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Digests what yov eat.
This preparation contains all of tni.
dige-itanls and digests all kinds of
food. It gives instant relief and never
fails to cure. '*> allows you to cat all
the food you want. The most sensitive
stomachs can take it. By its use many
thousands of dyspeptics have been
cured after everything-else failed. Is
unequalled for the stomach. Child
ren with weak stomachs thrive on it.
First dose relieves. A diet unnecessary.
Duras all slomach troubles
Prepares! only l>y E. C. I)kWitt& Co., Chicago
The f l. bottle contains 2 !4 times Uic uOe. size
“Early frost catches the bud
ding genius.”
One Minute Dough Cure
For Coughs, Colds and Croup.
Land for Sale.
1 have the following described
land for sale tor cash or credit!
S W k of N E 1 23,3,10, 40 acres.
S 1 N YV i 23, 3, 10, 80 “
N J S W \ 23, 3, 10, 80 “
YVJSWi 23, 4,10, 80 “
N E 4 of 28,4, 11, 100 “
W 4 NE f 10,3,11, 80 “
S l‘t N YV i 10, 3, 11, 134 “
654 “
This hind belongs to the bank
rupt estate of Z. N. Estes, Sr. and
must be sold. Call and get terms.
L. E. Sawyer.
Cured of Piles After 40 Years.
Mr C Haney, of Geneva, Ohio,
had the piles for 40 years* Doc
tors and dollars could do him no
lasting good. Do Witt’s W itch Ha
zel Salve cured him permanently.
Invariable for outs, burns,bruises,
sprains, lacerations, eczema,tetter,
salt rheum, and all other skin dis
eases. Look for the name of De
Witt on the package—all others j
are cheap,worthless f counterfeits.
J C Jourdan.
“It doesn’t make any difference
how some people do things, the}*
always get them wrong.”
stops the Cough and Works Of
LaxativeBromo-Qninino Tablets
cure a cold iu one day. No cure
no pay. price 25cts.
“Possibly frankness would not
seem so brutal if we were more
accustomed to it.”
Best Liniment on Earth.
i M Mellany,Greenville, Texas,
writes, Nov 2, 1G00. “1 bad rheu
matism last winter, was down in
bed 6 weeks; tried everything,but
got no relief, till a fiiend gave me
a part of a bottle of Ballard’s Snow
Linimen2t. I used itandgottwo
more bottles, it cured me and i
haven't tell any rheumatism since,
I can recommend Snow Liniment
Lit i lio Ikocl linimonl i\ti rnirili
for rheumatism.” For rheumatic,
sciatic or neuralgic pains, rub in
Ballard’s Snow Liniment, you will
not sutler long,but will be gratified
with a speedy and effective cure.
25c, 50e and £1.00 at Jourdan’a
drug store.
» -* • r
“Dress does not make the wo
man, but it often breaks the hus
A Thanksgiving Dinner.
Heavy eating is usually the first 1
cause of indigestion. Repeated at
tacks intlamo the mucous mem
branes lining the stomach, exposes
the nerves of the stomach,produc
ing a swelling after eating, heart
burn, headache, sour risings and
finally catarrh of the stomach. Ko
dol relieves the inllaimnation, pro
tects tho nerves and cures the ca
lurrh. Kodol cures indigestion,
dyspepsia, all stomach trouble by
cleansing and sweetening the glands
of the stomach. J C Jourdan.
“Obscurity furnishes a good pe
destul for lasting fame.”
11 T McIntyre, Si Raul, Minn.,
w'ao has been troubled with a dis
ordered stomach, says, ‘“Chamber
lain’s Stomach and Live; Tablets
da me more good than anything i
havcevei taken. i'yrsalcat Bur
RjaJ his If You Are (icing W,' st
'Hie Iron Mountain’ will si >1 one
way tickets to points in Arkans s,
Louisiana and Missouri, all points
in Texas, Oklahoma, Indian Terri
tory, at ONE HALF of the stand
ard one wav rate,plus $2.00. Tor
example: The present one wy rate
from Memphis to Dallas, Texas, is
$14.30;onc half of this rate L$7.15,
which added to $2.00,makes selling
rate $3.15. These tickets will be
on sale Oct 21st, Nov. 4th and
Istii,Dee. 2nd and Kith,1332, .Jan.
Oth and 20th, Teb. 3rd and 17th,
March 3rd and 17th, April 7th and
21st, 1303.
Iron Mountain will sell round
trip tickets to the above named
states and dates at ONE TAllE,
plus $2.00, with stopover at pleas
ure, good three weeks return.
For further information address
Elms Faknswokth, T 1* A.
Ii D Wilson, 1* and T A.
314 Main st Memphis,Term
“Some people who live in pal
aces never know what a home is.”
Chamberlain’s Stomach and Liv
er Tablets.
Try them
When you feel dull after eating.
When you have no appetite.
When you have a bad taste in the
When your liver is torpid.
When your bowels are constipated.
When you have a headache.
YV lum mil IliluillX.
They wiil improve youc appetite,
cleanse and invigorate your stom
ach and regulate your liver and
bowels. For sale at Barnett's drug
“The average French person
uses 0 pounds of soap a year; the
average English person uses 10 lbs
a year.”
On the*first and third Tuesdays
of each month, the Cotton Belt
will seli round trip tickets to Tex
as, Arkansas, Louisiana,Oklahoma
and Indian Territory at one fare
plus $2 for the round trip. Tick
ets will !>e limited to three weeks
for return and will allow stop
overs on the going trip. For full
particulars and for handsome illus
trated pamphlets “Homes in the
Southwest, and “Through Texas
With a Camera,” write to W. C.
Peeler, Dist. Pass. Agt. 307 Main
St. Memphis, Term.
“Liquor will not drown sorrow
—it merely floats it to the top.’’
Early Risers
Tlio famous little pf's.
“The baby is a life buoy that has
kept many from sinking in the sea
of despair.”
“Last winter an infant child of
mine had croup in a violent form,”
says Elder Juo W Rogers,a Chris
tian evangelist,of Fi I ley, Mo. “I
gave her a few doses of Chamber
i .• _i o. i.i :.. „ ,.i *
mill . \ iiuiiii'U * uhvi m « uuvu v
time all danger was pass and the
child recovered.” This remedy
not only cures croup, but when
given sis soon as the tirst symptoms
appear,will prevent the attack. It
contains no opium or harmful sub
stance and may be given its confi
dently to a baby as to an adult.
Forsalo by Barnett’s drug store.
“Prayer is the rudder that keeps
the ship of hope headed towards
the harbor of salvation.
Worm Destroyer.
White’s Cream Vermifuge not
only kills worms, but removes the
mucus and slime, in which they
build their nests: it brings, and
quickly, a healthy condition of the
body, where worms cannot exist.
25c at J.ourdan’s drug Store.
Non-Resident Notice.
Slide of Mississippi, |
Tishomingo Co. I
To George Gattis, You are
commanded to appear before the
Chancery Court of Tishomingo Co.
in said state on the 1st Monday of
December, A. D. 11)02, to defend t
the suit of Aiaiy Jane Gattis, coin-:
plainant wherein you are made do
fendani. Witness my hand this
loth day of November,A. D. i!)02.
1‘. W. Patterson,
Clerk of the Chancery Court.
J. A. E. Pyle Sol*for Compl’t.
II r>—!■, MI-1—-* rM*M.J*** fr.m - amammt mmmmmmx mm m
What A Convict Does Ih Hr son.
If I had little work lodoin pris
on how did I spend the timet At
Auburn, where I lived the greater
part of my hist term, the routine
of my life was as follows: After
using in the morning 1 would
sweep out my cell, turn up my bed
and blankets and clean up. Ihcn
to breakfast; then, if there w.i no
work to do, I would go back to mv
cell and eat a small portion of
opium. . Then l would exercise
witn dumb bells and taken “ponge
bath with cold water. Next would
come a nap till dinner time. Af
ter dinner 1 would think and read
in my cell until three o'clock, when
1 would go to the bucket ground
or exercise in the ya,rd,in the lock
step wtth the others, for half an
hour. Then back to the cell, tak
ing with me bread and a cup of
coffee made out of burnt bread
crust for my supper. The count
was made at six o'clock to sec that
all was right for the night. After
that 1 read in my cell as longasthe
oil lasted. -From the autobiogra
phy of a thief in Leslie’s Monthly
for October.
The “Underground” in SingSing.
1 was particularly interested in
the Underground Tunnel,for I im
mediately perceived its great use
fulness. This was the secret sys
tem by which contraband articles,
such as whiskey, opium and mor
phine were brought into the pris
iiri • f_
Oil. YY II011 cl lU^UU lb [njiouuanu
with the coin of the realm he can
always find a keeper or two to
bring him what ho deems the nec
essaries of life,among which are
opium, whisky and tobacco. If
you have a keeper rightyou can he
well supplied with these little
things. To ■ get him right it is
necessary to give up a certain rec
ognized percentage—about one
fifth—of the money sent you from
home. This system is worked in
all the state prisons in New York,
and during my first term,!} months
of which were spent at Sing Sing
and the rest at Auburn, I had no
difficulty in supplying my grow
ing need for opium.—From the
autobiography of a thief, in Les
lies Monthly for October.
I To the Public.
Allow mo to say a few words in
praise of Chamberlain’s Cough
Remedy. I had a very severe
cough and cold ane feared 1 would
get pneumonia, but after taking
the second dose of this medicine 1
felt better, 3 bottles of it cured my
cold and the pains in my chest dis
appeared entirely, lam most re
spectfully yours for health, Ralph
S Meyers, (34 37th st Wheeling, W
Va. For sale by S J Barnett.
“The burden grows light when
love helps us lift.”
If you’re bilious, seeking advisers,
Take DeWitt’s Little Early Risers,
I ... .4 I.. £_. _ .* A,..
'401 IM iVU V «.W UV.U*
You will find on the morrow,
You are rid of your sorrow—
That’s all; just enough said
The famous pills do not gripe but
move the bowels gently and easily,
cleansing the liver. Their tonic
effect gives strength to the glands,
preventing a return of the diror
der. JCJourdan.
“lie who idles in the morning
sippeth sorrow at twilight.”
jw ^
i vermifuge!
< FOR 20 YEARS f
\ Has led fill WORN! Remedied. \
frtpcrtd by \
jimne v. slif-Aint. «T locih.
“Politeness is a mask that some
men discard as soon as business
h »urs are over.”
is only Sold In
Sacks like this
The Teed that
keeps Mules up
and teed bills
< ' ‘
Mexican flustang Liniment
don't stay on or near the surface, but goes in through the muscles and
tissues to tho bone and drives out all surenere and inftanmuitjon.
• mil -if'- hi
Sore Muscles,
• '*?vr
or, in fact, all Lameness and Sore
ness of your body there is nothing
? that will drive out the pain and in
flammation so quickly as
Mmstang LI mi ament/
If you cannot reach the spot your
self get some one to assist you, for
; it is essential that the liniment be
f rubbed in most thoroughly.
Mexican Hustang Liniment
overcomes the ailments of horses and all domestic animals. In fact,
it is a flesh healer and pain killer no matter who or what the patient is.
“Yon deserve no credit till you
have douo your best.’’
Rheumatism of 17 Years Cured.
People who have been cured
sound the praise of URICSOL.
Mrs Mary E Hartwell, wife of the
treasurer of Los Angeles,Cal.says:
“I desire to express my sincere ap
preciation of your remedy. After
17 years of constant affliction,often -
times helpless with swolen hands
and feet. I used6 bottlesof URIC
SOL, and now, after 2 years’ re
lease, gratefully acknowledge a
permanent cure.”
Druggists sell it at $1.00 per bot
tle or six bottles for $5.00.
“it is better to show the son how
than to tell him how.”
“Too much political pie usually
results in party indigestion.”
“Borrowing is a slippery hil’
easy to descend, but difficult t<
A Dangerous Honth.
This is the month of coughs,cold
and acute catarrh. Do you cate!
cold easily ? Find yourself hoarse
with a tickling in your throat am
an annoying cough at night? Then
you should always have handy,
bottle of Cousen’s Honey of Tar
J A Anderson,354 west 5th street
Salt Lake City, writes: “Wens
Cousen’s Honey of Tar for cough
and colds. It gives immediate rc
lief. We know it’s the best reme
dy for these troubles. I write tlii
to induce other people to try thi
pleasant and efficient remedy.” 25
50c and $1.00 at J Cdourdan’s.
“Fortune can take away riche
but not courage.”
o Cure a Cold in One Day
Tnk- L.xatire Bromo Quinine Tab
let- All druggists refund the
mono ii it fails to cure. E. W.
(.irov si/nature is on each box.
25c. _
“O.iJ trou le^'vith the phrsui
of happiness is that other people
do get in the way.”
i —« »♦
Are operated by the
And the 1
North and ICast |
And the
North and West
Northand East
——— ]
Observation cafe cars, under the
| management of Fred Harvey. Equip
ment of the latest and best design.
V_——- »■■■/„
Mrs. Fred Unra.th, t
’ President Country rials Benton
0 Hnrbor, Midi.
8 “After my first baby was bom I did not
seem to regain my strength although the
doctor gave me a tonic whkh he consid
ered very superior, but instead ©i getting
8 better 1 grew weaker every day. My hus
s band insisted that I take Wine of Cardui /
(. for a week and see what it would do fory :
me. I did take the medicine and was Very
grateful to find my strength and health
slowly returning. In two weeks I w«l out
8 of bed and In r'menth I was able to take
up my usual duties. I am very enthusi
astic in Its praise,"
Wine of Cardm reinforces the organs
of generation for the ordeal of preg
nancy and childbirth. It prevents mis
carriage. No woman who tabes Wine ]
of Cardui need fear the coming of her A
child. If Mrs. Unrath bad taken M
W ino of Cardui before her baby came
she would not have been weakened as ~
she was. Her rapid recovery should
| commend this great remedy to every
■ expectant mother. Wine of Cardm a
» I 3 regulates the menstrual flow. J 9
S?. ,, 50 Cenfsi^J
i t For years THE MEMPHIS WEEKLY COMMERCIAL APPEAL has given back part of its profits to sub- ' 1
i i scribers in prizes, to successful ones in its contests. Many have gotten from $300 to $2500 each. For 50 cents it I
I gives The Weekly Commercial Appeal, 1 year, and in addition offers to give to each a chance to win soma of tha < 1 i
- - - BIG CASH PRIZES - - - |
that it offers to the onoa guessing nearest to tho number of BALES OF COTTON to be received at ' ' *
MEMPHIS FROM SEPTEMBER 8. 8*02, To JANUARY 8 5. 1903. j | \
PriTBC The party first estimating tho correct
It tied or nearest to the correct number of
. Bales of Cotton received in K -mphis
ATS 8? from Cent. 1, 1302,to and inclu ingJan.
n.w ug> jg j903i wii) be given, ifthe ert.mate
CftHnusp t isreceived during Sept or Oct. $2,500.
If during Hovsmbar, $?;500
If during Dccsmber, f.OOOj
Th" party first estimating rteiu ; ».,r
est to the exv.t number of ih'. of
Cotton received in Mcmph s h <m
1, 1902. to and mciudtnj Jar.. 13,
j 1903, will be given, if the eitimei* is
| received durine Sepc or Oct. 9) ,t o .
j If during November, $t,D00
l if during Decemlisr, 3E0
t-r. • ..TTm- •-- - - -- vaaWJ
The party Prst fatmating third near
est to thc exact number of Bales of Cot
ton received in Memphis from Sept. 1,
1902. to ana including Jan. 15, 1903,
will bo given, if tho estimate is re
ceived during Sort or Oct. $1,000.
if during November, $500
If during December, 150
niti WEEKLY COn.VlERCl/,L APPEAL is ths best and cheapest po er in the South. It is 10 to 12 pages
Has every item of rows cf any imports ce that occurs in the world. Has a f^m dsoartmcnt edited by a practical
farmer; a woman's and chiidren depart, .ent, a religious page with Frank DeWut Taimage's weekly sermons and the
Sunday-school lessons; full market report, etc. You owe it to your children to take a good genera! newspaper.
They grow up more intelligent man a. d women thereby.
| UUHIC53 ULUSES UN L'£Cc&&E;. 31, IBG2,
I i l *t midnight, tut tho guess is to b~ on the rutrbe ■■ of bales of cotton
, . received in Memphis frcm Srpterrter 1, 190., to January IS,
l i 1903. inclusive, the (ffcol ficures of the M< phis Cotton Ex
I . change to be tie hgures unon w iiich the contest . ‘.a be decided.
, i In order to help every one to figure costly sr-J suable them to
i | make a cioso guess, the receipts in Memphis U’tv.-een the datos
j ( | mentioned for the past six years are given be or/:
1 | Re-fiplv front t epteDtbrr 1,1896, te
, 1 1 and ti'eienJliiK January Ift, 1897.-130,3 70 bales
1 | Receipts* from September 1, 1897, to
1 1 and luclndf uz January 15,1988—4.78,82ft bale*
Receipts from Meptcraker 1, 1*98, to
1 and IncIrtdSki x .Irnnary 15, 1899.... 5SS,091 bales
1 1 Receipts from September 1. 1899, to
, 1 | and Including January 15,1900. 176,171 bales
1 • Receipts from September 1, 1900, to
1 1 euti liu-lRdtng January 1ft, 1901,.....-13,120 bales
1 l Receipts from September 1, 1901, to
| ! and intludlug January 16,1902.... 131,067 bales
1 • Max: rt.'": s payr; te to *r.d ad l ess
| TItl: J'Oity. lFJICl.Mu AFPEiL, Mecipbls, Tena.
, i Write for terms * You can make good money securing
j | subscribers with our preiruu^.*
i i H you want additional guetsos'ser* 2-’> cents fore _h extra guess .
i > without paper. i
— .— - - ■—-- ■- — —- - - i I
I guess tha. the number of bales of cotton received in Memphis from 1 >
September 1. lS02, to January 15, 1903, will bo ll,
l i
I i
< i
i i
i i
i 1
( l
( I
i i
I i
i • If filled out properly it is not neeassary to write a leUnr with iu
WMHH | $ ,

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