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No; HO.
1. ,
X ,eek,.t Four "'""' J Momhf.
pkriptk 0ae Dollar
f ten lines or less.j
Vi u. ch continuance. . . ... .
i - , markffl un oic
A Afl!T Hte continued until ord
rtiont on 'uc,ui
cre'J out
For State
or assum-
' office .ill be
7i?ic$5; paid down
;ri i -, . n a n
u. oo buiineis wuu ujc i
U?ZnaI Altercations will be charged double
.i! nr requirea in uii. .
;fH JaVbJ Pii U JOU WORK done at th.s
)u won delirered. -
j Meeting, 1841, will commence on the
JonJay n Octobc next.
ecpstake for two year olds, one mils
Vi50 Entrance, S50 forfeit ; to name and
.hr the first day of October.
iSweepstaKe ior two jer om.i,
l Entrance. 9iuu loneu, iu
as above.
OIE DAY Sweepstake tor tnrce jenr
i i . COiiH I'.,ir., nf.. TiO fnrfi-Mt?
1 1 o mile ieais, i-"" "
and close as a Dov e.
i?Awnstake lor three yearoids, nine neau-,
- i
nuance, $50 for'eit; to name and close
,ve. In each and every stake tliree or
entries nece5sn y to make a race
,vrny Jotkev-ciub l'jrse, two mite
y CkibPur-e, thre r L-ax.
iev Club Pur.se, four mil heals.
jrietcr's Purte: best three in five, mile
te have had no Meeting of the Jockey
Members, during the present summer, the
:,t fur the several Purses cannot be cer-
jtated but will all be highly respectable,
hung up on each day at the stand in good
Ty gprirgs July 25ih 1641. lfttdr.
A List - of Letters
REMAINING in the post office at Holly Springs
on the 1st July, 1841, which, if not taken oat
within ihree months, will be sent to the General
Post Office as dead letters.
A Hippie Henry
Abston Joshua Col Humbles Leroy Col
Alexandria Mr Hill Allen A 2
Allen John Harris Willis R
Butter Joseph T Hill A L
R Hi i 1 Ja.ies
Huk'7 Thos W Esq I f e inbleton John T
R.jcki.aii'n Rev Eesj R Htirh Willhm
Braj ter Jir6 Francis -I Huil () Spencer
jaruartfe cf authority given me, b
rtue of a deed of trust made DV Jarnes
, to ire, for the - purpose of securing Wm.
.forliabiliticMncurtd by htm; as sccuruy
tdJame Davis. I shall Oi tne isi aay n
ary IS42 at the Court House dot r,in in
f Ho!iv SpHngs. offer at public sale, all
other property, therein
bidder fur cash, bemp
rS d( and Land lying in
iatl. rrtjntics. Reference is
n tV trt'd -nrl mw of record in Mar-
xiaiy for a more particular discretion ot
vw rtv. 1 will make such title onl to
r perty as is veBted in me. T,r,.T
Boyt Amos
Bridges Henry Esq
Barker Henry Eso
Baty Alfred or James
Baity James
Belew Harvey S
Brigs John Esq
Bri't Wan en
Barber Elisha
By rn Citizen
Brown Gcorce W"
Britt Pat M "
Bux Meredith
Burton Virginia
Benton R
Barker Rev G
Brun Jno
Barker Jno D
Crisp Jno H
Cobb Rich'd
Cooper John
Coleman Tho
Ccfar Klisha
Cnwder Jackson
Clam J G
Carter II R Esq
Chandler Mrs Irvey
Carrol Nuel W
Chambers N Esq
Clark Rich? rd H
Cantrell John
Crowder Jacksoa
Collinsworth A D
Cemel Jno II Eeq
Carter Jno il
Camel S M
- D
IV a 1 it'ii 31 r G P
BuiKrry J Q
Dupree Edmund
Davis Charles 2
Davis Jno S 2
Ellis W II
Eliis Elizabe'h P
England John
Fow'.er JMr
Fuller Daniel
Fuller John
Fowler R O
Fuller Ellirjrer
Fowl r Matilda .
Fitch Thomas
Faw Mrs Jane
Fitzcerald Gisborn
o-j 'blGib, 1541.
Jo e John P
Johnsrn Wm Esq
Johnson Samuel
Jones Eliza Mitt
Irby Susanna 2
Jones 1 hora&s
Ivey Jerry
Jackson Samuel
Ijwin O B Doct
Jonei Welding 2
King M r Carpenter
Kom Thos T
Kelly James
Kmdritk Allen 3
Lotin Strpben
Lea Sarah I
Lowery James
Logan Sarah Ana
Miller James
Marr G W II
Manely George C
Miller Genl W B
Means William
Morris G W !.
Mu-.grave Thomas
JI.-irganTlnnss J 2
Mib h a Moms G
Mirclit-1 lather
MouKon B
Maguire Patrick
Martin Root
N & O
siion U A Col
Nevcl Jesse Emj
Outlaw Joseph 13
Peters James Ca;t
Pickering Joseph 2
Pojie W 'Uiam
Patiidg E P
l'a'.trm lrs
Proi.iewski A
Reveal Little
liiichev Milton C
Rice S C
Rogers Joshua Cipt
Smttrney DH
Saffan ens Daniel
Smith John E 3
Smith John S
fchannon James
Shull John
Serrell Henry
Smi'h A L
Smit'i John
Slifltou Co'la A
Simoi.s W estern
Stants iss Alary
Tatlor W II ,
TuibetiUe John W S - -Thornton
Henry 1) 2
FraTis Joseph uev
..r ... II 11 1 1
tloiuueojg s, 0pkm.JohG
. Tnllrr Gilbert
v . .1 U
liidcon Amanua m.
Gipson William 2
Gower Z L
Gtjodinan Jo eph Eq
Geddis Mr
Gould C C
Humphreys Montgomery Williaras George
. Tk ' 1 1 . h Ann
Harris Doctor r m o....--.
Henderson Alexander Walk-pWn
lankins attorney at Samnt;,
Vance Sanrnal
Varrnder amuel
Yauzhii Joh:i
Warren Elard2
Whiteside 11 S
Walker Ed
vl nniinniPTO
(.arrii JohnEH
Hardin Ar.i; il
Henderson W li
iU U-xavI Sheininn -liuwery
Mo!.ai:vl .vtm;'
lUfCav.av Ai.a-is
Haltom L W
jf. B. Persons callinS
July S6.1M1-
Cri Tl ir.furm the rublie that they have re-
rrwA rthp Stnrft adioimn? the ' union
.rCrrt'" That thev have received, and
o constantly on hand, a larjreand complete
Ferfumprv. Surgical Instrument, etc. etc.
? cfWh t'hv intend to tell for CASH, at
fHcrthancin be purchased at any other I in tue u.
fatheSouth. Particul-r attention paid to sidencc,
t.; j ..f Phvciruns orders I iwunt . t .i.ifi c'1
Holly cp"u',
ill s James Esq
Wi!s .. J U
Y?ara V.' V
Yuunr J'ei-h T
leOuKy M hew
McPherwii J 11
for letters will idease say "ad
-a -TE T. LYMAN'S Schccl for YounffLadie
"ffin.ercfp-v'liUc-e li .ited to
ptrics and puuing up of Physicians
I Holly Springs. April. 1841.
JV"OTICE. All persons in any manner interest
i. 1 ed in the lands, tenements and hereditaments
of John B. More, dee'd, will take notice that I
shall apply to the Probate court of Marshall coun
ty, on the first day of the October term, 1841, of
said court, for an order to sell the following tracts
and parcels of lands, 6f,which said Moore died
seized: to wit: Section 2D, section 32, and the
south half of section 1, except two acres sold to
a. n. Mayer, in township 4, range 2 of the Chick
asaw cession, west of jhais maredian, and then
and thero show cause, if they have any. why said
lands si. all not be bold in order to a division.
L. R. GUY, Ex'r. of
August 6-18T6t. J. B. Moore, dee'd.
BLANK B'JOKS, Pen-knifes, Quills,-Slates,
Letter paper, and School Books, a new assort
ment, j ust received and for sale at
L. CAGE &. CO.
Holly Springs, July 16.
From the (Jackson.) Sooihron.
Reply of Hope & Cd., of Amsterdam to
'Gov. McNutt's to tiiem, JrLY 13, 1S41.
To the Governo- of the State of Mississippi:
We have the honor to acknowledge the re
ceipt, in due time, of your Excellenza's an
swer, of the 13th July, ultimo, to our note
of the22l of May, preceding, demanding the
payment of the interest which is in arrear on
the bonds held by us which Were issued by
your State on account of the Uni n Bank
together with the copies ot the journal ol
your legislature for the years 1840 and '41.
1 he purpose of your Highness, in forward-'
ng the latteri we cannot readily divine, un
ess to evince in your State how lightly are
regarded, even by its Chief Magistrate, the
obligations of honor and truth. You aver
that the State will not pay those bonds, or
the inierest c ue or to become due thereon."
Phe legislature make a precisely opposite
ajscnion. lou win paiaon us u in so aei-
icate a conjecture we are inclined to credit
tiie more numerous department oi yourGov-
oi anient. Vie are therefore disposed to re
ft!. is most extraordinary document as ex
cessive of your individual views, rather than
those of the State or the people.
Regarded in this point ot view, we shall
attempt to demonstrate that you, sir, should
be the last man in the State to anticipate such
a decision, or to vindicate it, when made.
We think this manifest from your entire fail
ure to defend your course on this Subject in
your message to the Legislature of this year,
vetoing the resolutions adopted by luem in
favor of the payment of these bonds. It is
nroi'er that we notice, that you admit your
approval of the laws under wit ch these bonds
were made and sold, and place tne ueiehce
of the State on the ground that i hey were
sold at les than their par,mlii&, contrary to
. . .. .. i ' i
the provisions oi tnose laws, iou seem io
admit that it became you to protest against
the sale at an earlier period than January ot
the current year some two years and a half
alter the sale and after, too, it had become
obv.ous to all men that the Slate would in
cut a considerable loss from her partnership
with the Union Bank. Accordingly, ou say
in ur letter to us, that when you ascertain
ed in Januaiy, 1S39, the terms on which the
sale had been made, you communicate them
to the legislature, and denounced the sale as
iileal." In your veto message, you quote
.lis terms oi tnis denunciation as loliovvs:
1 in- commissioners, in the sale ot the bonds.
rxco'dcti i .eir insiiuciions, uui uo uuuui oo-
ui.i.eJ as much for them as could have been
had at the lime of the sale. An anx ousde
oire to plice tne ba ;k into speedy operation
was certainly commendable, but at the sama
time, no violation of the charier should have
been sanctioned." Is your Highness serious
in pronouncing this a "denunciation of the
salt! in due season?" Do you regard u as m
volvi.ig a protest againt the liability of the
ate to iav the bonds, or as a can ou uic ic
-Uiatuie to eniersuc.ii piott si? To denounce
is ,4io proclaim with a threat.?' Saociion-
o :ar trom
il!Ufe I? . l?J: operates ju,t as rn.ch on o.r rights a, vour
7u 6 . ,eg,siaiure l? inspect, denunciation of IS39 d
the ariairi of the Bank, atnon? the arguments
employed byyou, you urge that "the faith of
me oiaie is pledged tor the ,whoie capital
stock, and the property of all her citizens may
hereafter be taxed to make up its losses and
defalcations." Having thus, not only by
silence, but in express language, recognized
the validity of the bonds, and the right ot
the holders to demand their payment of the
State how far it became you, of all men, to
nsurp the province of your legislature, and
pronounce that "the Slate never will pay the
live millions of Slate bonds issued in June,
1S3S, or any portion of the interest due or
to become duo thereon," we submit as a ques
tion of taste merely, to be decided by those
whose suffrages have placed you in the high
position which you now occupy. We would
hav.'expecled thai it would have been suffi
ciently unpleasant to you, sir, to act as the
organ of the State in making the only com
municaiion which the facts warranted, that
'ao provision had been made bv the legisla
tive department for the payment of the intei
est." We would even venture to ask, sir,
how you dare to assert that Mississippi wili
not redeem her pledged faith? for, we per
ceive from a copy of the Gazette of State,
entitled "The Mississippian," forwarded to us
by our Aew York correspondent, that you
have had the temerity to publish our corres
pondence. We hope you will do us thejus
lice to order this to be published in the same
paper. We are apprized by this same veto
message of yours, that in your elevated of
fice, your partisan feelings predominate over
every other c ns:deration. From other sour
ces we have learneji that the party with
which you have heretofore acted, having sus
tained a signal defeat last fall, were resusci
es on oir on 'ieo-
ces? You urge that the bonds wr. fhh vr.
ed by you as escrows, thai i?, as incomplete
or imperfect instruments, (a queer idea this,' '
of delivering escrows to commissioners, to be
carried out of the State and sold,) and thaC
they were not to become complete until af
ter their sale and recipt of their par value.
Then, if ever thev were completed, it wasia
Philadelphia, and that must be the pace of
the contract. But that is not all; if you will
look a little further into the lex hv:i, you will
find that "a contract made in one paco; :o'
bee executed in another, is governed bv the
law of the lattc." We repeat that we do
not conceive that the lex loci or fori, has anv
thing to do with our rights, which Mroull b
precisely the same, whether the contract was
made in Jackson or Amsterdam. But we
are using yourwn weapons, and you can .,
not object that they are poisoned. The place
at.which these bonds were to be executed,
that is paid, is London.
" But, sir; if you are sustained in every po.
sition .which you assume, even in that which"
is assured of any, and which we have just
demolished and if even, the bonds are not
ihe. bonds of the State, still is she clearly
bound to refund the monsy advanced upon thornj
with interest. You admit thai the monej- was
received by citizens of Mississippi and wo have
already shown from Grotius, that the law of re
prisal extends ewen to debts duo from the citi
zens or subjects of one nation to those of anoth
er. The whole people of a State ard consider
ed as composing one body politic. Each individ
ual is a member of the body, aui the whole are
liable for the acts of each. You seem to have
paid little attention ti international law, but must
have encountered frequent recogni.ions of this
principle in your historical researches. It 'is
true, that incases of contract, it is rtrelv resor-
' 5
t i
(S, i
?hS valuable plan- ff,7p
l:FIim Bi.nl,.;nn fnr Tf. Ivinir in Mar
.imin T;iwnshi o 4. hange o.
i owl iui . --i . i ffn
i. ---iuu i uiu iroui - .
iterAi.nA , iirh taie of improve
f-aderin excedent fence, with a double log
MnDin .:.k .11 rv otil-hcuses, an
well ia the yard. Also, 60 or TO head of
n. t ti,o nnprsie-ned or to JJavid
Dargaii Sc Walter
Y V the counties
reyvur - Feder&1 courl at
tind Appals
Pontotoc ,. . MUftissinDi.
Office at Houy
m r m i no ni n juuivi " "
ILL pracuce rontotoc.the
cf w' t : -u nnnrt nf Errors
C..rPvCourt at Uxtora.me
ed, mt uhs'coiifirmed, ratified."
iPrines Feb. 19. 1841.
Job Printing
A venerable authoress, in one of her earliest
that DroDriety istoa woman
nllD lCalluua, . . ' . .1
ire ;.N
what it h is been saia acuo.. -.nd
second and third essential: that propne-
Rim... .-m,,,.: v-.,. , hrebv " .u in which the lines oi outy ana
-iottaWui.-.,T;::- ; iy Ufo-tho character, what
".that on the VSd day oi nuci i am,a
Tt m . t It ..r( taiB I
,j"rro!)atfc court ot luarsnnu v " nropo
!;ssi?pi, cranted letters testimentery 10
m as executor of the last will ana ies.
Jtmo.n ni... aa nnfl ha was then DV
mj. ilia li, uoo v ...
it duly qualified as such executor. AU
0inir elaima sirainet the estate of said
m "i . o - - wm
0. t 1 . tn fxniOiW mr I linn
c - "ii. art rw v iruunv- . . 1 1 . ir r r f iniiaiivus
S.V Jndersined 'withinAhe time Umitea never Ksn- incompatibl
r:.T l,at 0me will be barred. their . WoneV
ca; i;.; ,- ISAAC 1 I ?wa . ' ITva forwardness to
Scotch Snuff;
ability meet: and is to the character, what
; ta the ficure, and to the attuude.
Pro'nV etv" thus characterized, is the union of
iropriei). womau.by which he:
ever,. 'a manors are influenced under every
conauci a..c avor jp;rpg - d.,v:a.
. a Krnnriri v
Circumswuc. ' v Roietv.'and
from any oi me -
7 - whih fpnm
e with its
. . - .1 :4.ttrronf nt anv
. . iMitiannrs: cue iijci u iii-"- J
l1inlT;;r, our conduct .0 o.bcrs may te
ruflunced.ar. aU equally unknown to propn.
calling ir.i ihe le risiature to denounce
sale, vou mention it as havinn been already
sanctioned." If we might be permitted to
inquire into the motives which dictated this
Dart of vour message of 1839, we would haz
ard the conjecture that they were a desire to
mamlest your legal accumen; your aisposi
j f ..if .il.
Hon to see that the laws be iaiimuiiy eu
led," and iossib'y an inclination to reflec
.... a m . i
,mnn ilia dird.'lnrv n thft bank. JO ineiil
UL'Vll blV W v
wepresume you ailude as navmg -uiuiy
desired lo place the Lank mio speedy opera-
lion, and as having Sanctioned' the viola
tion of the charter; In the strongest po.nt
of view, it could be regarded only as an ad
monition to the commissioners w no soiu me
bonds, and the directors who appioved tne
sale, lo be more regardful of the law in fu
ture: and they must have had lime taste ir
courl favor, it they Cid not nno moie io hu
from commendation, than to fear from the
censure of vour Highness. 1 hat your Jx-
mIImm. n this nassaire.didnoi mean wyio-
test against U;e sale oi me douus as mca:,
and conveying no right to the purchaser to
demand their payment of the State, we will
thAr nnH still more conclusive evi-
J a. than oTnnsilioit of phraseology, which
o,fm;t i not remarkable for clearness and
oerspicuity. We will quote from your mcs-
. . i I I .' . I I . . . . ' " J
lau u oy some vmage enuor, wwnom even ted to in practice; but ours is a case in which
you, sir, play a ubordmale part, and who is, the propriety of evoking it from its dormant
in lact, the dictator ot "the party," by start- state would be questioned by no one: for, wead-
ing ihe validity of the bonds. Oq ihis, we vanced our money upon bonds having the Great
understand, the pending elections are likely a l)ie State attached to them, and which
to turn, to influence which, we presume, the ere believed by us and all men, to be State
argumentative part of your lettei was writ- ecu-res; , lf! you will examine and reflect on
ten. Itcould have been with no view of an e;pnnciplef it will go far to relieve you from
adjustment of the controversy, for you have i?! assist your
J , . , , J J . Hignn?ss, ana in requital of your kindness in
no au honty to conclude any arrangement, forwarding to us the joaroals i 1340 and '41
It could not have been as a manifesto to the xve herewith transmit to the care of our aont
world, setting forth the grounds on which in Arew York, a copy of Grotius, one or Vattel,
Mississippi repudiated her debt, for she has :.ndone of Puftendorf.
taken no such degrading step. You state that "those bonds were not sold in .
We will proceed to a brief notice of your accordance with the Constitution and law of
Exceilenza's logic, so far only as it bears on Mississippi," and qote from th-3 constitution a
our rights as assignees, of the first purcha- provision prescribing the moda in vhich the
sers, premising, that to us it exhibits a sort faith o?" the State" may be pledged; but neither
of acQlnen forwhici tiirjuris consults of our ta ou' cnmmuaicauon. w us nor in your.vetft
minor courts of Amsterdam are remarkable "B f " Ju .ttllBrar' lo f.ltt?er m
1 , . . , . the sate or execution, any lncompttibihtv with
the Dractice in which is said to contract as I i j j . v
u , P . , ,.n. . v the constitution. Indeed, notwithstanding the
mucn as U snarpens u,e iuic..6tu A"F'C- clearness and force of your Excellenza's To2ic
dicate your position that we, as assignees, are we confess our stupidity in being wholly unable
uujc-l icj o.uj uwiv..-v, .. ...w.. ..w . lo conceive now any irregularity or illegality. in
been made against the first purchasers, on a the sale can affect the validity of the thmf?sold.
statute of Mississippi, and the principle of It might affect the title of tho pirchase coni-
lex loci. You appeal to our knowledge ol zant of such irregularity.
commercial law to sustain, l ou do not seem We are duly sensible of your Excellenza's
to awaro that 'he lex mercatolia is of two condescension, in offering to forward to us such
kinds municipal and international. The other documents as we may desire." and, as oar
former regulating the internal trade of the pursuits are strictly commercial, and we have
State, between citizen and citizen, or quasi no leisure to devote to the cultivation of an ac:.
ci-izens or subject; the latter the external . j-. -ga..a,
trade or the commercial intercourse between ... V 7.rr , " J
"i jC.ul ucw" r j a- .o. . Highness, we limit our tax on your time and lib-
the citizens or subjects .of different Slates.- a mefe . j a3 q1
It is in this distinction that the principle of of esroW30rscroii3in your market. VVe have
lex loci and lex fori had its origin. Where a a heavy slock oa hand, and should be pleased to
State contracts with another Stale, its citi- consign acargoto your Excellenza. . V
zens or subjects, is the contract construable, We have only further to request, that you
or its validity determinable by the laws oi wjn merge your partisanship into patriotism
eilher? VVe say no: but by a law common forget that you are a democrat and recollect that
lo DOth the law of nations. What forum you are a Governor: as you assumed the dicta
has iurisdiction of such a contract? None: tor, act the father, and admonish the people of
then the question of lex loci or lex fori does Mississippi that their refusal to pay their debts
notarise. This doctrine is not applicable to will be disastrous only to themselves: Teach
he contracts of the sovereign only, but to them in the terms of the homely adage, that
ttie coniracis oi iuo a b V. . "honesty is the best policy." For ourse ves, we
the contracts of the citizens or subjects ol thatw long as the Atlantic continuei to
different States.all of which we will proceed biar annually Oupon its bosom cotton of vour
to prove by quotations Irom vatiei and uro- Stale to tne value of fifteen millions, wo have
tius: . nothing to apprehend from the corruption of its
"The conventions and. contt acts made by citzengor their ruiers.
ihe sovereign with private persons who are - vve have tne honor to subscribe ourselves',
foreigners, in his quality of sovereign, and , Your obedient servant, -V
in the name of the State, follow the rules we Hope d Co.
have given in respect to public treaties. If His ExUenza A. G- McNutt, Gown-Chief of
the private person who has treated with the lhe Army and Nivy of Mississippi.' '
; t.; snbiect. the right is also ' V
much the same, but there is a dtnerence in yuu. v m. .nflubw .
the manner of decing the controversy, wnicn DLTir. naney, oue oi-iue mg canaia-
mav arise from the contract. I lie private ates lor uongress, accwuing ia puutic notice.
of 1340, aflei you had had 'time thor
lv to investigate this subject, and to pre
i,oin .riHW.t'of the Stale, is oblig- addressed the voters of Lowndes county nn
ed to submit his pretensions to the establish- Monday the 16th instant at this place. - Mrx
ed courts of justice. Law oi nations, o. iianey is a piaaiei, auu aiuS cogagea oui
II ch xiv p'299 little in the politics of this State, has not yet
Vide Grolius, B. Ill, ch. ii, p. 446: - What- become extensively known, but we take great
soever debts any civil society shall contract, pleasure in stating that h.s address gave uni-
eirher primarily bv themselves, or be engag- versal satisfaction to oji friends who heard
ed for, bv not renderingto otners mai wnicn i heard it. inneea, consiaenng inat ne is not
U their riht, all the goods, ootn corporeal a proiessionai nrtu, im nas oai oeen in me
incorporeal, or mose uiui ore suujeui ccjnauii 'i jjuuiiv--cmii, no wcib uiosi a-
OCietV snail De llaoic auu iiauu uuuuu i irjccauij 3Uijm,- j ccjr iutiiui.iiiu ui
" Vide aiSO Id. as 10 me language, wie grauciui uueot: ui ins siyie
manner of coercing payment: "This right is and tbe forcible manner in which he. treated
enforced by reprisals or a violent seizure and the subjectsthat came within the tange of
detention of each other's goods, and extends his speech, and we most cordially recom-i
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