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The gale. (Iuka, Miss.) 18??-1888, January 20, 1888, Image 1

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* "'■'**{»* A ,f .i-w^v^r^-mmisss^
VOL. 5 IliKA MISSISSIPPI, FHilUV, JAMAiiY 20. IS**, N0 ' -
One cm , <v'e ion,-.ifl.Of
I'u 1 in 11,r • months, .... J.35
Mu i .: i ;
three iimiiin. ..25
clubs "i six. $5; ten or more, 80 era s
Hp. with an extra copy for the person iiet
ing up flic club.
rilr, <;' i.n is sent to subscribers until an
m''!< r i s received bv the Publisher
for Its dlsocrtinuanco, and all payments of
roiiraircs made us required by law.
I lie Courts have <l 'i id- t that all subscribe
< r> to newspapi : s«re held responsible uni
nrarages are pakl.
__■ * I
J A AILS JO URI) AN, Editor.
.Subscription, $1.00 Pfr Annum.
'f Not Paid in Tmrep M ?nths,$ 1.25.
A few cases of measles and mumps
in town.
Air, Ed. ^Merrill is quits sick this
Dr. Worshnin, of Coiinth, is in town
this week.
Mr. C. E Davie, of Corinth, was in
U:e city several days this week.
Several new subscribers have been
added to our list this week.
Locals “scace,” Think they are all
frozen up.
The Pay Car Came through to-dny and
left quite a handsome sum among bur
'1 he streets arc again getting in it pas
sable condition.
Mr. Jesse Forsyth, of Memphis, is j
spending .1 few days here with rola'ives
and friends.
Board of Supervisors in session this
— ■» i «--—
Fee Executors’ Sale in another col
uuin. If you desire to purchase a piece
of land at a pargnin, von will dowel! to
jead the notice and remember date of
There seems to be a considerable de.
ixiand for wood in town this week, yet
there is none on the market.
It was a surprise to some of the boys
’</!eai;n tlint Judge Ilcust-on was not a
’irohibitionj^t, for tljev said he assumed
every appearance of one in fixing the
Monday was the coldest day that has
,visitcd us fgr more than two yea1-?. 1 he '
"herniometer registered eight degrees
jibove zero with a fair test, and lo date
the temperature lias risen, very little.
P 'j ---
We notice a statement going the
rounds of llpj press, to the effect that a
peeond attempt lias been mado to uimi
the court house at luka - This is cer
fiunly a mistaken idea, a« we at present
have no court house, save the crjimbl
jng walls of thu old ore to mink the
place where it stood.
-^ 9 --
' Mrs. Harper, while walking through
hor back gallery one day this week,wa.'
thrown by the ice, inllieting painful,
but fortunately, not dangerous injuries..'
W. C. Hubbard & Co. have just opened
rt nice line of fresh drugs, medicines and
chemicals; also a line assortment of fancy
ami toilet articles.
Mr. Tom Holeman. studet t of I X. I
returned yesterday from a visit to his
parents in Memphis.
--- -
This week seems to have beenote'
well adapted to “.sheeting” both volun*>
tary and accidental. ' We congratulate
■ourselves on having abstained from the
practice. To have I ts' as much “cheek’1,
tm some ot tho boys did, would wholly
unfit a man for,the newspaper business.
.-- f - w
We want ene good correspondent lo
write news letters from every post cilice
■in the county each week. For terms
address this oilioo. Unless you corupo.-c,
‘punctuate and write a-legible hard
don’t apply;
It is very probablo that by this time
'.our rcadurg have become tired of so
‘many apologies and excuses from us;
but if there is tiny one thing in existence
'that would be attributable as a just
cause for the deficiency in the record of
local happenings, it would, we think, be
assigned to the appearance that Iuka
'has pre-ented for the past week. Not
‘ 3*en so much as a wagon has been seen
on the streets or hardly a man from
X 'loutSiJte the.iiWpbrttUw: Ifv’lacl it'pro
•5nt“ nothing'^ a hn*lwmw appearance.
Normul Noles.
Mr. James ]!. Mogness, of -Slate sp’gs
Miss., entered the Normal this week, j
Mr. Horace Cunningham, of New
ham, Tenn., is anion" the new students
icgistered at the Normal.
Mr. W. K. Cfilbert and Ills sister,
Miss Ad i, of Itawamba county > have i
re-entered school here.
7V olice.
Notice 13 here by given that the under
signed, by order of the Board of Super,
visors, will receive bids for the hire and
custody of prisoners for two years from
this data, from the jail ol Tishomingo
coumy. Ail propositions for the con
tract of the hire and custody of the
same will bo received from this date
until March 5th 1888.
I’. \V. l’ATTKit ox, Clerk of the
Iuka, Miss., Board of Supervisors
Jan’y 11, 1888., 85
Printer’s fte §2 20.
Executors’ Saie.
In accordance With the directions of
the last will and testament of F.M. Kay
deceased, we, as h s executors, wili, < n
tiic 18th day of February, 1888, within
.egal hours, in front of the court ton e
ia the town of Iuka, Tishomingo coun
ty, Mississippi, sell at public attetion
to the highest bidder for cash, the fol—
»aim ill i Ijuvuim^'/ vwwm J J
Missi sippi', belonging to Said decedent,
to-wit,: Sou'h half of section ("0) thir
ty, township (:;) liiree, range (11) elev‘.
on, East . The title to said lai d
is perfect. It is situated about two
miles from luka, and has good count, y
houses, about twenty-live acres in culti
vation and the balance iinoly timbered'.
thos. L- Cljnkseale.-,
Cand er & Candler, 1 M- E. Kay,
Att’ys for Estate. ] Executors of
F. M. 11 iy, dee’di
Printer’s fee $4 85. 4t
.\o( ici- !
81'ATK Ct.K MIpSISSItTI, ) rtiam>u<$
i oiiuty. > 1 *«*11 rt.
'!'•> Win. dik/ross, liunnah M«i Inis,
M;s, .yttiijUie Mr*. Ann J5aU*s.
and M i:s#i.iVI:u:[lia ;J. <’<>.\, ikkndanls :
You are pmumimjcd to appear before
l,!je ('11:i11• -Vv Jt/oiirt of ilk ('minty m
Tfsij.iujiu^o, in said stnte« on ti e Jiii
Alumiay of .March, I > ^ to defcno,tU.e sail
in -am ( oiili ot Kuj’ene .Hutsons el a*. I«»i
sale or partition ol lands of e-jyjje oJ
lim^e-s, deceased, n herein yim arc
d icnonni IsaMled t ile L'k.i - day -;i
I>ccj*ui.,»erl 1 >>7.
. U-, It. Lon it, < ‘iiainvry Ck*r\
r’irV fed
i V; ii . .... . * .
S. (1 K E I* i L E.
Memphis ;n: \z .:»• b' on Daily
Passenger Trains
Wert mi' \ t„;irr i ■ mush 1 :*>. a.m.
• • >• *• . i -it. j •* I m.
*• “ So; :i iirr'v" “ 5p.iu.
n ,.n.' pi It’a Vi"- “ A .
East b'lnndlNo. - arr'vs “ I :.">T a.m.
|| i- “ Ira\vs “ I : .i i. ai In
“ “ y;.'), i ands's “ i ;0o !' in.
<< “ “ |ru\ . s “ V : 10 ;■ in.
! : . ' |
Commercial GoSisgo lcwnqton*kv!
Cheapest & Best Business College in ihs World.
lllffheftt ITnwor *n<5 Gelid Medal orer til other Co’.lc|ca. f. ’
World’* Hxpnfdtfo*. tor Svateru of ttnok«Koopln£ Il''J
Genera! UuVitcm* tduculian. 8600 Graduate* In
llu*liie>*». 10 Teacher employed. Cosl ofFnll BuMncts j
i'ourae. including Tuition. Stationery and, Hoard, about
flhert*ljnnd, Type-Wrltlnir & Telegraphy, apeclaitica.
No Vacation. 10.iter Now. Graduate* (riuw n.teed Sucoei*.
For circular*, add re*s Ephraim W. Sutith. Prlmtiidd, «r
Wllbar It. Smith, PresMoo', Lexington, iiy, j
« »
School Notice.
Mrs. Ilutll IVnri I-'nole will
open a boarding tciuml for
,\ oiuig ladies at h<w bone* j.a thjs
place, .March 12, f8S>. The .sMn ,,j
Jear wifi close I 11,1888. fj he
Slimmer term .a.d winter vacation
oder special advantages to par
ents desiring to plac: their daugh
ters at a health resort during the
summer, and have them at 'home
in winter.
the Liter,ry, Music,and Art departments
will lie supplied with teachers of experience
atria llity. A line opportunity will he
seen, also, to team Millherv and dress
Plaiting. Ill short lho licst advanl'im s will
lie given; Superior teachers, modern meth
ods and the iolluenccs of a ehrisii ,n h<mv
wi t combine tw make a school c, Ihe Highest
order, °
iixpe ses payable in advance.
Hoard. Idol, lisrlils ai;J wasldnc per l-o
year jfDO.Oi) IY.. in English, m 1,„7
oJnnnn!“^’ ‘n"hu,,,,Z J-l|in, !Tench I
'luition in Primary imp Intcrmed a’."'d,'.
;“;aa luand (iy Jim a V;.
J’rivalu lessons in El i ip.iort $-jr, po
e rawing and Painting S W'.''a?
Instrumental Music “ >
1 so of Instrument ....
Vocal Musi' t; •
^ Ecsso. a in Millinery and dtess maC*
Miss I'.die Giliesple, who is to he a tc-u’t
er in the school, will reec.ve pu; i - ii/l’ri
man and intennedc ie studies, beginning
Moiida.t danuan 2nd 18s,s. will only
tie recenei. in lho Primary I (apartment.
m .n in“" < ■' lllllasl ics tier
man and e reii-.di will lie l .mill! in u,„<„
;V“", 'V: “ ' ° parents are re
,u" uw,i>-- *•'«*"
Ihe fiiie.-t it-'sprtmcm of clolliitajr in
(he market ai \\\ ^ ifubbard’s. Call
and see bow cheap.
«3. T. Robinsob,
o ui j l ' rj> j e s,
lr;;A, MissiRsirp*,
Ce He proposes to soil good if ; ricn
me any ipdtie'eiiK iir. Cull on liini a
Hyatt’.- old stand,^0-jr
®b* Cimes-^tmorrat.
IS the best newspaper published in
the South,
Its able editorials from the pens of
accomplished writers deal with the
great and live issues of the day.
, • Its complete telegraphic service, es
pecially Its Southern service,' has
reached a point of perfection never bo
fare attained by any journal published in
this section; and to day the Tuns*
Scmocrat stands abreast with the
leading papers of the United States.
Its commercial arid market reports
lire carefully prepared arid can be relied
upon for accuracy and completeness.
;The Sunday edition (12 to 16 pages)
has in addition to the news and other
material contained in the daily,columns
of original and contributed reading
matter carefully selected, giving the
la^st events in the world mind of
Fashion and of Society.
^ special feature is its unsurpassed
translations of the choicest literature •
to be found in the foreign press.
The Weekly Times-Deiocrat
embraces the best features of the Daidy
and Sunday editions with an additional
department devoted to agriculture, a*
best suited to the South.
The rates of subscription are:
Baily and Sunday, per annum. .$ia 00
Sunday only.... 9 90
Wwocly.. 1 50
Sample copies, free.
All remittances should be made by
registered letter or Post Office money
order to
ThkTimks-Demqcrat PubUsh’g Co.,
d New Orleans, La.
Qne copy of the Times-Democrat
Seof fme tor one year'to any one get
lug Np • cM of torn •rsbscribert.
i The i)tith Annual Session of this Instilu
thm will <■■till
The faculty consisting of ele\i n I n
who instructor, Is full. Tin
nuildiuiis a in perfect order; tha insu
lion is cleaned, and perfectly healthy
Necessary expenses need riot exceed 815'
or 8200 for entile course of nine month*
Law students £200 and §215. The law
school is in operation,and its curriculun
equal to any in llie United States.
For full particulars, anil for llistorica
and Current catalogue, address Uow.uu
Mayks, Chairman of Faculty University
Miss., or UFM P11ICB,
Secretaty. Foard ox'Trustees,
ana 121 Oxford, Miss’
/->* • f\ FARQUHAR .3
Gin rowers. clL,a,^o
A.<1 juKtsi»>Io Iron IviujApoisf
PoAver for Ginniuy;’.
Most’<conomleaf and drirulne. < ;!:mi>c-t,ir
the market.* uality . msidered. Uiie < FL,K
in; \ ’> FAilYUUAl? -AW MILL' ant
(;u, N -,s "ml S sNOAKO 1 .MPi.lv
M il .s 1 > G K N *RALLY.
M*m! tor Cutaloftiic,?
Pojipsylv:in i AgHcultoiMl ^ or.vS Voiii, Pp
ug 12 l a*
V. Os KAivISE¥
D R T". G-'O O D £
• . -si.N'D—.
Cole’s IIills">’!ou. $5 00 per Parrel.
1. Unlf .Pawet 3 2 05. «ter ftra u « cbenj
j H yards br^vir for $1
I lo to 14 vnrd* Btea -UUisr
; it ta
. 14 to *20 yards < uIko 4, . _
Gent's Zuloid Collars 20 amts. Cuffs 40
Radios’ Zuloid Cuff's Si .’mis. tinea 13
Grogan Sliues 3 I 10 1° 3 1 4*).j
Knots from 3 2 00 to $3100. ;
Ladies* l’olkns 3 t 00 to $1 23(J ~7IS
L ides’ o ilt skin sii'-MS from 3 1 2") to 31
•Vool lints 30 emits to $i 00,
, Fur it its i» 1 T ) to 3 3 Off.
Cl'Kliiiisr from 3 t; 0»)to, 3 1(1. OOVsuit.
I rim headquarters lor |d;>iij . and fan
Cindies. Vfijiel aides. Tropical -atu,l Hone
ti Fro its id v\ nvs on hand,
tjq.ii*c delivered anywhere iir town free
eiini'UO. " ,
A Iter looking sroundi^ll on me lor b
nn;iUiS. Uon't li rnei the i la-e.
ip A T E N T S
r-ivp!U«.U!k! Tiu l1 M uk » ohtanv'd. »r.d r
»i t, ,,j Jmsin^ **s cuiultii’t(*,» for AilOl^I'sik*V <
0M¥v<lri« i\ s:v.\
v\ i* IIFPICK. ' We have no stiff
•til Tmsinesij.'tVireet, Uenqe q.ci! transact |>r
i ot ln.siiio.M- in loss tiitto .•«*><! at • joss e *■
th in inose rein te from W .;»nimrton.
s, n,i model, drawi nr. or phot wilh iff
sel ipCoO. We lldvl'C it pMKmlalV" or m
free Ffellaryc- Our fee not due ’nil patei
5Sft^“ni?w tnofftnin icno.- i,
s Iff lletiud r' . -Cs in lent- st ,11
I cunirv. or town. - mt d ' "•
| ,L\ S, .«
j ftp'e'l r.i'tt CiTca. Md Iryd' *•• ' 1
The following books are published in neat, pamphlet form, printed ..from frond readable typo on rrom
paper, ond many of them handsomely illustrated. They are without exception the cheapest hooks ever j.uo
lisned ia iiny land or language, and furnish to tbqHnasscs of the people an opportunity^to secure the bos
literature of the day at the most trialnir expense. In any other rt*rie.,s thesd fcreut worfcg Would Cost man;
times the pr^e at w hich they are here ode red. Each one is complete in itself! '
> Wonder* of tli© vvoriu. hatubal and in-nsa. wn
tains di*si iriptiotis and illustrations of (he most wonderful
works of natute and of roan. Very interesting amt instructive.
Wonder* of tit© Kca. A description of the many wonder„
fuharoi beautiful tilings iuoud at the bottom ol th« ocean, with
profuse illiutrations.
“A Plenaure Exertion,” nn<1 Other Skrtobea. By
" Josiau A 1.1.1. ''s Wink.” A roiieclloti «.f Irresistibly fouuy
Sketches by tub most popular humorous writer olthe day.
The Aunt Kezluli Paper*, by Clara Aduusta, author
of “ Tita Uugf Documents.” A most ridiculously fueuy book
—inevery way equal to ‘‘Widow ttedott.”
t'hrlatmu* Stories, by Chari ks nicicicvs. Contain* a
number of tlna tuost charming Christmas siorU-e ever written |
by tlie greatest writer who ever lived. Each one isronipU-te.
Hound tli© Evening? I.Hiup. A book ot statics,pictures,
puxr.Uisaud game*, for tod little folks at lump-.
Popular lleoitatlona end IMulogui'*, Immnrmi*. drama
tic and patliotic, iududlng nil the latest, best and most popuiar.
Tlie **elf.iund© Men of Modern Time*. Contains p .r-,
traits and lii.jgrapi.tvis of famous self-made Auieri. auk, irotu Uif
time of PcAHkHa to the present.
Vamltlur Quotntlon*. Containing the origin and author
ship of many phrase* frequently met In read lug ahd conversa
tion. A valuable work of reference.
Low Life l«t New York.* A WVies of vivid pvn picture*
showing the dark side of Uidi|jdli«'(rcutci|y. Wuntrutfi.
Th© Hoad to WcnltU. Sot an adkertleihg circular,
but a thoroughly practical : work, pointing out n way I.y
which all may mako motley, easily, rapidly and honestly.
Oflfl Jluadrcd Popular K«ng», sentiment*!/pathetic
and comic. Including most of tiro favorites, now and old.
SlrSoel's Heir. A Kovel. By Mr*. May Aonics Ki cmivq.
A Bartered Life. A Novel. By Marion FIarlako.
An Old Mail's SucrlQec. A Novel. By Mrs. Ann S.
lUerorceltlnt a i.y .vi. i . v aj.»oi
T lie Old Oft ho II thc*t. A Navel.. HyPv J.VANBS ftunn. .tr
The l*carl ©f the Ocean, A Novel. Hy Ci,a*a Aikipsta
Hollow Act* Hull. *A Novel, Hy Masuahht Blousi
« lUTc House. A Novel. Pt Ettv VT. rime*,
l.'udcr titc Lilac*. A Novel. l:j t'U* u.itftor of “Dor
.The Diamond 12 race let. A Novel, .fey Mr*. Utixi'
The Lawyer** £e<9rct* A K«vM. Jjy P. Pradoo*
The Mruacc 4'nsaof l>r. Jckyli uitd Mn lij tlo. *
Novel. Ha H i. Stu4>.vo>s.
A Wicked CilrI. A Novel. Pv MAST Cnr^ lUr.
Lady t ft]worthV;I>tftin6VuJ»*. A Novel. Hy 441%;
1 let ween Two fcl«*. A Novel, fey the author of “Don
i Thnrja?.'’ mustrntr-l.
The Nlro’ of Heart** A Novel. Py TV T.. FviyroK.
llorl*'* Fort line, ANov»l. Hy Fi.orknce Warhb!>.' •
A Low Marriage. A Novel. H> Miss Mui.ock. Plus
The Ksullty Ki.er. A Novel. 1>.. Wilkie Cuu.i«*.
The INiIaoii of A»i>*« A N •**•!. Uv FLoAkvc* 'IJubtat
Maut Grange. A Noyel. Hy Mrs. lli sur Wool*.
Kwttlntf the Fetter*. A Nov. 1. Hy Airs ai.sisanph*
A Flay wrtirht** daughter. A Novel. By Mis. 1>mi
Ei-Wakus. Mm St rated.
^Fair but Jh'iiIsis A Novel. By tlio author of “Don
Thorne,” Utftttr.titJ.
. Lancaster** t ubfn. A JfovvK By Mn. M.VvViON*
Florence fvtnctnn** Oaths ANovrfv fey lint.' Mail
A. Picxipas. Mustmled.
The Wotmiu iluicr, A X’ove). By Dr. J. it. Robinson
Illustrated. . * , .
fi'L- 4<..ne..._1— C.t.U . U„ it t* nns
'' wilt send any Jbur of the shore books by mail post raid limn receipt of only 1® Cent*; anr/ra tot
£5 Civets;anyIwentv jtt*; for 70 Cents; the enure list i 40books) for 77 Cents; th© etair© list bound It) toaivi
with Cloth back, for St .1®, Thiels the greatest bargain *n books ever offered. Do not ( si l to take advantage ol n.
ftmtltfactl»nvuaran*e<kl ormoney refinOmk Postage stamp* %aken fewf raction*of a dollar*. Astoour, reliability,
wo refer to any newspaper published in New York, likewise to the Commercial Armeies*, AH orders filled by
*etcrn mall' AdOitoa all lettersiTF.M. lljTTOX.ruWliker, Xo ®a MurrayttmiX^wTcrk.
• - vv »
i '' .-s'. ;5.""s
in • H
, ,, t
s ne ywilf
» JT0J3 * WORK
l*» I
; Notice.
r • 1
! ' ‘ ' •;
• A©\?<:RTISiXn K A •

■awitvi yrry* ^r^vr■r-r'"'*r*m
■j ’OH KAC.i! .a :
S'* or li ,-i. Tor lie li -!. In—rt:<j*, ; nj
for’i; ■ rt 'in. < i*rif*
Reduction trade i n nNiirwl f«r longer tone
I/O ,1 Is'oUcf* 1/ n c-tU» |<er iiii':
[ nnt-rtlon.
Ooiln.ir'- N■ ti'■ <• 'ftiliuO«of
vor »*x Inn ('Inn for ni rcgttl.ir r.ito,. iS|
i --riitriut!T'nfi-•!>*■ iiiIi ihImI to iironintfi li!”
|rii:.ii i/|- j'llil i.:il iltin^tl of t ■
•iriiiinin, cl: I '*1 mh mlYi.-rf iki'incitf#.
' < r ■ i I t tsiln f, < >.tirl j<Te<! uuc afttf
fir.t in-. rti-A .
\y. rionoE-s, i>.,
i: i;>. vo-1-s;n*i
• fit. vi f < • li.'iivrv’s Ortis SjoT
1.1 t . CAUMAl'Ki HI. if-,
I { ’ -V. Mi.'MSMiT’r. i
Ofiici;-->•'■*. i.-1/.'. .V II HiVKY’rf Hruu S! .r«J
7 ll. itMYNOI.IfM,
tl •
Alloriii',' stt
lUKA, >J IotOI’I’I.
ffi'p ini nflrnfion to tili nutllrrs iH’ffitiiiirg
it imi'I 4 ■•ii’ii. in i i.lii t n ti ( I:mI to !;, lx
tint mil'.
c. ft. bayis,
— uim —
Dry Goods House
Will b? ■:? i? t » >t-v. tiny i J hi, f^
rk'Pus ■ '•‘Uv ;• -mU i • «‘i »r * *•- '*>•****+
l ; ;• i : art rjn t h\ . .•*. * -•:.»< I <5
u i i.» pri«c feho ou
. if A / • K ? £ t-j -f-.’-i
« v/ V r» «j- 'W\ ‘ *
——UEM.1.U i>: —
Fine Wins 3, B.vrilisi*
_ __yj* y£ _
TOiiiwo ant! rirrar;-; :t .'Mt'f .'aifry
BusmsvfijLis, mu'?*.
I • •
. ..
the progress
the most reliable
lished ill the
I tori it 1 conduct. It has the
most complete system of news aatnenus
by telegraph, cprrespondenci
portorial corps, and tho moet e ajj
tml complete market, commercial and |§
financial statements .published in New
Which may ,be taken separately frovl
the daily subscription service, is full
and complete ip all, news department*
with the added features of household!
fashion and society talk, and a feast cf
choice original and selected literary
matter for hoinci reading. The special
writingsof “Cathajmxe Cole." IIkxkx
HaYJfXE (Paris correspondent); Tenxi^
JfcxE (fashion writer), Moi.me Slooiut
Davr* ahd many others, appear in the
Sunday issue.
This mammoth sixteen page pa pet
ia tlve best au<l cheapest Weekly
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the week, tbe cream of all literary mat
ter aud this best e,f rvijki features of tlif
Sunday issue, with an important AuiH
crLTtKiTL Department, condnctod bj
Daniel Dennett, an 11 he latest mab
ret reports. Tlie Yv etikly.is. publish©!
Every Tucrsday Morning, ar$
reaches all sobscTibeiB for Snndaj
10,000 worth of useful ant
ornamental articles for lactic
acid gentlemen, girls ant
boys, are ofTcretl to all win
will get subscribers for the
Weelily Picayune. Lists of
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