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Paeis, August 17, 18f.
Dear Dispatch:
A week ia Paris is simply a
glimpse into heaven; or, maybe, like
the old negro said -when I got my
eye lashes, brows and face all pow
der burned, 4 'a peep at hell." Really,
it is not worth while to come here
unless one has lots of time and a
barrel of money. Our party broke
up here on arrival from Bremen, and
I have done Paris alone, except for
an occasional acquaintance. Having
spent a summer here in the long
ago, there was nothing left to me
but the shops and a good time. After
a look in on the galleries
of. the Louvre the grand
and beautiful Madeline I took up
the shops, and the millions of beau
tiful things Been have simply be
wildered me. The dresses already
completed at the women's tailors',
, the wraps, the world of . enormous
, hate, with top heavy assortments of
bows, flowers and feathers loaded
. npon them, the fabrics for dresses,
all po bright, so novel and so beauti
ful, have just simply knocked me
silly, I have a vague kind of mem
ory of it all a kaleidoscopic vision,
as it were an impression ' like one
had from listening to Neely's ser
mons or Lamar's grand impassioned
efforts in his earlier days. All I can
say is this: the ; hats are large,
broad-brimmed, simply loaded with
fluted light 6tuff, great forms of rib
bon, flowers or feathere, sometimes
all, until a hat seems like a New
York summer roof garden. Another
thing: while the English women
wear their hair in enormous puffs,
fluted, or in one. big chignon, as it
were, the French. wear theirs in a
tumble down fashion that is, kind
of plaited and coiled behind, but
very loose and about to fall down all
the time, but doesn't, don't you
know f Of course this description is
not technical, and I hope none of
your readers will endeavor to make
up by it. The women here have
enormous suits of bairr and so black.
Liots of them have small moustaches
and old ladies almost a beard. I
have used my French for all it is
worth, acd the sentences I have con
structed would make old Ollerdorff
turn over in his grave. I have had
lots of fun with it, though I do not
mean to convey the idea that I have
had it all, for I have made many
smiles for the other fellows. Good
liviner here is about as dear as in
England. The cheap is bad,
as it is every where in the world
really not worth having. Beer costs
about the same as in New York, fiye
cents a glass; brandy five and ten
cents a glass, -wines the same, and
champagnes, the best grades, $2 to
$2i a bottle. Oh, but it's good,
and in this climate one can keep half
full all the time, perfectly oblivious
of his troubles, get up the next morn
ing as fresh as, a daisy and go right
along. The American bar is here, as
in England. In fact it has many
drinks I never heard of before. For
instance, "Maiden's Blush," "John
Collins," 5 'Santa Cras Swizzle,"
"Leave it to Me" and "Heap of
Comfort." The last two, it is need
less to mention, have as their princi
pal ingredients good old whiskey.
The bars here are tended by men,
and not so numerously attended as
ia England, because there pretty
girls mix the drinks, and the boys
are always about. In fact, our party
had a favorite bar in London, and
she was a beauty had sense like a
horse. The bars over there are pat
ronized by women also. They up
and order their ale or Scotch and
water just. as the men do, and it is the
proper thing to ask the whole party
in for a drink, whether all men or
Last night I went to a concert gar
den called Moutin 'Rouge, one
of the best of its kind in Paris. It
was filled to overflowing, but the pro
gramme was hardly up to a garden
concert at the Casino or Koster & Bial's
in New York. After the concert
there was a promenade and ball.
The dancing, however, was mostly
by professionals I judged, and was
distinguished purely for the high
I leave here to-morrow for Trou
ville, a watering place on the coast,
where the best French horses are
racing. The card for to-morrow is
very line, and I am told that on Sun
days they have the best racing, the
largest attendance and best people.
Think of it ! Racing on Sunday !
Why, I hardly escaped jail last fall
for fishing on Sunday, and didn't
catch anything ot - that. While here
racing is at its best. Note the dif
ference in Mississippi. Everything
must close on Sunday,' and it's
church or nothing. No shave, no
drink, no fishing or hunting noth
ing. ' Carry pistols, , however, get
the drop on a fellow and shoot him
in his tracks . Do you know that if
we would obey the law in Mississippi
in regard to carrying concealed weap
ons as we do in regard to closing
barber shops, we would ; scarcely
ever infringe God's law taking our
brother's life or shedding his blood?
Do yon know that thousands of good
people and millions of good money
would come to abide and stay with
us, that doesn't now, because men
value their lives and happiness ? I
assert that the pistol has done our
State more harm than all evils com
bined. I favor a rigid enforcement
of the laws relative to carrying them
as the best thing that can be done
for the State. . -
On banking holiday at London we
went out to Hurst's Park to the
races. Jem Mace, the ex-champion
of the world, was making books. I
made several bets with him and lost
them all, but got into quite a little
conversation with him. He said he
was coming over to see ns soon... I
replied that we would give him a
warm welcome and a tip on a sure
thing that is Corbett to whip Fitz
siramons. A little handicap race
was on, and not knowing what to
bet on, I asked Jem, and he replied
with a laugh: " Why don't you back
the American?" meaning Foxhall,
Keene's horse, which everybody
thought had no chance. I handed
him a sovereign, saying: "I wilL
What are the odds?" He replied:
"Seven to one, but I'll give you
ten." I bet him only a crown, and
as he returned the change he asked
why I didn't bet the whole sovereign.
The horse won in a canter. Now,
what do you think I did with the
winnings 2 J pounds? I paid it to
a man to kick me for not betting the
whole pound. .
' The longer I am here the more I
love our country, and the more firm
ly convinced am I that the free coin
age of silver is our best policy. It is
not the balance of trade that is
against us, but the balance of trayel.
It is that that makes ns export gold.
Hoping to be with you early in
September, I am yours truly,
A Cqppton Tramp,
tTnousands ol Women!
Bj Arousing to Health; Action all her Organs.;
Tt causes health to bloom, and,
joy to reign throughout the frame.
. it Never Fails to Rerjulate ...
. w " U.I ImMl nt l(MUl-
(After dim; three bottles of BUADMBIJJ'S,
' g-jtMAijJE BDWUWivn , . .7 1
leoofeU.mUkiongsbiiiK . (
Said by drufitt 81.00 Jwr bottle.
Circulars, posters,
bills, quick lowest
work at this office.
dodgers, hand
prices nicest
of '
dck't wast
For a Cold to Bun into Bron
chitis or Pneumonia.
Check it at Once
''... WITH
Cherry Pectoral.
"Early in the Winter, I took a
severe cold which developed into
an obstinate, hacking cough,
very painful to endure and
troubling me duy and night, for
nine weeks, in spite of -numerous
. remedies. Ayer's Cherry Pec
toral being recommended me, I
began to take it, and inside of 24
hours, I was relieved of the
tickling in my throat. Before I
finished the bottle, my - cough
was nearly gone. I cannot speafc
too highly of its excellence."
Mrs. E. Eosch, Eaton, Ohio.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
Received Highest Awards
New York Letter.
New Yobk Citt, iar; 25, 1805.
'There are more summer resorts
within a radius of twenty miles from
the New York post office than in any
similar area elsewhere in the Union."
So says the "Sun's Guide to New
York," and I well believe it is so.
Since I have" been here, nearly two
months now, there have been very
few hot days, and on these few I have
generally-been fortunate enough to be 1
able t" get to the sea-side or some oth
er cool place, -One of the most dfe
igtlifit', in t!wrp''rt'T-(s and fv rr,?'M-
inge, is lanhattan Baacb. An hour's
ride takes one down there, and many
delightful hours may be spent watch
ing the handsomely dressed men and
women saunter by on the parade.
Far out may be seen tne dim outline
of the Jereey coast, but no ob
trusive headland breaks the broad ex.
pinse of tumbling blue water. It is
to me a never ending pleasure to
watch the white sails come and go, so
softly, so swiftly, that they hardly
seem to belong to this earth. Behind
us risea the roomy hotel with its
broad verandahs always full of a mov
ing mass of humanity. Here one may
for a most exorbitant price, have a
most excellent dinner, looking the
while at the beautiful lawns and flow
er beds and on out to the broad At
lantic, a boundless blue expanse.
From the pavilion adjoining the ve
randah, sweet strains come from
Sousa's military band. Toe last af
ternoon I was there they played
Sousa's "Liberty Belt" march aud the
new "King Cotton" march written for
the Atlanta imposition. Jtsotu are
highly popular, "Liberty Bell" es
pecially. All the while the
outer part of the verandah is thronged
with well dressed people, and now
and again a couple leaves the prcme
nade and enters the space railed off
for diners wandering its whole length
in search of a table, perhaps standing
a half hour to wait for some one to
vacate. Dinner over we go to the
parade again aud nee ttie lighu ot
Atlantic Highlands come out. of the
darkness, while aat above up, . at -toe
flaso, the lung rows of electric lights
shine out, illuminating the innumera
ble faces on tbe beeches and prome
nade. Later we may go to Paiue's
fireworks or to Brighton, to the great
est feature of alt the shore, Stidl'a
inimitable orchestra. The firewtuka
are vo.." fi-ie and have .-splendid audi
ence?. Oae ot tin? bp st d'sp'.ays is a
repre. - Nation of the war between
Caioa si.i Jj;,;n.
fort aa.1. the great
oa the
ie were
o mu:!o
s. i.:U
excelL-vly protrayec'
Bui ;
bur.gr;- "ouis thore is up
o; in;e e-t, plenfu.-o st.d
ii.si ruction cs
C:.-r'3. I: UaS
I. the dV.ish'.rul S -id. c :
.1 icitune t iut?ud at
least o:.a every tvcc, ec-ro-iIm-
more, Lioce J ir.vi ! f en here. Tiicre
aie fif r or sis'y musicians on the
;-.c(i I.: -.. r .,; his instrument-,
ccm;;l;'t-'.7 .Ioivm ted by the
airier :n.t.rpret-r in
. .asi ly he "iii very flue.
aud p'
.-r'-ris ilia prrrsniKVo
Wrfs en-
f- io-
Vi!i;U3 the liifeo HfctJ ot 'P
bsst 8. a era ior next ?eason' or-era.
MaJarja Jaauschowsfcy was especially
chanr ug, not only in voice but in
mauiK-". Another evening, two iu
deed, ne 'programme was from Bc.c
taoveK Tbe beautiful '"Thisd Leo
noro" overture introduced fine 'f
series if Beethoven-Wagner Festivals.
Still souther doliutiui programme
was aitde up from living cufiipoeers
eati:!f. Oae of the composer?, S.
B. Miilr, was pointed out to me at
Manh-itan. I could write whole col.
uuruu .inout these delightful concert?,
but I 'ear I could hot impart to your
reade v the same pleasure they gave
me.' "heir memory wnl always be to
me tt-ri pleaaantest portion of a d.
ligU.v vacation.
At llier pleasant afternoon I spent
at I!;Ai.;de Purls and the evening
NorPsch. First, l-oiug at n,y
broii. office near the Ciiy Hail, a
friend.-ho- undertook my entertain-ment-
". . ' . , '
iRsr wnic'j is a
Fifth v yenus staga ftanu. Mount
ing a v.;i.y-on the top we went st a
good fijae up the be3utitul avenue.
Most ihtignificent clubhouses, beauti
ful etitrche?, handsome stores, pala
tial pr vate residences line both sides
of the-;treet. Fortunately my com
panion was familiar with ail these and
fold np something of each; I cannot
even Numerate them here, it would
be tooling. After these we came to
( 'autri Park cut for come distance
dcenifij from tba stpgs ve took a cat
and rula 'quire awhile, with now and
then ai: glimpse of the Jludson.
When we got off the car and climbed
a' long. hiH.-I turned and fairly started
at thabtauty of the scene before me.
At my&et, beneaih ihe high bank,
rolled.: ihe mijptic ItudsoD, dotted
with $ Idle sail!1, busy canoes aud ail
manner of watr crit, . Oa the other
f-zr- ---- tn
Br gR comfort and improvement and
tend to personal enjoyment when
right! used. -The many, who live bet
ter tli n others and enjoy lue more, with
less f -:penditure, by more promptly
adap4hg the world's best products to
the rds of physical being, will attest
the i !ue to health of the pure-liquid
laxatj .e principles embraced in the
remed y, Syrup of Figs.
It xceHeuce is due to its presenting
in thf form mflst acceptable and pleas
ant iZ the taste, the refreshing and truly
benef -Jnl projwrtiea-of aprfi ct hix
atiVf ' effectually cleansing the yen),
V.Vt'lng colds, hcad.K'lies and fevers
auJvf niiaucntlyi curing const ipation.
It l(.;vvu satiifacttan to millions and
Tnet 'i :Mpr'v;.' i tlu tu.U' .d
rofi Sou, l.i . i. .... the iviil-
uttysi Liver und "Jowrls. without v,-:.k-
euilij ihem and it. U rx.-rfett'y frvc i'roiu
tvt-rt objectionable mUtiwt.
- e Tr . : . . '. . 1...
syj up
OT " i'S en
!giitin 50 cent bcttlea, l.u-jt is nian-
i uiacturcd f.y -lie -Ji!toi-ni;i rig ryrup
Co.jilv, who n;:me is priuictl on every
J pacfcwi, :ilo tht ti.-imc, tSyrup f Figs,
Iand being well informed, you will not
ivccj-t uuy sutitutJ if olk-rcd.
biJp, a little way up, rose the Pali
sade?, fro plug rccij)icei of perpen
dicular s'.rata, B-'Vocd them the tivc-t
turns p' that ihe bluo mountains tt-.-ni
to cncic.se it (o shield its slnLiu sur
face from trouble us bioruis. I:i the
nerncrn suuiiiit i was a raotst i p;.u
tiiul sight, cne never to be forget ;eii.
Alc-nz il' ll-vc-wle drive we eft. !!--
to G.-i-t' J-'iv.H. A hui.r.'-ctne nm:b
structure ic hc-'i.ig erected for the
t.irnb, but t'ris veniains ar-j no?; in a
fm"tll brick tornb nr-ar at baud.
Ueautifui floral offerings were there,
one risked by the Princess Eulalie,
the icfacia o; Sii.io. On the drive
wer? ciiun'Jes bicychfcts of both sexe?,
in all sorts of costumes. Most of the
ijidied wet-.r either very nhort skirts or
i regular blcomers. reHching anywhere
., ...o (--lice s h:
were nibcy L?.c.dorua
otiier equipages here,
n;e n . nu:re
Ciirrisgts and
more tLau at
any ctiier place I have Eeen. After a
half hour bete we went on to the Har
lora car End eo p.crcss and down to
9Dth Ft. dock, where we tools the
b:i;,t for Ni!th Bi-och. We passed
Ward's L'dud, ibe beautiful home for
iLe 2,('00 lunatic patients cf the great
city. The attendants aud various at
tacliees of ouch nn enormous cstabiieh
meut form a community of tbeir own.
Passing through Hell Gate, where
the channel is marked with innumer
able buoye, we ce ma in sight of the
lights of North Beach. A very
pleasant evening I spent here, includ
ing my first experience on a toboggan
tlide. But as it grew rather late we
torced cur faces homeward, leaving
.another pleasant memory for the win
ter days. I i-uppr i-e I had better riot
begin to ta:k or uy other of the de
lightful afte moons I have ppen!, or
ths many visits to places of interepf,
X ievi.1 Lz.-.-L ..i .a letter.
Yet, iu spite tf .11 the iotorpot the
city hold?, and of the pleaeant itsorts
I Lave viettf d, I Rhall be very, very
glad to see Coiumbus again, to hear
the welcome I kuow is in store for me
acd to see my fiiends and pupils
again. I trust the rest and recreation
of the summer have made me better
able to cope with the difficulties of the
winter's labors than ever before.
M. H. M.
, "Hello t 'entral! Kib tire ttljuiu,
fifth ward. Flames are now burst
ing from the roof of Mr. A.'s dwell
ing. I will go over and arouse the
family." A reporter the next morn
ing, finding the citizen who had
turned the alarm iu the night before,
congratulated him upon his timely
warning. "Why there is nothing
in that," said he "I could not have
done less if I had tried. Fortun
ately for me an well as my neigh
bor, I had subscribed for a Citizen's
Long Distance Telephone and Tele
graph Co's. instrument, which had
been put in my house just a week
ago. On iuy return from a profes
sional visit at 2 a. m. I saw from
my window the fire, and it was a
very simple thing to ring up the
Central, whose vigilant attendant
promptly gave . the alarm. In' the
shortest possible time the entire fire
department was on the ground, and
before the family had well collected
their wits the fire was extinguished, i
our gallant firemen on their way
home and a jpO.oOO house saved.
Well sir, the fire insurance compan
ies alone should pay this telephone
company a bonus large enough to
meet its current expenses. Never
in te history of our town has a bet
ter deal been made than securing
the location of the Central so near
the fire department. " Day or night
either a call for a policeman or an
alarm of fire will receive immediate
attention by the operator at the ex
change." It is iicfdli-KS to hay Mr.
.V. is uow u subscriber to the ttde
phoue and its stuuuebost friend.
The fail trade promises to he im
mense. Do you want a big kIico of
it? Try tho columns of the Dis-i-atch
with an "aJ."
For week ending Friday, Aug. 31st,
llSi5 Prri.arcil by
Cotton factor e.ml Commission Merchant
For the Columbus IIispatch.
lWrt. ISftl.
Kereijit last report 40339
ivime date last, year 233-U
ij.;s this week 33
f-;.rm' .la.t; last year . 3
sroi k. f ntiiiU'r 1. l.si4 2iiil
bloc k, tame ilale last year.'.... 733
Touii .10041 2G077
Shipment last report 40500
Same date last year 25805
Bliipinents this week 20
Bauie date last year 3
Total shipments 401GC 20808
Stock on hand 25 269
Local consumption, 1908 bales;
mill stock, 416 bales. First bale re
ceived August 27. New cotton re
ceived, 8 balts.
i-ree roils.
Send your address toll. E. Bucklen
& Co., Chicago, and get a free sample
box of Dr. King's New Life Pills. A
trial will convince you of their merits.
These pills are easy in action and are
particularly effective in the cure of
Constipation and bick Headache. For
Malaria aud Liver troubles they have
been proved invaluable. They are
gauranteed to be perfectly free from
every deleterious substance and to be
purely vegetable. They do not weak?n
by their action, but by giving tone to
stomach and bowels greatly invigorate
the system. Regular size 25c. per box.
Sold by Chapman, the Druggist. 4
Boll worms in distressing num
bers have made their appearance in
portions of the delta section of this
State, and the cotton planters ap
prehend serious damage. The
Greenwood Enterprise says the crop
is 80 per cent, short of what was
expected three weeks ago.
TLc Dispatch trade editions, will
brj-jg to this city into every avenue of
buKitesd aud trade thousands of dol
lars of additionftl business. This pa
per should be upheld in its effort to aid
the commercial life of Columbus.
"A Word to the Wise is Sufficient.''
I suffered terribly from roaring in
my head during an attack of catarrh,
and became very deaf, used Ely's
Cream Balm, and in three weeks could
hear as well as ever. A. E.Newman,
Grahug, Micb.
One of my children had a very bad
dtacuare Uour the nose, .Physicians
prescribed without benefit.. After us
ing Ely's Cream Balm a ehort ' time
the disease was cured. O. A. Cary,
Corning. N. Y.
Price of Cream Balm is fifty cents.
Fall and Winter Tailoring.
I have received a full and com
plete line of elegant goods for fall
and winter wear, which I will be
glad to show my friends and custom
ers. Tailor made suits this season
cheaper than ever, with fit guaran
teed. Examine my samples before
ordering elsewhere.
aug28-lm Merchant Tailor.
JRUTit ,
Brightest of Weeklies.
Enlarged to 20 pages with additional
illustrations in colors.
Send 2-cent starry) for prospectus,
sample copy and particulars of marvel
ous premium offer.
Subscription $5 per year.
203 Broadway, New York.
Plumber and Ga$ Fitter
l'luuibxJTV & Machinery Supplies.
Gas Fixtures & Globes a Specialty
All (lasses of plumbing at reasonable
prict-s. Water fixtures and connections.
All fluuiling work done dirt cheap.

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