ould, In*
«sdleete*l this year. The delay in the
return ot tin- rolls, caused by exten
sion of the lime ot assessment, the
eont'inion of a heated election, and
the latencm of the crop*, have hin
dered the prompt payment on the
|*art of the tax payer. In some
counties the Collectorcould not have
received tin* taxes if he had devoted
his entire time to it, alter the deliv
•*ry i»l the r»*lls to him. In some in
stance* the roll* were not turned
over until the 12th of the present
month. I he Stale do*** not desire to
oppress h-T ritixvns with damages or
|»cnNlti«-s, hut only desire* to enforce
the collection of th*- revenue. I
therefor*- take pleasure in submitting
herewith th<- w ritten opinion offk»n. i
< ieorge, an*l the eoiieurn-ms- of the
Attorney (ieneral, and d«-sir*- to re
turn tln iu in*this manner, my tlianks
tor their kimT a«*iMame in this I*** :
half, leeling assured that you and the
lax (tayem of y our county will also
ap predate the scr* ice.
i on w ill, therefore, <*>ntintM to re
reive lh« taxes without damage*, tin
til the day fixed by law for tax sales,
to»w it: the lir*t \|ou< lay of Jaau-1
ary. Sec section 1997, Code |«471;*
und s* ( tiou 19, page 19, and section
N |**»gc -d, a* ts ot l*7*V 4 fn that
dn\ )*iu will sell only tor taxes ami1
«s»sts ot sale, leaving to the l^-gisla
tur«- the <|Uesti**n ot the collection ot
damages. I have no douht that the
la-gislature u ill |n*m a gem-ral hill
of *relici lor all those who may j*a*
tioirtaxes after the drat Monday of!
1 our attention i» riprrklly direct-,
cd tutlir i<lvnii<i'Rwtit in<i *ale ot .
d»ttlM| ucnt lamia, and pmjtcr return
ol -ali s. Sec Art. 9, ('o le of' 1*71,
ami abatement laiw of 1*7.4, Chap. I.
pajjc II; Act* 1*1.varid »<•«• i hapter
14. |*»qre 311#, in reference to report*
and collection ot in«olvenHna.
I am, very r*»p«lf\illy,
W II. tilBUM,
Auditor of Public Account*.
JacaaoH, Mi**., Nov. 2d. l*7.S.
//t*i*. IP. //. h!<>r uf I'ufJir
In answer to your inquiry in re- 1
fereiwe to tin* collection ol the thirty I
per ctnt. damage* imposed by the
Art ot 177.r», lor the non |«*y ment of
taxes after tha Kr*t Man lay in l)e
ci inU'i, I have thiato *a\ : That the
statute, if constitutional, aecnta to !*•
im|ieralive on the Tax ( oiketon* to
make the (iillectiott of the damage*,
after the time af*»\ c mentioned. Tint
if w e concede the power of the l«<^
islature to im|M>*e the thirty |tercent. I
damage* lor non payment ol taxe*
otiibe <lay indicated in the Act, *till
the question arise* how that penalty
mu*t be isdlccted. The power to
levy or diAiraiti for the collection ol'
taxca without a previous judgment
in acompetent court, fixing the lia-*
hility, and the default of the tax
|>ayer, lia* l*ecn frequently assailed
upon tin* gr*>iin<l that it ms violation
nt that clause of the Constitution
which prohibit* any itenum from b« 1
mg deprived ot his life, liberty or
property “without due process of
law.** It lias, howrsvar, lawn *us
tamed upon this ground and no oth
er- -that such power is iwnlial, in]
order that the government may have
a *|ieedy and summary remedy for
the eollection oi the revenue nece»
sary to its existence. This ueccssi
tr, however, doe* not exist as to any
damages or penalty which may Ik*
imposed on th* tax |>ayer for a tail
ore to |my hia taxes at the time pre
scribed by law. Such damages, if
collectable at all, raa be enfonvd1
only by suit in a coni|>etent court. |
and upon due notice to the alleged
delinquent. The statute, therefore,
w inch requires such eoilocliou to l»e
mad** hy^distress, aud without snit, is
unoonstunuonal, and affords no pro-1
taction to any Tax Collector who,
artiug ia obedience to it, eliall under
take to collect such damages by dis
tress. II* would iu such twee, Im a
trespasser, and any sale made by him
of |tronorty to milect such damages,
would be void, not will.siaiuimg the
jd* was also mad* to collect the tax
Three views are folly sustained by
Judge Black well, ia his work on tax
titles, |»ge A*, and by the Supreme
Courtof Aouth Carolina, 1st McMul
len* law R, 4*0, and indirectly by
tbs High Court of Hirers and Ap
— - ' pwn—■
penI* of thi* State, in Griftiii v*. Mix
on. 8h M., 4*4.
11 the damage* are collected at all,
it will U ne«v**ary for the Ijcgi«la
tan* to provide aoine other remedy.
I am, rmpectfully,
J. Gannon.
I hare examined the above, and
the authorities on the anbiect, and
fully < oaeur in the viewa tnrrr ei
proaai < except that I am ta doubt
a hcttnjr the opinion ia correct *o tar
a* it hobia. that a aale matte for dam
age* which ia legal, would on that
account be neceawanly void. I recom
mend that you i**ue the nro|tn»*cd
circular of laatraetioaa to Tax <\>l-i
letior*. Gao. K. Hahhu,
Attorney General.
Flan km hav# no eyelid.*, and note*
*arily deep with their eye* open.
They *wallow their food whole, hav
ing no dental machinery fumt*hcd
them. Frog*, toad* and aerponbt
never take food but that w hich they
ure *uti»tied i« alive. When a lice,
wa*p or hornet *tmg*. it i* m arly al
way* at thccxpcn*c of it* life. *Scr
|*>nt* are *o tenacioat of life that
they will live for mix month* or long
er w ill.->ut laod. Seal* < an Ik* train
ed to perform many trick*. It i* be
licved that crocodile* live to Im* hun
dred* of year* old. The Kgvptian*
enilmim them. In South America I
there l* a prolific honey bee wliiih
ha* not been furninhed with a Ming.
The head of the re*tIcMiakc ha* been
known to infix t a fatal wound alter
being nevered from the ImmIv.
-- mmm.
Twklvk Ktim nm Si<-rM*nt.
Fsautao.— I. brain and irrigate. 2.
Plow deep and loosen tht'iulaoil
Provide good storage room for »olid
manure, and ri*trrns tor liquid ma
nure*. 4. ChcMiRe commercial fertil
laem intelligently, ami do not u« one
in mew ot another, aimpiv U-<au*e
other* huvy used it. 5. Manure eypry |
crop which benefits by itj and ma
nun- high. ft. fVtixafo only *af*.
paying crop*, and wlwt only the
l*e*t swd (or th< »*. 7. Cultivate
every «rop upon y„ur fields and in
the pm|»er rotation. H. Cultivate
more and Ix-tter fodder, if. Feed
Idciititullv and of the be*t fodd«*r.
0. Hrccd atoek.and let no More a* !
cidcnt control the increase, II. Sup.
port breeding and Iccdiug by proper
care. 12. Keep a< count*.
. • - ..
A Samian wood carver is complet
ing a singular emblematic *t ot
« he**ii»cn tor the Centennial, design- !
ml to tvpify the pre*cnt religion*
struggle la-tween (ieriuany and the
Vatican. Otic of the contending j>ar 1
tie* represent*the emperor William
a* king, the F.tnprv** Augusta a*
qin'Cfi, Prince Itismark ami br.!
Faulk, author of the new cclc*iu*li
< al law*, a* hi»ho|i*, a i»arty ot
Uhlans a* knights, and another of
lamdwehrmen as tin* pawn*. The
other party is Id hy the Pope hm
king, Rii ahbe** a* queen, eardmal*
a* bishops, monks mounted on m**c*
a* knight*, and monks on foot as
A i'll tea no Jorr.—A strunger in
Chicago, the city of inert haul |*nl
R<e*, was lately strolling about it*
streets, when he olmervcd a corner
lot hoarded up, and lie peeped
through a knot hole in the fence to
nee what was inside. A riliaen walk
vd up U> him and told him the charge
for Ills peep was just twenty-live
t-ents. “What for," *aid the stranger,
“I hare seen nothing " “Oh ye*,” i
was the answer, “you have seen the
only lot in Chicago that is not mart-!
gaged. That lot belong* to the Uni
ted State* Government.”
Tut Ylrkaburg Herald of tl.c'iOth
tilt., re<|itcftt* Southern journal* to
give currency to the followiug para
graph :
A Morun'i SoMOW.—lira. Mary
Arthur, of thia city, had two aona,
liavid S. Arthur and C. W. Arthur
in tlie Coalederate army. 8h« ha*
reaaoa to believe that oae of her aona
ia dead, and the baa not heard from
the other for tear*. Any peraon
knowing the whereabout# of either
of her aona will coniec a great favor
u|M»n a widowed mother by addrea*
ing her at Vickaburg.
ftVnnat night a policeman on Ba
ker atreet, paaaing a certain houee
about ten oVhw-k, aaw a man drop
from a window and heard ainother
ing criea inaide. lie aeiaed the man
for a burglar, but lound that he had
the owner of the boaee in hi*
dutehea. "IML* aaid the ofloer,
> “it looked auapieioua to aee you drop
out of u window that way. ** Well,
replied the man, heaving a aigh,
“when the old woman geta her dan
! der an. I ain't jiurtieulur about what
road i take to get out of the kddar."
rmUtmrmim fuilMNl.
The «tag<< coach from Milton wan
about to leave Tuttletown after
changing hornea. Kvery neat, bi»th
innide ami out, waa lull except one,
which wan occupied by a tourmt
wrapped in hie aupcreiliotia dignity
and a heavy linen duater. A resident
of Tuttletown, wishing to ride to So
____V_a .« .
growled the toariet, spreading him
•elf to the fhfl extent of Me dignity
_I . a , lit*..* ___ _ „
J;c« ha*' llill.
"I ain’t going to he crowded; I
1«ay tor my comfort and intend to I
leen it."
** I Md you p«y foe | wo m ala P*
“I’ve only aecured one neat, hut i
there i* no room for another in thia
«*nuh, sir,” and the tourinh nettled
hiin*4*lt hack, while tin* other paaaew
gem grunted their disgust in toneal
not particularly vocitcroun but ex-1
•vedingly deep.
“Vim are not acting ana gentle
nu»n should, sir, not exactly in ae
eordan<i* wuh the etiquette of our,
mde California society," calmly re- i
plied the man on the outside. Mind
ing in spiuj k| In* annoyance at the
dog in tne manger style ot thin hoor.!
“I dont hold myself accountable
to the society of California. Ijucy
my way and imk odd* ot iioImmIv, 1
and your inference that 1 am not a
came from an indication that you
wish to fight."
“We don’t fight In thin country," J
‘•alloy replied the ninn from Tuttle
donlr rhfit I muat have
lasen mi* in formed. |*ray, what do
you do when a man inoilt* you?”
and a *ort of triumph gleamed in the
eye of the at ranger.
“ho! why we *hoot him on the
«|>ot and that’* the end ot it. Mo
don’t wwt« time after wc *tart in.
My the way I think I rnn aqueece in
along aide rtf you there, IP*
“ftmi't know hut yon can,” and a
I'uil hall *cut appeared la-atdo the
dignified had an if hy magic.
The Tuttletown citizen rode very
eonil'orlahle from that hamlet to Sn
nora, and heard no more ahont tight
intr from the touriat, although n»
mark* iu regard to - J ad *hott” ami
the rapidity with which iaault* are
avenged in the Sierra* formed the
*tapfo of «on\citation among the
other pAaarafcrw antil they reached
the i ity hotel.
Maialar VnMin« (air.
A* a Council lllutr* woman wa* do
ing her w aaliing. one of her children
fell into a kettle ot water. The
mother aciaed the infant, whnac
heart rending rrim indicated the ter
rible nuturv of it* injurie*, ami do
|ioalted it upon abed, while *he ran
to a neigh lair’* to get him to run fi>r
a dm-tor. Before the din tor arrived
all the neighlmr* had gathered, and
anmug them had umlreaacd the
*< reaming infant—very carefully, an
that the *kin ahntild not |*oel off and j
Kprinkled it w ith flour. At length
the doctor arrived, alnmat at the Maine
moment with the teiror-alricken hu* j
hand w hom alMo the meeaonger had |
found amt hidden to go Imme and
prepare for the naddent new*,” The
doctor made a inn-fill eta no nation
of the intant, aud promptly adviaed
the mother to out a uliirl or uoiue
thing on the fluid, mo it might not
Irvece to death. The a«Mciitblud
neighbor* one after another felt of
the water in the kettle, found It lay
cold, and qnietly *ej>arated.
Vhrtr I'AlUfi «• .iMmire.
Three thinge to admire—Intellect
ual power, dignity and gnaeotnlnen*.
Throe thing* to love—Courage,!
gentlehena and affection.
Three thing* to hate—Cruelty, ar
rogance amt ingratitude.
Three thing* to delight in—Prank
nci**, freedom and beauty.
Three tbinga to wieh tl»r--Health,
friend* and a cheertul apirit.
Three tbinga to avoid—Idiotic**,
Itxmacity and flippant jeating.
Three tbinga to pray for—Faith,
peace and parity of heart.
Threw thing* to contend for—Hon
or,country and friend*.
Three thing* to govern—Temper,
conduct and tongue.
Three thing* to think about—Life,
death and eternity.
AsOawego meaty (New Y«rk)
Kr received the fellowiug police
. iihlu-auou, aigned, “Sophia Ba
ker j" “I forbid any Lady to marry
Heunr Smith for be ia engaged mil
•ent for hi* intended wife to Carthage
and be ha* not showed his tow and ti
; A. _ _ _ _t _ 4 • _aa . . TW
I1 1
i i q
•# Heauttful i.i,„
-4—Tf* «* i t
It la wMmn that w« meet with any
thing an ex<|ui«itly beautiful aa thi*
little at ray wait; ninth wo Jnd laud
ing on the great /‘iirtiulietic aaa,
“A why up among the Alleghaniea
t Ml M MM MMMfcH
tfh»«u. 4H»»a auiwana'a dan e*mfch
drain it dry. It *MtM ita anoVtruaive
«av among the Mila, till it spread*
oat to th.> beautiful Ohto. Tkea<a> ,f
otretchoa away a thoua&nd milw,
leaving un ita banka more than a
hundred Tillage* and cities, and
many a cultivated form ; then joined
the Mississippi, it stretches away .
souio twelve hundred in dee more,
till it fall* into ttie emblem of eterni
ty. It in one of the greatcet tribu
taries to the ocean. Obediently on*
ly to God, it shall roar till the angel
w ith one foot on the aew »"■! the
other on the laud, ahull swear that
time aim 11 be no longer, fjo with
moral influence. It iaa rill—a river
—nn ocean—and a* bonndleoa and
fathomlean as eternity
Ht .Vraaf ■NiiNfii,
Siihi|ay night when a yeung maw
drove out of Vickiburge aevural
niilei to pa*i the evening with the
girl i»l hi* choice, he wa* met' at the
gate by her father who at once pro
ceeded to huaiue** by naying:
“4 ’un» to apark I,«tui*a, eh t"
I lie young man let aileace an*wer
the question.
“Expect it will make a match V*
continued the father.
Silence ngain, while the young
nmu tied the bora*. A* ho wu reaily
to go in, the lather Mocked the way
braced up and continued:
-See here, young man, lea* have
an understanding. If ye mean to
hit«h ’tween now and Jinttary all
right, but if ye don’t I want yo to
understand that candles ia inigbty
high thi* fUll and crop* don’t turn
out wuth a cuae.**
A* the young man got through the
gute it ia proliahle that he gave the
fattier a direct and agro-abit) an
_ __ ^ ^ _ *
SoMUaeck* ago a ‘Detroit wife
• liaguin d her chiregmphy and wroto
ner hnahantl a loro letter under an
aaaumed name. lie anawered it
very promptly, and a torreepou
•U nit) ensued which laatcd aix weeka.
Ife finally threatened to commit uui
cide in case hi* unknown enrrewpon
dent did not meet him, and the wife
then had a parlor mamo and exhib
ited tbc letter*. The attempt* of the
huahuuil to laugh and declare that ho
knew her handwriting all the time,
and wanted to ace how far ah* would
go, worn among the moat lame* tabic
failure* of the preaent amt year.
A Ma* about two thirds druuk.aud
In* hack covered with mud, ntopped
a )mi|iceman on the atreet and aaked
to tie locked Up. “Why, you aro
able to walk home aiut youf'' naked
the officer. “Yea, l could get home
nil right, butj don’t want In, and
you wouldn’t either if you had my
wife. Take me down, ole teller, and
if *he. come* inquiring 'round, juat
**y I’ve gone to Toledo on ' porta*) t
A WaURINU.—A lady at Winche*
ter ha* had recently a *nd and ruth
er aever* experience. While work
ing ota aoroe green larieton, by
atjuic unaccountable way thu gou«i*
cam® in contact with hrr face.incon
senuenre of whleh abe wa* badly
pomonod, her face swelling to such a
degree that it waa with diAlcnily oho
could *ec at alU It is at range that
•uch p<Hnouou* good* are offered fbr
— • ««h» m*. - — - - -
A a old lady vim ted a traveling
‘•imi*. She waa delighted in every
rv»|*H t but one. Speaking of tho
proprietor. ahe aaid, “lie haa every
thing in hia ahow that ia on the billa
hnt the hippodrome. I wonder
*heiw he keep* hia hippodrome F la
he dead f"
A aot aix yearn old, havfng been
tnneh lorturwi hy hie father on the
boywhite* eftrying when aoy <m
iamnity happened, cheered tt><
nrnta heart the other morning, by
aaviug: “llarry Dolton eried neatly
all day Vain* hia father died; bat if
jou ahvuld die, pa, I wouldn't or> a
“Yog never aaw my haede aa dirty
aa that,** wild a mother reproachfully
yeaturday tv her little eight year old
girb “tTauee I neveraoen you when
you waa a little girl," ana the prompt
• m an » _•<•
True grow* ^trongar aa it
grow* older* ’ 'rhe aatae may ha aaid
of ao egg. ••at t u* t aa , »*>*m

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