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Published Evert Thursdat bt
J. J. CHAMBERS, Editor and Prop’t
Office over J. M. D. Miller’s Store.
Entered as Second Class matter at the
luka Post Office, May 11th, 1888.
___ i
Wo are authorized to announce W.
B. Walker as a candidate for re-elec
tion to the office of District Attorney
for this judicial district, subject to the
action of the Democratic party.
Wo are authorized to announce H.
O. Erwin as a candidate for re-election
to the office of Circuit Clerk.
' We are authorized to announoe HON. 8.
LASLY RODGERS as a candidate for re
eleotlon to the lower house of the Legisla
ture at the ensuing November election.
We are authorized to announce Dr. F. T.
Carmack as a candidate for re-election to the
office of County Superintendent of Public
Education. Election November next
We are authorized to announce D>\ C
Kendrick as a candidate for re-election tc
the office of Stale Senator, lrom the counlie;
of Tishomingo, Alcorn and Prentiss, subjec
to the action oi the democratic parly,
We are authorized to announoe P. W
Patterson as a candidate ior re-election tc
the office of Chancery Clerk.
Watch the announcement of can
didatee in the Reporter each week
see who has announced.
Hosterv. hosierv. at Racket store
Emory Worley’s remains wcr<
shipped here Tuesday last fron
Nashville, tor burial at this place.
tSf WINE OF CARDUI, a Tonlo lor Women.
Died iu luka on Monday the llll
little George Sprouse, aged aboutI
years. Son ot H. S. Sprouse.
Genuine silk, satteen and importci
cheviot dress shirts just received a
the Racket store.
We must all hustle this year t
more industries tor the tow:
to increase the trade of thi
Mr G C Campbell, ot Campbell’
Cotton Compress Co., city of Cin
cinnati, Ohio, writer: ‘Everybody
finds relief shortly after using Bra
dycrotine for headache.”
George Jackson, colored, found i
Colt’s navy that was used during th
war—the pistol was marked Co F
81st Missouri Volunteers. The pis
taI taruo Inoda/i urlinn ond I r
pretty fair condition, except tha
the wood on tbe handle was decay
1ST •LACK-OBAUQHT tea onrea Conillpation
Blind Tom will give a perform
ance at the Institute on Friday night
tbe 15th inst. Tom is very popuiai
. In bis wonderful musical perform
ances aiid the people never seem (o
tire of his playing. He must be
heard to be appreciated, and once
heard, can be beard time and again.
We refund money in every instance if
Flantat'on Chill Cure, Regular and Taste
less, ever fails—but it never fails. For
sale by W. C. Hubbard, luka.
And J. H. Moore, luka.
Get your collars, cuffs and shirts
faundried by tbo Huntsville Steam
Lauodry. Orders takep op Mopdays
at J. H. Moore’s drug store.—R. P.
Neblott, Agent, luka. Alch 26 2t.
Benjamine Bray a* young man
met with a fata! accident on Thurs
day of last week, he had come home
from hunting with a loaded gun and
set it down on the outsido of tbe
door, and as he wont to entor the
house tbe gun went off and tne load
enteied his face near the eye tear
ing off bis akuJI, killing him instant*
i }y. He leaves a wife and one child.
At tbe timo of the fatal aooident be
Jived on Yellow creek near Mosers
• bridge. *
Anarchists are still "doing” Rome
jlf ':Y'. e\
Ties! Handkerchiefal! 800 varies
ties just received at the Packet Btore.
There will bo a competitive ex<
amination for tho apppintment of a
cadet to West Point at Tupelo, on
Saturday the 16th day of May, 1091.
Tho applicant must be botwoou the
ages of 17 and 21t
Judicious advertising
creates many a new business
Enlarges many an old business
Preserves many a large business,
Revives many a dnll business;
Rescues many a lost business:
Saves many a failing business;
Secures success iu any busi
Blind Tom will be in Iuka May loth.
We know that there aro many
among our subscribers who can ro
' port to us some news items at least
twice a month. We would be glud
to hear from you.
Why pay 76 cents or $1 when you car
buy Plantation Chill Cure, Regular ami
Tasteless, for fifty cents, which is guar
anteed to cure you. For sale by
W. C. Hubbard, Iuka
And J • H. Moore, Iuka
I have just received a nice line Drj
Goods, and Notions which I boughi
' te sell. Please call and see if I don’t
sell cheap. L. S. Tkaylok.
1 m.
Go to hear Blind Tom Friday night, 15
May, at the Iuka Normal Institute.
It is gratifying at nil times to se<
men of intelligence and means locat
> ing in our midst. Their coming
means the coming of others, and thii
means better and greater things foi
the town.
I Plantation Chill Cure. Regular anc
Tasteless, is the only remedy prescribe!
by physicians. For sale by
W. c. Hubbard, Iuka
And J. H. Moore, Iuka.
j Bememberjthat B. F. Patterson &
Co’s, is tbe place to get your cold
drinks, everything first class. No
I negroes allowed to drink at his soda
1 fountain.
A chance In a lifetime to hear Bliuti
> Tom, May 16th.
1 P. W. Patterson has placed hii
name before the people as a oandi
dale for re-olection to the office 01
Chancery Clerk. He has filled tin
office satisfactorily to his constitu
ents and asks to serve you again
Mr. Patterson is too well known tc
* need any recommendation from ns
Blind Tom, the great Musical Predig;
* of the world, will give a concert at thi
Institute, Friday night, May 15th.
J Tbe growth of tbe town ie largely
* dependent upon tbe effort of its oiti
“ tens. Don’t be afraid to talk foi
yonr town, but do not expend al
* yonr energy in talk alone—that bai
. been too largely onr fault in th<
- past. Mix it judiciously with elbow
a grease, and put your money where
it will do good. That is the way t<
build up prosperous towns and com
1 munities.
' Some of the Grand Army bovs ma;
* be interested in the following from Ale?
B. Pope, A. D. C., Commander, Pep’
Tenn. and Ga. He says: “We had ai
f epidemic of whooping cough here
1 (Stewarc, Tenn.) and Chamberlain\
* Cough Remedy has been the only re me
i dy that has done any good,” There ii
no danger from whooping eough whei
this remedy is freely given. It com
3 pletely controls the disease. 60 cen
. bottles for sale by ,J. II. JMoore.
' MoEJLBErt WINE OF CABDUI for Want K.r™,
There are various things tbe Iu
kian can j?oint to with native pridt
1 —our fine waters, the court house
* which is about as fine as there is < i
> this line of railroad—streets newly
gruuuu unu wiidn me gravel is pul
on, oven Memphis cannot show pret
' tier streets—cur Norraul school, the
best in ,lhe state—the bedel newly
remodled, and as a health resort
there is no place that can show a
better recore}, and as a business
point—well, we get there Eli!
On the 20lb of May the people ol
luka will be treated to a musical
feast, at the luka hotel, by the greut
violiuist Heine, and his talented
wile and daughter. “Miss Heine
has a voice as olear as a bell and as
sweet as a bird—a magnificent so
prano voice over which she has
perfeet control. Mme. Heine it
mav be said that she is a pianist of
the highest order.'* The above is
tbo way the press speak of this
gifted musical family.
In a.tnost every neighborhood
throughout the west there are some one
or more persons whose lives haee been
saved by Chamberlain's Colie, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy, or who have
| been cored of chronie diarrhoea by It.
Such persons take especial pleasure in
recommending the Remedy to others.
The praise that follows its introdnction
and use makes it very popular. 25 and
50 oent bottles for sale by J. H, Moore.
Itawamba’s Democratic Executive
Committee has called a primary, to be
held August 28th. i
--- |
The First National Bank, of Tupelo
is soon to occupy a now brick.
Needing a tonic, or children that want building
up, ahould take
It is pleasant to take, cures Malaria, Indigej- ;
tlon, and biliousness. All dealers keep It.
That they went fishing.
That Easley M. arrived in dew time.
That Mr. S.— went dowa on Yellow
creek to see Eva.
That Will played a bluff game and
Jim dono tho bluffing.
That tho vegetarian is anxious to
make both ends moot.
That lumber merchants never object
to having the board raised.
That Iuka is noted for fine wator
and pretty girls.
That our streets are being put in
fine fix.
That workingmen out on strikes
might do something at playing ball.
That tho weather favors freezing out
weak stockholders in an ice trust.
That i’hoeb Couzins will not bq coz
zoned by unfair World’s fair women.
That the oyster will soon pack up
and go away for the summer, if it can.
That the oystah is not good when
spelled without an “r.”
That Old Hutch failed when the
market went against his grain.
That the “bookmakers” are respon
sible for the raco question agitation.
That when a man is wrong he should
stick to what he did not say.
That it is not quite true that heaven
helps the politician that helps himself.
That stick to your llannels until they
stick to you: than wear something
That everything is fair in love and
war. ’t.ia sn.ifl* hut. fcnnnncA tho orirl {a
That love in a cottage is very pro
sic— but a good fat pooketbook is more
That Blind Tom and the Heine com
bination will amuse the people here
on different dates.
That we fear the first robin that has
been announcing the advent of spring
is a lyre bird.
That the weather of late has been a
cross between a linen duster and a
i spring overcoat.
That when a woman wants to drive
' anything out of tho house she “shoes”
it. A man usually boots it.
That to laugh at your wife when she
, tries to stone the hens. She may ask
you to help stone the rasins.
That Judge Carpenter must have
- played the footman when be kicked
’ the Butler out of court 1 '
That when a young man get* a letter
J from his girl and she gets one from
, him at the same time, they are cor
respondingly happy.
i That the fly is not entirely useless.
. It keeps a man from sleeping through
a sermon in church. Little things
accomplish great good.
That never ask an Idle man to do
1 anything for you. It is only the busy
man who can find time to do anything
\ more.
OThat no man ever loved a woman
while he was busy. This is why the
’ loafer is thought to be the best of
; lovers.
That one man finds satisfaction in
the thought that he is as good as
others, and another in tho knowledge
that others are no bettor than he is.
1 That our hotel is a daisy, with its
beautiful shaded park, covered with
it i soft carpet of grass, its fountains of
pure crystal wators—where lovers
lflVit tn H Ur 1*11_W Vi q nmin jMnm
O, round the mild Mikado’s realm.
Its temples and its groves,
Wo westerns know full well, o^ course,
That cunning Cupid roves;)
And yet. ttyo’ men and maidens meet
Beneath the flowering trees,
We’re told that there’s no w ord for kiss
Among the Japanese!
That Frenchmen have no word for
So says, with bitter sting,
The cruel critic—is because
They’ve never had the thi^g;
But who’ll believe where ho&oy is
There’ll ne’or be buzzing hoes,
Or that folks court without fhe kiss
Among the Japanose?
Their slant-eyed beauties {nay look
To occidental eyes;
But when, to old-gold girlish cheek,
The tell-tale blushes rise,
What time the cherry blossoms whitU,
And Love’s in ev'ry breea?, ,
O who'll believe that therms to word
For kiss in Japanese? t
O can it be a lover’s thirst
In any clime, who knew
That from the rod flower of her mouth
He’d but to drink the dew?
O well I wish, did I but dwell
’Mong their divinities
So quaint, there’d be equivalent
For kiss in Japuneso!
Stop and think 1 Plantation Chill Core
Regular and Tasteless, euros 1)3 cases out
of every hundred,and price qnly 60 cents
For sale by . W. C. Hubbard, Ioka.
And J. H. Moore, Iuk^.
.4 ‘VV '. *'
?' ■ ■% w. “•, /’■
1 > ■ —It S'
It it with pleasuia we announce that
we bvn made arrangements with that
popular, illustrated magazine, the
American Farmer, published at Cleve
land, Ohio- and read by farmers in all
parts of this country and Canada, by
which that great publication wilt be
mailed direct, free, to the address of
any of our subscribers who will pay up I
ail arrearages on subscriptions and one
year in advance from date, and to any
new subscribers who will pay one year
in advance. This is a grand opportu
nity to obtain a first-class farm journal
free. The American Farmer is a large
lG-page illustrated journal, of national
circulation, which ranks among the
leading agricultural papers. Its nigh
est purpose is the elevation and ennobl
ing of Agriculture through thu higher
and broader education of men ami
women engaged in its pursuits. The
regular subscription price of the Amer
ican Farmer is $1.1)0 per year. It costs
you nothing. From any one numoer
ideas can bo obtained that will be worth
thrice the subscription price to you or
members of your household ; yet you
get it free. Call and see sample copy .
(specimen Cases.
S. H. Clifford, New Cased, Wis.. was
troubled with neuralgia a.id rheumatism,
' his stomach was disordered, his liver was
affected to an alarming degree, appetite fell
awav,and ho was terribly reduced in flesh
and strength Three bottles of Electric Bit
ters cured him.
Edward Shepherd, Harrisburg, III., had a
running sore on his leg of eight years’
stauding. Used three bottles ot Electric
Bitters and seven boxes of Uucklen’s Arnica
Salve, and Ins leg is sound and well. John
Speaker. Columbus, O., had live large (oven
sores on his leg; doctors said lie was in
curable. One buttle Electric Bitters and
one box fliicklen’s Arnica Salve cured him
entirely. Sold by It. II, Watson & Co.’s
drug store.
‘‘Peace be with you,” remat ked the
tramp, as he left a remnant of bis coat
tail with the bull dog.
xiuttueij aro juu a bUOSCrioei to
this paper? If you aro not, you aro
invited to become one, and now
while j’ou have a little spare money
to spend is a good time to do so. If
you are a subscriber and aro in ar
rears you should not spend all your
‘•chink” before paying for your lo
cal paper. A dollar in vested in this
way will last you all the year, while
tor man}’ of the catchpenny purcha
ses it will bo soon gone and forgot
A Wonder Worker.
Mr. Frank Huffman, a young man o
Burlington, Ohio, states that lie had been
under the care ol two prominent physicians,
aod used their treatment until he was not
able to get around, they pronounced his
case to be consumption, and incurable, lie
was persuaded to try I)r. King’s New Dis
covery lor Consumption, Coughs aud Colds,
and at that time was not able to walk across
the street without resting. Ue found, be
fore he had used half of a dollai bcltle. that
ne was much better: he continued to use
it, and is to-day enjoying good health. If
you have any throat, lung or chest trouble
try it. VVe guarantee satisfaction. Trial
b'dtle free at R. H. Watson & Co.’a drug
store. i.ii'
A Wonderful Case!
“This is to certify that my wife has been
troubled tor fifteen years with a disease
which finally resulted in paralysis. She was
confined to her bead and could not turn
over. 1 had six or seven of the best ptnsi
oians m tbs country to attend her, but they
did her no good, and said her caws was hope
less. As a last resort I determined to let my
wife try Roy al Germetuer. 1 am glad to be
able to say that its results have been aston
Isblug. The first bottle put mv wife on the
road to recovery, she is now" on the third
bottle and is able to walk about the hou.-c,
and yesterday walked over to see a neigh
bor. '1 he doctors are astonished as well as
myself ” W. D. AUSTIN,
March 24 1891. Birmingham, Ala.
“I have suffered tor twenty years with
heart disease aud for mo a tin with indiges
tion. 1 lost tweuty-tivo pounds of tlesli in
two months My lamily and friends became
uneasy about me. About lha middle of July
laBt I begun using Dr. Kings Royal Germe
tuer. Alter taking six homes 1 aui glad to
St&te (hut I n‘<r:»r<l invsplf ..mm.1 ,yf
heart (rouble, pal pi (at ion and indigestion. I
can cat and digest any kind ol food. My
health is restored, and 1 gladly recommend
Ur. King’s Royal (jurmetucr to the afflicted.”
T. M. ELLIS, Tax CalJt-cfor Cordon Co.
Calhoun, Or., K).
Do you have catarrh. Indigestion, dyspep
sia, ktdney or bladder troubles, Wood dis
eases, parali sis, neuralgia, rheumatism,
headache, bowel diseases, skin d'seasc-s fe
male lroubles, palpitation, weakness, etc , if
so send stamp lor printed matter, ceiliflcates
of wonderful cures, etc.
Price $ 1.00 per bottle, which makes one
gallon of medicine as per directions. For
sale by druggists, and Iw King’s Itoya) Uer
mmuerCo., Atlanta, Us.
Senator Goorge addresses the'masses
at Tupelo to-dny upon thesub-treasury
plan and other topics of most general
concern to tho farmers.
City Market.
Cotton 8 fo8«
Corn, per bushel (fitoTO
Meal, per bushel, VOfUtii
Oats, per bushel,
Peas, per bushel,
Potatoes Irish, per bushel,
Potatoes Sweet, per bushel, 50lo60
F lour, per barrel. $6 00® $7 00
Moat bulk, per pound • 0X®7
Pork fresh, per pound, 4X a5
Hams cured, per pound, 1U£'o12K
Apples dried, per pound, 8 to 10
Peiobes dried, tier pound, 8 ;o jo
Rice, per pound, 8®10
Hines green, per pound, 2®3
Hides dry, per pound, 4®5
!» M®20
3 8 so
Sugar,per pound,’
Molasses per gallon,
TO W. P. HOLT. ~
-I§j. b. McKinney,|§.
*[email protected] *GRO0EMES^
Table and Pocket Cutlery, (Jueens
ware^Hides, Furs, e-c.,
Mrs. Henry Krause
ltenalring of Furniture ol ail kinds dote neatly
on short notice. C'tll a;id examine
my stock of Furnituie and
Coffins. V
Oi me Dest anu most popular makes kept constantly in stock. Lowest prices.
Highest Market Price Paid in CASH FOR WOOL. Also a tnil lino of
goods always on band to EXCHANGE FOR WOOL. Wo will give
One Yard or Heavy A1I Wool Jeans for lib. Clean Spring wool.
iFou CUSTOMERS promptly attended to, and all work
guaranteed to give satisfaction. Our prices for carding
wool is S l-o conts per pound or one-fifth of the
To the Mills on all shipments of 100 pounds and over. Neighbors can easily club togeth
er and send that amount at one shipment. In shipping mark each bundle with
* Ip
And write to us, giving full directions whit to do with it, or if it is preferred put in
structions in the mouth of the sack. Leave your wool to be carded at E. ,)’ Me Ilea’s
store, luka Miss., and it will bo attended to at once. For for further information and
samples, Address
April 9-1 fit CORINTH, MISS. i
McElree’s Wine of Cardui
for sale by the following merchants in
Tivhomingo county:
W. C. Hubbard Jb Co., Iuka.
Dr. G. VV. Mutton, Burnsville.
S. A. Smith, Burnt Mills.
G. T. Mellican & Son. Tynes.
- MEAT - :
-:-Thorns’ Shop.-:
First-Class in every particular. Neat,
Clean and Convenient. All orders
promptly filled. Nothing but first-class
meat handed.
Partios having beef eattle, sheep and
porlc for sale will find it to their inter
est to call on us. A 2-12t
Hoi!ston & ErwSn.
.T. H. MCKINNEY, President.
K. S. CANDLER, Altorney,
CVJ. ilYAi’f. Treasurer.
J. T. BAIcNKTI’, .1. W. WILLI A Me'.
Depository, - - . BANK OF IUKA
For full particulars call on or address
For the Company.
Or any member of the Local Hoard,
j fepID-tf Iuka. Miss
G, P. Hammerly
General Merchadise.
A Complete line of
Hardware, Iron,
Hails, Castings,
Wagon Material,
School Books
The State of Missiseippi to KL Me
You yre oommnnded to appear before the
Chamwry Cotyt of «h» county of TWw^Ub
wr.8nr» ;
Dougul, wherein you nit defendant.
T . ■' . P. W. Pattbusou,
Iuka, Misa, April 0, ’01. Chancery Clark.
4t-printer s fee and proof ,2.48.
Notiooi, hereby given that the under
slgne® has boon appointed administrator of
tbe estate of Alfred Johnson, deceased and
all parties holding claim against said es
tate must probate the same within twelve
months, or they will be bmred.
April 9th. 1.80! -4t W AcMifiKSie
Printer’s fee and proof «2.lM
60 Camp Streep
3STETW CmT rFl A NS, T-* ^ .

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