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' '» v v’1 ■.
” ' ' *-—r----- ■ ■* ' * ..~ ^-*--- ---
voi. 5 IUK.i MISSISSIPPI, FRIDAY, JANl’AftY 13. 188$, SO#?
Oar copy, me year. ^’.OO
paid in three month3, . . .
••ppy. six montln , [?in
tin iiionli -. 'nj
v'.Iuhs of ■■ ■ .\ . •>; ten or more, 80 cents
no. wiin fin extra copy for the person pet
III" up l||P dull.
i iik i., sent tb subscribers unU nn
nr,lir is received bv the Publisher
tor itj^ dlaeoHinuBneo. und nil raiments of
rearapi * made as required by fa
I lie ( mir(s have decided that all subscrib
er* to newspapers are held re.-iions.'ble unt
ararngos are pad.
m l
Subscription, $1.00 Pfr Annum,
(f Not Paid inTkrei f/i jnths.S 1.25.
Lraperor Wiliiam of Germany, is
Two white men, brothers, were re.
eently killed m Greonyille, Miss-, by a
negro. He was cleared on the ground
of seif defense.
Nalchc-/. is soon to have the Free De
livery System of U.S. Mails.
The remains of the late Daniel Man
ning were consigned to the tomb at
Albany, New York.
We are just in receipt of the ir<nia
number of the Home Journal, a neat
and newsy weekly published at Fonto.
toe by Forest Newman. Will “a”
with pleasure.
, —
.Jackson is “kicking” because '.be . I
& M. Railroad docs not furnish enough j
icoachtsto accommodate the passengers j
on that road.
* -
The United .States Signal Service now |
has 182 stations in tho United States !
fiom which it receives daily reports.
A Christmas Turkey was carved m
New York that weighed 43 pounds net.
- g- «■--—
The first legal hanging that has taken'
place in Iowa for the past 22 years, itruv
last week.
Over 30,000,C00 people crossed the
Brooklyn Bfidge, during the year 1887
---c --
Fiyo Govi rnovs of different, states
have died within as many weeks.
;-N. tli*-. pui4UUs Mississippi ^egiislatu.re
has but one Smith, one Brown and one
Jones. Sueli a fact may suggest :
doubt as to its being a tiuly represent!!.
Vive boJy, but it clearly and conclusive
ly proves tnnt new men are coming to
tho front ir. Mississippi.--itlississippian.
' The Governor’s hles-nge has been
issued, and road before both Houses. Ii
is quite a lengthy document, and is, by
all considered very ably written.
Jackson has three dailies, but Bro.
Martin estimates the number at about
one and one-half, and that his pape (
the Mississipuian, represents a lit.it”
pore than one of that number. Praise
13 very nice—when it is not self praism
---• C*v • -4 4 —
The young men of Jackson, Miss
jiave organkted a club, passed rcrolu
lions, had them printed and distributed
over the city, warnitg the negroes if
. that place against, offering llieraselv
jor (llice any more lot ever.
A large number of Chicago girls tne
pee evening lost week fur tho purpo.-t
W G . A Ol . t'.,,-. . ,
OllOlullUg ai
tv. The meeting was called to ortlC’
n'ud Miss Sadie l)ePork elected presi
clent. Before taking her seat the said
in pi par, calm, well-modulated voice
jjeV.lj, girl", I'm too badly rattled by
the honor conierrcd upon me, to givi
you ranch of me guff. It's the fir
* time I ever tumbled to anything c
that sort, and hardly know just how t<
catoh on. tlowever, I’ll try to be suf
lleienUy pp to snuff not to let any lli*'
light an we while doing the president *o
this.sopietv-act. I’m with you in thi
move, and don’t any of you lorgot b
AH‘over our land slang words an
phrases are multiplying Uko flies ii
sorghum time, and it is our duty t<
tspa knock this evil as silly as possibh
our rtf otto he “Shoot Hie Slangist
after an argument between them, tin
, un is generally silenced but not cm
vinoed. The* woman is often convince
tut rarely silenced.
It I- ab well enough to say v
thirteen is f unlucky number, j t
a fact that “Uncle -am f “*i
- *.i,s rvi*h thirteen atm.is. . cd
.: l '.'ling bis ov-p -try • 'c'
r tts. . 0! : J lO pi •■} -
i.c. the *- • 1 iv
wl.u.i;y that theraantioush; .-.**• *•■- ’
mat; boy— ‘The man that bon .
'• /'• *> i; Correct
♦ • ■* ,
TV o t i v e l
STATE OF MI WSKim, 1 Cbadcprj
Tishonbn^o County. j Court.
To Wit:. ii;i••scss, Mrs. Hannah Mu Fun
M’.s. Atlfi’inI’urrhsh, Mrs. Ann Bales
umt M Murlba.J. Con, Defendants:
You urn coBifuautieil to appear bcfovi
tlie Chancery Court of ibu County n
Tfsiiotuiiigo, in said sta'o, on tic 411
Moutlay of March, 1888 lodefeun thesui
in ham (.ourt ot Itnircue piirness e.i, a' In;
sale or vm lit'.on of lauds of estate o
A..I. fiuiprss, deceased, iYberei.ii you a ,
(!cfiuiu;in ,. issued, lito 2'ilii day o.
Deceujiier, i "7.
}{. B. Los,,, Cliaii' -cry (
]”ii's fee
1 0 -u.
■ ■ ■ ■ '»■»«
.S 0 H E 1) U L E.
• . o “ ■ i
Memphis ai - JC ai leslon Daily
Passenger Trains
West bound. No. 1 a-r'vs Inka 1 :57 a.in.
“ “ leai es “' 1 :5s a. oi.
“ “ No. :i a ■' i s “ f> 22 '. ii
“ “ ... “ "• !‘S “ il ’ II
Ell-! bo 1111)1 No. 2 " ' \ s “ I 67 . II
“ "<• “ s “ J 7 il!
“ “ No, '4 a ' sj “I 65 I I
it ii ii , |-a i‘ 2.10 n hi.
Commercial College LEXINQTONfKY.
Cheapest & Best Business Cclloge-tn the World.
Klglie*4. TVoner and Gold Medal over all other Collcgoa, a'
World'* Krposltloai for 8?Bto:a ot Book>Keepinil
General Mu«(ne^.Education. 3000 Graduate* in
lltiBtncn.'. 1" Teachers employed. Coat cf Full Bn*incw
Conroe, including Tuition, Stationer? and Board, about COf;
Nhort-I?i«.i::l, Ty»e»Wj*tfti»** & TelcKPaphy* upecialtk
No Vn puts or:. Ent-v V«t7, Gre.i'.uates Guaranteed Succesi.
For circulars, r 4 • ’ i .rotiu W. Sinitlt. Principal,
Wilbur ii. G;iuth, Prea’.leut, Lexington, iuj.
Curt E ness. Dv f Dick Headaoh
fORP c Liver, Malaria, »ni>Hje:V;cn, Sour Stc.
\ch, Dad Breath. /c^mco -*JA*jr:DicF., Dysenter
.^lagged Spleen. Prow■•ine.ss after (Meals,8<
tr> setter-. £3 cents.
GB for H I !■’ Bi. ■ r,. tirnto. Kiil.l.
vtri re:,.; ior". • d? Drut:tr,
r Cl real
• •*. *ij:r ft*
Woman’* Province.
What a great task is assigned to W0J
pan. Its dignity can not be elevated. It il
not her province to make laws, to lead
armies, nor to be at the head of great en
terprises, but to her is given the power ta
form those by whom the laws are made,
to teach the leaders of mighty armies and
the governors of vast empires. _ She is
required to guard against having the
slightest taint of bodily infirmity touch
the frail creature whose moral, intellect
ual and physical being is derived from
her. She must instil correct principles,
inculcate right doctrines, and breathe into
the 60ul of her offspring those pure senti
ments which in time to come will be i
part of themselves, and bless generations
v«t tinhorn. Yes. to woman is eriven the
blessed privilege of aiding the sufferer in
all the various stages of his existence. She
smiles serenely at the christening, and
weeps at the burial, while she soothes the
bereaved heart. This is her province and
duty. Yet how can she fulfill her mission
unless possessed of a strong and healthy
body ? The preparation of Dr. S. B,
Hartman, and known a Peruna, is just
the thing for persons suffering from a ma1
jority of the complaints incident to tliii
climate. It is invaluable to women, anc
Mrs. J. W. Reynolds, of New Lisbon
Columbiana county, Ohio, is a noted ex>
ample of what the medicine can do. Sh<
says she has suffered for years with con
gestion of the lungs, catarrh in the head
and was troubled with a bad cough. Shi
j bad tried a number of physicians, bu
1 they all failed to cure her. She was in
duced to try Pi.run A, and immediately i
marked change took place. A her using
one bottle her cough ceased and in a siior
ti »e her ot uer ailments were cured. Sh,
is now completely restored to health, ant
gives ail the credit to Peru JA. Mr. J
W, Reynolds, her husband, was a con
firmed inv lid. He cor d not sKp well
nr.ii iv. cov'd he work. i. 'eu:.' dP; RV"f -
and as a result, v as _ompl ' :v restore*
to his termer vigor and rtren ;!h. II
•avs lie nov- feels like a new man.
'Mr, 1 ■ irir.lt Si-1.1, St Clair,
. Mich , myh “ I have tlior
ougldv j, • ,.r j'fnrxA in ’ he varlou
disc-.- s to which pan ins -and a large fajn
jlv rii ! ild •. -.n- evt r liable, and I fun
it’"it 'v Vt.. eto - ius* th ' tiling needed
No fan>itv rail honest! v be without it.”
■ * Nancv' r'etermbn, Cootport, Indian
*Oou • 3: *• (rent- .'•’•’W.' ’’t ou
Av^lhahi’ PEStt'N * N"'” best-medicine
I »
School Notice.
Mrs. jRoth Penn jooto will
; open a boarding tyfcboo! for
1 young ladies at h<*r borne in this
j place, March 12,1888. The school
1 i year will close Dec. 14, 1888. The
; summer term and winter vacation
I offer special advantages to par
; i cuts desiring to plane their daugh
ters at a health resort during the
j summer, and have them at lioifte
in winter.
The Literary, Music,and Art departments
will be supplied with teachers .of experience
and ability. A fine opportunity will.be
given, also, to learn Milllr.ery and dress
making. In short tin* bust advantages will
be gfvcii; Superior teachers, modern meth
ods. and the influences of a Christian home
will eombino U make a school c. the Highest
Expenses payable in advance.
Board, Inc], lights and washing per 1-2
year $00.00 Tuition m English, Ilk-her
departments, including Latin, French an I
German, S0.01
Tuition in Primary anp Tuteruiedir.te‘ de
partments. including liraivlug and Gymnas
tics. $20. to 25.
Private lessons in EIo ut'lon $ SO.00
Class •• *• “ $10.00
I H awing and Painting $ 20. to 110
InstiuiDcntHl Music $;>.-, (to
Use ol Instrument $a.00
Vocal Musi- 00.0,0
Lcssoi s iu Milliucrv and dress making.
ciu-ii is.00
Mi-s Hi (He Giliespic, who is to be a U-m-ii
e:'in i!ie scuoo!, will rece.ve pupils in Pri
mary ami uterincde >ie studies, beginning
Moinlai January 2nd 1888. Bovs will only
lie received jo ihe Primary Ilepurtmept.
I (few* iilg, sigbt-dngiii"-, Gymnast ics. Gcr
, man and French will lie t.night in thc.ie dc
p.ii of charge, and parents hre re-.
<iuse.«ledlu consider 140 iiu :vaota2.es
here otfere<l.
The finest assort nieii't of clothing insJ
the market at \V. F. Iliihhard’s. Call
and see how cheap.
J. T. liobinsas, •
A-STAFF" :t.:5 •!' FANCY.;.
groc 'R i ifs, "v.;
rt'a>, Mississippi.
He proposes to sell good if prices
•are any imlut eirent. Cull on liitn at
'HyattV old stand.^93 '
T S the best newspaper published in
X the South,
Its able editorials from the pens of
accomplished writer* deal with the
great and live issues of the day
Its complete telegraphic service, es
pecially its Southern service, has
. reached a point of perfection never be
fore attained by anyjournal published in
this section; and" to d^y the Times
Bsmocrat stands abreast with the
leading papers of the United States.
Its commercial and market reports
are carefully prepared and can be relied
upon for accuracy and completeness.
/The Sunday edition (12 to i6,pagesj
has in addition to the news and other
material contained in the daily,columns
of original and contributed reading
raatter carefully selected, giving the
latest events in the world mind of
Fashion and of Society.
A special feature is its unsurpassed
translations of the choicest literature
to be found in the foreign press.
embraces the best features of the Daily
J and Sunday editions with an additional
| department devoted to agriculture, S3
j best suited to the South.
The rates of subscription are:
Daily and Sunday, per annum.. $ :a 00
Sunday only. 2 00
Weekly. 1 50
Sample copies, free.
All remittances Bliould be made by
registered letter or Post Office money
order to
ThkTimes-Democrat Publisii’g Co.,
New Orleans, La.
One copy of the Times-Dkmocrat
sent free for one year to any one get
hag tap a chib of four subscribers.
The 30th Annual Session of this Ingtitu^
tion will Open on
The faculty consisting of eleven Pro
lessors p.ne instructor, is full. The
I ouildingsa1 in perfect order; tho insti
tion is elevated, and perfectly healthy.
Necessary expenses need not exceed 8150
or ®3D0 for entire course of nine months; j
Law studeuts 8200 and §215. The law ;
school is in operation,and its curriculum 1
equal to any in the United States.
For full particulars; and for Ilistorica
?id Current catalogue, address Eiiward
ayks, Chairman of Faculty University
iss., dr RUM PRICE,
u 'Secretat;. Board of Trustees,
dug! 21 Oxford, Miss.
Gin Powers.
Adjuiiitnlilc li'on Kingpost
Pmver for Ginning.
Most economical and d'uraliU*. l/heapest in
th? market, vuality considered. The CE LE
IfS OINKS ami ?.IaNI)AI;I> ’ 12IPLE
:f '■ Sunt loyCUtaioeuc,1]
? A. li.SFAR^HAR,
Deansylvanfa Agricultural Works York, l’a.
\tft L; I n- 1 ‘
. !
i ... ... ! —DBA LEU IN- ’•
MliM?* M,!ls»F|cur $5 09 per Barrel,
; wWlKM»!)uii «t#fl ■<$: Other (tra ie- eheape
i* H yards brown Domestic for $1
10 to 1} yards I’.llfi :Uing “
14 to 2l> yards < alien “ 1,1
Cent’s Zuloid Collars *0 c«fnt.». Culls 4(, cl
Ladles’ Xuloid Culls 3.1 cents. Linen JO ceu
JiroKKtl Mines $ 1 ,'() 10 $ 1 o.j.j
[Roots front $2 onto $;)•()/).•
Ladies.’Polkas If ] Q:) to If 1 215,1
Liiji.ti’ Otif Skin s’b *es from .$'1 01 to *3<
iVon/ Hats Si) boots to f 1 00,
Fur Hats ,11 ~.j to $3 Q0.
Ciotltid.r from LJ.toff KJ.03.Vsy U.
{ am headquarters Por plain 1 and.fane;
01: lies. Wac'afole#. Tropical and Done s
ii Fi uUs always on hand.
• in...T delivered any\y,here iu town free o
Alter Iqokinx around call ojt jnc for bet
jil'S'tmj . Don't forget the |d;#ee.
favours. and Trade Masks (ditidned. and a I
P,.e, nt busilii ,? eeiuluete.i lor JlODEItA : k
<‘tit office is orrosj it. r. s. pat
E'T OFFICE. We have 11- Mihr.tgeucli-s.
111! busipe.r dl'cet. liet.ee n 1 trails ;e.t pel
i i.t liitsipcs i:i !■■'.. 11111“ and el less c1 si
Ilian tnnse rein le from vi ashinaton.
s..|id mode!, drawi 1.;. or plpii v, with »’e
seiiplion. v ej.lvi.e il pMicntnldo or not
of ep • roe• our ice not due ’lit) pau-nt
is secured.
A boot. "How t>.’ Iitnln Patents.’’ wi'li
rpl'errees 10 actual eb’lits ill \olir state,
0 icrv, or town, '.lit free. Ad,ness,
“C-; K. SNOW & Go,,
Op; oslto Patent Offlo t. '/ashfnxton, D. 1'
The following books are published In. neat pamphlet form, printed from pood readable tree on pood
paper, ami many of them handsomely 11 lustrateif. They are without exception the cheapest books ever pub
lished in any land or language, and furnish to the masses pf the people an opportunity to secure the nes|
literature or tho day at the most trifling expense. In any other series these great works would cost many
til 53 tho price ut which they are hero offered. JSncUouo it complete iu itself:
Yvomiera or mo onu*
tains descriptions and illustrations of tho most wonderful
Works ol nature and of man. Very interesting and Instructive.
Wonder* of tiio t4oa* A description Mho many woii'ier.
fill an < lie*ut:rul thmtf* found at tho bottom ol the ocean, Willi
profits*. Ilium'.. I ous.
1 “A V*iou* • *ert J- vcrf’oti.** nml Other Pketche*. By
• **Jofci\u ,’s Wi! ... A collection * ’ Irresistibly iunuy
1 #!»<>< lies 1-. i.Mst . ou’itr h'Muorons writer ol the day.
: 'I ; \iri; 1 Kc/.i.ih * ;»p- ra. br^fAKv AnorsTA, author
, ol 'I’li iyix U- no • i A !i * f ! cuious.y fuuuy book
—•i w. 'V. equal* • ' \V!.I <\«’ Be lot*."
[ •< Uidv.;. ' • *. i Mici-.kmi. Contain* a
n ■ ’ oru* over written
, b .»nc i ii-.inpl -ic.
k r * f«t. ikcr.picturaa,
. . . •.» > ;.S » t ■ • «. drama
i i jw.i'.’w m*
) IV
f,. . . > s
* V.*> • • - . * • • • . .. ■ '• I -M-a ,
• t '
) §
4) , .i • •»
I , . I
i up r iTi'ciuni tiiiHMe*' « • .... .... - . . •
The «ild OuLi-n CIlf-»l. a NlivnI. llypYi.TANUs Conn, Jr,
The Pearl ol’theO-eun. A Novel. Hy Clara Augusta.
Hollow A#h Hall. a Novel. Hy Uacuammy H~ouat*
Cl!Be lioiiMC. A Novel. Ty Fm W. riKRcr.
I suJcr the Lilac*. A Novel. Hy iUo auiUov of “Dor*
The Dlnmonil IJracdct. A Novel. F.y Mrs. IIcsux
W’iivj. Illuairutr.d,
The Lawyer * Secret A !C«rM. Fy Ml*« v F.. 1»hm>i>ok.
Tbe Nruntti' ('rn<; o ' I)r. JcUyll aud iir. Hyiic. ▲
Novel. Bv H. !.. >- ..v l.N *U>N,
A Wicked V. A Novel. Fv y.*nv CVru. U\.
L«dy Yu!\vorlk‘» id«. A Nov,. F.y “ Tua
Pi ..L8S.’*
Helot-en Two sin*. A-'»vcl. Eytho . of “Dora
T* u .le.” riluairutf i, W
j^'l'he Nine «»F lioatTM* FvF T
l#av4H*«i Korjutir A *iov*R Uj F ...
A Marrlr.yf. A N< r«*«. H* Ulus.
The V«Ut; I i. «• . A No- ■ ■ l‘. '■.«*>. •
'£*»• r •'/OH of Af. H. • »«tUT*T.
Vi/ul '.riut/is A Novrl. -M*'. *
I • . Il-i- F ''ITS. -i '‘MTS.
* l*i« , W.-1 .• III'*. Hiliui..-. • AliVl
F !, teal.
- \«t A “I>..r*
T liv Hh-*ir>
-v * ia’-.rt. V • 1 •• 'i ' V'KTCO*.
...... I ..'od's Oiit’l. .
- - . .. 1X80*1
' ■ A* . r »i;i «. >*. .{*, V S • ‘.l IS iU
- .. i « tst* ir
* i? ' . • \■■■■■ • utl*- •• .MroitMi ”«•*’ •
_ • J\'« i^i lov! fafttto-in <»tsi. As > '>•-■»<. . ^ « /.
L % . V -l,, It?. • i- • .-I* \ ••
t .:.v .'-..-t-iV:-. >, ««woyV' . > ■
i ^ # %
>.JMBjPF 'IHl PBPtfiiTL • HWH111 f i: fliwi JTW W 'pMpMWffc*
I f Jjfc • jf'•, ■
r •. ‘ * - Ap '
a[j‘f . ‘A i
<5THE GAX»E> i
l-'isf u
' j
..* T
I■• ^ . ' j
• u
:V- r j
■ ■ . ].
t t
F iris '£, IS H E D j
**»' 1E3CTS • iff w
a. . »
’ JOB ❖ WOB1
a dvT i s i r u.& * i
' ’ •* 4 \ Y- ' - •: i', ",
^ . wwtB |t |WJW., -Hi Ilia- anTiii -
r ' ' V ’'T--- -.-‘••yjr.-irrt ••-;.•-*•
At)V§RT;s;;,’Q rates
••r ler..*. for !lto fir*f In* •rfion, A; »n
ior e<ieii tnn.m-rmcnt idvriion. IS u mi
J’edtu! ion n-mjr oo-i-out.-aet for
Local A'oti.'/y tan coctt per line
-UiiCrtiQll. ; i
t Obiteitry JtiUcPSsTribfrtegof
yer »»jf Une>,x;ti.>^eji fur *l jpzultr rale*.
1 Conumminaltong iftfemleti fo promote i!:».
private or polilfmft i:-.t o o*;., of i;wiivi-.!tM!.» or
corpoiationg, charged tn» adyertigemeulg,
Mor.er for itdvertMpa«JiieUorei| km aft,.,
first iaaertii’it.
w. A. HOCGIS, ST. 3).,
1LK*\, MlftSIsSll’l’I
Offite—Watkiv .t Himvi y'a itro? Star
%:• i
T. CAIUIACK., 21. !>.,
Otfwo-rW tTsos * Qviivny’d Vru' Store
V »
J iifliiA NOlJjftf
Altorncy at I>trw,
1’JJvA, UlselGSiifPi.
Xpe'-fel attentipi) to tiii blatter* prrtaiciny
o'Jiiai Ct a.i. ii.ittithi.s replied t(t"bv-r<
•jia ’i i.il. 1 ■ A.
.3. R. DAVIS,
Dry Goods House
OJT e.-QHIJN'^TX,. '•
vVi:i be si ad ro **.• nny"/of hi* Tiidnwrinpj
irila Corinth. Will "fill all ,0,1'dc; „
promptly that tire sent by mail, fjftiH&t 1'ou
u;:iiib<r,(l in | r'cC find Qualifv. ^
■ J. W. BIGGS.'
Tire Ucnrs, Wines, Bpndies,
-T5 K pra IX —
T0J?«eo anil Cigars a i‘iiecialty
BUjr^.Hvri.isE, miss.
* '• * f
Tbs Leading Newspaper
1837 of tbe South. (837
I The New Orlean
1 lie lied fifty.years,
| the progress of joa
by telegraph, correspopdece'e and re
portorial corps, and the most accurate
i and complete market, commercial and
I financial placements published in Now
' Orleans. ,
®6r ^““iaglgtavime
Which may taken separately Croat
the daily subscription service, is full J
and complete in all news department*
jrith the added features of houec-hold,
fashion and society talk, and a least cr
choice original and selected literary t
matter for home reading. The special
writingsof “Catharine Cole," Henry
Hayxie (Paris correspondent), JenniB
June (fashion writer), JIollje Moore
Davis, and many othefs, appear
Sunday issue.
This mammoth sixteen page paper
is the best and cheapest weekly
paper published in the South. In a ecu-,
denned form it contains ail the news of
the week, the cream of all literary mat
ter and the best Bfeei&l features of thti
Sunday issue, with on important Agri
cultural Department, conducted by
Daniel Dennett, and the latestmar
ket REPORTS. Tho Weekly is published
Every Thursday Morning, ac4
reaches all subscribers for Sunday
$iO.OOO wonli of Hseful and
ornamental nrlicics far itidies
and gentlemen, girls and
boys, nre offered to nil wiiek
will get subscribers for tha
Weekly Ficayaae. Lists of
diese valHubSe pretents will
be sect to any address.
DAILY—7 issues s vs«k,
! (no Year. v!8 hO
-is Months. 0 04
1 hree. Months. 3 0i>
One M'taih.. 1 C4
One Year.53 04
hi a Months. 1 04
Ot>o Year.$1 SO
Six Months. I.'xx
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