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IIo!Ij;?prIngs Sli&s. June 23.
cou!d be found willing t viol ite a positive
contract end immolate the honor of the
Stale; upon the altar of A. G. McNutt to
save his sinking fortunes. The mere agita
tion of this question has already -brought
down upon us the r.nimad versions of the
press abroad, and as our State elections will
lurn upon this issue, should we decide at the
ballot box against the payment of these ob-
07" VVe are authorized to announce Dr. G. W.
SMITH, of La Mar, as a candidate for the Low
er Branch of the Legislature, at the ensuing e
lection. '
.v-:-4 i.- Ttinnnrp fVlrnpl JAMES
ili V e are aumuiix.ru - i ,. . -
M STRONG, as a candidate flrShen:i oi 3iar3uan "-.""""i c suuuiu uecoine a vye-wviu auu
cjuuiv. Election in November next. a reproach among the States of the Union.
As Gov. McNutt is adept in Locofocoism it
TO OUR PATRONS. was to be expected that he knew how to
After no little difficulty, Uiave at length beseige the peoples pockets in times of
succeeded in enabling myself to present to scarcity, and raise a rallying question to dr
the readers of this Jouanal, a paper as inde- vert the minds of the people, and behind
pendent as it is untrammelled by any consid- which to sculk from the political damnation,
eration save the principles which I have cher- that he knows is thfe sure reward of a villam-
ishedfrommy boy-hooJ. The property in ous abuse of trusts confided to him.
the materials, upon which the "Conserva- I shall yield my humble support with a
tive" was published, did not belong to me, solitary exception to the nominees of the
consequently the exertion?, necessary to the Whig Convention, held last winter at Jack,
establishment of a press upon a more perma- son. And in giving my vote for county can.
nent basis, was not used by me to that end. didates, no power shall induce Jmc to assist
My opinions on some of the leading ques- in sacrificing my friend at the shrine of par-
tiorrs of the dav, conflicted somewhat with ty, where the duties of the office is not of a
those of my more immediate friends. My political character.
situation was one of hardly better than a
c -r . ! ir rrnn ,!.n Vhif Cranston, Cravens, Gushing, 11. D. Davis,
failing to palm himself oil upon t..e M h.gs, .
he has now given the coup de grace to the senjen Fillmore, J. G. Floyd, C. A. Floyd,
most acute mortification, and placed himself Fornance, A. L. Foster, Gates, Giddings,
in the ranks of a few desperadoes, who stand , Patrick G. Goode Gordon Greig, Gustine,
, t , ,! Hall, Halsted, William S, Hastings, Henry,
o more cnance 10 gamer any oiuei uc. , 1Iowar(jt Hudson, Hunt, lngersoll, James lr-
than those accompaning another defeat, than
they have of taking wings to fly. No mat'
terwhatHogan gave forGreen,hc may rest
assured he was cheated ; for any set of men
could afford to trust him six weeks on any
question, they must be a confiding group that
cannot I oast of any great share of prudence.
O3 Who will bet that Tucker gets as ma
ny democratic votes in this county as Sh it
tuck. "Don't all speak at once."
OCf3 Our State is ceilainly fortunate in
the way of parties. Messrs Harley and Bin
jaman are tiie Whig candidates; Gwinn
and Thompson hold lorth for the Democrats,
who are opposed to the payment of Stale
Bonds, and lastly JcfT Green and Squire AIs
hury will have to represent the Quatiis.
We do not know exactlv where thev intend
The title of the paper will be changed to to hold their Congress, unles? in Tisheminga,
tenancy at will, and I could not be said to that of the " Southern Banner. " I have Qr on Boluxy Bay, or perhaps for the sake of
. I . ..nr. r . i . .i
;rWn,1pnt around. All diihcul- uu cU3e lu uuer lor "iw movement, larmei
tv bavin-, been removed to the establishment lhan 11 SUIt3 the taste of myself and lhat of
j o
of an untramelled pres.?, I again present my
self before the public, soliciting a continu
ance of that pationage which has been ex
tended to me during my connexion with
the "Conservative." But in doing so, I must
be permitted, in all matters relating to the
policy of the country, to think and speak for
There has been so much party organiza
tion and tactics of late, that the time has al
most past remembrance, when freemen could
dare to consult their own .sense of right,
without hazarding a political expulsion from
the parly which they are wont to act. We
are getting too much in the habit of looking
to head quarters for principles, sometimes
as new as they are mutable, every days" ex
perience teaches us that this is wrong, and
lends to the prostitution of those principles L.
vr .y so proudly boasted ot by our iore
.ers. In yielding my support to the pre
sent administration, I would not be under
stood as relinquihing an unalienable right of
many old friends cf the paper.
In conclusion, I can promise our friends,
that if assiduous attention to the improve
ment of the paper will render the Southern
Banner a paper worthy of patronage, it shall
engage my time und humble abilities.
charging milage thev w'H hold" forth in
Tenehah Republic of Texas, where we learn
the cholera was afiaid to go for fear of being
stolen and made property of.
opposing such measures as I shall think
comes in conflict with my principles, it is a
duty I shall regard as an ablotion to candor
and consistency.
As much has been said about my "chang
ing" my politics, I feel it a duty to reiterate,
that I have never changed my political opin
ions, nor never expect to change the.r, and
From the following dialogue which hap
pened in this place lastjweck, wc should
iudge that votes "am riz" from a quart of
whiskey to a dollars worth of sugar. One
of our countv candidates accosted a voter.
and this dialogue ensued.
Can. Where do you live ?
VoTi;it. I live in this county, near Chula-homa.
Can. When you go to cast your vo'c
T I 1 1 1 I I
or 1 Sliouiu llKe you io reuiemoui inc.
Voter. What is your name ?
Can. My name is Q .
Voter. Well, I tell vou what I'll do with
? f ..mi'll Kin mn i rlotlira tvnrlli rS
sugar, I'll vote for vou.
Can. If you are disposed to sell your
vote, it is quite cheap, but its a penitentiary
DCT3 he seen by our extracts from
Washingtou papers that the Sub-Treasury
has been repealed by the United States
Senate, by a vote of 2D to 1S-
Tne La Grange paper states that a print
ing establishment is verv much wanted at
Fort Pifkering.
OC3 e re-publish the President's mes-
ajc this week ; we desire to have it in our
columns as a record. It is not as explicit as
wc had hoped to have seen it, especially in
regard to a National Bank, and where he
treats of State Banks the President goes be
yond John Tyler ; we cannot say however
but we admire the document In the main, at
all events there is nothing in it calculated to
inspire any serious feeling of opposition in
the mind of any friend of the administration.
vin, Wm. W. Irvin, James And rew Kenne
dy, Lane, Lawrence, Linn, Liltlefield, Low
ell Robert McClellan, McKeon, Marchand,
A. Marshall, Mathiot, Mattocks, Maxwell,
Maynard, Morgan, Monow, Osborne, Par
menter, Patridge, Pendleton, Plumer, Ram
say, Benj. Randall, Alex. Randall, Randolph,
Rid way, Roosevelt, Russell, Saltonstall,
oaiiioru, oergeanijOitnonior, oiaae, omiui,
Snvder, btokeley, btratton, btuart, iC. V.
Thompson, Tillinghast, Toland, Tomhnson.
Trumbull, UnderwooJ, Van Buren. Van
Rensselaer, Wallace, Thomas W. Williams,
Winthrop, Vorke, Augustus Young, John
Young 112.
NAVS Messrs. Alford, L. W. Andrews,
Arnold, Arrinton, Atherlon, Barton, Bid
lack, Boyd, Aaron V. Brown, Milton Brown,
Burke, William Butler, WillianT O. Butler,
Green W Caldwell, P. C. Caidwall, John
Campbell, William 13. Campbell, Thomas J.
Campbell, Caruthers, Cary, Chapman, Clif
ford, Coles, Daniel, G. Davis, Wm. C, Daw
son, John B. Dawson, Dean, Deberry, East
man, J. C. Edwards, Thomas A. Foster,
Gamble, Gentry, Gen y, Gilmer, Goggin, W.
O. Goode, Graham, Green, Habersham, Har
ris, Ilouck, Hays, Holmes, Ilopkin?, Hub
bard, Iluhter, Jack, Wm. C. Johnson, John
W. Jone, Isaac B.Jones, Keim, J. P. Ken
nedy, King, A. McClellan, McKay, Mallory,
T. F. Marshall, Samson Mason, J. T. Mason.
Medill. Meriwether, Miller, Mooie, New-
haid, Nisbet, Oli-ver, Owslov, Pearce, Pick
ens, Pope, Powell, Proflit, Rayner, Reding,
Rencher, Rhett, R;ggs, Rodnev, Rogers,
Saunders, Shaw, Shepperd, Sollers, Sumly,
feteenrod, bummers, bumter, lalialerro, J.
B. Thompson, Triplett, Turney, Ward, War
ren, Washington, Watterson, Westbrook,
James W. Williams, Lewis Williams, Chris
tophcr H. Williams, -Joseph L. Williams,
Wise, Wood -101.
From the foregoing it will be seen that all
of the members from the Slave-holding Stalest
with the exception of Messrs. Bolts & Ste
wart, from Va., voted against the amend
ment of Mr. Adams. We view the rescind,
ing of the 21st rule, of the House, as con
cceding an important advantage on that
question to the North.
If Mississippi had been represented on the
floor, and the five members from Alabama
been present, the vote would have UooJ 111
against and 112 for the amendment.
cy made half AZT"
An tj:. u ' :rt,i wars out t a
the hunt after each seN i
was a war; so there xtl n J
ry's fancy, the war with ex
with Wildcat, the Wa SJun I
with Bowleg and VSfrtil
"Gone through some ex1
Mr. Van Buren's AdminW1 I
even "go through" the pvS1 k i
but left it to 1 r!n.Ji l5 TMxJ I
. .. uv leffi: ;u
The New York Express of the 7th instant
offence to buv or sell voles. exeunt omnes says : "the Custom House Commission contin
ues without any diminution of interest, and with-
03 We do not wish to be inquisitive, but out any ack Qf material. The fourth week - of
we should like to know from the "True Is- the sitting commenced this morning, and the
suV' what reason it has to suppose lhat DH piace Gf meeting has been transferred from the
avail myself of this opportunity to inform the Gwin has made a purchase of the support o1 Custom House building to one of the rooms in
gentlemen who writes from below interro- it3 neighbor "The Southron." We felt some the City Hotel. We believe that the three ! wncl:J UP his answer after this terrible fash-
gating, and threatening a withdrawal of pa- culiosity to get the Southron and satisfy our weeks to come will dcvelope as many important
tronage, &c, that were 1 to change my sen- seives as to the charges ma-ie in the True facts as the three weeks past, and sins enough
ration, "done through g V
rsf. Why, Mr. VanBu
t the effrontery to Hi M ?
Jndian hunt with the Stiirf,
oihcially informed Consre., !.ni
go. that ,1 Vt$ii
With the whole wnrM n f
several expensive whnI" A... r,e i; i
Secretary for n iKrW" n Ul uPa:l
t 'Wcfrvyal large current
It u true iiut the hie Aimt
rent pnpnr inr ... l'aild!l
Administration was dismp.-L Ll
ant and profligate. ItWj!
iat the current exdendituiu...
ed they were bentiMil.i
. i . 'u l Lie i
ot millions, in the form of TV.,',
and unliquidated balances, as j d
debt to be "defrcyed" by future AdJ
M'Lkod. Sir Allen M'Xab, the Hon S.
Elmsley, and others, citizens of Canada, were
recently requested by. M'Leodts lawyers to
testify as to what they knew in regard to
his having been engaged or not engaged in
the affair of the Caroline.. They, however
refused io testify ; placing their refusal upon
the ground that the American courts had no
right to try M'Lecd at all. Mr. Elmsley
timents, I should be but exercising a privi
lege which belongs to every freeman, and
should not, in such an event, regret the loss
of friends who would require of me a base
subserviency to any party.
I have always belonged to what is called
the States Right parly. I do not believe with
Issue, but upon perusal of the last number,
we are perfectly satisfied as to its orthor-
doxy It occupies quite as healthy position
as any Whig Journal we exchange with.
have already been discovered to sink a nation."
The Vicksburg Sentinel has hoisted this
Mr. Veu3ter, "that the general government eentleman's name as one of the Anti-bond
received its power from the people of the paving candidates. Mr. Thompson in the
United States as one nation, and not from discussion here some time since, refused to
. the people of the States, as separate indepen- let his fellow-citizens, know what position
dent States." I believe with President Ty- he occupied on that question. He certainly
ler, and other leading political economists of docs no: wish to gain all the advantages ac-
the South, on the subject of State Soverein- cruin from a newspaper reputation amon
ty. And it is to be frared that the time :s his friends, and leave it doubtful, on the
approaching when it will become necessary "stump," what his 'sentiments are in regard
for the whole of the Slave-holding States to to the payment of the Bonds. Wc shall hold
present an undivided front to protect her in- him up as on the Anti-Bond-Payin-Ticket
stitutions. I believe in a representative eov- Mr. Thompson knows very well there is
ernment, all parties should be represented, not a, hundred votes in this county foi any
tor among all parties patriots arc to be candidate who is in favor of repudiating th
found who are always ready to jeopardize State Bonds, and would be glad to have the
their lives, their fortunes and sacred honor PeoPe believe him in favor of paying the
lor their Country, a respectable minority of fctate obligations in Holly Springs, and occu
whatever political opinions, has a right to py the opposite ground in V icksburg.
rcpresentatiou in our government. The It is a species of unfairness on the part of
father of his country thought so, or he nev- Mr. Thompson which deserves censure, we
crwould have selected persons of different cou hardly expect better of Jeff Green.
sentiments to head tlie departments in his
cabinet. But if their is a party who de- DCF Thos. J. Green, a volunteer in the
serves an exception to such a rule, it is the ca f his country, (which bye-the-bv is a
official corpse of the last administration, who verv sma onei)- has gone over to the An'i-
so wantonly abused the trusts reposed in bond-payers. ' 'l
them by a cenfidmg people. jeffs inclination to go to Ccngress is so vio-
in regard to the fctate Uond question, I lent that it is an injury to his health. We
Thirty -one thousand and ninety English wo
men died in on year of consumption, snpposed,
inmost instances, to have been produced by
tight lacing.
"Executed numerous great WJ:, .
shaw I The m eat Nat onn
had for years been niakin re!.r
came to a dead halt under the but v
uuuo.i.aiiu me valuable implemen'd
saiy ior carrying it ou were ,nf
public auction for a few dollars to b V
means oi micKening the pap of the
holders. And who does not knW th.
the Administration, by its vacillating
sillanimous course, was doin iV
that could be done to embroil the uat
war with Great Britain, it left lae"
public works' necessary to thecoma
fence in time of war, t fall intouitp
and ruin! What other AdministratiJ
ever so inattentive to tho countrv'j
public woiks !"
"Paid off, instead ofhar'waula
manent debt " Well that really tra j
all we ever before heard or dreamed f
pudence. "Paid of, instead of hum I
ed3 a national debt P IVf-sideat
boasted, on retiring from the Chid
tracy, that he left the country free fit;
and the who e Loco foc; part vhaj bee
ing ever since that he did leave it f 1
deb:. Ni,w wc do want to know by w
racutous process Mr. Yaa Cjrcu A
tration contrived to pay oJa ail'.o:;:!
TRATltf.Y vr::iT i.NXO PO'.VES. "Full
stead of having created, apcrmintid
The ex-Secretary, by the use of this
seems to admit tne undeaiable fact l
Van Buren Administration did create.
but his boast ii, that it did nottreatt
manent debt." We fully' arte t
debt, which the Loeuloco AJai;a;
created, and which went on increi:i
the very close of the existence ! t
ministration, is by no means W
"permanent." If, however, it is not
ed to be "permanent," the only Kt
that the present Whig Admmbirai.
be enabled to liquidate it by tlie pra
that rigid cconohiy, which now,i
time fcr twelve vears, ii eumiua'iato
tlf llu Locofocos had euiitwued ia pu
A society oi Jews, the members of which are
all converts to Christianity, has been formed at
Llrockvillc, U. C, to assist in facilitating the re
turn of the Jews to the Holy Land.
OCT We hope the Commission Merchants of
New Orleans will have the civility, the next
time they trouble us with their circulars, to pay
the postage. Wc are not incfincd to pay for
such honors. Wc will state, however, that the
circular addressed to us, from Mr. Hughes, came
to hand, as it should, with the postage paid. It
will be found on our fourth page.
1 - t !
nave no reason to Deneve we will ever be
taxed to pay them, as the last democratic
committee of inquiry makes out the Union
Bank able to pay all of her liabilities, and if it
were necessary to levy a tax, it could hard
jy be supposed that any person of slate pride
have often heard of men changing right-about
but they always had some specious excuse
to cover their retreat. Jn this case Green
has degraded himself so low that it beggars
all description. How humiliating it must be
to his personal friends to reflect that' after
The National Gazette says : "We learn that
the mission to England has been tendered to the
Hon. John Sergeant, in a manner warmly ex
pressive of the sense entertained by the Ad
ministration of his eminent qualifications for the
the trust. Whether he will accept the appoint
ment has not yet transpired. Wo trust, how
ever, that the domestic sacrifices which he must
make in going abroad, will not influence him to
refuse an office in which he would both honor and
serve the country,"
, DCf3 On the question of striking out the
21st rule in the House of 'Representatives,
on the 7th inst., the vote stood as follows
.- YE AS Messrs. Adams, Allen, J. S. An
drews.Ayering, Babcock, Baker, Barnard,
Becson, Birdseye, Blair, Boardman, BBorden
Bolts Bowrie, Brewster, Briggs, Brockway,'
Bronson, Charles Brown, Jeremiah Brown
BurnclK Calhoun, Childs, Chittenden, J. C.
Clark, Staley lW Clarke, Clinton, Cowcn
"I have the honor to request that you will
be pleased respectfully to inform the Govern
ment which you serve, that the onlv wnv in
which I can consent to aid in the release of
Mr. 1M Leod, is m assisting to give such a
thundering rap at the door of the dungeon
where he lies iucarcerated as will at once con
vince the republicans that the demand for
the liberation of a British subject, unjustly
detained in prison, comes from the British
nation, with whom the protection ot the IHe
or liberty of a single Individual; how ever
humble," is a sacred charge, and that no con
siderations oi policy or expediency . will be
suflered for one moment to protract compli
ance with the peremtory demand for his im
mediate enlargement"
TNow we take it upon ourselves to assure
Mr. llmsley that, if he give "a thundering
rap"atthedooro M'Leod's jail, the jaile?
will, hi all probability, very politely bid him
walk in. And, if he once get in, he may
have to give a great many ..thundering raps
before he'll get out again, Lou. Jour:
The eate Secretary of the Treasury
Not long ago, a Locofoco committee, of Bos
ton, aedressed a letter .of congratulation to
Mr. Woodbury, upon his retirement ; from
office. We have not seen the ex Secretary's
reply, but the Madisonian says : , :
Mr. Woodbury stales, in his reply to this
committee, that "Government (the late ad
ministration) has gone througn some expen
sive wars, defrayed large current expendi
tures, executed numerous great public work',
extinguished Indian titles to many millions
acref oi land, paid off, instead of hav
created, a permanent debt," &c.
Crone through
Well, we do wonder what ihnt mo w
are curious to know what was, besides the
"Florida war,-so called, Mr. Van Buren's
Administration ever had upon its hands.
troe through some expensive wars " Sure
ly the ex-Secretary cannot mean the war
upon the Bank, the war upon the currency,
and the war upon the national prosperity.
Crone through some expensive wars ! The
presumption is, that the ex-Secretarv's fan-
some expensive wars1
debt would have been as "jtermauetj
everlasting hills. f
When is Mr. Woodbury' next e;f j
effbrt4o be forthcoming ( Lmw j
The American Sentinel, (opposition) j
'is proud of this masterly correspanJen: j
Government. It is full ol' power, jet j
of simplicity: It speaks the Iacguagej j
with a potency that commend it o ej j
. .t- - State oapl f
Uur Uovernment inin."-"
upon ground that U impregnable. I'
read with deep interest every wk
manifest to the Eoglish at uoasaadw
rope, how ably this Government caa
rights or our people, mac-u,
this powerful argument without fceim;
the stcorl"
Jsf 13
, ;,.,t nnd a doscrvedcoiupum'-t
paid to the Secretly of State, anJ
has been acknowledged by every w'J
of every party.
The New York Express says , I
A friend of ours famihar W
ihe McLcod aflair and with U
macy of the two Government
opinion that Mr. Webster's kUer
very ablest Stale, papers w i
from the State Depart,rarent:,fll
just rebuke of England (or thef
ence m the internal afTairs oi
the avowal that our Govern
which ever passed enactment w ' ,
interference on the part of bet c f
stated, and must transfuse tGfl.w
'ribbon to his own cheek.
We perused the letter of Mr. m
received it upon tbearrivalon itj
from the South. We P""
masterly, and we have not 6 ,
who has read it, whose fP
WUU 1 UUfc u."--
i Kit '
.... . .i.,mvcnau'fl":
letter. Mr WeDsw-fa' ' ,aici
portance to his station as - f
Department, which it has Boi jg
and which it could ne' of
timorous and rce&
minicrrafmn as that WX!" 1 j
ministration a

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