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engaged in a fight with the bear, we shall in
all these kind of fightsamong the democrats,
encourage both sides not caring which is
he conqjerer.
Since Col. Marr declined, S. CX Pavatt
has offered himself to be immolated upon the
altar of party. Crockett will find it an ea
sy task to beat this gentleman. If he'is the
talented, vigorous and intelligent roan rep-
Announcement. - f
HWe are authorised and requested 1
announce A.,T. Caruthers as a candidate
for the office cf Circuit Clerk of Marshall
County. .
JEWc arc authorised and requeued to
announce Abraham II. Roach as a cand d
atft for the office of Assessor and Tax col
lector, for the County of Marshall.
We are authorised to state that the
Hon. Felix H. Walker, of Desoto county
will be a candidate at the November election
for Judge of the High Court of Errors, and
Appeals for the Northern District of Missis
LFVYe dre . authorised to announce
Robert H. Buckner, Esq., of Clinton
as a canditate for the office of Chancellor of
this State, at the next election.
The Rev. A. Foster will hold divide
service oft to-morrow, in the Court House
M half nast 10 o'clock. A. M. and 3 o'clock
P. M.
Id" A L. Bingaman, one of the Repub
lican Whiff candidates, we learn is now on
a tour through this State and will be in our
rVitmfv in a short time.
Dinner to Mr. Rives --On Saturday
i.norhfi tilf n nnblic dinner was given to
tt rm- ijv trie citizens vi
me tiuu. n m, v. ..-- j .
JIIp Viro- nia., A correspondent
f;chps thfi Addisonian with a sketch of
resented by the Telegraph, his improve. the proceedings, from which we take the
mcnt since the Legislature of 1836, of which following extract: -
ifi wjks n mnmhoT nnt nnV Iwn rnnid Mr. RiveS COmDaTCd the COnQUCt Ot ."ir.
hut imnrrrrxWprf Th. An trust' p ection KlChieanU tne JuagesconveuuuiM""-"'o
i i . r- t nr tne suDOon oi mr. v u" jjuiu tu
y mm, mat tne course oi ooi. iviarr v. . apDealsto the peo-
would have been the most prudent for him. je to tjjat 0f Demetrius, the silversmith
and his draftsmen, mentioned in tne ivm
A good chanceto be blowed up:The chanter of the acts, constantly crying out
ViclfshnrfT WhiV of the 14th Mav. announ- -'great is Diana of the .bpnesians, wnen
. .i . ,t . .1 ttlOlT rril IT 1V51 in IIMUUII : III llCJIlf BLb
ces the tact mat tne steam Doat Jdicard "JV" V 7 T U j
, , ., . , . naught bv tne apostie r-auis denouncing
bAippen, has maao tne quickest trip trom idowrv. "He said, let' the modern Deme-
Louisville to that port which has ever been trius's and their political craftsmen, if they
made, havinj? run the distance between the nlease to do so. repeat their cries of ' great
r.vm.TT4Tw rL- . theDeople who have no craftio be benehtted
oi i i in ii nours. i nis maucr oi . . sn . . no interest but the
puffing steam b"ats fjr their fast running Uenerarffodd and prosperity of the country,
may do very well to gratify the vanity of the why should they be called on to imitate the
rtffifore lnncnf tno Wwt Knt f ,t , -nn senseless iollv oi the iiiphesians, m echoing
this clamor. Jet tne I'rcsiaent aDiure uw
prrnre nf bi wars rnnfnrm his r.nnduct to
rru in n fcli hnnrc in n 1 1 1 n V n n,.nt want I.. -i t i . 1 3
v.... ..v--. theomnions oi tne people, ana men ana noi
our mends
4 An accomplished Swindier. The
Governor of Va. has offered by proclama
tion, a reward of $100 for Alexander Bogart
who committed several forgeries at Rich
mond and decamped on the 27; ult. The
Compiler says of him:
He was a skilful Book-keeper and Math
ematician and was entrusted with the keep
ing and adjusting of the books of many es
tablishments whereby . he found out their
wnerearjouis. sitrnaiures. otii. uuu
a deep game. Several of his forgeries have.
come to light since he departed,; and others
are still in the course of developement. . He
is supposed with plausibility to be an old fox
in the fore-erv line: first to have been one
McLeod, who defrauded his employers in
New York, a' few vears since of some 6U,
000 or 840,000 then one McCloud, who
forced notes, bills, checks. &c. in New Or
leans to a large amount from which place
he came to this city, prowling tinder the
alias of Alexander Bogart. . He has gone
north. , ' .'
to travel thoss unprecedented till then can he expect the support of the
people. Great Applause.
The preat issue now is, is the President
l.i .1, . lo
Koscology.A young man by the name of lTne, -j u . Ui
ames H. Boyd has been delivering pracli- people the sovereign of the country? Is the
cal illustrations of the science cf w se- President to conform his conduct to the opin
ology, for the benefit and instruction of Judge ions of the people, or are the people to be
McKmley, presiding officer of the L). S
Court now in session at Jack.;on. It ap
pears that the Judge took occasion while on
the bench to u?e a very abusive and disgrace
iul epithet towards Mr. Boyd who was act.
ing as an officer of the court, for which,
made by party discipline to conform their
conduet to the opinions of the President?
He said the Judges Convention were much
puzzled to give, a new name to a party they
had at last christened it the "Democratical
Republican Slate Rights Party" These
chancres, and especially lengthenings of
Boyd took occasion after adjournment of the and false combinations. When ever a mem
courf.Hpulljhis honor's nose. ber was taken into the firm, tho style tithe.
firm was lengthened, while its real strength
BATH HOUSES. land solid capitol of truth and princinle were
"I A X 1
- "e were misled by a paragraph in the
New Orlean? B dtetin of 13th May, which
we published some two weeks ago, into a
statement, that this vexatious war with the
Seminole Indians was ended by a Treaty o
Peace. By late advices it appears that the
Seminolcs have no idea of entering into any
treaty with the whites. The course pursued
in 1S37, by Gen. Gessup in capturing
band of these warriors who had come in for
the purpose of treating with him, was not
only unworthy of, and disgracefjl to, our
National arms, but is calculated to frustrate
all prospect of any thing l.kca successfu
negotiation with the In Jian3. ihe want o
' success which has attended the efforts ofour
government to expel I them, has given them
a c:nSdence in their ability to make effectual
resistance, which it will be difficult todestroy;
upon the prospect af a termination of this war,
the Commercial Bulletin discourses thus; . '
"As Ion? as this notion of their invincibility is
cherished by the Indians, -we need anticipate no
cessation of hostilities. There was a time when
the Seminolcs entertained a very different opinion
cf their ability to make an effectual resistance.
When Gen Gaines, at the head of his gallant little
army, made a dash into the wilderness and over-
awed and intimidated a st?perior force of the sav
ages, in the midst of their own swamps and wilds
and fasnesses, then it was that the Seminoles
were willing to treat with the whites. A peace
then might have been concluded, highly honora
ble to our national character, had not the inter
ference! of the Government furnished the plan of
the campaign. But as events have turned out,
there seems to be noway of terminating the con
test but by waging a long and relentless war, till
the obstinate foe is exterminated. To this un
happy dilemma has a series of disgraceful fail
ures, resulting from the blunders of the Govern
ment, brought upon our country. With all the re
. .sources of the nation at command, our Executive
has not succeeded in subduing a handful ot sava
ges. Indeed, the struggle has lasted so long, that
really "we begin to surrender the hope of ever
seeing the end of the Seminole war.
In addition to the accommodations which
our friend A Woodruff has b:cn furn'shing
our citizens in the Bathing line, Mr. L.
Thomson has opened a new establishment,
on the street leading Eat f om Williamson's
Inn, in the house formerly occupied by Ton.
cray and Douthctt. Tho preparations are
neatand inviting. The comfort, luxury and
advantages of the baths, as a great auxiliary
in maintaining or restoring health, are too
well known to require our recommendation.
We congratulate our citizens upon the in
creased preparation for affording those ad
vantages. I
IdDelgatcs from the different Agrirul
t iral Societies of the State of Tenne see, met
in convention on ihe 6th May, ai Lebanon,
and organized a Stata Agricultural Society.
How long will it be, before the people of th's before the country
diminished. The original, true and orthor
dox name of the party, in its purest days,
was simply Republican when the renegade
Federalists were taken in, as they had been
recently, the party managers tacked on De
mocratic, as it was notorious that the most
1 . 1 -r
ultra ana over-zeaious uemocrats, in pro-
lession, at least, were always the proselyted
Federalists; and now to take in the Nullifji
ers; they had superadded the name of State
Sights. During all this time, their old and
true friends, the real Repub'icans, were fall
ing off, in consequence of their heterogene
ous combinations; or, in other words, as the
tail of the party lengthened, its Lody shorten
ed applause or to use an illustration
still more familiar to his-brothers farmers,
the party was all running to vine, cheers
the worst of all tendancies, as they well
know in a root crop. Mr. Rives said he
would assist the gentleman in christening
their party by reminding them of Mr. Jeffer
son's classification of parties which was par
ticularly applicable to the great issue now
Mr. Jefferson, when
: The St. Louis Commercial' Bulletin an
nounces the marriage of a Mr. Ii;a Butler, of
Connecticut, to Miss Mary Curry, of Jefler
son County Tenn., after a protracted" court
ship of thirty-eight minutes, during; which
time the following scene passed between
them. They first saw each other in church ,
and their eyes meeting,-Mr. Bufer nodded
knowingly to Miss Curry, who returned the
s'gnal. They met at the door. 1 m a nod
der, said the gentleman I'm a noddee, re
plied the ladv. Here s a church, said ' the
gentleman: there's the priest, replied the la
dy. How lovely those - little children look,
said the gentleman; thd lady began to count
her fingers; I m not married, said the gentle
man, are you? No, replied the lady. .1
wish said she, looking at the parson'that you
were married, interrupted the v gentleman;
then marry me. Just as you pleaseT said the
lady. And suiting the action to the word,
their marriage closed the exercises of the
day. Picayune. ' I. r v - - t A
It is enough to say, in reply to all Col
Polk ,the Nashville Union, and all ther
advocates ofLocofocoism can say about the
support by J udge White, Mr. Bell Gov
Connon, Mr. Foster and their friends, o
Gen. Jackson's Administration, in 1 835, tha
the Old Chief had n;4 then entirely depart
ed from his principles that the expendit
nresotthe (jovernment were but $17,000
000 a yeararid the Sub-Treasury was to
tal ly Anti-Jackson as well as Anti-Re pu b
hcan in all its features. But how stands the
case now? Alas! how? . ; -
v M Republican Banner.
The District Telegraph, a red hot Van
Buren paper in this Congressional District,
is out in a long editorial, abusive of G. W.
L. Marr, the locofoco candidate in that dis
trict for declining the canvass, and refusing
to undergo the useless labor of trying to
beat the talented Crockett Col. Marr be
came convinced that it was all an uphill bu
siness to run against Crockett, and prudent
ly declined. This course, on his part, the
Telegraph pronounces "unworthy of Col.
M. and too precipitate to meet the approba
tion of his calmer reflection." We look
upon his withdrawal as being the only pru.
dent act which the Col. is guilty of in the
whole transaction. But such is the charac
ter of the party discipline byfc which the
Vanites are governed, that nothing short of
implicit obedience and unconditional sur
render of all right to act or think, other than
. as the party require, will be received. We
.have aituaea in previous numbers to
this same kind of tactics as insisted upon in
fuir .State. We arc glad to sec Tt extending
Like.-the oldVbman when ber husband was
portion of our State awaken to their own in
terest, and make some movements toward
the formation cf an Agricultural Society.
We know that there are many farmers deep
ly interested in this subject,-and we ask some
parties first arose in the country, habitually
classified them into "Republicans and Mono-
crats; the former going for the will of-the
people, the latter for that of the President.
This was the ground under which parties
were unnapny tormmg under the awlul and
II . . .
of them to call a meeting of the .citizens of Progress which the system of
niscipnne,"openiy proclaimed and practised,
is now making: in the country. He then
our County for the purpose of taking the
matter into consideration.
concluded by offering the following toast:
"Republicans and Monocrats," the dis
tinction of American parties by Mr. Jeffer
son. The form recognizing the supremacy of
the popular, the latter, that of the executive,
will. The time has come when every free-
WT 1 r "l m
t; iuuinn;m our exchanges in l enncs
see, that the army Worm have appeared in
various parts of lhat State, and are commit- raan of America must declare, by his con
...... . ,."u : u rii i i i
ting tne most destructive ravages upon the ' xyillu Ul l"usti pauies ne peiongs.
Crops. A DrOSDfCt most flittpr'nor. tins
- i i n . -. .
roinicAL integrity. me- borough
of Hull in the reign of Charles II, chose
Andrew Marvell, a young gentlemen . of
little or no fortune, and maintained him in
in London for the service ofthepublicH.s
understanding, integrity and spirit,were
l !".- rl All frkVnfVn inf.t
eiA i.. . l"cll'ul ""a,uuu aunuiiisirauon.
. tLa..i,s iu uiduu& oiuitj crops, as Persuaded thit hn won d bp thXr T
, - , - - - v IUI
usual, where they are not very numerous,) properly asking, they sent his old school
they have, in many instances, climbed the fellow, the Lord Treasurer Danby to renew
stalk?, and are even drtrnx'mo-tb bnmn- aL4',aAul '" nim m nis garret. At
Mti Li l i i t inns r n nnmi ihn w-vmw
o mu Ji liig
are destroying every thing as they ffo. In
some of the Counties of Kentucky, border
ingupon the Counties of Middle Tennessee,
their ravages are equally distructire. In-
heads of the wheat crops.
ihe worms which were destroying. ike
I f
garuens oi our citizens, havesometime
parung, the Lord Treasurer, out 'of pure
anecuon, snppea into nis hand an order upon
uicuuusury lor iiuuu, and then went to
his chariot. Marvell, looking at the paper
since disappeared. We have heard of no ap- JeI . Y or 1 request
i uuoLiiri, . . lie v u iiiu nn n ith in tn thn -
pc3rance of the army vorm in this County: ret, and Jack the servant bov wa J J
and from all accounts which we have re- "Jack, what had I for dinner veterdav?"
ceived, we are enabled to congratulate our ",D?nt 3, 011 rememDer, sir? you had the little
ordered me to
I hr in rr frnm n wnman m tUn
The"season thus far, has been high-
ly favorable to vegetation, and our farmers
arc all in high spirits.May it continue.
right. What had I for dinner to-day? Don't
you remember, that you bade me lay bv the
blaid bone to boil?" "T.'s so, very right
you may retire." "My Lord do vnn Kmt
that? Andrew'Marveirs dinner is provided
there's your piece of paper, I want it not
1 Knew tne sort ot kindness you intended.
I live here to serve my constituents- fhpmln.
debt created by the Government to defray stry may; seek men for their purpose: I am
lueir exiravapani exrenanurcs. amnimtstn
I 1 .
Tall Walking The Post master at
Zebulon, informs us that Mr. John Pierce, a
subscriber to the Telegraph, has done some
lofty walking m those parls: after runninT
through all he had; and running in debt as
far as he was able, he has capped the climax'
by running away! -
T3The Columbia (Tenn.) Observer
says: -
"According to the official report, the new
JCfHas the mail stopped running from
Jackson Miss., toward this point- We have
not seen your paper Rrothfr Johns on, of a
later date than 13th April Have you cut
ur acquaintance, or cant Amos Kendall get
reaay to bring it along? Sav
'John ran o !op and ran o f.t
No wonder he ran out at Ust; '
lie ran inclcbt, an.-i then to p;iy,
JIc distanced all and ran awav.
jjL-ine rage, ior suk cuitivati n is so
great aown east, tnat some ieilow ol "easy
conscience -talking -ot popular credulity re
cently palmed off a large quantity of stale
pills upon the public, as silk worm ecrfrs
realizing a large profit from the cheat. This
is turning an "honest penney'vw-ith a ven
geance.; , :k W eekly Review.
Serenading The last 'Holly Springs
uanner.is out on the serettaders; : He" says
a good serenade, but his dander riz right up
.1.: - - . . 1 -' , . .
ai. luu&t lauciianaiian songs vnicn lie says
the devils perpetrated.- That's fight sir, you
can't give it to thcm'too.hard. ; f
j;"5- "s -' ;:v " -Weekly Rcvlcic' :
ThelaU of the Counterfeits.--t is said
hat 850 bills of the Brandon bank are in
circulation. Really the Togues must be
hard run" for a fie d to operate in: for if
hey P'iss readily as genuine, one would starve
o death at the busin ess. We would as soon
think of making raone y by Counterfeiting
corn-cobs. En qu irer.
A New way to get Married. A la
dy be ng engaged in a theological dispute
witii a genneman, convincea -niin sne was
right; still he was unwilling, to .. acknowl
edge himself vanquished, and proposed to
wager if she would albw him to name the
conditions. To .this the lady consented.
Theri," aid the gentleman , "I will wager
myself against you.1' The lady seeing no
method oi escape, consented mat a VJiergy
rrian in the neighborhood should be sent for,
who soon united them in the chain of Hymen.
' Query who won the 'wager? '
4'r -
The lexican scho ner Vera-Cruzana,
which arrived f here on Saturday evening!
brings us da tes -: from Tampico to the 8th
inst. We received, no papers, but from ver
bal information from the captain learn, that
Busta mente is yet encamped at about ten
or hiteen leagues lrooi the city, waiting for
re-inforcemcnts, .previous, to ma renin o- to
its attack. The xact posit'on of Generals
Mexia and Urrea. is not known; hut it is be
lieveJ they are in Puebla or its neighbor-
hood,- at the- head: of about ' 2000 men.
lampico is w-ill lortihed, 'vith.a- oarrisri ti
between 500 and 1000 men, we- are deter
mined to contest to the last aga:nst tentral-
ism. , x uu guvernmeni lorces are stated to
muster near 3000menbt-notwithstandinrj
we have the strongest confidence that the
cause - of Federation will ? ultimately- t: i-
umph.- , - - - ..
y The Vera-C; uzanx i brings no later news
uoin y ara ruz. Vqm. JSiilletm vJ.i.:i.
Under this caption we find in the Nation
al Intelligencer of. yesterday, the following
reminiscence: ' v - v -
r "It is just fifty years this day since the in
auguration of George Washington - as Pre
sident of the United States; when this . Go
vernment of ours wrent fully into operation.
- The 4ih of March was the day on which
it might have gone into bperationjbut like all
other new machines (even the best of them,)
it was rather difficult to set it agoing: The
two Houses of Congress, owing to the ab
sence of any such facilities lor travel as now
exis, and other obstacles, - ( want ' of confi
dence in the new scheme of Government
was one of them,) did not assemble in'num
bers' sufficient to organize themselves until
a full m on' h after the appointed day. .The
vote for President and Vice President, con
sequently, were nt opened and counted in
their presence until the sixth of April, 1789
J The election of Gen. Washington to the
office of Pres dent ' was announced to. him
at Mount Vernon on the lOt h of the same
month; and on the second day thereafter he
t ok his departure v for New York, where
Congress -was thn sitting, and wiiere he
was received as he had been all al on or the
road, With every mark, of respect and honor
- "On the 3Cth of April, "tie took the oath
of office in ihe presence of both houses of
Congress and a great assembly of the Peo
pie; on which- occasion, after the adm'nis
tration of the bathR. R. Livingston cried
aloud "God save George Washington,
President of the United StalesV1 ' And all
the people said amen." ; r r
: "The fiftieth anniversary of such a day
13 surely worthy of. especial remembrance."
The U. S. Circuit Court commenced
it sesion at our State Capitol oh the 7th inst.
The deciding Judges are the weak headed
McKinley, celebrated for his stupid decision
relative to Corporate Institutions, and the
equally notorious Gholson, the repudiated
member of Congress, A better matcned
pair never shared the . same bench. Both
these men are tho roiigh-goingagrarian loco
fo cos and owe their appoinimenUo the Exe
cutive of the United States, and yet the stu
pid locofoco press-gang of this state are prat
ing about Ju Jicial officers not being sup
ported on . party grounds. This is the cor
rect doctrine and one which wc will most
sedulously inculcate whenever we find even
a solitary locofoco acting upon it. As long
as we find Jud cial officers used by the Exe
cutive for the iriere purpose of re warding-its
creatures whom the sovereign .people may
have indignaivly spurned from their service,
so long will we give ho credence to the hol
low hearted avowals of disinterestedness, let
them come from what quarter they may.
' The Sun says, there; are about 253 "cases
on the docket, we learn, an i it is expected
that the present will be a very long ses
sion. Tri- V:iek! y , Con rie'r. 1 ' -: V . - ? 1
Horrid A new Waltz, .entitled "whi
gery,". was lately played at a ball in Boston,
wnen tne uancers, in endeavonno ' to keen
iimu u.wicii:usu:, iwisrcatneir heads off.
m I.hat s nothing.' A new patent democrat-,
icjig was lately exhibited in new York . en
titled "Leg-Treaswy" in" which" several' of
the dancers; in trying: to' catch the double
shuffle, twisted a large bag of money out of
. o pv;on.ui uimineir entire bod
les ofF this continent! Free. Press. '
: CfA dandy who was strutting around
m the bar-room in Buffalo, with his "panta
loons strapped down so tightly that thev
threatened to burst at the knee, rudely jos
tleld a member of that anomalous class
known as "runners." "Take care," Sa id the
runner, turning upon him-'br I'll cut your
straps and let you up." '
our direct'tradk
e arrival rm
- Liverpool papers mention th
luu linn ATinr rt . f h n .
PTI' rAlso sailing on th? 16th
of the ship Ambassador for this port ;
:. At New York, on the 10th inst, 'Irn'vcd
the barque Iwanowna, Dyer, from this von
and 1 8 days from the Eizc. . r- '
FOUL MURDER! We learn from
the ;AtheiRepub!iean, that Mr JonV'P;
White, a citizen of Miss, cn his wty to
ovih Carolina, wajs murdered antl robbed
near that place, on the 8th inst." " He was
apparently shot through" the back ' in the
pubhek high way, and ha vied some dist nice
into the wood and rifled of his money
pOOd; however, concealed in the linin g of
his inexpressibles, was not found. The per
petra'or of this horrid outrage had not been
discovered at the time the Republican w nt
ioure?s. vvc trust tor the sake ofmtice,
humility, the sectirity of our lives and our
uuivau, iiiui 11ns licnu in numan
Shape, will be brought to trial and Jinc
two or three hundred dollar ' y,
: C v . : V; Ala. State Intelligencer.
v.- r ! -"r 15ui--.rimus ueuvered an oration
oeiore tne jv. Y. ll.stoncal Society, on th(
recent anniversary . of th ln9I,m,;n
wn. tvasmngton as President' of the U
States.: a - . '-
I rr
. The Kitchen Cabinet family "g0 isstron
auu ymire nr tne oltice Jme; six of them be
ing m the Post Office Department, under
the foliowmr salaries? Is Amos'irot some-
vv,iat cuu e, Km me eyes ol the locofocosV
u iauijju support ot Van
Buren, when so many cf his family are so
snugly-provided for by-him?
Amos Kendall, Vost Master - ' :
"General, - CG003' 0Q
A Kyle, senator, (his father-"
- in-law.) . 1200 00
A. Ivylc, Jr. (his brother-in- "
Samuel Kendall, Jr. (his
". Kendall, "(another 11c-
.. phew,)
Geo. M Kendall, (his bro
ther.) :
government wiih'J-
veteran .attraeugtinO
he spears, froaSJ
- i
.i L -;
-fc h 1
gy hairs. sf.Lv;
well that hewL?SV.-
'Several genOVj
mims city,lr0m BeC !
ey bring no im.tf
since by anln&f!
the wound, he 1 ! H!
wounded him sererel15?
neighbormo- rhlA- i.'"
was merely a stragl
. The Houston Mornin.C
inst. says: - s"v
, "We learn, ly a rCR.;f ... 1
the upper Brazos, that eieB
in that section cf the cour :
been no Indian depredati !
last. The people are J
planting torn, and every !
perous for the future "inn !
difficulties in this parto
always been raagniy,
struction ot Cordova, andCl
leans we haver.o'hingjof i
The Galveston of Mav I
"Tne May term oftheKrl
1st Judicial District,. E in I
ding, commenced it
last, and i-.djourned on Fri-iV f
80 civil cases and lGcnraS;
docket. Only one raan W2H
sentenced to 30 days iraprkjJ
costs, &c. About one hahjj
disposed of." .
The Galveston Civiliaa.nfi
states that the "French fcwT'!
guns, the steamship Plian t 1
sader, an 1 8 gun bri? are m -1
Port-". ' .( '
: exclj
of the
r, by
-is Exc
the R
i) dec
gin ai
r manr
and &
the g
f-s we
rized 1
e Pre
lis las
i he h
ras, i;
v, i'
y in t)
e und
be ca
no c
rica f
i cbje
; The Editors of the Louisi
ceived a letter from Tampicahl
following extracts are given- I
Extract of a letter frora Tar!
4th May. j
"The expedition pr jeetedk;-
ict nnt intonflfvJ f-.t Van r4
VVVJ .mw .w .... 4W4 f t , ;t
wished us to believe; but forPf. I
ico. For some days we hire
of their (Urra and Mexia!s)prcr
information received, announce
would be in Mexico within fiStt
the meantime, we arc not very
linr. RnctfVi'nr-Tn find Jrw :
mained a long time at Vicr;
length disposed to take posei;
pico. Although their. raoT.
Ave 11 known, it appears ccris:. I
vanccd posts are at Hora
Vui and Presos. , Their moTiz ;
er, are slow, and it is essy tc
they have no confidence h ti
expect a strong resis'ance, 'j
is not in a condition to maLc.::. .
if tlifl Dtnnll nnmlinr nfhft'iN L
ded. Peraza, the cotinn'rer r
been d mgercusly- ill,' and a t- j
dan ger; it is said, however, th -
improving." '. The line of de-' !
completed; 1000 good troops,
ded, would b3 able to repel 3j. ;
troops are wanting, and st U
fleers. . ' ' ' !
"To judge from a circular :.,
the.M nister of foreign afljirs.'--Foreign
Consuls and MinLl'
of (vhich I send you herevrcs
need not apprehend the san-.ef-j
part ot the government irci. j
cause to apprehend froratsl;.
at the first at'ack. Outside
Prrnch bri.or of war, which vu.; "
main until the arrival of these?
"This is ail the political - ,
- : - ,j . .i
can give you.- .1
"All business is entirely f2T3;
plCO." - ,r!
May. 3. The governnic-t
Gen. Bustemente, it..w.saij ,
their march Vrom Victoria .top
which case we may look for
15 days; the. force here is
there "is no saving what ma t
.1 hand you an enclosed copy
of the government E7i
Tampico, dated s Mexico, -a ;
You will be good enough t
pullshed. It is yet unknown
the different Consuls have ;
crce, which was sent to the ,
Ministers and consuls ')c.
whole is nothing more than a
favor of the excess winch t-c
authorized to commit,' in
them to make an att.ick -
which they have a great j
further proof of the n-xJ.i
o'f war being orTthis port .fore if
Place or the
The Mexican Govcm.
wii h out much displeasure. -rival
of merchant vessels r
tht the caroms
that according w tec
I give
al th
j hex
nis, w
of Kg'
t to b
.lie h;
: pres
; cf rr
I see
e ha
?o it
a i
' i vo
'to t
on account ol 1 f,,j;
ip;s Lq.
thur law, ut tccau-vi"- .-.

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