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llmnu NwSui*ui.. FuiuiJed 1W*S
II w. k IITCUlk
OlttrUI Journal #1 O'pUh tonnljr,
editorial ITEM6.
Then' are two colored Itcprcseii
tames in Congress.
Tlie Illinois Central Kail mat I is
to buihl a $25,000 hotel at Holly
The State Grange adapted a res
olution favoring the repeal ot the
lien law.
The burning of the oil mills at
Greenville throws 100 hands out of
ctuploi merit.
Up to the 21HU Water Valley hud
shipped 0005 bales of eotton—1002
more than up to same date last sea
ho u.
A mau w as killed in New Orleans
a lew days ago by leaning
ogaiust au electric light wire.
At the city election iu Jackson,
on the 1th iust., Juo McGill was
re-elected mayor for the sixth time,
having already served ten years.
Thos. T. Sheridan, a Natchez sign
painter, committed suicide Sunday
afternoon, by shooting himself
through the heart.
Yazoo city is to h.ixc a National
Hank, of which the |Irene 1H cashier
of the Jackson National Bank into
be President.
The Brandon Republican says the
half pint tla»k is taking the place
ot the pistol in the liip pockets oi
lioys in prohibition towns.
Mr. Rob’t Preston, brother of
Proi* J R. Preston, State Siijkt.
iutcudeut of Public Kdiieatiou elect,
has been elected Principal of the
Water Valley public schools.
The |»eoplc of Tupelo are voting
funds to have the Memphis, Bir
mioghaiu and Alabama R. R. pass
through their town
Maj. S. I* llOttey, at one time
Treasurer of Mississippi, died a few
days since in the imorhouso of lain
derdule county. Uisoouditiou was
brought about by opium eating.
Scnatois George and Walthall, it
j» stated, will remain in Washing
ton throughout the coming session
of the Mississippi Legislature.
Then* is no doubt their re election
to the places the* now till
Tliier* million and eight hundred
thousand hogs have been pack
ed hi the West this season, ugainst
Hirer* million two hundii*duiid sev
euty-tlvo thousand for this tune last
A convention will be held in
Holmes county on the IMhiiist. to
decide which ot the two candidates
—W. KKciruorJ. G. Hamilton
—that county will endorse for Con
gressional Representative.
We were in Jackson a short
while Monday uight, and witnessed
Hotnc interesting ‘‘log-rolling."
Several wanted to bo Speaker, a
good many wanted to Ih» Clerk, and
a host of others had a desire to be
Door keepers, etc.
It is thought a bill will be intro
duced in this legislature creating a
county with the name of Singleton,
from parts of Yazoo, Madison,
Atala aud Homes, with Pickens
Station as the county seat.
Ilervey Shannon. Postmaster ut
Marti::, Miss., has rcsiguod in lavor
of his present worthy and jmpular
assistant, Mr. A It. Campbell who
received the appoiutuient, and took
charge of the *.4lU‘o on tbo lirst day
of Jaunary.
The suit of the heirs of Mr. Sim
Coats, who was killed by the ucei
deutut the ltayou Pierre bridge two
years ago, has been compromised
The L. O. *5c. T. Kail road com
pauy pay $ J,o(X>.
Hamilton, Hoskins & Co., liaro
transferred the lease of the Missis
sippi penitentiary to the Gulf and
Ship lslmd Railway Co. This
company will begin immediately
with the convict labor theconstruc
tion of this road, commencing work
at Mississippi City and extending
the line to Jackson.
Itev. D. I. Purser, of Birmingham,
Ala*, married ucoapie in the Theater
at that place, on the 20th ult.
Thut ulglit at one o’clock, bo was
awakened to marry another couple
who hod just arrived.
Haiuiltou Loud, while discharge
lug a toy pistol ou Christmas eve*
was painfully injured by its explo
aion, the tlesh ou one of his legs be
ing torn off to the bouc.
Col Falk nor, of Biplcy, contem
plates extending the narrow guage
railroad now tunning from Middle
ton to ltipley, as far as the town of
Poutotoc, withiu twelve months.
All he asks of Pontotoc is $20,000,
the payment of which will uofc* bo
demanded nutll ftie road is aomplet
ed and one train, at leaat, has been
wrer it.
AMrmblli.tr of the Lefinlature.
The legislature that lias Just con
veued at Jackson is as usual with
the assembling of that important
body, ihe attraction of the season
and all eves an* turned to its pin
ceedings, w hieli wifi Im» watched w itli
great interest. Like nil similar
lushes, it is com|H<scd of almost
i very shade of intellect, and charac
ter. Among i*s members may Is*
found the sols-r, thoughtful, pub
j lie-spirited citizen and the cross
road |Militteian, whose only thought
is to east his vote, that he may get
luck at ti e next session, regard
less ot the principle involved in the
ipiestiou at issue. Then then' is
the man of ambition, w ho wants to
cast Ins “sails to w iudword" Imping
that it uiuy collect a breeze that
will raise him higher. Again, there
is the man whose greatest fear t*
that he shall return homo and be
accused of “doing nothing,” and to
prevent this, is very anxious lo in
troduce u“biir regardless of its
merits or necessity.
Next conic* the hobby ist, who
only thinks of one thing uud bore*
every man he meets with bis j*ct
theory, and who cares nothing for
any thing api*crtuiliiug to the public
good. Lust, but by nomeaus least,
comes the " Local bill" man, who
forgets every duty tint he owes to
tho State at large and thinks only
ot the neeesity of some purely local
measure, in reference to which the
balauco of the Legislature aro ut
terly iudilTcreuL We have said
nothing of the jobber, the striker
and the lobbyist, in the hope that
they have not yet appeared, and
1 tint no necessity may cull them
forth All told, the Legislature is
considerably mixed, but wo think
there rue enough conservative,
thinking men to control the bulv,
and shape legislation for tho pub*
lie good.
It is by no means certain, that
the West thing the body could would
not Ih> to pass the necessary appro
priation bills and adjourn, but theie
are some important questions that
will be submit ted for their consider
ation, which wo shall notice troiu
time to time as they come to bo cou*
[ sidcrcd.
Uu*lsr««ror the Legislature.
Under thu» heading tho Columbus j
Index maps out a go*nl deal of bus
iness for the legislature. It wants
' several of tho existing laws repeal
ed and tho enactment of others
| which it thinks of vital importance.
It asks tor tho repeal of tho law cs.
i (ablisliing a railroad commission;
j repeal of tho law authorizing the
| lease of penitentiary convicts; the
1 repeal or modification ot tho lion
law, amt tho repeal of the privilege
tax law.
It also wants an amendment of
■ existing laws in reference to par*
I ties found guilty of jK-tit larceny in
a way to enable tho counties to
1 utilize the lal>or on public roads
alter conviction by magistrates.
This would bo one of tho wisest,
and certainly of great financial ben- j
1 «llt to tho counties, measures that *
will or could coiue before tho legis-1
lutuie. We have had occasion to
refer to this more thau once aud if
its practical effect? eon id bo seen
by our legislators we have no doubt
a bill of that nature would U* pass
ed without a desentieg voice.
Many of the grand larceny cases
could be designated as petit larceny
aud persons convicted of the latter
should be turned over to tho couu
ty contractor, ho laying into the
treasury the amount of tho flue,
thus, in a measure, re imbursiug
the county.
We arc with the Index in this
matter and hope to see such a law
j putted by the present legislature
It may not be generally known
that there is a very simple and iu*
expensive remedy forepta in coin
maud of almost every one. Ill the
case of trcsli cuts or injuries front
'bart*cd wires ltowevfc* severe,-*©r
ruuiiiug sores, apply to the wound*
lime freshly slacked of the consist
ency of thick cream, with a com
mou paiut brush. Cover the wound
os thickly as jwssible, and repeat
daily, or ofteuer if necessary. In a
short while new flesh a ill form, aud
the wound will heal with hardly a
The lTtlea Comet says:“ Charley
Hatching, a young hoy about 10
years ot age, lett his house in com
pany with Cullen Cook, a colored
boy of the same age, and failing to
return at the proper time, his father
becoming manned at his prolonged
absence, instituted search for him.
ilis dead body was found Tuesday
morning by his brother iu the woods
not u great way from his house,
ills skull was fractured by blows
trom some blunt instrument, prulia
bly an ax, and his pockets were
toru out showing that they had been
rifled. Cullen Cook was arrested
charged with the crime ”
Wo will mention as an evidence
of great industry, that T. A. Carey,
of Wolfe bake, has picked out Ifl,
000 pounds ot scud cotton Gy him*
self silica Sept 1st. Giving 1,:»00
IMiunds to the bole, this would lie
twelve hales. Pretty goo* 1 picking.
-t-Yiuoo Sentinel.
On the 29lh, ult., the steam gm of
j ilr. gitmuou* aud the store 'of \fr.
| Levy, at Grand Gulf, were burned. %
Oar Yaw Year Rwolation*.
We bavo entered upou n now
year, and the thought la fraught
with n double a«i>ect. We congrat
ulate ourselves nnd our readers tip
au t be success of the pust year, our
present surroundings and our lio]K‘
lor the future, and yet, we know
not a hat a year may luing forth.—
The year that we have just passed
through was marked, in at least
one particular—the death of so
many of our older citiaens. One by
one they have passed away until
there are hut few'remaining land
marks that bind us to the past his
tory of this county. The solemn re
tlection, what will wo witness this
year, must strike the mind of every
thoughtful man. To some it will
bring joy and honor, to others sor
tow and, perhaps, dishonor. To
some, it is ushered in with great
hope, that is dextiued to bo blight*
ed lieforo its clone. To others its
coming is forecast l»y a heavy cloud,
that will, ere long, give wav to the
silver lining and the sunshine that
is to l«»llow . To some it eoiues,am!
will go, without n thought oi its
presence, or tho surroundings at
tcuduut upon it. To all, its coming
should ho a tunc lor rctlcction and
retrospection; a time to think of our
past weaknesses and of (lie amends
to lie made in the future. It should
tie a time to mature good purjHises,
and tho year should l*e spent in
living up to them, lad us all enter
upon the duties of tho iu*w year
w it ti renew ed energy to prosecute
our respective callings, in the most
enterprising maimer. lad each foi
himself detei mine to Ik* a boo in
the great hive id' humanity, and
contribute bis portion, to tho sue.
cess of the community, lad ns so
live and act that, should we live
to see another New Year, wo shall
have no cause to regret the lo>t op
port unities ot tho year that we have
passed, and, if uot, that our eon
duet and example may be cherished
by those who w ill love our memory,
and that we may enter upon a Hap
py New Year in eternity.
A JTcw Field for Hoot* to Figure In.
It is proposed by Homo of tlu*
smart ones ot the United States of
America to get up a laboratory at
ter the order of M. Pasteur lor in
occulation to prevent hydrophobia
Now, hi M. Pasteur's process the
hydrophobia’ poison has to l»e at
tenuated by pussing through the
system of th e thousand rabbits bo
loro it is bottled up, (none genuine
without the trade mark, and to
prevent imposition upon our illit
eiato public the name and rabbit
is blown in the liottle.) The field
ol the Sir William G. has hereto
fore been confined to honorary
membership on our local boards of
health, lie is usually made chair
man of the scavenger committee,
aud is especially deputized to look
after brown pa]>er, dog fcniiall, oys
ter cans and scrap iron about our
streets, and such other delicacies
as his digestive organs may call
for. He is sometimes offered us a
witness in ukuutai. testimony
and is occasionally elevated to the
bar, though bis copartner in this
valo of tears, viz: the male mule,
plays iu this role with more digui.
ty aud lung capacity. Now, onr
idea would ls> to change the
sphere of usefulness ot this odor
iferous creature and put him upon
trial for bis life with this hydro
phobia bocilluH. At the same time
in which wo aro attenuating the vi
rus of hydrophobia it might do
something for the odor of the goat,
which ia no uiueh needed. In this
unequal match between the goat
and hydrophobia it is our opinion
that the latter would stand no show,
still if it takes fivo thousand goats
to try the exjicrinieiit we arc iu for
it heart and hand.
Brother Sam Join h will erect hi*
go*|H‘l mill at Jackson some time
iu Murul|. Its a pity tbe Tress As
sociation could not couveiio at tbo
same time. We would like to see
lire’s Martin of the Mississippian,
Anderson of tlie Star, and Aliuou
of the New Era,writhing under the
sarcasm of his withering invective
upou tlie “fuuy man of tiro day.”
Indeed it would be a herculean
task to work oo tbeso three mem
her* of the ureas and the Legisla
ture at the same time. Isn’t it a
woudorful coincident that Bro.
Jones always visits the capitula
where the Legislature is in session.
Wo recomtneud that Bro. Sam try
them iu broken doses. The M. E.
conference has passed upon Au
demons case and pronounced it
hopeless; the Sword & Shctld hns
Job me under the shadow of its
wing and guiding influence, still he
keeps going astray on these funny
editorials. We await the result of
Bro Sam’s effort on him with bated
On the 1st but., A Arc in Detroit,
Midi., destroyed fl,500,000 worth of
property. D. M. Ferry* Co., the
seed dealer* sustained a lo<* of $150,
000. One fireman was killed by a fall
ing wall.
The legislature will cloct United
States Senator* on Tuesday, tlie 19th.
Walthall slid George will be the men.
Rperekor Hob. E. Barksdale on fhe
Report or tho Commiitoe on Biles.
Congressional Itecod, Doe., 10th.)
Mr. llrrksdnlo. Mr. Speaker tho
(Hauling paragraph to distribute tin*
appropriation bills is tho Aaron’s
Rod of ail this euntrovorny. 1 shall
support the majority ivport just as
it is, ami trust that it slrieuds will j
keep their lines unbroken and
adopt it us it camu from the com
miiiee. I submit, sir, that there
has been an infinite umount
of irrelevant discussion introduced
into the consideration ol tho quo*,
tion. Partisan politics, personali
ties, criminations ami rccriruinu
tons, all tending to intlimc the
passions nml lo prevent judicial
impartiality. It might well be ask
ed, “What business have they here
at such an hour as this?’’
Now, sir, the considerations that
properly enter into the discussion
ol this question are these: Will the
distribution of the Committee on
Appropriations tend to salutary,
intelligent, ami economical legisla
tion? Will it seeuto to this House
its right to supremacy over legisla
tion w hich it is called upon to en
act? Why sir, to state tho propo
sittou is to answer them. A com
mittee upiHiintod by tho Speaker*
with reterenco to tho aptitudo and
fitness of its memtiers is presumed
to bo more competent to deal with
the business of the department to
which it pertains, than any other
committee. Tho physician which
makes a diagnosis of a disease is
more capuble of prescribing for it
than any amount of skill outside.
Take the Committee on Naval Af
fairs, for example. As I have said,
it is api>oiuto«l by the S]icakcr with
direct reference to tho aptitude of
Its members for that brunch of ser
vice And will you tell mo they
are less competent to deal w ith the
affairs of the Navy and to prencrilto
tho amount that is needed to main
tain it than any other committee,
however able? And so with every
other commit tee which has to dcul
with uffniis ot the Government.
(Hero the hammer fell.]
Sir. llarksdalo. I should like to
bo allowed a few minutets more.
Mr. ltandall. I ask that the
gentleman lie permitted tocontiniio
his remarks for tho time lie has in
tiumv was no onjeciion.
Mr. lturksdalc. To devolve upon
the Committeo on Appropriations
the ditty of retorting every appro
priation hill is to im|K>se upon it u
task which it Is not capable of per
forming satisfactorily. The result
will be, as it has been heretofore,
that bills will be reported at the
close of tho session, ami members
will be compelled touhoose between
the alternative of adopting items
which they do not approve or ol
rejecting the whole, and thus forc
ing an extra session with all its at
tendant burdens upon the Treasury,
It lias been well said that tho
Mouse of Itepresentalivcs is the
great master body of tho Ifpislativo
department of the Government.
Its representatives come directly
from the people. There tiro no
middle men between them and the
real sovereigns ol the laud. The
nlause of the Constitution which
devolves upon it the sole power ot
originating revenue bills, attest the
high mission to which it isapiMiiiit
Oil liy the venerated framers of that
instrument. It is the business of
tlio Ways and Means Committeo to
provide the necessary revenue. It!
is the business ot the Mouse to dis- j
bum it wisely and economically I
for the maintenance of the Govern- i
incut. To vest this |iower in a
single committee violates the true
theory of the government* ami
places upon the shoulders of this
Mouse au Old Man ot the Sea to
fetter its energies and obstruct it in
| the performance of its functions.
I trust it will assert its rightful po
[ rogatlve, and throw of the incubus.
The Public Printing.
Tho committee ot the last legis
lature, appointed to investigate
Col. Power, State priuter, ou ac
count of an overcharge ot *1,125
due the State on shortage in print
ing ufcte of 1882, have rejected the
report of the sub committee and
made a re|»ort of its own, which
puts a new phase on the subject.
This sub committee inet hen; De
cember 17th uud decideif that
wbilo Col. Power was duo tho
amount claimod by the legislature
ou the acts of 1882, that for the acts
ofl870.’77-’78 uud 1880, he had put
uioro matter ou a page than tho law
requires to the amount of $1,534.50,
thus bringing tho Statooutiu debt
to Tower $500.50. The committee
to wbieh this sub committee report
ed, after a thorough investigation,'
bus decided that report to be er
roneous, uud that Col. Tower was
entitled to no credits ou the years
cluimcd, that bo bad put more mat
ter ou the pages than tho law re
quires. Tho committeo makes the
award that Tower is indebted to
tho Stato $1,125 as the last legisla
ture fouud, ami directs tliatbo shal
pay tho same iuto tlio State treasu
j ry.—Jackson Tolegram.
When you bring cotton to town,
call around and Hiibaoribc for the Hiu
MAL-ComiiAM. Every family in the
county aliould have it. We give all
the official bualnea* of the rtmnty in
ull, idcluding land wile*, nhcriff’
Hole*, chancery notice*t< etc.. If you
want our paper and iiavon’t the ready
money, wo canarrauge it with your
The oil mill of fcStccd Co., at Grcon
villc, Mias., wna burned laat week,
valued at $76,000; *eed«torcd in mill,
$40,000; oil and aacka, $16,000; l>c
ahlea ten reaidoncea and 2,400 bale* of
cotton. Total loaa, $200,000.
Every houae in Arteaia, Mia*., ex
cept the hotel and depot, were recent
ly burned.
Address by Mrs. Peyton.
Worthy Master uud Members of tho
Statu Orange:
Through tlio kinduess of your Sec
retary 1 am permitted ro address this
communication to your honorable
1 desire briefly to tlutnk Hie Patron*
of Mississippi for their continued nd
vornry of educnli. and especially
for their co-operation in Hir work of
securing a State College for white girls
ill Mississippi.
It luid oreured to me In the year of
la'fi that Hie Slate should make pro
vision hey ond the common school* fur
the education of her while daughters.
In 1H7‘J] hoped to utilize that idcaund
at Hie Millie time build up and equip
my loved and honored Alma-Jtodcr
Wliitliworth College. With some as
sistance from my brother S. it. Cole
man Km|,, of Leflore county, I drew
I up a |H-titioii to the Legislature of
Mississippi, asking Hie Slate to adopt
Whitworth College as a State institu
tion, and foster it hv an nnminl ap
propriation such a* was given to the
Tugaloo l'niver*ity and Hie Normal
School at Holly Springs, whereeolor
ed girls are educated.
This petition was read publicly at
thi* anniversary of the Alumnae Asso
ciation of Whitworth College, in .lime
1879. and several gentlemen who
were called upon, made short ad
dresses endorsing the suggestion.
The |tel it ion was also read to our dis
tinguished statesman lion. L. Q. ('.
| Lamar win*heartily approved it* oh
I \\ Int will'tli ( ollege being a dcnomi
tioual school coiihl not he adopted hy
the State. I therefore prepared nil
address which was read to the Metho
dist Conference at Meridian in Dee,
11S7D, requesting that body to convey
the Whitworth College property to the
Stale in case the State would endow
the institution us n State College for
J white female*. Kvcn if the Confer
ence had been willing to make this do
nation of the property to the Slate,
their were legal harriers which ren
dered Htii'li an alienation impossible.
Itelievlng there was abundant room
in Mississippi for the employment of
Church, State, and individual enter
prise ami capital, In the matter of fe
male education, I prepared a hill for a
State College for white female*, which
Senator Iteynold* of Monroe count*,
kindly introduced in the Senate of
The State (irunge at it* meeting in
Durant, in December, 1**1. declared
in favor of a Stale College fur white
girls. This wns very encouraging,
and 1 addressed a letter to your
worthy Master Captain Darden, ask
ing him if the (irange at a subsequent
meeting would *c-alflriii its utterance
in regard to a Slate Female College,
lie kimllv u«*ured me that the tirauge
would not relax it* efforts until a Statu
i institution for white girls was an as
sured fact.
l’atrons of Mississippi! I rejoice
with you to-day, that a State College
for our daughters lias been establish
I feel, more than! ran express, the
I deep obligation the |»cople of Missis
sippi owe to her intelligent and patri
otic farmer-, for two such valuable
i and magnificent institutions as the Ag
I rieiiltural College, and the Indu-trial
College. Now. that these institutions
are established, you will not caaso to
foster them, and will doubtless give
to them your unanimous support.
The trustees have placed at the head
of the Industrial College a man emi
nently qualified for the respon-ihle and
delicate duties incident to the inaugu
ration of till* great enterprise. The
niHnagemeiit of the school cun safely
Ih* entrusted to «o worthy and emi
nent a Christian gentleman and edu
cator ns Dr. It. W. Jones, And
now, if I might detain you n moment
longer, I would ask your attention to
another important educational pro
blem: Our common schools.
llow can we increase their efficiency?
Without discussing this question, it
would seem tlmt our greatest need at
tills time is more money. The lllair
Education Hill which will come Indore
the next Congress, proposes to dis
tribute #77.000,(sK>,(KH» among the
Ntntc* on the basis of illiteracy. On
this hn»U tlie share of Mi»sis»ippi
would bo #1,500,000. This amount
distributed among our common schools
for a time would double the length of
tlie public school term and give a
mighty impetus to all our educational
inanition*. I would therefore ask
your honorublo body to give that
measure your favorable consideration.
On the subject of National uid to Edu
cation: Dr. Mayo of Huston says:
“1 ask tlie natlou to help the south
ern people because no people, under
similar disadvantages, has done so
big a job of helping itself. I ask it
because it is constitutional and in the
direct lino of public policy from tho
foundation of tho Confederation that
preceded the Union. Ever)- Ameri
can State ha* received and used na
tional money, the north*western, and
■outh-western States, millions on
millions in land grants for education.
Every State has indorsed the policy of
national aid to education over and
over, by receiving and using such ap
propriations. The common school
fund of Kentucky wiu founded on the
surplus revenue distributed in 1836 by
tlie UeHoral Government ns was the
school fund, in part, of several of the
States. • • • Of course such aid
should bo given for a time to stimulate
and not to take tlie place of homo ef
fort, and should be distributed by
each State according to wiso . legisla
tion in Congress. I believe the peo
ple will demand national aid for edu
cation a* soon us they know what it
means. *'
In ronclusiou allow me to congratu
late tho Order of Patrons of Husban
dry upon a fact which is n source of
pride aud pleasure to all Misslssippi
ans—the election of Captalu Put Dar
den to the place of Worthy Master of
the National Otraugts and also the [ ro
motion iff hi* worthy wife to be Cere*
of that widely extended and influen
tial organization.
Kidteruting my thank* to your no
Ido order for your co-operation in sc*
curing tho State College for white
girl*, nnd for every effort to elevate
and improve the condition of the
mnssr* In our In-loved Slate, I remain.
Very Rfltpertfiill),
Mu*. Awnie C. PxttOs.
lb-ad Indore the Ml*»i«*ippi State
(•range; and after favorable report by
the Committee on Ulc tlood of the Or
der. was unanhnoiuly adopted.
IIkekmA Aht. See’jr.
To I'atron*, Traster* and Teacher*
of the 1'iihllr School*.
Notice i* hereby given that the pub
lic m-IiimiI* of the|-ounty will n|»rn on
the I'nd Monday lltli day of January,
mid eontinue four month*. The
Hoard of Sii|H?rvl*or* of the county
and the Su|n-rintfiident of Education,
will, outlie first Monday of January,
designate the *r|iooU for the year IN*G.
Teacher* must appoarmul have their
certificate* and contract*, Indore they
In-gill teaching. School* limy post
pone the time of opening, w hen the
patron* through the trustee* de-ire it.
It i* always better to complete the
term, without internil**ion, hut for1
reason* shown perini-sion will In*
gl\cn to have n vacation ut the expi
ration of two mouth*.
Application* for too establishment or
new schools or for rhnngv of locution
of schools already established. must
he imule iu writing, giving exact locu
tion, mid names of patrons, and the
number of pupil*, to attend Mich
school. The text hooks ns formerly
adopted, arc uxpfcted to he used,
as uniformity can be nruml. Ill no
other way.
MrHufferx Header*. Davie* Aritli*
turlies, Moiiteith* (icogmpliles, Mc
(iiiffcys mill Webster* speller*, Pin*
neo's (•rninmar*. Swlnton’s History.
I desire to reeomeud to teachers,
where it can he done, the introduction
of an elementary text Itook, Physiology
and Hygiene to he used with short lec
tures and class work.
1 further urge upon local trustees,
to look after the be.-t interests of their
school*, ill the comfort of the pupils,
arrange to have wood convlent, so
that (hove shall he no lo-s of time mol
that tin* rooms may lie comfortable la
school hours. It jour school house is
without a black hoard, get one righi
away, mid put your teacher to u-lsig
it. The county enn not furnish these
things ami they are ju-t as essential as
hook*, and with n good teacher some
times more so. If you deny your
teacher all appliances for *uirc**ful
school work, you but throw hindran
ces in the way of progress for your
children. Teachers must report
promptly at the close of the school
month either iu person or through mail.
D. S. Uracil.
County Superintendent Education.
Election of L’.S. Senators.
A correspondent writes to know
on what day tho Mississippi lA’gis
latum will vote lor l\ S. Senators.
The Devised Statutes of the C. H.
presenlsi ‘Mho second Tuesday
after tho meeting and organisation,”
! which will be January I'd. On that
day each house will vote, viva voce,
anil on tile day following, at noon,
will convene in joint assembly, “and
tin* journal of each house shall then
l>o read, and if tbo same person has
received a majority of the votes in
each house, he shall be declared
duly elected Senator.”—Clarion
Tho through freight No. 18, on
tho Northeastern road was wreckod
near Purvis, Christ mas eve. Four
teen cars were destroyed. There
seems to lie a sad fatality awaiting
trains at and near Purvis oil Christ
mas eve. December 24, 1882, saw a
collision of construction and freight
trains; Dec. 24, 188.1, saw the Can
non ball wrecked at tlio same place,
killing engineer llob Turner, and
this wreck keeps up the reputation.
61000 Forfeit!
Having the utmost confidence In It su
periority over all other*, and after thou
sand* o} tests of the most complicated
*nd severest cases we could find, we feel
instilled in offering One Thousand Dol
lar* for any case of eough, eold, *ore
throat lurtueima. honnseues», hronehltis,
eonsiimptlon in It* early stags*, wrhoop
Ing-eougb, and all disease of tliroatuud
lungs, except asthma, for wbleh we only
claim relief, that we can’t cure with
West’s Cough Syrup, when taken ac
conlitig'to directions. Sample bottles
3A and Mu. I.urg« lMittle* 61.00 (Jen
ulue wraped ouly In blue. Sold l»y all
druggist*, or sent by express on reivlpt
of price. John C. Wmt A CO., M2 W.
Madison St, Chicago, 111.
0200 Reward 1
We will pav the above reward for any
case of liver complaint, dys|M*p*la, sick
headache, Indlgestioa. constipation or
eostlvene** we cannot cure w ith West's
Vegetable Liver MU*, when the direc
tion* are strictly complied with. They
are purely vegetable, aud uever fnll to
f;lve satisfaction. Large boxes contaln
ng .10 sugar coated pills, to. For sale
by all druggist, ltew are of counterfeits
and Imitations. The genuine manufac
tured only bv John t. Wkxt A Co H60
W. Madison •St., Chicago. III.
World’* Rest. We«t * Liver Mils, a
sure cure for liver complaint, dy*i*ep
sla. sick headache, and indigestion. SO
pill* 25c. All druggists.
Worth It* weight In gulp. West’s
World’s Wonder, the cheapest and best
liniment in the world; cures more cases
und goes fagber than any other medi
cine. Rheumatic* try ft. to and Wlc
All druggist*.
I have the cheapest farm
of 1G0 aero* improved land
for aale in the County. I am
anxious to soli to 0*010 ono
who know* uioro about furm
ing than I do. Como to too
me quick.
Ilazlehurst, Mi**. Jan 2d.
1 bare ptitvbatad the atock of good*, note*, account* und all oih< r I'ni* of
Stewart Bros. & Co,
• •
of Now Orleans,
and w ill continue the hii.lne** of the concern thla v* ar. It l. my piiri*o*c to thor
oughly rc-organl*e the hu.lncaa, aud l> that end I have lu.tmctcd the gentle men
In charge to work off the preaent »U ck at a aacrlAce In order to make wa> lor the
new year* hualnc**. Any one dealring to buy good* for c**b on the inoat reaeon -
aide term*, will And It to their Interest to examine tho good* In *t<»ck. which coiii
prl.c. everything uauully kept In
Thoaewho are lodehted to the i,nncern are earneatlv re«|ue*ted to uoiaeforward
and .etUe or arrange their Indebted ue»* at once. All claim. mu*t la* prompt ty
paid or .ecu red, or I .ball have hi pre.a the collection of the nine by law.
The Old Customers of tho Concern
will be well provided for, provided they inaka .aNafactory arrangement. In due
time, mid any new bu.ines* that I. entirely aatUfactorv will al«i le* properly
provided for. I have *ccnred the acmee* ol
Messrs. Ed. Cook, John Hargravo and L. F. Birdsong
who arc all know n to be geutldmen of Integrity and huiitieaa ability, aud who
will be pleaaed to meet cu.tcineia at the old .land of I.. K. Mlrdaoug, where they
will Ire properly eerved. _- -
Stewart Bros. & Oo.
■i ■ ■■■ ■wi - -'ll. !" ' l 1 »
Not I oo.
h aled |,id* for worklntf and k re pi tie In
wood condition tbe .Ire®!., tide walk*,
frmklnjr* hridtfe* and *e*< r», within thn
corporate limit* of thr town until January
iwjf (eireptin* tl*** ride walk* on wpiare.
•»Nt ;t* ) will be received until tb* llr*t
Monday in Kebuarp neit. tli* fantractnr
will berciuired to tnve a bond Ur the
faithful performance «»f the work, Indouble
the amount ol hi* bid.
Hy uf.lcr of tilt* hoopl ol Mayor ano
Aldermen. .. . ,
H. LORH < lerk
Stoam Laundry.
The 11 rule hurst Steam Uundrjr will
iitii'n to the |uibllr on Monday, January
11 th. all those Intending to become patron*
must have their clothe* mrrkcd. I-euve
notice at the Laundry utile* or throiiKh
l„,-t office, and delivery wagon ’•'•I call ut
* W. B. TOOK . I’ropr.
TO our Couatomorc.
Owing lo the rcceut tiro we have been
to a good dc:|l of expense In buying a
new Block anil building, and re»|*cetful|y
reijiie* all w ho are indebted to U* to Collie
forward promptly and settle. We need
the money.
S. J. Joiiksoh A Sou.
Dee 14-3t.
ForSalcor Rent.
My re vfdrnrc on front street. Either
furnished or unturnl*h»*d. Term* ea»y
C. E. Oatits. Jr.
Dissolution of Copartnership.
llv mutual content the I'artnmhlp
lieretofore exUting Iwtween .1. W. Fit*
gftte and A Mangold, under the tinn
name of .1. \\. Fugate A Co D from thi.i
dale dissolved hv withdrawal of Mr. A. J
Mangold. The bu.-liic- w ill be continu
ed In the name and for account of .1, W .
Fugate, who u**limes all liabilities of the
late Urm. and i» authorized to receipt for
all debt* due raid tlrm.
.1. W. Kcoatr.
A. Mamioui.
Jan 1st lssd.
For Solo or Exchange.
I will sell my reaidvnee in l(azlcbiir«t.
lot containing 2', acre*, afvery h>w fig
ure*, or will eicbange for a place in the
country. Will al*o •ell or exchange 1°
acre* of land, under fence, ju»t outside of
toriMiratlon. Call on me if you want a
bargain. J. T. MOItIUBOS.
Newspaper Adver Using.
27 Park Place aid 24-26 MUrry St.. N. Y,
Make lowest rate* on *11 m wsr>*|>er* in
tlie I'. 8. and Cauda. Established in lrb*
To those whose purtHise may be accom
plished by a almt advcrtliernonl, or by a
transient advertisement, and to whom
prompt, we reeomeiid our
1,0) Dailv and Weekly newvpaper
divideil Into section*.
All liome-prlui paj>er»-noco-op*ralive»
included. . ......
These pa|ter* have u Monthly circula
turn of over
8cml for new Catalouge just out. Par
ties contem plating a line of advertising
Urge or small, are rc<|iic»trd to tend for
estimate of r«*»t. Ph ase name this paper.
(nf.au thi: mo imuxii:,)
Groccriea, Confectioner*, Fruit, A Etc.
And l* prepared to fumUli KWh, and
Oyateralu every Style.
Give him a call If you are hungry or
want the cbeapeat groceries, confection
eriea, ete., 1 n tow
Hazlehurst, Nilas.,
For Your

Ha Mila cheap and paya the highest
price for vour country produce.
sSftwu /a«0..c>
IMM far ».ifta-rt•*-•«■?It _>• 9*if
% •
tKkUl b8umCatarbH
Is NOT A I.lyllU
It lm*i;,tintil Mti
enviable r|Miita
liolt 'tinner
known, dlaplat*
in* all other prep
aration*. An ar
14«'!«• of undoubt
ed merit, I* enli
ven lent and clean*
ly. It allay* pain
and rmiM'* no
• nerzln*.
into thr iiottriN mill h<> ilitothnl, rffectn
ally f-lt*nnitifZ tie natal pa>«»*r» of tatar
rhal virtu. < aiuing loalthy irtrttmn* ll
allay* in linn..it nm .prole t» I hr me in If an
al linliiK* of the bend front additional rt.ltla
ronipli-tt-lr lit-al* the .ore* mi <1 rtetnre* tt.«
M'K*« til iatlr mol Mnell. Il*neti<ial re
iitlt* are n nllicd by a few application*
rnctpullrtl for I'llLII in the lll’All.
Ifendai'ht''and Deafne... or any kind <f
milfoil* nit ml.ritual irritation Semi for
circular Hold Ii) «ii wbnlcaahraad retail
dnit-jrivf*. l'ric* M cent*. .Vi cent* Ly
mail. HI amp* re *i*»-tl
VLV liUolUKHM. llrajraltU,
otrrxio.N. v.
The Illinois Central It. It.will run two
first ela»« I'lilliiian mr excursion* the
eeomlweek In January, 1 *•••♦*. onu to
an Francisco the other to the City of
Mexico stopping four dnv«nt New Or- ^
mo a one day at S.nn Antonio and one ut
Chihuahua. The round trip rate* to
neither point will lx*a* follow*: From all
point* in Illinois between Freeport and
A«hlcy and Chicago and A*hly. 0113. If>;
from Imhutpie 81 lA.Mi; Sioux city.
0120.00. l'oint*between Aalitey III., and
Jackson, MU*; including fit. I*>ul*.
Memphis, Alienleen and Yazoo City
9110.0)1. Ticket* good to return wlthd
month*. Kemher the great American
Exposition at Xew Orleans w ill lx* at It
he*t at thl* nenson of the year. Address
the nndcr-igned at an Chester. Iowa, for
Excursion clrenInr giving full particu
lar*. and for folder*, mnp*. (took* Ac.,
conmulug California and Old Mexico,
J. F. Mkiuit.
Gen. Weat. Fa**. Agt’
B*i»r *»r ••••* •* «*•
(IM4 liMmtl «w •«
aMw la tniaiw»«>.
nkt» (wiml i ft*
•am an ha r—»■—**
i«rf Hxliam I*
WIU Ian, fmrfttm*
aaaa. TlunilnOtraaCaanaa,
IlMlMM alltoy. rati. »■(«.
kc ,*« ,kk in ail. !••«'»«
Wxt. tmrti
1M nm Kk<k
■ .»'W.r.T -•.. —__ _&**• IX;**
InmM |I null M I'M *k“ M» •,.!SS!3
» arm a?K> IIUVRHMOI ». |R» MPH«
tfcM.ft..ir "*33 M RM tt- At*"
FARM AMO NOUSKNOU). B*i 4R. Htrtwi.Um.
mm only
i __ ___ lit*
<.fi OMnaaMMlfr •ttklfi a BMiaUi. b* I «<*•«ion
a r(pM>ir»rNim^ Praaft. fall laritiiwimi
7 C
Irwk ar laaairT, lat itm4«lLai ratal I far uii l kla
n< Oraatwt M«Altai Wmayh •TUkiAyil
UMifiiHiIWi liwili mtlra rate to '
lb. tote, with ■ 4.11 MMUtei la tha
baik part, fill ia4ar Ika ibaaUar
blada, Vallaaaa liter aartaa» with a4la
taattaatlaaia isanlaaif Mr ar ailad*
IrtUakUliyaflawaar. Lawablrtta, with
afaallag at haring aiglaatat aaaadaty,
VTaarlaaaa. IHialaMa ftellarliiat Iba
■•art. Data balaraiba wra Haadaaba
avar iba right ara, Saafliaw, wtib
ftifal treiaa Highly talarai Criaa, aa4
tOTTt 1*11X4 ara aipac tally adaptad
in tttoh aaaaa, ana d»a# aflbefg anak a
ibant" faal tn a ai to aiutnlih Iba tnCbrar.
"giut"Jllrn'or wiinu' ~ -
Qtoaar UtMK by aalogU appJionllon at
hi. urv. li impart!anatantf aaior.aata
aataniaaanaaly. bold by progglau. or
rat by utpivaa oa yaoalptof gl» . ..
Or?!09,44 Murray St., Ntw York.

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