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-^ - r- ,- r r _r j s r r r •
Editor-inChief----—.Ernestine Harris
Associate Editor...... _..Delores Mitchell
Genferal News Editor ..........,1............Letha M. Gunns
Assistant General News Editor..Gearaldine Barksdale
Local News Editor .. Robert Bates
Exchange Editor —.....Marionette Clemons
Business Manager........Eddie Robinson
Sports Editor .............. James Young
Sports Editor ..... Jarome Bennett
Society Editor —............Mollie Glover
Alumni Editor .....Tomora Charleston
Style Editor ..*........ Rubye Alexander
Typists, --——._.......Willie Mae Durr, Carlie Otis
The faculty will present a Than
ksgiving Carnival Tuesday night
November 24, at Lanier High Sch
ool. Various forms of entertain
ment will be available eo amuse
the patrons. Fortunes will be told
by Mrs. Westley. The Fish Pond
will be conducted by Mr. Holly
and Mrs. Blackmon. Misses Little
and Campbell will be in charge of
the Animal Show. A Taxi Dance
will be one of the main features
of the affair. Bingo stands will be
conducted by Mrs. Harper and Miss
Wysinger. Mr. Chatman and Mr.
Brown will turn the sheel of For
tune. Mr. Perkins, Miss Luckett
and Mr. Harris will sell hambur
gers and drinks. Mr. Jackson will
have charge of the minstrel and
he will be assisted by Miss Hop
kins and Mrs. Porter. Tickets may
be purchased from the home room
teachers. Each student is asked
to buy a ticket and sell one. Ad
mission 11 and 17 cents. The pro
ceeds from the carnival will be used
to buy uniforms for the band. All
students and the public are as
ked to please cooperate with this
worthy effort.
The Music club, sponsored by
Miss M. V. Manning was organized
as follows: Pdesident, Willie Ma
son; Secretary, Christine Knew;
Bus. Mgr. Kline Wilkerson, Trea
surer, Mabel Has kin.
The Better English Club was or
ganized under the direction of Mr.
A. N. Jackson with the following
officers: Pres. Roosevelt McGhee,
Vive Pres, Richard Benson; Sec.
Annie Laura Robinson; Asst. Sec.
Thelma Taylor; Treas. Willie Hen
derson; Business Manager, Haw
ard Bxennett, Reporter, Minnie Vel
ma McDonald.
The Dramatic club was organ
ized with Miss Albertine Hopkins
as sponsor and the following offi
cers were elected: George Swan,
President, Morris Scott, Vice Pre
sident, Katie Searcy, Sec. Fannie
Moore, Cor. Sec. Alice Ruth But
ler, Treasurer; Robbie M. Peace,
Bus. Mgr.
Home Room 208, Mr. R. B. Har
ris, sponsor, was organized as fol
lows: Pres., Vester Jointer; Cec.,
Ruby Brisco; Asst Sec. Marionette
Clembons; Treas., Morris Epps,
Bus. Mgr. Luther Hill.
Home room 201, Miss Fannie M.
Luckett sponsor, presented a very
enjoyable program in the auditor
ium. Music was furnished by Duke
Oatis and his Hep Cats with sev
eral song and dance numbers ren
dered. Guests on the program were
the Gay Sisters of Jackson College.
A splendid program was enjoyed
by the students Tuesday morning
in assembly. John Jones, Presi
dent of the student body was mas
ter of ceremonies and each orga
nization of the school was repre
sented with a speaker who gave
the purpose and told some interes
ting facts about the club.
The P. T. A. will present a Slab
Time Convention at Lanier Hih
School, Friday, Decg 4, at 8 P.
M.. Admission 15 cents. President
Mrs. J. A. Barksdale, Sec., Miss Li
Home room 101-B sponsored by
B. A. Blackburn is doing some
fine work in the line of keeping
physically fit. The students are
well under way with a number of
exercises. The sponsor made a ve
ry important speech inspiring stu
dents to buy stamps and bonds
and telling of their importance in
the future years.
The students of Home Room
207 honored their sponsor, prof.
A. L. Perkins with a birthday par
ty. Esther Mae Wells was mistress
of ceremonies and the party was
conducted in program form. Pray
er was offered by Mr. E. L. Brown
a guest. Soft music was played by
Miss Lee Solia Johnson while the
party guests enjoyed tasty refre
shments. Patriotic colors were us
ed in decorating the room. Remar
ks were made by the president
Johnny Edwards. Cardie M. Wins
ton, Reporter.
Styles that we admired this week
and that were very becoming to
the wearers were: Rosie Lee Ellis
plaid skirt, Dorothy Davis’ green
corduroy dress, Mary Alexander
and Marina Pinkston’s dressy wh
ite skirts; Mary Minors black ski
rt, Geraldine Barksdale’s rust cor
duroy suit, Bernice Osborne’s ma
roon suit and white blouse; Mable
Haskins brown woolen dress, Gra
ce Bowman and Pearline’s light
blue dresses with patch pockets,
Nat Towels
And His
From Omaha, Nebraska
Will be Presented at
Pocahontas Road, Jackson, Miss.
Last Big Dance Before The Gas
Rationing Starts
At Skating Rink
Thursday, Nov. 26, Good Music
The students of Jih Hill had
a short vacation this week on
account of gas registration. These
students, as well as all other thru
out the country consider it a pri
vilege to do anything to help in
the war effort and the rationing
of gas, will save tires and rubber
to be used in the war effort.
The students in 8-2 have orga
nized a club with officers as fol
lows: Pres. Lewis Owens, Vice
Pres., Joseph Debro, Secretary, La
ura Morris, Asst. Secretary Lillian
Shirley, Treasurer, Erma L. Geo
Students of Home room 30, 7-3
sponsored by Miss M. F. Howard
are still doing everything possible
to get the best results out of their
time. They are doing their shade
to help win the war by buying war
htamps and collecting scrap me
tal. They also have a splendid cla
ss room club with tht following of
ficers: B. J. Jones, Pres. Edrust
Worothy, Sec., M. J. Adkins, Vice
Pres., Dorothy L. Easterling Asst
Sec., Annie B. Sutters, Treasurer.
We especially admire the foll
owing fashions: Oddie J. Adkins
jitterbug suit, Katie M. Taylor’s
long waiste checked dress; Burcy
Jones’ new brown felt jitterbug
hat; Roosevelt Newsome’s Navy
blue English Drape Suit; Edrust
Worothy’s seersucker suit. Sheph
erd Logan’s black sport shirt, An
nie Mae Johnson’s sport Shoes.
Annie Mae Temple and Ernestine
Johnson,s new hairdos.
We also liked Edna Bryant’s gr
een and beige dress; Lula William
red sweater and gray skirt. Tom
izene’s black checked jitterbug suit
Tdward Barty’s new sweater and
straight leg pants. Hattie John
son’s new blue sweater. Esther
Johnson’s blue sailor coat and ru
ffle skirt. Benzack Milton’s new
hair cut. Juanita Jackson’s red co
at and Gilbert Mason’s brown dra
pes. W. D. Wilcher’s green stri
pped drapes and black coat.
Janie looked very cute in her
black and white Silver Tea Sun
day. Sam Handy also looked nice
in his drape suit. Kathleen was
in yellow.
What would happen if: The new
girls would get hip to our jive,
The Butler Twins would wear dra
pes, Nathaniel Jackson would stop
strutting, Fdora Mae would stop
chewing gum, Every Mae and Fred
Winder could make up their minds
Sarah and B. T. Wallace would call
it a day. Annie Rose would speak
Ethel Hutchins black and white
jitterbug suit.
Margaret Jean Tyler, a senior at
Lanier. Attended Jim hill entering
Lanier in 10th grade. Her favor
ites are Liver and Spanish rice,
pineapple salad and fruit juices,
Girls, Mable, Maggie, Mollie and
Rosie Lee, Subject Democracy and
her hobby is horse back riding.
Buy War Bonds
and Stamps—
Furniture Co., Inc.
“The House that will
Make Your House
a Home”
House Furnishing
McComb, Miss.
Buy War Bonds—
and Stamps—
Elgin Watches
and Jewelry
We buy old Gold and
Chas. D. Smith, Prop.
Brookhaven, Miss.
Buy War Bonds—
and Stamps—
Grocery - Market
A Complete line of
Fancy and Staple
Free Delivery
The colored man’s
Brookhaven, Miss.
Hazlehurst News
Mrs. Marie McGee and daughter
of Arkansas are here visitink Mrs.
William McGee. Mrs. William Mc
Gee is the mother in law of Mrs.
Marie McGee, a former student of
Hazlehurst High.
Pvt. Harry Lampton is here vis
iting his mother, Mrs. Della Lam
Pvt. Clarence Tanner is also vis
iting relatives, Mrs. Lucille Davis
and others.
Mrs. Daisy Bethany, who has
been visiting her sister in Michi
gan city, Ind has returned to her
The Hazlehurst Tigers defeated
the Kosciusko Football team by
a seore of 40 to 0.
Sunday, the following persons
the Misses Lelda Lee Louie, Mae
Vera Louie, Blackie Lee Dodds, Wi
llie Fred Jefferson, Messrs W. T.
Hillard and Robert Earl Pleasant
were dinner guests of Mr. and
Mrs. David Ball and brothers.
The Dog Party which was given
by the 11th grade TTuesday night
was enjoyed by a large crowd of
children and grownups.
All honors goes to the P. T. A.
and Mr. Eddie Anderson and o
thers for the newly built cafeteria
which has been equipped with co
oking utensils and a $40.00 stove.
.Thursday the Library was beauti
fully decorated by the tenth grade
for a dinner for class teachers, pre
sident of the upper grades and
their best girl friends.
In spite of the black out last
week a large enthusastic crowd
listened to the Twilight Singers
which is directed by one of our
home boys, Mr. Eugene Guy. The
melody lingers on and cannot be
The football team played last
week at Magnolia and tied with
their opponents.
The ninth grade class dinner wis
enjoyed by members of the class
teachers and a few PTA members.
Try it again if you think it did’nt
suit your taste.
The High School, County Tea
chers and friends are looking To
ward to the entertaining of the
District Teachers Association, whi
ch will be Friday and Saturday of
next week.
The sudden death of Mr. Charlie
Lee Sunday night was a shock to
all. Mr. Lee operated theRitz Cafe
and was well known and respected

when seh saw you on the streets,
Lillie Bell and Roosevelt were re
ally in love.
Almarie would find herself a boy
friend, Florine and Edna Earl wo
uld stop chewing gum so much in
It seems as if Florine has bro
ken up the romance between Nora
and Shepherd. Ethel Stewart was
seen at the Home dining room, we
wonder what’s cooking.
Cute couples: Edna Bryant and
John L. Ward. Kirk Anderson and
Roberta Anderson.
What would happen if: Paul Wa
de would wear drapes Richard Wal
ker would stop grinning at Mary
Mason, Roberta would forget Ed
ward and think about Walter Her
man Jackson realuly liked Eugene
Bingham, Emma Harper and Chri
stine were really popular, Alice
Newsome be quite in her class, An
nie Mae Johnson could become re
conciled over Robert Alexander?
Buleah Alexander would stop sco
lding Jimmie Willis about other
girls, Ida Thomas wouldn’t try to
be funny, Addie J. Adkins and An
nie Bell Sutters would let some
one else recite in class especially
in science.
Cute boys: R. L. Davis, Albert
Hay, Joe Lee Lewis, Handsome
boy, the Editor in chief of course.
Cute girls Juanita Jackson. Most
unconcerned girl, Thelma Watson.
Backward girl, L. C. Newman, Sil
ly girl, Mattie Smith.
Buy War Bonds
and Stamps—
Lowest Cash Prices
on Clothing, but you
Pay . as you Earn
Brookhaven, Miss.
“Save A Nickle
On a Quarter”
Buy War Bonds—
and Stamps—
Brookhaven, .Miss.
by everyone who knew him. Funer
al services were held Wednesday
evening at his home. He leaves to
mourn his passing, a wife, a mo
ther, three children, three grand
children, and a host of relatives
a&nd friends.
Miss Dicy Lee Barhes left Sat
urday for DOes Moines, la., where
she will become a member of the
Miss Alfanette Kelly was enter
tained Sunday evening by Misses
Gladys and Ora Lee MsGee in the
home of Mrs. Will Anna McGee.
Funeral services for Mrs. Flo
rence Green, 76 years old, who died
Tuesday evening at the home of
her daughter, Mrs. Ruth Monroe,
after an illness of two years were
conducted from the Wesley Chapel
A. M. E. Church, Thursday ev
ening, Nov. 12, with Rev, L, Wil
son pastor, officiating. She is sur
vived by her husband, four daugh
I ters, five sons, three brothers,
twenty onet grandchildren and one
great grand child, a host of rela
tives and friends.
Crystal Springs News
Say Cora Lee Smith, why dont
you get wise to yourself, when
Morris Davis is in town, why not
let him run after you instead of
you running after him.
What would happen if Elnora
Young would not cry when she
sees Homer Adams with another
girl. If Mary Lee was not afraid
of Eddie Lee Jackson, If Mary Er
vin did not have so many boy fri
ends. If Rose Etta Smith was
so fast.
Lucy Mae and Hardy Walker are
doing fine, what about Mary Ad
Johnnie Sibie and Premrol Mor
gan are getting along fine too.
Rose Etta Lynch and Johnnie
Bee Hardy are in love, can you
feature that Rose Etta Smith.
Suppose Roy Cooper would re
ally fall in love with Idaray Evans.
Wonder what would happen if
Hansel Crisler got a girlfriend. C.
L. S. and M. A. are pulling straws
over the soldier, M. D.
J. C. C. and E. G. afe casting
eyes at E. M. W., wonder which
will win out.
E. M. W’s father said he tho
pght J. C. C. could support his
daughter if he stopped eating pe
cans long enough.
Of Wages
Chairman Davis of the War La
bor Board said the WLB in stab
ilizing incomes less than $5,000,
will act on the presumption that
wage rates prevailing on Septem
ber 15, 1942, are proper. The Board
said If a group of employees has
received increases amounting to 15
percent in their average straight
time rates over the level prevail
ing on January 1, 1941, the Board
will not grant further increases as
a correction for maladjustments
The wage rate inequalities and
the gross inequities which may
require adjustments under the sta
bilization program are those which
represent manifest injustices that
arise from unusual and unreason
able differences in wage rates.
The Office of Price Administra
tion announced all passenger cars
will be eligible for recapping ser
vices or for replacement tires un
der the national mileage program
effective November 22, but motor
ists will be limited by quotas to
be assigned to rationing boards.
The grade of tire allowed in case
recapping is possible will be deter
mined by the amount of mileage
allowed applicants in their gas ra
tion books.
Motorists asking more mileage
than the basic ration must fur
nish specific detailed information
about their driving repuirements on
forms issued by OPA and availible
from November 12-15 at school
houses designated as registration
S sites.
Buy War Bonds
and Stamps—
Bottling Co.
Columbia, Miss.
Buy War Bonds
and Stamps—
Polk and Brinson
Columbia, Miss.
Buy War Bonds
and Stamps _
Drugs and Sundries
Columbia, Miss.
Fifty Years of Fair
Treatment to the
Colored Race
Columbia, Miss.
Buy War Bonds
and Stamps _
B. B. Grocerteria
Fancy Groceries
2nd. St. Phone 155
Columbia, Miss.
Buy War Bonds
and Stamps—
Insurance and Real
T. C. Griffin, Sec.-Mgr
Columbia, Miss.
Buy War Bonds
and Stamps—
Feed, Seed, Staple
Groceries & Fertilizer
Columbia, Miss.
Buy War Bonds
and Stamps—
Wholesale Co.
Strictly Wholesale
Columbia, Miss.
Buy War Bonds
and Stamps—
R. C. A. Victor Radios
Sales and Service
Myers, Deep and Shal
low Water Systems
2nd. St. Phone 503-W
Columbia, Miss.
It s Patroitic To
Keep Well
See Us for your Medi
cine and Best Prices
Walker - Burrow
Drug Co., Inc.
J. C. Burrow, Ph. C.
Phone No. 9
Columbia, Miss.
Buy War Bonds
and Stamps__
“Where Friends
Drugs and Sundries
R. J. Boyd, Mgr.
Columbia, Miss.*
Buy War Bonds
and Stamps—
Plate Lunches
Ice Cream
Cold Drinks
Columbia, Miss.
is 3o
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