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The Kosciusko btar.
Official Organ of Attala County
Published Every Friday.
$1 59 A TEAR.
mm Mississippi, nqitember is 133s,
The result of last week's elec
tions in which theDemocratic par
ty met with such an overwhelming
defeat, except in Mississippi and
Virginia, where the only opposi
tion was the wild vagaries of the
now defunct Fopulite party, shows
very clearly to the mind of the ob
servant reader that the large ma
jority of the American people have
learned their power and became
more independent, and not so sub
servient to party ties as they were
a decade back; so that when the
party in power fails from any cause
to give them such legislation as
they believe is needed for the good
of the country they will bear it
from power.
We all know that the Democrat
ic party was put in power in 1892
by an almost unprecedented ma
jority on the demand of the people
for tariff reform, which reform the
Democratic parly was pledged to
give, and which it would have giv
en but for the treason of four Sen
tors Brice, Gorman, McPherson,
and Smith. The party's majority
being so small in the Senate that
those four men were able to pre
vent the party from fulfilling its
promisess and thereby thwarting
the demands of the people, and
the result was that when the party
went before people in 1894 and
1S95 it was badly beaten nearly
all along the line, and principally
as we believe on account of the ac
tion of the four Senators men
tioned in defeating the tariff re
form, and the failuro of the Presi
dent and his gold bug allies to do
justice to silver as a money.
It is by no means certain that
because the Republican party has
been successful in the last two
elections that it will elect its na
tional ticket in 1896; because the
Republican Congress which meets
in December fails to give such leg.
islation as the people believe is
needed to bring them out of their
present depressed condition they
(the voters) will repeat in 1896,
what they did in 1892, put the Re
publicans out and again place the
reins of government in the hands
of the Democratic party.
If the Democratic party nomi
nates a good conservative western
man 'upon a platiorm with no
straddle or evasion on the finan
cial question, but will promise in
no uncertain way to do justice to
silver as a money and complete
the tariff reform as urged by Mr.
Cleveland. It will stand a good
chance to win the victory, as we
do not believe that the Republi
can Congress will do anything to
gain the confidencs of the masses
of the people while it is under the
leadership of such men as Sher
man and Reed; but will be as the
Republican party has heretofore
been subservient to monopolies,
combines, trusts, and the financial
policy of England.
Let the Democratic party clear
the deck for next yean battle kick
out all traitors; nominate a ticket
that will be in direct sympathy
with the common people and will
him the Tictory.
K. W. Doyle, one of the editors
of the Democrat-Sun published ia
Macon, Miss., committed suicide
in that place last Monday by tak
ing morphine, No cause assigned.
The Legislature of Kentucky is
composed of sixty-eight Demo
crats and one Democrat Populite
and sixty-eight Republicans and
one Alliance Republican, thus pro
ducing a very interesting senatori
al situation for that State. The
Democrat Populite and the Alli
ance Republican will likely prove
to be two important persons when
it comes to voting for Senator and
it would not surprise us if some fi
nancial dickering was not indulged
in by some one who is anxious to
hold the exalted office of U. S.
Senator, and who does not care
much by what means he gets there.
Step9 are being taken by the
United Confederate Associations
to erect a suitable monument in
Richmond, Va., to ex-President
Jefferson Davis. Of course it will
and should be successfully carried
We see.it stated in the daily pa
pers that in his annual message to
Congress the President will rec
ommend that the United States
recognize the belligerent rights of
Cuba in her struggle for independ
ence. We hope he will.
From the best information we
can get there will be only two Pop
ulites in the next Mississippi Leg
islature one each from Choctaw
and Marion. We suppose they
will hold a caucus and nominate
Burkitt for the United States Sen
ate and adjourn sine die.
Amende Honorable.
Editor Alliance Vindicator:
In an editorial in vour issue of
Nov. Sth, headed "Un Salt River"
you say among other things, that
the "Dems place as election com
missioners! the most unscrupulous
villain in the communitv where
they think it will advance their
political interests and then they
ask and get the hearty support of
the ministry and laymen of the
various Christian churches. Some
honorable exceptions, however."
Are we among the honorable ex
eeptions? Please reply at once.
Yours reepectiullv,
J. W. White, ) Election
B. W. Ruunels. j Commis'rs
Messrs. White and Runnels:
Gentlemen--! did not know,
till my attention was called to it,
that I said anything about the
election commissioners. It was
clearly a misprint. I did not in
tend any reference to you gentle
men. Respectfully,
W. P. Ratliff.
JJcat 2 Items.
The people have their crops
about housed; two-thirds or three
fourths of their cotton marketed;
and every one seems to look pleas
ant about their financial condition,
although they had a very dark
picture presented to them in the
latter part of the summer and ear
ly autumn. Things never turned
out just as some parties predicted
and a great many are rejoicing be
cause it did not. So you see by
this writing there is many glad
faces in Beat 2. While I might
with justice to all say that all faces
do not look very well pleased, al
though I have not heard one ex
plain why they did not look pleased.
Politics seem to be very dull in
this locality; I never hear it men
tioned unless a reformed Pop or a
Democrat mentions it, and for one
am glad, for it seems that hereto
fore there was too much said about
I would suggest to the nominees
in this Beat who look very sour
when you meet them to go to the
parties who they had spoken to to
go on their bond and relieve them
from that obligation.
Their has been so many deaths
in this locality recently I will not
mention the partee.
Good times is hear, and let her
swing. I will close, a reformed
Fresh line of Armour's pork
sausage at
W. 13. Potts Co.
All members present.
Following accounts allowed:
Election expences $21100
W S Howell lumber for road 5 00
Clark & Courts Record book
Chancery Clerk 1275
W W Pettit & Sou b'ge lum. 6 36
T E Stingley oak trees for
road 3 00
T J Harris inspecting bridge
1 day 2 00
Mrs. M Fuller board for Mrs.
Akins 4 days 2 65
Kosciusko Star printing 30 25
D F Love serving summons
on election com'rs 12 00
repairing C H door 35
" cleaning jail sewer 6 00
D L Brown ballot boxes 25 00
Attala Ledger printing 2 00
D L Brown mdse for jail 2 40
N F Thompson mdseforroad 1 10
Wm. Shanks mdse for jail 1 85
S C Loftin keeping p h 87 59
T J Parker lumber & hauling 30 25
N O Thompson mdse for jail 70
W H Tqompson repairing
turnpike 1 00
J P Stephens lumber for road 9 64
Clarke & Courts blanks for
sheriff 4 35
T J Fowler salary for Oct. 46 65
G R Conner recording deed
for read 75
W W Pettit & Son lumber 3 00
J S McAtee " 1 25
H J Munson " 4 96
C M Brooke administering
oath to printers 75
Report of T J Fowler, superin
tendent of education approved.
Petition to extend road No. 97
not granted.
Report of county treasurer ex
amined and found correct, show
ing balance on hand, general coun
ty fund, 83-431-40; school fund,
balance on hand, $4,114.92.
Petition to change road No. 62
1-2 not granted.
Poll tax assessed against J C
Skeen remitted, he being under
The bridges on roads No. 13,
i5, 140 ana 10s being in dan
gerous condition, overseers were
ordered to have them repaired.
Robert Alston was appointed
overseer of road No. 31 in place
of F B Blumenburg: and Silas
Monk overseer of road No. 34 in
place of J. A. Mauldin.
Annunl report of Supt. of Edu
cation ordered filed and examined
by oierk as required by Sec. 3974
Code of 1892.
Ordered that the clerk report to
this Board on first Monday in
December a correct list of all out
standing and unpaid warrants
against the county.
Henry Burns nails for road 15
D L Brown lock for ballot box 40
Geo. D. Barnard &Co, blanks
for election com rs 3t 95
O E Smythe candles for elec
tion ,
W E Brumby mdse for elec,
W H Turner inspecting
1 15
2 35
bridge 1 day 2 00
Moore Phillips hauling lum
ber for bridge : 50
Ham mack & Early repairing
c h pump o
W B Potts Co. mdse for p h 4 40
5 53
C F Brister stamps for elec
tion commissioners 54
P T Stephens 3 days & mil 12 30
T J Harris " " I3 50
W H Turner " " 13 2o
J B Kook " " 13 20
G A Thornton " 13 40
D F Love sheriff 6 00
G R Conner clerk g 0o
Contract for boring Court House
well deeper to be let first Monday
in December 1895. Specifications
on file in chancery clerk's office.
Board, adjourned to meet the
first Monday in Dec. 1895.
Special Notice to Taxpayers.
All who have not paid their tax
es are respectfully requested to
come forward and pay before the
15th day of December, as I will
be compelled after that date to
make out a list of all delinquent
taxes at that time and place them
in the hands of speci.il collectors
with the damages added. This
course ia necessary as I want to
get my books in shape for a final
settlement on the first Monday of
January, 1S90. You will confer a
special favor by paying as early as
Sheriff and Tax Collector.
We Ask
We are galloping along in the even
tenor of our way, keeping everything
the people want and selling them at
prices that are satisfactory to them.
The Number of Customers
That daily visit our store attests
the popularity of our establishment.
Cutlery and Loaded Shells.
All Kinds School Books
For Attala and Leake Counties,
Get in the procession
And come to the Corner Drug Store
Editor Star:
Will you allow me space ia
your paper to express my gratitude
to my friends of Beat 3 for the fa
vors shown me in the last cam
paign. Although I was not suc
cessful I am satisfied with the
result, as the good old party came
out victorious. Party success wa6
what I wanted and that is what
we got. t
The Populite party js a thing of
the pait and is like unto the un
fruitful tree that blooms out in the
spring as a full blown rose; bat,
alas! when harvest time came
there was but little fruit gathered,
consequently the tree was hewn
down and cast into the outer dark
ness and there was wailing and
gnashing of tejth among our Pop
ulite friends on the Oth of Novem
ber. It is pretty tough, boys, but
you all were warned to flee from
the wrath that wa3 upon you, but
you turned a deaf ear and would
not hear, so you see where you
have gone by following a few men
who were trying to get their heads
in the public crib.
Now, the first time opportunity
presents itself do as no doubt you
have wished you had done, as the
prodigal son did, arise and go to
your father (the Democratic party)
for he has killed the poor calf
(the Populite party) and when you
all get back it will be a time of
jubilee with you.
Contracting and defining as contracted
the boundaries of the corporate limits
of the town of Kosciusko in the
county of Attala and Mate of Mies
Intjippi: free. 1. Be it ordained by the Board
of Mayor and Aldermen of the town of
KoHCiiisko in the county of Attala and
iState of Mississippi
That the boundaries of the corporate
limits of the said town of Kosciusko be
aDd the same are hereby contracted a
follows, to- it: By detaching from am'
off of the northern and sou. hern boun
daries of tins said town of Kosciusko,
respectively, a strip of ground four
hundred ai.d forty (440) yards wide
north and Houtu, and by detaching
from and oil of the eastern and western
boundaries ot the Bald town of Kosci
usko, respectively, a strip of
ground two hundred and twenty
(i!20) " yards wide' East and- West,
leaving the corporate limits of the said
town ' f Kosciusko as hereby contract
ed, one mile so, Bare, the center thereof
being the ceiiter point of the ground
occupied by the Court House of the
sai l county in said town. ' The north
ern and southern boundaries of the
.corporate limits of said town as hereby
contracted and defined ru.i East and
West, and the eastern and western
boundaries of the corporate limits of
said town as hereby contracted and de
fined run North and South.
Sec. 2. be it further ordained by
said Board of Major and Aldermen,
That all ordinances and parts of ordi
nances in conllicl with this onlinni.ee
be and the same are hereby appealed.
Passed, approved and adopted by
said Board of Mayor and Aldermen on
this the llth day of November, A D,
Clerk. Mayor.
no Odds,
Patent Medicines
Toilet Articles, Etc!
On Monday evening, at the resi
dence of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Wil
liamson the bride's parrent's, six
miles southwest of town, Hon.
Gideon D. Bantz, associate justice
of the supreme court of New Mex
ico, joined together in the holy
bonds of wedlock, the hearts, des
tines and futures of Walter C. Allen
and Miss Jeffie .Williamson. Mr.
Allen is one of the rising attorneys
of Chaves county and a host of
friends. The bride has resided in
this county since she was a little
girl, and is a universal favorite.
The Record joins the manv friends
of Mr. and Mis. Allen in "wishing
them a long and happy life Ros-
wcll (New Mexico) Record.
Crowderifc Edmunds will have a
full line of books used hv the conn
tv school. They will" exchnngft
Webster for Harrington's speller
We have seen the doll that will
be given away with Hrvey &
Roby's Xma8 goods, It is a thing
of magnitude beauty and value. It
is something over 4 feet high, as
Mr. Harvey says nearly as tall as
some ot Kosciusko's society ladies
but not quite as pretty.
Gentlemen and ladies solid gold,
filled aud plaited watch chains. If
you want something pretty call on
L. S. Smith.
Solid gold wedding rings from
$1 up. We bought them to sell
nnd marked them clown to sell
L. S. Smith.
He Very hi
That you can do in
Quality and prices
will always be had
W, J. Brim's
Always carrying a full line of
and paying thehighest market
price for cotton and country
produce. '
Sallis, Miss,

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