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Kate Power's review. (Jackson, Miss.) 1894-1???, December 15, 1894, Image 4

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anl skirt* derated nearly to the knee*
lorottgb th* ever presentchord Thl*
I s .* npl* !»*s n general sketch of tin* ft*
Hm <* vjiMtt* r any when throughout
the < tfttri * tail
The one discomforting «• * ment in
the tar heel * lift 1 and the only one
able t«) startb him out of habitual
< i ii|M*urr is the n.*k» »»f whieh
m it- s and balls exist throughout
th* 1 ongra«*- and op n spa of that
r* ,■ !' •.**!* h a■■ e most ini
t»*ef >**! • sit.* e. rived many fattti! <
of a saim-H iiat pJM i i. -n* » • *r. but
the r a aide* ful pi us*j-t«! id** u m T*r
trig usual ime-i M <t v > and skill In the
ns of bei o>, pf *v* oft. u on . ft*! in
coping With the «i;«iiifero<t enemy
th, v * u- I noil andt - iturn
without to^torv of tr old ate but m
ku-.w ;..*ho d dinotiy them ;r« . one « x
♦s-ptioii spoken of In d* v del 1U-rate
tones as tor * s,«nti what come film* u
liia «m i o>*. him up we found
,!<*< niofv e-onmutii-wtiVe tiian Im cm
f* * »**• \ !ot* a d patriarch tv,e the
oiii.i* w ho told a -bey sutolunt s»b\
tollmen..! Mr left vmth < artiliha
a me*. I h »y u c-. npuny with the r* t *
Due of Vick fail tide t of Vicksburg
Push my toco w a i through the country
Ii|im th.- |.r. -tit .it.- of
* harm. 4 » th tin- li.-nihut.
the fat -,-mp i„i. .>f ...
th. a.h.,»u i . • ..f the mm,,
*.»<<•",..I,.. toj.tant
h,. Matt ».d lent on ill. t.r..« of tl.n..
h-n- ..-•rh«.hm» It,.- M • i.. p|il Whtrh
now I. I,... Ihll
, ' *"1 , '1 1 T "r
rciui ned t-t Mursi.h - - -- '■ -uitvh of
hvidentlv It had ehid
yartnenl whtdi dtrn fluty for reyula
tioa street attire, brown arm* ami
h t-cdflers are u-usliv isirc in summer
HU irrMWat aiiibltton »e to
aUttwcd a meal pat taken from the
y ran lie it «m warn* plat** nmal by the
travelers t«> whom lie rviated hisxUiri
a Ifidden ejfif
is} His |fmap,
,\t the ton- hr had rxdated his cs
;H S
I be r« *ps» st w»* grsibted and Vick's
whilom c.MiijNmbn» sliuffltd off mum*
bliftf thanks tbrough the white tin
kempt \ ** ■ t ti la*.! e n w 1 1 1* c rut n * is
Hi*' ;!i b 4 n 11 the j«
Vuntir " It
thpmrgic ' I think I melerstand
Wouldti t thi* ts* irony,
bit* in
formation for the moment w. left M.»
rbm e*muty for a closer stnily at stime
late* date
Sc MHU h
i \ >* i *b» *rmt i \e s it |x|*d ttm M of her;
'd gave you ten cent* to bt g*.s«i yes
t«*tti«y and !♦*stay you art just trying
to show lorn had you can t*p " Willie'
"fo, but 1 ait* just trying txt show you
b* day that you got the w .nth of your
money > est < t day
Witb a vatbm•**Mamma flu
Johnny, who had bwti given a f***»r
with pills art fully «igaeeial«4 it* lt|:
Applied Irony -beorgie
W bat does iistnv mean '
means to *ay nm* thing and mean the
#|ip*ptite, like calling a rainy day a hoc
V**u auntie
LYttutu* 1 do« t want a nice big puve
uf r#ki'* ! \ on lh » tool pa tt km
**W«dh dear, have raw HtthHwi your
vmr** Johuoy: "Van, ttiatmti*. all
Wt the iMsrsts Mr«ggl*t s btremai
m niiroiN roif
When Lucieii de Mem saw his last bill
fora hundmi francs clawed by the
t canker * rake, when hi' rose from the
roulette table when* he had just lost
the debris of his little fortune, scraped
together for this supreme buttle, he
**x jcerlciie**d something like vertigo, ami
thmijfht tha* he slum-1 fall,
Mis brain w as muddled; his ley*, were
limp and trembling Me threw liiiu*
self uj*oi» tin* leather lounye that cir
o ■■ l the gambling t ilde
i <ir a few moments he me>'hunieatly
followed th * clandestine proceedings of
I* it 1 l' n • i h be tad sullied the
* t . « h- vouth tveoyni? d the
worn prod .* of tn«* gamblers under
t he merv dess yin re of the three .rreat
h ide;* lamp* listened t-i the click*
iny and the sliding of th* fold over the
felt r»-ali/*'*l that he was bankrupt,
<>st; i. membere«l th.i' in the drawer of
In. dre ^imMahie lay a pub of pistol
the ver. pistols of which tiencra! de
lb m. his father had made noble use at
the attack of Zuntchu; then overcome
by ex hail t ion, he -ink into a heavy
sleep :
When he awoke his mouth was clam
my. nnd hi, tulip.- Muck t.i hi. l«l'i'*;
I . roll/.-. l.s » iflano- at th.- cl«K-k
that h.- had . a,vcl.v stept.. I.ulf-hour
and he Ml th-■ ituncrimi. n.-.vsstty of
ifoi.uroin to (...•!» lm all, of the fre.h
an- i
Th) . „„ dill , , N ,iutcd .-sart
h■ to .. quarter Of tw.-l.v
' ruM- and ,tr»'t.'lird id. arm. i,
,^ currt .d p, him that it was Christmas j
j*ve, and bv one of those ironical |
freaksof the memory, he felt us though
he wcs♦' t*»c«- more a child, ready to
hlm Hub- hoot on the hearth U
f* m * yoitiy to U*d,
r,».di?n»mi Ivd*' wnipped in the greasy
worn cloak adorned with frogs nnd
.1 ust t hen old 1 >r*m*
ski, otic of the pillars of the trade, the
pass««meu!.*ne, eaim* up to Luc ten unit*
tiring something Whind his dirty,
grayish Is ard
''Lend me live francs, will you,
M-mswar.* I haven't stirred from this
place fur two days, ami for two whole
days seventeen hasn t come out once.
You may laugh at. me all you like, but
111 bet y ou my tist that w lien t he e!m*k
strikes twelve, m-venteeu will b> the
winning nuc.iUr."
Lucien de Mem shrugged his shoul
ders; and fumbling through his pock
ets, he found that he had not even mon
ey enough to comply with that feature!
of gambling eti-piett* known amon
the fr»sjnruters of the estuMishtbcnt as
' the Pole's hundred cents. "
Mow could he give what he did
And If he had found but
glc Utitis would he not hazard it to
trlevr the fortune he had lost?
11 va
Me |st-Ned into the ante ehamlier. put
ap ired
dawn the narrow
agility of people
have '
! V
stairway with the
ha vc a fever
Muring the four hours whieh Luc ion
had opetit la a tkn It had aitowad hud
ty, and the slifet, «.»tie of thusel
w <*d gx** U-1 w ee n f«»
X »W s fl f high build
ll ?
in#** in the very heart of Paris, was in*
tensely white.
Above, in the calm sky, cold .star*
The exhausted gambierahivered under
his furs, and hurried along with a blank
despair in his heart, thinking of the
pistols that awaited him in the top
drawer of his dressinotable, lie had
not gone a hundred feet when he stop*
jhmI suddenly before a heart-rending
sjM-etaele, one that would have touched
the sympathies of all but the most
hardened of yum biers,
On a stone bench, near the monu
mental doorway of u wealthy resident*®,
sat a little girl six or seven years old.
barely covered with a rugged black
she had fallen asleep there in spite
M f the bitter cold, her body bent for
W ard in a pitiful posture of resigned
t . x |,auation. Her poor little head and
j u>J . Huifitv shoulders had moulded
themsclves'into the angle of the freez
j l(ir vva jj
one of her worn slippers had fallen
f rom her dangling foot and lav in the
sUO w before her. Lueieu de Mem me*
r b;mieailv thrust his hand into his
V est pocket, but he remembered that
},e hud not even been able to fee the
cluh waiter
Me went tin to the child however
1)V f, n instinct of pity.
, lt tlI) doubt, to nick her up
ttn(1 tllkl . her home with him . t „
ber shelter for the »l(fht, when sudden
h . ht , , aw ..omcthiui? flitter in the lit
,j,. .Upper at hi. fret
||r .looped. It was a louis-d'or.
Some charitable aoui-a woman, no
,|ouhl had passed there, and at the
pathetic siyht of that little shoe in the
niiovv arid had remembered the poetic
Christmas leyend. and with discreet
tinkers had dropped a splendid tfift, so
that the forsaken little one might still
believe in the presents of the Child
Christ, and might awake with renewed
faith in the midst of her misery,
A gold Ion is !
That meni.it many days of rest and
comfort for tin* little lieggar.
Lucien was just about to awaken her
ami surprise her with her good fortune
when, in a strange hallucination, he
heard a voice in his ear. which whis
pered w ith drawling inflection of the
' 1 hiven't stirred from this place for
two days, and for two whole days sev
enteen hasn't come out once. I'll bet
you my tist that when the clock strikes
twelve seventeen will be the winning
Then this youth who was twenty
three years of age, the descendant of a
race of honest men—this youth who
bore a military name, and had never
been guilty of an unmanly act—eon
ceived a monstrous thought; an insane
desire took possession of him.
Me Umked anxiously up and down the
"Wect, and having assured himself that
^ had no wiitteaa, he knelt, and reach
mg out cautiously with trembling tin
g'ds. stole the treasure from the little
nIum*. then rose with a spring and ran
breathlessly down the s' roet,
Me rushed like
a madman up the
of the gambling-house, dung

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