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W. S. SLADE, Editor and Proprietor.
HERNANDO, MISS., JAN. 9, 1830.
Entered in the Post-Office at Hernan
do, Miss., as second class matter.
Congress re-assembled on Mon
Tire New York Bible Honse since
Apail last, Iras issued 725,ObO vol
Tue business failures during the
las week, reported by Dun & Co's
Bulletin, number 322.
Thekr is a colony of 4000 negroes
in Oklahoma already, and the num
ber is increasing.
The Legislature of Kentucky,
have elected Hon. J. C. S Black
burn to succeed himself as United
States Senator from Kentucky.
Jim Williams, col'd, and his mule
were drowned on Jan. 6th, near the
town of Coldwater, Miss., in trying
to cross a bayou in Coldwater bott
Over eight millionjjpounds of leaf
tobacco were sold in the Danville,
Virginia,- market in the past three
months—double the sales of last
The people of Missionary Ridge,
Tennessee, enjoyed fresh, ripe straw
berries, on New Year's day, grown
in their gardens and rippened dur
ing the late warm spell of weather.
□ The reduction of the public debt
for the calender year ending Decem
ber 31st, '.was 881,481,253 against a
reduction of 891,526,148 for the cal
endar year of 1888.
Justice j Lamar, of the Supreme
Court, has accepted an invitation to
deliver an address to a mass meeting
of the citizens ofjRiclimoiid, Va., on
life and cha raeter of the late
Jefferson Davis.
It is quite evident -now that the
Republicans will not be able to se
eui* a majority of their own party in
the'House of Representatives in fa
vor of a Federal election law aimed
at the South.
About jfthe biggest timber deal
ever made in the South was recently
eonsumated. A London syndicate
has bought 750,000 acres in Alabama
and West Florida, paying for it
Wyoming wants enter the sister
hood of States, and the bill for that
purpose which was favorably report
ed to both Houses a year ago, but
never reached a vote, is to be rein
troduced and its passage vigorously
There are on tlie rolls of the Pen
sion Office at Washington the names
of twenty-seven widows of Revolu
tionary soldiers who are regularly
paid pensioners. Three of them are
ninety-seven years of age and two
The pototo crop of the United
States is estimated at 213,000,000
bushels, an increase of 17,000,000
bushels over that of last year. Esti
mating the population of 65,000,OoC
souls, it- will be seen that there art
over three and one-half bushels for
each man, woman and child in th<
United States.~N. Y. Morning Jour
A (errible tragedy took place it,
.Vitchel! county, N. (-., 12 mile:
from Backus, the county sent recent
ly. In a drunken row on Christina,
day three men were killed. Friday,
tbe 1st inst., Monroe Garland, i
a brother of one of the murderet
men, rode up to the crowd in th«
killing three and wounding twelve.
same place ir.id fired into the
In 1842 what is known as " influ
(hen as " iyler';
F resident of the
enza" was
United States, and just after he
toed the r United «States Bunk bill '
Tyler was
this epidemic swept over the conn
try and was called " Tyler's grip."
"The Davis Memorial Vol
ume "
Dr. J. W. Jones, closed on ybster
day a contract with B. F. Johnson &
Co., of this city, for the publication
Davis Me- !
at an early day of the
morial Volume," which will be pub
lished with tho full approval of Mrs.
Davis (who will receive a royalty on
every copy sold,) and in which will
gathered choice selections from the
editorials, resolutions, speeches, &c.,
which have made our Southland's
tribute to our dead Chief. The book
.will also contain a brief outline of
his life and character, together with
remniscences, anecdotes, letters, and
some of his best speeches, Ac., Ac.—
It will be beautifully illustrated, and
gotten up iu fine style, making a
souvenir which all lovers of the name
and fame of the groat Confederate
will be glad to have.—-Richmond
Dispatch, Dec. 22, 1889.
What the Democratic Party
Montgomery Advertiser. ]
It is in its breadth that lias con
sisted the Democratic party's vitali
ty. Its object has been the greatest
good to the greatest number. Unlike
the American, the Greenback, the
Temperance and the Prohibition
parties, the Democracy has never
been a one-idea or a one-class party.
Unlike the Republican party, it has
never been devoted to the rich and
strong against the poor and weak.
The Democracy has been the partyof
the -whole people, and for the whole
people, and has been built up by the
whole people.
Resolutions of Josh Billings.
If a lovely woman smaks me on
one cheek, I will turn lier the other
I will try hard to be honest, but it
will be just mi luck tew miss it.
I won't bet on nothing, for things
that require betting on] lack some
I will respekt public opinion just
ez long ez I can respect myself in
doing it.
When I hear a man bragging on
his ancestors I won't envy him, but
I will pity the ancestors.
It iz just as natural tew be born
ritch as poor, but is seldom as con
I won't hauker for happiness, but
if I see enny that I th;uk is a bar
gain I will shut one eye and go for
I won't advise anybody until I
know the kind of advice they are
anxious tew follow.
I won't ware enny more tight boots
if I liev to go barefoot to do it.
A few weeks ago a queer old cod
ger in a town in Rhode Island drew
828,000 out of the local bank because
he dreamed that the bank was going
to bust. A large crowd assembled
to guy him and call him a crank, but
he drew it out just the same. Next
day the bank went sky high, and the
way the folks stopped laughing pro
duced an awful silence for twenty
five miles around.
The municipal election at Jack
son, Miss., on Monday!passed off
quietly. Gen. Fenry, the Democrat
ic candidate for Mayor, and all the
Democratic Aldermen were triumph
antly elected. Henry's total vote
was 375, and McGill's 125, Henry's
majority 250.
The rapid increase in the wealth
of the United States daring the past,
ten years is astounding. According
'o the published figures the total
vcaltli of the country is now 861,
159,000,000, equal to nearly 81,000
per capita. This is an increase in 10
years of 818,000,000,000, or 42 per
A Houston, Texas, special of the
Ith inst. says: For the past forty
ight hours rain 1ms been pouring
n torrents all over Texas, and nearly
■very railroad has suffered from
■■ ■ 1 11
Col. J. M. Stone, the new Gov
rnor, will be installed on Tuesday,
lie 14th inst.
T. _____
Dan Rice after ten years retire
ment will soon go on the road again
»ill. , circus.
The following is taken from an
address recently issued by the Davis
State Monument Committee. Me!
! respectfully call the attention of the |
ladies of our section to the invita
tion to them of enlistment in this j
igiiated the Capital State liaiik,
B W M'.Ilsaps, Prest., as the custo-l
,,i,„ of thi. fund, until « ^
State Organization has been ottect
ed, when a Treasurer c»n be elected.
Our women, always prompt and
muly to «neage I« .very good .«d
noble work, are earnestly requested
to enlist as members of the Associa
tion, and thereby guarantee in a
I ' ..
large measure its success. . _ I
We also cordially, and with confi
dence invite the aid of our liewspn
fluence to induce the Legislature to
vote the appropriation named above
(8100,000), to assist iu carrying out
\ ...
the object of this Association. .
111 conclusion, we deem it proper
monument to
tribute not only to his memory, but
to every fallen Mississippian and
Confederate soldier, and is a vindi
The Central Association has des
Co-operative Associations are
q ues fed to notify the Central office
when they are organized for work.
pel's, and urge them to use their ni
to say in erecting a
this grand and heroic man, it is a
cation of every living actor in the
great struggle.
How to See the Wind
From the St. Louis Republic.
Take a polished metal surface of
two feet or more, with a straight
edge ; a large handsaw will answer
Take a windy day for
the purpose.
the experiment, whether hot or cold,
, , , , -, , ., , ,
clear or cloudy; only let it not be m
murky, rainy weather. Hold your
metallic surface at right angles with
hold your surface east and west, but
instead of holding it vertical incline,
it about 42 degrees to the horizon, ^
and flows over the edge, as water
Now sight care
at a sharpely defined object, and you .
will tee the wind pouring over the
the wind—i. e., if the wind is north
that the wind striking, glances
flows over a dam.
fully along the edge some minutes
Make your
edge in graceful curves,
observations carefully and you will
hardly ever fail in the experiment; :
the results are even better if the sun
is obscurci].
A Cure for Diptheria
The Scientific American.
, . • -, . I
The following remedy is said to :
be the best known, at least it is j
worth trying, for physicians seem ■
i , -n ii „ i' mn , . j
powerless to cope with the disease !
1 1 .
successfully. At the first indication
of diptheria in the throat of a child |
makethe room close; then take aH«'
tin cup and pour into it :a quantity j
of tar and turpentine, equal parts.— j
Then hold the cup over a fire so as j
le patient, on inhaling the fumes, !
will cough up and spit out all the j
membranous matter, and the dipthe- !
» . I
na will pass off. The fumes of the I
tar and turpentine loosen the matter,
in the throat, and thus afford the !
to fill the room with fumes. The litt- !
relief that has baffled the skill of
m, . rii , • ,, t
There are six Lditors m the Leg
islatnre of Mississippi.
The county jails of Mississippi]
confine about 60 lunatics and the
two insane asylumns are crowded.
DeSoto county in 1880 had 3,895
polls, and in 1889 had 3,767, a slight j
decrease. There has been nn increa
se of about 2 ( ) per cent, in the popu
lation of the State within that time,
mostly in the Delta country.
M. Wm. Watson of this city has
sold 96,000 acres of land in Sunflow
er county, to a Memphis syndicate
for 8197,500. The sale is about (he
largest on record in this section, and
Mr. Watson is to be congratulated
upon his enterprise and success.—
The largest hog that ever lived
was raised by the late Sim Orr, of
Noxubee county, Mississippi. The
hog weighed 1,400 pounds, and was
exhibited in several of the large
cities of tho country, and finally died
enroute to Europe—Meridian Dem
Cultivated by Order of
Bo« «*» Tree la
the (lovtrnineat.
The ruhs vernicifcru, a» evergreen
from which the lac or gum is ob
| J theBnipWor
( uim j eV ery landholder to plant a cer
j U i a proportion of his acreage wl li this
larguer tree, just as he was compelled
to cultivate and maintain a certain
Dumber of mulberry trees, and but for
this «rovernmental support it is doubt
ful if the art, even then widely prao
' o abtnln i(g gimli died , n the course
0 f two years. The amount obtained
from a tree five years o d seldom ex
ceeded three ounces. In the moun
tainous districts the tree was of slower
- growth and was permitted to grow for
ten years before the gum was drained.
,'ÄtÄ "Ä
from t (, e twigra being most es
teemed and drying with superior hard
a ness.
Among other uses in very remote
I periods, lacquer served in finishing
coffins, p-obably for ornamentation
much as because it rendered the wood
impervious to moisture, but its every
day uses were those which gradually
rft i se( | it more ami more to a place among
the arts.
the prepared wood,
with either oil or water,
. qn( , rg contnin sca rcely a trace of tho
fr ue g, ]nli nn i hence it comes that they
do not possess either the enduring
qualities or beauty of older work. True
lac will not blister or peel from the
W(Jodi anc [ does no t change appearance
from subjection to water or heat
most conclusive test of this property
1873, when tho steamer Nie,
is cultivated in very
As long ago as
the sixth
The gum, when applied to
can lie prepared
Modern lne
was l
returning to Japan, with the specimen
purchased f r
foundered in twenty-live fathoms of
Eighteen months after divers
the Yeddo museum,
employed by the Government recovered
hundred cases from the steamer.
and the ancient lacquers
"f. if f
they left the hands of their makers,
The linest lacquer sknown are those
made between 1550 and 1650. It is
ere ns per
claimed for these that tho wool was
prepared by boili-ig and heating, gold
[J boin ^/ pounde a into the liters of
the wood until it would receive no
more. Upon such a foundation the-suc
cessive coats of gum were carefully ap
plied. Not less than thirty-three
etagt , s 0 f treatment were given, and
often t'.e number was sixty. Owing to
^ l 'ie presence of moisture in the lac and
poss.bly also in the foundation ltseif,
tho coats of gum required protection
that the hardening and drying might
take place slowly. To accomplish this
: newly varnished pieces were encased
in a damp box. where they remained a
. f„]| month—the shortest interval per
tnitted between two stages of treat
ment Polishing followed each coat of
lac. The golden grains which seem t«
float in the thickness of the lac and
: which are filii.gs highly sifted on the
h-esh varnish are not a tawdry display
j of yedow metal, tint represent and be
I come nn imperishable body of harmoni
I mis color, which can not be rivaled ir
To produce r
such metnllii
work is ar
pain lag or porcelain,
I colors for lacqtie:'
: an nnknown ontglde of j a , mn
j yet there are specimens in whi h 11(
■ tones of metallic color may be counted.
j There are also names for twolve varie
! 4 . . . . . ....
jties of different sizes in metallic pow
,| crd Although this is intricate enotigl
| for ordinary art industries the artistU
aH«' rt of. Ucquere can only be begin
when tins mechanic»! part' is thor
oughly mastered. When the ground
j has boon primed and polished ami
j powdered anil repolished, before pro
ceeding with other coats of laequui
tho design must bo begun. Unlik«
! pain ting, where change of pigmenti
j makes a change of color, in fine lac
! t l uer r f M . is * iT ?" ; l , n<1 is 8 "P h ""*«
I more by change m the s ze of metallii
I p„wdcrs than by color. It has beet
often asserted that tlm foumlatior
! Y ood ? f ' at ' f l lu ls ,, W||S calvoc * t0 pro
ilueo the relief, this maybe true ti
i some extent, in incrustations of bronze
silver, pearl, or porcelain, not other
wise. Tlie relief is usually built ii]
with nothing else than repeated coati
, R „
oi the tin ii lac varnish. IJiese coati
are each subjected to tho same slow
process of drying ami to the accural«
polishing which makes- thorn appeal
lute in every stage ol progress.—
Bali in,ore Amer cm.
Variety in Meals.
Tho housewives who daily serve uj
j the mmo dishes, and trouble them
selves little about studying tho valut
of variety in their cooking, may tnki
a hint from Vanderbilt's niw cook,
who says: "If I have an extensiv«
picture gallery, and want you to com«
and see it and enjoy it, 1 will not tak<
you in and show you every thing
once. You could not see half of it
appreciate it then. I will simply show
you one picture to-day, lot you feasi
your eyes upon it, anil show you
other to-morrow. In lids way 1 will
keep up your appetite ti.l you have seen
Hie whole of it. It is tlie sumo with
iti hcs. 1 will give you only three
good dishes, perhaps only two, to-day.
You enjoy them, and tell me you'd
like to have some more to-morrow.
Hut you won't get them. If 1 gave you
tiie Fame dish till you have become
satiatoil, you woniil never like it again,
have asked fin' ''i /'two'or 'three'Uma°s!
meanwhile going through, three dishes
uds wav'yo.oÄe' "every thin* you
get. Your apputto will always bo
ot fare. In
County Alliance
The regular Quarterly Meeting of
DeSoto < ounty Alliance, will be held
at the Court House in Hernando, on
Monday, January 13th, 183'), comm
encing at 10 a. m.
By order of the President,
A Sound Legal Opinion
A Bainbridge Monday, Esq., Co.,
Atyy., ( lay Co., Texas, says:
" H ave used Electric Bitters with
most happy results. My brother also
was very low with Malarial Fever
and Jaundice, but was cured by time
ly use of this medicine. Am satisfied
Electric Bitters saved his life."
Mr. D. I Wilcoxson, of Horse
Cave, Ivy., adds a like testimony,
saying: He positively believes he
would have died, had it not been for
Electric Bitters.
This great remedy will ward off.as
well as cure all Mabrittl Diseases,
and for all Kidney, Liver and Stom
ach disorders stand unequaled. Price
öOc.'nnd 81, at J. T. M. Smith's drug
The Legislature of Mississippi
met on Tuesday at 12 o'clock.
JYcte ••Stirer! isemeufs
A LL those indebted to me for Pluck
smithing' work in '.889, will please
come forward and settle Hie same, as 1
need the money.
J. C. ACitEE.
I have several pair ol pure bred CHINA
PIGS for sale. Call soon, as they are be
ing sold rapidly.
Jan. 9, 1890—tf
Hernando, Miss.
Dissolution Notice
The fil m of S. F. Humphreys and Geo.
Hanks, was dissolved by mutual consent
on the 1st day ot December 1S89. Geo.
Banks assuming all the liabilities of the
firm, and will receipt for all debts due
the old firm.
January 9, 1890—lm
DeSoto County, M is
sippi, will > n
Monday, February 3rd 1890.
let to I he best responsible bidder, fie
contract for building an IRON BRIDG1
over Horn Lai e Creek, on (he Fogg
By order of tlie Hoard,
B. It. WEST, clerk.
January 9, 1890—3w
THF. Board
if Supervisors will
Monday, February 3rd, 1890,
let to the best bidder, the contract for
removing the well-slie ter rn court yard,
and placing same upon good sills,
tlie Court House Ci
tern. tlie same to be
and provided with;
, and substantial!;.
Hy order of the Hoard.
latticed on ail sides,
a heavy door shutter
R B WEST, clerk
January 9 1,890
*' Uie Memorial Volume " now bed g !
prepared by Rev. J. Wm.
Jones, with;
assistance of Mrs. Davis will be nullum !
tic, charmingly written, bcaulifudy ilio-
rated and bound,—in every way vcrtli
of the subject. Agents wanted. Comple
te outfit, $1 Satisfacti«
m guaranteed ci
money refunded,
come, first served. Address
Order now.
r ii
1000 Mam street Richmond. V,i
iS II ER I FF' S ; ,
B. B. West,Clk.uk & Master
N o 889.
J. W. Chamberlin, et. al.
I will on MONDAY, 3RD DAY OF
h LHRUARY 1890, proceed to sell to the
highest bidder tor cash, at the Court
House door in tlie town of llciiiando,
Desoto county, Mississippi, within legal
hours, the lollowiiig described lands
to-wit .
The «South half of the Noitli East
Quarter, and the North half of the South
East Quarter of Section 25, Township 2,
Hange 7 west levied on as the properly
p o' A c M re S p ftl ! : aml al 0 'Liny acre's
lit the «South East corner of South East
Quarter ot Section 13, Township 2 , and
Range 7 levied on as the
J. W Chamberlin.
The same having been levied on to
satisty an Execution iu my hands from
the Chancery Court of DeSoto countv
Mississippi, against J. W. Chamberlin',
C. A. Marshall, and J. M. Chamberlin
in favor ol H. it. West, Clerk * ïffi"
said .evies being made to satisfy above
hr l<a. and all costs thereon
, 'V> H. HOLLINS,Sheriff
January 9, 1890 | w ' u '
properly of
The New Digecv
You have heard
... t „ . y° nr Wend*
neighbors talking alxmt i
may yourself be one oft]
know f.rom personal
how good a thing it is. ]•
ever tried it, you are one of i tSHta '
uch friends, because the wônderfü'l
thing about it is, that when
given a trial, Dr. King's New
covery ever after holds a place in t lle
house. If you have never used t
and should be afflicted with a eo;J
cold or any Throat, Lung 0r ( W
trouble, secure a bottle
give it a fair trial. It
it. y
experie*^ ;
vou hav 9
' Dis.
at otice am]
' s guaranteed
every time or money refunded.
Trial Bottles free at J. 'f ^
Smith's drag store.
Invito attention Especially,
to their splendid stock of
April 4,1889— ly.
Caveats and Trade-Marks obtained, und
all Patent business conducted for mode,
rate fees. Our Office is opposite U. 8,
Patents Office and we can secure patent
in less time and at less cost than those
remote from Washington.
Send model, drawing or pho,, with
description. We advise, if patentable or
not, free of charge. Our fee not duo till
patent is secured.
A Little Hook, "How to Obtain Pat
ents," with names of actual clients in
your State, county, or town sent free.
c a sisrow auo,
On- Patent Office, Washington, D.C
Aik your dealer for Ed. L. Huntley 4 Oo.'i
HONEST Clothing. If our goods are not In
the hand! of
some STORE
your section,
you oan PRO
from the test
largest Mail
Odder Whole
sale Cloth™
House in tho
world, at prl
that will
eyes snap sod
guessing how
we oan afford
does not keep
our goods send
to us and wo
WILL furnish
you a Suit or Overcoat, express or mail paid,
on receipt of price. Wo will win and hold
your patronage If you try ua with an ordetl
we have built up this immense business by
our pBlnataking methods, and by doing by
others as we would be done by.
Bn. L. Huntley 4 Co., Style Originate»,
i ordering Suits or Overooats observe
trictly following rules for measure
ment: Breast measure, over vest, close up
underarms. Waist measure, over pants. In
side leg measure, from orotch to heel.
pbavt-wetout clothing—suits.
Men's Brown All-Wool Double and Twist
Casslmere Saok or Frock Suit.$0 00
Mon's Fanoy Black or Blue English Worst
ed All-Wool Saok or Frook Suita.(4 00
Men's Brown or. Gray Velvet Finish, Au
Wool, Tricot Weave,'Fine Coseimere
Baok or Froek Suit.17,00
Men's Blaok or Blue English. All-Wool
Corksorew, fine worsted, Saok or Frook
Bults .19 00
ten's Blaok, Blue, Plum, Lavender or
mate-color English WldeWale Diagonal
Worsted Baok or Frook Suits.24 00
"tub tireless toiler fob
Tours, anxious to please,
Ed. L. Huntley.
Ed. L, Huntlxy & Oo., Manufacturers and
Wholesale Dealers in Clothing for Men, Bo»
and Children, 123 andUt Market Bt* Chloago,
HE Poet Office Box, WT. _ _
WWorth *100.0«. Ota»
Swatch in th« world. Fernet
Umekaenar. Warrantedn«»»7*
If HHt.

Both ladle«'and g
ith work* and .
BP^eqaal value. OKI fiiuo»»
, tÄr C Su.".'i.r WJ
ample». Th«.o «^P 1 ' , '",„.
_frets. »U
»••d do I« to «how what we «end you to tlioie who c*n--7
Mend« tnd naighb raand those about you-1 be Ul wer«
to valuable trade for u*. which holds foryesrs when one« ww*
•Od thus we are repelj. We imy »11 «iprs». "
foil know «».If jrou would like to fo to work for u*. joo
«a the
Dollar Per
in Advance
< inn

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