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The Daily Picket bids farewell
to its friends and supporters with
this issue, and retires from the
field for the present, if uot for
The Daily Picket was the ven
ture of my late father, Capt. Em
met L. Ross and wras established
by him nearly eighteen years ago.
Possessing gi’eat talent and the
advantages of a fine education, the
paper was most creditably con
ducted by him up to the time of
his death in 1891. The older
readers are familiar with the sad
circumstances that made me his
Assuming control at an early
age, I realized my inefficiency for
the responsibility, and bht for the
encouragement of the good friends
that have stood by me so stead
fastly through all thpse years I
would have faltered in my efforts.
My friends made the paper, not
I, and to them I will ever be
grateful for' the leniency with
which they have accepted my
shortcomings and the good will
and patronage bestowed.
The Daily Picket has managed
to thrive under many hard strug
gles, and it is not that I feel dis
couraged, or am going to cease
publishing a paper that 1 suspend
the daily. It is my intention to
devote more time to making the
Weekly Picket a better paper for
the town and county, and also to
the special line of business in
which I have engaged in connection
with iny newspaper work, an
nouncement of which is made in
this issue.
This evening, the little paper
that has visited you in your hours
of joy and sadness bids yun fare
weli. Thankiug'you most kindly
for all favors, with many good
Yours truly,
Howard G. Koss.
Business Notice.
Within the next day or two the
supporters of the Daily Picket
w ill he solicited to subscribe to the
Weekly Picket. This paper is in
its twenty-second year and is pub
lished on Friday ami contains all
the happenings of the week up to
the hour of going to press. The
editor is perfecting arrangements
to enlarge and otherwise improve
the paper and to further advance
the project requests your liberal
co-operation. The subscription
price of the Weekly Picket is
$1.00 a year delivered at your
places of business, homes or
through the postoffice. Will you
become a weekly subscriber?
The Waste of the Body.
Every seven days the blood,
muscles and bones of a man of
average size loses two pounds of
wornout tissue. This waste can
not be replenished and the health
and strength kept up without per
fect digestion. When the stomach
and digestive organs fail to per
form their functions, the strength
lets down, health gives way, and
disease sets up, Kodol Dyspepsia
Cure enables the stomach and
digestive organs to digest aud
assimilate all of the wholesome
food that mav be eaten into the
kind of blood that rebuilds the
tissues end protects the health and
Strength of the mind and body.
Kodol cures Indigestion, Dyspepsia
aud all stomach troubles. It is an
ideal spring tonic. Sold by B.
E. Jones.
Equalization of Taxes
To the tax-payers of the city of
Canton, Miss., you are hereby
notified that the Board of Mayor
and Aldermen of said city will
meet in the city hall or mayor's
office on the 22nd and 23rd days of
Jane 1903, for the purpose of
equalizing and correccting the as
sessment rolls of said city.
W. M. Yandell,
CantoEq Miss., JnneO, 1903.
John McGrath and Soil,’® Company
Beginning Next Tuesday June
and lasting the balance of week. This sale will comprise nothing but clean, fresh merchandise and will afford the ladies of this community a splendid opportunity of
supplying themselves with seasonable merchandise at prices far below their legitimate value. This sale will consist of white goods principally, such as India Linons,
Organdies, Laces, Embroideries, Ladies Vests, 'White Shirt Waists, but there will also be included numerous other items that will add to the attractions of the sale.
Our heavy spring business has left us countless short ends of dress goods containing from 3 to 15 yards. These will be closed out as remnants at ridiculously low figures
Read below a few of the splendid bargains.
At this sale we will begin the
usual summer slaughter of our
fine Pattern Hats.
10.00 hats for...— 7 4a
8.00 “ “.:.6.45
7.00 “ “..5-15
6.00 and 5.00. 3.75
4.00“ “.2.95
Visitors to this department
will find some wonderful bar
IOC Doz. for lace selliug now
i0 to 15c.
15C Doz jace worth 20c.
19C Doz lace selling now at 25c.
Doz lace selling now at 4O
to 50c.
5c. Fine bleached ribbed with
taped neck.
9c Extra fine bleached mercer
ized tape. A beauty.
1 box Fine Art soap..<.25c.
1 box Mennen’s Talcum Powder I
1 paper best needles.-.05 j
1 paper best pins
1 box hair pins.
. 65c.
All for 49c.
Our counters will be piled up
high with Remnants of Embroid
ery marked at a sacrifice. In ad
dition there will be goods in the
in the piece at the following
special prices: 2c., 4c, 7c, 9c.
14c, 19c, 25c.
39c White India Silk very soft
selling at 49c.
69c Ready made mosquito Bare.
25c- -90c mosquito net, a bargain
Otir entire line will be placed]
on sale at reduced prices. Ask
to see the Ladies’ Knit Drawers, j
that every dollar spent gives you
a chance on the &50.00.
3 1 2C—our regular 5c lawn.
5c our regular 6 l-2c quality.
Very hue and pretty.
7 l-2c A special value in 32 lawn,
as good as other merchants'
10c lawn.
9 l-2c 50 pieces of a special qual
ity bought expressly for this
iOc 34 in wash Organdy worth
il i-2c Fine Persian lawn cheap
- at roc.
17c Fine French lawn ' 1 I-4 yarn
wide worth 25c.
2a l-2c Elegant French Organdy
2 yds wide, selling now at
25c special.
25c. Imported Organdy 2 yds
wide selling now at 37 t-2c.
9c. 36 in. fancy Swiss:
22 1-2C 4o in. Sv. iss elaborate de
25c Extra fine Swiss imported.
49c White shirt. Two rows em
broidery inserting worth 75c
73c White waists 6 in. embroid
ery band front worth i.oo.
99c A syecial lot of waists, solid
embroidery from, very swell
selling now at 1.2b to k55.
4c. Checked Nainsook selling
now at 5c.
5c All our Lattice lawn and Dim
ity selling now at 6 and 6 l-2c.
7c Our checked Nansook selling
now at 8 and 9c.
8c. All our 10c checked Naim
12c 5 pieces clotted Swiss selling
at 15c.
19c A big drive consisting of im
ported Swisses and mercer
ized stripes selling at 22 1-2
to 27 1 2c.
19c 82 mercerized Oxford selling
at 20G.
45c Very swell mere, waisting
selling at 60c.
55c The finest cotton goods iu our
house selling now at 85c.
TAKE NOTICE: We earnestly desire-every Tally who can to attend this sale. The Items enumerated above
do not begin to represent the good things this sale will contain. If you are in need of a fine dress the closing
J . -- B - re it at the price usually paid tor cheap ones.
out of fine quality Laces, Silk Applique*-will enable you to secui
Remember the dates Tuesday June 23 o Saturday June 27.
Yours Truly,
! ■ " .....
j Notice to Contractors.
I The contract for building a new
fence around the county jail in
Madison county, will be let to the
lowest bidder at the south door of
the court house iu Canton at 12
o’clock M., on the first Monday iu
July, 1903. The Board of Super-1
, visors reserve the right to reject
any and all bids. Specifications
on file in chancery clerk’s office.
C. S. Priestley, Clerk.
By W. 0. Baldwin, D. C.
All persons are hereby warned
not to tresspass upon the property
of fishing ranch at Williams Lake.
All violators will be prosecuted.
II. F. Cassell.
Try! Try!
New City Bakery.
1 have opened a bakery yn
connection with my resturant,
with everything first-class, a
first-class baker, and will give
prompt attention to all orders.
Try tlie New Bakery
Jno. Leone, Jr.,
’Phone 102.*v
Why Pay Kent?
The Home Mutual Building and
Loan Association will loan you the
money to help yon buy or build a
house, or pay off your present'
mortgage. Payments will be lit
tle, if any, more than vou novs
pay in rent, and you will soon |
own your own home. No premium
requirecrand interest is. only 8 per
cent per annum.
For further particulars see
B. L. Roberts,
Money to Loan.
On short notice and on easy
H. B. Greaves,
Att’y-at-Liaw. ■
E \>
Write for
“Pacts & Fancibs.” lt'«lntereitln[>. Wjg!
Chaims the connoisseur. Inspires
that respect due good whiskey.
| Mellowed by age. From “barley
to bar” the product of every
0 refinement of modern distilling.
. One taste is a revelation of per
fect purity and rare flavor.
You can't go wrong
if you chooso it.
L. i . hOSSLEY, Agt.
The Distillers

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