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. - 1 . 1 ^———————
• .v
V. The State Board of
Health is Obtaining
Splendid Results
Un >ld Good Done in Fight
Against Hookworm
I ■ _
Th* P aple are Being Educated in
General Sanitation
> Dr W S Leathers, Director of
Public Health and Sanitation of
the State Board of Health and Dean
of the Medical Department of the
University is in receipt of a letter
from Dr R N Whitfield, a repre
k sentative of the Board of Health,
who has been conducting a public
health campaign in Covington
county, giving special attention to
hookworm disease. Wherever this
work is being done untold good is
accomplished and the letter given
I below speaks for itself:
' 'You have done my family more
good by treating them for hook
Vt«orm disease than everything else
! that .has been done.
“I'here are ten in my family,
Lthe youngest being twelve years of
age. .The Valdest child is twenty
four years of*age. You found all
of us, myself, husband and eight
Children badly affected with hook
worm disease and have given all
of us the treatment.
' v['‘For the past two years not a
member of my family ontside of
myself has been able to work.
Year before last not less than six
of the family were in bed nearly
the whole year. Two of them
were in bed nearly all of last year
and others in bed at different
times. I had to give up my horse
and milk cow last year to buy
medicine that did no good.
‘‘I ordered $10.00 worth of med
icine from St Louis and it did no
good. I managed to keep things
going by scrubbing and washing
for the people of Collins and using
what little donations the people
gave me.
Since beginning the hookworm
treatment not one has been in bed
except when taking the treatment
and nearly all are new able to
work and help. The people do
not give me any aid now, and in
fact I do not need their assistance
I feel very grateful for the benefit
we have received.”
This letter was 'written by Mrs
Elizabeth Dials, Collins, Miss.
The facts contained in this letter
have been verified, and is but an
example of what is being done to
improve the physical efficiency of
our people and increase the indus
trial prosperity of the State.
An Ordinance To Prevent Playing In
the Springs in the Mineral Springs
Park, or Polluting the Same, or
I Sitting on Curbing of Same.
■ J t Sec. 1. Be it ordained by the
S V Board of Mayor and Aldermen of
■ 11* the town of Iuka, that it shall be
® f unlawful for any person or indi
I J vidual to play in the Springs lo
I j cated in the Mineral Springs Park
IS "with their hands or feet or stir the
M said waters with snything.
Sec. 2. It shall be unlawful
■■ for any person or individual to sit
fll on the curb of said Springs or in
'S.. any manner pojlute the water of
any or either of said Springs by
dropping anything or substance
W Sec. 3. Any person convicted
M of violating this ordinance or any
lor each offense or imprisonment
flXHS! KQQ. lft)6T ’ ijfjr'
ML Bfe. 'm*kt**0
....... '■
In Memory
The wife of Mr John Murphy
who has been vary ill for 2 years,
passed away on the 18th of June
and was laid to rest on the 19th.
Her hard trials on this earth are
over and she has gone on to that
bright land above. Mrs Murphy
leaves a husband, 5 girls and 3
boys and a host of friends to
mourn her loss and we have the
great hope of meeting her again.
She has gone to rest. Girls and
boys, weep not for your dear
mother for she has gone to that
happy home and in the sweet by
and by you will meet her. May
the love of God be with you all
and may you be able to meet the
loved ones who have gone on be
fore. A Friend.
They Put An End To It
Chas Sable, 30 Cook St., Roch
ester, N Y says he recommends
Foley Kidney Pills at every op
portunity because they gave him
prompt relief from a bad case of
kidney trouble that had long both
ered him. Such a recommendation
coming from Mr Sable, is direct
and convincing evidence of the
great curative qualities of Foley
Kidney Pills. Model Drug Store.
Trustee’* Notice Of Sale
Under the provisions of and by
virtue of the authority conferred on
the undersigned J A E Pyle, in a
certain deed in trust executed on
1 TtK flair r\f Tiinn 1010 Kir T
Cary Thompson to me as trustee,1
in which the lands hereinafter de
scribed were conveyed to me as
trustee aforesaid to secure a cer
tain indebtedness therein men
tioned due and payable to the
Tishomingo Banking Company,
due and payable on the loth day
of June, 1912, which said deed in
trust is recorded in the chancery
clerk’s office of said county in
trust deed book P 6, page 283, de
fault having been made in the
payment of the said indebtedness
and having been requested to do
so by W T Bennett, receiver of
said Tishomingo Banking Com
pany, which receiver was ordered
and directed by the chancery cou rt
of said county to make such re
quest, by order of said court taken
in vacation on the-day of
June 1912, which order is of rec
ord in the chancery clerk’s office
in minute book number three (3),
page-, which record of said
deed in trust and said order of said
court are hereby referred to as j
part of this notice, I, the said J A
E Pyle as trustee have taked pos
session of said lands and I will
further within lawful hours on the
22nd day of July 1912, in front of
the south door of the court house
of said county, offer for sale and
will sell the said lands at public
auction for cash to the highest,
best and last bidder, described as
follows, to wit:- All of Block
eight (8) that lies north of the wire
fence that runs east and west
through said block and just north
of the branch, the same being
all of said block eight (8) except
that part occupied by the court'
house and the residence and cot
tage and garden known and owned
bv L E Sawver, also all of Block
nine (9) except that part occupied
by the electric light plant and steam
laundry, all of said property be
ing in the Terry Survey of the
town of luka, Tishomingo county,
Mississippi, and known as the
Mineral Springs Hotel property in
said town. I sell and convey only
such title as is vested in me in the
prem;"“" A E Pyle, Trustee.
flan toughs And Breaks Ribs
thing spell
. felt ter
Trustee’s Notice Of Sale
Under and by virtue of the au
thority vested in me as trustee by
and in a certain deed in trust ex
ecuted on the 16th day of May A
D 1911 by and between the Tish
omingo Country Estate, a corpor
ation, party of the first part, to the
undersigned W L Elledge trustee
to secure a certain indebtedness
therein mentioned due and payable
to J A E Pyle, absolutely, on the
16th day of February 1912, in the
sum of two hundred fifty dollars
($250.00) which said trust deed is
of record in the Chancery Clerk’s
office of said county in trust deed
book P 6 page 570, default having
been made in the payment of said
indebtedness when the same ma
tured and the said beneficiary hav
ing requested me to do so, I have
take possession of said land here
inafter described, being the same
lands conveyed in said trust deed,
and pursuant to the power therein
conferred, I will within legal hours
on the 13th day of July, in front
of the south door of the court house
in the town of Iuka, at public auc
tion for cash to the highest and
best bidder, expose for sale and
will sell the following lands situ
ated in said county and state and
further described as follows, to
wit:- Beginning at a point in the
forks of the Free Bridge and East
port road and running northerly
with said road four hundred eigh
teen (418) feet, thence southeast
wardly eighteen (18) degrees east
two hundred ten (210) feet to a
stake, thence southwardly four
hundred eighteen (418) feet para
with w#v«sf hnnnHnrv 1inf» 41 R
feet to the Free Bridge road,
thence with the Free Bridge road j
210 feet to the point of beginning,
above property known as the W W
Davis two acre block. Also be
ginning at the southwest corner
of the W W Davis 2 acre lot on
the Free Bridge road and running
eastwardly with said road 210 feet
thence at right angles with said
road northwardly 210 feet, thence
westwardly parallel with said road
210 feet to the W W Davis line,
thence southwardly with s^id line
to point of beginning, above de
scribed tract of land containing
one (l) acre more or less and
known as the Precilla Derrick
place. All in Sec 19, T 3, R 11 E
said county and state. I sell such
title as is vested in me in the
premises. W L Elledge, Trustee.
Ice, Ice, Ice!
Phone J B Williams, No. 48,
whe you are ready for ice. He is
ready to serve you and will al
ways keep a supply on hand.
Prompt delivery but give your or
der in time.
Trustee’s Notice Of Sale
Under and by virtue of the au
thority vested in me as trustee in
a certain deed intrust executed by
the Tishomingo Country Estate, a
corporation, to me as trustee on
the 22d day of June 1911 wherein
the lands hereinafter described
were conveyed to me in trust to
secure a certain indebtedness
therein mentioned due and payable
on the 22d day of November 1911
to J A E Pyle, said deed in trust
being of record in the Chancery
Clerk’s office of Tishomingo coun
ty, Mississippi, in trust deed book
P 6, page 569, default having been
made in tne payment ot said in
debtedness and having been re
quested by said J A E Pyle so to
do, I have pursuant to the powers
conferred on me in said trust deed
take possession of said lands and I
will further within legal hours on
the 13th day of July 1912, in front
of the south door of the court house
of said county, at public auction for
cash to the highest and best and
last bidder expose for sale and
will sell the following described
lands, to wit:- One acre more or
less in the northeast fourth of sec
tion nineteen (19) township three
(3) range eleven (11) east, more
particularly- described as follows:
Commencing at the south west
comer of the George Jenkins lot
and running seventy (70) yards
with the Eastport road, thence at
right angles with said Eastport
road seventy (70) yards in a north
easterly direction, thence at right
ity (70) yards
s line, thence
—--■ — ..— --- '
Mrs Lela Love, wife of Wiley
Love, a fanner living nearCovena
Ga., says: ‘‘I have taken Foley
Kidney Pills and find them to be
all you claim for them.. They
gave me almost instant relief when
my kidneys were sluggish and in
active. 1 can cheerfully recom
mend them to all sufferers from
kidney troubles.” Model Drug
State of Mississippi,
Tishomingo County.
To the depositors art*-c*«flftors
of the Tishomingo Banking Co.,
and all othei persons interested:
This is to notify you that the chan
cery court of said county will con
vene in vacation at thejeourt house
in the town of Iuka in said county
and state at nine o’clock a m on
Tuesday July 30th. 1912, at which
time and place the court will take
up and hear all controversies,
claims, and demands asserted by
any and all persons having or
claiming any lien or liens or claim
ing any preference or preferences,
or right or rights to prior payment
over unsecured creditorism in
and to the property and assets of
said Tishomingo Banking Co a
mong others the claim or possible
claim of the board of supervisors :
said county for and behalf of the .
good roads fund 1st district, T J ;
Foote sheriff, J M McDougal i
county treasurer, Ben C Pace Cir 1
Clk., A T Scruggs tMayor, W B '
Leatherwood tax collector, J W
Williams treasurer, all of Iuka ■
said county and Jas A Clark treas- <
urer, W W Williams tax collector, '
W O Stockton street commissioner '
C C Shook Mayor all of Belmont,
and T J Parrish a judgment cred
itor, and any all others who have
or may claim a preference or right
to prior payment out of the assets
of said Tishomingo Banking Co.
The determination of the said
questions greatly affect the inter
ests of the depositors and un- ■
secured creditors and to the ,
end that they may have an oppor- I
tunity to be present and to pro- <
tect their interest in these ques- {
tions the foregoing matters wire J
adjourned from the regular June j
term until the aforesaid date in i
order that said general creditors
may if they so desire appear and ;
protect fheir interests against \
said prior and lien claimants.
This notice is given by order of
court. This the 18th., day of June .
1912. TJ Storment, ,
6t. Chancery Clerk. i
ur1. i
Farmers and those who live in rural com
munities are afforded many practical conven
iences by dealing with this strong National
Their financial affairs can safely and con
veniently be handled by means of a checking
account; their surplus money safeguarded in
our Savings Department where it will earn M
interest. In addition numerous other practical
advantages are afforded.
Accounts may be opened and additional
deposits made by mail.
I 1^ * 1
Gorintb, flMssisstppi.
M interest paid on savings.
JNO F. OSBORNE, President
Jas. D. Biggers, Vice Pres. H. G. Peerey, Ass’t Cashier
The BAYOU STAVE CO. at BURNSVILLE, wants logs and !
bolts delivered at its factory for manufacture into
Gum, Elm and Beech of good quality will receive the highest
price the market will afford
For dimensions and all needed informatiop call on or write
Burnsville, Miss.
Notice To Contractors
Sealed proposals for furnishing
the county of Tishomingo, State
of Mississippi, with record and
blank books, tax receipts, warrant
books, pay certificates, stationery,
legal forms and such other books
and blanks as are used by the
county and district officers., will I
be received at the office of the
Chancery Clerk, of said county
and state, at Iuka, Mississippi, up
:o 1 p m on the first Monday in
(uly, 1912, at which time the bids
vill be opened and the contract
awarded to the lowest responsible
Didder. All bids must be enclosed
n a sealed envelopeand addressed
0 the Clerk of the Chancery Court
ind the bidder must endorse on
he back of said envelope the pur
>ose for which said bid is made.
\11 bids must be accompanied by
1 bond for one thousand dollars,
vitn approved securities, codition
:d for the faithful performance of
he contract. All bids shall be
eonfined to newspaper offices and
>rinting establishments and bind
eries located in the state of Missis
ippi and owned and controlled by
eitizens thereof. Done by order
>f the Board on the 3d day of June
912. T J -Storment, Clerk.
A Card
This is to certify that Foley’s
loney and Tar Compound does
lot contain any opiates, any habit
orining drugs, or any ingredients
hat could possibly harm its users.
)n the contrary, its great healing
ind soothing qualities make it a
eal remedy for coughs, colds and
rritations of the the throat chest
md lungs. The genuine is in a
fellow package. Ask for Foley’s
ioney and Tar Compound and
icoept no substitute. Model Drug
Store. *
' a
There is no real need of anyone
ieing troubled with constipation.
Chamberlain’s Tablets will cause
in agreeoble movement of
>owels without any unple
ect.O Give them a trial.
>ale by all dealers.
Paden No. 1
News is somewhat scarce.
Health very good. Mrs J D Whit
taker was very sick last wesk, but
we are glad to note that she is
I much better. We had a fine rain
which fell Sunday night and Mon
which will revive crops and gar
dens considerbly. Crops are small,
but they are 'in fine condition.
Farmers are well up with their
work. Dr B R Smith of Burton,
has the champion acre of corn in
this part. Last Saturday was
court day in Paden the cases pend
ing were continued. The meet
ing at old Friendship church was
well attended on last Sunday.
Mr H J Robinson of Iuka was in
attendance at church last Sunday
guess Hen^y was spying Miss Sib
bie Goddard of Route 2 vras in Pa
den last week. Mr J E McLeod
of Route 2 has bee very much on
the decline but we hope he will
soon be better. The lumber bus
iness is holding up will at Paden.
Mr Ezra Searcy of Route 2 had
the misfortune to get a very fine
yoke of oxen killed last week by a
falling tree. The writer visited
Uncle Mike Hill last Sunday eve
he is very poorly, not expected to
live a great while. Bom to Mr
and Mrs B F Davis of Paden last
week, a fine boy. The oat cron
was very sorry in this part. Eld
er J E Shacklford will preach at
the residence of Uncle Jim Trim
five miles south of Paden on the
5th Sunday in this month at 20
clock p. m. Mr H J Robinson
has taken charge of the crop va
cated by Mr Will Belue and will
finish cultivating, and gather the
same. Uncle Nim Nixon was out
at church last Sunday, bat we
dont suppose he was a spy, £
we close. As to who I am
Mains Tie
Fourth of July
Set over
the w5

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