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British battleship Goliath which vbb torpedoed and sunk in the Dardanelles, several hundred lives being lost.
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Some of the battleships of the Atlantic fleet photographed as they entered New York harbor for the annual
review by the president.
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Vice-President, 8pekmg at Jackson,
Dsclares American People Fully
Indorse His Action in Lutl
tania Matter.
Because of misunderstanding of
rules to be followed in grading towns
In the recent "cleanest town" con
test, those in charge of the contest an
nounce that In the majority of In
stances the Inspections will be made
over again, this time by Dr. Willie
Walley, state sanitary .Inspector, and
Dr. W. S. Leathers, state health offi
cer. Vice-President Delivers Address.
In the course of his address here.
May 14, on "National Tendencies,
Thomas R. Marshall, vice-president of
the United States, paid a loyal tribute
to President Wilson. He alluded only
briefly to the Lusltania tragedy and
to the United States note to Germany.
He declared that the American people
would indorse the president's position
fully and heartily. Mr. Marshall was
Introduced by Senator John Sharp
During his stay here the vice-pres
ident and Mrs. Marshall and Senator
Williams were entertained at dinner
by Gov. and Mrs. Brewer.
Happening When Man From the Front
Explains Things to His
Fair Charmer.
"Oh, Mr. Hero. I'm so glad to r-
you saftly back from the war. Pit
risht down and tell nie ail about It.
I'm awfully Interested. Wasn't It sim
ply terrible over there? And did you
really live In the trenches fur we?ks
at a time with shot and shell scream
ing all around you? I don't see how
you could stand It. Were you ever hit
by one of those forty-two centimeter
guns? I mean by the bullet, of course;
not by the gun. But. then, of course,
you weren't, or you'd have your arm
tn a sling or something. Who do you
think Is going to win? I suppose I
shouldn't ask you that, though. You
soldiers are not allowed to tell mili
tary secrets, are you? Did you ever
really kill a man yourself, or don't
you know? My uncle, who was In the
Spanish war, cays you never can tell
whether it's your bullet or somebody
else's that hits the enemy. I Bhould
think that would be awfully annoying
Not that you want to know that you'd
killed a man, but still you'd like to
know whether you're wasting your am
munition or not Oh, must you go so
soon? I wish you could stay longer.
I've been so Interested R hearing your
aiveutures. Call again soon, won't
you, Good-by."
o'ored Cit zen Knew H s t.v - - ca
tion nd the Job Was Hi as a
Matter ef Court.
Oliver O. Agler, lately d..-r-a"(1, is4
occasion to go to a hardwood lun.i,.-r
ard at Cairo, where he and Fred v..
'pham were in susinf-os. The B. (-;
ad caused some annoyance by d- ',
ltlng mud from the Ohio and Mi-:-
ippt rivers on the planks In ttorat;.
Mr. Agler was not long in conven
ing a crew of neirroes to wash U;
soiled stock. Various o:;- s were as-
Igncd to hold the planks and Ultra
was a Job for one man to Bum i .
Who is going to take charge ot
the hose?" asked the proprietor.
A long black man uncoiled himself.
Ah reckon Ah's de waihinest niggah
aroun here, ne saia ana ce ijum
Will Stop Noisy Auto.
Owners of automoBIles in Jackson
who run their cars with mufflers open
will In the future feel the heavy hand
of the law, for under an order re
cently Issued by Mayor S. J. Taylor
to Chief of Police Sam Nunnery, every
offender Is to be arrested for violating
an existing ordinance against suck
First Wedding at Capitol.
All sorts of events have transpired
In Mississippi's million dollar capltol
building since its dedication twelve
years ago, but the first wedding cere
mony to occur within Its walls took
place May 12, when Dr. F. U Sandlfer,
a druggist at Braxton, and Miss Llllie
Meuse of D'lo were married. The
ceremony was performed In the Hall
of Fame by Justice of the Peacr
A Quibble.
John B. Stanchfleld, the lawyer, was
discussing in an Interview in New
York the case of his client, Harry
'But objections like that," said Mr.
Stanchfleld, "are mere. Quibbles. They
have no real bearing on the case. Like
the farmer's wife, they only confuse
and embroil matters.
"A sickly fanner said to his husky
wife one spring morning:
' 'I see by the papers that a woman
down Paint Rock way goes out every
morning and hoes with her husband.
"Well what of it?' the wife an
swered. 'She could do it easily enough
he's as thin as you are. I've often
thought of using you to peel potatoes
with.' "
A Difference.
"Hello, old man. I haven't seen
you since we went to school together.
I hope Fortune has smiled on you.
"You might call it that. She's given
me the horse laugh many a time."
"You shouldn't be dissatisfied. Look
at all you have."
"Yes, but look at all I haven't."
When we attempt to climb it seems
that some ladders of fame are longer
than others.
His Own Windows.
A woman had been arretted for
throwing stones through the windows
of a building on Pacific avenue and
her lawyer, "IndSernatlon" Jones, bad
applied to Judge Goggin for a writ of
habeas corpus.
had been recited
Judge Goggin ex
What number diJ
After the facts
without comment.
'Hold on there.
you say that was?"
"That's my property. I'll pay the
fine myself, but don't break the win
dows again."
Brothera In Misfortune.
The first baseman had lust beea
carried od the diamond with a
sprained wrist and a dislocated shoulder.
On the way to the hospital the am-
ulance stopped to pick up a Janitor
who had fallen downstairs.
"We meet quite by accident," said
the ball player. "I am a first base
man." "And I," said the Janitor, "am a first
basement man."
"Dudley makes me tired. He's al
ways bragging about his ancestors."
"Oh, well, there's one consolation.
His descendants will never brag about
Only a bachelor knows that it's the
easiest thing in the world to manage,
a wife.
A Becond arrow from Cupid's bow
quickly heals the wound made by th
The more cents her husband has th
less sense the average woman has la
money matters.
New York state nautical school ship St. Thomas as she started for the
Island of St Thomas on the first lap of her 15,000-mile voyage.
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During the recent elections in Japan the banners put up by the various
candidates in Tokyo were so numerous that in the vicinity of th polling
places they Interfered street tra'I'.c.
Mrs. A. D. Canfield, mayor of War
ren, 111., Is the first woman to be
elected to that position In any Illinois
city. She is a widow, seventy-four
years old and conducts a millinery
shop. She has promised to put an
end to pool rooms, gambling and thf
liquor traffic In Warren.
Are There Private Armies?
It is illegal to have an army of your
own, but the law winks at private
armies In one or two cases.
The duke of Atholl had for they
have now gone to the great war a pri
vate army of 200 men, and has often
provided guards of honor for King
George from their ranks. In fact,
Queen Victoria once reviewed this pri
vate army. The duke of Atholl's pro
vate army Is for its slie the finest body
of soldlors in the world, all over six
feet in height, sturdy Scotsmen picked
from the fittest of the fit.
The duke of Fife also kept a pri
vate army which numbered a hundred
men, who were armed with huge pikes
exactly as the soldiers were armed
centuries ago.
The Stuart Archers and the Farqu-
barson Clansmen are two other private
armies of which Scotland can boast.
The marquises of Donegal, too, hav
for hundreds ot years kept a prlvat
army. Pearson's.
Sever Training.
"What I admire about IHlthers
his quiet self-possession."
"He acquired that in the last few
"In what way?"
"Iiy sitting in the audience while
his wife made speeches on woman
Returned to Serve Sentence.
Bob White, a young white man, hak
been brought over from Vicksburg and
transferred to the Rankin state farm
to resume his penal sentence. It is
claimed that he violated the condl
Hons of a pardon granted.
White was sent up from Warren
county to serve a five-year term for
manslaughter, and had completed one
year of his term at the time pardon
was granted.
Trial Called Third Time.
The oft-tried damage suit ot Mrs.
Elsie Woodruff, widow of J. H. Wood
ruff, against t!ve Yazoo & Mississippi
Valley Railroad company to recover
$25,000 claimed to be rightfully due
her on account of the death of Wood
ruff while In the service of the com
pany, was begun here In the United
States court May 12. This Is the third
time that the case has been called in
this division of the federal court.
Grown-In-Mlsslsslppl Convention.
John F. McKay of the Agricultural
and Mechanical college farm extension
department has completed arrange
ments for a meeting to be held here
June 10 In connection with the "Grown-
in-Misslsstppl" convention. Transpor
tation and market facilities of rail
ways and express companies will bl
Prevented Delivery; Is Pardoned.
For the reason that he was active
in frustrating a plot formed by a num
ber of fellow-convicts on the Sun
flower farm, by which they expected
to escape. Seaborn Knight, a Warren
county negro, who was serving a long
term, on the recommendation of the
prison trustees, has been granted a
meritorious discharge by the governor.
Gov. Brewer has also granted a par
don for Charles T. Bishop, white, who
was sentenced from Sunflower county
in September, 1909, to a life term for
murder. Bishop was tried for the kill
ing of the man whom he suspected
of breaking up his home life, and was
first sentenced to be hung, which was
reversed by the supreme court, and at
the second trial he was convicted and
given a life sentence.
Mothers' Congre Adjourns.
The annual convention of the Moth
ers' Congress and Parent-Teachers'
association adjourned here May 13
when Mrs. J. B. Iawrence of Jackson
was elected president.
Y-. r: )
- - -'l'- 'A
Announces for State Auditor.
Robert K. Wilson, one of the best
known citizens of Jackson, has an
nounced his candidacy tor the office of
state auditor for public accounts. He
is a native of Macilson county, but
spent his boyhood la Rankin.
A Message
For You
for Breakfast
These tender, toasted sweetmeats
of white Indian Corn come to you
"oven-fresh" in tight-sealed, wax
wrapped packages
Ready to Serve
There's a delicate flavour and
dainty crispness to Post Toasties
that make them the
Superior Corn Flake
Just pour from the package and
serve with cream, good milk, or
fruit de
Sold hy Grocers ivcr

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