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Attala register. (Kosciusko, Miss.) 1843-1844, April 23, 1843, Image 4

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Tax Collector's Sales
Notice is hereby given, that on t
.1. J - . m V - .
monaay ine air oi june next, i win
proceed to sell the following described lands,
or so much of them as will be sufficient to
mtimfww fit. CfA thnsf a at 4 w sai ,1a a V
7 puukifvui uuirier ana in , m.. .
j . uwi i - a iin pmi nn f to a a. -a . .. -
. - wqusrieroi ectlon twenty Section thirtt, T. " V7" fi
the. fi"! "P. fourteen N- of Range Range ehVh ' ZL""'
i win i vcu c. containing rai &rra a a ;.. "
hundredths, amount of taxes due ww or taxe due
. i ,
(V Virtue of j :
or so much of them as will be sufficient to Th .1. m, . Hn r 'ens Am.i J?eeut.j.
satisfy the State and couty taxes due there- the boJ?!?! f J , S6 norjh-Mt quarter, The north-east quarter of Section seven- the bLfi0800' to
on, for the year 1842, vir. i? .k .i?8t uarter nd the north half teen Township fifteen N. of Ranee eiiht rw!nefittof Board V ttm 8. il
Lot No 3 of section No one Township fwentTor 'SeCtl0 No, f9 tcre8& "3reX Sjofc.T & b daft Si
Twelve N. of Range Four E. containing S " JP. fourteeA N- of amount of taxe. due til m.tiiX1&
87 acres & 95 hundredths Amount of taxes i T. "VC1 staining ass acres ts .ir " n::.:rv" 01 Clerk Wow
rrtr.no., . V para 1ft" nu .Hilu.
wnbed proDett?&e9 folio! 3
T .ere. le 95 hundredth. Amounl of lue. I "BT i, 7jlk. 85 cre The , h ,f f .
N. of Range Five E. containing seventy. 'ix Th'P f0Uren N' of R.anRe hundredtL mount of taxes due
eight acres & 14 hundredths, amount of taxes f?linf 98 The weat hftlf ftf
"x: v "4D D"i-rest quarter
of Section ten Township fifteen N. of Banee I
eight E. containing 9a 1, no 1 . ,6
oiy, p . j 0 j iiuaaretns,
aiiiunt of tATP Aiia
The west half of the north-west quarter,
ie east hn!f nf tV,Q . rc,.
Ant, t nunareaths. amdunt of taxes due
The south west quarter, of section No ,t,?5 T htJf of the north-west quarter,
seventeen, Townshfp No Fourteen N. of i!J IMt qUauCr of the norlh-west
Ranire Five E. containing isb 7m quar.ter the north-west quarter of the
i...-1 ... -0 --- . Boiith-Pinst niirt .-j .c 1. I wcoiiiauoi me nnrth.wof
nunareains. amount ot taxes due . uu lilB oum-wesi th pnt Koifp .k- iT ijuaiwr,
hundredths, amount of taxes due k m, hundredths, amount of taxes Hn
The South-west quarter, of Section No TfynnR96? Tfce WS twenty
three. Township No thirteen N. of Range six eVniX ?? Tcr fing TE' Township sixteen N. of Range ."en
E. containing 161 acres & 75 hundredths. of taxes die hundredths' containing 162 acres & 29 hundred
amnimt Aftiraa J... iuulWiaXBQUe ; amount Of lore. A. ,c
. v I I ho woet h. f f .1 . .1 TL 1
: :n Z r nwi-wesi quarter oil nonn-west quarter of Section thirty
1 mi . 1 MV
The flivst hnlf. .n,i e .k u L A..e 6t naIt i the nort-west quarter of . lhe north-west quarter of S.tinn i.ui
. u w ci v c. JLuWil
- o -w ruuuiouuioi auiuuui Ul I S I mi t
taxes due $ The west halfof the south-west ouarter
nnu . , , . . I i HO east naif Of thr. nnrh.aae nnorU. I Of Sfiltmn turant.. Ti t .T
ahb easmau 01 the north east quarter, of 0' Sprtlnn TCn fnV t u- r nf p.7 u, ownsnp sixteen IN.
Section No twenty-one, in Township No N ffiw ?Wh!P' Fourteen of Range eight E. containing 79 acres
Atiarissb -?5?r ,sfsa"-"" , ,,ou'" of dtts
due $ lhebouth half of the South-east quarter The west half of the north-west auarter
The South-east quarter, of Section No tSlfLnS191 IfW lthe sout,est Quarter
uti.wuuuuve lownsnin JNo J?ourtffin 7. 01 oecuon tnirtv. Tn
BixE.Vtaining,F60acres&6UundS !60 !cres 5 u".l.Si con'aninS 160 acres
amount of taxes due $ " ..um w,ue8 oue j nr.- uuuareams. amount of taxes due
The East half nf ih c.v, . . "ie South-west quarter of the north-east
of Seecbn'No'ftmAit ToTXn" IS fThe 'a,f f "'e ,u.r.r
-kt t. j xuvviISIip 1X0 and Cast half Of th Smith Do.t r nf RPdlnn ((,;, T l. . "
uuneeii ix. oi liange seven E. containine Sprtinn Na c,a r h" " :;. " ' . y "c iwwnanip sixteen IN.
82 acres 3! hundredths, amount of axes N nf Rn n Township No fourteen of Ranp eight E. containing 79 acres
due amounioi taxes N. of Range seve n E. containg 481 acres 26 hundredths, amount of taxes due
Th vt nnf ...t. ...... . huadredths, amount of taxes due
. - Duum-wesi quarter rv.t
of section No seven. TownshiD No thirtoan ti .i . ine south-west quarter of Section two
N, of Range wven&m&linXoSl T nrth hJCand West hal of the South TowushiP thirteen N. of Range nine E
8 hundrldthsmo'T Les due No fourteen 'n .fffc Cight 175 .&CTeB & 73 Jredthi'
ACo uue xno tourteen JV. of Range seven E. con- amount ot taxes due
ThWMf k.ir .v. I taming 401 acre & 60 huudredths amount of The north half nf st?n fir. rp..
" v-. ..on V1 mo or.n-wesi quarter taxes aue .,;., .1 . ; u, xuwn-
Of Section No eighteen Township No Thir- Th ir e .t. t P th,rteen N of Range nine E.
teen N. of Rang! seven E. contahSn. 80 f V isr f the soulh-east quarter containing 322 acres 74 hundredths,
acres 28 hundredths? amount of tlxen Sr nf ' 'i townshi.P.No teen amsunt of taxes due
due $ UXeS W". E- containing 80 acres The south-east quarter of Soc,lnn
The East half of the north-west quarter ' unt ot taxes due Township thirteen N. of Range Vi e E
" 1 Hunarcatns.
" i.ouc ocvcu xj. containing
80 acres 90 hundredths, amount of taxes
The west half of the north-west quarter,
and the west half of the south-west quarter
Wo ninteien Township No thirteen N. of
Range seven E. containing ?41 acres t
. ui taxess aue
TliA nreel'noit'nf U u .
. T . . 110 Jloriu-west quarter,
of Section No thirty Township No thirteen
tV. nf Kanirp canon 1? A
. . , ""mnuiig ou acres
7 " oiuuuui oi taxes due
Tha west half of the south-east quarter
uw.ivu wjuieeu lownsnip iNo thir
teen N. of Range seven E. containine 73
acres 14 hundredths, amount of taxes
uue zu ceiut.
ine SOUth-west mi art Ar nf at.
" -j.. vi UvVliUU
twenty-one Township No thirteen N. of
Ran ctfk e a it on T? mmm.:k:
y S t- . ; . wumuiug jos: acres
v v nuareatns. amount of taxes due
to t centes
The north-west quarter of the north-west
quarter, and the south-west quarter of
Infl Annth.uroet nil..),. t c
... ijuoivn, ui oecwon xxo
twenty-eignt Township No thirteen N. of
RanpA seven V.. rnntainim. ot .
1..-, ., ...... mB o UMlCti v
amount of taxes due
10 hundredths.
22 I rent.
The north-east quarter and the east half
. ...w uuiurncnk ijuBiier oi oecnon NO
twelve Townshin Nn lnnri..i. ftr c D
. r a. . ui xiaiiire
six east E. containing 240 acres 27
nunareaths. amount nf taxes due
ine south-east quarter of Section No
twelve Towhship No fourteen N. of Range
six E. containing 160 acres 19 Hundredths
anmunt of tare Ana ac
oi tiansre eisnt 1. contimir n a.
oi uunareatns. smmmt t
" " v. IUALO UUC
.The south-west quarter of Section two
-v. ...... .v-c ii, ui ivange eight JS.
containing 173 acres & 38 hundreths.
amount of taxes due
The east half of the north-east quarter of
fc.' 1. V l U 11 . C 11
Kange eight E. containing 78 acres & 91
hundredths. amount of taxes due
Th Rnnth
..uw.jomy uiiriceu.il. oi ltange nine E.
containing 158 acres & 74 hundredths,
amount of taxes due
The north-west quarter of Section twenty
eight, Township thirteen N. of Range nine
E. containing Tr.n n
wuivuui Ul vaACO UUt7
The north-east quarter of Section twenty
ne Tow nshin th rtoon lvr -r t ...
tv, T- u tu,cl 4a"er oi ine north-east quarter of Section twpntv
Townsh.phip fourteen N. of nine Tow nship thirteen N. o RanJe m'nH
containing 78 acres & 91 E. containinJ Tfin 1' t u"?e ,I.ne
, . i . ui xkaiigo nine
. containing Tfift a re
amount oi taxes due
?h-; v Uon thirt five Township
thirteen N. of Rnnoro ino 1? t.l
fl n rna TO I. .. J . ... O
due "uuureams. amount of taxes
The abnvp.
.,rorn ft n ,6 ueocnoea lands,
hundred ..Ted .yd" so,d.r: &
'""'"" u me nortn-west quarter
of Spfttinn Lvon TAmnu:.. .
--v. ..... .unusmp wurieen i.
lan?fl PfCht K. 'nntiinini. tnn
hundredth!- amntmf . .
ui MJLf.Zi n il o
Thfl Rnnth-nroot miava .f O . . ,
.. 01 uo, vcl ui occuua twelve
Townshin fnnrtpnn TV. nf . i.t r.
- r . -' " . u.ucc CI'H SU
rnntumnor onma t. ak i . .
........ . atico tv Of
amout of taxp Hiia
Tho cast ho1f"V. ....1. .
-..v, n,. "U.H ui mo Duuni-eutst quarter oi
v"v"u" di.cuiccu xuwiisnip iourteen N.
of Range eight E. containing 78 acres & 82
hnnrirptha amMm. . .
"uuui uj (axes an a
wnbed property ivinT 9 "afcllowN
town of KoSu&aJ g-lnd ituatl'
ance is nmde . Md whlcha t'H
Police of Attala P "ecure to Z 'h
certain f.W P S
tioned, due by th. ZVn deed 01
Nicko8 Presides &iu n8i1 t( fiS
office: I will in conauy "cce2??
on the first mond deT10Q SH
the day of the
h. door of ih. K Jrocaed ' ,'1
Ko.ciu.ko, the BronJ0"!1"" " !."
5?5 -'M'S'J'fil J
April 14. i0'KUiS, trust-.
The Somers MUTi-Ii"0 ft, ,
can gather from the story sn 17
the Court Martial, thTffl
elusion my be drawn: WID2 coo.
1st. That a mutiny was int,i j.
three or four indi vidua s tendedkJ
' i nai mree out of the i, .
tenAoA U1 ine 'Our in.
cZ .. oi the uU
-icw ,ur near three days: U I
wh.ch time no attempt was
rescue nn nC.,u,j:J.. "iaas at
a majority of whom were the refi
or connexions of the commander Mac.
kenz,efadvMed the death of the
intended mutineers. The mainrit. j
those advising, were under theag 0f
13 years! 6
4 th. It appears that it was the power
... vui.juiauuer iuacKenzie to have
brought his three intended mutiners
ui-w me pun oi oi.i nomas.
5til. It annpnr thnt tha th 1AA inlJ
. I I ' ...v.. ...v mice IIIICHQ.
PlI miltinnra ipaa II. j i r
........ uue ucvci ciinca ueiore,
or had a hearing even in the presence
mo uimnuie, pretended uourt Mar
tial which decided upon their lives!
We have drawn these conclusiso's,
not in anger but in deep sorrow. Let
crime receive its reward but let not
blood of an American citizen be shed
without iust cansfl.
Wp r:innrt hoi i mm thi tka ..i.
- ...... w ivm, r w .mu. liiw
mander nf th S Amors ni.o ivith n olln.
- - ...aw wvi.ivi a UUVbU IT 1 Wi IIIUI.UC
AT lllth flftnLn . n I. H . L...1.K....
w. ..ii.il ucaiic iuuc uujusuuiuieies-
timony before the Court Martial b
.13 Vpt fflllorl in ifnrl!i.la him lin
- ".UkU IU .CliUICUlC llllll II "III U
necessary rigor. jV. 0. Republican.
HAVITi V.Huixr - . .
April 14 1843
The east half of the south-east quarter. 1 W'P as ta,? Collector of Attala County
id the north-east quarter of thelnorth-eas proceed to sell on the first monday in July
aii.cj ui oecuon no nine Townshin . . W1 Ul 1W coun nouae ot
quarter ot Section No nine Townshin I1B1' ai .ine.floor ot the court house of said
o fifteen N.of Ranee sevn K. .nt;n;i countX the town of Kosciuskn. tho
121 acres Sr 20 hundrf?dth. A 'owing described lands, or so much nf h
i... " " ui -... I u . : "
upoumciBBira pay the State and
1843 viz.
04 hnnrirpltha
acres 4- 23 hnmt.i),.. on,rt,, amount ol taxes due
due I lhe east hall of the south-east auartor
The east haifnf .ho . , section thirty six TownshiD fifton M
Section No twe'ntV-Ihree " Tn " ? R?nge E. containing 68 acres
XT t. . . r 'v 00 nunnrArithfl. omnnrtt f . j..
iuuiiccumiui ivaace SIX conta nino-90 ' ... vl hacd aue
acres d- 90 hundredth. .5...
duo $ The west half of the south-west quarter
Tha tn.iih. ...... j.i . . . .. anl the south west auarter of the nnrth rot
wviro or in iiiinnrBiiinc. amn.int -r . i . - wuwuuk ui mxen
' - ...v. niuuuiib UI HIPR I
due si 35j cents 1 uuo
Th WMt h.ir .u. u L Jhd west half of Section thirty Townshin
Jtvauee seven E. r.nntn nin j... " Vl tteo
1 i . . ...u.uiu. , , abico nr za
U. S. Sloop of war Concord-TIm
Pftnftrt -v C ill. Iah L!M f!..
lv.k w t ujc IU9S UI liiia IIIIO C33CI
uu ui mc uciiui ui vuilliliauuci uuciuiu
a I rpr - I I,i
uiuiiiiieu. ine joncum v as wi
on the rocks in the Mozambique channel
uoout ine ad uettober; and suosequen-
1 .1 1 v r .1)..
ny, (on me 2d iMovember.) tapiuoe-
T . ! . I
rum, rurser liart ami one 01 me crew
... J 11 .1 . ..
wereurownea dv uie upsetting 01 awn
iu crossing the fiar of the Zangola river,
The surviving officers and crew are on
llinl. ... .L. TT:..J CtnlAS 111
men 1CIUI11 lO Hie UIlllCU oiuim
ituuiiier snip, by way 01 tviw jaucn.
The Natonal intelligencer states that
Capt. Boerum was a native of the
State of New York; entered the the
XT I . . . 1 . . .. J ..... in
navai service in lull, ana
service during the whole of the last war.
His r.nmmlssmn. ns rnmmander. bore
d.lto nth PnlM-iiri.
ui .no 'Duuiu-wcsr quarter l l a. vuiuui . iwi.
...w vlk-vvcoi yuaner oi me south-west ""wesmaiioi ine north-west quarter
quarter and the south-west quarter of the o Section twenty one TownsiD thirtPPn Tho frtttn,menn ,h5.i we extract
iijvcon ii, 01 nan c-e sovnh uunureuina amount nr j..
taxes due
The west half of thn
vr wvvMUil LC11 1UW Rn n httAAn AT
, Alt
ot Kange seven E. containing 80 acres t The north-east querter of Section twenty
94 hundredths. amount of taxes three Township fourteen N. of Ran?e
du 6even E- cotaining 161 aeres & 19 hundrebths.
Tho nnrth.tiront -f iL. ., I imOUnt nf tllTPn fiiA SOi ...i.
... v,. Huai , , lI1B norm-east rnu . t. , '
miartov nf C . : ... . . I Thn uroat. half f tK . i
,--..v. ucuiuu ciKuieen lownsh n . " "JO "uuin-wesi auartpr
. I tiftnnn TT r n r n . "r ftt iatmn m ,. .i .
'I'hn V.lf f .V 1 . . "H . Ml IVallKU BBVeil K. AAntainin. r "omurecu lOWnSmn thirtaai.
CO hiinpolh. -r . . Thfi Pn.1t ha f nf tho cm,(1, ..
- - vs aiiiuujti in ifliPi inn i " uiv 'DuuLinKB in arroF
oi ..... c tho -iu . .. -i.
41 CeiUI i .w UVIUI
The east half of the north-west quarter
nd the wPRt half nf h- 2". ' ortn-west
Range seveh
Hundredths, amount of taxes due i
..t?" r1in-w?6Lluarter of Section No
iownonip jmo iourteen N. of Ranee
even E. cnnta?nin id t ?!
uiiutcuuiii, amount ot taxes due
iuo.CMl " oi tne nortn-east quarter
nt tho tnnlh..... . wox'r
7". --u-cim quarter ox section No
thirteen TnnrnoVl. XT- c . it
even E. containing 211 acres 67
uuuufBuiBB, amouht ot taxes due $
The west half of the nort-west quarter
nd the west half of the south-west quarter
of Section No eigh-teen, Townshfp No
fourteen N of Range eeven E. containing
160 acres 4 68 hundredeths amount of
taxes due f
The east half of the north-east ouater
anA lha mnmt V,-lf r .L
... ncot nan ui we Buuiu-easi quarter
in . v nine j ownsnip ntteen N.
Ol Rn n (TO eirrht P innt.Inlni. 1 tin . .
hundredths. amount of taxes A
Tha et li.irnr u .u
w. W1 W1D BVUwi-w6B( quarter
wa ljdii liiiii . i m i v w m-m no wmr nana n m r
Of Kan am cioVit 17 . : : tA . -
-b- -o"' vuuiaiumij iv acres oc 0
nundredths. amount of taxes dun
Thn Mil hctf .1.. i .
". ui uig uurm-wesi quarter oi
section thirtv turn Tahtk.).:. tvt
ivanee eiirht E. r.nntainincr on . I
. , v - ..0 vv visa ut j
nlinrireH Ilia m rvn.. M . .
Uv.-... Muuuut ui IBXn.l Ana
. -
o- - . v...ai.liiJg UA acres
hundredths amount of , taxes due
The north-east quarter and the east half
..v.m-ncui quaiier oi Bection thirty
one TownshiD fifteen N. nf p.n.. t.
containing 244 ar.rea tr. 70
"'uuuk ui iciacu aue
The east half of the north-west quarter of
Section thirty two Township fifteen N. of
Ran ore flp.vAn 17. Mni.iin'n o. . .
hundredths, amount of taxes due 15 centt.
The smith
me easi nail
nf tho KAllth-urAot r o . 1
-...-SD 4uB1icr oi oecuon fifteen
Townshin fitlroon 1T P t. "
.. P ....wwu a., wt ivsuKH seven is.
contming 243 acres & 14 hundredths.
Thn nnrthdoant ... f .1 -
... ui ui uio oouin east
nuartpr onH tho uir e .l. .
, . -..w nc0i, nan ui me soutn-east
auarter nf SntMmn fi.. t.: e
j. f-j. wwoip iourteen
0- -. vuutiiuiug isji acres
amount nf taYAa liia i
u v. v 4 (.714(1
Tho wot i,ir f .l -
uin eouin-easi quarter
nt OAtlAn . mnn ..- . m i . .
N. nf p -J1l" ' . . V . n,P- 8ixleen
w Ainu k 3 nrcvnii . . nn w o a n m r ii
&! 7 huniirth. "rZ"?"' C,reB
iiuuuui ui iaxes
23 cen
Tha ihnva itui.ik.J
ri,.-j Tii , uou iauas were enterea by
ni V ait vv"'"-nn ii. scott,
n.j-. n n.rr. .r'Yr" v saia
v-v.uwu . ooya ac William H. Scott.
Art,,. ,84J"AEAKm.t,0...,
frrv In. lir!..L.l! Sf.non rra1
iiviu mo "I11UU1UII iucaaugv ; ' i
the pen of E. V. Home, the w
candidate lor Presidency. His opiM
unlike the theme of his muse are an
intended "for the eye" and require no
The bustles are a vulger shov
lor man's illusion given,
Tho bags of brand, the sacks of toff, ,
Are worn to gull the simple beau.
The are all a cheat, by heaven! j
Ay! false the hump on lady's back,
As fadeing hues of even,
And feather bed, and cotton pacK,
Serve but to stuff out such a sacn
The real grace, by heaven!
Poor fellows! we on shopping dy
From right to left are driven:
As wadJlingby each lady gay.
With buncing bustle crowds tne
It is a shame, by Heaven!
. Formerly large quantities of f
baskets were imported ne-.
eastern ciues, uui now rarmnS
nofiri.r -Unn-AthAr aiinnled by t?er' .
..wu.. luiugv..... .-rr-; .tf flQU
tvhft rvinniifatlirfl thfim in tniS 1"J
neighborhood. They use the com
willow which they find .71.
river banks, and tney man? -low

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