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Vol. 30 No. 51.
Nine Pages
All the members and clerk and
sheriff present.
The report of G A Thornton and
t i Harris committee to examine
the turnpike built by W T Bell,
-...r-tod that, said bridge had been
k,,nt awiordina to nlan9 and speci
fications, which report was ieceiv
ed and approved,
j W Carter was appointed read
overseer of road No. 70 in place or
y S Armstrong, moved away.
Petition of .1 P Tomlin and oth
e)s to extend stock law continued.
' H N Allen appointed overseer
of road No. 121 instead of A H
The following accounts were al
lowed. V T Bell build's pike $1041 OS
that this is the last time we will
ever meet around Ihi-s table to
transact business fur the general
public. I desire to 6ay to each
member of this Board, that my
feelings toward you are of a kindly
nature, and if at any time during
our term, ty any actor word spoK
en by me, ruffled your feelings, 1
am sorry tor it, as l aid not 60 in
And now, gentlemen, I must say
something about onr able and most
worthy attorneys, Messrs. vooi &
Aroiistead, who have been associa
ted with us so long. They hae
been our guides through storm
and sunshine, and have at all
4 phonograph; he nevtr posted a
letter; hi never had his photograph
taken. Scientific American.
101 WTY .KYS.
Sallis, Dec. 19. Mr?. Marv
McGee, of Woodville. was the
guest of Mrs. W. 1. Brown last
Mr. J H Kimbrough paid Sal lis
anot'ver visit last Sunday.
Mr. Geo. McMillan, of McComb
City, one of Sallis' most frequent
visitors, spent a lew hours heie
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
I rT fl
WS Powder
I Maud "Do von re:lly love
to shore. Tbev have responded I Miss Kate Davis spent Saturday
nromntlv to our everv call. As a"d Sunaay in Kosciusko.
counselors they are second to none;
as gentlemen they are of the fust
For the kind and courteous treat-
ment which this Board has ever
W ? Brown, conveying pau'r 2 00
17 25
1 1 50
7 50
21 59
2 00
2 00
1 25
1 Go
S 75
2 00
2 00
0 F Love, coal for jai),
1) F )ve, expenses,
,l)r. J H Love, service-,
1) F Love, services,
) F Love, coal for c h,
T J Harris, ins. bridge,
(1 A Thornton, "
K V Colbert, nails,
li 11 Conner, pine for 5 b,
Clark it Courts, stationery,
1) F Love, sheriff service,
i; R Conner, clerk for B.
Members of the Board wei e al
lowod their per diem and mileage.
Katie Summerhill, a minor, ap
prenticed to Z M and Bettie Guess.
The lollowing resolution was
offered by the members of the
Board and adopted: "Resolved,
That we tender our thanks to our
fttioient president, Capt. P T Ste
phens, lor the able, impartial and
eSicient manner in wnicn ne nas
served us as president, of the
Board for the last four years, and
for the uniform courtesies .he has
pbown each and every one in the
discharge of his duties, at the same
time ever watchful of the county's
interests in all business before us,
and that we take pleasure in com
mending him as a most capable,
honest and faithful public servant
and request that this resolution be
npread upon tne minutes oi w.
On motion it was ordered that
these resolutions be spread upon
the minutes of the Board and that
tbe county papers be requested to
publish the same, with the res
ponse of P. T. Stephens, president
of the Board.
'The little folks had a merry
time Tuesday night at the Imne. of
Mr. W B Sallis.
Mtsdaines Canrill and Sallis, of
meiH which wilt jjuaru inis - , , . , ...
received at their hands, I return i P", Pt bunday w;..h r?alhs
to them mv heartfelt thanks. 1 o ; 11 1 , , . , M 1t T
theSheritTand other Cmcers wh j T) e are glad to have Mrs. 11 1
have been in attendance with us, Brown with us this week,
for the faithful discharge of their i Mi.s9 Annalou Clark returned to
duty and favors extended to us, I ! Sallis Monday after a pleasant
.1 ". . .Unl-o i i ..,1. ..t . :
om: Madge ' 01). no: not m
InStarCitv..Nov. 0, i,S95, Mr. ,l,e least . Ma,lJ "Then why
II. ). Palmer and Miss Mamie At- T ,yV?i"Ri V "P h"n ,
kinson, at tin- baptist church. 7 0 ; ' Thf a, EW
. i- - i.. ii ' o;:. fellow I could u t think of lettintr
l Hr II 1" 1 1 ,1 1 I I I II- I I I I I 1 1 I .1 1 I 1 I " . '
Miss Floience Winborn vir.ited
also return thanks.
And now. gentlemen, in conclus-
ion l want o say lor w . u : Duranl lhis W(Jk
discharge oi your uuy, auu iu-; ,
kind and respectful attention ! Mr. E B Freeman made a Hying
which you have ever given me as itrip to Durant Tuesday,
chairman of this Board, allow u:e is3es (na Brown and Ella
to return to each of you my most , jurner Fpent Monday in Kos-
... - . , . ! 1UI HCi
sincere ,aftd warmest heartlelt ! cjUB.0i
thanks; and now, gentlemen, I bid
you goodbye, and may the JLora
bless you.
Yours very truly,
At an carlv hour the citizens of
the town and vicinity began to
gather and long before the arrival
of the bridal party ths church was
filled to overflowing. At X o'clock
the appearance of the bridal p;uty
was aonounced by the wedding
march rendered by Mrs. T. 1!. At
kinson, of Pine 1 11 nil. hirst came
the flower "iris. Misses label and
Jewel Atkinson, who were
in white swiss. followed on tin
left by tbe ushers. Messrs. A. J.
Brown. C. P. Atkinson, 11. L.
Hunter and II. L. Atkinson, and
on the right by tbe maids, Misses
Florence Miller, Ida Hunter. Lil
lian Atkinson and 1". Owen Hogg.
Upon reaching the altar the (low
er girls opened the gates which
were beautifully decorated with
j flowers and evergreens, behind
whir h stood the othciatni'i muns-
else get him. " Boston
i ,i ;
I 1 (in
I fmni
N. Ilaldcniiin. I're.ilHnt nt tlu
l,iiisvilli' Omrif r-.lnnrnal V,n-
Dr. WintprsMilth'K Chill
curcil two cmwk ill chills in in v
v iilter in.'inv Dther ri'iuelifS had
.Mr. It. K . (yiirr, the l'ii liu-.' druiriri;
nf (,'lurklnle, Miss., sa: "1 luuv
a iiiid snl. for l'r. Wintfrmnitli's I'liiil
Tnic hert'. and the leadinir physicians
of the town prescribe it tartly.
Comet? erate Relics.
1 Mrs. Lillian Porter left Tuesday
, lor Grenada, where she will reside
in future. She was accompanied
by her sister. Miss Mabel Meuee.
Dr. E F Shnler and daughter
. . i . ir - ..i. ,
i spent .uonaav in jvosujubsv j.
The Atlanta Constitution say J -T N
mond. Va., will be thrown open to "P. h
the public ae a Confederate muse- !cw 0i labor'
um. Tbe "White House of the j We learn that there will be an
" no it Vina been oal ' i.nturt jinment in Sallis next Thurs.
VUUirtiilVJ , . ,
1,1 Vma ien thfi nroneriv oi ine i rinv fvenins. inn nrmxmm m im."
city for many years and has recent-! will go to the Mississippi Baptist
'.My family of six children -m mit
live without it." eava Mr. ieo. V. Kii-
j hy, Forrest tliiy.
Is Sold hv nil l)rni!'i'ists.
ter, the attendants taking their ir
places on the right and left of the j Do you want a line Guiur free?
oit .r tl1P mntr.irriivr unities ad-', If so. read Crowder it Edmunds'
vanced to their position lmmeui-
ntelv in front of tbe altar where,
- j
reremonv. the
made husband
offer elsewhere.
Bptkl a Few Word of t'ouameDUation to
tbe Kttlriug Hoarl.
Gknti.emkn Four years ago we
were elected by the people of our
respective districts and were com
missioned to look after and protect
the financial, as well as to guard
the common interest of the whole
people. I want to say that I feel
that we have complied and faith
fully discharged all our oflicial du
ties as best we could. I am proud
to sv that the records and Jinan-
--j . , ,
wu condition iou.iv " "v"
thy state, and perhaps in better
hupe than at the beginning ol our
term. Doubtless 'we have made
ome mistakes, though I feel that
Je have been honest in our decis
ions and conscientious in the discharge-
of our every duty. It is
indeed very gratifying to my feel
iriirs :it. thiuonr last meeting, which
terminates and brings to a close
our term of office, that we leave
our record free from any stain.
Gkstlemen Our association for
toe past four years has been very
Pleasant to me. I must say that
1 regret very much to separate
from you and to say that I teel
v been usd as a school house. A
J . t Ml l 1
room in the house win oe aesigneu
to each of the States that seceded
for a collection of relics, and in ad
dition there will be a large room
for a general museum and one for
library. The first of the state
collectiens that of Georgia has
been received. It was presented
to the committee by Mr. de Reune
on the eiehtv-sixth birth day of
V. . 1 1 iJO.l
President Uavis, June
Among tbe relics are the cape,
gauntlets and sword of General
r the ul nmes from Gen. Stuart's
bat; the spy-glasses u;ed by Gen.
Beauregard at the battle of Manas
sas, and the collections from the
various soldiers' homes established
throughout the South, including
the Lee Camo Soldier's Home col
lection, which contains, in atidi
Ition to many rare and interesting
i relic the skin of Stonewall Jack
son's charter. 'I here are also a
number of manuscripts and pn
vate papers.
Orphans' Home.
Julius Didn't Know Much.
t.,i;.w cr was considered a
Treat man, and so he wa. -u
he had his limitation, and some
unknown writer gives a lew illus
tration?. He never role on a bu
i,ii lite: he never spoke into a
telephone; he never sent a tele
craur he never entered a railway
train;' he never read a newspaper;
he never viewed his troops through
a field slas; never read nn adver
tisement; he never used patent
medicine; be never cornered the
wheat market: he never crossed
the Atlantic; he never was id a
machine shp: he never went to a
roller ideating rime: he never con
..... a manufacturing company;
he never dictated n letter to a type
writer cirl: he never invcBteu in
t..cl;: he never played a
game of billiards; he never siw an
electric light; he never bst-n,Ml to
Shrock, Miss., Dec. 16, 1895.
Mpsrs. Wvs'e. Shuler and Dti-
Bard, of Sallis, joined a crowd of
our neighborhood folks in a fox
hunt today. - Haven't heard what
success they had.
Mr. and Mrs. J D Cole, of Riley,
are in our midst. Hope they will
decide to reside here in the future.
Mr. Author Holley visited a par
ticular friend in Harmonia vicinity
We gladly welcomed the news
thni our beloved pastor, Rev. R A
Breland, was sent uacK on mis
work another year.
Mr. Gus Glower and wife have
moved near Lillian in Scott coun
ty. They had many warm friends
who regretted to see them leave.
Messrs. Shrock Dros. N: Co. are
moving into their new store, get
ting ready for Xmas.
Mr and Mrs. lohn linger and
interesting children, of Goodman,
visited his sister, Mrs. W b Don
ald, Sunday.
The measles are slowly progress-
by an impressive
harrnv pair were
and wife.
The bride was arrayed in an ele-
Igant white silk, trimmed inclnlion
and ribbon. In reverse order the
bridal party marched down the
aisle to thV strains tif 'sweet vocal
music by Miss Wilhelmina Atkin
son. accompanied by the organ.
Tbe bridal party entered carriages
and were driven to the home of
the bride's parents, accompanied
by numerous Iriends, where a re
ception was tendered them. After
congratulations the guests were
invited into the beautifully deco-
ritfA diniiiff hnll where an elegant
repast was served .
The next day at high noon, Mr.
II. D. Avery, a cousin of the
groom, gave them a dining, imme
diately after which tbe couple with
several friends left for Varner.
their future homo.
Til, hridp is the much-loved
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. J.
Atkinson, and is one of Star City's
most accomplished young ladies.
1 he irrnnni 11 the vijrv efficient
The Shakers have 111a.de a di sender r
whii'h is destined to iiceoinli.sh iinii'h
(rood. elizin that tliree.-fonrtlig of
all our sufferings arise from utoinaeli
troublen, tnattlie itountry is literatlv
idled with people who cannot eat and
digest food, without buIis. .jiiently 8uf
ferinjj iiuin and diHtreBs, and that mauy
are Btarviii", wasting t mere fckeletoi)
hecaiue their food d ies them no s:ooi),
they have devoted much study and
thought to the Huhiect, and the result
is this discovery, of their l)iesti .'e
A little hook can he obtained trmi
vour drusiaiHt. that will point out the
"way of relief at once. An investigation
will cost nothing and will result in.
much good.
Children all hate to take Castor Oil,
but not ).aol, which is palatable.
If-nntv cleric of Lincoln county,
formerly a resident of Kosciusko,
. . ... .- , a i ,
Miss. -Fine limit (.ru..j com
mercial. .... ,- i
u (see nis line oi novci.sr
All kinds of nutsr
candies, apples, lire
works, etc., at Brum
by's. Go to Brumby's and
TK,, fini.et woAthrr in the wot
to take your picture and all I need
is your consent and presence, Un
balance I do mvself.
J. A. McOuire.
Buy your fruits, nuts, and can
dy from
" Vm. Shanks.
in m our miust
Mr 1 K Stirtslcv. of Sallis vicin
ity, visited friends on Sunday last.
t litter Pari Donald visited his
brother near Sallis the past week.
m:- a,,;. Onplpv. who has
,lll-5 . I ... .
been in our midst for quite a while
has returned to her sister's, Mrs.
To the editor cf the Si xk and
its manv readers we wish a merry
Xmas, and may all the ships they
have at sea come sailing home to
ti,,m this Xmas. is the wish of
Pxnskv VlOl I T.
Two More Home-Seekers Excur
sions via
Cotton Belt Route.
On January 14th and 2Sth, tbe ,
Cotton Belt Koute will fell rouud trip
tickets to all point in Arkansas, Texas
Louisiana, Oklahoma and Indian ler
ritorv, at rate of one fare for the round
trip plus Si. Stop overs will he allow
ed at pleasure withiu the pmng transit
limit of hi nays. iichei -turn
until February ISth.
Onlv route riioninsi through Irains tc
TeKaf", coachen, lec.hnins: chair caig
(seata free), Pullman sleepers &.,
thereby avoiding vexations eh arses
and transfers en-route.
For further information demreJ,
C P RF.CTOK, Oominerciai Agent
Traveli.i" Freight. . rase. Ajrent,
iiuT; Main St., Memphis, Teun.
Do vou need a pair
of spectacles? Brumby
has them, the best.
For choice perfumes
I both in price and qual
ity and price, Brumby
at tun nox r.vu.Mints.
1 have
money to loan in
on cood security,
will give from one to live y
Mk. IiA 1
U. Fotts, A
:. Mn k.
If it is clothing you want
have got it at ar.v price.
'Y. 1). l'ctf

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