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ITU II III i !l! MMV'-'j
Ttio -People, tlio. Coactltutlon and t2a.o I-aw?.
VOL 12.-N0. SOU
purer VtoT3
rown 0. P., dealer in Vine Confection
and lea cold soda water.
Baarck Victor, balnon, 63 Main .L, a neat
Minipie room of tin whiskies, wines,
tobacco and cigars.
Billings, & K., Photographer oter Mun
roes. Prompt aileutioo and excel
lent work. Bereral jean eipenenc in
New York.
Bailey, Mica Til!!, Emporium, M Market
(ireet. Fine stock of Millinery good
and prompt attention given to all custo
mer. Boyd A Goodrich, merchandise broker,
otto with Win. Rhett A Co., carry an
excellent line of houses, and sell very
thing in tb ibap of merchandise.
tlolumbua Insurano A Banking Co. Char
I tered Feb. 14th, ldSi Oldest Bank In
the Btat.
C Connolly A Curtis, Ice Factory, foot of
' Main street Wholesale and retail
pur ice. Free delivery.
(adyT. J., Plauber 19 Market St. Doe
J plumbing and ga titling, and keeps
large stock of everything in the plum blag
tloz, 8yk.es A McCaskill, Crockery, 63
' Main it., th finest and largest assort
ment of wholesale and retail crockery in
th city.
Chapman A Lanier, druggist, S9 Main
at., complete line of drugs and one
cigar. Caret ul and prompt attention given
to prescription.
Ihilders fc Walburg, Saloon, No. 8 Market
J it. Keep a full line of fin whiskies,
wines and ciirars. Sole agents for Kentucky
Blue Gran Whiskey. Fin restaurant
IJchard, a K., Photographer, Eihard l
J old stand. Many year experience,
ipiendidly equipped and due wry tin
thirst National Bank. Oldest National
1 Bank in the State. Main street.
Lusher, A. W., Meat Market, 11 Market
jj t., prompt delivery oi nice meat and
vegetable of all kinds.
Iergason. D. .. Saloon. 42 cor. Main tnd
J? St. John tt. All kinds of wines, li
quors, tobaccos, cigars with billiard and
pool room overhead.
Gross N. Co., Dry Goods, B9 cor. Main
and Market. Keeps tine stock of dry
goods and large assortment of clothing,
wholesale and retail.
Horton. J. K. Harness and Saddlery,
Market steeeL All kinds of repair
ing done on short notice.
TT arringtnn Bros., livery atabl, 22 Mar
XI ket St., keep fin hones and nice ve
iiiole. Alio keep a feed and sale stable.
Hooker Dick, Saloon, No. 10 Market st.
Always has on hand the very finest
liquors, wiues, whiskies, beers and cigars.
Jobe, W. L., Jeweler4. Established 1866.
Watches clocks, rings and diamonds.
Jones, K V. A Co., Uple and fancy gro
ceries, 69 cor. Main and Market st.,
complete stock of every thing in grocery
Jacob, F. M., toundry and machine shop
65 1st Ave. South. Does all kinds of
mechanical work and keeps every thing in
that line.
Johnston, 8. B., Merchant Tailor, 66 Main
st, full stock of Gems Furnishing
(joods, and fine suit to order. Puff bosom
shirt in quantity.
Kemp A (Infflth, Hardware, 21 Market
at,, full stock of hardware of every
Kline, 8., carriages, buggies, carts, wg
ons, etc., cor. 1st Ave. South and 6th st
Also horse-shoeing and blacksmithing.
Ifilpatrick A Snell, Staple and Fancy
IV Groceries 15 Market street a large
stock of family and plantation supplies.
Landrum, Z. P., Attorney at Law. Law
yer! row. Practices in all the courts.
Lacey, i-aru'l. Grocer, 12 Market st, large
lock of groceries, plantation supplies
a anecialty.
Loeb A Bros., Dry Goods, Groceries' and
Feed Studs, 3 cor. Market and Main
Large stock of finediy goods, staple and
fancy goods of all sorts.
f. f cCaa A Burns, Meat Market, 36 Main
ill st Alwsys keep fresh and nice meats
. and deliver to orders promptly.
It foore A Cox, Groceries, Provision and
ill Plantation Supplies. No. 2 Mer
chants' Block. Shoes, Clothing, Domestics
Jeans Etc.
-ft fcQuown, J. M., rolling stock, 61 1st
1IJ. Ave. South. Carriage and w aeons.
horse-shoeing and blacksmithing. Largest
dealer in the city. -
En n roe, W. N., stationery and book store
29 Main at A lsrge stock of school
necessaries snd books and stationery ot ail
Ottley, W. N., hardware, 18 Market St.,
large stock of all kinds of hardware,
tinning and repairing a specialty.
O'Malley, Mrs. Ic Cream Parlor 3. door
West of PostofBce, Main street. Pare
vanilla and chocolate cream served with
prompt attention.
rvwen A 8turdirnt, Staple and Fancy
J Groceries. 61 Main st, complete stock
of everything. Feed stuffs, bran, corn, oats,
and bay. re delivery.
Tt oden, J. A., Livery and Feed Stable,
lb cor. 2d Ave. South. Fin livery hor
se and Vehicle and runs transfer from
and to all trains.
Tushstadt M., Ladies Bataar, 73 Main
XV st, wholesale and retm millinery,
and ladies furnishing goods, agent for
xsuttcrics: s pattern.
Steven, J. H.. Groceri, 49 Main street,
wholesale and rtail fancy groceries
and plantation supplies.
Steen, 1. W., Groceries, 60 Main st, car
ries a fall stork of fancy- goods an
plantation supplies
Shull. J. G. Warrhonse, cor. St John St,
and 1st Ave. Keeps firs proof w sr
bouse and one of tb best In the city. Stor
age 25 cent.
mrost Bros.. Saloon, 16 Ma- ket st, wbole
X sal and retail, very finest brand of
whiskies, wines, liquors, tobacco and
rpessdale, U. M., Merchants' Block Book
J. Stationery and fancy goods. Pianos
and organs. Wall paper, window shades
and cornice poles.
a Tattle A Gsreud, Confectioner, 83 Main
. St., keen and manufacture very fluent
confectioneries. Ic cream parlor in the
summer. Oyster in th winter. , ;
Union Mills, foot of 1st Ave. North.
Makes all kinds of feeds and does t
large wholesale and retail bus!
Westmoreland A Wofiord, dentists, 81
Main st, up stairs. Only dentist in
the city. . v
est Mrs. Boarding Hons, 105 Main
street one of th best eating bouses
in tb city. Meals 25 cents.
itberspoon Boston, Meat Market, 13
bt John st. keeps nic meat and
receives fWh and vagataulufc . i
alker A Donoghue, Grocer 25 Market
treat do a wholesale and retail
tanle and fancy grocery business. Feed
stuns, corn, oats, hay and bran.
-AND-. , ...
Columbus, Miss.
Brown Cotton Gins, Presses,
Bradley's Sea Fowl Guano,
Phosphates, &c.
July 12, 1891. 1 yr
Ieijjli & Dashiell
Ccaa!sdcns -Kerctmti.
2 Block South of M. k O. Depot
Dealer In-
All kinds of Rough and Dremed Lum
ber. Mouldings nd Ueneral
BuUding Material
1 do all kinds of plaining and turning
on ihori notice.
-.Manufacturers and Dealers In...
Fcreiim as!
EaxUe aslGniite.
Pnliimhiia MIhji.
Buy from the manufacturer and save
Agent's percent.
. 4-5-lyr
1L S. Bonney, tor a long time
editor and proprietor of the Sum
mit Sentinel, and one oi the old
land-marks of the town, as well
as one ot Summit's most popular
and highly respected citizens,
died Wednesday at a ripe old age.
rr over Kilty Veara.
Mrs. Winslow'i 8oothing Syrup has
been used for over fifty years by mil
lions of mothers for their children
while teething, with perfect success.
It soothe the child, soften the gums,
allays all pain, cures wind colic, and i
the b?st remedy for Diarrhoea. It will
relieve the poor little sufferer imme
diately. Sold by Druggists in every
part of the world. Twenty-five cent a
bottle, m sure ana ass tor "Mrs.
Window's Soothing Byrup, and take
no other kind. 1-14-1 f
orxj cnjoyo
Both the method and results vhen
Byrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant
and refreshing to the taste, and act
rently yet promptly on the Kidneys
Liver and Bowels, cleanses the tyt
tern effectually, dispels colds,' head
aches and fevers and cares habitual
constipation. 6yrup of Figs It the
only remedy of its kind .ever pro
duced, pleasing to the taste and ac
ceptable to the stomach, prompt in
its action and truly beneficial in its
effects, prepared only from the most
healthy and agreeable substances, its
many excellent qualities commend it
to al) and have mad.a U the most
popular remedy known.
cyi-up or rigs is for sale in cue
and f 1 bottles by all leading drug
gist. Any reuaoie aruggui wno
may not have it on hand will pro
cure it promptly for any one who
wishes to try it, Do not accept any
a ntAnoiaco. cu
louisviLu. u. t w ton . r.
The man who endeavors to an
tagonize classes, m any way
whatever, or an any pretext what
soever, ia a dangerous man in a
community, even though his in
fluenoe be small. Society is made
np of classes, who are mutually
dependent upon each other and
all members should endeavor to
foster the kindliest' feelings for
each other. It ia a self-evident
truth that whatever conduces to
the beet interests of the whole, is
conducive to individual interest
and consequently no sensible man
who is not the personification of
selfishness, would do anything.
under any circumstances, to in.
jure the interests of any class.
Then away with the idea that
the town people are endeavoring
to gain undue advantage over the
country people, and when men
try to bring about such antago
nism, let them be relegated to the
rear. "West Foint Leader.
Lrmoti Elixir.
A Ileononl LemoK Drink.
For biliousness and constipation.
take Lemon i,lix!r.
For indigestion and foul stomach,
take Lemon blixir.
For sir-k and nervous headaches
take Lemon Elixir.
For sleeplessness and nervousness,
take Lemon fc.Iixir.
For loss of ancetite and debiliiv.
take Vernon Luxir.
For levers, chills and malaria, take
Lemon Elixir.
Dr. Mosley s Lemon Elixir will not
fail you in any ot toe above Darned
diseases, all of wbicn arise trom lor.
pid or diseased liver, stomach, kidneys
or bowels.
Prepared only by Dr. II. Mcxtey,
Atlanta, Ua. 50c. and 11.00 per.bot
tie, at druggists.
licnson Hot Irrons, , .
Cures all Coughs, Colds, Hoarse
ness, Sore Throat, Bronchitis, rne
monia. Hemorrhage and all throat and
lung diseaser. Ad elegant and reliable
preparation. 20 cents at druggists.
Prepared only by Dr. 11. Moxley, At
lanta, Ua, Apr. 1 to Nov. 1
The trouble among the miners
in East Tennessee is rapidly abat
ing, and peace is promised at an
early day. This wise action is
brought about by the promise of
Governor Buchanan to convene
tho General Assembly of the Leg
islature and repeal the convict
lease system, a system that is a
disgrace to any State. The out.
come of the Briceville affair will
forever doom tho convict lease
system in Tennessee, and we wish
it would apply to other states.
The Best Household Iledicino.
One or twrieo osxsh year th arw
teas, noeds pur gin of the la. purs
tin which dour the) blood. Froam
childhood to old air, bo remedy
snaota sUl eaoe with tho aasao eor.
talntw of good result m
'. C McGuhw. Webb Cl. Aft.
M B. B, R. has doo m more rood and far
anoer than any other blood purihar 1 tvar a. I a.
1 owt the comfort ot my lit a to lt.H
r. A. Shepherd, Norfolk, Va., Airm so, !,
write t I depend oa B. B. B. (or the preaervaticat
q( my health. 1 have had k In asy lamUy mom
aaarly two year, sod is all that time have act had
to haw a doctor.
t-Write for HlartratM Book of Woalers,
hitJOO UALU CO. Atlanta. Oe, Sent free.
Attorney Ueneral Miller has
recently sent letters to the United
district attorney throughout the
country, calling their attention to
the anti-trust statute enftoted by
the Fifty first Congress and desir
ing them to examine the law care
fully and prosecute vigorously
any and all infractions of the
same. The Attorney General
notes the tact that the United
States court for the Middle Dis
trict ot Tennessee has held the
law constitutional Timea Demo
A London cable say : "The
statement that Mr. and Mrs
Henry M. Stanley had parted com
pany and that the African explor
er was rusticating by himseit in
SwitzerlaLd prior to his depart'
uro to Australia is ialso. There
is no truth in either of these as
sertions. As late as last Friday
the pair were together at Inter
laken and no separation is con
templated. It must, however, be
stated tbatthero are rumors afloat
of repeated quarrels between the
You've tried Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription have
you and you're disappointed.
The results are not imtrudi-
And did you expect the dis
ease of years to disappear in
a week t Put a pinch of time
in every dose. You would
not call the milk poor because
the cream doesn't rise in an
hour? If there's no water in
it the cream is sure to rise.
If there's a possible cure,' Dr.
Pierces favorite Prescription
is sure to effect it, if given a
fair trial.
You get your one " dollar it
costs back again if it don't
benefit or cure you.
We wish we could giveyou
the makers' confidence. They
show it by giving the money
back again, in all cases not
benefited, and it'd surprise you
to know how few dollars are
needed to keep up the refund.
Mild, gentle, soothing and
healing is Dr. Sage's Catarrh
Kemedv. Cures the worst
cases termanently. No ex
Eerimenting. It's "Old li
able." Twenty-five years of
-'cess. Of druggists.
The Cold Stream Guard?, of
the English Army, stationed at
London, are in a state of rebellion
and mutiny caused by overwork
imposed on them during the J!.m
peror s visit.
The 100 Tennessee militiamen
who surrendered to the anti-con
vict rebels were allowed to march
out with the honors of war. They
are now under parole and of
great deal more value to the State
than if they had all been killed
after killing as many of their f el
low-citizens as possible in support
ot a system that every Tennessee'
an is ashamed of. Ex.
En ;
nvn; n
Lands sold, purchased
sell and Manage property on Corn'miution,
Caro and Managementjof Property Solicited
00,000 ACHES FUG lliflD
C. K Modenberg;& Co,
Down stain of a 7-room bouse on
Biz room house. Out buildings. Qood welt, fetfc si. avJ fcui X4..
CottS.Ce 6 rooms. Ont hniMlnm awwil all J .L -A - J V.L a
B"l a,. ww uw. wm. WW) ara It) JLVVt.
Wbole square. i :
i?ore room, 88 Main street
smoke bouse, dairy, well house and four
' Frkiirrwim jwiru..A .nil Kali Ki..u 1
Two nice rooms over Kemp Urifflth's, No SI Mark ttr mtk-W Main
(Stare room No 62 Main stiet and two good room tbov -
Itooms over No 86 Main street.
Two nice cottage of four rooms each, near MAO tUpoi.
Hv room house foot of 1st Ave. riouh.
Eight room house 38, 6th street corner it At. 8ouk.
Omce rooms on Lawyers row.
Cabins in all part of the oitjr 11.50 to 13.00 pw asosUk.
Office rooms over 57 Main street.
4 Boom cottage close to old O. P. freight depot.
Can rent 6 small cottages, If oentrally
FOR. SALE.'' "
27 feet on Market st, next to Teasdalei book store.
Biz room cottage, corner of 8 ib st. and 7th Ate. Whole MMra. Qood Ml
builuYm and well. Price 12,500.
North ) square 12, fronts 7th ave north. ' - -.
Two room oottag on north ) sruare 119 onrth of Main street.
Lot with cabin, two rooms on same, 71x165, between ett aad 6Ua . oUi.
Price, $460.00
Lot I'JOxltt.'), corner of Stli street ana 6Ui
same. mcejwou.
Three fine building lots, corner 5th ave
Prioa,$7oo.- . " ' '
Valuable piece of property, corner of 5th st and 6h ar South; Bevea reome la
good repair. Lot 165 deep and 180 feet rronti Good builJUl ' M on 6th tireet,
good out houses and excellent water. Price, $4,0U0, ,
Cottage 6 rooms, large hall on 6th st south squat 1, M fcet iVoataad ISO fcet
deep. Twolots. Price, $2,600. ' . . ''.-i' mtt...
West i square 116, North of Main street, Cabin oa Same. tTKm.
Lot No. 4, square 24, North of Main street. Cabins on same. Pries, $150,
Lot next to corner of 1st Ave. and 9th street, Houlh. Will be sold ebeap.
Known as John Connerly lot. Price
more room. No. 86 Main street. Pnoe, $3,700. . ,
Store room, No. 57 Main street. Price 15,000.
Two story dwelling, No. 32 6th St. Booth. Price. 12,000.
4 Boom cottage close to the O. P. Depot. Price $1,000.
Elegant Brick Besidence on Military Road, Koowa M Geo. Lee l'?aee. Whole
qua re. Term to suit purchaser.
Cottaee 4 rooms ana xitcnen, no. 37,
Good well and well improved. Servants'
160 acres close to Alabama Hue, on old TocJoosoa4,100.acrei !r4.
Good buildings, price $10 per acre. ,
430 acres 11 miles from city, andS miles from Steen Statio. oa G. t. lUUway
0 acres cleared, balanoe good timber enough to pay fcr place. Geod dwelllal
and stables and 6 cabin. Price 5.50 per acre.
41 acres 1 mile from city, known a old Orr at Bayden place. Good elweHlaf
and fine vineyard. PrioeJiOUO. ........
30 acreaS miles from city. 140 oleared, balanoe In A No. 1 .timber. Good
dwelling and bored well. 11300, term to suit purchassr.
640 acre at Crawford. Part Ueslnsideof eorporaUoa oa U . A O. B'y. ITaeS
cisterns, fine tenemant Lmprovementa. ISt acres of tt fine tunfcetv l iMie 11.011
per acre. . . .' -
640 acres In Chickasaw county, 500 cleared baUanoalaNa. 1 UuiUr. rf-&t
stock Harm. Never talUng springs. Price $H per acre, tenae mad sal'.sfarinry.
85 acres on se of corpora Uou. Well Improved.
6A0 acre 6 milue south of Columbus on PlckeusvUle road. TV 3 he proved, half
under cultivation.
83) acres, lu) Umber, balance cleared. 4 miles west of Arista oa riUaaoa
road. Well improved. Price 12,000. , .
The Orr Place, 27 acres well improved. Flu re.UriO. PrW JS.Qm.
S3 acres 1 mile from city ou Aberdeen road. Gond Bawtur.' - Prtc lit per acre,
280 acre plantation, known as the " Wood yard llac,' S sutke froai the oitj aa
M. A O. R. K. Eighty acres cleared, balance a 1 Umber. A tstrpia.
- ' H ." " f
.1 t
d ,OJils
and ExehnnrXBuy
2d St
btwM 14 Aw. MdMaiaBi.
' -Vf-. '' ;
different pasture lots.
a .... .. .
.,f :
located. If an, Inquire al above addres.
v Moum, eaUa wu Iwe Mesne e
and llth streef ptorji. eaUu on saia.
' -
Bt souui, Mtweea s.a bcm ut Ave.
quarters, Ac. Price $2,000, v

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