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? t: ;,rtT yam n. HAnPER
' 1 T V " ' r 7 7 9 . -
11 1V gditor and Proprietor. V -
TFRMSt Subictfption TwoH Dollars
navablen advances or Three Dollars
if pavmentB'aie not made .within
.u..TumniH'hS. .' ;',?'.' ."
Adveiitisement will be inserted at the
I'ol owiug raieB, w wui iw ctcij
tcn lines or lees, first Insertion, one
jniinr! and for each Subsequent in
sertion .. firty cents, payable in ad.
vance.cr upon the hrst insertion.
For announcing names for State and
Distric offices, $10,nd for-Couuty
OlllCes yo, i t
a- Tlie casA wt be;required for kll
JOB Wot kui $oon a delivered.
t aituro mi buisness With the officeto
ensure attentionniust be post pdUl.
f By ALBUM' G. BliOWNov-
Jackson, Misp.j August, 1845$
g1R: As ihe period i rapidly ap
proaching at which we shall be called
upon to hold a general election to fill
all the vacant'oiiice hi the state, it is
your duty to make yourselves familiar
witli tue servieu required oi you oy
law in conducting this election, to the
' end that all things connected There
with may Oe done properly.'
it wilt not have escaped your ob
servation that in addition1 o voting for
all th ojjicers to be tlectcd, it will be
the duty oi the electors to vju; for or
taiiist too several amendments to
the constitution proposed at the last
session of the legislature.
' Tne first is in regard to '.'slaves;"
The second section of the seventh ar
ticle of the constitution as it now
stands under the title slave.," is in
these words:
"Sec.2. 77te introduction of slave
into this state, at merchandise or fur
sail, thalt be prohibitedfrom and af
ter the first day of May, eighteen" hun
dred and thirty-three; provided, that
the actual settler of settler shall not be
prohibited from purchasing stave in
any itale in this union and bringing
them into this state for , their own indi
vidual use, Qtl the year eighteen huih
dred and forty-five.'" ,
. Ihis section ol the constitution it is
proposed to amend, so as to read as
follows:' . ' ' -
"Sec. 2. The ' legislature . shall
have, and are hereby vested with
tower to pass such laws regulating
oil prohibiting the introduction of
slaves into tiii state as may be
deemed proper and expedient."
I append the act of the legislature
which proposes the above amendment,
majked A. ' From'tho secfruP, fcetitrrm
of which, you will learn thai the voter
who is tor the amendment, will write
(or print) on his tipket '"SLAVES
amendment," and if 0ied to it, he
will place on his ticket "JsLAEE no
amendment ." , f
Thu third section,o which your at
tention is particularly called, makes it
your duty to make return to the secre
tary ol siate, of all ihe votes cast in
your county for or against klie propos
ed amendment and also the whole
tuk legislature. To ascertain how
many votes were Cast for memiiers of
the legislature, you will keep a separ
ate tally at each box of the tickets on
whicu the name of no candidate for
the legislature appears the whole
number of these suostracted from the
whole number "of votes cast will give
you, of course, the number of votes
polled for membeis of the legislature.
You should be particuler in making
your return under this section of the
law, as error or inattention will vitiate
all that has been done or may hen-after
be done on this subject, and sub
ject you to severe imputations.
The second proposition to amend
the constitution, has for its object the
separation of our judicial from our
political elections. 1 append the act
of the legislature, marked H. To- the
third section ot this act, your atten
tion is-especially directed. Its require
ments must not be neglected. It shall
be the duty of the several officers
holding'the elections, to ask the voter
as he presents his ticket, VAro you
lor or against amending the constitu
tion, so as to electjudges and political
officers at different times" and the
,. clerks of the election will be careful to
' keep a record of the vofes polled for
anu tgainst tne amendment; but ' no
electoi will bo allowed to vote on this
question who does not tote for mem
bers of the legislature. I append,
marked C, the article of the constitu
tion entitled Mode' of revising the
constitution," from which you willsee
the mcessity of making your returns
in this case with the same accuracy as
In the case tiist above leferred to all
the instructions given you in the first
instance, as to the manner ol making
return are reiterated and re-enjoined
in this; - '
The writ of election (a copy of which
is appended, marked U,) contains a
list oi the Offices to be titled. It is
deemed unnecessary to give you any
farther instructions in regard ,to your
duties, than merely to ealtyour atten
tion to the constitution ' and statutes
airectiug the manner of making r.
1, Theeturnea of the eleclionVor
governor shall be sealed up and trans
mitted to the seat of : governrner.t, di-
'' "' "" i ! '. ' m -in him ' ' y- -- V ' ' "
, a . ; - ; ' ' ' " .'"' f" 1111 " J M iiiini ii it. ... iiriM-i ir i . - i i -i .. mi .. i - i j, i i
VOL. 9. I0. . KOSC U 8KO, 111., SATURDAY Stlir.llCKIM3, 1843, WHOLE IO; 01.
recied to the secretary pf state," see Sec' 2. That the Secretary of State
sec, 2, article 6V (executive depart- shall give public notico of (die to'rego
ment. constitution.,. vYj)u will write ing amendment at least six months
aoross the peal of the pufkage contain.1 previoustio the next general , election;
ing the returns, '-election returns for according ro-the provisions . of the
governor.'' and sign your name officii r Constitution; ' ,
ally. The package contiiinin the e-r Sec- 3. That it shall be the duty or
led ion returns for governor "must not the several officer holding the next
contain any other retunis. general elcctiou, to ask the qualified
2. Fhe returns for all (Jther state and voters, as they present their tickets,
county officers nnist be nade directly whether ihey are for or against said
to the secretary of state, an 4 despatch-, amendment; anj the 'several clerks
(id by you, enclosed in a- well sealed (fihalUnako record thereof, as the ' an
p ickaje, throuch the mail or some 'swer mtv hnt Hnd tlm sninn hnll h
other safe conveyance If sent hv
mail, you willplac the fcifckaje in tho'the time and manner, now "prescribed
Iost omco in time lor tfcij,, hrst. post
V iKther you send by knail or, other
conveyance, you will relain an exact
copy, so that in case of loss or miscar
riage, you can make another return.
3. ihousrh vou should enclose thd
Ik vrtl' alirviilif onplnun tA 1
returns fontircuit judge in your geu-
eral returns to the secretary of state,
p." JV rilJll lA V II V llnu 1 1 II?
you must make & separate return to
the sheriff of the county first named in
your cirru.it court district, (see page 479,
uowarn nuiciiinson digest 1
4. i:ou will bo carelul iii makine
your returns to write out the immesof
the persons mentioned in full. ' This
will be important when the commis-
moiih are made out. Write your re
turns in a plain leeible heand, and set
ilovvn the , icuniber of votes in each
se in ligures ana jIso in w ords.
6. ;in making returns for members
of the board of police, you must bt par
ticular to mention the district by num
ber in winch each member resides.
This, you must on no account neglect.
Ineed scarcely mei.tion that judges
and other district officers are elected by
the qualified voters within their re
spective districts, and though in the
general writ of election hereto appen
ded, the judge of the High Court of
iiiuia uiiu ajipt-ais, giMiiiH Qiiancery
clerks, ard other district officers are
mentioned, they are not to be voted
for out of their districts, respectively.
Ypu vill cause copies of this circu
lar to be posted up at different places
in yourcounty, and the officer coii luct
tng the " election at each box to be
furnished with a copy on the first day
of the election. . -
w .Z.
AN 'ACT to amend the Constitu
tion of the State of Mississippi.
'. -Auction . lie -it etmcivd fcy the. ..,
gisluturemof the Stale of Jlissisiipfri,
Uwo thirds of each branch thereof con-
r- I l J. -1
curing.) 1 hat the second section of
the seventh article of the Com-titution
of the titute, under the . title or head
"slaves," be so altered and changed
as to read a's follows, to wit: Sec. 2.
"The Legislature shall have, and are
"hereby vested with, power to pass
"such laws regulating or prohibiting
"the introduction of slaves into this
'state, as may be deemed proper and
Sec. 2. Be it farther enacted. That
it shall be the duty of the Secretary .of
Mate, at least six months p
the genera! election in November,
. u.... 1 ...... t!
eighteen hundred and torty-five, to
give notice, by advertising - in three
or more public newspapers printed in
rtiis State, of ibis . act, and the altera
tion hereby proposed to be made to
the Constitution of this State, and at
said election, the qualified electors
voting, for members of tiie Legislature,
shall vote for or against the alterations
herein proposed to be 'made in the
Cons.itution, in the following manner,
to wit: 'Ihose voting for the alteration
herein proposed, shall write on their
tickets the words"Se, amendment"
and those voting against it, the words
"Slaves, no amendment
Sec. 3. Be it further enacted, That
it shall be the duty of Sheriffs of the
several counties, in" this State, to make
returns o(the votes given tor the mem
bers of, the Legislature, to the. Secreta
ry of Stito, to he by him laid betore the
next succeeding Legislature; if it shall
appear that a majority pf those voiing
tor members of tne Legislature shall
have voted lor the alteration herein
proposed, the alteration or .amendment
contained in this act, shall be insert
ed by said Legislature iu the Constitu
tion of this State, as a part thereof.
Approved Feb. 24, 1844.
M ' '"':'.'
RESOLUTIONS to amend the
. Constitution! of the State of
RssotVED, by the Legislature of the
State of .Mississippi, That the following
article be added to the Constitution as
an amendment thereto: Elections, ar
ticle th: ' - ; f
; Section I. The Legislature, at the
regular session therenf in the vearo ifl
thousand t-iiht hundred and forty-sixij
shall pass a law fixing the time of hold-i
ing slecticm of Governor, Secretary j
of State, Auditor of Public Accounts,
State Treasurer, members ol the Le
gislature,: and Representatives in
Congress; which law shall provide
that said elections shall not held at
the time when other public officers
are elected . .
i ratnrnfi,! m ihnprniuru nf Ktta in
by law.
Approved Feb. 12, I64I.
of Revisin'ir the
I ! 1 . , v:. if ' f
l,ul,, ' f
Whenever two-thirdsof each branch
1 01 ' me legiKlaturo shall deem any
change, alteration, or amendment ne-
ceHSry to this constitution, such pro-
uueu cuauce, aiieration, or amenu-
"ent shall be read and passed - by a
majority oi two-thirds uf each house
respectively on each day fo three
severtl days: public notice thereof
shall then be given, by the, secretary
of state, at leatt six months preceeding
the neit general election, at which
the qualified electors shalL vote directly
lor or against such change, alteration
or amendment; and if it shall appear
that a majority of the qualified electors
voting for members of the legislature,
shall have voted lor the proposed
change, alteration, or amendment, then
it shall be inserted, by the next suc
ceeding legislature, as a part of this
constitution, and not otherwise.
Albert CJ. Brown,
To the sheriff of county and
stale aforesaid Grketing:
Wheseas, the first Monday and day
following, in November, 1845, (being
the third and fourth days of the month.)
is the time appoiated by law for hold
ing an election in this state and
whereas, jt is ftiade my duty to issue a
writ, requiring you to hold the saidf
election at tbe time and places appoint
ed by law., v :
INow, therefore, I, Albert G Brown.
Governor of the .state of Mississippi.
a : .1 .
bold an election at the several election
precincts in your county, on th.- first
Monday and day following (being the
thiid and fourth days) in November,
1845, tor the following olficers, to serve
tne terms prescribed oy law, to-wit:
. One Governor. 1
One Secretary of State.
One Auditor of Public Accounts.
One fcitate Treasurer. .
Onje Attorney General for the State.
Oiie Chancellor tor the State. .
Four Members of Congn ss. v
One Judge 0! the lligk Couit of Er
rors and Appeals, for tlie third district,
composed of thp counties, of Lafayette,
'Lowndes, Octibbeha, Choctaw, Carroll,
'l,..ll.....l,l rikl.l.. IU 1.
r aiiauaicme, nicaaKaw, monroe, it i
wamba, Marshall, Tippah and Tishe
mingo. ,
One Judge of the , judicial dis
trict, composed of the counties of .
One District Att'y for the same dis
tfut. - -
. One Clerk of the Vice Chancery
Court for the district of '
One Senator from the senatorial dis
trict, composed of the 'counties of '
Representative to the state le
gislature. One Sheriff. ' .
' One Clerk Circuit Court
One Judge of frobete. '
One Clerk of the Frobate Court.
One Coroner. .. ;
One Assessor of taxes. ,
One County Treasurer. ,
One Ranger. ' ' j - v ,
' One County Surveyor. : - - '
Five members of the foard of Tolice;
and a Justice of the Feace and Consta
ble, to till each vacancy in your county.
And! do moreover enjoin it upon
you to conduct said eleclion in all re-
tmecis coulorniably to law, and to
make due return thereof as the law
directs. . '; , ' '
Given under my hand and the great
. seal 'o' the state, at the city of
Jackson. ,; ' . . ' ' ,.' .
September 1st, 1845. '
,; , A.Q. BROWN.
By the Governor. .C a.
Wn. HsiMiNowAy, Sec'y of State.
uiiiiCM ( ard &c.
WfLL devot his entire attention
to the practice of the La, in
tlu c Inn 11 iipnt Attula. T.f like. Winatnn.
NP,,!ia nd Choctaw. Auv business
oiitrunred to him will receive prompt
atteil ;; Office iu Kosciusko..
August 1. 1R45 ly
f llllOM. FROJrEll ll'Yt. Attorney
X & Counsellor at Law, Kosciusko,
iuisnssirpi.' Will practice in this and
tho adjoining counties. ' , ' " t
; May 0, 1845.; , ;; ' , 46ntf ;
" 1,
The Summer is over farewell! '
"' The surf of the sea" Is roaring, i- ;, t
The winds moan low in the dell,
Like thope for the absent deploring;
The Mountain grow russet and gray.
For the season, like man, pass away.
There's a world where winter comes
not, " ' . ,
Where a farewell enters never,
Where no clouds the atmosphere blot,
And no change our friendships sever;
That forld is the home of the soul,
And how swiftly it flies to its goal!
Having been previously proposeri
and elected, 1 stalled one evening
in company with a friend to go "to
the lodge lor the pupose oj being
initiated. My friend, who was al
ready a member ol the Older, took
me through many narrow streets
and dark alleys turned several cor
ners, and finally brought ine to a
siiiinge looking building at the
extreme end ol along, narrow and
crooked alley in a remote part ol
tne city, wuere 1 could not recol
lect ol ever having been, before.
From the dim lights which were
feflected from the windows of the
adjacent buildings, tne one to
which my friend had conducted
inc, and in which he informed me
the Lodge met, appeared to me an
untiime structure, which seemed
to partake both of the Gothic and
Egyptian orders. At any rate it
was an odd looking aliair, and
seemed to be a fit place for the as
seuiblage together of a society of
J followed my friend up a long
winding staircase, through several
narrow passages and then lip an
other flight olstairsi. : Every thing
as 1 advanced appeared peculiarly
odd and doomV. the walls were
fjit. Arat ' until riiAorrli?rti'ir.a unit!
d,??V n ,a 8 nuW
which could only be seen bv the
dim light ol a lew tapers vvhicl
were burning feebly at considera
hie distances. A t the head of the
stairs, was a long dark passage:
the extreme end of which could be
just discerned the feeble glimmer
ins ot a small blue hmt. Al
seemed calculated to excite terror
and notwithstanding I had ofteli
boasted ol ray courasie, vet I bean
10 ireniDie at tne tti"ugut ot pro
- -I ..1 .t 1 1
ceeding lartlier. My Iriend took
me by the arm and bid me in a low
whisper not to be alarmed. At
the entrance ol the passage a broad
sword hung suspended from the
ceiling, and as we advanced I read
Inscribed upon the w
I y in letters ol itcmtsecreaj or
Diuillu Struck with horror, I
now determimed to'., return and
proceed no further. I accordingly
wheeled suddenly around and re
solved to flee lor my life.' But lo!
the enterance of the passage was
closed; a strong iron door had
been suddenly shut and locked by
some invissible hand, and to escape
was impossible. JMy lnend again
grusped : ine by the arm,, and
assured me that if I would follow
him and make no resistance that I
should not be harmed. ' Findinc
that to turn hack was impossible,
and to proceed was mv, only
chance, 1 summoned all my cour
age and determined to go lorward
letv the consequences . be what
tlict y might. j ' ... V . .
'We proceeded together until we
arrived at the extreme end of 'the
passage. Here I discovered by tin
blue light of a taper, a small iron
dooMn which wus port raved a
human skeleton. Over the door was
inscribed iheavwores: .: "Should
thou prove treacherous renumber
thy end." Again, I involuntarily
started back but V low whisper
sounded in my ear, "Remember
Lot's wile.'V-MyfuenOiow wrnp
ned at tho door which was answer
ed by a hollow sepulcheral voic
from within, .' which - demanded.
"who art thou :iHjtit knockestt'-
rtA brother ol the' mvstic Order
with a (riend who wishes to be
iniated into its mysteries' said
ray companion. -: , . ; ; . ;;.
'A small slide onnhe door was
now jmshed aside which made an
openmgjat which my friend 'placed
his mouti,nnd whispered something
to the person; within. The door
was then opened, upon which my
friend entered, pulling me al'te'r
him. ; Instantly . the door closed
and bolted tifter me. .1 now found
myself in asnjall room.whose walls
furniture, floor and every ' . tliiusr
were painted black. A Vinrular
odor filled the room. In the center
stood a small alter. on; which was
burning a flame of peculiar cast. J
now turned to see the person'who
opened the door for our en
t ranee... J4ibjtfiy, was euvelripea
in a white gown or "surplice tlmt
nearly reached tl flr; on his
fiend ho wore a white turbanV'a
long silver bear flowed Irom lib
chin to his waist, and on his f:ov
was the paleness ol de itli In ;m
hand he grasped a spear upon
which he Ienn?d as upon a statl'.
Never shall 1 forget the emotions
which passed through my breast
at that moment ! Trembling with
fear I turned to my friend, :when,
lo! there sat upon his countenance
the ghastly "paleness as the coun
tenance ol him who guarded the
door. I looked upun my hands,
they also wore the same deatl v hue.
Every thing around me was iright
lully oci,andI was fully convinced
tnat the Society well deserved it
name, v : ' " r.
My friend now bid me be seated :
then clothing himself in a white
apron and collar, he advanced to
another door and rapped. Alter
passing through the ' same cer
emony as at first, he was per
mitted to enter. I was now lelt
afona with .the Guaidian to imag
in -through what other scenes !
should be called to pass. But 1
was not left to meditate upon the
matter long. Shortly the , door
through which my friend had pas
sed was opened, and tour men with
drawn swuivia iu their hands, en
tered from within, followed hv
filth holding a burning torch in" his
right hand and in his left the Holy
Uibie with across stretched upon
it. They were choihed in aprons
and collais,anJ their countenances
wore the same pale and deathlike
iiue as did that of the Guardian.
. The Bible was piaced unon the
aiier m j.oni 01 tne name. -1 was
commanded to kneel down before
it, and to place my left hand upon
the bible and cross, and my rtsiht
nana upon my lelt breast. Une
of the men now placed the noint
01 ins s woru against my breast, an
..e 1 1 .
other against my right side, the
intra my lelt, and the fourth against
my uuck. in tuts awlul attitude 1
t . 1. 1 .. . . ...
was told by the man with the toroh
that. I 'must take a solemn, oath
never to divulire any of the secrets
ot the Order that might be reveal
ed to me.
The oath was administered, but
trembled to repeat it. I will not
hock the reader with its repitition
nor with the blasphemous penal
ties auacnea to its violation.
I was now stnooed of mv , r.lo
thingand then blindfolded. A halter
was next placed round mv. neck:
ana in tins delenceless and ouscene
:onditioti I was led with some
ceremony into the Lodge room.
m entering the brethren commen
ceu u song, during the siuam ' ot
which 1 was marched - round the
room tor them to gaze at. i '
When the song was finished - 1
was placed astride of a rail, -which
was told was the odd fellows
goat, and thai I; could never be
come ati OJdXHw until I had
first to rid; a goat. In this har;
harous manner 1 was carried three
times around the room finally stop,
ped in tront of the wardens' chair,
llere my -blinder was raised' suffi
ciently lor.me to see, when oneoi
the brethren having on a mask re
sembling a; goat's head', butted
me smack off the rail on the floor.
Enraged at such cruel treatment,
I bawled out , ost lustily,, vvhejn
instantly a.cap was pulled "over my
head and drawn around my neck
so tight that my noise was at once
sloped.. '''r', ;;.. ''.''!'f
After I had b'ecomf silent, the
string was loosened suiHcienlly to
allow me to breathe. I was then1
conducted 10 another part 01 tho
room, when 1 was suddenly knock
ltd down upon the floor, and on
nttemtirig to" yet up, l found my.
self so completely entanyled in
cords, that 1 was unable to rise. At
length 1 w as helped up and asked
what 1 most desired. I was told,
to suv 'clothing upon which I was "
dresed in a kind of gown resem
bling a shirt, I was next rJouduc
tecj to the ; Noble Grand's chair
when I was again asked what I
most desired. I was this ; time
told to say.'.' Suddenly the
cap was lifted off iny he;jd, arid a
bright light was burning lief.. re my
eyes, that for a time almost blinded'
me. As soon as 1 recovered my
sight, I discovered before lift lilter
from which a dense smoke arose
that perfumed the hail. On 1 each
side of (the alter Was burning a
brilliant red ..Jight that gave a
strange appearance to every tiling
around me. Kven the very smoke :
seemed tinged witfru hcariet hue,
when suddenly in the midst 1 saw
a human figure pierced through -with
a dart, and w ith its head ser
ved from its body. And i omihe
niter there" came a voice saving,
See there the fate ol'him who. vi
olatesiire vow of ah Odd Fellow.''
, Suddenly the vision vanished,
the lights were extinguished, and
apeal of thunder shook., the buil
ding. A loud demoniacal laugh
now rang through the room, and
the horror of the darkness, words
of awful import were, seen writ-r
ten in letters of fire upon the wall
around me. Figures of unearthly
shapes were seen moveing through
the, room, with tapers in, their
hands that barely emitted light to
disurn the beings who held them.
Clanking of chains, and low sepul
chral groans were heard as if coin
ing up from beneath the floor upon
which I stood. A voice was now
heard saying "listen to the agoni
sing trroans of thosevwho have vi
olated the vow ot an Odd Fellov.".
The groans grew louder and final
ly died away in a low murmur.
Another peal of thunder jarred
the building to its foundation, sud
denly, the darkness vanished &
light was restored. The smoke
from the alter ceased to ascend.-
Behind it stood three figures,
ciothedin. the scarlet robes,., with
veils drawn over thejr faces, with
mitres on their heads. vThe two
others leaned upon spears which
they held in their hands. The in
ner one held in his right hand a
book from which he read the fol
Iwing:. "Stranger, at your own
solicitation and request," you have
been eiected a member of this Or-
derand have been so far initiated
into its mysteries. . The scenes
through which you have passed are
full of instruction and are designed
to make a deep and lasting impress
ion uoon. vour "mind." The "uale
vissage which you first saw upon
enng, should remind you -that
you are mortal, and must soon '
quit the busy scenes of life, to join
ttie paler nations ol the dead. As
you were sti ipped of your clothing,
blinded and haltered,' and in tikis
condition led about . at our will.
but was finally clothed and restor-
d to light at vour request, so you
should remember that when a
brother is stripped of his property
:y ins creditors, and pesecuted by
us foes and calls upon vou lor as
sistance' it is your duty to clothe
nis naneuness, feed lus hungry wile
tnd children, and to aid him even
to the half, of your "prooertv.
Your being required to . ride;'ur
goat, should teach vou to 1 ide fea.-
esslv across the stormy sea of life,
to endure with lortilu le tin tro.ib-
es aiiddilficiilties with, which you
may be called to eru'oiintor. in
our pilgrimage through the world.
uiuer sueus iii:nigi wuioti
ou have passed are all detained to
Tipress upon your mind the va,;ius
oiie ot 111.-, and what you may
expect should you dare to divu'go
toe secrets ot this OrJer, Jt now
remains for me to instruct you in
to pass word grip and sign.
"The pass word of tho. rurrent
quarter is ",j4;v'the explanation
is J)i'viltyi which will admit , you
in ta any Lodge of Odd' Fellows in
tie univse. '- f ,, , - .
"The grip is civen - by hooking
the fingers together." :
1 he countersign is given by
artly closing the hand placing
he end of the thumb against the
tip of theJnosie,,:C';"w-"; . ... " '',
"As you advance into me nigner
'I. m..':, . ..

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