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Kntercd at the Colun. i s FostoC
. Mcond claw mat?
e ti
Mrs. B. C. WAKB, Kditor e rrOprretor.
'tmclAl JOUKNAL 0? T11K C'lTT.
For State Senator: -
We nre authoriJiM announce Hon.
JAM K.S T. HAR1U ? N as a eauditlate
forKta su "ft Jo the ootlpn
ofte -in r ) y. .
i - - ' " '
..W m ut h r I to atmotii
CAPT. J. fT ;1SUN as a ouiUuiute
for re-f ls'tiun.lo Ui SUU( BeuaU;, sub
ject tp the action of the Democratic
Iarty. r . . 5 , ,
For Representative.
tlif ,?,y a'moWee nn-self as it'caiuH
tlute for te-Wn lii. to the Iitlature,
subject to (lywutiup int tlifl lniocratio
mrty. Tlmiiking the people for their
geutToua iupicirt iiwtofore, I will, if
elected, strive, s in Wie pant, todoinj'
duty. . Linton 1). Lanuki m.
For District Attoruej.
t l -, , i,
AVpix authorized toannouiice lion.
"Vrl5.iAIiKKU, of-Monroo county,
as a candidate for District Attorney ot
the First Judicial Diwtrict of Mississippi,
subject to the action of the, Democratic
nominating couvention.
jX Slierlll.
We are authorized to announce L. A.
HALHKHX as a cum lid ate for Hheriff of
Low ndes county, subject to the action
of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce C. L.
LINCfJ4N mi uididft for iShctiil of
Ijowude county, subject to the action
of the Democratic par ty.
ForiCliancery Clerk.
We are authorized to announce H, D.
FOOTJi as a candidate for tlie ollice of
Chancery Clerk, subject to the action of
the Democratic party. ,'
We are authorized to announce E. P.'
RICHARDS as a candidate lor Uiai
eery Clerk of Lowndes county, subject
to the action of the Democratic party
We are authorized to announce It. C
JVEEDER, as a candidate for the ollice
of Chancery Clerk of Jxwndes county,
subject to the action of the Democratic
1"' V ...
.FortJircuit Clerk.
W im nntliorized to announce J. T
AUMHTHONU as a candidate for the
oftlce ' of Circuit Clerk of - Lowndes
rountv. subiect to tlie action of the
Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce
JOSEPH H. HTEVKXS as a candidate
Tor tlie ottiee of Clerk of the Circuit
Court, I.owndes county, subject to the
action ot the .Democratic iriy. ,
For County Treasurer.
We are authorized to announce JKO.
A. KNELL, as a candidate for County
Treasurer, of Ijowdes county, subject to
the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce
WAHREN GAKDN Kit, as a candidate
for County Treasurer of Lowndes county,
subject to the action of the Democratic
We announce MR. JOE COOK as
candidate for County Treasurer, subject
to tlie action of the Democratic party,
For Supervisor.
-The friends of Dk. J no. A. BROWN
announce him as a candidate for the
olliee of Supervisor from District No, 2,
of Lowndes county, subject to the ao
tion of the Democratic party. .
We are authorized to announce Dr.
W. C. TSl.-UlOP as a candidate for the
ollice of Supervisor from District No. '2,
of Lowndes county, subject to the ac
tion of the Dftuocratic party.
At the solicitation of my friends I an
nounce iiivsolf as a candidate for Su
pervisor of District No. 2, subject to the
action of the Democratic irty.
For Tax Assessor.
We are authorized do announce
DAVIS & CPX aa a candidate for re
election to tlie office of Tax Assessor of
Lowndes county, subject to tlie action
of the Democratic paty. ,
We are authorized to announce JNO.
O. TUCKER as a candidate for Tax As
sessor of Lowndes county, subject to
the action of the Democratic party.
For Justice 'of the Peace.
We are authorized to announce ES
QUIRE FRANK JONE8 as a candi
date for re-election to the ollice of Jus
tice of the Peace for licat No. 2, subject
to the action of tlie Democratic party.
Sullivan and Slavin will fight for
the championship of the world in the
fall. '
Mrs. Jamoa Potter and Kyrle Bel
le w indignantly deny the "report of
their Dta'rriage in China,
Ilapnibal Hamlin's grandfather bad
seventeen buds, the eldest of whom
were named respectively Europe, Asia,
Africa' and America. "
Victoria, t is said, will never en
gage in any. ruorex'xerciaea when there
is tbJeast fatigue or exeroise connect
ed with it. Her advanced age and
rapidly declining heakh forbid her
taking aa active part in. any thins.
Am Kiplaaatton ' '.
(Ti r . -.
toe luiiowuig iram the Verattn,
(Ala.,) Courier, in regard to arreetiflg
Eea'.i!y in Miasieaippi ind carrying
him to v ernoo, and. lodging him ia
jail, without first procuring a requisi
ticn, is in answer to the dispatch sent
from Colutiliiis to" the Age-IIerald,
Whether iu fact Beaaley was allowed to
choose between Columbus and Vernon
we cannot say, but if not, tbe fact re
itiiius, it was a gross violition of the
law: "Tho tarty that arretted Beaaly
give him choice between Columbus
and Vernon, ami he cbose the latter,
Tbil c It aily disposes of the lawlessness
of (he arresting party. As to the trit
laiity ot the cllese, the charge was
burjlsry, which is quite a serious of.
lente in Alabama. When he was
brought here it developed he was waul
ed tor murder hbo. Tbe mntier has
no doubt been called lo the attention
of tbe authorities ofcach state and will
be investigated. The states have not
beeo jealous about such things in the
past and if there any f ucb fellows in
Alabama tliat iViississippi wants, we
say cume over and cet them. Beasly
had told eeveral parties in this county
that he was one of the parties who took
the negro, Monroe Wallets, off the
train at Hudson, last Spring. A war-
reut was sworn out charging Beaely
with that ctime, and he now awaits a
trial on the charge of murder, which
will be before Judge Young. Also a
charge of carrying a concealed weapon
will be added to the list.
Tbe following telegram was sent
out from St Louis on the 23rd inst.,
and will be of interest to many at
this place who through business and
other causes narrowly missed taking
advaiitago of tho remarkably cheap ( f)
rates for a visit to Chicago:
"A Southern Express car at the
union station is tbe present abiding
place of nn odd assortment of whito
and colored excursionists from Bir
mingham, Ala., and elsewhere., who
are packed in the car like sardines in
a box. The exoursion originally
numbered about 400 people, who
paid $10 and ?5 for tickots to Chi
cago and return and St Louis and
return. "Tho excursion" was engi
neered by a white man named
Packett and the notorious "Doc"
Kennedy, a negro who has received
considerable renown in tho South aa
the originator of financial hoaxes.
When the party got to West Toint.,
Miss., $(500 additional was required
to continue the trip, as was 3 more
per person for thoso intending to go
on to Chicago when the party
reached St. Louis. About this time
the mental eyes of the majority of
the dupes of Kennedy and his part
ner wore unsealed, and they refused
to pay anything further. A few,
however, paid tho required S3, and
they started for Chicago. Those re
maining here until they can get suf
ficient money to return home will
make any locality pernicious to the
hoalth of Kennedy and l'ackett
should they come across them. Tho
excursionists wero induced to leave
home under the understanding that
work would be furnished them in
Chicago and St. Louis at large
w ages. "
In announcing the fact tbat it wiil
publish ite reply to McDowel'a defense
yeBterdaymorning the American says:
We hava followed him and the
lines of his defense with patient, pains
taking qaro, and with the steady, eai"
nest and pitiless purpose to paint the
truth upon his name and character in
letters which all men could read.
We invite the scorn and con
tempt of every honest man in Tennes
see; we respectfully ask to be kicked
from every man's door, we leg to be
spurned and spit upon with loathing,
and to be loaded with the execrations
of all deceut people, if we fail to de"
raolioh the most audacious fraud ever
conceived ia the heart or perpetrated
by the band of man, if we do not
sweep it utterly from tbe face of the
earth, and 'leave not a rack behind.'
We undertake to sustain the further
charge that,thougti every thing we have
said of McDowell is true; and though it
were ten times worse than we had pre
dicted it, the worse thing he has ever
done in his mottled, and malodorous
career is a cardinal virtue compared
with the degree of business and the
depth of moral turpitude displayed in
his so-called 'Viadicatiou.'
"How to Cure all bkta Dlneases."
Hlmply apply "Swayne's Ointmknt. No
Internal mediclim required. Cures tetter.ee
aema, itch, all corruptions on tbe face, bauds,
none, die, leaving the skin clear, white and
bealtby. Us great heuliugaud curative siw.
era are possessed by uo other remedy. Ask
your druggist for (Swayne's olutuieuU
i ft uli" 0, VI
Prof. Koch has resigned all the
public offices held by him. This step
associated with supposed disappoint
ment over the unsatisfactory results of
the discovery of tuberculin. To
academic senate will bestow an honora
ry effioe on him, permitting him to
lecture whenever he chooses.
Engineer Jake Kuab, of the Jack
son (Tenn.) division of tbe Mobile and
Ohio railroad, baa made the unprece
dented rreord of running his engine
1W),000 miles before it was necessary
to send it to the shops for general re
pair. Ia recognition of his service
tbe road has preeented him with an el
egant silver pitcher and two goblets.
Berlin The judges at the interna
tional art exhibition have awarded
great gold medals to American artists
Forbes, Stanhope, Shannon and Mc-
Ewen, who were amoDg the exhibitors.
Waterhousc, an American architect,
has also been awarded a great gold
medal. Stewart, Bridgemen and
Story, American painters, and Pettie
and Stone, English artists, were award'
ed small gold medals. .
The Hon. Horaco Chilton, appoint
ed by Gov. Hogg of Texas to the Uui
ted States Senate to succeed John H.
Reagan, in an interview said : "I am
a straight-out anti-Cleveland man. I
do not believe that he represents the
principles and policies of the party,
and I do not believe the National Con
vention wiil nominate him. There ia
no doubt that the Texas delegation
will be opposed to bira
Prof. It. it. Garner of Washington,
who made a special study of the lan
guage of monkeys, says : "I have
given eight years of my life to the
study of this fu:,j:ct, and have con
vinced myself ot the existence of a
monkey language. I reason from the
basis of evolution tbat if man ia only
the developement of the monkey, they
muet have among other characteristics
ia common, the faculty of speech, and
preceediDg upon this theory I record
ed the utterances of various monkeys
on tbe phonograph and caused them to
be repeated in the presence of other
monkeya of the Simian tribe. The
latter evidently understood them, and
by investigating further I found that
tbe Word 'food,' which, as spokeD by
monkeys, is hardly translatable into
English, was spoken by all of them.
I aUo discovered that their langu&ge
has but three cousonant and two vow
el sounds. My experiments have
been chiefly oonducted with a brown
Capuchin South American monkey in
Washington, and two cliimpazees in
the CiLcinnati Zoological Garden.
I propose making a trip to Africa next
year to take down the speech of the
monkey in his native wilds, and I am
confident of denviug important results
from tbe investigations which I shall
make there.
mien, I'lles, Itc-hlng riles.
Symptoms Motsttirr; Intense Hohlng and
Minifine; most at night; wowj by RcrutchiUK
If allowed to continue tumors form, which
often bleed and ulcerate, becoming very gore
Mwaysk's ointmknt Mops tlie Itching and
bleedlliff, healt. ulceration, and in utoHt cisca
remove the tumors. At dniKlsts, or by mail,
for ."iO cents. l)r. swuyne&Son, t'uiluUulphia.
1 jr July 20. ttt
The star of Dr. Koch, the great
physician, whoee discovery of an anti
consumption lymph sot tbe world a
wonJering ouly a few months ago, is
soon to rise agaiu, says the Philadel
phia Record of Monday : Dr. Ear
nest La Place, of the medico-Chirurg:-cal
College naid yesterday that within
a very short time the world will hear
again from Koch, that he will make
important scientific revalat.ons and
that he is on the right road toward a
cure of consumption. This statement
from Dr. La Place ia of the utmost
importance, fur he keeps fully inform
ed of all tbat transpires in the studies
and laborities of European scientists,
and enjoys as well a close personal ac
quaintance with Dr. Koch. Dr. La
Place, in response to a question as to
whether he was not a great beleiver
in Dr. Koch, added : "I think that
he is on the right path, and if his in
vestigations are pursued results of the
utmost importance to the medical pro
fession will be reached. You see,
when Koch mado his first announce
ment some months ago the whole
world went ciazy, and the lymph was
heralded as a cure-all. An unscientific
public said immediately that it 'would
accomplish lots of things that Koch
never promised. And what was the
result? Pereous dying of consumption
were not cured, and Dr. Koch was
blamed for it. This accounts for bis
apparent eclipse of la'.e. When be is
heard from again the world will see
tbat he is a benefactor of the race af
ter all. Times Democrat.
Among the republican attorneys
Mississippi mentioned in ronntc:
with the vacancy created by the lesi
nation of Jo-lee Hill, of Jhe Uui
States district court, is that of Judge
Frederic Speed, f v ickgbu
Judire Speed is a kinsman of tli
popular cit aensand sterliug democrats
of Memphis, Messers. John K
Kobert Speed, and bis republicanism
is bis only fault. Mauy of tbe lead.
iDg democratic papers of both Missiw
ippi and Louisiana are enthusiastic
advocating bisapixpntmeut. Hestao
bieh in the respect ot all wbo kno
bim, because of his exemplary quail
ties as a citizen and bis bign attai
mcnts as a lawyer. He wou
adorn tbe bench. A large proportion
of tie best republican element of the
state have united with leading demo
crats in recommending him to tbe favor
of tbe president. Ilia appointment
would give universal satisfaction
The tribute to Mrs. Ida Billupa in
verse of this issue ia from the gifted
and eloquent pen of one who knew
ber well, a lady whose pen has won
for hor the deserved reputation of
being one of the most brilliant writ
ers in tho State.
Miss Maud Lynch, who has been
making a visit to Miss Laura Mayo
of thia city, returned to her home in
West Point yesterday.
Misses Louise Buchanan of Mem
phis, Elise Govan of McComb City
and Sue Houston of Aberdeen, are
now with Miss Sarah Felix Banks.
Dr. Halbert's little son was severe
ly bitten by a dog late yesterday af
ternoon. Preaching at the Christian
church by Elder John Friend
this morning at 11 o'clock, and
tonight at 8:30. Good subjects
for both discourses. All are
cordially invited
Notice to Owner ol Dogs.
The ordinance requiring the muz
zling of dogs baving been repealed,
this is to give notice that tbe Found
Ordinance requiring a license of one
dollar for dogs to run at large in the
city, and which requires a collar to be
worn by each dog, with the number of
the license thereon, will be strictly en
forced ; and all does not licensed aa re
quired, with collar and number on each,
will be duly impounded, and if not re
deemed in 5 days will be killed. All
dogs caught running after borses or
teams, or otherwise frightening the
same, or ia any manner being danger
ous to individuals, subjects tbe owner
thereof, for the first offence to a fine of
$5, and the second offence the dog
shall be killed, if, in the judgement of
the Mayor, tbe same is necessary for
the pro ection and security of the cili-
R. E. Moore, Mayor.
Columbus, Miss., July 2491 Iw
Dealers in the Best
To the Citizens of Columbia :
We are a new firm and handle
coal that has never been in this
market before. We propose to
soil you our coal on its own merit,
and as we are anxious to have
coar consumers to test our coal
before placing; their orders, we
will deliver frek to any one wh
will give it a tair test. We do
not propose to sell inferior coal,
and claim our coals to be as good
as any in the market, if not bet
ter. We also do pot propose to
be run out by any ring or com
bination that says that our coal
is inferior to that which they
To those who cannot give our
coal a test, we refer them to Mr,
L. C. Terry, of the Columbus
Compress, Respectfully,
F. A. Gunter & Co.
July 19, 1891 1 mo
Foil f.lEH OF 'LY
YkT mmk fer( 9art to frt th
Mt mom Bwibf m mcMninr
XT ffirt) mp ia doapatr ked flak IBM e MJ f
9 Ml flat UJMf ft 1 Ism ULT l
Ml trm, m11
lrltMlt4 UiM ritual
mm mm ABlctl lh
Or ana af M aa, t4 lot bf
twi, UM wortl of
Lot r Fault- Msufcao4,
rtl u4 !
htm, ot kwr
mmA Htli fcacU of ftiror
nrtfOrfa tor-. "'V" !
KttWtoSslftri. and ft r.n.Vh.r. f-Al C W V
ikTi Mi.iiCAi.co.iyrf Alo..t,
IB El ffiil
SALOON and I t C111JA)EIIS &
No. 79 Market St., Columbus, Hiss.
The RmhuMnt, In conaoctms with th slnon whlcn tu popalartied Ibwll durtnif part tejs.
on, will be kepi fullj up to the atiodarJ Id every particular durlnir the coming -ron, ana the
bvM. will De kept supplied wliu the choicest af everything the market adorda.
Ucab Serve! at aU Hours,
T he Sdrxm it implied with the beet
Etc. Fresh Becralwaut on lap. i inesi
Fir$t National Banlc
Columbus Mississippi.
Capital - - - $75,000,
SurplUS (January 1st, 1891) - $20,000.
Being the first In the State under the National system.
Transacts a Banking business only.
Buys and Sells Exchange on the priucipcl Cltlec
Buys and Sells Bonds. Stocks and Warrants.
Interest paid tn deposits left for a specified time.
Five time yearly must a sworn statement of its condition be published In
the city papers.
Fire-proof Building; Fire and Burglar proof Vault j the latent y cl Sale
with the beet locks.
Braall Safe In the vault to rent at $6 a year, giving customer t cure plac
or valuables. None rented to strangers.
DIRECTORS : W. C. Richards, John D. Mokoan, W. M. Srfmx,R. 1
Williams, 8. B. Johnston.
OFFICERS :W. C. Richards, President; W. M. Snell, Vice-President
; R. T. Williams, Cashier.
Importers and Dealers In
Wis, lipjs, dip si In
Market Street,
We have tho Largest and Best
ever in Columbus, are selling cheap. All the famous brands rcpr -sentcd.
Call and see us. Frompt attention given to
May 10, 1891
Xealex in
Boots, Station
Musical BtocliattcIIsej
Window Shades, Wall Paper
Pictures and
for the
All Pianos and Organs ordered direct from
the Factory and sold on
easy payments.
MtuuufimiiMi MUKN) tt KlCUAUIMfc . SUM.
and purest of vhishe, nines, brandic
brands of iwixjrUd and domestic eigut
Oct 4, lyr.
Columbus, Miss.
stock of Liquors anil Tobacco-',
aii Fane? Goois.
and Cornice Poles.
Picture Frames.
ii mi '.w'ic.T1TffrJiJpr.J:...J, 7"

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