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^inniil-tf oiiialjan.
W * J 1
IUiuih'K«tSi«<nau IVnnJiJ 1WS>
WKCVLT CoMAIlAX, ** •• 1mA.
OMrUI J«nrMl «»l l »|»UI» Comity,
—«. . - ■
The TYdeial grain! jury at Oxford
found 7t> true bills.
Oil the OtU of February, Satuuc
J.Tilden w as 7-years old.
The grand jury of Lauderdale
county. Mi**., found Ltkl indict
Tlie house refused to pass the
bill making the poll tax two dollars
instead of one.
It is said the inusr uitow are ho
numerous in the City ot Mexico as
often to sllwk people to death.
Moody and S.utUcy, tlie world
renew ucd Evtiiigelnds, are holding
a series of meetings hi N*ew Orleans.
Mrs. (acn.tinut, it is state*!. has
already received over 6Jiio,(M)ir from
the publishers of In r husband* l*i*ok.
TlioRt. Rev. Wn». V. Green
lU'bop of Mississippi, is the oldes
iving Amerieaa llishop. Hu has
reached *7 years.
The kulnonof Ihiggs «fc C«*., Hunts*
ville, ho*i i:* safe llowu « pen, and
some $**■<) in ca»». ci.d ed.OOl) in
notes stolen
A young nun in Lufajet to coun
ty, the other day earned a cow to
Oxford and traded her off for a
marriage license,
Mr. liieUhaui, of the linn of Kick
ham «\ Moore, cotton hietor* and
commission moivliatits, New Or
leans, died at his residence in that
city last Tuesday.
M. L Kerltcrovich was made an
American citizen last week at Kny
mond. Ho was a native of Austria
and came to this country in Jsso.
The prw|**s* l constitutional amend
incut making tie* lVsidont electivc
by ttij direct vote of tie- pe«*;*le is he
irg pudi t«’ Congress.
Ni nr Huntington, Miss., Andrew
Stewart, colored, with one umle,
made last vcar thirty lu!es of cot
ton on seventeen acres of land.
The (irenada Sen inel learns that
Within the • ast few weeks, nearly olio
thousand negro* s h.ue the train
at ISatesville for Aik: n-:u and the
Mississippi Valley.
Edison, of electie fame,lias invent
ed and tested the pr tetie ability of a
telegraph that is utilized while the
cars are running at the rate of .‘W
to 10 miles an hour.
We regret to I iru that Capt. K
J*. Webb, Supciiuteudent of Kduea
tion of l'lauklin county, died a few
days since. Cap*. \Y'eld» represent
ed his county i:t the Legislature of
ISO."* ami l.st»*5.
The senate committee, to which
was referred the t»iII to re|»eal the
lien law, recotumeiided that it do
not pass. Then* w ill hardly l*e any
farther action taken in the house
wo the lieu law will be in force for
at least two years more.
Tate County ltcrnrd: Some o*
the paties who participated in the
wrecking <»♦ the train l ist week on
Tallahatchie bridge Marshall com
ty, have been caught on tlieM & T
ILK. The withers are cloxcly pur*
*»ucd and cannot escape.
A (nitty of capitalists have pur
chased all the large white oak tim
ber in Tallahatchie Imltoms,on both
sides of the Ttippnh down toWyatt*
which will be made into staves and
shipped to Europe.
A colored member of the house
lias introduced a bill to guarantee
for any and all persons procuring
full fare, first class tisketu, the priv.
liege of the flr»t class ear, and de
claring no car in w hich smoking is
allowed to Ih* first-class.
A young mail named I.udlow,
while riding on 1 ho top of n car
over the railroad bridge at Kant
Pascagoula several days ago, struck
liis head against some timber over
head, and had his brains knocked
Mr. Pat Ih nry, of Vicksburg,was
ejected from a Pullman palace car
by the conductor on suspicion of
Iteing a suspicions character. lie
brought suit for damages oil that,
nml got a verdict for 11 000. The dc.
fendunt's conn cl are trying to got
n new trial.
The starving mechanics of Lon
dou, England, held a public meet
ing last Monday which resulted in
n riot, over fifty thousand men wild j
with excitement, participated, lift- j
kcr.\ establishment!, wino shops
and dolling houses were broken j
open and the contents appropriated ,
by the howling mob. The police- .
wen were powerless to protect the
property, .Vo liv«*M writ list ,
Thf Two bernl NUtftmca*
It is fortunately Infrequent that
the country is called upon tomouin
the death of two distinguished pub
lic citizens in such close succession
as lms recently been the ease with j
thchouorc! and lamented lieu* j
druksaml Hancock.
There lives were vpcut, in I he j
main, in utterly different pursuits,
hut there were points in common
ill their character that their dea’-li
tilings tu mind lien hicks was a
1 civ.I, Hancock a military Irro; but
| Mi *y were both, geiieiwns broad
, mill led statesmen,and true to their
eon vie! ions, and each in his day
and respective place showed las
iiiaguaniniity an.I liiemlahip lor
, the South.
In Hendricks was chosen
Senator from iudianna, nnd from
that tune till the close ol the war
he was a strong advmate of the
union cause and voted in favor of
evciy mi usiire looking to the sin
! tenar.ee of the I’liioii. limit was
after the war was ended that he
showed tiie spirit nnd tho power
that was iti him. 1 luring the day .
of recoil*!ruction, he vv is daily unit
soinetnue* hourly contesting the
radical mc.t aurca ef the republican
S«‘iiate, hi whi -’.i lie hud to meet
1 suua men as Fessenden, Sumner
and Trumbull, lie antagonized,
ci. h allot Ms great powers, the
: doctrine ol reconstruction, mtiu
tail ing that congress had no povvei
to reeoustie.et the goveruilieiils ot
States, which had never ceased to
be uii mb. i ■> of ilie union, aeeordiug
to tii < ideas, and «Iniued that the
pioph- ot the re*.?srtive state* were
entitled t»the e wtrol ot their own
state gov • rtiinei ts.
He h ad “the forlorn hope** for
!years, when tin ie was only thiitecu
democratic S -n »!«•!«* at lii% hack, ot
whom lie wa* ila it recognized lend
er.aud lived to see the n salt of his
great labors ia a r ? united couutrv,
and has left to |»ostctiiy the re
salts td a u.v ml life, a spotless r« e
oitl and an honoris! name. At th *
'aim* time, hut in a di lie rent sphcic
and place, !! ihceck was maintain*
ing the same jo-itiou as tliat so
aldy championed l»\ i!em!nek.s in
, the I'ni'ed States Senate. When
In* was in command ot the fifth
Military ilist iet, composed of bon*
! Minna ui. I Texas, on t!to L’JHh of
Sov * mb. i. 1897, he i • ■ ue 1 that
, memorable order: “In war it is ia
dispciMible,’* lie sai 1, *mo repel l< r«*e
by Ihuv ami overthrow and destroy
opp cation to la a fill authority.
Hut when insitrieetiomiry forces
has boon oveithrown, and peace cs
tablished and the elvit nut hoi ities
are read) and w illing to pcif-rui
their duties, the military power
should reuse to lead and the eivil
aduiii:i>traiion iimuiic its natuia
and nghltil d<.minion. Solemn!)
improved with the e views the
tieneral uiinoiiiiees tliat tin* great
piimipiesot Ameri.Mii lilieity still
are the lawful mheiitauee of tins
people, ami ever should Is*. “The
right of dial hy jm.v, the habeas
corpus, i In* liberty ol'l he press, the
tiecdom of speech mi l tie natural
rights o| persons and lights of pin
pnt.v must ho preset ved.’’ It has
Inch well said that “hero was
struck the key note ot the political
* situation," and that this ringing
deliverance woke up the land, ami
made den Hancock lainoiu. lion*
wa.* true iCnie auuiiship that louko !
Itevoiid the applause of tin* hour,
that In-tokened the lights that was
to break on this unhappy country,
and ivmleied po*siblo the c.xpics
siou of Senator Kaitsoin, at the
memorial exercise* of Vico i’rcsi
dent Hendricks.
i •• From all the Southern States,"
said lie, “there comes up sincere,
• deep, overflowing sympathy ami
•orrow at the Is-reavement of their
Northern sisters. Our tears min
gle with vmil's over the graves of
your dead; your countrymen and
I our countrymen. Thank Almighty
dud tlmt the everlasting covenant
of our union is established in tin*
hcuit-s of all our | .s»plc, ami that
in the < !• mis of this sotrow, wo can
behold the 1m>W id peace, IICVlT to
he broken.**
Sin !i a n ronl js the country**
* greatest heti’age, and we liomu
i ourselves win u we honor them.
Their names shall l*u» after tho*cl
who have courted applause by ap
pealing to the pa**ions of the hour
are forgotten. .Monumentsof brass J
and marble, (owning to the skies,
will lift tlx ir head* in honor to the
memory of these departed hetocs.
but a monument more pn cions to
their memory and mote valuable to |
the world, has already been found-1
ed in the heatt» of the people w hom
they served with xueli pure and dis |
I interested a If ut ion and ability. i
“These *lmll resist the empiru of
When time is o’er and worlds have
passed away;
Cold in the dust, the perislud heart
may lie.
Hut that which warmed it outre can
never dl«.” *
Judge Hrewer, of the United
States Circuit Couit, Kansas, ha*
ducidcd tiiat a State in passing a
prohibition law must pay tor all
brew«i ies, ili*tileiies etc., destroyed i
or damaged by the passage of such i
all net. ii
Tin* It, It, Sii|M*r>ihIoii Counsel.
Oil lust Monday wlut is know n
us tlio Watson Hill came up to be
considered by the lower house of the
legislature, in committee ot
the whole, mid evoked consider
able discussion. It will be re
tuciuhciid th.it the lion #1. W.
(*. Watson was employed by (lov.
I.owry to repre.-eut the State in the
Kaiiioad Supei v ision eases,pending
before Judge Mill mid Judge l’ey
ton; that each of these Judges de-j
ehie.l the llaihoad Supervision hill
was unconstitutional, and that n:i
appeal v.:v; prosecuted from Imi'.Ii
decisions to the Snpretun Court ol
the Cnitcd States and Hie Slate,
ol' Mil- .issippi respectively; thus the
Supreme Court, in each instance,
reversed the decision of the lower |
court and held that the hill was
constitutional, or at any rate eon
siitutional enough to ettaldc the
Coiamis* ioneis to draw their sala
ries, w hicli wan the only pruetienl
ettis’t givi n by tiie decision to the
hill. Tlia question then arose as to
the payment of u fee of $10,otto to
Judge W.tbon, lot attending to all
those cases, in all of the Courts.
The lull w.i-> refeied to a committee
who reported InvoruM.v mid recoin
mended an iippiopriiitiou ot the
sum of $10,000for that purpose,
An amendment insetting f.VtOO,
tbr yllMMil w.is ofleied, und sifter
eoii.-iderable discus .inn prevailed.
The eem ait *e * to w horn the bill was
lei'eied in ik the testl io»ny ol a nuin
hi r et 1 wyers, aiion£ otln rs. Judge
Kill, tii ii (ieorgs and K. C Wal
thall, niCot w’lom’coueurn d* in the
ivu-otiableiiess ot the fee. lu tliear
gitini'ii! of the question, the legis
lature wn< presented with this troil
hh: They felt that they ically owed
Judge Watson all that w.i claimed
and yet bit that it "as one more
draft on the tax payi:a that tJmtd I
he made as light* as* |.o -;iU!c. Dr.
iiownii took pa. I in the iJi-ettssioii
an.I made a strong speech f.i voting
the payment ol the f ill Ice, mid
:tid that ••Supervision was a prtnei
pal im*' i pomtcd in the ileiiiocralic
platform; that the D« mocratic party
ill keeping with its pledges pasted
the Ini! and '! at whi n :i was assail
ed Judge Wwt-on stood by it in ali
tlieeot.il , an l t‘»us having voted
for the hiU'.be "a in favor it stand
iug hy its delcudctl and pay him
what the State owed * him.” Then*
wen several Copiahmn present, all
ol wlm.a were in ityuiputhy with
the Di's S- irinielits'inid Well pleas
ed V itll his speech- The amend
iimiit was adopted, however, and
strange to say, tho.se who \n re fore
mu t in advocating the oiigmul ini*
weie tlrst to go hack on the man
who height for it and game l his
points in th»‘ end. We are in favor
of ect n >;ny\ but not of repudiation.
Il seems that the bill is In cost more
than it is worth to the people, hut
that do not alter the obligation.!
of the State to Judge Wat mil.
Not lit Pb-nv*.
A correspondent of tlio Clarion,
who signs liiniM'U ••Kiinpson." Is
ipiito modest. lie is not in favoi
el tin* legislature doing a great
deal luit wants u to get through
i|iiiek*atul ad;.nun. lie* tliii ks if
the legislature will repeal the liell*
law, nl i•!i sh tin* ottlco of C uintds*
sinner of lmniigratio:i, Adjutant
t * fin i al, and County Kupci intend
nits; stop tanning out penitentiary
eonvists, put the (lull"and Ship Is
land Kailmad to a llnish, call a eon
stitutiott.il convention to remedy
ttie evils cut died by Amt's regime,
make local option genera! in its ap
plication at*d then adjourn and go
lioiue.eaehjllendiei will native the
nppioval of hi* constituents.
—• — -.- .•»
At sui early hour/riiur-day ’ morn
ing I'st, the livery stable ofJohn I*.
Mullahs, of Kt. lamia, was diesovered
to Ik* on tire There wete sixty-live
horses in the stable ut the time, mid
tin- employes who were at the stable
turned their utlnction to saving them.
They had stun edetl in rescuing ncvel) |
of the horses from the burning build
ing, when tin* jsiliceiuen arrived, and
mistaking the employes for thieves,
clubbed them it»t<»_ insensibility an l
thus destmye I the only clinnee of
saving the stock, and the remaining
fifty-eight Jlmrscs vvero burned to
dentil. Hie total loss is estimated at
withnn insurants.*of >?d,onO
A firm in Atlanta offered premium*
for the best live acres of cotton and
the same of corn. Five farmers con
tested for the cotton prize*, ti liking
from .1,000 to 7,HIM pounds of lint
cotton on five acre*. The result
reached by the corn raisers was from
■IfiO to -|‘»6 btuhuls oil five acres.
Georgia farmers arc learning to make
large cr. p« on siiiull fields, and find
ing the change decidedly profitable.
t ■! ■ ■— "■ -1 ■■
A Chicago paper says: “It will |
take twelve Hums, each train made j
up of forty ears, and each ear load,
ipl with thirteen tons weight, to
•ury the wealth of the deceased
Vuudcihilt, if it were all con verted
luio silver coin.” j
_* (
To Insure n large yield, It requires the
.cut seed to grow vegetables, William*
sm A King sell Laudreth*f,-»ndguornn
e* every *e«*d sold tube tre*h.
l'emdonlng the Soldier*.
Tim legislature of this State has
nt last done a graceful act ami pen*
sinned the soldiers nml sudors of
the lute war. The hill was intro
duced l»v Mr. Madison, of Noxubee,
and passed by a handsome innjori
ty of 85 to 18 The hill provides
that the Treasurer shall annually
pay thirty dollars to every soldier
of the Into Confederate States of
America, who enlisted from the
Suite of Mississippi, nod who lost a
leg, an eye, or an arm, in the serv
ice of said Confederate States; to
every such sol.Her or sailor who is
now, or may hen after lie, other
wise incapacitated tor manual Inlmr
by leasou of a wound received in'
said service; and to the widow ie
mainiiig unmarried, who lo^t his
life in said service, while a citizen
nt lids State.
lion. <1. S. Dodds has also intro
duced a bill in the senate to pro
vide artificial legs *o maimed and
disablcJ CuntedeiateanldU'Mof the
State ol Mississippi' which wan re
b riod to thenppiopiiatoeoniHiiJtce.
We hope to ace tliis bill p;i4^*. It
would be but a simple act i-r justice.
I*. II. Carter «.V Co., of l'ldlndel*
pli a, are preparing to erect a cotton
spinning factory in Augusta, Ha.,
with a capacity of in,Out) spindles,
which will le completed some time
this year, A member of the firm
says: “The veiy low urges paid in
the South isamatterof eonsideiable
importance. In the South a day's
v ak means twelve hours,and the hi
I»or on a •• cut" of forty picks cost*
thole about tliirtci op eiil(-,ns ngaiii't
fifty in 1‘iilladolphin. The advanta
ges which the South pow'-si-s arc the
chiapm-s*- of labor and the fact tint
stiikes uru m t uo yet in vogue
Muirtier (*surc<* mil tie
Tin* following letter fioiu Scan
tor George to lieu. S. J». l.oi* will
explain itsell:
Wasimmj m»S,I>. C., .Jan lit), V*d.
Gr.s. S. 1>. I.i k,
Mv Di:au Sn:I should bemr
iy to Me any «ii-i • i'ioti to cramp
tin* A and Si. College in any wav.
I li tvc all rlong thought if* it great
go.id would eoine from it, to the
agliellltiir.il itdi rents of the St.it
Ii is n i tain that we have to rived
at rhut print wher.** tle**^ lauds
will eea.se to he piofllahle, tildes* a
b»tter system than tho present is
Wejmvaio far, wasted lavishly
and shamefully the gifts ol nature
in oiir fertile foil. Wn have not
carefully husbanded those mtittal
I'oiees, hi l.r.i* we attempted to
supply their exhaustion by aititl
ei it means. V* it hunt
will mmat le.teli tiie point win ro we
inn i till.union farming on th** wotn
and exhausted lands. I Isdieve it
is a high doty to < ut>. Ives and our
State, to take the lieei saury stops
to in trod nee a In Iter season, so that
wlnn wv, the present generation
pans away, our sueeessors will have
that fair opput U Ilt.v nt pmgr* M
and mateii.il iulvaueeineut tl.-vt we
h lie enjoyed.
No generation has a right to
leave that poitiui of thw earth
w kicli it inhabits in a worm* con
dition for it* successors than it re
eeived it. In the hope that tin* A.
and M College would aid, our
struggling farmers mnleiiilly, in
their ilVots to make th-'UifiIves
eo'iifortahle and i idepeudeiit and
the Slat** .'di and prosperous, 1
have all u.'olig contended that i(
tdiould he fostered ami HistaiUcd.
t 'ntil, however, we are enabled to
introduce ul*n, the miviianie.il fea
ture, I think we ought to see that
il is really an Agricultural College
utul nothing else.
To this end, I advise that im>stu
dent he excused fioiu the prescribed
daily manual labor. This ol itself,
n education, and the best kind of
idue.Uiou lor a farmer. I want thu
College to In* ii uni scry for intolli.
gi nt and piogressjvo farmers, win*
will go out mining our people, and
by mu example, In eotne teach.14 of
others. 1 think the system hither
to followed under your presidency,
has been in this direction. As the
College grows older and stivugcr,
and as we have better, nictbods
1 luivo iittle doubt that the College
will become more and mureefilcirnt
to aeeomplish the gie.xt ami belie
fieent ends for which it was estab
lished. fr
I sincendy hope (lie legislature
may see tneir way clear t
ample provision* lor tun needs ol
the College. I regret my inability
to attend the meeting of tho Hoard
of Trustees soon to be Held My
duties require my presence lo re.
Very truly your friend, *
,1. Z (ir.ouosL
———— • ◄ mm ► • —
The llonirstrad Kill.
Mr. Noland, of Wilkinson, intro-'
dumi in tlio House. Wednesday, u
toil llxing the price ol State lands
at i ho Mini of one dollar mid twenty
cents per non*, and resen ing the
same for Homestead# not exceed-!
mg lGl) acres. It provides, that
the payments shnll£l>c divided into
live installments, in advance, and j
requires residence or actual oecnpa j
lion for live eonsoenlivo year# be
tore a deed shall be made. The!
other features of the loll are Simitar :
to the homestead lawsofthtj Unit,
cd States.—ledger. ^. |
At present the man who raises
cotton to the exclusion of every
thing is the man who can get cnglit;.
those who raise corn, hogs, litres,
mules and cattle don’t need it.. In
I ho not distant future the exclusive
cotton raiser will he without credit
mill without means, Bnrlch your
lands so that one acre will produce
shut it now takes ten to do, plant
lMIO in ootUm'and lime in food-ituflT;
then you will bo wiser, richer and
happier.—Panola Star. * V«
Urn. B.C. Walthall.
The congressional Directory given
the following biographical sketch
of Senator Walthall.
I'Mwnrd (.’ary Walthall, of <*ro
nndt, Mi**., waabornin Uichiiiond,
Vn., April 4th, 1831, rmi\cd an
academic olucutinu at llollv
Spring*, Mi**., w*a* admitted to the
bar in 1852 and comuicueed Ihe
practice of law the same year at
I Cotl'ceville, Mi a.; wan elected in
IS.'iti Distiict Attorney id the Tenth
Judicial I 'idrict of Mississippi, and
I re elected in |H50, resigned that of
1 tier in the spring of l*t»l and enter
led the ( 0 ifedernt.• m rviee a* a
: l.ieateiiai.t in the Fitiecntli Mi*
• sissippi lb gun n ; wn* soon alter
elected Lnutena »t-(’olonei of that
regiinet t; in the spring «»l lsi52 wa*
j elected Colonel of the Twenty*
ninili Mii.jj.ippi Itegiment; w.im
t pi .minted to l»rigadior< lrner.il in
l)crcinl>cr,lSA2, and M:tjer*(!ciicral
ill June, 1801; after the sorrel d**r
j jiraeticed Inw at ('otTeevilln until
January 1871, when he removal to
(lien.id* and has cmtiiuied the
practice there until 1885; was a
Delegate at Large to the N itiofial
Democratic (’(invention* in 1 sits,
1 t*7<», I8S0 and 1881; ISOS wn* one
of the Vice I'l'Csi teats of tin* Coll*
1 ventimi, and tu 187(1,1880 and 18S.J,
W'u* ( liainnun of the Mississippi
'delegation; wan appoiiiled In the
tTilted Sbitea .Senate as a Demo
! crat, to till tin* vacancy caused by
i the r< nigiiatlou of Hen. I,, if- C.
Lamar, appotntnt Secretary of the
interior, an t took lm> seat Match
12th, 18
ThoSt t* lYoinif ('•illcg**.
A eorro'p anient of the State Led
ger who accompanied the n.ember*
of tin* legislature in their toil to
Columbus, lei* the follow ing to say
about the Female College:
j Next day we*i*itcd the college
in allot'it* working departments—
litciary a id uiuuunl. The Iviith is,
it i*a in*w aid g:eat departure liom
old methods iu female education.
They have the college in neat and
cleat It operation. A line engine
give* motive power: ihe rooms lire
• all warmed up by beating s'eani
j apparatus, and ft out ba*cioriii to
g.inet, tlicit* is a uniform tempera
tore preserved. Wo saw lovely
gills mining clothes, and going
through the cool ing department hi
1 ail their det tiU muter .skiilliil (each*
I era.
In other department*, some were
teeititig in tali'.im literary studies,
li would be too tedious to tvtitc
about ••vert thing: smlbv ir :•» say
that .'<20 girl* fmai different part*
of ilie .‘bate ate li re, hr.uty, Imp
py and it. i ,_r ).::■<iiy an l .skillfully
; trailed, not «i.d, iu H'liootiug but
tn tt.nk u . and b* i..g prepared lor
{ noble w oaiauil mil
It was a fight 'o s-*o them lllc ill
Jtodi. ie iu go * I order, and being
waited on by uiiu ot tln ir own
The laii'.liug* to • are (lie grand
est, in l.o t e',eft tliii: ’ in and about
. the sell* o' ought to make Mis*i**ip*
pians pi ni I o* it.
| We learn too. that tin* noble la
dies ot ('nlnuru; .. by their local lie*
ii'*volent aid % end their wutehlul
• y •* over tin* girl i. are a great lien
' < *it to many of ihe poorer girl*. In
laet their interest and pride in it i.<
a gr-at leading local tealmo
Tin* Grand Koval Ar«!i Chapter
I of Missssippi .Masons nut In Jack*
son Monday electing the following
ulll • •r.H to serve for mi mi i n g \car:
It. I*. Howcn, Chtitubonin—Grand
High Priest.
Clia». 'I'. Clianilieilaiu, Natchez
—!>ep. Grand High Priest.
A. 1). Hatty, NVntorlyrd—Grand
Ki ig
\V. P. H inton, Canaan— Grand
i Scribe.
It v. \V. K. Porter, Ashland—
! Grand Chaplain.
: \V. I). Ferris, Hoilondnlc—Grand
I Lecturer. .
A. P. Harry, Martinsville—Grand
J. I,. Power, Jackson—Grand Ke
Henry Strauss, Jackson—Grand
Captain of Hosts,
I.. I >. Niekhs, Hatesville—Graud
Principal Sojourn, r.
T. F. Pettits, Newton, Grand Hoy
al Arch Captain.
\V. It. Trigg, Greenville—Grand
Master, Irt \ ail.
G. A. Logan, Abbeville-Grand
Master, 2nd Vail.
C. Philip**. Lexington—Grand
Master, 3d Vail.
Jaeob Peebles, Natchez— Graid
So.,tim-l. _ I
Death of 1^*1*
I'tlra,!C. Y , EV^-OnvSey.
niotirdlul t 10 o'clock to-night nt the
icsidcncc of hissi.-tcr, Vrs. Rosco®
t'onkiing. lie began to fail percept
ibly at 4 o'clock this nfLrnot.n.
shortly ufui wartl he milled u little
hut sootl relapsed into total uncon
During Ills illness lie experienced
little, if any physical suffering, and
to day lie was " holly without pain.
Most of thy time the ex-Governor
rcftcd peacefully and respiration
"could only he distinguished from nat
ural sleep by the ashen pallor of Ida
countenance and his lalioicd breath
Itig. At 8 RIO o'clock ho was sink
ing rapidly. Ilia puls® could scarcely
ho collided ntnl the respiration was
more and itioreMllf1ci.lt. lie expired
without a struggle and as peacefully
a« if falling asleep.
Sea Coaat Rrogres: John Kavro
and lleamjegard Favre rescued and
brought out the boat “Lula,” tint ’
jjrojicrly ot Ramon Cuevas, winch j
wu* stolen in January, 1884, it va*
supposed by Copt Cole, the Pirate
of the Lukes, ai.d bad not liecn seen j
or heard of since,until a fewdayaago. •
Slip was foumi in a bayou near Grassy
Island, in a damaged and dismantled
condition, with n skeleton in the cab
in, which upon n strong chain of cir
cumstantial evidences believed to be
tlie remains of the once famous and
dreaded Capt, Cole, nn escaped con
vict of our state prison.
Onion SAtta! Onion Mtts!! William
son d Ktfic. doal Ju Lsmlrvtb'* the tn'st
lu the markei.
All communication* to thi* department
should henddiv*.'a| to M. ||. tiUv'kliniiac,
(Crystal Muring*, Mi**., who will take
pleasure In atiiwerlug..
r*rtiltisr* for VojfUMti.
A'.KK'I I.TI ItAI. ('OI.LKI)R Feli’y 1), 1 WHO.
H. 11. STACKIIOt'SK:—Fleam excuse
the slight de «y in answering your letter
of ituptiry, a* I found work *o piled up
*luee my return, tliat it took mo several
day* to *eo my way through. In an
swer t i your ipieslloii*
l.—I e insider a fertilizer rich in poi
nt h. tmt containing fair amount, of nitro
gen uud phosphoric acid. In i lor Iri-li
pot it ie*. | am not acquainted with any
expellinenl* (if tile sweet potato, hilt
III ink it would not lie lie-t to employ fer
tiliser* very rich in nitrogen.
•J.- For encumber* and cantelopes a
w e|| rotted e,.nipo-t willi large supply of
wclidecoui|M>*ru organic matter, |<lio«
j'liate*. putisli and nitrogen iu umdcrata
uiiiouiiU. 'i'heouly item* requiring Blie
elal attention w ith these is that tlie fer
tilizer* should he well digested for plant
food by careful composting*. In thi* ca»e
I would commend a carelul eoiiipo*t of
well rotted stable manure, (or muck, or
leaf mold;; nhoiit a w agon load, say ."hsi
pound*, to Ihisadd and mix well with it
about 7<Hl pound* o( acid pli ospilate, .‘('Hi
pound* ol kainit, ami ."ski to |o*n) pound* ,
of cotton *« ed meal or cotton seed, |li*
solve the kainit and spriuklc tin- solution
on tin* olio r lusterial* a* you mix tlnmi
in couipoiting. Apply at the rate of|
about one pe<-k t < (be bill, and mix well ;
with the soil, and if properly cultivated. I
and the lings keep •>[(, I Hunk you will '
| Cnd It a goml Investment.
3.—Kainit does out hasten the decom
position id cotton seed meal. *o far a* we
, know. The object iu adding till- nud
acid phosph ite r to get a pl .ip'wly bal
anced plant (nod, « > a* t > get all p irt* of
til- plant developed symelrically. if p<»*.
' • Ihle. Where your orchard* d" imtylaid
I good return*, iiac a«iic.* and lluie with
I very little nitrogen mutter and work it
I Into the *uil at Nomo distance, say IJ feet
I around the fruit trees. That may prn
I duce llic re*ult de«ired. At least it w ill
pay to try it on a *ui:ili wale. Sometime*
the failure of orrhard* in thi* country i»
caused liy poor drainage. With regard
I * the milk can*, mentioned by you, we
"*.• a patent can aomew hat -radar to the
oneyou plan.
I Trusting tliat I have now made my*
1 self clear, and expressing my gratiflea
tiou at your kmdm ** ton- while at <’rys
tid spring-. I remain your* ■ini'erely,
John A. Mv Kit*.
• E<«t Variety rf Ptxcliej.
* Pour (iiiisoK, Mm*., Ii’>. Ixyi!.
Mu. Stackiioi’iu;:- Knowing Hint
you have had large experionee in fruit
: and orchard*, IbegP»M»k you tvliat
■ nursery you have patronized nud what
poaelies and pear* you ehiellv prefer
from your v\perien« *. It yon ran con
veniently give me this information,
you will mui'li oblige, yours respect
fully, I>. (•»;». lit MiniitiAs.
There are so many different nurse
ries that it would he hard t« -ay.
Stark's iiur-i r> at Levington, Mo.,
is oi»" of the olde-t, atnl no dotlht. i
n liable. The nursery at llunUville,
; Ala., i-very reasonable in tleur jui
' ees. and i- considered very relialde.
Mr. W. II. < 'a»»e||, of ('autoii, Mi*«.,
we know to be reliable, although Ills
1 stock may not be a» large a* some nth
. era.
I The following pemhe* are, no doubt,
; best for market: May lleauty, early
' and Into Crawfords, Mountain Ko-e,
Thillber. Poster and Pietjuet’s late.
J The following pear* *uit our climate;
I in. liesse. I ..•Conte and Kcifer. There
■im lunch liiise (tears, hut being *ub
1 ject to blight. it is not »afe to tdaut
Par%gr»t)h» of All B:rti.
The letter of Prof. .I.A. Mvcrs, of
the A. »V M. College, i» worth read
Kvcrythlng forebode* a backward
spring. Straw berries are not bloom
ing. ami pencil tree* show no »ign of
putting out,
I Peas and Iri«li potatoes will not he
! a* eUemdvely planted around Crystal
Spring* a*they wore last year.
Niagara county, X. Y., i* the great
fruit county of Hint State. During last
season Thi.mm harre!. of apple* were
marketed, .';0n,tx*i evaporated, f»t*t,
irno converted into rider, j.’o,oon can
ned. nnd loo,non on hand, beside*
In,non barrels of pear*, anil &o,ono
bushels of plums. Codling moths an;
killed by Pari* green and London pur
ple. thrown by a machine, worked by
a Imrso. One mini, with the aid of
the machine, is able to t>prny tlf
i teen hundred free* per day.
Mr. C. A. f»re"n sav* the Marlboro
raspberry i* giving general satisfac
tion, eariies well nml ripens in sue
cession for u long while. Mr. Cay
wood, the originator, *ayt pirtic*
along thn Hudson prefer it to any
other. Among the raspberries the
Shaffer i* said to have made l,.'»oo
uiinrU per acre. Thv Hansel ha* liven
Wiiy 8oia» T«riB«r« Fail.
Thry will not make compost.
They breed to nnd from scrubs.
They have no shelter for stock.
't hey put off greasing tho wap n.
They are Wedded to old methods.
They give no attention to details.
They see no good in n new tiling.
The let their fowls roost in trues.
They weigh and measure stingily.
They leave their harness in ihe
.►They hang their hornets In the
take no pleasure in tliclr j
They never use paint on tlic fartn.
They prop the lmrn door with a
Tho v milk the cows Into in the day.
They starve the calf ami milk tho
They let their gates sag and fall
They think small things not impor
They don’t know the liest is the
They do not read agricultural pa
They think the buyer of nsiieccss
ful ncigltborVjstock lit good prices is
a fool, and the seller very “lucky’’
They sell lia.v, grain nnd straw off
the farm instead of turning them into
meat, cheese nnd bu ter and iucrcas
ing their supply of manure.
Miraculous F.srapc*.
W. W. Herd, drugget, of Winchester,
liub. wrllr*: “Ourof my customer*.Mr*
I .ultima I’ike. lliu tmila. Haiidolph county,
Ind , was a long sufferer with Consump
tion, nnd wa» given up to die by her
physician*. She heard of hr. King** New
IlUenvery for Consumption, amt begun
buying it'of me. In six months’ time the
walked to till* city, a distance of *lx mile*,
•ml I* now so much Improved she lias
quit u«lng it. She feels she owe* her
life toll.’’ Free Trial Pottle* at J. C.
White’s drug stor«._
(!o:il Oil only 25 cent* per gallon
at Burnley's Drugstore.
Remember if you want anything
iu the drug line, that Bunilov it Hon
Jjave n full stock, and will suve you
money, uud tho trouble of running
all uur town will ho avoided.
Copiah County I.oral Option Hill. {
The following is the hill Introduced
in theSoiiuIkby lion. Goo. 8. Dodd*:
A HIM. lob*- entitled An A< t for I’re.
vtntlnu the Kills of Inleinp* run e l>y
Inn a I option In Copiah County in tin*
Mill* hy Sntinilttioa that ijiusin n u»
prohibiting the of IntnXn at!n< l.i
i|imrs t>i the i|iinliflv'l voters of ► i I ,
eoiinty. and to prnviilt pcnaliu* for It**:
v olattmi. amt for other purpo*' ••
Sl'.r'. I. Be ft enuetml bv flte f.e(d«»
littim* «»f the State iif Mississippi: .
Tliat upon the application h\ petition,
eiyrted hy twenty-live mini Hied voter- '
in emit supervisors |ni lii't in Miiil
county. mldreseil to tie Hon id of Hu
pervi*ot's of said Copiah ronnlv, it
sltull lie llie duty of said Hoard to or
der nn election to In Id »t tin *tt * ;
erul votin? prceincls in sold eoiinty,to
take plane within thirty days after t' ;
presentation of said |»ct!tinn to «uhl
Hoard at Supervisors, to determine
whether or not such spirillum* lapior*
as ure iiPilltinned in the sivtli section
of t!ii« net shall he sold within tin- lim
its of Copiah eoiinty: provided, tint
no election held under this net stud!
he held in any month in whieh general
election- are held, *o tli it slU’li eiee.
tions a» an* held under this net .shall
Ini separate and distinct from all other
elections wlultcvur: provided further,
that tin* siilthirnev of -aid petition
Khali Ihi determined hv said Hoard by
the eoiinty registration book «»l the
M.C. .. i»r ii mniH'i
That tho election ordered bv the Hoard
of Supervisors under th** first section
of till* le t. shall '»e held l»v three coin
ini**ioner*, to he appointed by said
Hoard, who shall be •uitulil*' and com
jietcut men, who shall not all bool the
Mime opinion* on the ipicsthm ot pro
hihitiou, and who, for online shown,
mav be removed in *ame maimer a
the, arc M|ipo!nte I. Before acting, |
the *aid eoiiimi* dollar* -hall severally
t ake an oath faithfullv to di*linr;*o
their dot lo*. Sueli elivtion *liull be
conducted in a like manner with other !
election* held in tbi* State, undwrntid
provided in chapter live of the IlcvUed
Co,Jo of 1MM0. and all the provision* of
tlie said chapter shall apply, n» tar Ms
ill’ll ticublc, to till) *.iid S|.-. ial *.*
,Ion ordered bv tho Hoard. It *hall
be the diltv of the »« veral civil olllcer:
of said county to torn not to sanl
commissioner- all poll hook* in their
keeping, for urn lo holding •urh elec
lion*, and the-aid commissioner- . *o
appointed by lie* Hoard of ,**ujiervu*
or*, sliall hive and exercise all the
power*, right*, jiriiileg •* ami itiimu*
„iti. *, and di- barge idl the duties,
and he under the like obligation, a* to
*nid special election*. «I1H1 are de* j
volveil upon the eoti.mi**iol»ei * of elec
tion appointed Chpler live of toe t ode
of lttsu: Prov ided, however, ‘hat the
Statement of the whole number of
votes ca*t at slli’h election. Mild re*
tin'll* of -aid special election. »hu!i lie
traitstuitted and made to the Hoard of
I Suprrvi*ois of said county, i lie in*
I .pe. lor* and the cleik* ot the voting
preeinct* ill *aid count* shall, a* to
sticli sjieciul election. have and p«».«c.i
privilege* and iumuiuitie*, atul d.**
charge the like duties, and be under
the like obligations a are devolved
upon the In vector* und clerk* of any
general or special election held In pur*
siiutice ot rxi-liiig law* j hut tlicit* re
p„rt* und returns shall he made to the
commissioner' njijioiiiicd a* nforr«aid
bv the board of supervisor*.
| *8h:. i*. Be it further enacted: 1
That all person* voting at any elect
i ion held tinder the pimHioii* ot this
i net, who nee again t the ,alc of _Mich
intoxicating lh|iior» a* ate mentioned
ill the sixlii section of till* act, "hull
iiavc priuted or vvritti u on their bal
i lots “against llu* sale;” and tho.e
I u ho favor the fab* of the article, tm ii
: tiolicd ill said Idh section, •hull have
written or printed on tlrir ballot*
“for the sale.” I
St.o, 4. He U further enacted:
That when I lie result shall have been
1 ascertained by the inspectors, they,
| shall, by 1- o'clock noon of the »ee*
j und day after the election. deliver
! to the comuiissiotiers of said special
! election at the courthouse ot the
icomity, a statement of the whole,
i number of the votes ca*t for or against,
the sale of Injliors: und the said com
missioners *liall canvas* the return* -o
made to them und ascertain und de
termine the rc-ult. and shall, within
live days after the election, make u
written report to the hoard of super
vi-or-of the county. verified by their |
' allidavit*, of the result *o de* laved by
them upon sm h canvas* and return,
. which report shall lie spread ujioii the
| uiinuleM of the board of *u|ici v i*oi».
. (,’opics of such reports may tie read a
evidence In all the court* of this State J
' when certitled by the clerk of *aid :
I board.
Sm.\ 5. licit farther anncted: I hat
if the rc-nlt of anjr ejection held undvr
I the providon* of^ls net shall he tor
I or ngain-t the -ah*. then no other < 'ce
’ lion *litifl he h.*iit iu -aid county no j
less than two Mar* tl rteiitter, ami
then onl>* upon r. petition a*
aforesaid, and hy olhcrwhc votifoitil
ing to tin- net.
Si:r. li. i«<• It fin-tin reuni ted: Tliat i
If n majority ot the legnl voter* ea-t
at sueli election -hall la* against the |
-ale, it -hull not l e lawful for any
per-ou within the limit of -aid county
to -ell or I airier either dhoctly or indi
rect ly, or giveaway to imlllee trade at
uiiV’ place of Ini-itie—, or furnish at
oilier pu I lie plan*-, nny alcoholic,
-pirituoii*. malt or intoxicating li- 1
onor* or intoxienting hitler* or other
drink* which will proure intoxication,
under the penalty therein after pt»
-nil,id; hut if a nialuilty of the votes ,
east ut such nu election skull I*: for lliu
*g1e of inch liquor*, thru license to
sell the -nine -hull ho granted hv the
hoard of supervisor* of the nuinty to
unyjmnle |htsoii over llieage of twenty
one venr*, who is of good reputation
und iv sober and sitilalde person to re
ceive the-aim*. upon hi- application
therefor, which -aid application -hall i
he accompanied hy the recoinsudation 1
of ten or more free holder* resident iu
the town or -ii|H»rvi*ors di-triet in
w’llieh -uell liquor* are to Ik* sold:
Provided, any legal voter w ho i« u
resident of any sueli town or district
may ap|>ear Indore *aid lioard and con
te-t any such application, and the -aid
hoard -hall determine the issues of
fact thus raised ami giant or w itlmld
the license as the fact may warrant.
Xoiiivn-e -hall, I owever, he i—ued
until the applicant shall pay the price
required l»y law nmPrxecute homl a*
required hy section IHd, of the He
vised Code of IHNi, -aid liond to he ap
proved hy the lioard of supervisors.
Skc. 7. He It further enacted: That
nny person who slmll violate tlm pro
visions of this act shall be guilt.v of u
misdemeanor and kIiuII, on conviction,
In* punished for the first offence by a
line not exceeding fifty dollar* and by
imprisonment iu the county Jail not
exceeding sixty days, and for two sec
eml offence, by a ilue of one hundred
dollars and imprisonment in the
eountv jail for four month*. The soil
ing of liquor* in violation of this act
-hull also be a nuisance and the same
may lie abated hy appropriate proceed
tigs at law or enjoined on the appli
cation of hiiv citizen of the count y hy
tin* hoard of supervisors: And there
shall be no property iu any liquors
kept or offered for salu iu viola iou
of tills law.
8i:c. 8. Be it further enacted: That
nothing in tills art -hall bo so con
-trued a* to prereiit the manufacture,
sale or use of domestic wines or cider
or tho sale of w!t:c for sacramental
purpose*, provided, such wine or cf
•l«*r kliull not !*»• in Imr-room* bjr
retail, nor urn tiling t!i«*fein l ontnlnnl
elmll prevent in on»»<| .lnip'/i t» from
wiling or fiimlOiintf imre nleoliol for
Itmlleiuli irt) •rientlrtU* or tneehAiil*
nd purpose*. IVoviili-l. further. tlmt
nothing herein ■ ontrviiir.l •{mil prevent
phyMelnn* of good ulAiidiiift In nil
county from k.•.•pin . who-*, p’rltuoua
Hint limit Ihpior* for m in tli ir pme
tl'e And dlei>en»ili'< • nn** win'll »••*. «•».
fir/, to thnr p'ill"r.:«,p <• i i .! low*
ever, tint no * i* li lioonri *.ittfi ho
kept hv *i!iv«i TUr< a.'r. y n'.i / -tore
or otltei pilblh ■ ij t .• | of
ill I".* •tU llltili* • I * I I p 1
Sri'. ! . It— i? fur*I* i » :ii»f*-.!: ’i imt
I'i'u **<•» #li.i|| Ink.' • flo 11 *e« I*. •. f.-rre
f torn find lifter i' ■ | n'lp r «hi.M
lu In lien of * *n:i nrt i—itllI**fI un art
to firoliih’t tli'* iiinnufio turc, •ah1 or
giving nv. ny of *.!r*«*!i—tl*-. \ .mm or
limit li<|Uon in tY <>f ( pi»h, ^
HpplOM'll Mn 'll Mil, I •t.'in* •‘,»01
opp'Tuti* ns i> n peil of . • ,1 ... f i>p.
|trovr.| Muni'll Mil, !••!. fi.*i» tiio
lilt'* will'll III!' li ’>1 el.H lion, *i: III In
h«'|i| utnlrr mid It/ virtue of th"jro*
vi'lona of tlii* m t.
Dsuosisrs Am booksillehs.
Il ./trliu ; «t. 111...
\S> ai* n-'W p.ff r r<* l In T'lrw'i it. *, tli*
titira l« '.nit. .Mir n'»l rati'l
ids’hff < vci •<
Storn’a Ammcnlc.!cd .r»\7
Boac Suparpbcii.hatc,
HTiiRxs hone
Hr’nr fli* Killin' ■’ •''f 1 I’ • i
ii.uJa Try vii I r n r
»•■ '('• A ■ l {(Ml •’ .*• .1 •» '
Knliilt. Arlil fli'.*|ili4lr, Grunin] 1. G
I liaiplult llin <. I.an.l P:.e!»r.
WV Maiiufj. tnrr •
Sulphuric Acid. Marlili: Ac:i ziisk
ox am. i;imi>!;<.
Wilt* for onr Agrn . ! .!' «. . »,*
' • .
Storn'a Foriilizor l Chemical
Oifi'** 11 t'liion f i > »r- • >;r hi
Com-riUaiGnor'j S?i'»o.
8. Itrrkimi • t at f
la. r
II. (Vrg.it >1 ft •! )
Hr virtuf ■ f » i|i < rc«* "f Ihr 17
r urt •■H ofon'i miiuly V; « ti • .►•»<M;(
Ml tVP itklol CAM Ihl i i
I • I v.
tf. Ik 1
•• \t I v l
lain!* lir«'. Ilia! I'm * • !«.■•« <• i. <
ring «*n lii • fn*t »m|# <1 1 < t • *i I
• .id!• nf •!•*■ wr» 11 -riirr nf »• -• ir • *,
’A” J. M'Htiin; .11 •> ti Nf
• mi. rtiiii.(i>ar nnutlt nil *► •! rn.nl i »*ti t.
tllf 111 •• IH«t It O '|-*I. I "•til ' **rl II .'Mi* t,
tllflUr wi »l OM f*f l I min’ ''In’’ II . I.t. ■
tlii anti'*'I"t * f-rm i:*| , in **
Hrilc••in A Urn frt'i.i l .i.-nj . i . :> U
At*i it. iWi * v.aiirli (iinl i* i ii r ■. *i i! v
• *11 <i ’ • i ry < I r i.’.» i.l,| . .,| ( ,. ;.,ii My |it
■ It I tmnk X. | A. t • ft ill ,1 | nil I,
lliui [ «-ri l "f lirn’in 1 • < • i. ■ • .iv n; »'.*•
inti >i. > >i i:,* Util:., i ii ,t 1 . I,j I
i t ,• ■ v nil’, •• r, *f• i r • r , imar
i'*i,’ -I ' t i' I'
Ii' nf II • Mill Jn:<u .III *:• • » i‘i
i* ’!•••, im i»(, ai flf, l |v ,! :•»,* *., n, f
n, *.i . r! : • hi i* - n •• • • -
I. ar , f tin* Ini InlHv i.ati’i 1 1 v ',. ( •
' i I',, lira «(.i:t|, i.l 'ic * . .in , film
. ' la
•it * lv itwi'iil 1,y Mr* / i* • <•
f,\ f I il VI. , !t|>, *1 ,, If l« !• ll.n* 'I.' I.
Hn u’l'l f.v L«ci'r v., it.-ii . **»li
I. • • I ■
ri.'iii i itiuiiiiip . ii i: s •«••
x|,i;> '2. rniitfo'J "rl. !*•*• h iin." n l*i
r. • .1 >:.• ,..,t nfiliit i. • t i1 it riin'i .y s• • re
• :• nn.I .miiiiiv Mi Ki i» mi • !,; l' tl ✓
• . I - i nr all • • ■ M
Ilia* ritn'ii tnrtfrli i.-rf. • . Ukl.
wi.lrli la ttn li r n •••{■ irat** f* • • i ,ii •
h.d if r.ti'.UMtr ’ ii' I l . •.
i • ! a ?/ • t: A \
ff’.«i-4t -t,/' v ' -I'.'r.
CuartHcr’s Qc!j».
II. 1.. Unlloy. Cinr ll't.i i
'* r
I’ttrtor HaHfy. Minor. I
1IV Vlrlu** « f n tilin'* <f tli* rl.arn
r*rr. court «■/ <'o|i. 'h tinnty. ti .vli-rel
III t'lif nli iVi1 • I..T••• I i'jic mi ill" Tilt day
of.iatuiiiry. I*%*I. I will, mi In,i lav tin*
lai tlay of Mtin'll. l"'i. at tli* • nint Iihiimi
(lotir *"f 4.'ri|>lilll ■•■■lllity. 'i rw r'ltll* lit'I'-.
prp'M.'rlbfil l»v Inw.'’\|m.-i' for'-.ill*, t" rif
blxhc-t M.l'ii r for t*n«li, tin* f"IIowln^
ilcvrllNsIlaiiil. in*wit: i iieu t M f *
w 1-1. M'i'Uon I.l. townOitf* ft, run•*• .1
<u»t. II. I.. IIaii kv,4iimr«l'n.
II. 0. Conn. Att'y.
ffb. 4. 4».
Constablo'n Sale.
Hawkins «l Roberts i CopUlli eo Jo**
No. 6t» vs. * te’rl dial I,
„\. M. Smith. ) juVn»'t »
Hy virtue of u writ of vetnli to tun
from the justice court of ilUt i » 1
off piah county, Mi«v, I will on
the tii>t Momlay in March, ' -i. a'
the courthouse door in the town uf
Ilrudvhurst, proceed to sell t-* thi
highest bidder for e:t»h, lie! W.*I tt tin*
hours prcticiihed l»y law. tin follow*,'
•"if property; w hf of *c *jr rec itf.
t 10, r 6 trait in snnl county, lev fed •
on as t lift property of defindeiit A.
M. Smith, and will he mdd to satis
fy the judgment and nit c *<U in tbu
above atated case.
13. F. His’.iaroN,
fcl>4-4t Constable.
Predicted defeat t<* Hie banner with
3tfo Cum l Ho Fay!
tn»<*ril*<t therein.
Said that the |«ople. after UiitiT rutnl,
would demand tlo-ir i|iniir\ tui , and a ny
In'in kilopliiig llie rule m uM t .-•il.>
But |dnnini; our faitb to the I’nl'.'nr al
II* in «-«t >- <>f nisnliei.ti ju<t woman hood,
w itli hii ulililma fiiitli In oiu Oil piowd
rvtiudy, continued to flout <eir u-.ener
with * No Cure! No Play!" therein, unit
iitinremb nidi resulta.
t\'« author'd' ruerrhnuta denting In
'•(Jinnti'a l*loiieer BIiksI Benewer '•> re*
fluid the money Ifitil s-* not cure ul' '«oJ
and hkin |ii»r*.c». Itlni.ii.«;i»in. ! ! <*l
Poison, Glandular hwelllnga.huotuta Ma
laria ami Female complaint*.
Kmijt on Bits'll uml Skin Lllw .tM
mailed free.
Macoo, Ga.
, X/twenty-right yraM. Tuated l.y moa
nftlie noted specialist* of ti * dej with n
bei'aflt. I'll aril lit n* self In (bin mouth
: »n I attic* then hundreds uf others U*»am
I ommsss. A plain, slrul ie and »ure#**fo
In.hi* tre..tmaiit. Addle** T. h. t A Cl R
i t;e Ua>t .'Cth tfh . N*w To. k City.
' ' . ‘
-.* * * *« 4 '*

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