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The Kosciusko star. (Kosciusko, Miss.) 18??-1898, November 08, 1895, Image 8

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little things do it
-sret the rio-ht kind the
on your
Here is aaother case showing that
there are few remedies wuicu cureuK1r
.:.ted Mood diseases. Eczema is one
world will set a higher estimate
Good Clothing
Rightly cut, well tailored, are the first ere- of the iSfyS,&
dentials, no matter what your vocation, be you
banker or merchant, doctor, clerk or mechan
ic, lawyer orjlaborer clothes are the outward
expression of your taste and judgment, and
form the first, (and therefore) the mqst lasting
Our line
ease, as wen as an ouici w.
impure blood whether ODsunaic ui
There are few men better known ai
DfKalh eountv than Mr. E. D. Jen
Vine rcidp& at Lithonia Georgia
h- c tiii owner of a quarry of
the celebrated Lithonia granite, which
ic en MtensivelV USCU in several
States, and is acknowledged to have
no superior as a paving sionc. ma
familv has lived in DeKalb for forty
years and everybody knows them.
"ever since sue was yw
ia in a mftit interview, "my
A kr i)hti. Ida. has suffered from Ec-
UCSlUCU dim Ut3ii;uv.u uy """Ji j have never heard of a worse
n of this dreadful disease, ror uur
the celebrated hrmot'
QPTTT OQQ Anc 's l'lorouKJy complete in every detail in
ijljilljUuU addition to our line of Novelties and New Designs
lTr fr if we have a large assortment of neat tailoring effects!
' made in custom style equal to custom work.
ftllw'ool Suits guaranteed
tor $8.50-
Capes Capes Capes-
en year she has been badly broken
it all over her body, causing her un-
told suffering, and frequently rendering
her unable to Hlttntl school. lier arms
and limbs would crack open and bleed,
In all wool Henriettas 44 inches wide, only
yard, regular price 60 cents.
Fancy worsted worth 35 cents, our price now,
Still they are coming Fifth order of plush Capes just received. Elegant plush Capes trimmed with then drv up and scale off by
Ti-u t tr Jful, andat one time an awl
25 cents a I
Ladies Union Suits bis: Bargains at 62 1-2 Cents.
awful sore sp
eared on her ear, which became severe
The disease also broke out on her head
and her hair was a continuous mass of
scales. Her condition was truly pitia
Of course we have done all we conld
to relieve her, and have given her al
most every known treatment. She has
taken potash mixtures and various salves
t i r m i i r . r 11 , 1 1 f taken poiasn mixtures ana various saives
A New lot ot Children s buits from o years old up at unheard ot and external applications by the whoie-
. 1 sale, and almost every so-called blood
Low r rices.
S. Abraham & Company,
We join the people in welcom
ing the coming of prosperity and
8-eent cot:o:, In a short while
the wave
passed s
of deyresyion will have
rl the hearts of us
T have rnovpd my entire stock of
groceries to H. W. Jackson's old
stand on the West Side, and with
increased stock will lie able to
meet the k
my p
My Stock is Entirely
and being vonns; in the business
and expecting to constantly in
crease my patronage, I cannot
si fiord to do otherwise but frive the
beet goods at the lowest prices.
Special Brand of Flour,
The Bet C offee,
heapcr grade Coffee,
Pure Leal Lard,
.ew Crop Rice.
Tobacco by phi(? or box. '
Give us a trial, we wantyour trade
0. E. Smvthe.
Your Wife-
The books for the collection of
taxes are now ready. The law
provides t.'iat ev'-ry
Well bought are
Half sold.'.
Our facilities for buying can
not be surpassed. Our etock
of drues, patent medicine?, etc
are pure, fresh aud the best to
be had.
When you pay more than we
ask, you pay too much- That
is all ther is in it. We save
our customers money and they
talk it to their ueiphbors, and
it pay, us. Our line f 6ta
tionery is the nicest to be eeen
in the market Our perfumes
are big values. We lead in
oils trv us. We will con
vince you.
Buttermilk soap oc a cake,
worth 10c.
W. E. Brumby.
Two More Homeneekera' Kxeumlotn.
& Will like it.
Q So will the Cook:
TP vonr better half does the cookinsr, tht
1 in &n additional reason why there should
in your kitchen. The use of them prevent!
worry ana disappointment.
M&$Zi$&f' Always Si
L0AK)rx ...
Cures Mange on Dogs.
Cures Scratches quicker thtJ
.11 1 M
any omer Known remedy.
turcb an siun Qiseases.
For sale by
rd Out of
We have just what
the people want in the
ff ARU vv ARE . J
1 I. ...LINK
It will goon be time
to make molasses and
the eane mills will
poon be in demand.
You want the beet.
We Have the
Which everybody knows
is the best and cheapest.
Then you want an evaporai
We Have the
Superior Hand-Madi
that will out last the man.
ufactured two to one.
iVe have also a new lot of
Library Lamp. Their
beauty and cheapness bus
never been seen in Kosciusko.
Come to us for vour Goldcnoi
Black machine oil, or any thing elst
in the hardware line.
9. L BWI
A Fact Worth Knowing.
Consumption, LaGrippe, Pneumonia,
and all throat and Lungdiseaees are
cured by Shiloh's Cure
Money to Loan.
We are prepared to make loam
now and request partie who wish
to borrow to call on w o rotte or
Jtio. M. Fletcher.
Merchants Farmers Bunk.
Karl's Clever Root Tea
e a sure cure for heaUcne and
remedy, all without the slightest
benefit, and vear by year we could not
feel the slightest encouragement that
she would ever be well. I was advised
several times to send her to Hot Springs
and also to a celebrated spring in Michi
gan, ana was 101a mat mis was me oniy
chance on earth of her ever being cured,
as the disease was too aggravated to be
checked by medicines.
"A lew months ago, someone recom
mended S. S. S., and as soon as her sys
tem had taken on the effects of this
medicine, an improvement was noticed
hue grew better all the while and con
tinued to improve in every way V
were delighted to see her so much bet
ter and for the first time felt that she
would cet well. The medicine was con
tinued a while longer, aud now she is
cured sound and well, her skin is clear
and pure, and sue has been saved from
what threatened to blight her lile lor
ever. The cure is all the more remark
able because she inherited the disease,
which has been in our family for several
generations, and I am happy to find
in S. S. S. a cure for a diseas which
all the specialists in the world fail to
cure. I consider S. S. S. a most wonder
ful remedy, and it certainly has no equal
for deep-seated blood diseases which all
other remedies do not seem to touch."
This experience is like that of all others
who seek relief from the many so-called
blood purifiers, only to be discouraged.
It is but folly to expect a care from this
dreadful disease by the se of salves,
lotions, or any external application.
The disease is in the blood, and
only a blood remedy can eliminate it.
S. . S. ia a real blood remedy, guaran
teed purely vegetable, and for real deep-
seated blood diseases, has no equal. It
cures permanently Scrofula, Tetter,
Rheumatism, and all of the many Mood
diseae. .It has made some truly re
markable cures of Cancer, full accounts
of which can be had on application; our
valuable books oa blood and skin dis
eases will also be sent free to any ad-
'dress. Swift Specific Company, Atlanta,
The Live aud Ltf Live S or.
s Skiloh's uurp. A neclected com
danceroua. Stop it at once with Shif
lob's Cure.
For sale by Harvey fc Roby.
Finest line of clothing in Kosd
usko ai
W. B. Potts Co.
I was nervous, tired, irritate c
crops. Karl's Clover Root Tea M
made me well ami haprv.
. Mrs. E. B. WnrJen.
For sale by Harvey A IIoLy.
With two little children subject i
croup we do not rest casv without
bottle of Chamberlain's Con:li Iieme-
in tlin hmiKP. tor the most aevere ai
t!ii'k rmirklv fiiii-rtimh to a feft' dosti
of it. Morrison. Colo.. 15ml. For sa
at 25 and oO cents per bottle by Harvd
av h: taxes on ur
the loth il.iy of I)t':e;i:l.er,
Plea-; take notice ami
youj'el ves according! v.
1). F. LOVE,
Sheriff ami Tax Coikvtor
veliiiwrf lie preparation for
hair and scalp that njnals Ha!!,
On October 8th and 22nd the Cotton
Belt Route will sell round trip tickets
from Memphis to Arkansas, Texas,
Oklahoma and Louisiana at rate of one
fare pins tA O dollars for the round trip.
These tickets will be good for return
paKHUjre on fol.owini; lites: October
11, la, IS, '2-, 1'"), 2!', Nov. l.o, 8, and
12. inin transit limit will be 1.", davs
from date of pale, and stop-overs will
he allowed within that limit. Return
ing tickets will be limited to continu
ous passage. For further information
.All IIM fir aitil-UbU
t!ie J.7. C. DAVIS, Traveling Freight and
Hair Act. C. P. RKCTOR, Comiuer.
I cial Agt. o03, Main .St. Memphis, Ter.u.
o usdiseases. Nothing relieve so quick
Harvest Excursion.
Via Iron Mountain Route to Arkan-
gas, Texas, Indian Ter. Oklahoma. On
Oct. 8th and 22nd the lrcn Mountain
Route will sell tickets to the above
points at one fare for the round trip
plus (2. Tickets will be pood-20 davs
to return ith stopovers at pleasure,
jioinir. Two trains daily to Texas,
eumppeii with Pullman sleepers and
free reclining ehaircars. For advertis
ing .natter and books in Texas, address
J. h, Rehlamler,' II. I). Wilson
T. r. A. P. and T. A
GO!) Main St., Memphis, Teuu.
A Natural Beautifler
Kan's Clover Root Tea purifies the
vouu ami tjives a clear unit beautiful
Beware of Oiutments for Ca
tarrh that Contain Mercury.
as mercury will surely destroy the
sense of smell and completely derange
the whole 'system when entering it
through the mucuous surfaces Such
articles should never be used except on
prescriptions from reputable physicians
as tae damage they will do is tenfold to
the goo I you can possibly derive, from
them. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufac
tured by F. J. Cheney it Co., Toledo, O,
contains no merruy, and is takrti in
ternally, acting directly upon the blood
and mucuous surfaces of the system.
In buying Hall's Catarrh Cure be sure
you get the genuine. It is taken inter,
nalty, and made in Toled.., Ohio, by F.
J. Chtaey & Co. Testiiiio'iisU fr.-e.
I CMSold by Druggist.?, price 75.: bottle.
"M baliv Viml ernnn anil W3R fv
hv Shiloh's Cure," writeB Mrs.J BM
tin, of Huntsville, Ala.
For eale hy Harvey A RoW
Old people who require medicine
1 Hnd kidheyn t
find thn tni remedv in Eiectric Bittei
This medicine does uot utimuhite '
containes no whiBkev nor other lotos
cant, but acts as a tonic ane tt't',ra" ,
It acts mildly on the stomach ami do
els, adding strength and giving tone
the ortrans thereby aiding Nature in
iunfnrinan,.a of tli". t'llllCtiOllS. M"
Bitters is an excellent appetwej
").! VMnnlt" lilldlt
ovuMlv'u'hat. th(v need. trllff .
ceuts per bottle at Harvy &
Drug Store.
Tlmmna. of Junction C
111. was told bv her doctors she
.i i ti,t tliere was
..I,.., Ill- V 1
hope for tier, but two noun-n
New Dicoverv comnletely, !1'r'Tj;
and she says it saved her Hie- -ir' ,.
Eggers, 2159 Florida St. San '.
.tr-l f'l CHlil. l
tr n; Wlimno. -i
.. . it o ie.
ing (lon.-umption
tvery thing else tlien i(in" , . d
of Dr. King's New ti-,ft.n"'uj
weeks waciired.IIi.snattra.lv
ful. It is siv.'h results, ot vvl'u',' ,
are samples, that prove thi l" '
rtu t iir nrnv
' ' l"v" l. . .... ... flW
trail arv "i . . ,-.r.t
rtoby's Drugstord. Regu ar size w-
i .ob. - r:

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