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Southern patriot. (Houston, Chickasaw County, Miss.) 18??-18??, October 02, 1849, Image 3

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TCI 4.
Luke l-ra.-l-fii. iitninii,
Matr MotL-I.i liter Hank
roi:i:u; m.wk.
Anient cflhe F.uroya l.nla-t .Yws
lit n-i r- i .. irrr
recon's, will: iiioj.uropa arr:vru ai nauia mi
ami ridiculous; ,c tnt. just in ni:;e days from Liv-
A simple sia'etmut
taken lriiiii the puoiie
r.Tnti the wultoii
charee which Mr. i.nkc Lea. is bus- mpno
ilycirr.ilatmethrouuhout the Stale-; ' . fur cn(jon prP.
that Gen. Quitman was the mam in- .' '
tr.i.,.e,.t of the total loss of tl.c Sink-!! received by the N.atrra. 1 ..c
in; I5 und, hit h would have .exlin-, market for provision is thill,
pushed the debt for tho Planters! Louis N'opoloon is rrpor'cd to If
Hank," that -his fiinnncicl policy about to marry the d.uig! t r of tin
reference 10 the trans'cr 01 me oiaie;
Stock in tho Planters Pank to the I
XiiI.a? l'i'il If (iml mid Rankin?.
Comi.aii v. resulted in the loss," cVc' to England, arrived by the Euiopa.
1 '
lion. fi. P. Bancroft, Into Minister
A total stran?cr to the facts of the
case would mhr Ironi wese cnarvres
that Gen. Quitman was tho sole pa
rent of the -Transfer Act," ns it is
cnlled, and that the Natchez Kail
Road Hank became possessed of the
Sinking Fimi und wasted it, when,
The accounts from Hungary re
reived by the Niagara, arc confirmed
in every essential particular by the
present steamer. The belief gener
ally prcviils in political circle, that
Georgey surrendered to the Russian
TatiiiuN PainliiiR.
k. F.nnoi;: Will you allow me
;., r...,i Mn'.tmnn lmd no share Torres nnr rr l'askicwito 1. Oil a CHS
111 I I 11 III - - - -
whatever ill the passaieof the "Trans-I tinct pledge from the Emperor Niaho
for Act" and the evidences of oebt cr,nranticintr the independence
due the sinking fund never parted Duri j,,,,
from the control of the President am! , . , ,,
Cashier of the Planters Hank until "Inch has nec elapsed, several oth
they were fnn-ed from them by the cr corps of Magyar troops have laid
State C'ommissionors. They relin-' down their arms and submitted to
finished their grip with undisguised 1C i;nss;ns.
The "Transfer Act' was mtrodit-
ced into the legislature by a whig.
C....I... r. llni.tj mwl i( tvlsuwl'
ot.oi.oo num iih..j-. I'm. . v ...
both houses, receiving a mixed sup
port from both political parties. In
the House, )! whigs voted for it, and
23 democrat. Therteen democrats
find only four whigs oppo-rd ;'. In
the .Senate, nine unigs and ei':!;t dem
ocrats supported the bill. Six dem
ocrats and only three whigs opposed
it. (jen. (J in t man was not a meni
bor ol'either biaiuh of the legislature,
do, MoNuU was then the chief ex
ecutive otliter and approved the bill.
It is well known thai he did so be
cause he believed with others of his
nariv tlu t it cave additional seenri-
iKr.iliist loss, inasmuch as
made the 'Tlailro.nl and all the prop
erty, effects ami credits of the coin-
I'.iMic Speaking.
The several candidates lir the
I e'islature, in the county efC'iieka
.ih', propose to meet the people if
aid count)-, at the loliou mg times
anil places, for the discussion ol 'he
political rpiestinns involved in l lie
At linen Yista, Monday 15th Oct.
l'ik'ville. Tuesday 10
' Okolonn, Wed 17
" Prairie Mount.Thursday If "
' RishopV, Friday, 19 '
' O'd Town, Tue.(l..y 23
" Massadonin. Wed. VII "
' Henela, Thursday 2)
Hopewell Friday 2d
" Pit as ( "rovef Sn urday '27 "
" Liberty Ch. Tuesday 10
" V.-.I . Alto, Wed. 31
The several candidates for count;
offices ore expected to be in uUcn
trrV are authorized to announ. f
Thoilin A. as a candid
nle for Probate Clerk of Choctaw
County, at the Aovember election
t, ' We are ftutho: ised to
noi; nee .l(;tli.1 i:li,
candidate lor re-e!
CO We nro anthorized to announce
WcsU'V Mllilll, as a candidate
f'orotliee of Clerk ol the Vicce Chan
Court held at Fulton, for the
District composed of the counties o
Itawambia, Monroe, Chickasaw.Tlsh
aminso, at the Nov. Flection.
tiailV liaOie, U) sci.mu mi -in. );
went of the bonds.
s',,r.t, nre tUf olain unvani'sh
to call the attention of tho lovers ol
An. to the productions of that talen
tnl voiiii? Amerioan Artist. J. liny-
.oiid Tatum. occupying Hoom No.
), in the c.ijntol.
Visiters to the Fotunda, that cas
ket of penis of American Art, will he
struck with tho cxriuisit copy of Stu
art's Washington a copy which re
flects in the highest degree the beniir
nat and noble qualities of the illus
irinns s.icp. hero, and man "first in
war, fust in peace, and fii t in the
hearts of his couutrjun n." while,
considered ns a mere picture, it is
,a ct..mn n fTimeiic the pell-
the act . ," ' s
HIS .IUU pmumeu n.
The taste displayed in the compos
ition of ;he lovelv ""Relic of Alissis-
(iiarriiaii Sale
Pursuant to a decree of the no
an' I
us a
ect'on to the f liice
I' Cleik ol t'.ie vice I Iiancery Lourt
n Id at Fuhnn, lor tlie Ilistriet com
posed (il'lhe counties of Itawamba
Monroe, tlnekasaw, 1 rliaiinngo, at
the .YjvemloT Flection.
i'ur (Hrriiit Ji'ilvi.
rjCr'We are authorized to an-
M . .ft t A
nonnee I i..iain iiitikti,
of .Monroe, a candidate for iheoliict
of JmL'e of the Circuit Court, for the
(till Judicial Ilistriet of Mississippi
composed of the counties of Chicka.l
saw, .Monroe, Low ndes, ( Iktibbi ha
("hoctow, Carroll, Tallaha'thie and
We are authorized lo announce
the lion. I'raiiri II. Horr
of Monroe, a candidate lor the of
fice of JFDUF,, of the tttll. Judi
cial district ol .Mississippi, composed
ol the Counties of t hu Kasaw, .Mon
roe, Lowndes, Oktibbeha, Choctaw,
Carro'.l, Tallahatchie, and Yallo-
For District Mlornnj.
CO "We are authorized to an
nounce Janicw JoIiiimhi Esq.
of Carroll county, a candidate (or
the office of District Attorney for the
tilh Judicial District.compoeed of the
counties of Lowndes. Monroe, ChicK
asaw.Oktiheh a. Choctaw, Y'alahusba
Carroll, and T".!iehatchie. clectiuo
in November next.
Jj-We are authorize!' t' an
nounce William l.aiiliam as a
candidate lor if oliiee of A-c-or of
TXi:s for this county,
November election.
at Ibe net
I'm- County Traisintr.
yfWr are autlmrised to nn
nmince I'.. J. I'. Tlioi:ioii. a
candidate for the oliice ol County
Treasurrr at the next November
; fU'e sre auilmri.rd to annoiince
j.AKS M TA(.i, candidaie
l r the oflice f couniv 7'reasurcr of
thu county, at the next Novcni'jcr
XtVk are authorized to an
nounce li, . ;alrailli, a
eandidate, for the ofiice of County
Treasurer, of this County, at the
j November election.
ItThe deinoerais of Mar-ball propose.
di:. u . oki:
lias -1 nt.iu ntlv I e,il d a' llo'i-lon,
to practice Ion proli in it varmu
brnti -lie; and hope luuitiit a ai.are
of public patroimse-
Horn iv he found nt !l tains fc
crpt h'ii prffessionitily tnii;edi at
hm Ofiice and UMi!ence on liic Noitli
Vtt cprnt-r ol'ti.e k.piare.
Ilou-toii 1 Illi. Juno 13 !... 5J-f.ni
T. W W. I'l'M.IAI,
Ml-jritoj and C"ii i' (.'A'-"'
. i Houston
w. K. 111.11 SON.
Will piactite their
arliirrhi;, m fa ' 1
pro'e-fion, in
the C' ear1- of this
Sia'e (eMe:itiii2 rourt ol 1 lotalcs)
where tlirv may Imvc bus'.oc,-
AariM, KM' -U if
o civei a baibai lie to which man v !
disliiiL'u shed dcinocrrts bac been
iiiiited' lwrnls Iron Our u-ual supply
i" now al li anil, ana lor sax
C """We are authorized to
ce i.UHarii lianuaii, ac
a i A i
i can
sinn " will secure the lavor ol the
ir , fairer portion of our citizens; and cv
U laCIS , ..ill n.mrnpinl.
v.-,i,il,nmnr will nnoreciate
.r the hislnrv of the intiodoetion and ' .
ilm rnri'.niitrtrnt inul to Me
nitc.1 (TP ft fthe "Transfer Act. It 0 ., ,,' . . '
in no wise effected the Sinking und; ,ove,icst daiitrhtpra, the ideal of
that remained with the planters Rank . c r(.male fovt!l ;I)CSS.
The State stock only was transjer.nl - ur his pfTorU as a historical win
That f-.SSved to be more moon shine, R U)Q 1;Uu for m(; (o s.K,a ns
nd could not be sold. It '?t,tin,nB thevare already the property of fame.
yet niiiinpared, so lar as mt n. . s-j me(,d of immortality is gu
,,r -i.f .vir aiiecieu us vuiuu.
l-'ioul al.-o reiit.iius in lis lor-.
rner condition, save when occasion
nllv some luckless pet of the Plan
ters Rank in the (lav of its clory, falls
into the clutches of the Vigilant State
commissioner. Neither Gen Quit,
man or the Natchez Rail Road Rank
ever hail the slightest control over
tlie sinkini fund.
We uii;lit have dismissed this mat
ter with fewer words, but we did not
wish to deprive the whig Jupiter of
all his thuiidcrwithout due ceremony.
Docs he wish lo know what lias be
..,r i!,p Slnkine Fund! Then,
. .. 1 I .. r 1' ll 1 IT
-! In tool. CO COUSlllt oui " "if.
arnlied on their cuifted nuthor
The portrait of Mr. Gorbriht, the
amiable und intoll i treat correspondent
and reporier, speaks for itself.
I am sure you will join me in ad
vising the admirers of the beautilul,
to sec Tatuins pictures. Union.
Our nay.
Welcome the (lag that waved its folds
Upon the battle plain,
That never faltered in the fight,
Or dimmed its glorious name;
CO coiisioi imii r. .... '
Wnluorth and Mandeville, Welcome (tie nag mat -in ine umo.
as ever prouuiy oorne.
That waved in tiinrrphtn tl.a breeze
Above the battle's biorin.
Ob! see it on that dreadful day,
When Chiirtlbusco's field,
Was crimsoned with the blood of men
Who'd die, but never yield;
Bv Xacli.iri.ili Wnhlllgioii annus uy a ,UUu5
a rnoriAMATio:.. ' It firmly stood iU ground,
Whereas there is reason to believe . TTnawcd by that fierce fire of shot,
i i : .-. n i i iiiTf'n.
HiUli '" .
won i auuut ivi uv..
Ul VMII - . .
of Notihez. Has he yet to learn ui.u
the r'.antcrs Rank was helplessly in
salvent at the time of the passage ol
4i ..TrLniVT Act" Then we say to
him vow re verdant indeed. Go,
consult the bovs in the streets con-
.1. klinrv of those times ill ,
cerniu mv ni""j
Mississippi .Miss itstpi'ian.
bate Court of Choctaw County, State
of Mississippi, made at the Augjst
term IS 19 thereof, the unuerxignec
Guardian of Isham Davis, Amand
J. Davis, and Martha L. Davis, will
on the first Monday in November
next sell at public auction, to the
highest bidder, on a credit of one
and two years, at the door of the
Court House ol'taid County, between
the hours prescribed by law, all
the following lands, situate lying
and being in said county to wit:
Lot No. 5, as laid oil' by the com
mifsioner's and beini; the F,J of the
N F4 and part of Ej of the S F4 of
Section 20 and set apart to Aman
da J. Davis, Lot No. '2, set apart to
lsham Davis, and being the South
laid of the FJ of the S F4 of Sec-
lion 26, and the Ki of the S El of
the S Eh of Section 6, and the E-i
of the S El of Section 23, fet apart
to Martha L. Davis, all the above
described lands lying in Township
21 Range 7 East, in the County of
Choctaw. Said lands sold subject
to the hen prescribed by Statutes
and the purchaser or purchasers
thereof, will be required to give
bond or bonds, for the sum or sum,
bid. with approved security, payable
ns above limited.
Oct. 2nd IS 19. 10 3w
Letters of Administration having
been granted to the uudersigned at
the October Term of the Probate
Court of Chickasaw County, upon
the estate of Ilowi:i,i. Holly decens
td. Notice is hereby given to all
persons having claims against said
deceased, to present them duly au
thenticated According to law, within
the time prescribed by law or they
will be bard. Also persons owing
said deceased are notilied to come
forward and make payment.
L. SALLAS, Admr.
Oct. 1st IS 19. HI tf
date for the olliee of Cm vrv SfuvKV-
or of Chickasaw County at the No
vember election.
CQ"We a reauthorized to announce
I.liaiu HarriMHi, of Lowndes
County, ns a candidate, for the of
fice of District Attorney for the Oth
Judicial Distiict, composed of the
counties of Chickasaw, Oktibbeha,
Monroe, Lowndes, Yalobusha Choc
taw, Carroll and Tullchatchic.
CCrWe have been requested to an
nounce JOHN F. JACK Esq of
Lowndes, is a candidate for the office
of District .2inif, for the 6th. Judi
cial dintrict of this state, composed of
the counties of Clnrkasnw, ( Iktibbeha,
Monroe Lowndes, Yalobusha Choctaw
Carroll and Tallehatchie.
Fcr Hi nnsi nlatins
FiWp are authorised to announce
: W . .1. I.I'i I. "1. as a candid-
fitcd out, and
from the best information tl.c exec
v'ive has been able to obtain, it points
They fell like rain around.
Unflinchingly nmid the fight.
Its folds were seen to swell,
. . .1 r l.n..nmnQ ni v f
to Holland; it t ncre o e u .o.. , , car(h
duty to warn all uuteiime.. - v. ... - - a
take Holland, and to order them to ts valnnt barer fell;
desist from any su.di design. It may !0no nlomenl then'twas seen to droop
As that brave heart strove in vam
To Lift it colours from the earth,
To bear them on again.
Then welcome the flag that like a bird
. .... .i. -medition of armed
Denial- iug -r . , r .
men" is directly "pointed at C uba.
If,o, the bloodhounds are in danger,
.and as they are my especial lavor
ites. and recently the lavon.es of the
U, :' t.,r, mvdutv to declare
S?,u h Edition is in the highest
iegree criminal, and that those par
Sating in it. whatever may be
Sir extriinilics," need not expect
the protection of our povernment -Zh
now call upon o -s rej
Has folded up its wings.
And flown to that ark of safely, home,
From its weary wanderings;
And welcome the gallant hearts thai
I' noil its faded brow, .nine.
and to main: Tiat bright and glorious wreath of
..i;iino of Dutchman
ni l the laws provided for the support j T,iat resls upon
SI, sacred 'obligations to forc.?o
1 fee it a solemn u.n
1 Ml i I. I J .
it now.
oiutu i- -- - - - . ,, )n
it is' "SamiiklN. Gillii.and has con-
I . .' .L u...; r..i isn. i Lmmp the Democratic
not long since thattmine uul"" "L"uu , ;w r .,
runro of Lon?fellow)- . , candidate for Senator, from tin, t,i-
o t i . ; l ihi nuclmiJii' cami'
oio inc v- , ,
, .. i,r
., i-,. nrr.ai on. if
issue tins uiv r"-";- ,
Kxrcii tor's .lc.
Pursuant to a decree of the Probate
court of clioctaw county .State of Mis
sissippi, made at the July Term 1MJ
thereof, N'arsi-sa llurson, Executrix
of the last will and testament of'El
hird Neal deceased, will, on the sec
ond Monday in November Y D 1819
sell, at public auction, to the highest
bidder, on a credit of one and two
years, at the door of the Court House
of the said county of Choctaw, at
Greensboro, between the hours pre
scribed by law, all the following lands
situate, lying and beingin said county
and disci ibed as follows, towit:
The W i of the S E h of section 20
in Township 21 of Range 10 East,
the S W 1 of section 20, the S i of
the YV J of the N YV i of section 20,
the E J of the S E 1 of section 19,
the S H h of the N W 1 of section 20,
all in Township twenty one.ol Lange
ten east. Said Lands will be sold
subject to the kin prescribed by the
statute, and the nucliaseror purcrias-
ers thereof, will be requireu to give
bond nr bonds for the 6um or sumes
bid. with approved security, payable
as above limited,
NAiicissA nnisoN,
Sept 2th 1S49 .5 w
ate for Representative in the Lower
Branch of our Slate Legislature; at
the next November election.
rjCTWa are authorised to an
nonoce, T. .A. .TI.IUTI.V lq. i
candidate for a seat in the Repre-!
sentative branch of our Slate Legis
lature, at the Nov. election.
We are authorized to announce
Will. U. UA1CUI0. j:. as
a candidate for the Representative
branch of the S'tate Legislature.
Election, November next.
M.v7th, 1819.
Mr. Editor: Y'ou will ph as an
nounce my name as a candidate to
Represent Chickasaw county in the
lower branch of the next Legislature.
Subject alone to the free and inde
pendent action of every citizen in
Chickasaw county on the first Mon
day and Tuesday in November next.
and oblige yours, Kespectlulv.
For SI, cr i If.
J-Ye are authorised to announce
J. It. llitldli brooH. a candid
ate lor the oflice of Sheriff, of this
county at the next November elec
tion. JWe are authorized to announce
Will. I'. I..lI.ill. a candidate
for re-election to the office ol'Sherilf,
of this county, at the next Novem
ber election.
'"Fur Probate CriV
L7"Wc are authorised to an
nounce A. Minnas, a can
didate for the office of Probet Clerk,
of this county at the next November
TrAYe are authorised to an
nounce Jacob A lilt, a candidate
for re-election to the oliice of Pro
bate Clerk of this county, at the
next Nov. election.
Ifj-We are authorized to an
nounce Will. IS. Ill C II A...
n candidate for the oliice of Probate
Clerk of this County at the next
November election.
CfWe are nuthoried to r---)
announce I'lil.lX . WOOD.
INq., a candidate for the ofiice of
ICaiirr of Chickasaw County at
the Nov. Elfctioii
For 7Vl(M( ii.
The following Gentlemen are
candidates for the oliice of County
Police, in Chickasaw county to
For District No. 1 , T. T. Krook.
" Dis. No 2., W.O. rook,
" Dis. No. 3. Hartiu llHrphrc.
" Dis No. 1 ., .laiiicv Tlrt rory
" Dis. No !., Jaiar C'alirrt.
CCsWe are authorized to an
nounce Henry M ari!y a LOW
LICENSED candidate for INilirri'
maii in District No. it at the Nov.
Citation Aoficr.
To ail persons intended in the F.s.
lattfj Win. (i. Stilus Dtitasta:
Y ou are hereby notified that Gid
eon Watson administrator, has pre
sented a final account of his admin
istration on said estate, to the Pro
bate Court of Chickasaw County
Mississippi, which will at tho next
September term of said Court be
audited and allowed, unless excep
tions be taken.
Witness the Hon. G. YV
Thornton; Judge of Pro
bates of Chickasaw
cty. the first monday in
August lM'.l
August Oth 1811). 9 -3w.
Aberdeen June U, 1M'..
format' Uraisdy Selected by
a good judge and recommended a
superior, for sale bv
Aberdeen, June 5, IS 19.
Ohio 'Ilrrra' trimNtoms
An article of superior j.r:it lor me
chanics, with cranks for the same
for sale by G. McFARLANE,A:Co
Aberdeen, June .rth,l19.
Itauiiu, IJoiK" and tMinc
2j() pieces Ky. Raging; 2.0 coils
Rope; .ri(lO lbs. Twine, lor salo by
Aberdeen June .", 119.
Snrion Dtvtist.
Respectfully tenders his profes-ion-al
services to the citizens of this
place and vacinity. His instru
ments are of the most improved des
cription; and he hopes that by strict
attention and skilful treatment of
I all Dental maladies, to give satis
faction and merit pa:ronage:
Dr. II. will attend the regularses
sions of the Circuit Court at this
place, and any orders addressed to
him at Abberdecn during its vaca
tions will receive his prompt atten tion,
without extra charge.
March y.h, lfc19.
IO ISoxrwToliaCOassorted brands
For sale by G. Mr FARLANKAcCo.
uro.v iioim:
And heard al tmicn
Given under mv hand at IUrnsbiirg.
Pennsylvania, in the presence ol Gov
ernor Johnson, this 11th day of Aug.
IS 10, and in the year of tho reign
and end of whiftjery.
We clip the announcement from
the Kosciusko Chronicle. In Col.
Gillcland the people of Attala and
Leake will have a senator who is
well nennainted with their wants and
who will discharge the duties of his
itation diligently and cfTicicntly.
Kriillir.--21 Hales Heavy Os
enburcs just received and for sale by
m ,p i it a vp r
Aberdeen, June 5th,
.,000 lbs of Dacen just received
and forsale, by
For Circuit Clerk,
CI5We are authorised to
E E. SMITH, thankful for pni- "
f.ivor.s would respectfully infonn the
ciii.en9 of Chickasaw county that he
has permanently locateJ in the town of
Hvuston. one door east cf Col. I eatht
' erslon's Law oliice, be is preparfd to
execute his trade in all cf its branehea
in the neatest and most fashionable
style. The culling department will
be attended lo by himself, mid from
his expeiience in bis ptcfe?s'.cr., be is
able to insure '.be most hailsome tits.
Great care taken Willi all gaimenta
cm for ladies to make. lie respect
fully solicits a portion of patronage
fin he subscriber respectfully in- 0f the public. J3"Tbe latest fash
Jl forms his friends and the public ions aie regularly received,
generally that, he has this day open- j July 5th, 1S4S: 5 4Sin.
ed an intirely new Hotel in the city j
of Aberdeen, bearing the name of the. NriipS! fcrujfjr.! IrtiS..:
WALTON HOUSE, I Physicians and especially Farmers
on the Nort-east corner of Commerce wishing Drugj, Medicines, Paints, Oils
and Chesnut Streets, immediately Dye-slutT-, isc . w ill find it to their in
opposite the stores of Messrs. Cozart terest to call and examine the stock of"
Clarke, and Eckford st Gates, and 1 J AMESV.iTHKWS,
near the centre of the business part of the firm ol urate n. la,"pt",
of the City, where he will be gratifi- j s M 1 ,?
ed tosee'hisfiiends at any and all! Houston M.ss .March !uh IJI9I.-
times, and will endeaver to render Iloiint't. Ribbons and Trim
their stay with him agreeable and rnings, generally of late selections,
pleasant. j are now offered for snle by
Thelore at tins house snail not be (;. .Mel Al.l.A.Mis lo.
nounce. John '. Cook, Iq.
candidate for the oliice of Circuit
Clerk of this county at the next Nov
rrjrWc are authorized to announce
Win. M. Jlollatt, as a candid
date for re-election, to the ofiice of
Circuit Clerk, of Chickasaw County,
at the November election
For Probate Judge.
CrTWe are authorized to announce
i. AV. Thornton a candidate for
re-election to the office of Judge of
Probates for Chickasaw County. -Election
November next.
For Assessor of Taxes,
JJYre are authorised to an
nounce .1. Ii. 1 lanckin, a can
didate for the office of Assessor ol
Taxes for this county, at the next
Nov. election.
inferior to tha: of any in the country.
The table shall be bountifully sup
plied with every necessary and lux
ury that our market can afford.
The services of an experienced conk
and suitable assistants have been
procured, and no pains will he spar
ed to render the table of the Walton
Hot se an attractive;onc.
77e rooms are large, airy, ireil
and iitirhj furnished. The bedi good
iiiic and clean.
Attentive servant only, are
CTfThe snbscriber trusts that un
remitting attention to the manage
ment of the establishment, and an
earnest desire to conduce to the com
forts will ensure a liberal share of
public patronage to this new claim
ant to favor.
Walton V Terrell,
Ollorses and carriages can be
at all times procured, and the best
of stabling furnished. Independent,
ARi KnF.F., Ml., July 1st, 1 S 19 llta
Attorney and Counselor at Law
Aberdeen, June 5, 1S19.
V. U Ii A T V ,
Ihnlal Surgeon.
Respectfully oilers ins professional
services to the citizens of Houston
and Chickasaw generally. Oliice
Houston Hotel.
This is to condemn and correct
certain false reports which has been
thrown upon the public relative to
myself. The reports were put rut
by that malicious pel onagc, Mrs.
Julia Tiiorntot, who ns liom the
persuasions of other J rsons grossly
.i ,1 mo in every rrsnect. She
has gone too far in p l-i nahtics and
that is the sole cause .much ,,,u""-'
me to put out this publication. All I
desire is to defend myself, 1 do not
wish materially to injure this woman
who once manuvered to win my in
fections, but now they are all lost,
forever,, and as 1 before remarked
1 only w ish to expose the desig- s ot
this malniyus woman.
Houston, Mi Sept. 1S10. 1."
: w
Marriage Licence for sale at llici'
not olliee.

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