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The Kosciusko btar.
Official Organ of Attala County
H. M. .IIIIN0.
l'iiliilio.l Kvi-rv Fr: lay.
1 .10 v yk.vi:.
xcm ri;?.ji, nm n m,
Tin- gold reserve i:i tl:e I'niu-il
Statf treasury is d.nvn to ?7--
0'H ,'!.
jiid-.' Tlios. L. N'ug.-nt. of Port !
Worth, the Poptilitc loader of Tex-j
as. died at his home l'i-c. 14. lie-
was a Iir.nher of Jii'.l'.' V. L. N'.i
g tit, ackson. Miss.
osiah (Juincy. tlie recently j
ei'vU-d l)emoeratic Mayor of i los-1
ton :ni;,rht well be caileJ Josiah III, !
his father ami grandfather having
i". e.trs past Ik U the same post-
The National 1 democratic Exrc
xitie Committee has been called
to meet in Washington on the 16th
day of January next to fix the time
and place for holding the national
convention to nominate candidates
for President and Vice-President.
The Clarion-Ledger says that
it has been suggested that all the
county superintendents of educa
tion meet in Jackson on January
14th to consider certain very im
portant matters bearing upon the
educational interests of the State.
Secretary Carlisle has sent in
his report to Congress on the fi
nancial condition of the conntry,
which is but a re-statement of what
Mr. Cleveland said in his message
on the opening of Congress, and
wheih all of our readers are famil
iar with.
Judge Allen (i. Thurman died
at his home in Columbus, Ohio, on
the 12th of this month at the age
of 82 years. He was one of the
ablest jurists and statesmen this
country ever produced, and his
private and public character was
without a spot or blemish. The
whole country has sustained a
great loss in the death of A. G.
Representative Barrett, of Mas
sachusetts, created quite a sensa
tion in the lower house of Congress
by introducing resolutions demand
ing the impeachment of Ambassa
dor IJayard, representing this gov
ernment in England, for certain
language used by Mr. Bayard in a
recent speech delivered by him in
England and Scotland which lan
guage Mr. Barnctt claims was an
insult to the American people.
The resolutions are generally re
garded as buncombe and that prob
ably nothing more will be heard of
Mr. Cleveland has sent a special
message to Congress with refer,
ence to the trouble between Eng
land and Venezuela concerning
certain territory now in the pos
session of the latter country and
which the former claims as belong,
ing to her, in which he vigorously
sustains the Monroe Doctrine,
which means that' England must
submit to arbitration or fight. Ev
ery true American citizen will sus
tain the President in this position
even if it results in war, which
tvent, however, we do not antici
pate, as we believe that when
lingland sees that the American
people stand firmly on the Monroe
doctrine and are willing to fight
(or its principles she will consent
to an equitable adjustment of the
ow nership o4 the disputed territory.
i A.-i v.'i'.l i- sft-n t-ls'.-v. i'.L -r-j in our
, coinMins. the l!oard cf Muvor aivi
: Alikriiicn !i;if tukt ii steps to is
s siu- interest bearing bonds, f. ir t!io
:purpj' - of i rcctiii,:;' a i',t' a:iJ
COI11;,KM!jol;s l,;iclv- , , , j , j :1 o for th,-
That s'.iui a luiihiiii'-;' is absolutely
ntedi.l will not be d-nud by any
oik-who has at heart the welfare
of our children and the upbuilding
of our town. The present lu.iid
ing is entirely too small and in
such a dilapidated conditio that
it is hardiy lit for ue. The in
creased taxation that will be nec
essary to 'pay off the bonds will be
so small that it will hardly be felt,
and in fact, as we believe the erec
tion of such a building will o in
crease tlie population and thereby
increase the value of our real es
tate, that by the time any tax
would hae to be collected to pay
ott th" maturing bonds that the
present rate of taxation would not
have to be increased at all. There
fore we hope our people will unan
imously endorse the action of the
Board, and show to the world that
we are fally abreast with the prog
ress of education and that we want
good people who are deprived of
school facilities to move in among
us, buy property, become identi fied
with our interests, and it wont
be many years before we will have
the best town in the State. No
school in the State has an abler
faculty than the Kosciusko white
Graded School, and with a proper
building there is no reason why we
could not build up one of the
largest graded schools in the
In the Times-Democrat of Mon
day under the head of "What May
be Done in Congress" this week
its Washington news says that
speeches are promised on different
subjects before the Senate, and
among others on Senator Better's
bill relating to funerals. We sup
pose that bill has reference to the
death and burial of the Populite
party, and we think that the Sen
ate chamber of the United States
a very proper place for the funeral
the deceased to be preached.
A fire in Greenwood last Monday
night destroyed the Delta Bank
building and several stores.
Mrs. Mary C. Moore was born
in Anderson District, S. C, in
Nov. 1S31, and married Mr. H. I'.
Moore in this county in 184H, and
died in Kosciusko Dec. 17, 1895.
Mrs. Moore was a sister to M. A.
and B. A. Clark, of this county,
and has several brothers living in
Texas. She united with the Meth
odist church in 1843 and from that
time to the day of her death never
swerved from the path of a faithful,
dutiful Christian life. She was
deeply loved by all who knew her
as truly a mother in Isreal. To
her aged and sorrowing husband
and relatives we offer our deepest
sympathy in this sad affliction.
The funeral services were held in
the Methodist church here, con
ducted by Rev. J. C. Park, and
the body laid to rest in the city
cemetery, Wednesday evening.
"A spirit pure as ben
Is always pure, even while it errs
As sunshine broken in the rill,
Though turned Aside, is sunshine still."
Last Thursday night, Mrs. Lu
cy J., wife of W. S. Ritnour, died
after a lingering illness of two
Mrs. Ritnour was about 24 years
old and had been married about
two years. She was a most de
voted wife and zealous christian,
being a consistent member of the
Baptist church of this place. In
her last moments she said that the
future was clear before her, and
showed by unmistakable evidence
that she had made no mistake in
putting- her trust in her Saviour,
and no doubt she could have truly
said as the life tide w as fast ebbing
out "it is well with my soul." To
her sorrowing husband we extend
our deepest s mpathies and com-1
mend him for strergth to support!
him in his sad aithction to the same
Saior in whom she so lovingly
The burial took place at the city
cemetery Friday evening, fee. ;
13th. Key. T. X. Kin mes per-i
fonuicir the funeral service?.
The l'luj.
The p!'a last Wednesday even
ing by the Conway Dramatic Co.,
was largely attended by the pleas
ure lovine people of this citv and
.. ... .:t.. i... oil I
nus iicailli ei:eMeei iv au iiiusl
present. The play was a five act
comedy entitled "Cnder the Lau
rels," followed by a very laughable
farce in one act. We judge from
the hearty laughter and frequent
applause that the talent was ap
preciated and the play enjoyed by
tlie audience. The company has
decided to remain over and will
play at the Opera House tonight
(Tursday.) All those desiring to
attend can secure seat? at Crowder
& Edmund?.
Among a lot 0! remnants you
are sure to find something to suit
you. You can buy them at less
than halt price at
8. Abraham. t Co.
Honor Roll of Public SchDol frd Month.
1st grade Charlie Graves.
3rd grade Rosa Bains, Maggie
Puller, Charlotte Saffold, Susie
Williams, Kirk Graves.
4th grade--Viola Sawyer, Myr
tis Smith, Sam Maxwell.
5th grade Alice Hammond,
Willie Graves, Clarence Noah,
Fannie Newell, Daisy Thompson,
Effie Hughes.
6th grade Fannie Massey, Har
vey Dodd.
7th grade Ida Hillerman, Nan
nie Noah, Ruby Gregory, Luther
Graves, Edwin Sawyer, Houston
Potts, Leah Smith.
8th grade Nannie Montgomery,
Mary Dodd, Mattie Comfort.
9th gradeLilly Dodd, Mamie
10th grade Hugh Comfort,
Whitman Davis, Pattie Dodd,
Emma Alice Harvey, Annie
Sinythe. Miss Annie was entitled
to the honor roll last month, but
was left off by mistake.
1 ith grade Jennie-Drooke, Ren
na Smith, Helen Jones, Minna
Jones, Mary Hillerman, Geo. San
ders. A large honor roll is to be ap
preciated. It shows a general
striving for better scholarship and
For a Xmas barrel of flour go to
Gilliland Bros.
Card of Thanks.
I take this method of publicly
thanking Dr. J. H. Temple and
all friends lhat assisted me in at
tening the Hospital at New Or
leans. In three weeks I was well
as ever io my life, had the best of
care and surgical attention.
Mrs. N. C Pigh.
Heetervllle, Dec. 1, 1893.
Mr. John H. Nash, of Beat 5,
was an appreciated caller at the
Star office last Saturday.
Our old rock-ribbed Democratic
friend, W. N. Stuckey, made us a
pleasant call last Monday.
Fresh Candle
right from the factory and its as
pure and unadulterated as the, su
gar itself and we sell it just as
cheap as the impure stuff.
L. B. Rosenthal,
Messrs. w7'wVlIace and Chas.
Dickens, of Durant, were in the
city last Sunday.
Mr. N. T. Landrum, Jr., of
Thomastown, was noticed among
the visitors to the city recently.
If you would resist pneumonia, bron
chitis, typhoid fever, and persistent
roughs and colds. Thaee ills attack
the weak and run down system They
can tiud no foothold where the blood is
kept pure, rich and full of vitality, the
appetite good and digestion vigorous,
with Hood's arsapariNa, the only pure'
blood purifier.
Hood's Pills cure liver ills, constipa
tion, biliousness, jaundice, siek head-ache.
Ho! for Xmas.
iq Always ready
f 1 i' r -w r
line oi Amas cjoods and it is a
ai Seail Display
With Santa Claus' assistance we bought
everything that the heart could wish things
for the old and the young, everything beauti
ful, novel and cheap; Toys, without end; nov
elties without number.
Seethe $35 Doll
show window, that is to be given away Xmas
day. Every purchaser of $1 worth gets a tick
et and one is sure to win.
Everything ie now ready foryour inspection.
Come and see them. :
Messrs. W. F. Duncan, R. M.
Cain and Wm. Utz were among
the visitors noticed in the city this
You can't do without that over
coat any longer, and you will
make a mistake if you don't see
ours before you buy.
W. B. Potts Co.
For anything in the grocery line
go to
Wm. Shanks.
Mr. J. V. Winters, of McCool,
was in the city recently and paid
Tm. Star a visit.
Oh! yes its groceries! Well
we've got anvthing you want.
W. B. Potts Co.
Mr. Davis of the Auris neigh
borhood, made us a pleasant call
Hoods Sarsaparilla, taken at thin
season, will mnke you feel utrone and
vigorous and keep you from sickness
later on.
Mr. John H. Lewis, a Kosciusko
boy and one of whom she is proud,
but now lives in Cincinnati, is here
to spend Christmas with his moth
er and sister.
We buy cheap and leave it for"
our customers to say whether we
sell cheap without being at all un
easy about their decision.
W. B. Potts Co.
To the Public.
Go to Louis Gallaway's Res
taurant on East Side Court Square,
Niles building, for the best 25 cent
meal in town. Lunches, fresh fish
and oystirs at all hours. Also
handle bread.
1)0 Von Want to Buy a Farm!
If so call to see me in the next
two weeks. Five places in Attala
county for sale on cheap and easy
l or Sale or Rent.
Hotel fcvmerly occupied bv Mrs.
coiner at mclooi. Address
McCool, Miss
Free Medical Reference Book
(64 pages') for men and women
who are afflicted with any form of
private diseases peculiar to their
sex, errors of youth, contagious
diseases, temale troubles, etc.,
Send 2 two cent stamps to pay
postage to the leading specialists
ana physician in this country, Dr.
Hathwav & Co., 85 St. Charles
St., Masonic Temple Building,
New Orleans, La. 9-27 t2t
Pills do not cure Constipation. They
only a;.'(rrevate. Karl's Clover Koot
Tea yjives perfect regularity of the bow
els, For sule by Harve-y & Kobv.
The Ills of Women.
Constipation causes mnre than half
the ills ot women. Karl's Clover Root
Tea is a pleasant cur for constipatloa.
with the season we
1 1 1T lit rt -i 4. .
now on display in our
Uupaid Warrants.
D T Sims
J M Hall
G R Maddox
J W Hodges
J R McMillan
Frank Bell
J W Dean
C H Chennault
G H May
G W Dear
J C Terry
C Whitehead
W A Peeler
M F Williams
V R Criswell
Hamp Howard
T D Burchfield
J D Cole
T E Lord
E B Weaver
R W Campbell
J W Adams
J T Lane
C J Winters
W S Donald
D P Burchfield
io 25
I 00
I 00
I 00
( 00
I 00
. X 00
I 00
I 09
1 25
I 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
s 2 00
I 00
i 00
3 00
I 00
I 00
l 09
t OO
W W Hollingsworth i Ofi
Geo Giles 3
J A Clark 1 So
G W Loft in 1 00
M H Gregory i 00
R J Bell " 1 oo
Oliver Clifton 19 70
J R McMillan w
Chas Fletcher 25
Anderson Hints 2 40
L F Smith t 00
M J Gregory 24
H J Weeks J 20
J S Hester . 1 00
J A Weeks 2 50
E M Gregory 1 00
A J Moore 1 00
N L Harmon t on
E Treadway ' 1 90
W W Brown 19 f
Deafness Caouot be Cured
by local applicitioo, as they cannot
reach the diseased portiou of the ear.
There is only one way to cure Deafness
and that is by constitutional remedies.
Deafness io caused by an inflamed con
dition ot the mucous lining of the Eus
techuin Tube. When thw tube jtets in
flamed you huve a rumbling sonnd or
imperfect hearing and when it is en
tirely closed Deafness is the result and
unless the inflammation can be taken
out and this tube restored to its nor
mal condition, hearing will be destroy
ed forever; nine cases out of ten are
caused by catarrh, which is nothio;
but an inflamed couditioa of the mu
cous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars
for any case of DeaTnesi (caused by ca
tarrh) tha cannot be curee by Hall's
Catarrh Dure. Send for circular, free.
F. J. CHENEY & Co., Toledo. 0.
IfcrSold by Drungesta, 75c.
"The Common People."
As Abraham Lincoln called thin. do
not argue about their ailments. What
they want is medicine that will cure
them. The eimpl6 honest statement.
"I know that Hood's Karsapatilla cured
m." is the best argument in faAor of
this medicine, and (his is what many
thousand voluntarily say.
HoodV Pills are the Lest after-dinner
pills, assist diimtioo, cure headache,

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