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Marshall County Republican. (Holly Springs, Miss.) 1839-18??, August 31, 1839, Image 1

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TEttMS. 4 Dollars per annum. imyaUi in advur.ce: : sub cription far 'ess tl
lo eive notice of discont inning the i ter, will l considered a new pni',f ment.
insertion, and fi'fv cents for cverv subsequent continuance. Longer idvertiem
rdered out, and charged accordingly. ALL articles of .1 personal nature, will he
companies, wi'l be changed as advertisements. Annuncia'ions of candid 'es. will '
gon will be expected ti pav the snnne whenever tilled upon OX a!i idlers an
XOUNCIXG CANDIDATES. SI 0, for State OTices 0, iVr County Oill-es
rniTi:u 4d EiiiTf:i by nfr.
E. Percy Howe?.
of tl f
mViiC tt tncui.nri J o
:l 1" I J it J'l'
1 11 e i ! vr in
We are aitthoiise I to state that Felix
H. Walker, E. of De Soto County, will
ere, if elected Judje of the Wzl Court
ot Error and Appeal, for the Northern
dhstric', composed of the counties of Tih
roingo, Tippa'i, Marshal!, D'oto. Tir.h-a,
Coihoma, Panola, Lafayette. lntotoc,
Itawamba, Monroe. Chickasaw. Yalo-
1 It sii-tan.e I mi oerons
We are authorized to anno unce UOHDSV- most intent in t : ir abu e
TIA W.AITa a ci ndi.hue f r ihe utf,. e
Probate Clerk T Jhlrhll -oi:ntj.
We are authorized lu announc KODETi'f
II. JJUCKN K R. Can. ol Clinton, us n can
iidate for the office of CtancelW of t'..
Statt, at the next F.Iec;Ion:
We are author.se to ainonne LEV!
McCROSKV. Esq as a cund duhj for t!..
Sheriffalty of Marshall Count.
Printer fee S3.
We are authorial to announce JAVCS
C. ALDERSON. E-q. as a c i.didnte for t e
dEce of Clerk of the Circuit Court of.Ma.-
hall County.
Printers fe? 65.
We are authorized to announce Alexander
i'Carufhfrs a a cmdidute for t!ie OiIk-
f Clerk of the Circui. Court.
P. inter fee S-".
ve are autnorird to announce Col
Tmniox Havik as a candidate f,,.-
Clerk of the Circuit Court of .Marshall
v ot.rity.
Prit-r fe f!o!l-rs.
Il open' n-n f I the f ''tio a'!i
tie-in-! e ! I":J v 1 ! j .1 is ( I d 1.'! tr it
irui l' !ii.tiil'iri'v ni: ot pern-.
i!in 'lC(i.rl 't - it :( ir iVlM'V:' ff
the line o ' hi- I .? , j r t it it
It iiportpi t.-itt .ri w'.i i o;poed i'
JTl :tT ! ! Ml ' v'l lir'MI III -in
ii c.-:irv ftr t::e "ni!!i- s I.
of t: e IV-
H'hanj e--, riisrountin ptoinijsry note,
rd i-uinr hiJ! whieti t Lev are Ihhhh to
I 4 L IIA i"t) OF i.Di;n;-
i m hmjitld to tub
nri j 1: of the u.js. i ci: cov.
W hri. in thec-our-e of hmn.m eient,
tt lt- uii neresary f.ir a peoph? to di--
-f l?ie !iti.il (Kinds which haveroii
- 'C d ni nith tfie lin!iini; in-:i;n-i. s
ir.i- country, and aWme to th rn-
;,.f tin jnrate and ovf'rfi'irt ron'ro
?-! ; ii f nuU, to whic t the taw-. .. st.ifp.
... r v...: .-.i .t
t i ..i- M ..tuiii fiiuiie mem, a
'.! i- r ti the o i:iioii of nnn-
ki 1 1 ,v.pi:f tin thy sho ill i!e.-!arc
t .f n tT ,j, j, i rtx-t thm to the ej
W hold the-etrtii'n o ! e fc lf-e idJHj
irr.ti p! ans have one ohject in veiw.
Uat t pun, au.I re rtidowed wit'i cer-
tmn uhts atnl privilfjre toetfect that oh
jrt. That anions: lhee are tl rerpptiou
or m..i'n on urpo-m(ucuitl in uTuitS iV
am iuini;
teii em in t-oin whenever dejn inded. At
the r.l!ectin of their debts aorordi::" to
the I:; w of t!;e- !a'uh -That to secure
thee prjvi' ees. Ciiaiters have been
oranifd fiy th-pereral and sta.e ovrrn
meiits i;h the consent ofth ;oveni.i.
That wl.fi, banks t ranee nd their ju-t and
TejL'itimate owers,and hy aio:ir.e of p!
icy endf-avi.r to .ubert"tne Jieri!es o!
the people, they are destructive of thoye
ruriioses lor which socjtv was lornu.l
antl which government uai e-ta ii,r,
tfi-epettiHierrtri then the liht ot tht
eep.'e to alter or abolish them, a l t
kiiltitute vome ther dep.i.itory for th
puh'ic funds, laying itxfotind.itiou on Mie-J
principles, and or-';mizin' it power in
such forma to them e m hum l.kelv t..
-rffect their safety, and .-.ecine a muh.
Constitutional cu rencv. It U no e ;i
duty als. whicti'he ieop!e owe n. tfiem
eves to opfx.se by all lawful and H-ace:i
b-e mer.s in their powe, al! inno.ci -
ments upn their hlwrties and l-aj p n, .
by the banks now in existence. IVudenc-indr-d,
will dictate that system- .f fi
Dance which have Ireen on;; e-f a ! I.s'. ,K
mm .
thouul not be changed for li.ht and .ran
fient caue: and nrt-ordinly all mankii !
are more di-r oed toutl'er w'hite ti e evil
are iufferable, than to hht them-elve-by
abolishing forms to which tl:ev ar
accustom d. VVhen a lonr train .f ahu
and corrnpiions, einces a itein ti
reduce the peiu ie to absolute bankiuptcv
and desiitL-m. in case the hanU i,t,Ui':
fail to maintain their assumed puweis.
and their usurpations, it is the ii !!.
- kr..r.r 11 1 inf .iutv to thro oil
such granny, and p.otide t,ew . uatd.s
for Intuie security. S,wi, has Ue"n the
patient suflVrance of theopleof ti eM,
V. . and w li 1 now the neeositv to al
ter their lormer system of Ci.anee". Ti e
litstory of the late bar.k of tl e lT s i
1 -i.Viii to'" 'ii-j j-j-i"ii;
i.i'iniie.', inxa-i.t-K 0:1 t rlx' t- of th
1 enjt'e.
ii 4 ncraiorrj in r n-r-r 1 ?..- If in !;e!i
dnt-f, a.d -i;ji'ritr t;, 'he I'i-!.iture
fCUtive power;.
It rej.t f.ntii 'rai.c'.es t manv t l'."
Ait'i s';i':m f o.Ti 'fi's To 'riri-;i;s ih
jeo !,' .(rid e it uii liic-ir s :!s:.isice.
" 1 . t ,
t iVC ..ire Mirn oi iiiniifv ii nifm
'-er-i of co!i'4fe-! f,r pretea !cd .srv rr
a- atMn'ii , ibere'uv rurin tiieir iiid:;
in cnres as luaiiy as if a Ii
.- 1 hri e h-id leeii oiven.
i. 1 1 . ...... ..r --"'
Il hems t mr,be; of congress it
!S'2 we e ?sS ,nh-: io 13147.6
tri.l in IS.M, l.)-;2-2. r.ie.c wa J
maiked uiii.'initiii in ti e prinfM-r o! inein
'ers t!.i:s ;i.r.im no.hitt-d, the hir es be-l
i 1: .Vj nd 'he iowoit 14. Di'iini: :I e
years tlie question of it- re cnai ter wt
:i:ItiieI by the people and was beloit
It refused to permit the committees so
e nn.y npmintetl by cimjiess to investii
-ate i?a'h)irs,or tu in-ect i:s books aai
It excluded the Directors, appointed b
t':e piesi.'eot an lcr nnrnie I bvthe -enatH
to wr.tcn over the interest--of theyowin
ent, fro;n any !?.ierv!sion over, parti
ffiation i i, orap.iaiutariic witiiit-. trans
It caused to le presented to conics
Ironi persons entertuininir the mo-t ran
corous hostility to a democrat. r. u'ern-l
neat, in my timu-in.ls o petitions, foj
i ". n--cu;ir:er, mi j jor tne restoration ol
ihe punPu: lexsite-; tite o!e purKvse fo-!.j.-!i
wrj'o fi 1 -tjr cjnire intii a r.ixn-
p.imce with it- w ihes. 'J'he exciteiuen:
of that pcri.);I popuiailv c i'led tlie pani,
sjou, was eid upon by the panizm,
i'i Mmi in i,4t- n.-iiiA anil us'H nv tl. em.
as a means to hria t!:e Executive into a
rlicredit, and to i.upa'r the confidence oi
the people in tl,e .errr.anency and wis
.loin of our Gov; rnment; and one distin
guished Senator pronounced in his place
that "we were i 1 the midst of a revolu
tion; another ma-V an ir llama'orv
sp ecfi on t'ie S;.l-hath in the lar-e nmL
:n-rcial city of B.ltimore, declatin,.
nio-ii; other thin.s that there were "no
S.dibaths iu llevoS-juon i-v time..
It rtfued to snrreii.b-r the 1 ruion
Itv.ks and ;.cc Hints, a.-.d tin monies ad
V'irinu.1 tt'Al..r.. ,.t- I f. - .1
-vi.ir H1.HM..1 iii:ah, lit cav Ilie
evltM .on.if y peutor)ei'.-c
It-t pir'.za s t.iieaiei ed the president
wit!: violen e, and strove To excite the
popU'aCf to the otii.ni -sioi, of a':ts t
uniiiit and hi'iMctsiii tl.
It In ii.t d ii't'i? Tf to-s '"o,-ie uwpa
per tfe i. 11 ot n.V2.C7 aidj.siii d he
I Hill H a ,:': r !..-.! tt-.S tl.l l t;..: ll:..
Eliir.s roir.i-i 14 i i t-eir ripp p-a'io:i f. r
pu;li i. tut :!ie tine widcom-'
w. i: we iil retpiite the s-iv.c ; an '
they have sine- i,i..,t fiii hfndy kept their
1 1 on n e ny a l n.-ai.n.r tii i :ti-re-i o
t e L! nk, and by hmder.rw j',,. adverse
Th- 2,,v"nm"nr !!.i a s'li k' J.iV- a-i t i 1-
rere-ci to -on; ot fi: ii i f !h wti i i..'"
il.eM.a i.f b'J. of in U. S., it wTtnj ia
!v nit!f I to ('ti fitih 1 f h n v ur. l 11 il.at
no rem.: in itf.r ri. l.if-.I 'lermiMl. .ini i-ii
in-'iTji i.m th i!i nnr v,!. Tiii- -!.in!
M "rf.i!h- !? ,' ih fact tint ti'eH;intc vis Dr. D.uviit
f.r 1 -sirU' ' fiJy vear !m- d--p..ry t,f 1 1,- j )r. To- npkin
jfiutr et-d: i.f e. f.nit f r a to ij r ti:. . i i ',,t , t if.,-,
.1 ( ii. -u. n a v.
I.e u o ltl
I i.-l; i' I'er'v' i
in r"i.r:i. lioi:e- t.i-fi"cl tli.it a r.ro:r-
... . 11
h nate u---! r'tiuPmi -ii..ut I he miih-t.inmi;r;
1 1 il l.f-ise. v. to i I.-.-. anJ f
iiuiurr 01 iPjiir.es anrl atuss tending di
rectly to to the establidimriii ..f al. .u-,
power over the peojle, and over the au
thorny of ,he general government. 'J o
.vr ...is it IactJ teut .nitted to
c'l l ft rhi.
It Ua endeavored to corrupt the free
a c;.ii
r-ar in vmlaii -n
re-..u. ih" h
ereri-o. ur.
er ueif t.'ie -ur, I.ih which reuia.ned, nut-
m. 1 1 !i'K imi i n r in -h , .Jirr m llio cT .ir.iri.in i.f '
it 1 -ho iter; for tJon'ionH fo in-orfior ted ct:n
.aiiie" to r-MW-cuie work-v't in ernal (niro'e
ti.en; fr l!.e printioj.? and ci.cuiaaoii mm
he jieotiIe o D unlimited nn ner. of the
.e.,,.es ana renrt of it irtiz.ms in Cin-
tr, I lie Mini of altJSO t'.jt the furchel
f tle jN rt!.eru. inVr;
J. Ca rut hers
Dr. Waer.
HY v:rui f n Fi, Fa. to fu iireefeJ. from
th ifo'iOTub Ciri-iii; Court uf Par-tula Cua-itv
I Hill f Ih-: Lizlivt briJ-r
t I . m . 't nt tnu f.n.rt II in llil'lj1
ll.lt HIM J Ifon.'.t - . k iJ till ... .....
, . " " ' f S.n.i;s' .uon liy the iU h cJjvot ,-t. n.x:.
'ii. 1 . iMi 1 1 t ni mn 1 ki. f.na
La a J No I. aui!ie5, U mji; 4,
rei. Le 'iod .n a t!ie Dro,ety of Neeiinu.
5vens. at tLe lustuce of Janie ls"ovn.
L. Mcwi:OSKx bii'flT.
June I2tl. 1939. 6t
iitlEiilFF SALE.
Bv Virtue of Sun Irv Executions 1
uf M-nirf f jtji to be presented totiieNvid Sell at trie C.-url thtose door on
. re-rUn, vf tha baak, (X. L!Je.) tae of j Ihe ;,fon,av of . the present month
aM.Or.nar I Forty Likely Xesnic?.
lion-. 1 r v hsre f.uii time to tune been wunj-i L. UCUiUAl , ca U. h
td of the ixxrnU aoi ftt of tLe bank of tLa j pnnters fee $1

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