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Two Houses Entered During Past Week
and Attempt Made to Enter Third.
Burglars are continuing their dep
redatinn in the neighborhood of Olive
The houses of two negroes, LouiB
Jones and Press Roberts, were en
tered the latter part of last week and
last Tuesday night an attempt was
made to enter the house of E. L.
Wood, who lives near old Overpark.
From the house of Louis Jones $40
was taken, and at Robert's house the
thieves secured $1.10.
The attempt to enter Mr. Wood's
house was made about 11 o'clock p.
m. while Mr. Wood was absent with
a sick neighbor. According to Mr.
Wood, Mrs. Wood was alone in a
room and heard Bomeone enter the
house, but thought it was her hus
band. Shortly after she detected the
odor of chloroform and was nearly
overcome with the fumes of the drug
when her husband returned and
frightened the burglars away. It was
thought that the chloroform was in
jected through a window or door, as
none had entered Mrs. Wood's room.
Last week while in Tennesse we
were delighted to see the nice school
buildings, but Shelby county is ahead
we suppose of any in the state.
Recently we dined where there was
a pickle dish on the table said to be
nearly a hundred years old. It was
beautiful in design, being an imita
tion of a faded oak leaf, and once be
longed to Mrs. Gillespie, of Horn
New Bethlehem School, taught by
Miss Mary Walker, observed Wash
ington's birthday last Friday with
patriotic exercises. The little folks
entertained with songs and panto
mines. The older ones with a debate.
Resolved, that "Lincoln was a greater
man than Washington" was the sub
ject. Affirmative: Mills Barbee, Sam
Hutchinson, Willie Cooper, and Fred
White. Negative: Beulah Cooper,
CAPITAL $25,000
Does a general banking, loan and col
lecion business* Acts as Trustee,
Guardian and Administrator*
Pays 3 per cent* on
Time Deposits*
R. L. Redding,
J. E. Holmes,
L. J. Farley.
J. L. Cookef
T. P. Flinn.
W A. Williamson,
Paul Saunders,
)</ )\"£/
0 Vjct'c b) o(c 5 (c M o(c q) c(c o) 6(c
A Soto
c J)o(oyo(cbh3
I ^ jpTHE one most important thing in
^ * gardening is the kind of seed you |i
0 ) 0(0
H plant* When you get ready to garden ||
If don't take any risk, buy the best* We j
If sell them and they are
o)o(o "
0)0 [c
1! — —.— —,———~—— H
We have in stock all kinds,
including seed potatoes and
onion sets* Come and look*
Dick Hutchinson, Bessie Barbee, Jeff
Dixon. The judges, Misses Ruth
Dodds and Ethel Brewer and Mr. Joe
Walker decided in favor of the nega
tive. Both sides read creditable
papers. The exercises were -closed
by fitting talks by Messrs. A. W.
White and J. W. Barbee, jr.
Some of the young people 'here at
tended a social at Mr. Ballard's last
week. Mrs. Ballard was assisted by
her sister, Miss McCargo, in receiving
the guests. The evening was delight
fully spent. The electric lights even
seemed to have a spirit of entertain
ment by giving a bright welcome to
the guests.
Bringing Him Alive.
Congressman Victor Murdock, of
Wichita district is telling this one as
the latest new story in Kansas:
A farmer hired a green man. One
of the first tasks assigned to the new
hired man was to bring into the cow
lot, dead or alive, a refractory "bull
that had broken into the corn field.
The man was given a shotgun and
told to shoot the bull if the animal
showed fight. Jauntily he went about
his task. The farmer stood at a safe
distance to watch developments.
As soon as the bull saw* the man
enter the cornfield he bolted at him,
bellowing madly. The man blazed
away with the shotgun and emptied
the load in the beast's breast. On
rushed the bull madder than ever'
The man took to his heels, with the
bull after him.
What are you doing?" screamed
the farmer at the fleeing man.
"I'm bringing him alive, sir!'
shouted the man between breaths.
Executive Committee Called.
Executive Sunday School Committee
for 4th and 5th districts will meet in
the office of Hugh Foster in Hernan
do next Monday morning at 10 o'clock
to arrange program for next 5th Sun
day convention, also select place for
W. T. Glenn, Vice President,
J. R. Tipton, Tern. Secretary.
Injured in Runaway.
Attorney E. J. Pollard, who is at
present engaged in teaching at Horn
Lake, was seriously injured by a run
away horse about two miles from that
place Wednesday. Mr. Pollard boards
about two and one-half miles from
Horn Lake and was driving home
when his horse became frightened
and ran away, throwing him from the
buggy and breaking one of his legs.
Both bones were broken just above
the ankle and one of them protruded
through the skin several inches.
He was attended by Drs. A. J.
Weissinger and A. L. Emerson and it
is thought that his foot will be saved.
Lot of sickness in this community
at this writing.
Am sorry to learn that Henry Hurt
is quite sick now.
Robert Davis Visited his cousin,
Tom Wilkerson, near Cockrum Satur
day and Sunday.
Miss Sue Davis is at the home of
her sister, Mrs. Texie Scott, who is
quite sick at this Writing.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bratton, of near
Jackson's Chapel, attended the fun
eral of Mrs. Bratton's aunt, Mrs.
Clayton, Saturday.
Miss Allie Greer,, the new assistant
teacher at Alphaba, has the mumps,
and her sister, Miss Annie, has been
teaching in her place.
The Farmers Union, just organized
at this place, was to hold a meeting
Saturday morning at 10 o'clock, but
on account of all the members not
being present, it was put off.
The remains of Mrs. Laura Clayton,
who died Friday, were laid to rest in
the Greenleaf cemetery Saturday,
Rev., Williams conducting the ser
vices. She leaves a husband and six
children to mourn her loss, besides a
host of relatives and friends.
Bashful Boy.
Meeting ol Telejfcione Managers.
Manager Van E, Potts, of the local
telephone exchange, has been notified
by General Manager Leland Hume
that a meeting of all managers of tel
ephone exchanges in Mississippi will
be held at Jackson Wednesday, March
6, to discuss questions connected with
the service, construction and exten
sion of lines in the state. Several
officers of the telephone company will
be present and members of the Rail
road Comission will be invited to ad
dress the meeting.
Subscription Renewals.
W. O. White, E. B. Nelms, G. W.
Ham, Days; R. J. Brigance, T. M.
Hudson, M. L. Perryman, Hernando;
Will Cox, Cub Lake; Mrs. J. T. Wood
ruff, Courtland; H. A. Chamberlain,
Bright: Tom Richmond, Eudora, J.
C. Davis, Horn Hake; Chas. Wilkin
son, Palestine, Aik.; Mrs. A. H. Mil
ler, Helena, Ark,"; F. A. Davis, Gold
dust, Term.; V$n W. Nail, Olive
Resolutions of Respect.
Whereas, our beloved Honorary
President, Mrs. Anna Monroe Smith,
has boon removed from our midst to
rest from the labors of a long and
beautiful life,
And, whereas, the Bedford Forrest |
Chapter U. D. (X hoars to the Ladies I
Memorial Societ.; of Hernando the
relation of a da# n tor to a mother, .
And, whereas,nt was in recognition
of past invaluable services in that
former organization that Bedford For
rest Chapter wto moved to confer
upon our beloved sister the position
of Honorary President for life; there
Resolved by Bedford Forrest Chap
ter, That we hereby give public rec
ognition to the Met that she was the
first and only president of the Ladies
Menlorail Society, which was orga
nized soon after the war, and had for
its purpose the raising of funds to
erect a monument to the Confederate
dead of DeSoto county; which work
was accomplished iq 1875, when the
monument was Erected, paid for, and
dedicated; and to the fact that it was
to toe unflagging zeal and energy of
Mrs. Smith and her associates, that
we are indebted for the simple, yet
to us, priceless shaft, which com
mgmorates the dead soldiers of De
Soto county.
Resolved, That our annals record of
her as an officer, that she was wise in
council, resourceful as to ways and
means, and always cheerful and hope
ful as to results.
Resolved, That ( while we must ever
mourn the passing of her gentle spir
it, the vacuum in piftqe of her quiet
countenace so like a benediction) her
work among ub shall bear rich fruit,
as long as the memory of her pure
and noble life, her patient long suf
fering, and her gentle goodness abides
with us.
Resolved, That we endeavor to con
sole each other and the bereaved fam
ily in this great loss, by the blessed
hope of the Resurrection morn; and
rejoice in thought that, gathered safe
in the arms of the Good Shepherd,
she is kept for that day, when we
shall again behold her flower-like
face, crowned with the halo of the
redeemed; where the beautiful life of
her gentle spirit, begun here on earth,
can unfold to perfection beneath the
fostering warmth of the Sun of Right
Resolved, That these resolutions be
spread, for a testimonial of high ap
preciation, upon the minutes of Bed
ford Forrest Cha
to be sent to the
a copy to the office of The Times-Pro
moter for publication.
pter U. D. C., a copy
bereaved family, and
Mrs. L. J. Farley,
Miss Betty Temple,
Mildred B. Banks,
Mrs. C. W. Cox and little daughter
have recovered from an attack of
Misses Maye Lee and Tavie Shan
non are visiting Miss Ida Hardin at
Mrs. J. S. Rollins was a visitor at
C. W. Cox's this week.
Mesdames J. T. Shannon and H. L.
Solomon are on the sick list this week.
Mrs. Henry Padell and little chil
dren, of Memphis, visited her sister,
Mrs. C. W. Cox, this week.
Our merchant, H. L. Solomon, while
out hunting, shot at a rabbit but
missed it, the rabbit ran, of course,
but met it death by u kuV from a cow
as it was passing by. The cow had a
truer aim than the hunter.
' pa{uBJ3 3DU03
, 'xireuoa JO oinsnaui
George P u « 'Jaiswn^swj pasn
trial at TuiY a lt SaX v/eek for the
der of Herbert t Clifton, was found
guilty and se!p$enced to be hanged.
The case has been appealed to the
supreme court.
The Times-Promoter is prepared
to print any size, style, or kind of
Candidate's Cards. The price—
$2.50 per 1,000—is reasonable. : :
CO -
, A ,
7 Some good values at 25, 30 and 35 cents* Rugs at fx
$2, 2,50, 3, and 3.50. Art Squares from $4.50 up, lx
See our 9x12 Brussel Rug at $12.50, cc
- fW
Everything in the Fur= f|
niture and Stove line. §j
Can give you a Range that JSS
we can guarantee for $25.00*
Princess Dresser (like cut) m
for $ 15, and others just as cheap gl
When in the city come to
see us and we will take pleas
ure in showing you through
whether you buy or not*
*1 5$
272-274 8. Main St.
'■ -
Granted Bail Friday and Was Released
Monday Afternoon.
H. M. Wheeler, slayer of Oscar
Wooldridge, was granted bail by
Chancellor Blount at Sardis last Fri
day. The amount of the bond was
fixed at $12,000. Wheeler was brought
here and put in jail Friday evening
and Monday his bond was approved
by Sheriff Withers and he was re
leased. The following citizens, all of
Memphis, were the sureties: Mr. and
Mrs. E. L. Bass, C, L. and H. P.
Wheeler, Max and R. Sondheimer.
This was Wheeler's third attempt
to make bail—once before Jndge
Boothe and twice before Chancellor
Blount. Failing health was the rea
son assigned for his release.
Gov. Folk Shows Missouri.
Gov. Joseph W. Folk, addressing
the retail merchants of Missouri in
convention, spoke against the mail
order business and favored advertis
ing in the town papers.
We are proud of our splendid
cities," said Mr. Folk, "and we want
them to increase in wealth and popu
lation ; we also want our country
towns to grow. We wish the city
merchants to build up, but we also
desire the country merchants to pros
per. I do no believe in the mail-order
citizen. If a place is good enough
for a man to live in and to make his
money in it is good enough for him to
spend his money in.
No merchant can succeed without
advertising in one way or another.
Patronize your town papers, build
them up, and they will build the town
up and build you up increased trade
and greater opportunities.
"Do not be afraid that business is
going to be hurt by the recent ex
posures of wrongdoing in the com
mercial world. No man who is doing
an honest business can be injured by
the light. All business will be better
for the cleansing proeess it is going
through and for the stamping out of

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