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Iuka reporter. (Iuka, Miss.) 1888-1894, May 10, 1888, Image 6

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Postmasters tli rough out. (he
§p?-‘ county are authorized to act as
•‘Hr#- for this paper.
eR' The blackberry crop promises to
Bglipk 'be the largest that has been for
BBT > peveral years past.
S|| The prolonged dry weather has
KV »*>t injured vegetation up to the
mV present writing.
We should be pleased to re
, reive short newsy letters iiom
Sip |" every post office in the county.
W. C. Hubbard & Co’s head
quarters for fine toilet soaps. '
Miller sells W&terberry’s at f!). get
bne quick. * (
kf[■- Wanted—good, fat sheep and
p# lam os, delivered in Iuku; cash ,
paid on delivery. Enquire of
John Woodall.
If you want to purchase a saw
mill, grist mill, horse power, en
Kiue, thresher or boiler of any
kind, call at this office before buy
ing and you will save money.
t ' <io to w- C. Hubbard & Co., foi
four croquet sets.
All calls for, or prescriptions of Dr
Carmack, left,at flnbbard’s Drug Store,
Will be promptly attended to.
THIS paper belongs to no ring
or sect, ahd will positively take
P° hand in advancing private in
terests of any person or corpora
tion except in a business way. 1
■ If want a goodfaffiily paper .
mil of boibe news— ^Democratic in
fetdJiy sense bf the wbrd, send us
wo win i,»Ko pieas
. lu?i2P. P,aciD£ your name on our
|Jp~ ->_—4ub»BriptioB list.
, ' ■ 30u an-v P,Wfe i» home
tuirtlfSr it*kOj assist ^out home
paper by %trhecrfbing and pay for
it, eliOW if to your friends, talk
tor it and send it the news.
Mrs. Price; of Eastpoft; writes
Us aiioatat dated the 8th and says;
.Am eating strawberries measur
ing fotir inches in bircumference
and the season has been dry.
If yon want the best Cotton Gin
br Grass sating machine on the
market; go to Wilhatns A Barnett
agents, luka, Miss., and gfet the
Gullefct Magnolia Gin iind the new
Deerifis Jlowet; tf;
In the past week there has been some
real estate changed bands in the su
burbs, and indications point to tho fact
that in the next few ibonths there will '
be a great many changes miido for the '
/ tipbuilding of luha. *
The Dudes and Mother Hub
bards played a match game of base *
tall at this place Monday evening 1
in which .thfe’ Mother Hubbitrds *
defeated tile Dudes. The game ‘
stood Us fallows: Dudes 13, *
Mother Hubbards 87, •)
A^e regret that we w$re unable 1
tp attend the entertainment given c
last Friday eve) b£ the “Southern i
. ,Dean ties,” but tetuiu thanks for a s
complimentary ticket.. We ere t
’■ informed that the entertainment t
tvas a petfect success iu every t
r68j/8Ct. f . ' (
Jukalspp- of tie beat points in the (
South for the establishment of a first J
ciaaa dairy, every thing ia favorable to t
' W.. . Mdhltha am Lt_i
It is not our nature to be a constant
ihroDie grumbler and fault tinder but
with all reason, we feel inclined to be
mmewhat disgusted at out trail efforts,
when we call upon our merchants and
wk them for an advertisement and re
>oive an answer of this kind—no I neyer
idvertise. Look on the counter and
what do yon see there? A large pile of
nanilla wrapping paper filled with a
eery attractive advertisement,illustrated
with an engraving, gotten up in a neat
ityle to attract the customer who should
ray of his wares. Yet they claim, we
lever advertise.
The State vs John Blackard and
lames Busbey, for the shooting of Foun
ain Garrett, was set to be heareil be*
ore J. J. Moore, esq., on May 4th.
Jn the appearance of about twenty-fonr
witnesses for the defendants and the
itate, the defendants waived an exam»
nation and were remited to jail to awai
;he action of the grand jury next July,
rhe witnesses gave their recognizance
•o appear and testify against them.
There is a statute law in this State to
prohibit the firing of woods in certain
masons of the year and if we mistake
tot, the time expires about the first of
March, and if any person or persons set
ire to the woods after the time prohibi
,ed by law, are guilty of a crime and
fable to indictment and prosecution,
file grahd jtiry would do well to look
nto this matter and see if the firing of
woods fit this sedson of the year can't be
rat a stop to. It is getting to be dan
;erous to fencing ana housed; especially
Lt so dry il time as at present. II the
Justices tif the i’eace Of each district
vould not close their eyes to so many
>ffenccs of this kind the grand jurors
vould not have 80 many minor offences
0 look aitef,
A^opgl» there is a very stringent law I
1 effect • against the carrying of con
:eale| weapons,there is scarcely a night
—Sunday not accepted, in or near the
corporate litints of the towO, ts beared
the report of the deadly pistbi. This
should be looked after and thfe practice
pot a stop to. YVe have a county con
tractor who should hdye a few of these
law-breakers in his charge. It may be
that some gentleman do harry concealed
weapons, but it is a notorious fact that
thieves and blackguards do carry them
tor the purpose of assassination and
robery, ( and force good citizens to do so
n self defence. YVe insist that a law
made t>y our government for a civil
sommunity should either be onfoifced or
‘epealed. It has been said with a good
leal of truth, that the practice of carry
og concealed weapons, was for the
rant of both moral and physical cour
S ' V, I
Somd people tell us they can
ret the,. Atlanta papers, thh Cou
ier-Journal, the Memphis Appeal
ud various other papers fpr one
ollar. We admit this; but do
hese papers take any interest in
our affairs here gt home~it is
ast so niufeh money sent out. of
he county ne^er to return. We
an send to Kansds, Illinois and
arious other pjpees aud get corn
t lo cents ppr bushel, haj- at
igbt bollgrs per ton and so on
hrough the whole produce list. 1
Ve can ge* dry goods at almost !
ur own price, good prints at two j
ents per yard and other things in
roportfpp, but still that is ndt ip i
'ishomiugo county. We propose
o live end let Lve. , We aye here :
» stay, sink or swim, apd. tpg pro- 1
ose to firive a-ou a poor! finnniv 1
aper, inferior to none, and we
Rk you to take it and pay for it.
great amount of political engineer
ig will be done by friends of candidates
i secuie for their mau the first place on
le ticket, and the best man will proba -
ly secure the Coveted place. Then if
idofded'by the majority.,.of the people,
le election is assured. Electric Ritters
as been put-to..the. front* its merits
fysod upon, has beep Indorsed, and
I'.JuTniatldty-glvGu the first place, among
anedies peculiarly adaptpd tp .the relief ,
id cure of all diseases of kldjleyg, liver
id stomach. Electric Ritters; fielfig
aaranteed, is a safe instrument. Price
)c. and #1 per bottle at H. II. Watson
Co., drug store.- , v
The law passed by the last Legislature
i regard to carrying concealed weap
is is very stringent. There will he no
lorefaroiRl trials ending with aonb dol
r floe and a gentle- admonition. The
w imposes a fine of twefity.flve dollars
id three months imprisonment for the
’at offense, and^goes on doubling uu
I our ebrome offenders will find them
lyes spending most of their time io
11. ryv« Uudet stand manyof ouy. young
en atd even small boys, have thought
a necessary adjunct of manhood to
irrjr about their persons the latest im
■oved implements of depth. .,\Ve hope
ey will Carefully .wrap ther; up and
y them away, or in defac’.t, .bcumlt
ith as the. law diree s. Oar officers on c
irper and '.opportune o© tasions. might i
stltule a search which would be pro -
ictivje of much’ good. The festive pis ■
i must go. —Okolcna Lanoet. f
ss.oo :
Mr. .Tames Jotirdan.has just returned
from a trip to Boonevilie.
Our genial friend and former follow
townsman, Mr. C. VV. McKnight,
aow of Memphis,is spending a few days
in luka with his many friends and ac
Mr. E.P. Thorn, formerly of IuKa,
but late of St. Louis, is spending a few
days in luka.
C. R. Dayis, of Corinth was in the
city first of the week shaking hands with
his many friends
Mr. Chas. Palmer,of Memphis Tenn.,
is spending a lew weeks m Ioka.
TgUare Wqodall, of i'qpelo, made a
flying visit to our city yesterday.
Dr. i”. Kendrick, of Alcorn couuty,
gave .;s quite a pleasant call one day last
Probably no one thing has caused such
a general* i Oval of trade at B. H. Wat
son ... Cos. drug store as their giving
»'■ ay to their customers of so many fret
trial bottles of Dr. King’s New Discovery
for Consumption. Their trade is simply
euormus in this very valuable article froiii
the fact that it always cures and nevet
disappoints Coughs, colds,, asthma,
bronchitis, croup, and all throat ana
lung diseases quickly cured. You can
test it before buying by giving a trial
bottle free, large size *1. lS>rv bottle
warranted. Jk
A Beginning* %
•‘A Canning factory planted at Ciys
tial Springs is to cost less than $10,000.
At Brownsville, Tennessee, is one pro
vided at ft Cost of 2,400; both to begin
business this season. ”
We copy thb above from an exchange.
Here are two, of a hundted progressive
towns all over the country, beginning a
good wont oh limited capital. These
places know that one enterprise draws
another to a town, incites a livelier in
teresi and sets the people iti thinking.
It gives the wheels a start ih tnp right
direction. Why Will gentlemen who
have money to invest, lock it up in the
vaults of banks far from home, to lose
it entirely by the failure of the bank, 01
the rascality of its officials ? We are
aware that Iuka is not a wealthy place,
but there is means hfcre to accomplish
good if invested in bhr midst. Oui
people arb not poverty stricken by e
good deal, yfet, somehow we lick pub1
lie spirit, ahd oiir leading mbn dre jus1
a little too cailtious, they hate to set
the end tod plain before they will hiove
The history of human advancement hai
shown that all progress prooeeds half u
the dark and half risk:
The following froth Mr. K S. Stoors
of Vernon county, Missouri, a ihan thor
oughly versed in the canning busioes,
should induce our citizens to intestigatt
'he feasibility of establishing a canning
factory at Iuka.
Mr. Storris says:
••I do not know Of any investmenl
which pays better than a canning fac
tory. Ordinarily they will retiirn from
25 to 40 per cent; ana even more when
judiciously managed.
“You can dispose of the goods juts as
fast as they are ready fpr the market
and that feature enables you to transact
the business with a comparatively small
sapital. Ai the work is done ip sum
mer a cheap, biiilding will answer all
requirements, and that together with the
machinery for a laitfe business; winch
will not cost over .$3000. That money
will provide a factory that will give em
iloyment to 100 women and girls, and
he disbursements each week for vege
tables and labor wqtild run from $800
o $1000. ^n, aotiye woman earns
ibout $i per day. u .
“Tomatoes! porn and.jjbas, are the
itaples. Oop acre of tomatoes ,wi.'l or
liaarily produce 400 bushels which, at
15 cents per bushel, will yield $100
iweet corn is bought in the husk at
’.50 per ton. I’eas are bought at 60
:ents per hushpl
“In January the company sends a
nan out .among the farmers and odn
racn tor roe growth of the supplies thus
usuring certainty of production. The
ompany furnishes all the seflds.
“A company caj> makers own cans
t less tli^n two cents eaoh, and pne
lushel of tomatoes will make twenty 3 lb
an»*, The oost of labor; labels and
oxingjs very small on one can, and
omatoes are flow whoDaled at 1.80 per
.ozen, price tindsnally high,on account
t the scarcely jot the present seasons
rop. But at ,per dozen, the usual
irice, there Is a largo profit in the (fns,*
aess. Tbeie is. eyen a larger profit in
ora than in tomatoes."
Reports from a U jmrts of Texas tc'li ol
n extr?rord inary,rplnfall .f^roiighout the
tate op April, 3Qtli, lasting three djjys,
olng much damage to railroads aud farm
rope^ty along the streams. The h<?av
3st prypipltatipif occurred in North and
Vest,Texas.,, Ah the ptdall streams de
ouchlng into Red river, aftvoverfloyring
heir banks, submerging thousands, of
cres of grain and cotton. Some points
a Northern Texas report, tile rainfall to
»e the heaviestfllnce 1866. Throughout
Southern and Southwestern Texas the
ains ace of vrnlue to the grazing ititer
sts, insuring a successful;,season to the
attlfe and sheep industries. 'iThe Rio
Irapde is rising rapidly, ^^fiowing Its
anks for a . couple of hfmdred miles
hove Brownsville. ,
Every county In the Stat^almosl with
ut exeeptlon will be represented at the
mmlgratlon Convention at Jackson.
•s t *;■1 * 1 - *•
Raymond. Gazette: On Aloud sv last
ie Supremo Court afflrmed^thc .decision
i the cage of \V. M. Burnett, convicted
1 killing yPungiCook at L'tlca In Novem.
sr last and sentenced to .the penHeuti
:y for seven years. Burnett is still in
U- l
The jiUfsilgslppI river is aboV
mger line c::e loot 6-tenths at Du)
A Chicago syndicate is said to control
all the corn in sight. Another syndicate
there is repotted to hold the cattle mar
ket at its mercy. No vvondpr the place
brpeds anarchists.—Avalanoh.
The treasurer of Jones county was
robbed the other uay, but the thief got
only sixteen or seventeen dollars for his
Constables Sak.
E. J. Whitfield i
„ vs tVendl Expo.
Nancy A Dodd ct al. 5
Uv virtue of the anove stated writ to me
directed by J, T. Fortnhv Justice of the
Peace ot Tishomingo county. Miss.. I will
on Monday the 4th day of June, 1588," in
front of the court house In the town ofluka,
within legal bonri exnoso to sale at public
auction to the highest bidder ior cash, all
the right title and interest the defendant
Nancy A. Dodd has in and to the following
lands in Tishomingo County. Miss., to-wit:
The S E .'4, Sec 16, T 3, It t>, and the N ,
sec 21. T 3, It 3. The aboye described prop
: Tty having been levied upon as the prop
! erty of the said defendanl will be sold to
satisfy tile above stated caso and all costs.
May Id. 1885. W. 11. AN'PKUSON,
J. B. Reynolds, Attorney Constable,
lor Plaintiff.
Blacksmith and
AVood Shop*
l am now located at thy old .stand in
luka, on East Port ami Vine street,
where I am prepared to do all kind of
work in
Wood or Iron*
I have associated with me iny bid
friend, Tom Mackey, and our motto is
to insure and be Sure. For further ex
planation couie' ithd See us.
_ W. J. M’GCJEK.
G* P. Hammerly
General Merchadise.
A Complete iltie 6'f
Hardware, Iron,
Nails, Castings j
Wdgoii Material,
School Books
Shop on East side of fiquarfe.
CALL (jn Him When Yon .Want A Cleaii
Shave, Fashionable Hair-Cut.
Shampoo, Etc.
iufca, Miss.
•A‘A! ‘nancojrt ri<ni».S
‘;«.i Hooa \oivi* .
. -ppnlald Munoq euo .'Tl.t *qiver
Bin M qyiq «|q tuojj sjq Bjq Aum* •p*i»ij«nul H
qpoqo uj punoq M3H0338 OHIM AHH3H |Q <111
wb ‘nojBOfi *^g 5uoui9jx 16 ltd •■»(! *0f w«Tn
-0TW1BJ *it £f\ *uog •pepunjw.qwa 40 *»®ipew
-9U19J joqio ii« 09 M *
rnoracm unajjatn?
) -
.y—— . i ^jVp. i « i .11 rraBam0
i • > / - N
Table and Pocket Cutlery, Queens
ware, Hides, Furs, etc.,
IUKA^ - - - - MISS,
Mrs. Henry Krause
Furniture, Metallicand
Wood Coffins, Etc.
Repairing of Furniture ol ail kinds dobe Beat!?
on Short notice. Call and examine' ’
1 my stock of Furgiture and
ntOBt popular makes kept constantly in stock. Lowdl prices.
^__ %
Your are Cordially Invited to Call
An'l Sots Our DispiliA of
Millinery,Notions 1 Dress Goods*
Miss jbivaib
-. ~;v' • ~ - ... ■. - • "n • fr,:.
Best Brogans - - - $ 1.25 Good Assortment Ladies’
“ Full StCR Pikas; * 1.25 Fine Shoes frotn 1.25 lo 5 b?
“ Spilt *• *• - 1.00 14 Yarns Best boitaesttfcs hi)**
“ Full Stock Kip Boots; 3.25 14 Yards Good Bicuthcd
** Split “ •* loo J Domc ’iC; - i.o?
.- l
V * . .. Y ‘..i
1 _y Goods,
Boots, fehoeS;
Hats, Caps;
Groceries; j9
.. Hardware*
St<)ves~ana Tinware.

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