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m 1J
Implies to 'Skinner Called
Down" in Vindicator.
Says Recent Developments Show
That If He Had Favored Negro
Supremacy Ratliff Would Have
Supported Him With More
Fervor Now Than He Did.
Emtok Star:
The Vindicator of last week
contains a characteristic personal
onslaught for which its editor has
become famous, and which I sup
pose he regards as necessary to
bolster up his failing political for
tunes. Under the caption, '-Skinner
Called Down." lie proceeds in
his usual style to criticise some re
cent letters to the Star refuting
the charges against the Democratic
party which the Populites have all
along been recklessly making.
Now, it is well known that Mr.
Ratlin" is nothing, if not personal J
in politics, anil when cornered, al-j
ways resorts to that kind ot tac- j
tics. Personalities in polities are j
not only u confession of va.ak:vss j
and a concious inability to 1 1 : c t
the arguments ot an opponent, hut I
in this instance seems to be a futile j
attempt to sidetrack the issues in-!
volved in the present canvass on
the eve el' the election. Mr. Kat
liff did aot answer, nor can he an
swer a single argument contained
in the article that he was pretend
ing to criticise. His reckless as
sertions and more reckless histori
cal statements cannot be tortured
with cr without figures into any
thing resembling an argument.
Only one point in his tirade de
serves notice, and that is in refer
ence to the effect of the Act of
3873, the unconditional repeal of
the purchasing clause of the Sher
man law. He quotes me as saying
that the repeal of that law was all
light, and then quotes from Sena
tor George to prove the dire con
sequences entailed upon the peo
ple by the repeal of that law, anil
then assumes that Mr. Skinner and
Senator George does not agree.
The readers of The Star will
remember that I said that the great
wrong was the failure to follow up
that repeal by legislation correct
ing the "greatest crime of the
ages,'' that is, restoring silver to
its original place in our monetary
system as a standard money metal
and giving iHree coinage at the
Senator George in his Winona
speech did not condemn the repeal
of the Sherman law, but showed
most conclusively the disastrous
results that have followed the fail
ure to repeal the act of demoneti
zation of 1 S 7 3 . Of course Senator
George in common with the great
mass o! Southern democrats, op
posed the unconditional repeal of
the Sherman law: but favored the
rrpeal of that law if followed by
appropriate legislation respecting
Your readers. Mr. Editor, will
please pardon me lor one' or twoi
nprcn.n! n 1 1 1 1 c 1 , i n l-- M t- ? f 1 ," i'i I
states that I am running a post
office under Cleveland's appoint
ment, and therefore sees things as
Air. Cleveland does. This state
ment is correct with thisexception,
I, have never asked; expected, or
received any appointment of any
character from Mr. Cleveland or
any one connected with his admin
istration. And further, some time
since Mr. Katliff reproduced in the
Vindicator a letter written by me
and printed in the Sar criticising
the financial policy of Cleveland's
administration and highly com
mended it.
The insinuations, inuendoes, &c.
contained in the Vindicator's arti
cle are of course, unworthy of no
tice, I shall not reply in kind but
allow Mr. Katliff to maintain a mo
nopoly of that sort of discussion.
I am truly sorry that Mr. Ratliff
has gotton so desperate as to set
up such a howl. He reminds me
of an anecdote told of a man who
was traveling in Texas in the early
history of that State, and getting
out of money concluded to turn
preacher. He wandered into a
colony of people and announced
himself as a minister of the gospel.
The people were delighted at the
thought of a preacher in their
midst, and turning out built a
brush harbor and provided such
After the longest and nmst successful tour on record, including 4" consecutive performance in Chicago, 12 in Baeton, 12 in St. Louis, and
. 21X1 in other leading cities in the East, West and South, and everywhere pronounced the largest and best exhibition on earth.
Tlie orxl3r SIb.o-w Coming1 tliat lias a Circus and. 2erLag-erieT
lloyoiul all Comparison ike Largest, Grandest and most Complete Exhibition on Earth.
A.pniria of Marin wonders. Far-Famed Horse Fair etnhm-in;: WO of the finest MooiUd horses in the world, together with the greatest aggregation of Euro
pean Aeria!is.tt-, Gymnasts, Acrobats, Killers, and other Aienie Celebrites of every description ever exhibited in this or any other country.
Germany's Famous Atmetej
Terrific Gladiatorial Combats, Absorbing Trials of Strength and Endu.
ranee, grand gihi dav sports and spectacles.
Tinman standing races, Jockey races, with lady and gentlemau riders, novel
F.lephant an.3 Camel race-, chilil-.'.elighthg pony rue. ;s with monkey riders
laughable donkev races with clown drivers,, and other exciting racing "contests'
More higli-salavied erforniers and more novel features than any two
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All the world's greatest, horseback rider.o--.Mike Kooney, Ociie Lo.
w.mde, Edward Slurp, Win. DeVan, Daniel Leon, Orrin Hollis, M'lle
Elena, Julia Lmvande. Marian Leslie.
Akimpto s troiipc of Japanese Equilibrists.
.Most Coiiinlote Zoological Collection in tlie World.
The tallest beast that breathes.
Stands fully IS feet in height.
Weighs four tons. The mightiest
Amphibian on earth.
Mammoth bi-horned Gnu, 100 dens, lairs and cages of rare, wild
beasts, shools, of educated goats and ponies, mirth-making porcine
circus, high-bred horses in astounding drills; double herds of ponder
ous, performing, dancing and down elephants.
7 QrnDiiM?m
Two rcrformanct's Daily Afternoon at 2,
JfcafOne 50-cent ticket admits to all the combined shows.
Promptly at 10 o'clock. Over a mile in length, scores of magnificently
carved and decorated dens ol wild animals exhibited free and open upon
the streets. Ten kinds of music. The procession moves rain or shine.
'ijrht at S
Children under 12 years, half price.
Doors open one hour earlier.
Excursions on all railroads.
"Will Toe at oscrmslro, "Wednesday, IsroTrerciToex Stli
accommodations as they could for
preaching. At the appointed time
the preacher mounted the stand
and began: "My friends, had gl
the clouds for my pulpit, the sky
for a book-board, and the stars for
a text, I'd raise myself above the
sky and I'd (here he got out of
soap) but continued, and I'd, and
I'd how! like a wolf.
Mr, Katliff does not deny the
charge that his party is fusing with
the old time Radicals of nigger su
premacy and mixed school fame,
but attempts to justify such fusion
by a reference to my Greenback
record of iSjtj. What I did crdid
not do in 1879 has no relevancy to
the issues confronting the people
in iS(j5.
I will say, however, that there
are a number of prominent Demo
crats in the county who remember
the circumstances connected with
the canvass of that year who know
that I did not at any time fuse, or
propose, to fuse, or work in any
way with the political contingent
in the county at the time. I never
asked any negro to register and
vote for me, nor did I attack or
condemn any law of tbe State tend
ing to maintain white supremacy
in the State, Had I done so, re
cent developments would indicate
that Mr. Ratliff would have sup
ported my candidacy at the time
with a great deal more fervor than
he did. Any man or party must
surely be in desperate straits in
deed when they resort to such
things as these to bolster up a fall
ing cause.
Now, I will say in conclusion,
that perhaps another "bird" I wot
of is roosting on a limb that is ele
vated somew hat too near the moon,
from whose luminous orb he is
seemingly drawing his inspiration
for both logic and veracity. TJtit,
as Judge Campbell was wont to
remark in reference to a certain
gobble, when discharging his grand
jury, that "bird" will roost a little
lower after the 5th of Nov., prox.
A. W. Skinnkk.
Racket Store,
The Ills of Women.
ConHtipntion causes nvre than half
the ills ol women. Kar''n Clover Hoot
Tea is a pleasant euro for constipation.
Now, good people, you are getting a good price for your cotton,
and you may have it told you that, since cotton has gone up, all other
goods have done likewise, and which they have, but the Racket
Store secured her bargains in shoes before the rise, and all other
things are bought at the same old Panic Prices, and we are o-oino-
to sell accordingly. You will see by our quotations:
A good cotton flannel at 4 cents,
A good calico at 4 cents.
A good bleaching a 4 1-2 cents.
The best feather ticking at 15 cents.
Matress ticking at 5 cents.
Latest style hats at 85 cents.
Jeans pants, 45 cents.
Good ginghams, 4 1-2 cents.
Trunks cheaper than anywhere.
C B Corsets, 90 cents each.
Silk parasols, 65 cents.
Two spools of thread 5 cents.
Tablets cheaper than anywhere.
Pencils 5 cents a dozen.
Paper 2 1-2 cents a quire.
Envelopes, 3 packages for 5 cents.
A lot of real good jewelry at wholesale cost.
Pen holders 4 cents a dozen.
Fifty slate pencils for 5 cents.
The best tobacco you ever saw at 24 cents a lb.
Three boxes toilet soap 5 cents.
Tea spoons 4 cents a sett.
Table spoons 8 cents a sett.
Six balls thread 5 cents.
A good all-wool flannel 12 2-2 a yard.
Two bottles of ink s cents.
Two bottles of mucilage 5 cents.
All tinware cheaper than the cheapest.
Water buckets 14 cents each.
Six papers of tacks 5 cents.
Our Dress Goods Line is Complete.
We won't be undersold. Men's and boys suits too cheap to mention.
Please come and price them.
Bill our
. Ladies black hose at 5 cents.
A, Men's drawers at 15 cents.
Men'' work shirts, 15 cents.
Towels, 10 cents a pair.
Everything G-des juat ae Ynu See It.
Goods on Exhibition all the time.
Yon will find ns 011 East Side of the Square.
M it nirnrc

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