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11SDAY, NOV. 20, 1002,
g ioka ¥i!IgLLg
3. W. Dudley, Publisher,
cal anb fibevsonal
rdis dots will appear next
ing your produce to McKin
jrocery Co. •
A. B. Blackburn,of Allsbo
,1a., was iu town Tuesday.
: photos for a quarter a few
days. J. H. Webb.
•. O. L. Howard,of Old Cairo,
a luka Tuesday on business.
;Kinney Grocery Co. will pay
for your cotton seed.
•s. J. T. Goyer and Miss Flo.
i a trip to Burnsville this
• r, M. Burleson.a Drominent
Ion of Dennis community, was
ika Monday.
r. L. D. Alsobrook,of Allsbo
vicinity, was with his luka
ids last Sunday.
rs. W. S. Johnson and Miss
a made a trip to Memphis last
k, returning Monday.
irgost stock of goods ever
ight to luka, cheap for cash, at
YV. YV. Harris’.
re are glad to note the conva
jnce of Mrs. J. H. Webb, at
i severe attack of dysintery.
re call attention to the ad oi
Kossuth school, to be found
where in this issue. A good
■ ftjiavc heard of no one leav
here this fall for Texas,thougl
>ral have gone to the indiar
lr. and Mrs. A. N. Clayton ar
d here Tuesday after Severn
ks spent with relatives at Kip
IcKinney Grocery Co. will sel
cash for ten d iv First Patent
lr at $3.75. Second Patent foi
for $3.50._
dr. Cr. >v. item nas repanu.ee
he market house and Ham Hub
,ard is doing the same fo • Park
r's hotel.
Hon. E. 8. Candler, Jr. and
,lrs. Candler came up from Cor
ath Sunday aud spent an hout
nth Mr. Sawyer.
| Wanted—(5000) fivo thousand
bundles of good fodder.
f _
Read T. L- Brown’s announce
ment in another place. He will
Mr. R. J. Wilson, of Harrison
burg, La., joined Mrs. AN ilson ai
j this place Tuesday. Togethci
they will return home in a day 01
| two.
Will pay best prices foi cotton,
cotton seed and other products.
W. \V. Harris,
Rev. Z, B. Whitehurst, of Me
Allister, 1. T., tilled the pulpit ai
the Methodist church on Wednes
day night of last week, and alsc
on last Sunday night.
Mrs. R. T. Rutledge and her
little son left Tuesday morning for
' Russellville, Ark., where they will
; spend »orae three weeks visiting
j Mrs. Mattie Cook, Mrs. Rutledge's
I sister.
{ About 2,500 bales of cotton have
been weighed by R. AY. Pa nic at
the farmer’s cotton yn. It it
very difficult to get cars the
shipment of cotton and the t. vn if
almost blockaded by the fleecy ta
j pie.
I am in the market ta buy fat
| beef cattle and hides,green or dry.
Give me a chance before selling,
AY ill pay cash. *
J. B. AVilliams,
We learn that Mr. Cottingham,
a drummer, has routed the twe
; story frame residence of J. W
! Jourdan, lately occupied by Mrs,
W. S- Johnson, and will move hit
family here.
i have been carrying over sonu
accounts for the past two years
l owing to bad crops, but this yea
is good crops I will carry ovei
nothing this year. A hint to tin
wise. Kept.,
'i. L. Brown.
We will make our delivery oi
fruit trees in Iuka Saturday, Dec
Oth. Warm weather has preventet
an earlier delivery.
G. T. Howerton & Bro.
Booth Lowrey, the famous !ec
turer and impersonator, ivache<
here Saturday afternoon at ii:4
and left immediately for Highland
where he had an engagement to do
j liver one of his inimitable lectures
| He returned to Iuka Sunday morn
ing in time to take the westbouuc
Eight cents- a pound i
what a young woman paid fo
twelve pounds of flesh.
She was thin and weak ant
paid one dollar for a bottle o
Scott’s Emulsion, and by tak
ing regular doses had gainec
twelve pounds in weight before
the bottle was finished. *
Eight cents a pound i;
cheap for such valuable ma
terial. Some pay more, soma
less, some get nothing fo:
their money. You get you:
money’s worth when you bm
Scott's Emulsion.
We will send you a little
SCOTT & BOVVNE, Chemists,
409 Pearl Street, New York
50c. and $1.00 ; all druggists.
Toni Stnnpliill,his wife and ebil
i dren, Dave Moore, his w ife anc
children, Dr. Stanphill and foul
children all left here Tuesday morn
ing for boggy Depot, Indian Ter
ritory. Those last mentioned ar(
going on a visit, we learn, hut the
others are going to remain perma
nently. All lived in the 5tb dis
trict, near Golden, in this county.
Hows This?
\Yc oiler One Hundred Dollar
Reward for any case of Catarrh
that cannot he cured by Hall's Ca
tarrh Cure.
F «J Cheney, & Co. Toledo,O.
We,the undersigned,have known
; F .J Cucney for the last 15 years,
; and believe him perfectly honora
ble m all business transactions and
| financially able to carry out any
obligations made their firm.
West & Traux, Wholesale Drug
gis*, Toledo, O.
Waliliug,Kinnun Marvin, Whole
sale druggists,Toledo,O.
Hall’s Catarrh Cure is taken’in
teruallv, acting directly upon the
blood and mucous serfaces of the
system. Testimonials sent free.
Price 75ct per bottle- Sold by all
Hull's Family Pills are the best.
Elder H. E. Peters, Primitive
Baptist, will preach at Mt. Pleas
ant church, (Tonail) Monday and
Tuesday, Dec, 1st and 2nd day,
and Iuka Sundry night Nov. 30th
and Monday night.
J. ,T. Akers.
The Vidette is requested by
Rev. J. S. Berry, chairman execu
tive Bear 1, Tishomingo Bastist
Association, to state that each
church in the association was ask
ed to make a thank offering to the
Baptist Orphanage, at Jackson,
Miss., on or about Thanksgiving.
Nov. 27■ Money, provisions,.(not
I perishable), omits, lried fruit—
anything that the children can use
will be acceptable. Those living
convenient to luka can leave their
! donationsat the Vidette office and
11 wc will attend to forwarding them.
This is a practical way of showing
our thankfulness.
Beautiful dear Skies.
Herbine exerts a direct influence
j on the bowels, liyer and kidneys,
purifying and strennthening these
organs, and maintaining them in a
^ normal condition of health ;thue
removing a common cause of vel
low, mothy,greasy skin,and more
! or less of pimples, blotches and
• blackheads. 50c. at J C Jourdan's.
[: --
,! Mrs. Powers, of New Orleans,
visited Mrs. G. E. Hess this week.
Thin sionatnre ia on every box of tho genuine
Laxative Bromo=Qiiinine Tablets
the reowdy that rurix a cold In <MM‘ d&y
Messrs Sam Trim and Jim Smith
returned from the Arkansas delta
Monday night. They went there
some three weeks ago to engage in
5 hunting* The point selected was
r about 40 miles south of Memphis.
! It was their intention to make ox
peuses oy snipping me suipois
* game to Memphis. They found
f plenty ot game, but the weather
- was too warm for it to keep during
1 shipment. They tried one con
> signmeut and it spoiled. Tljen the
Bmallpox scare intimidated them
i somew hat and they returned home
’ They found plenty of game, tur
- keys, ducks, squirrels, etc. and the
» trip would have been successful
- had it not been for the unforeseen
. circumstances mentioned. Both
these gentlemen live near Burnt
, Asleep Amid Flames.
Breaking into a blazing home,
some firemen lately dragged the
sleeping inmates from death. Fan
cied security,and death near. It'."
that way when you neglect coughs
and colds. Don’t do it. Driving’s
' New Discovery for Consumption,
gives perfect protection against all
Throat, Chest and Lung Troubles.
■ Keep it near and avoid suffering,
death and doctor’s bills. A tea
spoonful stops a late cough, per
sistent use the most stubborn.
Harmless and nicetnsting.it? guar
anteed to satisfy by S .1 Barnett.
Price 50c and £1.00. Trial bottles
free. 11
Iuka As, A Cotton Market.
i Iuka has already received about
4000 bales of cotton which i s a long
ways ahead of last year’s delivery
delivery at this date. It i» conti
j dently predicted that the total will
J be at least 6000. Seven years ago
j this market received about 3000
p t season, but the growth in re
ceipts has been steady since dust
time. Last year 5300 bales were
marketed bore. This increase is
•duo to our wide-awake, liberal and
enterprising merchants, who bid
j up on cotton to the last limit, even
sometimes going beyond the point
j of reimbursement. We arc proud
j of this record for Iuka.
M iss Lizzie Redmond reached
j here Sunday from Dublin,Ireland,
! She is a sister of John Redmond,
! the steam shovel man. Mr. and
Mrs. Redmond met Miss Lizzie at
Jackson, Tenn. Thcyoung lady
looked bright and fresh after her
4000 nrlesof travel, 3000 of which
was bv ocean steamer.
“Both my wife and inmlfhavc been
(Ml'ig CASCARETS and they are the teat
medicine we have ever had in the house. Last
weolt my wifo waa frontic with hoadsche for
two days, she tried some of ycurCASCARFTS,
and they rolieved tho pain in her head almost
Immediately. We both recommendCascarets."
Cnas. Stedeeord,
| Pittsburg Safe & Deposit Co., Pittsburg, Pa.
Pleasant, Palatable, Potent. Taste Good. I>.:.
Oooti, Never Hiel-.oa. Weaken, or Gripe, 10c, ‘tie, 60c
i ... CURE COW ST! PAT SOW. ...
Blrrltn. Orw.H. Company, Chk'!«o, Monti-pol, k»-,. York. 3J7
Notice to tho Public.
Don't make yournnext year’s ar
rangements too early. I will havo
added to my house of business be
t ween $10,000 and $20,000 cash cap
ital. We want all of our already
cash customers and 500 more. It
will be a strictly two pi iced house
—a cash price and a credit price.
The business will bo opened up
about the 1st of Feb. Instead of
doing a $20,000 business a year we
want to make it $50,000. Wo ex
pect to handle everything farmers
need except guano, mules and
horses. Wait for us.
Kept., T. L. Brown.
You Know What You Are Taking
When you take Grove’s Tasteless
Chill Tonic because the formula is
plainly printed on every bottle
showing that it is simply iron and
quinine in tasteless form. No cure
j no pay. 50cts.
Rev. Ir! R. Hicks 1002 Almanac.
To say that this splendid work
oi science and art is finer and bet
ter than ever, is stating it mildly.
Tbeulomand for it is fur beyond all
previous years. To say that such
results, reaching through 30 years,
' are not based upon sound sense
and usefulness, is an insult to the
intelligence of the millions. Prof,
j Hicks,through this great Almanac,
and his famous family and scien
tific journal, Word and Works, is
doing a work for the whole people
not approached by any other man
or publication. A fair test will
j prove this to any reasonable p< r
I son- Added to the most luminous
■course in astronomy for 1908,fore
casts of storm and weather an giv
en, a ■ novel before, for every day
in the year, all charmingly ill us- j
trated with m e ly twnhundic I on- !
gravings. The price of single id
j manac.including postage and mail
: in<Ai>dO cents. V* ord end Work
i ’ .
! with the Almanac is $1.00 a yea;
; Write to W ord and Works Pub
j libbing (’o..2*201 Locust Street, Si
Louis, M., and prove to yoursed
! their great value.
our i~2air j j
B«m <w - ■'lu" t.t"t ■■■ srwg !
» years ago my hair w«r. J j
out badly. I purchased a %
>f Ayer’s Hair Vigor, and p
y hair stopped comiu j, ouv 8 i
Minnie Hoover, I'aris, III. §
■■MPKaaBCvaMi t.tcu ♦ r- v. a-jjlvstfstst ?.»»•• "II [
rhaps your mother *
hin hair, but that is jjj j
no reason why you must h
go through fife with hrh- jj
starved hair. If yoy >'ant p |
long, thick ha-r, Ice J it a
Hhycr’s HairtVigor, 5
ake it rich, dark |
avy. | ;
i ^ :ii«. • :i Sn-scW*. 8
... mm**r\ J
tiiyrab«t ournot sm-; !y you, 1
o si -lir.r font wo will exrrecs H
*. >-o sure (live i:r ; s.:t>o 3
rs’Sf.ever, -(.i.'i'V. AsMtckb, »I
. S’. A\ KK CO., s.(,Y, ::i. % ■ ' Y*. A
Mm8Mmm>*tvtiZX£ •mf?,. jwewai
Thanksgiving Service at the
Methodist Church, Thursday,
November 27th.
An interesting service to whi h
all are invited at 1.0:30 o'clock u.
1. Voluntary by the ehmr.
2. Reading The Governor's1
3. Opening hymn 019 Prai ;o ,
God From Whom All Blessing*
L Praver—By Bov. It. M.
Da\ is.
5 Scripture Reading, 103
Psalm — By C. W. MKnight.
9. Song, by choir and emigre
gation, To. 729.
7. Prayer—By Rev. Poll:..*!.
Five minute talk by W. Ik Fill ■. i
J. A. E. Pyle, D. L. ltoys and G. j
W. Dudley.
8. Song- By the choir ami
congregation. No. 899.
9 Obo minute talks by the eon- j
10. Song, 918 -Congregation
Benediction by Mayor Aker*.
All business he u -cs, school', o ■
Lories and shops are expected to 1
close for the time.
Mrs. W. A. dourdan ami her
young daughters,Misses Pearland1
Pauline, were visiting luka rein- !
lives this week.
Startling, But True.
“If every one knew what a gran! ;
medicine Dr King’;* New Life Pill:
is,” writes I) II Turner, Dumps* y
town. Pa., “yotid’ sell all you have
in a day. Two weeks’ use has um h
anew imtu <-f .no.” Infallible for
constipation, stomach an*! liver
troubles. 2be at Barnett's drug ,
store. 11 1
We the undersigned member of
the Board oi Supervisor o i i .sho
rn ingo county, Miss., will on the |
1st Monday in December, Bat-?, i
within legal hours in front of t.1.". ;
court house door in (he town of J
Iuka, Miss., let out the repairing
of the stockhw fence in the 1th
and dii) distrdt . T> homingy Co.
Mi- -.,s:t;<I fence being on the eoun
ty lire* !>-. tween Tishonufig > and
Prc i i- co uti ,Mi- ,. Plan and
Mptei 1 -11i1 a;• on tile in the clmn
oe; v clerk'. ■ -e, Iuka, Ml- .
J. It. !'*:< rig M. B. fi.
W. T. Clakk.
Nov. -J L*'h.\
»'• ‘it •
Notice is hereby given that the
onrd of Superv iuors of Tishomin- j
go county, Miss., will let out to the j
lowest responsible bidder a c-m
tract for the lei in of two year
from the Tt Monday in Jjviiuut v,,
I0o3, the keeping and maintaining
of the county paupers of Ti- eo
iningo county. Bond reouir.-i b \
P. W. Patti::?.*
Clerk Bo ;. ! - o ■ ■ • -• ,
Nov. 4, JhOU, 1
r ■ -- t
Shall We Have A Mass fleeting;?
Kr*. v
Having east my lot witu tuj
good people of Itika, I feel ccnsid
cvablc interest, in her future. Wo
shall lie railed upon in a few da vs
to 'elect <"IH'stk for pur city gov
eminent,an.I us oik* •* wVbelit v; s in
progression, I feel a- well winners
to society and the sn-tainim of the
law, wo should look well to who
we vole for. it is a well known
fact to I hose who have long been
re> i kails of the town that we have
had tdlieeis in nau'e only. We
have two old citizens of un- ■ )
running fur otlioeof Mayor W
lleuien of e<jwtii »vsp-.v!. and i.1''• *r
V:tV,!)ot!i have liihd ti e v f.
a term o *. ra vs |h nvn/ : ■>
before 1’ H peopie. ii w;!l '•>* an
easy ear : V. !u* ' < ; fht t !iin\in *•
peop; ' te ohrt are the ;;*eo:d of
the two in: ! I pvta-r a hie ali per
sonal i’eehhl;', decide v. ; I :*!) is hast
to retain la. land...bi . 11:y
wo now 1 uivo : ••ok - xl with a
tea \ e ! s a. 0. * ' he him 1
not to s e t1; aetivii' <•,' the law
' •-s throng at tin ■ ; ; A d. s
perato cil'ort . - t • - unde to pat
1 1 ■
u a |t t;; , *; u h »(
be well for our cii’r cn e, <•,)![ ;l.
mass meeting and have these two
gentleimm to attend aiid > lie their
position in full '; iT.o people ought
to know how they stand on all mat
ters vital to so.:inly and the future
nu ll being of (in' same. Shall we
have a mass meeting.
Ths faitte-ws SitUSe pHs.
Mingo hums
Mingo, Mi: j 1 is, ’og.
Ei>. Viokjtk:
Min go <pilot.
Health very good
.John Hodge got a relapst last
week from his spell of slow fever
and had to call Dr Waldrup again,
but i;., better nov, •
The sad news reached us this
m. ruing iiiat tiie Summoning An
gel visited uur neighborhood
tV:eiM-, Mr and Mrs .Joe Kay and
called away tlmir baby boy which
was only about twelve months of
ago/and seemingly the pride of
their lives. We must submit our
selves to (jod’s will and remember
the words of -'.Jesus, ‘‘Smier little
eliildren to come unto Me and for
i>id them not, for of such is the
kingdom ol Heaven.” Hod alone
earn comfort the bereaved and bro
ket; hearted. Trust Him for lie
docih till things well to them that
love the Lord.
Last Sunday'was a lovely day
i >r Mann’s chapel singers. Tho
0 ivvil gathered about tU a. m.
1 he service was opened with a
scripture lesson and prayer by
Pro M L Tumliu, then Prof N< al
led t ie first lesson in tin* new books
and mude some glorious imisi
Out hearts ran out in n spiritr d
feciin/ to s«'c those lilt • girls i i
young ladies an1 gentlemen
mil h interested, j'i >n the : **
nouncemciit foi dinner was give ,
and all was made happy again.
The class' w i called to '■ether al •
pm for the old folk:, i i the old
time book . Pi d '«... on was ie i
by \V • j'-nthe’w i’ i, _• cud by
he Hid will our' go: d ,i nsaer,
•V ile?. j *:I! * Now. you e; ,.’t con
• '■■■• t!;.' <:■•. pjad mi radon <i I ova
fr ■ old tune people that id -cold
folks felt. those old time songs
are foil of glory and should bo
I ' pt up by oir poo pie ior they
are the ones on: mothers sang '<»
u v loin i- i!i." I ad! . and peril ipv
the « iieer- b» their iirst Christian
love. Tin n lie- « i i ,< ' turned to
men! \ ito tin (its- meet Sunday
at 15 /’ cl:! '! .n. i'ime
■■■•• i'i " die new hooks.
v V t!■: Lo all. 1 • ...mi Irt.ly
Co ji K Ac'.ry.
If it fails to cure gro ~ ; cl'nt
We will refund . r*. } cts*
It'A VU£T < ■ * CS.,
bale Hr(pr.-.taru, «„i . , . ;»N*
* .

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