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Money cine on legal ami all other ad
vertisements after they appear in tlrst is
pne of the paper. On all legal advertise
ments where proof is required, the money
jnust be paid when proof is delivered.
Death and Marriage notices of not
more than ten lines, published free of
charge. Obituaries and tributes of res i
pect charged for at regular advertising j
All| communications intended to sub
serve private ends, or Interests of cor
porations, societies or individuals must
be paid for,
Postmasters throughout the
jr-ounty are authorized to act as
agent for this paper.
Report of fines imposed at the July
term of court was $*51.
Good stod; to white dress goods
hud lawns 1 roc !. mi prices, come
hud see at . J. 11
The contract, fur gett.ng abstracts of
land titles from Corinth a.id Fnlton,
Was awarded to E. S. Candler, sr., for
All calls for, of prescriptions of Or
barhrack, left lit ijabbard’s Drug store,
itill be promptly attended to.
O. J. Dearohrs, of C!ark>dale and
intone Daavoilrs', of Montrose, Miss., are
We on a Visit to recuperate thtir
, Wanted—good, fat sheep and
lamos^ delivered in lnka; cash
paid on delivery. Enquire of
Jplin Woodall.
( Under the law of 1888, all county
warrants must be endorsed by the sheriff
no taxes due, before the count? treas
arer lb allowed to pay them.
, The finest perfumes, extracts and
toothbrushes atYV. C. Hubbard’s Co.
. Mrs. Lou Heid, who has been visiting
Relatives at I'urant, Miss., returned
to luka Iasi Week aDd is now occupying
her new residence.
, Best stock of Ladies fine kid, low cut
shoes .both lace and button in town at
low prices, atC. j\ Hyatt’s.
, There will be a picnic at Scruggs
bridge on Yellow creek, on tbs 1th of
August. Everybody come with a well
rilled basket and help to make the day
one of pleasant enjoyment.
, If you want to purchase a saw
Will, grist mill, horse power, en
gine, thresher or boiler of any
kind, call.pt this office before buy
ing and ycu will save money.
, Abe Cummings wishes to inform his
colored friends that he has opened a
barber shop at the old Topaz saloon
Where they can get a shave or hair cat,
every Saturday evening for '.he cash.
, If you want the best Cotton Gin
pr Grass saving machine -oti the
inarketi go to Williams & Barnett
agents, luka, Miss:, and get the
$JulI«tfcJiJaguolia Gin and the new
Peering Mower. tf.
At the last meeting of the board of
Supervisors there was not much busi
ness of importance transacted except
the allowing ot claims to the amount of
Go to \Y. C . Hubbard & Co., when
you want to smoke... They cairy a full
line of cigars and cigareits of the finest
brand, lit , , r
As the law now-stands, ail lemonade
Hands are subjected to a privilege li
cense of twenty dollars, and c.11.viola
tors of the law are subject to -a fiue of
Rouble the amourit of the license and all
' . • f «
It your watch Coes not keep good
time, take it to G. VV. Pruitt, practical
Silversmith, all work entrusted to his
here will restive prompt attention and
guaranteed to gr p satisfaction.
The petition tor iieenso ot W. F.
jlubbarU to sell whiskey, was granted
i»y the board Qt ^supervisors. But a
counter petition, was filed and hn ap
j^ea! .taken to the next term of the Cir
suit.court. • -
'’The expenses of the last term of Cir
cuit court are as follows/ Paid to. wit
nesses'$244,25, to Jurors $895.86, Sher
iff and bailor $491.90, to Circuit clerk
$18. T«thJ $1,480.
.*,■ Rev. T. tf. Latimer, of Coffrith, will
preadh in the Presbyterian chinch at
ibis place Saturday night, Sunday and
Sunday tnght.' Services at usual hour.
Everybody respectfully invited to at
tend.-. 1 :*
You can find at fill fishes fresh cakes
and bread, and by ordCr you nan have
anything baked you desire, from a tea
bake to a weeding cake at John Morris.
, The election da the 24th for town
Marshal resulted as follows; Vt. R.
Leather wood 04, A. G. Martin 81. Soon
after the result of the election was made
known and Martin the new.y elected
Marshal could fie found, he was taken
Si hand by .a crowd and given a free
ride erounfl Che square on a pine pole.'
The card cl the University of Missi; -
sippi Will be. found in this issue of the ,
paper- The faeuity, ccnsistintr of eleven i
professors, and one instructor, is full. |
Jhia institution has gained a reputation c
abroad and not confined to the state t
alone. The law school has a raputa- a
Ron e ;ual to any in the United States, j,
Itotf we knoiv of ho College that is more «
Sting a recommendation to the ^
1 tujenof our, cootUfjr than the 0
University pi OiJord. Mist. ;a | U
The Corinth Herald says, that a''w
freight rale has been obtained from the
Memphis & Charleston railroad Co.,
from all points between Florence, Ala.,
and Memphis, which reduces the freight
about 81 per 1000.
The race war that was threatened in
Crittenden county, Arkansas, under the
leadership of a few drunken black vil
Iians, who notified aonut five hundred
of the leadiug white men of the county
to loavo witnin a certain time, under
the prompt action of the whites, hns
been settled without blood shed.
Judge Houston’s charge to the grand
jury to indict all officers found shrink*
ing from their duties, was given in a
strong aud forcible manner, shows that
the Judge is determined to have the
laws enforced and all yiolators punish
ed. All good, honest, law abiding cit*
izeus should appreciate his efforts in
trying to enforce the law.
The fruit crop throughout the county
would bs worth neat- about as much as
the cotton crop if taken care of and
marketed. A few evaporators in the
hands of the farmers would saye all the
fruit that is now wasted. Evaporated
fruit always demand a good price in
T. J. McMahan and Miss Susie
Mackey, both of Iuka, were married in
Tuscumbia, Alabama, on Sunday July,
22d, 188S. May peace, happiness and
prosperity follow in their path through
»* c gau tuu (iLiciiLiuii Ui lUtt UUSiCtiSS
men, larmers and all who are interested
in the growth of our town and county
to the groat importance of establishing
a canning factory at Iuka, which would
benefit both our agriculturists and town
people, and why is it that a movement
*s not on foot to establish one? There
!j enough vegetables and fruits raised
here every year to supply a small can
ning establishment—even the black
berry crop, if taken care of would be
worth several thousand dollars to the
country. If there was an establishment
of tnis kind here our farrrters could
reali.-e at least one hundred dollars per
acre by raising vegetables and Pinal1
fruits, instead of ten dollars per acre in
raising cotton. The Alliance and
YY'heelers would do well if they looked
to the establishment cf industries of
this kind instead of spending their time
in discussing financial and other mat
ters that they can not control. Uy a
united effort much good can be done
for our town end county . Who will be
the first to move in this matter?
Belmqnt Letter.
The Tombigbee Sunday school con
vention closed at Ebenee-er on last
Saturday, it was very well represented
and seemed to be a success.
Mr. Frank Looney, exhibited a beet
at Oak harm Grange No. ,580, on last
Saturday that weighed 8H lbsand meas
ured 28 inches in circumference. Who
can beat that for a beet grown from the
seed. ,
Mr. J S. Campbell has* a serious
attack of fever.
Undo lijily Campbell Las Just re
turned front the spirtnalist camp meet,
ing at Lookout mountain, Tenn. Jle
seems to have the old spirit with his
body yet. Jot-LEr Joe.
Wat amaiter on Advertising.
John YVanawakor, the great l*hila>
delphia millionaire merchant, recently
spoko as follows about advertising
“I never in all my life used such a
thing as a poster or handbill. My plan
for fifteen years has been to buy so
much space-in- a newspaper and fill it
up with what t want. I would not give
an advertisement in a newspaper of 500
circulation -for 5000 dodgers or posters.
If I wanted to sell cheap jcweiry or run
a gamohog scheme, I might use pos
ters, but I would not insult a decent
reading public with handbills. The
class of people who read such things are
poor material to look for support in
mercantile affairs. I deai directly with
the publisher- I say to him, ‘How long
wiil you let me run a column of matter
through your paper for $10C or $6000
as the oase may be. I let him do the
figuring and if I think ho is not trying
to take more than hi3 share I give him
the copy. I lay aside the promts on a
particular line of goods for advertising
purposes. The first year I laid aside
$0,00; last year I laid aside arid spent
#40,000. I have done better t’hisyes1
and shall increase tho sum as tho profits
warrant it. I owe my success to the
newspapers, and to them I shall freely
jiyo a cortain profit of my yearly busi- I
aess."-—The Builders’ Gametic.
W, 1). Suit, Druggist. Bippus. Iiid.,
estiflos: “I cun recommend Electric Bit
ers as the very best remedy. Every bot
le hold, has given relief in every case.
)ne man took six bottles, and wat cured
i rheumatism of 10 years’ standing.”
.braham Ilare, druggist, Beilville. Ohio,
ffii-uis: “The best selling medicine thave
yer handled In -ipy HO yews’ experience,
i Electric Bitters.” Thousands of Oth
rs have add.ed their testimony, so that
!G verdict is unanimous that_ Electric
liters do cure all diseases of livei- kid
»yj or blood . Duly a half dollar a bot
t pt F. H Wstsou & Co- dru:r Store. !
11 ii■■ ■■ i mu Ti Hiilir ■—1 WTO.min.in i■«r>.wa aw»
An I mprovomont Which Won.a
Add IJcuuty to tlio Town and
Attract Crowds front Dis
tant Cities.
\Y e know of no prettier or more suit*
able location than the beautiful grove
which nature has provided than that or
near the Cayce spring, for the erection
of a camp ground. The citizens of
luKa and surrounding country could act
in concert and erect a large and com
modious shed, provided with scats sui‘
aule to seat a thousand peoplo at a very
little expense to each individual, and
this could be set apart as a place for a
yearly reunion and revival of the differ
ent churches. While some would come
for religions purpose?, others again
would merely come through gregarious
instincts, yet it is scarcely necessary to
add that it would lend attractions not
only to tbo town by drawing people
trom all parts of the country, but would
provide a well modulated place for en
joyment once a year that would be
looked forward to by many as a coro'.ty
well worth seeing.
Undoubtedly this would add attrac
tions by the many rustic dwellings that
would be erected by parlous persons
who would camp for the week. The
neat grove, would, with its pure sweet
water, lend many charms—a steady
breeze sifting through the drooping
plumes would add delight to the mate
rial pleasure of those who conie from
the coniines r.f the hem Pil nnr! cnlhrxr
city. Those grounds neatly cleaned
ar.d proparad with tents for tb? accom
odation of guests could be re fed to
persons who come from a distance.
We should like to hear what the peo
ple have to say on this subject and how
many are willing to take stock in an
enteiprise of this kind? l’y judicious
advertising and lot the people know that
they could get accomodation at a ref „
sonablo rate, several thousand would
visit Iuka during a ten days camp
meeting. Airangemont can be made
with the railroads for a cheap ram of
; transportation. Let us go to work and
get up the stock and erect the building
which could be used for many other
purposes during the year.
Headquarters N. E. Bliss. C, V. A.
si-EC’/..i, order.
Ivka, Miss., June’S;’, ’88.
Under the laws of Mississippi, passed
and approved in 3888, pensions are paid
bona fide Confederate veterans who
were disabled by wounds received ,n
service of the Confederacy that incapac
itates them from the performance of
manual labor, and. who arc not now
worth directly, or indirectly properly of {
the assessed value of $'00, or hold a
state, county or municipal oilice at a
salary of $ ’.00 per annum; or
The widows remaining unmarried of
soldiers or sailors who lost their liyes in
the service of the Confederacy, and are
net now woith property of the assessed
value of $500; or
1 1'ho sefy,ants ot either olt'icer, soldier
jC ’ailor during the war not now hold
ing property of the assessed value ot
$500. ...
Pensions allowed by law, $30 per
annum or an equitable pro rata of $dl,
000, net to exceed the said $30 per an
All of'cers and members of the.North
east Miss. Confederate Veteran Associ
ation arc speoially instructed to giro all
practicable aid and assistance without
compensation directly or indirectly to
bona fide applicants for pensions under
this lav:—it being but a sacred duty de.
voicing upon surviving Confederate
veterans. Hy order ot
• J. M. Stone,
Pres. N. E. Miss, C. V. A.
P. M. Savery, See’y and Adj’t.
In conformity to above order, we of
fer our services gratuitously to secure
pensions to such persons as are legally
entitled to receive them.
P. M. Cavehy, Att’y, etc.,
Tupelo, Miss.
Probably no one thing has caused such
a general revival of trade at B. II. Wat
son & Co's, drug store ,us their giving
away to their customers oi so many
free trial bottles of Hr. King’s Lew Dis
covery for consumption. Their trade is
simply cncrmou* ill this vcryjvaln'ahle ar
j icle Horn the fact that it alwsys cures and
never.disappoints, coughs, colds, AAlima,
bronchitis, croup, tind all throat and lung
diseases quickly cured. You can' test it
before buying getting a trial bottle free, 1
large size 81. Every bottle,warranted.
A gieat amount of political engineering
will be done-by friends of candidates Jo
secure for their man hhc first place on
the ticket, and the beet man will proba
bly secure the coveted place. Then if
indoraadlry the majority of the people,
the election Is ass'rod. Electric Bitters'
has been put to the front, its merits
passed upon, has been indorsed, and
unanimously given the first cl,-. among
remedies peculiarity adapt*' the relief
and cure.of all die .‘uses of kidneys, live#,
and stomach. Electric bitters, being
sufirameed, is a yfe iusti >mnit, frice
50c and ®[ per bottle at. It. lfi Wrtson <£
2o’s drug store
—**HV-iJi—r »hi »wiw w wwm— vacsmmrmmmemmmmmmmem
' n - ■ — ..
City Market,
Corroeioil Every Week.
Corn .75 e per bushel,
Meal. 7.-,
Oats.55 : CO , ,,
l’eas. $ 03. : $ .0000 , , ,
Potatoes Irish.$1.73 , ,,
Potatoes Sweet.? 0.00 , ,,
Flour . $4.',' ; $ It 00 perbbl.
Moat hulk. 8.',®: 0 lb
Pork fresh..6*7 , ,
hams cured..Of 13 : 14 . ,
Apples dried .0.3 ,,
Patches „ . is .,
ltiee.(08: 10 , ,
Hides green .—- ® ! ,,
Hides dry.. ®8 : ,,
Butter.....- 15: 20 ,,
Eggs..®S‘, 10 per do/.
Onion setts.. ®00 ,, qt
Coffee.4 : 5 tr>....lor $1.00
Sugar -.... 10 : 13 lb .,
Molasses ....-.... ®85 ; 00 per gill
The faculty, consisting of eleven Profes
sors. and one Instructor, is full. The build
ings aro in perfect order: the situation is
elevated, and perfeetlv healthy. Necessary
expenses need not exceed $ 130 i r $2u0 for
entire course of nine months. Law students
$200 and $215. The law school is in ope
ration, and its curriculum equal to auy in
ihe United States.
For full particulars, and for Historical or
Current catalogue, address Edward Mayks
Chairman of Faculty, University, Miss., or
' , BEM PR7CE,
Secretary Board of Trustees,
Oxford, Miss.
8 C H E D U L E.
Memphis and Charleston Daily
Passenger Trains
West bound, No. 1 urr’vr, Iuka 2:02 a.m,
“ “ “ leaves “ 2:03 a.m.
“ “ No. S arr’vs “ 1:07 p.m.
“ “ “ leaves •< 1:08 p.m
East bound No. 2 arr’vs “ 2:40 a.m.
“ “ , “ leaves “ 3:41a.m.
“ « No, 4 arr’vs 2:li pm.
“ “ “ leaves “ 2 :12 p m
For Cool Drinks
Y. C. Ramsey’s,
He keeps a iirst chiss house
where, the most fastidious
can get on ice cold lem
onade. soda Water,
milk shake, etc.
Ladies Especially
aro invited to call, 2in
---rrr—. T
G, P. Hammerly
dealer in
General Merchadise.
A Complete iine of
Hardware, Iron,
Nails, Castings,
Wagon Material,
School Books
..v A^D ' .
G. M. Cornelison &
Have just opened up a new family grocery
store on from street, where they v.'jll keep
Hour, bacon, lard,, sugar, eoHec,, svrups,
canned goods, cigars and tobacco and every
thing ueuuHy found ia a family, grocery store
We will pay tlie highest prices in barter
for country produce.
In connection with the store will he iotiud
a restaurant where meals o r eoHen can he
bad at all hours. Also, lodging. Convenient
to depot and business part ol town,
june 21
After Forty years1
experience in the
preparation of more
Than One;Hundred
Thousand applications for patent* in
the United r>tnr< n and Foreign coun
tries, tho publishers of the Hcientifia
American continue to aot as solicitor*
, for patent*, cavoa'. 3. Irr.de-inaiks.copx
1-_■!> rights, etc., for the United States, and
to obtain patents in Canada, England, France,
Germany, and all other countries. Their experi
ence is unoqualed and thei,.- facilities are unsur
Drawincs and specifications prepared and filed
in the Patent Offlco on short notice. Terms very
reasonable. No charge for examination -A models
or drawings. Advice .by mail free.
Patents obtained through Munn A Oo.are noticed
the largest circulat ion and is the most influential
newspaper of its kind published in tho world.
The advantages of euch a uutieo every patentee
Enderstande. v « < ■
This large and splendidly illustrated newspaper
In published WEEKLY at #3 00 a year, ana ie
admitted to bo tho best paper devoted to science,
mechanics, indentions, engineering works, and
other departments of industrial progress, pub
lished in any country. It contain? the names of
all patentees and title of overy invention patented
each week. Try It four mouths for one dc:l*r.
I by all newsdealers.
Atent write t*
tiftc Amcrioiu,
Buoklen’s Arnica Salve.
I . ______
The Rest Palvo in the world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt iheum, lever
sores, tetter, chapped hands, t uilbiains
corns and all skin eruption, and posi
tively cures piles, or no pay required •
It is guaranteed 10 give perfect satisfac
tion ir money refunded. I’rice i!!> cents
per box. For sale by 11. II. Watson
& Co.
I •
Elio • on East side of Square.
CALL Cm Him When You Want A Clean
Shave, Fashionable Hair-Cut.
Shampoo, Etc.
luka, ^iss.
j. b. mckinney,
Table and Pocket Cutlery, Queens*
ware. Hides, Furs, etc.,
Mrs. Henry Krause
IUKA, - Bil&i-itSfeSIKpj
Fi tiTB, IsMlic afii
f M Colas, Etc.
Itci'iilrinj? of Furniture oi nil kinds done hs;lt'*
i! on short notice. (‘Ml ntul ex.trmnc
' . i ray stock^of Furniture tinu
SEWING machine^
Of me best and most popular mV.ves kept constantly in stock. Lowc.-t p-ice3.
w. __
Best Brogans - - * $ 1.25 Good Assortment Lhilic*
“ Full Stek Pikas, - 1.23; Fine Shoes from 1.25 to 5 f$
“ Spilt “ “ - 1.001 11 Yards Best Domestics l.dH
“ Full Stock Kip Boots; 3.25! 14 Yards Good iilehilifcil
“ Split “ “ 2.00 Domestic, - l.t#
r • » • * . * ...
■f . « j , , . . ,
And all oilier Goods In proportion, Call and Examine toy ;
Before imrelmsiiig.
* >" ' ’ v* ‘ • ’ • •
Stoves, Tin |j ;
iioiisekf.epeH’s iiard\Vare.
IUKA .... W* -• }
JoD Work Executed Willi N<iuius,s sr.il iMrrntcK
A Separate Verdict Wanted frotoi Eacf?
Juror. „ , . -
l. i hnii that u..j. nr A i l s (.si.oval Store
is the (thoapest place in town.
$. i find that Ilia goods are tie best made,
S. 1 (hid that every customer ts treated well
i. I And that every one gets bis mocej s
worth there,
5. I find that he has tho best stock jn town.
U. I find that as bo buys bis goolta troth
imuiuf'ietnrefts he tan sell cheaper than
nhv one in totvn.
7. 1 find that every on a goes there tor their
8. I rod that his prieou nro the lowest.
1 lit.d that the "tiallty or hia goods is t!i*
W. I thnl that bis store Is the most jopttiiu
in town. • ’■ ’ < i it
11. I liml Ihat he pars the heat prices fo;
Coi.utrv i’roiluee and the Churti. " • • *
lit. I find that he allow* no misrcprescnta
tioiis to sell hla goods. s
13. liaised m our midst, wc know him to be
Holiest. 1 . J'
1 agree with tiio other Jurymen thater
"IIYAT'I S' Is the place'to sett otsr
Country | roducc and blly our goodt.
upirnon oi thC tfiKigel
-(Hfti.TY OF skUjnc '
DllY GOODS Clothing, Gents1 Furnishing Goods. Hoots, PSoas.
I alises, Oratories, provisions, liltc , Cheaper than anv 1!
Ilai ipg been found guilty of the above, by a ,furv of mv country.men,
here to Mu;r, for the p. i-popc of sellir.g goods of all descriptions a: low as any
housed;) North M i; tdssijipl, and I hereby return thanhs to mv many euKtoinerii
liberal patronage in'the pact, and by el; let' attention
i iglit deportment. 1 hope
„ /
1% G
jr' •

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