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The Times-Promoter.
Volume 7. No 1 r .
Hernando. DeSoto County, Mississippi, Friday April 17, 1903.
One Dollar Per Year
Several Minor Cases Disposed of Wed*
Monday was aright busy day
for Mayor Jones, he being called
upon to mete out justice in four
different e sses The first ease
was the Town agjiipst Georgia
Dockery for disturbing the peace,
after examining several witnesses
she was discharged. Nat Jones
was next tried on a charge of pro
fanity and easily proved his in
nocence. Shellie McDaniel came
next on the same charge and the
testimony proving him guilty, he
was lined 2.50 and cost.
In the afternoon Chas. Robin
son and Tom white, who had
been "scrapping," were arraigned
before his honor, and it neing
proven that Robinson had the
"scrap" thrust on him in his owp
house he was tined $1 and co-ts;
white contributing $5 and costs to
the municipality of Hernando.
A disordered stomach may
cause no end of trouble. Wi en
the stomich fails to perform its
functions the bowels oecome de
ranged, the liver and kidneys
congested, causing numerous dis
eases, the most futai of which are
painless and therefore the ann-e
to lie dreaded. The important
thing is to r. store the stomach to
•a healthy condition, and for this
purpose no better preparation can
can be used than Chamberlain 's
Stomach and Liver tablets. For
sale by all druggist*
"What the world need
men who are not afraid
their own advice "
« llow
A Good Work for Chamberlain's Cough
In Decemer, 1900, 1 had a
vere cold and was so hoar*(
•could not speak above ! whisper,
says Allen Davis, of
_N. Y. ''1 tried several remedies;
that I
Fi ao.irina I
1 t etsione,
. a
but got no relief until 1 Usho
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
•one bottle of which cured me. 1
will always speak a good word
for that medicine.' 5 For sale by
all druggists.
Registration Notice.
Pursuant to the requirements
of section 3615 of the annotated
code of 1892, ana chapter 51 of j
the Acts of 1894. 1, the under j
signed registrar, will upon thejria."
•GEO. BANKS, Pres't.
E. T. WILKINSON, Vlce-I'res't.
W. A. Williamson,
L. J, Farley,
R. L. Redding,
R. P. Cooke,
Statement Showing the Condition of
Hernando, DeSoto County, Miss,
On April 4, 1903.
Published by direction of Chapter 14 of the Annotated Code of 1892.
J. L. COOKE, Cashier
E. D. Lauderdale,
Paul Saunders, Admr.
Loans and discounts on personal endorse- | Capital paid in . $12,500 00
ments, real estate, or collateral Undivided profits L599 28
sécurités 823.992 78 j Individual deposits subject to check 45,618 35
■Overdrafts secured . 1,224 37
Furniture and Fixtures. 2,009 58 1 4
Expenses. 1,33 07 :
Sight exchange. 29,570 40 I
-Cash on hand.
2,781 41
59,717 61
59,717 61
Of the Above Amount of Loans and Discounts:
To Officers of the Bank. 85,200 00
I, J. L. Cooke. Cashier of the Hernando Bank of Hernando,
Miss., do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true, full and exact
statement of the assets and liabilities of said Bank on the day and
date named therein, as shown by the books of same.
J. L. Cooke, Cashier.
8» worn to and subscribed before me, a Chancery Clerk in and
for the county of DeSoto, Mississippi, this the 8th dav of April, 1903.
T. R. Maxwell, Clerk.
Examined and found correct, this 9th day of April, 1903.
_ W.<^. Cole, Auditor.
Money to Loan on Approved Collateral. Pays Interest on Time Deposits. You
Business Respectfully Solicited.
following dates visit the follow
ing voting precincts in DeSoto
county, for the purpose of regis
tering those, who bave become of
age or will be of aye by the com
ing November election. and those
who have changed precincts since
they registered; also those who
will vote at, the newly-made Mil
ler precinct, to wit:
Pleasant Hill.Monday, April 6 1903
Olive Branch.Wednesday,
Tngrams Mill.Tuesday,
Oak Grove.Monday,
Eudora .Tuesday,
* alee Cormorant.Wednesday,
Nesbitt. Tuesday,
Horn Lake.Thursday,
The registration honks
open at my office
dav of July 1903.
1903 J. D. Fogg.
3 20 6t Registrar.
Due Notice is Served.
until the 3rd ;
This March 191
" 10
" 13
" 14
" 16
" 17
" 30
" 2^
" 24
" 27
" 28
" 29
" 30
Due notice i,s hereby served on
the public generally t hat DeWitts
Witch Hazel Salve i* the only
salve on the market that is made
from the pure, unadulterated I
witch hazel. DeWitt * Witch Ha
zel Salve has cured thousands of
cases of piles that would not j
yield to anv other treatment, and
this fact has brought out many
worthless counterlits. Those!
persons who get. the genuine De
Witt's Witch Hazej Salve are'—2L
disappointed, because it;
Jagoeand Co.
Ordinance to Prohibit Assault and'
B a tt cr v !
Be it ordained by the board of mayor and
aldermen of the town of Hernando, Tnat any
one who commits an assault or assault and
cu res.
battery on
limits of
conviction _ ___ __ _
days Imprisonment or both at the discretion
of the mayor. The terms "Assault and Bat
tery" shall be construed according to the
definitions given by the statutes and decis
ions in this state.
Be it further ordained that for cause, this
ordinaace shall go into effet
its passage. Passed and
'ect from and after
approved April 7,
B. F. JONES, Mayor,
R. E. Pullin. Recorder.
cine we have ever used, for la
grippe, billious fever, and mala
thejria." 50c at E. D. Lauderdale's.
nits an assault or assault and
— b person within the corporate
( the town of Hernando, shall be
guilty of a misdemeanor and upon
on be fined not more than $100 or 30
Herbine Cures.
Fever and Ague. A dose will
usually stop a chill, a continu
ance always cures. Mrs. W M.
Stroud, Midlothian, Texas, May,
31, 1899, writes: "We have used
Herbine in our family for eight
years, und found it the best medi
(Continued from last week.)
The following roads were let
out for 1903 and 1904:
To J. H. Simpso I—If miles
first link Mt. Pleasant road No.
87 in first district at $20 per mile.
To J L. Coleman—f miles
Brocks Chapel road JSo. 73 in
first district at $20 per mile
To Bowen Lauderdale—2i
miles Lauderdale road No. 49 in
fifth district at $20 per mile, and
1st link of same road in 1st dis
trict—li miles at $20 per mile.
To S. J. Boyce—Red Banks
road No. 43 second link in 1st
district—3f miles at 20$ per mile.
To W. P, Harris - first link
Middle Holly Springs and Mem
phis road No. 70 in 1st district—
; miles at $20 per mile.
191 ToJ. A. Watson—second link
Panola road No. 3 in 5th district
—4 miles at $20 per mile.
ToJ. T Gaines—first link T.
C. Dockery road No. 100 in 5th
district—4 miles at $20 per mile.
ToJ. W, Kellv—first link VVil
liaius road Ne. 75 in 5th district—
2 miies at $20 pel* mile,
I To Andy Witherspoon—second
link Horn Lake road No 8 in 5th
district—3 miles at $20 per mile,
j To Baptist & Grey- first link
New Hope road No. 28 2nd dis
tnct—2 miles at $20per mile,
lone road No. 125 in 2nd district
are'—2L miles at $20 p?r mile
it; To J. S. Appling—first link
Hays road No. Ill in 1st district
;—mile* at $20 per mile
To C. C Buford—fourth jink
! State Line road No. 22 2nd dis
trict—H miles at $20 per mile.
*-• - - - 1
St ate Line road No. 22 in 2nd
lo A L. Ja mitt—third link
district —2 j miles a t $20 tier llllle
f i\ v li A i „ i r u»
*-U Al. A. JäCksOU, J I' ,—tll'St
link Live road No. 33 5îü dis
trict—li miles at $20 per mile.
Tp J. M Sullivan—Stone road
No 88 4th district—li miles at
$20 per mile.
To W. C. Greer—fi -st link In
dependence road No 66 ih 1st dis
taiet—If miles at $20 per mile
To J. M. Mveis—first link Red
Banks road No. 43 in 1st district
-—3 miles at $40 per mile.
To Isom Jimmerson—first link
Holly Springs road in 1st dis
trict—2 miles at $40 per mile.
To J. M. Myers—first link
Davis road No. 114 in first dis
trict—1 mile at $20 per mile.
To Don Sau I sherry*—first link
Davis road No. 114 in 2nd dis
trict—2 miles at $20 per mile.
To Orgil Clement—north part
of third link from Deans Gross
road to district line— 2i miles
and Fogg road No. 12 iu 5th dis
trict at $20 per mile
To Chas. Mathews—north part
first link Maples road from Ma
pie's place to Plum Point—3|
miles at $20 per mile.
Members were allowed mileage
and per diem.
To the Memory of Auut Patsie.
"I sometimes hold it half a sin
To put in words the grief I feel:
For words, like Nature, half reveal
And half conceal the 8041 within."
At six o'cloce ou March the
thirty-first as the .lay was closing,
a pure and noble life also closed.
Martha »S. Lackland (nee Eason)
died at the home of her nephew,
William Eason, near Wall Hill.
She was born July third eigh
teen hundred and thirty four,
near Huntsville, Ala, but at tire
age of four wus left an orphan,
and was reared by her eldest
brother, William, (father of the
above named) in the same house
in which she died, and in which
she was married titty years pgo.
At nineteen she married Dr.
Lackland, a fine and worthy gen
tleman. who lived only five or six
years and left her with two baby
girls; the younger of the two being
very delicate in a short time join
ed tier father in the belter wo 1
Aunt Patsie was now left
care for only one. Since slit
of an extremely affectionate dis
position, she centered her whole
heart upon her one child, Yen tie,
who was so sweet and gentle that
all loved her. O! what a devoted
ft "to
1 Dar
mother she was. She gave every
attention that love and money
could bring to Cousin Yentie.
But alas! This last beloved must
leave too; the dreaded disease,
consumqtion, seized this fair,
young girl in the very bloom of
Notwithstanding all these deep
and trying sot rows, Auut Patsie
neither lost faith in, God nor her
naturally bright, disposition; in
deed she seemed to think that her
mission was to help and cheer
whomsoever she came in contact,
since she was without her own
loved ones. She always looked
on the bright side of life and help
ed others lo do this. I am sure
that every one will remember her
in this light, even the humblest
colored person who knew her.
It has been long a saying in our
family that Aunt P'aisie would
never allow any one to do more
for her than she could do for
These historical facts of her
life I obtained from Papa, who is
her nephew, who loved her as if
she had been his mother, and to
whom she was ever true. But
the facts that i have given of
personal character I have first
hand for I have lo ed to be with
her all my life; since ray earliest
childhood she has been one of my
ideals of a lady; she was very kind
and generous to everyone,
"vVe have loved, We will ffilss her.
The young as well as the old
And in memory dear we'll cherish her,
Until our hearts, too, grow cold."
Essie E. Eason.
"Wealth adds to the wisdon of
the wise and to the folly of the
Walks Without Cruiches.
I was much afflicted with scia
tica, writes Ed. C.Nud, Iowaville,
Sedgwick Co., Kan., "goingabout
on crutches and suffering a deal
of pain. I was induced to take
Ballard's Snow Liniment, which
relieved me. I used 3 50o bot
tles. It is the greatest liniment
I ever used; have reccommended
it to a number of persons, all ex
press themselves as being bene
fited by it. I now walk without
crutches, able to perform a great
deal of light labor on the farm."
25c 50c and $1.00 at E. D. Laud
Wesson's Millinery.
We have just received a nice line of up
to date Easter Hats, and cordialiy invite an
inspection of them. We can save you
money in this line and will appreciate your
See our stock of White Goods, Ging
hams, Madras, and Embroideries. Also a
nice line of Spring Suitings at a reasonably
low figure. Our stock of Hosiery and Cor
sets is complete.
tlARRY G. CAMPBELL. President.
CHAS. B. HOFFA, Vice-President
ANDREW 8. BOSTWlCK. Sec'y und Treasurer
Oampbeli-Hoffa Furniture Co,
Furniture, Mattresses, Baby Buggies, Rugs
Pictures, Refrigeraters, Tattings, Etc,
o61 Main Street. Telephone 982.
Dar friends are re |u isted to mak i onr store their headquarters when in the city.
A Prominent Minister Reccommends Cham*
berlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy.
Rev, Francis J. Davidson, pas
tor of the St. Matthew Baptist
church and president of the Third
District Baptist Association,
2731 Second St, New Orleans,
writes as follows: "I have used
Chamberlain's Colic Cholera and
Diarroeha Remedy for cramps
and pains in the stomach an^
found it excellent. It is in fact
the best cramp and colic remedy
I have ever used. Also several
of my parishioneers have used it
with equally satisfactory results."
For sale by all druggists.
Jury Concerned Him Most
During a big revival a sinner
was greatly worked up. "While
the preacher was exhorting, the
sinner arose in the audience and.
with his face flushed with emotion
"Dear friends, I feel the spirit
moving me to confess what a bad
man I've been, but I can't do it
while the grand jury isin session."
"The Lord will forgive you,"
shouted the preacher.
"I know it, I know it," said the
sinner, "but He isn't on the grand
jury."—Atchison Globe.
Illinois Centra! R. R.
Great prebàMltoIis àre being made for tlie
eil at New Orleans of Veterans
and their friends on the occasion of the
United Confederate
which takes piece in New Orleans. May 19 te
22,1903 and In order that large numbers may
attend, there has been made on the Illinois
Central R. It., a
Rate of one Cent a Mile
in each dlretlon from all stations, south of
the Ohio River to New Orleans. Tickets at
tnls rate, for this occasion, will be on sale
May 16 to 21. and for trains scheduled to ar
rive in New Orleans before noon on May 2?.
They will be good for return until May 24,
and can be extended on payment of 50 cents
to June 15. Particulars of your home ticket
Division Passenger Agent, N. O.
Division Pass. Agent Louisville.
A. H. HALSON. G. P, A.. Chicago
JNO. A. SCOTT. A. G.-P. A. Memphis

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