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Southern patriot. (Houston, Chickasaw County, Miss.) 18??-18??, October 02, 1849, Image 4

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souths inn PATEioa1-
(' a r r i a n r Mtiop
The Carriage Shop, heretofore
managrd by Wtn. 11 KING will
in future be conducted in the name of
who hate employed raid King (o con
duct the fame lie will therefore be
found, at the eaid ahop, it all timea,
ready to erectile all job in that line,
1 hat may be vent to the Shop
t ine
shortest notice possible.
IIotMton, .Vi. June 1.I84D. 2 tf
icoyal i:iinirnu.
SIMONTON' & MYl-.RS are in
receipt and will continue to receive j -
very -fresh and well selected atock of Have associated themselves in the
goods, Mr. Simonton havtng just re-! practice of Lajv, and will regularly
turned from Philadelphia, New York j nuend the Kverftl Courts of Cliickn
nnd HoMon who gave his personal at- j snwcounly, the Chancery Court At
tention in the selection of every article ' Fulton, the Federal Coinvat l'onto
Ihey offer m rnaiket. They are old loe ad ,,e HiBh Couit of Errori and
t.tizens of the ill.ge if f.om their ex-j ArrenU B,jftckl,on.
penence, effor-a flatter themselves that Seplember 6 ms. J56
he buyin.-r portion of the commnnityj r '
will not only be pleased with the arti-j
cles, but with the prices and facilities ; J. III'.ItlllltT,
they offer. Ihint eye to those I ATTONEY AND COUNSELLOR
thu arc irmuicij bciucu aiiu who nsve
flUI iiciiii-iiu ucru uppnru III ineir
uttphborhood with fresh articles at fair
prices, they have purchased a very
handsom stock of foods for
ki:as nitim;r,
at which place they will have attentive
Clerks, and give some portion of their
personal attention to the good people
of that vicinity.
Prints, Muslins and Ginghams, of
very variety: mack aril printed I
Lawns; Bishop and Victory do Ging
ham wVuslen, Linen Muslins, Linen
and Silk Tissue, Plaid, Black and
Embroidered dress silks; Plaid .9nai
talian Lusters, Poplin Franciea. Al
paccus, Silk Warp do, Bombazines
Icarean Lusters;
of Swiss, Jack, Mill and Nansook
Muslins; Cambrics Rich Berage ai.d
in addition to which they offer the most
handsome end cheap BONNETS,
Bonnet Ribbons, Laces, Braids Silk
and cotton fringe and every variety
of dress trimings, and would most
arnestly request them to CALL and
xamine their I.r French flowers,
Worked Collars, Cuff's, Irimed, "Stand
jp" habits, Elizabetheana &.C Ladies
do cail.
While we confess that we spent more
time in making selections for the Li
dies for which every gentleman will
accord to us the credit due.; ihure.
fore we have not passed with indifer
ence their claimes. and are now in
receipt of some of the finest CLOTHS,
various rolors American and French
Drap'd Eli, Ermine, Cadet Casemore,
Codringtnn. French Casemcres Doe
akin merino Casimeres, Summei
Tweeds, Monterey Casimcres Cioton,
Camlilel, Grass, Irish plaid and
check Linens, A Large Lot
of :
iti:Ai)Y tiaih:c roriii.;
Hats Boots and Shoes Hardware and
Cutlery, Saddlery, (some very fine
and in short every article that may be
expected in market, all of which they
oiler on the most liberal terms Mr.
.Wyers would here tender to the peo
ple of Chickasaw his most sincere and
devoted thanks for the liberal patron
age he has heretofore received at their I
. " ... . !
hands and would say, that he will be
in the Cotton niatket this fall.
Houston May 9ih 1849. 17 6m
50 Hales Tuscaloosa and Orot
rille Osnaburgs for sale at manufac
tory prices with cost of transporta
tion added. G McFARLANE ck Co.
Aberden.June 5, 1849.
ewva'kdaTm i:)ELi.r,
Commission Merchant,
.Mruart's yriip An excellent
article for tablo use, in quantities
to suit purchasers, for sale by
G. McFAltLANE &Co.
Aberdeen Junel8I9 0
tl V. K A S T V ,
Denial Surgeon.
Ilespectfully offers his professional
services to the citizens of Houston
and Chickasaw generally. Office
Houston Hotel.
l.ndim drt'!i pooti. .Niks, l is
M)ues, Linen Lustres, Darregcs.
French Muslins, Ginghams and
Mourning Goods in great variety and
etjles, lately received bv
Aberdeen, June 5, 1819.
One nburg. 24 Bales Heavy Os
mburpsjust received and for sale by
Aberdeen, June 5th,
Marriage Lictnce fur sale at (he Pat
riot oflice.
t. n. kya.an,
Attorney and t'oiincellnr
Office in the Court House, South
went comer Basement Story.
Housio Mi., 10th Aug , '48. 42m.
J. A. O It IE
Allot ney and Counsellor at Law,
WILL practice in the several courta
of thia county, the c rcuil court of
Monroe, Choctaw, Oktibbeha, Yalla
bushy, I'ontotoc, the Federal Court
' I'untotoc.ond the High Court of Er- 1
rort ana Appeals, at Jackson.
July 28th Ib49. 7 ly.
Alierdeen, Houston,
I will attend the Ciicuit Courts
Houston. Oflice and residence
Aherdeen, Mies.
September 13, 1849. I5-I2m.
Having relumed fiom Mexico, to
i Aberdeen his fuimer leeiileiice: Mid
having resumed the practice of law,
respecuuiiy lenueis ins services lo
his fiiends, and 1 tie public generally.
Office ot Aberdeen Mississippi.
September 13th 1818. 15 12m.
I Dr. AV. T. K pa I din?,
I 7I5M VING permanently located a'
Jill PALO ALTO, Mississippi,
offers hia professional services in the
I practice of Medicine, Surgery, and
Obatilricks, and solicits a share of pub
j c patronage. Pricea moderate to
lisit the times.
l'alo Alto, May 22 1813. n8 I2m
Jlcdicnl .olico
TIN, having formed a partners
ship in the practice of Medicine, would
respectfully tender their professional
services to their friends and the public
generally. By (hia arrangement they
will secure, at any time, to their pat
rons, the benefit of consultation with
out additional expense.
July, 21, 1847. 9 10m.
mi. man oiia.
AY1NG resigned his Profes
sorship in the B. M. Collcga.
of Memphis, with a view of devoting
his time to practical professional servi
ce, offers bis services to the citizens
of his region, and will promptly res
pond to all calls near or remote, and
will constantly keep on hand an ample
supply of the usual Botanic Medicines,
lor salo.
Hia oflice is at his residence near
Palo Alto, Mis.
I)r. Srott & Jloiitsoinory,
EPI espectfully informs the citizens ol
(aVchickaiaw county, that they hnve
associated togi-tlicr for the purpose of
practicing medicine in all its branches.
hJ lhl "".ngeinent to be
ahlfl In ntlitrri nrnninl anil mat tat !M nr V
attendance to all of their friends and
patrons. They will give (heir joint or sep
arale attention to all patients placed
ander their care as may be equired
Olhxe aouth side of puUt ; Square.
Houston Nov. 1848.
int. av. a. .Tici4i:i:,
THANKFUL for past favors, will
co ninue the practice of medicine when
favored wiiha call. Being permanent
ly located in the town of Houston he
will in all cases make his charges in
accordance with the timea; oflice third
door east of the Hotel; his residenre
in the aouth east aorner of the Town
opposite the residence of J. I . A r ilti n
at which place he may generally be
found when not professionally engaged
Those who are laboring under atllic
lions of a chronic character may if they
wish enter into special contract, if a1
cure he e fleeted pay so much if no cut e
so much or nothing s the agreement
may bo. He would also remind his
friends that he is compeled to pay his
debts, and as he has once called upon
them to call and settle, and they have
failed to do so, he now proposes if they
will settle any ot his debts, it will bo
a favor kindly received, as he ia deter
mined that suing shall be the last re
ort; yet his debts must te paid. Will
those who are indebted lo him call and
see thnt those tilings are promptly at
tended to; the eschange of paper is a
course sometimes puisued,to keep on
the good fide of the people, this he
wishes to to avoid if possible, if not he
will be compeled lo comply with' the
rulss and usages of the-country.
July :th 1819. 1-ly.
jon ; akomk,
Houston Miss iss i ;i .
VI M informs the public
fm.li generally, that he is pre-s-.
pared to execute all jobs,
in his line of business. He has on hand
the best of materials, for making fine
work. All work warrenled, done in the
most fashionable manner, and at the
lowest ralea for emu.
August 8th I84J. 8 6m. 1
Acw VruR Store.
Aberdeen Mis.
S now well furnished with every
thing wanted in that line. Am
ong which aie an excellent quality of
Acids, Charcoal,
Alcohol. Cinnamon
,iloes, Clovea.
.fllum, Cobalt,
Antimonv, Cologne water,
Annette. Cnlunibo,
Antimonial wine, Cor. eublimate.
Aqua forlis, Cough drops,
Acrrow root, Court plaster,
Arsenic, Congress water
Assafcc'ida, CreamMarter,
Books, Cubeba pul,
Balsrm capaiva. Corks.
Balsam fir, Combs
Bayberry pul. Crucibles,
Bears oil, Dycslufla,
Blood Root, Dovera powders
Biller root, Elix ginger.
Balm giliard, .Emory,
lack pepper, Epsom salt.,
Blacking, Ergot
lack lead, Essences
"lew mass. Extracts,
Blue viternl, Garden seed
Borax refined Gentian,
Ilrimstone, Gjma,
Burg, pitch, India bureie',
Brandy, Inks,
Bow strings, Indigo,
Brushes, Iodine,
Calomel, Isinglass,
Camphor, Instruments,
Carmine, Kreosote,
Castori ol Kreosotes,
Cay'ne pepper. Kermes mine'l
Camomiel fl'rs. Lamp wicks,
Chalks, Laudanum,
Choloride lime, Lemon syrup.
Liquoric, Nutmegs,
Lobelia, Nux. vomica,
Lunar caustic, Oils,
Lancets, Ointments,
Magnesia, Otto of rose,
Mace, Pencils,
Matches, Paints,
Morphine, Peruv. bark.
Musk, Percussion caps,
Mustard, Pill,s
Mortars. Pat. medicines
Nitre. Pink root,
Nitre silver, Plasters,
l'rusian blue, Sarsaparilla,
Quick silver, Sand Paper,
Quinine, Seales,
Quills, Scidleitz Pow'rs,
Rhcubarb, Senna,
Rosin, Smalts,
Solu gun cotton. Soaps, all kinds.
Saffron, Snuffs,
Spices, Soda.
Sage, Scilicine,
Salaeratus, Sponge,
and sugar Lend.
Syrups, (various kinds,) Syringe,
do. Tinctures, do. Trnses, do. Tw tc
zers, do. Vials, do. Yinegar, Wal
ers, window Glass, Wines, ic.
Which will be sold very low for
Cash or to punctual customers.
J. STREET dc Co.
P. S. Family medicines pros
criptions put up with espeicial care.
Aberdeen, Mi. July 25 1819 C ly
71 ak km: facto ky
Col ii tubus Mississippi
The subscriber has now on hand
and ia ready, at his yard in Colum
bus Mi., to execute all work in his
line of business, such as
and work warranted equal to any in
the country. He will fill all orders
forwarded by mail or otherwise, and de
liver the work promptly tt any point
within sixty mile of the factory free
of extra charges.
B. F. MOORE, Gni'l. A?n't.
fur R. MILLER.
Columbus, Mi. June 25, 1849. 3 tf
JnckMin Ilook-ltiiidrj.
and blank rook manufactory
SLAN K BOOKS for courts, pub
lic offices, &.c, made to order, in
the best and most durable style.
Book binding in all its branches, al
so, done and warranted in atyle, and
workmanship. Also on hand and for
sale a number of articles consisting of
Stationary. The patronage of the pub
fic ia respectfully solicited.
M. L. Jui.icnnk,
Sucessor to Rich'd Elward &. Co.
Cery over Ellis & McAllister's.
June C3, 1847 6 if.
A. It. Ill IX Alt D,
yllornnj and Counsellor at Law
Alwdcr n AdrrtUmnl.
11 r p ii la r I a c k r I ,
'I IMS nrw and splendid, light
draught, double engine, A I, passen
ger Steamer, will commence running
regularly on the Bigbee river, in the
Aberdeen tirade, on the first rise o
the river.
Tha A. was built thia summer, ex
pressly for the trade, under the super
intendence of one of the mimt skillful
mechanics. No pains or expense has
been spared lo nile her one of the
best and most comfortable I'obH.
fXCapt. C. returi.s his thank ta
his numerous friends rn the a'.ove
namediRiver, who have honored him
for several seasons past with their
patronage, and hope by strict appli
cation and attention to merit a contin
uance of their confidence the ensuing
September 13, 1848. 13 ly
Storage rf- Commishion Murchanls.
7" ILL continue to store and ship
Cotton, roceive and forward up
freight as formerly.
The rates of storage on'cotton will be
In ware houae, above high water mark
of last winter, 20cla pr bale
Inahed ldcta " "
HOUSES above the freshet of last
winter, ours was one; yet those who
Inra Mfilh iia milot itn an atitK ibf, llfl.
derstanding that wa take no risk or
responsibility for uaaroidabfe oecurren
( ret, meaning thereby, fires, freshets,
I or other causes, which in their nature,
! are beyond our control,
i .NT OK A UK.'
I The undersigned having rented the
I lartre Framed HARE HOUSE, from
I J. R. Eckford, offers hi service to
his friends and the planters generally.
I am raising the W are house entire
j ly above the high warier mark of De
I cember 1847. And will atore nil cot
1 ton intrusted to mv care at the follow
ing ratea:
in ware house Insured
warter Mark 20 ccnla per bale
Aberdeen September I4lh 1848.
flHE undersigned would respect
H fully inform the citizens of
Chickasaw and adjoining counties,
that thev still have that large WA
which kept cotton dry,
during the freshet last November.
Al persona therefore storing cot
ton in Aberdeen, who wish thair cot
ton kept above highteater mark can do
so by storing with u We promise
to give it our strict attention, una no
exertion on our part will pe spared to
1 promote the interest of the planter
obeying instructions in all case when
! given.
e will have on hand a good stock
of full and winter goods, also Grocer
ies, Bagging, Rope tec,
K.k D. CLRK.
1 1: ii a i, v n i:n i a it v.
JtfRS. D. E. 7'URMAN,
THANKFUL, for ihe liberal pat
ronage ahe has received, announ
ces to her friends and the public, that
the oth session of her school will com
mence on Monday the lGth of J uly ,
1849. Mrs- T.'a school house is a
commodious and o'igible building
North East cf her residence
instructions in the higher branches
of at English education will be given,
together with Drawing, Painting and
Instrumental Music. Particular a(
lention will be paid to the Elementary
principals, and Reading, Writing and
Spelling, with a daily exercise in Defi
nition. .Vis Turmah , has been long
known both in Alabama and Mississippi
as a faithful and successful Teacher
and it is her object to make this institu
lion useful peimanent. A few young
Ladies who wish to take lessons on
the PIANO can be accommodated with
board in the house of the principal.
Terms o Xuiionprjion"o monjft
1st Cass Urlhography, Heading,
Writing and Arilhmatic, $8 00
2d Class-The above, with En
glish (iremnier, AGeographf 10 00
3d Class Ancient and Jtodern
History, Natural Philosophy, Che
mistry, Rhetoric, Logic, Astronom
Jolany, .Voral and Intellectual,
Philosophy, and Composition, 12 00
Drawing aad Painting, 6 00
Music, 20 00
Houston, Mi, July 16th 18495 5 in
Coiiiiniioii irirrcliitiits),
Jutnes Patrick, 1 .Mobile.
James P. Irwin, JVorfn Carolina,
Robt. D. Moffat, ) South Carolina.
5,000 lbs of Bacon
just received
and for sale, by
Table JInttard. A superior ar
ticle especially for table use, for sale
by G. McFARLANG & Co
Abenkrn June 5, 1819.
w'c'it day Packet fur Aberdein
. M. HUMS MID, MasUr. .
Tfliis splendid double
Ji. engine class, A No 1,
p.ssenger Steamer will commence run
nine reeulailv to Aberdeen on the first
rise of ilie river. Her accomodations
tre of the most superior order, and no
pains or esper will be spare! to
m.Kr. ner one oi pre...... -
eomfortnb'e boms in the trade. Ahe
will carry cotton from Aberdeen at 1
$1 per bale, and up freight at 50 cenl ;
per barrel, during the caon. '
R. J. COCKE, Clerk
una 11. 1849. tf 1-'
Having located in the town of IIo'i-1
ton offer his seivice to the citizens of
Chickasaw and th adjoining Counhes,
and will attend to any call.in hi line. ;
llis charges will be moderate, suiIn
able to the time. :
He professes to be able to do any
kind of House and fancy painting, any j
for proof ef hia skill and proficiency
salisfactory specimens a nd referene
will be given when the call is madci
Houston, 28lh June 1849. ;
II O I N T O !
hot i: i-. I
THE subscriber having taken this1
well known establishment lately
occupied by PETER TITTLE, Esq.!
offers its accommodations to the boar-i
ding and traveling community. '
The npartment already spacious
and commodious, are undergoing re-i
pair and will be considerably enlarged. I
Ilia table will be furnished with the j
best the country afford; polite and at
sltntive servsni. alwsvs in attenrlfinr '
and no pains will be spared to render it
the most desirable stopping place i
the Slate.
Hislaree and roomy stable will be
'supplied with provender, and attended ,
. -
by faithful ostlers. j
.1 lew horses and buggys allwavson 1
hand for hire. R. G. STEELE. I
Hsusoton Mi-, Jan. ieth 1S48. 28 tf
D. K. WOODALL, manufacturer
ofCotton Gins, is still pursuing bis
business in Houston Mi.
He ha now on hand aeveral Gins
of the best quality which he will war
rant lo perform well. He will also
make to order, on the shortest notice,
' any quantity, size or quality of Gins,
and deliver them any where in Chh ka
'saw or any of the adjoining connlies
narranled good as be. ore mentioned,
low for cash, nr on time to solvent und
punctual planters.
He also repairs, without delay, old
Gin whenever brought to his shop, at
reasonable charges.
Satisfactory references will begiv-
en of the qualify and performance of
his Gins, to any who may w ish to pur
chase. Houston, Chickasaw Co. Mi.
May 29th. 1849. 10-tf
I fiiali: ACAii:.nY.
I THE present term of this Institu
tion has commenced under favorable
! auspieces, and from the very general
j and full satisfaction with the results
I of our labors of the last session, we
1 indulge the hope thnt most of our
; citizens are now convinced that it is
the interest of those who have daugh
ters to educate to patronize the A
cademy Pupils will be received at
! any period.of the session, and charg-
; ed only from
the time they enter;
! but the sooner they come in the
terforall concerned. The charts
for board & tuition, compared with
similar institutions, are very moder
ate. Those interested will please
call and judge for themselves.
July 27th 1849. 7 4m.
Just received a fresh lot Lemon's,
Sulp. Quinine, Hasings Syrup Nap
tha, Soap, perfumery. Gun Cotton so-
nti0n an article that no Physician or
Family mould be without an imme
dials cure for wounds or burns of all
kinds. We are in dayly expectation
of of a large quantity of S P Towns
sends oassulanlla, tha only enuine
article manufactured. Also Christies
Galvanic Beds, Bracelets and fluid;
ano a few of the electro magnetic Bat
ery or .Machines, and many other arti
cles til of which wii be sod for cash
or to punctual creditors lower for alike
quality of articles than can be purched
in tin market.
Call at the NEW DRUG STORE
next door to Cozart & Clarks.
J. STREET, eVco,
Aberdeen Mi. Aug. 8, 1819 I
Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
GciKh in, ii'a Pniiaiii.1 Hal. .'
with several varieties of Leghorn!
anu i aimeio nais, just received and
for sale by G. McFARLANE Co.
Aberdeen June 5, 1819.
Tloiic) to Iwanal C pr. cent.
.711 persons wishing to make a profi
table investment will pleane call and
lift their note and accounts, and
the-ehy save cost and trouble.
Those wishing cheap goods can be
supplied at the store ol the undersigned
east side of the public square in
Houston, privately at all times, or at
nnhlii. Biil-tinn fln ihft firal Salnr!
tnd Mondty jn Mli tni on ,i bfm
m0day. in every moo'h thereafter', du-
. me w,n ,liem
Houston 11, Apr. 1819. tf
. N. W. SMITH,
NUM. Mi.
Mobile Alabama.
Would respectfully announce to the
planter generally, that tliey liava
made arrangements for conducting a
genera Commission Business in Mo
bile Alabama, where tliey will be
pleased to wait on those who may fa
vor tliem with their patronage.
To gnard against misfortunes
(which they consider only a nickname
for imprudence) they will unequivo
cally decline nccepting or endorsing
bills unrle. any pretence whatever, by
which means the planting interest
will be sife in their bands. .
October 11th 1848. 19 tf.
M AIM l & hl NDKK K.
The Souther Patriot,! publish-
weekly, at i OU a year, II paid in
advance, or within two months from
' the time t of subscribing; $1 if oot
paid till the end of the year Club in
' lhe Country or distant Post Offices,
i i . ir . j j
who may mane up anu inrwara in aa
vance, the sum ofj 10 shall be entitled to
receive five copies. This' eduction
will not be made however, in any ease,
where the payment is not mado in ad
vance. No paper will be discontinued
until all dues have been paid, except at
the option of the publisher.
iQfADVF.RTisKMaNTs inserted at tl
per square, often line or less for the
first insertion, and fifty cenl per square
for each subsequent Insertion. Tha
number of insertion required must be
kmared on tho advertisements, or they ,
w ill be inserted until ordered out, and
charged for accordingly.
IC7 Professional or business cards,
of one square, inserted at $10 per an.
num, for every additional square $ 10.
Articles of a personal nature, will be
charged double price. Political cir
culars or public addresses, for ihe ben
efit of individuals or companies, will
be charged -as advertisements, and at
Ihe same rates, payable in advance.
ICTJob Printing, in all its various
branches, executed with neatness and
Payments for advertising and
job work, will be required in advance
Subscribers who have not an
opportunity of paying otherwise, may
remit by mail, in bills nf solvent banks,
postage paid, at our risk; provided it
shall appear, by a postmaster's certi.
Rente, that such remittance ha been
duly mailed.
.1011 OriTC'K.
fltHE Proprietor has recentijr
ii made very extensive additions of
new and beautiful type, to their Print
ing Office, which enables them to ex
ecute, equal to any office in the South,
every description of Plain and Fancy
We have received a splendid assort
ment of blank cards, for tho benefit of
professional and business men.
The following is a part of the various
description of Printing which we are
prepared to exccuie at (his office
S'wvi Bills
Bill Headings,
Hand Hills,
Horse Bills,
Steamboat Bills
Business Cards,
llsiting Cards,
Ball Tickets,
Funeral Notices,
blanks of all kino.
The following blanks are always,
kept on hand: Magistrate's Subiuo&s
Attachments, Executions. Stay Bonds-.
Appeal Bonds, Delivery Bonds, &uar.
dian's Bond, Letters of Guardianship
Jury Tickels, Witness Ticket Coun-v
ty Treasury Warrants, Manage Lir
censes and Bonds, SliMijTa & Consta-a
ble Notice of sale of properly, Siiei
ids Fourthcnming Roads. Executions oa
Forfeited Forthcoming Bonds, Exe
cutions in Assumpset, Circuit Clerks '
Subpoenas, Capia Ad-respondendumk
J. l. McCLK.VboST, "
Co mm iss io n Me rchant.
f nUANKFULL for past favor, he
LL continue the above buainess qJ
respectfully solicits a continuenoe. ol"
the patronage ofhia friends.
Aug, j 1849. ft 6m.
LaditMi Uoo7of allth7"VaTioTs
styles and qualities, recently re-
ceived and now offered for ale by
June 5, 1319.

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